Weekend Tea: It’s Too Hot To Think!

Egg-Frying-on-Sidewalk  tea


It’s boiling hot in the ATL and inside my ghetto shack. I installed central heat and air a few years back and I swear it was cooler here with one window unit. Yesterday I hooked up an extra air conditioner but it is still hard to keep the temperature below 80 degrees in her. 77 is now considered cool.

So I am sleeping during the day this weekend and watching live feeds all night. This is probably not the ideal situation for me.

In other annoying news, my ad agency apparently started a new campaign this weekend with loud obnoxious videos that auto start. They have never done this before and of course they start them on a weekend so itΒ  will be Monday before I can stop them. Sorry about that. I was not asked or warned about them. :(

green tea


Most of my tomato plants are dead. Only the cheat plant is healthy and producing. I am getting a couple nice ones each week and I suppose that is sufficient. I have one pepper doing well and the others are struggling. We really need a good long slow rain to cool things down and water everything well.

So I am sitting in the dark behind my black out curtains half nekkid watching feeds. Banjo is out of dog food. It’s hot and I’m cranky.

What’s going on in your neck of the woods?

Again, sorry about the stupid ads. :(


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99 responses to “Weekend Tea: It’s Too Hot To Think!

  1. SLM

    Sorry to hear about your plants, TT! Where I am it’s hot and dry as a dinosaur bone, too! I’m keeping my garden alive spending 2 hours a day watering…and it’s sapping the life out of ME!! hope we ALL get some rain soon before I lose my mind!

  2. BravoHo

    90 miles from the ATL and it is sweltering. Cannot go outside. My poor dog doesn’t even want to be out recreationally. To make you feel better, $150 worth of heirloom tomato plants and herbs are also DEAD dead. My lawn is brown and I have the air at 66 yet it won’t get below 77 in the house. Long story short, I feel ya!!!

  3. Waterbrat

    Yea it is hot and it sucks. My poor hens are all hot and bothered. My tomatoes are doing well. Just picked a couple for dinner.

  4. Hi all. My son is in a recital in a little bit. Getting ready to go. He plays the piano.
    I finished my third week of training at my new job. I love this hospital!! What a difference good managers make. Also, it’s 10 minutes from my home, so no more hour drive through Hollywood traffic. Heaven.
    Life is pretty good. It’s hot here, too, TT.

    • Margarett

      Yippee about your new job, Lisamia. Enjoy your concert, have fun this weekend.

      I sorta’ hate to talk about how hot it is here. It’s no shock that it’s hot in Houston in June or July or August or September. We have to pay for the nice moderate winters. About half my plants are fried. They have to be super-tough to survive with me. Oh well, they’re plants not pets and can go to the curb.

    • Dee

      Lisa, I’m so happy to hear you like your new job. ! I’m thrilled to hear about your son. I hope you both enjoy the concert.
      It’s hot here too but not as hot as Tamara is. Glad you got the black out curtains T. I read last year was the hottest in all the years they have been keeping track. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

    • Cat

      So glad you are happy at your new job!

    • RealE

      A job with a 10 minute commute in LA is reason enough to take it! Especially because if we have an hour commute here it usually means we drove 6 miles haha

      • Queenmarie

        I swear I don’t see how y’all deal with that traffic there!! I guess you’re just used to it huh.

      • Minky

        Yeah, it starts being like a routine. You’re just mentally prepared for it. My method, again: Starbucks, cigs, oldies station. And a lot of cussing.

  5. Tara

    TT- do not apologize for the ads, it’s part of the deal. At least I think it is. You are worth it.
    I am avoiding humans at all costs, drinking wine and avoiding the fact that I agreed to go to dinner with 2 different men tonight. I was drunk when I agreed to go. Of course the one I like the most (not one of the 2) is the biggest player in N.C. Why do men in their late 40’s try to play these games? I don’t give a damn how much money they have (fib) He is hot, loaded and I have a blast with him. For once in my life I am holding out and it seems to be working. He invited me to his ranch in Texas for July 4th. I told him I would look at my calendar :)

    • Whyowhy

      Sounds like you’re having fun! Does he have a brother willing to move to Sacramento? Lol

      • Minky

        Damn Tara. Good for you girl! Have you looked at your calendar yet? Pack a riding crop and a lasso. It is Texas after all. πŸ˜‡

  6. Whyowhy

    It’s 97 with a real feel of 101 here today. I’m currently curled up on the couch after being out this morning running errands for a fundraiser I’m coordinating tomorrow where I’ll be outside all morning. I’ve got 40 pounds of ice in my freezer and all I want to do is bathe in it. I am still bitter that someone out offered me for the house with the pool but am having one put in next year for sure.

    Sorry your plants died, TT. I am going to put some raised beds in my yard and plant some vegeyables. But that likely won’t happen until fall when it’s cooler.

    My ac is also working overtime and don’t miss not having one at all. 10 years of summers in a house that didn’t have central air sucked. I pity an one going through that.

    Hope you are all well.

  7. SB

    TT, it’s sweltering here in Houston as well. It feels like a hot oven outside. I’m growing 2 habanero plants myself, they’re doing well even though they’re pretty small still. Lots of peppers on it now that will hopefully be ready in a week or 2.

  8. Cat

    I have no idea how hot it is here. I think today is mid 90s, but I’m avoiding the news/weather reports. And I haven’t been outside in almost a week.

    I had my a/c fixed last week, just before the heat wave hit. Maintenance here is very fast, and the guy spent an extra half hour tweaking the fluid levels. So…I’m lucky. My a/c is not overworking. And it’s almost too cold in here.

    Otherwise, I am simply being lazy. I’m conserving energy, because I am almost out of food, and still have 5 days to go before I get paid. The cats, however, have plenty to eat.

    I am on Day 3 of my Facebook Fast. It really IS an addiction. I keep finding excuses to log back in. But, so far, I haven’t. My goal is to be Facebook free for a full month.

    We will see how many friends have left me when I go back.

    • Cat

      TT, I have not had a problem with the videos you mentioned. I know someone last week complained about pop ups, I have only had 3 or 4 pop ups, and they are those survey questions you had mentioned. Not a big deal.

    • Dee

      Cat I can sympathize. I’m in the same boat, ran out of food before I ran out of month so we are making do with what we have. I might even have to fry my green tomatoes LOL

      • Cat

        I reworked my budget. Now I know where I keep overspending. So…hopefully next month will be better.

        Yum…I would kill for a tomato right now. All I have left as far as veggies go are a bag of Brussels sprouts and one carrot.

    • Margarett

      I am so glad that I quit Facebook. It’s amazing how much time I was wasting/spending there telling others incredibly unimportant and boring details about my activities …as if anyone cared.

      Have a great weekend, Miss Cat!

      • Cat

        I agree. Either that, or it’s political posts where people state their opinions as if they were hard facts. Everything from the election to gun control to the Earth being flat.

        I just couldn’t take the negativity anymore. It was making me crazy. Antisocial media.

      • I never did face book because I am afraid of getting sucked in and never getting out.

      • Dee

        I tried FB but people love to tell you what I’m doing wrong. I quit.

      • Cat

        That’s exactly why I shut down for a few days.

    • RealE

      cat – no outside for week?! I don’t Know you but I hope it’s okay to say I hope everything is ok. That just seems so long for no fresh air and sunlight. I hope you are in good spirits and doing all right πŸ’•

      • Cat

        Oh, everything is fine, thanks! I HATE the heat, and with a predicted heat index of 105-110, I would rather stay inside.

        Besides, my doctors said to avoid the sun. If I go out, I’m supposed to wear long sleeves and gloves. Sorry, but it’s just too hot for that crap!

      • RealE

        Oh man, no wonder. With that heat I would hibernate too.
        Glad all is well.

    • Cat

      Well…I caved and went to Facebook. I had to retrieve a photo of my cats. Posted it on twitter.

  9. Whyowhy

    Also, I really want some ice cream but don’t want to have to go outside to buy it.

  10. My tomatoes were doing just fine. Until I went out to the bird feeder 2 days ago and couldn’t figure out how the bird feeder could be empty already after filling it at 5 pm the night before. I was thinking squirrels. Then I looked down and saw it. Deer poop. Male deer poop to top it off.

    I went and checked the tomato plants and he (or they) had topped them off along with other things.

    God damn deer! We have 3 bucks out on the back edge of the property and a few females, also trying to survive on a half acre of woods. This is why I am constantly getting ticks. Though at least now it’s getting to hot for the ticks and they are going underground.

    Anyway, spent yesterday searching where they could be getting in the fenced in area, and found one tiny corner on the busy highway and the privet hedge that no sane person would try to get through without hurting themselves.

    The deer are driving me crazy and it’s not their fault. They are just trying to survive in a to overcrowded area. I keep telling myself, at least we don’t have moose.

    • Cat

      There’s a difference between male deer poop and female deer poop?

    • SLM

      I hear ya, limebrain. The massive country club with huge acreage just a block away from us was closed down, donated and designated a nature preserve a few years ago, which is a good thing, but ever since then we have ROVING PACKS OF DEER going through our neighborhood day and night. And I mean, you will sometimes see 6-8 deer roaming down the street or wake up to 4 or 5 just standing in your backyard eating everything in sight. They actually ATE an entire plum tree of mine. I mean the whole tree. I have to build deer fences 9 feet high around my raised beds and container gardens just to keep them out. It works with them, but now rabbits have learned to chew holes in the netting at the base and eat all my greens! It’s so maddening. I have to admit, with the drought going on, we’ve seen less of them. I think they’re conserving energy by not roaming as much. But as I said above, I have to spend two hours every morning watering everything I’m growing just to make it live another day. We’ve have less than a quarter inch of rain fall ALL month. I feel like I’m dessicating!😣

      • JoJoFLL

        Damn that bitch Mother Nature and her roving wildlife!!!


      • And that’s why I tell people there are 3 things you never discuss in public. Religion, politics and deer. Lol!

        And I’m serious. :)

      • SLM

        What I think is weird about the wandering deer packs we get now is that the nature preserve they live in is huge, lush and heavily vegetated – it even has a lake…so not sure why they even need to wander all that way into my yard and eat all my roses and trees. πŸ€”

        And you are hilarious limebrain!

      • Thank you! :)

        And for the life of me, I can’t figure out how they eat rose bushes with all those thorns. Ouch!

  11. Well..I don’t garden..so..there’s that…but..in our part of Canada..just finished raining..not a downpour..just an annoying drizzle..not enough rain to deem..using an umbrella!

    I like videos…the only ones I get is the one from the beginning…Kenya’s workpiece..so ..if there is a selection..awesome!

    I’ve always wanted “blackout” curtains…

  12. Denise

    Why is it so hot in your house I would die menapausal and all. Is your a/c not working properly. I’m in the great state of Florida to hot to do anything

  13. Joanplus2dogs

    I’m in Atl as well except without AIR! Be glad you got at least crappy air working. So ready for a decent rain to help my plants even with the extra sticky weather. So we too are sitting behind closed blinds to keep sunlight out & only reading or watching TV trying to not move out of fan breeze.

  14. Belinda

    Absolutely perfect summer weather here in NY’s Hudson Valley. All of my plants are thriving and, I swear, with the organic Miracle-Gro I can see them getting bigger day by day. I am watching Part 2 of OJ: Made in America. He is a real asshole but I still would have done him back in the day. My Mother’s BIG helper and I are turning in early.

  15. JoJoFLL

    Checking in from South Florida here. It is currently 86 degrees. No one believes me when I tell them the summers are much cooler here in Fort Lauderdale than they ever were in South Carolina.

    Sitting in my office on Las Olas. Here all day tomorrow also.

    • Jim

      Oh very cool! I lived on the 29th floor of 350 Las Olas Place for 2 years… The best years of my life!

    • I feel ya. 15 years in the pit of hellfire known as the Lower Keys got me accustomed to indescribable heat and humidity. Now that I’m “up north” in Miami, the summers have been a comparative cinch. Except now, I freeze my ass off every winter, and if I say anything about “these harsh Miami winters”…well, I can’t, because it is crazy!

      • JoJoFLL

        Really? The keys are hotter? I always figured they would be cooler being that they are surrounded by water. 88 right now.

      • JoJoFLL:

        Yep. Hotter. It’s a different climate down there. I think part of it is the intensity of the sunlight…it’s very strong and during the day it’s like being directly under a broiler.

        In the winter there can be breezes, but in summer it’s typically quite still…and when there are rare breezes, it’s hot and wet, like dog breath!

  16. pete'sgirl

    It’s cold here in Australia. I have to force myself out of bed.

    I am also thinking that I am 52 years old and wtf happened to my fricking life

  17. Jim

    Checking in with the Las Vegas weather report, lol. It’s only 105 today which is a nice break from the 115 we had during the week. But hey, it’s a dry heat! Thankfully the A/C unit is new but the thermostat doesn’t get set below 79-80 during the day otherwise it would run nonstop and I can’t afford that kind of electric bill. But during the evenings I treat myself to a breezy 77 degrees. Then it’s just cool enough to throw a thin blanket on and watch TV.

  18. MARC

    I am home ! Called out of work & sat poolside all day by myself ! Heaven.

  19. Bridgett

    It is Hades temps here in Oklahoma. Luckily we can go to our CC pool to cool off. Last summer my husband installed a ductless hvac unit in our bedroom, that has made a world of difference in our ability to keep the house comfortable. To quasi quote the countess, TT I hope you can stay cool, “don’t be all uncool” (yes, that was a stretch I know)

  20. Lisa j

    I’d give my husbands left nut to feel 77, it’s 120 here in Arizonia. We just hibernate for 3-4 months until this breaks and pray we can keep our houses cooler than 90.

    • Katherine 2.0

      Ugh. Was there recently. Walking outside was like opening the oven door. I feel your pain, Lisa j. I am almost sorry to to tell you that I am in mid-80’s and it is freaking awesome. We went to the woods, splashed around in the creek and actually got a little chilly.

      One of my kids lives in your neck of the woods, and basically lives like a vampire in the summer. Can’t take the dog out during the day because he’ll get blisters on his paws. But when I am shoveling snow, she’s outside in a tank top. So there’s that.

    • Calipatti

      what’s wrong with the right one?

  21. RealE

    Me, I’m convalescing as I’m very sick and have been all week. Hubby leaves to go work on that silly bachelor in paradise show down in Mexico tomorrow morning which means I have about 16 hours to kick this cold I think is turning into pneumonia so I can keep two little human beings alive while he’s gone.

    TT- hope you are finding relief. maybe some ice cubes in a dish for Banjo. I can relate to no AC. I’m in So Cal with none. Granted we live close to the ocean, but on really hot days I have to stand in front of our one floor fan with shirt lifted to cool off and stop the sweat… Haha not a pretty sight.
    And for what it’s worth, I didn’t see any ads. I think it speaks volumes that it bothers you though and you care so much about your readers experience here. I actually stopped reading another site that started with the word Reality because of their auto start video ads awhile back.

  22. JustJenn

    We’ve had so much rain here I’d be very happy to send your way, TT!

    I went and watched my friend’s bands play and there was supposed to be a street dance after, but it got rained out…boo! Now I’m home early and tipsy. I could go out with a guy or two but I’m happily avoiding dating right now.

    Oh and I’ve watched that stupid Kanye West video like 5 times now and I hope he gets sued royally. He made me take the sides of Taylor Swift and Donald Trump ffs.

  23. Rose

    It’s in the 80’s here but the humidity is high so it feels hotter. Got up early today did half hour on the treadmill and did several loads of laundry including sheets and towels I’ve been putting off. I hate that since i like to do my laundry during the week but worked late all week. Met a friend for lunch and other than that have been catching up on TV shows – Queen of the South, Devious Maids and Suits. Getting ready to go slice up a piece of freshly made banana bread (I added chocolate chips and walnuts! ) while it’s still warm and rent The Wedding Ringer on demand. Sorry about your tomatoes TT. Stay cool.

  24. Megsca67

    Flew back to ATL from Mexico this morning and it was so sticky there that it actually didn’t feel too bad here.

    The dogs, however, have been panting for an hour.

  25. Daintyfeets

    My tomaro plants, cilantro, scallions and peppers are dying. I’m going to try to pass off homemade salsa with produce from the grocery store since my brother wanted salsa from my garden. It’s over 90, with real feel of 115 in Missouri. You can see the humidity and I’m a sweater. As in I sweat and its terribly unladylike. Mosquitoes love me so I try to be indoors by dusk. Went to a deer, elk, bison sanctuary today. Saw a herd of bison, which was pretty cool. Didn’t get out of the car so a/c was comfortable. Then went to the beach at one of the parks. Took off my shirt and flaunted my 44d’s just to get cool and wet. Keeping the a/c in the house at 77. My cats need it.

  26. Cat

    For those who have asked what my cats look like, I posted a pic on twitter.

    Jesse is the black and white tuxedo cat (male). Calli is the diluted calico (female). Both are about 12 years old.

  27. Not bragging but you are all welcome to Boston with us. I know it’s enemy territory but we will treat you all well. Lol. The weather is nice and I make a mean sangria. Our Molly would love Banjo and any other friends. Hate that you are all so hot! Truly I do.

  28. Whyowhy

    Guys, it’s hotter than balls right now. I know it’s not Arizona, but holy cow, Sacramento is hot. You’d think I’d be used to it after living here for 20 years, but my air conditioner hasn’t turned off since noon and it’s set for 80. It’s currently 83 in the house and 93 outside. And it’s 9pm.

    While I’m looking forward to the fundraiser tomorrow, I am not looking forward to being outside from 8am to noon. I’m really glad I’m not participating, just coordinating the turn around point and lunch (it’s a cycling fundraiser). I’d probably die if I had to ride a bicycle for 30 miles (round trip).

  29. tamaratattles

    At 1:15 am the temp went down to 74 in the dining room where theplug for the standing A/C is. So I opened up the rest of the house that was at 80 and before I could waddle back to the couch the temp in the dining room was back up to 76.

    • I am feeling your pain. The South is a heat hellhole right now . Not looking forward to July or August. Use ice packs. The really work.

  30. Here on the Central CA coast, it was only low 70’s today – pretty standard for this time of the year, but it can surprise us and go up into the high 80’s at any time. Boo hoo, right? It’s 12:45 a.m. now and about 57 degrees. We’re heat sissies here – you guys who have to battle high temperatures are warrior women in my eyes – anything over 85 and I’m suffering from heat exhaustion. Still, when you have high summer temperatures back east you generally have all four seasons. Miss those.

  31. Keya

    Here in Philly it’s been about 83-85 degrees for the most part but on other days it’s rained a lot. I don’t have any pets, plants or veggies to care for presently.

    I’ve been juicing for 14 days now with 14 more to go. It’s for health and weight loss purposes.

    Off from work for the next 2 weeks so I’m enjoying my time with my children. Looking forward to reading your posts and relaxing as well. Sorry it’s so hot where you are Tamara. Come August we’re all going to be feeling it the same.

  32. It is 90+ here in Michigan….we have the central air on as well as two window units! My teenage daughter and I are being slugs today and “bonding” over old housewives reruns. Our favorite is Vicki wigging out on the ski hill. We are easily amused i guess-LOL! πŸ˜‰

  33. Iprefermyteaunsweetend

    Singing the same song, plants are just withering in this GA heat! I’ve harvested all I can. I’m trying to save them but I can’t water enough for this heat. Thank God I got new Windows before I was laid off last year…they really make a difference with the electric bill and temp in the house. My dog also wants no part of this heat so he’s become a 102 pound lap dog!

  34. Whyowhy

    101 here in Sacramento, today. I spent the morning at a park coordinating the picnic at the turn around point for a cycling fundraiser and got home about noon. I have not moved from the couch since. My air conditioner is set at 80 and it hasn’t stopped running since I got home. I’m going to have a huge bill!

    I have a slight migraine from the heat, since my body is still really warm. I’m thinking of taking a cool shower to bring my temp down a bit.

    Thinking about dinner, but don’t really want to cook, so I think it will be side dishes and wine tonight.

    The Game of Thrones finale is tonight so since I watch east coast feed, I have an hour to go. Whatever I decide for dinner will come after that. I do nothing when that show is on. Not even answer the phone or distract myself with social media.

    Hope you’re all having a good Sunday and staying cool!

    • Pitypat

      I take a cool, 10 second shower 2-3 times a day in the summer and it makes such a difference in keeping my body temp down.

    • SaraSally

      I heard today that you folks had a good old fashioned neo Nazi protest at the capital in Sac resulting in 5 stabbings. God they’re idiots.

      • Whyowhy

        Yeah. I was doing a car exchange with my brother who lives downtown and saw a bunch of ambulances rushing toward the Capitol. A friend and her husband were taking a walk aroind the building with their 18 more than old daughter this morning and CHP escorted them back to their car. They didn’t know it was happening.

        Thank God they did this on a Sunday…otherwise, I’d have been at work across the street from the capitol building. Don’t get me wrong, it shouldn’t have happened to begin with, but at least there weren’t thousands of innocent workers and others around.

      • Whyowhy

        Sorry for the typos.

        My friends daughter is 18 months old. Lol

  35. Miele

    Happy belated birthday, TT!

  36. tamaratattles

    We got some rain sometime this morning/early afternoon and after hitting 100 yesterday, It was down a good 20 degrees today. My little portable unit is keeping me nice and cool today.

    • Margarett

      Yippeeee! Was Mr. Banjo giving you the “stink eye” like my little guy does if I don’t keep the temp where he wants.

    • Dee

      Happy to hear! We are hot today, 90%+ humidity. Ooh my tomato is turning red. Rest are green, I love fried green tomatoes!πŸ˜‰ Hot at 9AM 😎

  37. Pam

    I don’t know if this has mentioned before but try watering the plants/gardens at night. If you do it in the morning the sun will scorch them. It’s kind of like what happens to your skin after being in the pool all day without sunscreen.

    • tamaratattles

      Watering after the sun goes down is super bad for plants. The sun is needed to evaporate the water off the foliage quickly so that the plants can transpire (breath) if the foliage is wet at night the tiny pores they use for transpiration are blocked. It also allows fungi and bacteria to multiple overnight and get into the tiny holes and kill or damage the foliage. Similar problems happen with the root system. That’s why people water early in the morning (best) or after the hottest part of the day but an hour or so before sundown.

  38. While the rest of my life is crumbling down around me, my garden and animals are thriving. The weather has been a perfect blend of warm days and cooling evening showers. The rain has even accommodated me to the point of waiting until I have all the animals in for the night before it starts. Thank God for the little things.

  39. WhyOWhy

    I didn’t mention it yesterday, but I took a spill in the driveway yesterday morning. I thought I was fine and it was no big deal, but my arm is starting to be really sore today. When I move it, it’s just really, really sore. I’m avoiding have to call the doctor because I have a really busy week and honestly don’t have time in the day to spend at the doctor office. Ugh!

  40. hannahkingrose

    Hi everyone. I’ve missed being able to read here. For the past week I’ve been with my husband who had to have a triple heart bypass done. I fell myself about a week before and tore muscles in my back so I’ve been back in my wheelchair and it made it a little more difficult but after he came out of ICU they gave me a cot so I could stay with him. He is my everything and I had to be there for him no matter what. After a lot of prayer, some excellent surgeons, and a lot of determination on my husband’s part, we are both home resting in our bed side by side with a great prognosis for him. I’m sitting here watching him sleep counting my blessings. At this point nothing else matters much, but it does give me a few minutes to catch up here at TamaraTattles. Hope everyone is having a good Monday.

    • tamaratattles

      I’m so sorry to hear this Hannah! Glad that you are back home and on the mend. You’ve had some rough challenges lately. I hope things calm down for you soon.

    • You and your husband are in my prayers Hannah. I know how rough it is see the love of your life go through that. My husband is 3 years past his big bypass (also a triple) and his health is great now. It may take a little time but I hoping your husband will do as well.

    • Margarett

      OMGoodness, Hannahkingrose. It great that your husband is doing well and that you didn’t break anything when you fell.

      Sending you both wishes, prayers, and good thoughts.

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