Update on the Ravenel v Dennis Custody Battle

Southern Charm Kathryn and Kenzie

I believe the news that Kathryn and Thomas’ court records will not be sealed was mentioned in this interview with Thomas.   Because of this, all of the sordid details will be available to the public. I remember when I was thinking about doing CASA volunteering that part of the informational packets were full of references to the fact that cases involving juveniles are sealed. Perhaps that is a Georgia law? I can’t see any valid reason why the judge would refuse to seal a case that has two small children at the center of it. Given the current situation, I would think that someone should step in and provide legal counsel specifically to insure the safety and protection of the minor children.

So far, no legitimate sites have disclosed the exact findings of the drug test. What has been disclosed is that Kathryn failed her test and Thomas passed his.

Now there is new information about Thomas’ test.

I still think this haircut was a bitch move.

I still think this haircut was a bitch move.

According to the only site other than Charleston newspapers that I will site during this court process, FITSNews:

To her credit, Dennis provided the court with body hair samples from her arms, legs, neck and back.  Ravenel allegedly refused to submit body hair for testing – allowing only a sample of hair to be taken from the top of his head.

Body hair tests can reveal evidence of drug use dating back anywhere from six months to a year – while head hair tests typically provide only a three-month window.  Head hair tests can also be beaten fairly easily by using drug detoxification shampoos.

This is interesting news. Why would Kathryn offer so many samples if she knew she was going to test positive? I am deeply disturbed with the quality of Kathryn’s legal team.

I am also concerned by Kathryn’s lack of presence on social media since the reunion show. Previews of the show revealed Landon being her usual cunty self and once again thrusting herself in the middle of the relationship between Kathryn and Thomas. Apparently, Patti is her new moral compass. Her mother must be embarrassed to show her face in public at this point.

After the reunion,  while the kids were in Thomas’ care, Kathryn seemed to disappear and was not taking calls for any of my sources who know her. It seems to me that the reunion show broke Kathryn. It is my understanding that there was a therapist on the set. You have to be some sort of special asshole to film a show where a therapist is on standby for the psychological damage you are prepared to inflict. I am concerned that Kathryn may be seeking solace with acquaintances that are not good friends to her.

Kathryn was quite disappointed in her edit this season.

This legal battle is just now getting started. And it is going to be a long hard road for both sides. And the children.

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142 responses to “Update on the Ravenel v Dennis Custody Battle

  1. sobermomma

    This sounds deeply troubling. If it’s true then that might be why those in the cast with a heart may be completely laying off KATHRYN. (Thinking Craig, Danni, Jennifer) while those with no morals (Thomas, Patty, Lambdumb) are continuing to pile on.

    The reality is THOMAS doesn’t want full custody. I think he would probably piss himself if that actually happened. He wants to be able to play daddy when he wants to and the rest of the time KATHRYN make nice and do what he wants when he wants it.

    Look. I’ve been where KD is right now. She’s scared and she’s pissed and she’s in a bad way. If everyone isn’t really careful THOMAS may be the only parent left here at the end.

    I had been hoping there was no contact because KD was being sheltered and taken care of. The opposite of that is terrifying for her.

    • tamaratattles

      I had been hoping the same. That sadly does not appear to be the case.

      • sobermomma

        Here is my prediction for Monday:
        assuming the judge isn’t out to make an example out of Kathryn I’m guessing thay if she’s without representation they will extend the case. As of right now the children are not in immediate danger – Thomas has them and I think it’s pretty established that the nannies are there and they are doing the raising – no one is saying they aren’t compenent so the immediate custody to Thomas will hold. Kathryn will most likely get a set of very hard to hear set of directions based on the outcome of the tests. Example: if the drugs were found in the hair prior to her pregnancy she will be told dont start back and yes we will test you. If the opiates were found in her system and she has a script for them then it’s a legal use and no biggie (I mean she did have a baby and thus would have opiates somewhere in that hair).

        If the use was more current again depends on the drug – opiates are legal if you have a script. The others are not.

        If Kathryn is firing her lawyers and the lawyers released this info they are going to get a talking to as well. It’s possible the judge will not allow whoever was the last attorney of record to not recuse himself. Someone has to provide her legal advice. The judge really doesn’t want this thing to go off the rails here. It wouldn’t look for the judge either.

        Bravo unfortunately loves this shit. They are literally licking their lips over this turn of events. Andy could care less about that happens to any of them. They won’t be stopping anything. Hell depending on Monday they might even get another installment of the reunion.

        I’m guessing KD has burned the parent bridges right now. It’s hard to love an addict. She’s demonstrated she’s perfectly willing to bite her nose off to spite her face.

        I was so hoping Monday would be a vindication.

      • Dee

        Finding out about the hair being used for drug testing, the picture of Kensi getting her hair cut seems to be more vile than I originally thought. Is he going to get her hair tested? I feel like Kathryn was set up by everyone around her. She probably thought she had no choice but to submit to the tests while Thomas, more experienced knew to refuse.. Perhaps she even thought she would be ok. Kathryn definitely needs new representation.

      • sobermomma

        You have to get it at the follicle which would have involved pulling out the hair. Perhaps that’s his motive but I think it was more of a douche move to be honest KD probably wanted GK let her hair get long and TRav probably wanted to show her I’ll just cut it to piss you off.

      • Librarygirl

        Reading this has inspired me to reread some of your earlier posts about SC. Highly enlightening and well done, esp. about Pat and Whit. I am absolutely convinced that the two of those angry twats are behind the end result of what we are witnessing today with TRav, Katheryn, and the kids. I hope and pray that she is receiving good counsel and protection at this time. So very many things do not add up here, including leaks, perhaps botched test results, etc. I am actually happy that the kids are so young, what is going on currently may be not upsetting to them at this point. They are at least with family now, but will have to face this slander at some point, which is heartbreaking. I will easily skip this reunion, and send positive thoughts her way tomorrow. I think that Katheryn is a smart young woman, but she needs protection and guidance desperately. Kensie and Saint do not need to spend an excessive amount of time, now, or ever, with a father who has proved himself unfit to parent.

      • elisabeth

        TT, she has I thought supportive parents nearby. Aren’t they helping her????? In any way?? They must know people and can get her good legal help . . . .

    • Zorn Dpark

      Who can she really turn to? Her family isn’t right in the head either, her own grandma advised her to go ahead with the relationship with the much older Thomas. Not the people I would turn to in times of crisis, and in need of sound advice, and counsel.

      They’ve done their damnest to tear that young girl down, and they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Well done assholes, you picked on a emotionally immature young pregnant woman, and questioned the paternity of her child with snide comments.

      Sweet Baby Monkey Jesus On The Cross! What evil people could take pleasure in such an abominable task? Those assholes.

  2. SLM

    From what I’ve read of your coverage of this so far, I think Kathryn’s legal team should be replaced. I’m also confused…why did the judge not seal the records??? I don’t understand. Did the judge make a statement on why, TT? How is that even legal or moral?

    My heart kind of breaks for Kathryn – I think she’s been set up.

  3. NeverBeenJaxed

    All of this business is heartbreaking. At the crux of all this are two small children that need both of their parents. Why is there no guardian ad litem protecting the best interests of the kids? Are they not used in South Carolina?

    • South Carolina does have a Guardian Ad Litem program, but I don’t know how guardians are used in private custody cases, or if they are used in cases that aren’t initiated by DSS – Department of Social Services, Child Protective Services. I suspect that a judge can appoint a Guardian Ad Litem in any case involving minor children if he/she feels it’s in the best interests of the child. I think that’s unlikely given the parties involved although I definitely agree someone impartial needs to act in the children’s best interests. In North Carolina, every child in open DSS cases, whether or not the child is placed in foster care, must have a court-appointed GAL. There are special provisions for GAL participation in private custody actions. All proceedings in court involving DSS cases are sealed and all officers of the court are sworn to maintain confidentiality, but if the parents want to spread their business all over town, they are not required to be discrete, whether the case is a DSS action or a private proceeding. Statutes related to the use of Guardians Ad Litem are state statutes and differ in their specifics from state to state. Thomas Ravenel needs to take several seats; he is not enhancing his self-proclaimed status as a “Southern Gentleman.” He is a dissolute, self-absorbed, unattractive, jackass.

      • tamaratattles

        Rule 41.1 of the South Carolina Rules Civil Procedure requires that when determining whether to seal settlement documents, in whole or in part, the court shall consider: (1) the public or professional significance of the lawsuit; (2) the perceived harm to the parties from disclosure; (3) why alternatives other than sealing the documents are not available to protect legitimate private interests as identified by this Rule; (4) why the public interest, including, but not limited to, the public health and safety, is best served by sealing the documents.

        This rule also provides that in Family Court matters, the judge shall also consider whether the settlement: (1) contains material which may expose private financial matters which could adversely affect the parties; and/or (2) relates to sensitive custody issues, and shall specifically balance the special interests of the child or children involved in the family court matter.

        You would think that last part would come into play here but apparently even Ravenel’s lawyers could not get the case sealed.

      • Margarett

        Thanks, Tamara, for once again helping me understand the incomprehensible. You are so diligent and thorough.

      • Nancy

        Why aren’t her parents giving moral support?

      • Thank you, TT. I’m a Guardian Ad Litem, but the cases I’ve been appointed on have all been opened by DSS. There are some hot messes out there who shouldn’t be entrusted with the care of a bag of Goldfish. I’m hoping Kathryn gets herself together and does what’s best for her and the children; staying off social media is an excellent start.

    • Kay Kay

      Just the fact that the judge didn’t seal the case seems reason enough for a guardian ad litem to be appointed, to see that the best interest of the children are served. I’ve read up on her current attorney and family law seems to be his bread and butter, which is why I’m confused that he’s dropping the ball so much. What that tells me is he doesn’t have 100% transparency with his client. He doesn’t strike me as a getting caught with your pants down kind of attorney. Thomas is smart enough with the legal process I’m sure he gave his attorney the freaking map to where he could find all his skeletons and that made him better prepared for court. This poor woman is being out maneuvered left and right. What she needs is either the biggest pit bull arrogant hungry prick attorney she can find, or one old as Methuselah who invented all the tricks in that particular system. Whatever she does though she needs to do it fast. I feel so bad for her, that I’m not even sure I’ll watch the reunion. I feel like it’s going to be like watching a pack of hyenas tear into her while Thomas calmly watches, and that is in no way entertaining. I’m sure she’s been quiet on social media for a lot of reasons, but mainly because I’m sure her attorney told her to which is smart. You have to notice too that Thomas’ presence on social media has been way more mature than it has in the past. Given enough time and enough rope Thomas will step on his dick eventually. In the meantime she just needs to keep her nose clean, so she can take full advantage of that moment when it happens.

  4. Joanplus2dogs

    I’m sure she is crushed with the tests making big news & custody of her kids. I find it really hard to believe Thomas hasn’t had any alcohol for 3 mos. Hopefully things will improve for her & the kids. They need both parents.

    Maybe due to case being in meditation for now is why kids don’t have their own rep. I thought Thomas said interview that it was open due to kids being in the public eye.

  5. elisabetta

    My heart breaks for Kathryn. Please leave this reality show mess, get a better legal team, your family around you and make a life for yourself and your precious children. The best revenge is being happy and living well.

  6. Puddy

    Thank you, TT. Thank you so much.
    First: I cannot understand how a court can issue a finding of clearing Thomas on his drug test when he did not submit to the same drug test as Kathryn. HE PASSED NOTHING.. HE REFUSED TO TAKE THE SAME TEST. So THOMAS DID NOT PASS HIS DRUG TEST, LANDON – Thomas obviously refused to take the same drug test that Kathryn did because it would have shown his guilt (but he took the drug test which allows a person to mask the true results with shampoo) . What other possible explanation is there?
    Second: Why did Kathryn’s legal team allow her to take this test when Thomas refused?
    Third: Why has the judge allowed Thomas to get away with this? And how can the judge allow Thomas to have unsupervised partial custody when he appears to EVERYONE to be rambling and high in his recent interview? AND WHEN HE DID NOT PASS THE SAME DRUG TEST THAT KATHRYN TOOK???
    Fifth: Kathryn’s team needs to ensure that she gets an ace attorney who will sue all of these mother fuckers for millions of dollars for multiple causes of action.. Let the attorney take a cut.
    Sixth: Kathryn we love you and we are with you.
    Whoever is out there for Kathryn – please help her. IT IS KEY THAT KATHRYN HAVE A WARRIOR ATTORNEY WHO WILL FIGHT FOR HER WITH EVERYTHING AND IN EVERY WAY. and make sure that her babies stay with her.
    Shame on Bravo, Patty, Whitney, Thomas, Landon etc. If I were Bravo, I would make sure that Kathryn is ok and put a stop to all of this.

  7. Laura

    The First Amendment guarantees access to court proceedings in order to remain an open and transparent legal system. Family court judges in S.C. can use their own discretion when it comes to sealing a court record but the right to privacy has to outweigh the public right to know.

    People who flaunt themselves and their children on a reality TV show are not in a particularly strong position to claim that their right to privacy is in any way exceptional.

  8. Kim

    Makes me think Thomas has already been drug testing so this is old hat to him. I agree with you though about her legal team. Maybe she didn’t think saying no was an option or it would make her seem like she was hiding something if she declined..? Doesn’t seem fair both parties did not submit comparable samples. She should get new lawyers going forward. This would’ve made me lose confidence in them. Infuriating that shortly after this incident, Landon was quick to throw stones at Kathryn as if Thomas wasn’t ever convicted of drug charges. Where is her comeuppance?? That girl’s got some karma coming her way!

  9. 25

    I hope the therapist was there for Landon, because she’s a sick fuck. The reunion preview was enough for me to not want to see the reunion at all. Landon is very smug, which is baffling to me…what career, children, bf/husband, talent, credit score, or success does she have of her own to be smug about?

    Second season, Landon said, “I met my husband when I was 24, and we were together for 7 years.”

    She’s 36 now and they divorced in 2012. He was married to Stacey dash from ’05-’06 & they had a young child together. It’s simple math that anyone but Landon can do. She’s sinister under that dolphin laugh and has no qualms about destroying families.

  10. Sali

    This is so tragic. I noticed Kathryn has gone silent on Twitter and Instagram. I do hope she has the support of her family. We never hear about them, I hope she’s close to them and they are providing her a shoulder to lean on and some wise advice.

    • BestinShow

      perhaps the judge told both of them that waging a social media war would not be looked at favorably by the judge. If I were the judge, I would have concerns about someone that was so interested in battling publicly with an ex-partner with apparently no concern about the long term impact it will have on the children.

  11. therealdeb

    In Washington state a Guardian Ad Lidam, i am sure i spelled that wrong is appointed to look out of the interests of the children, they are their protectors when the parents act like assholes. Also I am pretty sure the most accurate of hair strand drug tests and from public hair, generally that hair isn’t colored or as available to other things like sun exposure and such. I had not heard that a detoxifying shampoo would alter the test results, but you would have to do more than a shampoo, you would need a full treatment like you would for chlorine removal. I have a friend whose exhusband had to have the pubic hair tested because they said it was a better result. Kathryn has been fucked, one day the karma bus is going to come for Landon and i do so hope a red head is driving the fucker.

  12. Do you think it’s possible that she entered some type of drug rehab after failing her test so she has something to show the judge that she is taking this seriously and is working on hersrlf and she should have unsupervised visitation with the kids and actually have full custody? That’s why she is quiet on social media.

    I’m not saying she does or doesn’t need it, but that it would look good to the courts.

    As for Thomas, refusing to give hair samples probably doesn’t sit well with the judge. He will have to take another drug test, and I doubt he will pass it.

    • Twilly

      When was his dinner party filmed? He was definitely on drugs that night. If less than 6 months ago, that explains the unwillingness for a body hair sample.

  13. I wish Kathryn was married to Thomas and lived in NC. Then Kathryn could sue Landon for “alienation of affection.” Only seven states still have that jilted spouse law on the books.

    • JoJoFLL

      We used to have it in South Carolina.

    • Twilly

      It doesn’t appear to me that Thomas is actually interested in something with Landon, since he was advertising her services to his creepy friend.

      • That act in and of itself shows what an arse he is: yet to see the way Landon is “caping” for this man (as in putting on your Superhero Cape to protect the reputation of someone who neither needs nor deserves your protection), good grief…she must either out of “resources” to fund her lifestyle and is going to ride the loyal, but merciless social climber train until the wheels fall off, or….oh nevermind …. what we see behind Curtain #1 looks like the truth of who Landon is and what we should expect for her end game plans. She’s a slick one. And cold as ice. The fact that she maintains steely, icy, cool in the face of obviously salacious activities from her end is definitely her strength. But surely she has an achilles heel somewhere, hmmm? Like many have already wondered and wished for, where is the winning legal team for Kathryn? In a perfect world, she would be able to snap up a prestigious attorney originally born and raised in Brooklyn or the Boogie Down Bronx who knows how to navigate a court of law like a street fighter or pit bull navigates a dark back alley. Seriously.

      • Omgomg

        THIS. I think I’d pay money to actually watch that and see them get their due!

    • Tatianna

      Doesn’t that apply to married couples?

  14. Calipatti

    I think attorneys told Katheyn to keep quiet, stay off social media and stay home, best advice ever.

    I wonder if Thomas’s attorneys read here?

  15. missypoo

    Thanks for the update, TT. My heart truly breaks for KD. I’m in the camp that she is not some evil, crazy person. She is young and has made mistakes, but I believe she loves and wants the best for those kids. I’m wondering if that guy she was seeing (seeing again, I believe) is a good source of support or part of the not-so-good “friend” group. Any thoughts, TT?

  16. I can’t imagine how heartbroken she must be. All the bs from Thomas , the nastiness of Patty and Whitney. For some reason I was under the impression that Whitney and Thomas were friends a lot longer than they have been. Cameron and Landon are so nasty. I am so team Kathryn. I hope she is laying low to prove she is capable of caring for her babies. In Thomas ‘s care they would surely lose. He doesn’t want that anyway. Big phony pants. This show has surely lost it’s Southern Charm. So sad because it had such potential. Now its just another of Bravo ‘s never ending line of damaged souls.

  17. Puddy

    Bravo provided a therapist on the set? Which proved that they knew that what they were going to put Kathryn through could be psychologically/mentally and emotionally damaging, and they went on with the show anyway? Are you kidding me? What about the chronic and complex PTSD Kathryn will likeky carry with her for months or years because of what they did to her on this reunion show – at the behest of and with the blessing of Bravo? BRAVO NEEDS TO CANCEL THE REUNION SHOWS. WE HAVE HAD OUR FILL OF THIS PUBLIC MAULING OF A YOUNG MOTHER BY A PACK OF MERCILESS HOUNDS. How about Bravo paying Kathryn for one on one therapy for years, and for all that they have cost her by permitting this ruthless editing and constant bullying and emotional torture where two young children are involved? This show has become shocking to the conscience of decent people – Bravo should cancel the reunion shows – if they are smart.

  18. Cat

    Very sad, all around.

  19. Happygal

    I don’t think bravo will stop until someone commits suicide and they get sued . Andy is a sick fuck who just does not give a shit.

    • tamaratattles

      suicides have not stopped them in the past.


    • Nancy

      Someone already did. The husband of RHOBH (Taylor). Bravo wasn’t completely guilty, but they were not innocent either.

    • Puddy

      Russelll Armstrong, who became estranged from HWBH Taylor Armstrong while she was on HWBH – committed suicide following episodes where she bad talked him on camera. Bravo issued a statement that they “were saddened.” Reportedly, Russell was upset with the way he had been portrayed on Bravo and his family blamed Bravo for Russell’s death and wanted to sue Bravo. (Significantly, Taylor did not). I think, not totally sure, that Taylor married her divorce/post mortem attorney? So kept her BH lifestyle (which she stated as her goal, or words to that effect). Andy has had her on BH in episodes since then – praising her. I think she wrote a book on surving abuse at the hands of her husband after her husband killed himself? Of course, the dead cannot tell their side of the story. Point being, to paraphrase Lady Macbeth – that Bravo thinks that no one will call them to account for whatever happens to anyone. However, we have all already seen how The editing on SC has resulted in the inhumane bullying, mobbing, and emotional/ psychological victimization and torturing of Kathryn Dennis – a young mother of two babies. Bravo’s treatment of Kathryn has already been OBSCENE. Bravo should CANCEL the reunion and AIR ALL OF THE GOOD FOOTAGE OF KATHRYN THAT SHOWED HER IN A FAVORABLE LIGHT THAT THEY LEFT ON THE CUTTING ROOM FLOOR. The public is already shocked and horrified by this public mauling of a young mother on national and international television … “By Bravo.” The public is not yet as depraved and desensitized as Bravo thinks we are.

      • Puddy

        The correct paraphrase from Macbeth — is that Bravo thinks that no one can call THEIR POWER to account. Well they best take note that gross inhumanity is permitted for only so long in this universe, and then “Birnam forest will come to Dunsinane.” The woods are already moving.

  20. LA_in_KY

    None of this makes any sense to me. I live in different state but I have friends that have gone through similar situations in regards to failed drug tests and they were able to get back to joint custody within a month. I am talking failed hair test results. It just seems crazy to me!

  21. Allison

    There arent any shampoos that will erase drug tox from your hair. Its impossible. You cant alter your hair follicle, and thats where it originates. The only way to beat a hair follicle drug test is to completely shave head to toe. Thats why courts/dcf love those hair follicle tests, cheat proof and can distinguish 1 time use from chronic use. So not sure what Thomas’ game is, but it’ll catch up.

    • tamaratattles

      He didn’t give a hair follicle. He did the hair test that can be beat with shampoos. That is the entire point of the article.

    • Nancy

      There is a test that will for over $100. However they can tests by other methods like blood to know the real truth. Someone is doing a favor for the Ravenel family. I bet on it!

    • SaraSally

      I remember Britney Spears shaving her head when she was under DCFS investigation. It was said she was being required to submit for suspected illegal drug use.

  22. StubbyG

    First if all, thank you for always taking the high road with bad news. I appreciate your class.

    Secondly, I missed saying Happy Birthday to you the other day. Are you a Cancer or Gemini? I am hoping Cancer as today is my b-day (June 26th)! Sending hugs!

  23. Lisa j

    So sad for the kids! I’m thinking if you’ve nothing to hide you would have zero problems giving up any sample from any part of your body. In the end the kids are the ones that suffer the most. Well played Bravo once again for destroying lives.

  24. Greenwood

    I wonder where the children are. Thomas keeps saying that they have joint custody, one week on, one week off. Nobody seems to have contradicted him. If that is true, then the kids would have gone back to Kathryn shortly after the reunion, and by now I think they would be back with Thomas again. But neither has posted any photos of them lately. Thomas also says Kathryn’s custody must be supervised by her parents. If that’s true, they live in Monck’s Corner and it’s a good little drive from Mt. Pleasant, so the parents would have to take up residence at Kathryn’s house in Mt. Pleasant, or else Kathryn’s custody week would need to take place at her parents’ home in Monck’s Corner. If they do have joint custody, does that mean Thomas doesn’t have to pay Kathryn anything in the way of child support? Will she lose the rent house in Mt. Pleasant? What a sad, sad mess. I’m just wondering – can’t help it. We’ve all fallen for those adorable kids.

  25. This is so troubling to me. I feel terrible for Kathryn. There are more questions then answers: 1) why was Thomas not required to equally test requiring hair that the court would take not his choice of which hairs to pick off of his head area (this sounds crazy) 2) why is this judge so bent on hurting these children by not allowing the sealing of their records FOR THEIR SAKE AND SAFETY, 3) did Kathryn really not pass the test, or is this some twisted smearing campaign on her, 4) why does Kathryn’s attorney, et al seem so incompetent in fighting for her in this case???? So much written here is spot on. Really Thomas doesn’t seem like he’s mature enough to want full custody of these beautiful babies, BUT I do think he is immature enough to want to hurt Kathryn and it just seems this is now about power and control over Kathryn. Then I wonder are the SoCharm cast members that have been hating on Kathryn nonstop this season, are they also doing this to help Thomas in some sinister way? A lot of this doesn’t make sense to me. I too noticed that Kathryn has been absent from social media, I hope she is okay. Not looking forward to the Reunion, especially if dolphin Landon is edited in a manner that has her having the upper hand over Kathryn. Thank you for the post TT, I’ve been wondering about what’s going on with this. I am just appalled at Whitney and his mama and their vitriol and nastiness towards this young woman to ruin her and why? Doesn’t make any sense.

  26. RealE

    I am absolutely no fan of Thomas. I think he manipulates Kathryn and really all of us friends. He says one thing to Kathryn and then another to everyone else and then sits back and lets her look like the crazy one when the two groups merge. He is seriously messed up and not one ounce of me buys he is sober. I feel bad for Kathryn and I really do like her from what I have seen.
    Having said that, she FAILED this drug test. a mother of two very young kids failed this test and i am concerned for these children. She has been their primary caretaker and doing drugs. Serious drugs. kathryn clearly needs intervention for someone to care for the kids if she is still struggling with drugs. And here is where I am thoroughly confused with the story and hope someone has some insight. They are both tested for drugs, Kathryn fails and custody is just changed to 50/50. How does that protect the kids from someone that is POSSIBLY currently doing drugs? Do they test her urine or something that tests for more recent drugs use then? Maybe that’s why she retains partial custody because it’s negative? It just seems odd for the courts to do a drug test on a parent, and then still let that parent retain any custody when they fail. How is that protecting the kid? It makes me wonder if there is not more to this story we don’t know yet. Or maybe this is how courts work, I do not claim to know anything about this which is why I am posing these questions.

    • RealE

      I may have found my answer, in that Kathryn’s custody has to be supervised time for now. TT – have you heard of this, true to your knowledge?

      • tamaratattles

        Yes Thomas said on the reunion that her visits are supervised by her parents.


      • I’m confused too. In my experience, “supervised” refers to visits (as in two two-hour supervised visits per week, for example). I’ve never heard a NC judge order “supervised custody.” It would make more sense if Kathryn’s parents had temporary custody, and she is allocated x number of “supervised visits” per week, probably supervised by her parents. Or (Saints preserve us!) if Thomas has physical custody, and Kathryn has x number of “supervised visits” per week. I guess if she truly does have “supervised custody,” she is caring for her children under the 24/7 supervision of her parents. But, that’s NC, not SC, and none of these people are Ravenels.

    • NeverBeenJaxed

      Opiates can be detected in your system from three to four days up to one week or more from the last dose. Marijuana is detectable for one month or more because it is fat soluble, so your metabolism and BMI has a lot to do with how fast your body metabolizes it. Alcohol is gone in 24 hours from the last drink.

      Coming from a family of LEO’s I heard a lot about this growing up. Even most companies these days are using the mouth swab test or even the hair follicle test for pre-employment drug screening because they are much more reliable and harder to manipulate. I actually didn’t know that there are detox shampoos. I thought that the reason for the hair follicle test (RFLP I think? I could be wrong) was that unless the entire head is shaved, the hair shaft contains historical data depending on the length of the hair.

      Interesting. But I thought Kathryn failed for marijuana? I could be wrong about that but I thought that was what I read. And if so, although not legal yet, it will be soon. Personally I put alcohol and marijuana in the same class of drugs. Although I don’t partake I have plenty of friends that do. Professional people. And I’ve never heard of anyone smoking a joint, getting in a car and killing a family of 5 on their way home from a family outing. Just saying.

      That poor girl. My heart aches for her and her little family.

  27. Carl

    I need help understanding this. So Kathryn allegedly partakes in marijuana for anxiety? Are there any other drugs she’s been accused of doing? As for Thomas, an old name (especially in the South) can get you out of more jams than one could imagine, sadly. Also, Thomas, convicted cocaine user, would CERTAINLY know how to avoid getting caught on drug tests; he must’ve done them regularly after his release from prison, right? Where are K’s family? I cannot believe that they would permit her legal team to behave the way they have.

    • tamaratattles

      There are many reports of drug use across most all of the cast including molly and coke. The rumors about Vanderpump rules are that there is a lot of Adderall and coke.

      Until I see documentation from FITNEWS or the local Charleston media, I will not be speculating on what Kathryn tested positive for. FITNews has posted texts about Kathryn’s attempting to purchase marijuana for anxiety.

      • Puddy

        I know lots of millennials who use MJ for the terrible anxiety that they suffer in the virtueless and heartless society of the year of our Lord 2016. The MJ is all they’ve got and you can’t OD on MJ – but you can OD on a 90 pill bottle of prescribed Xanax or Klonapen.

      • therealdeb

        To bad she doesn’t live in my state, MJ is legal here and you can even grow your own.

      • tamaratattles

        Micheal Jackson for anxiety? I’d think classical musical would be more beneficial.

        Please use your words.

      • Puddy

        Yes, As someone who has never used any drugs and who loves classical music – I agree that classical music is much better than marihuana for one’s health and I do wish that the young people who use it would not use it – very much so. They need help and are not getting the right kind of help.. being listened to, cared for, shown kindness and compassion – and yes – that God loves them.. This culture has made money it’s God and worships materialism, power and influence and it does not have a heart. So I see that these young people feel tremendous existential anxiety.. and classical music cannot stop a panic attack – which can be devastating — but marihuana can prevent a person from going into one..and I say this as someone who has an abhorrence of drugs, personally.

  28. laram

    Praying for Kathryn! This is not cool, at all. Praying also for her babies and compassion and respect, all around. The judge sounds like a c u next Tuesday.

  29. NeverBeenJaxed

    This is probably a paranoid conspiracy theory but I’m wondering if Thomas’ family power and money have afforded him “friends” in the legal system. I know that it happens up here in DYT more often than anyone will admit, but it does happen. The good ole boy system is alive and well in the North, at least where I live.

    Kathryn has got to be scared shitless going up against him. I would be. She needs a new legal team pronto. I’ll be praying for all of them to put their weapons down and consider the two helpless victims in all of this.

    BTW, – Off Topic….Happy Birthday TT – I got some ‘maters and awesome basil for your celebratory dinner. It’s been perfect growing season up here and my plants are thriving. I’m happy to share what I have <3

  30. Bridgett

    Hopefully she is with her parents at her family home and they have circled the wagons to protect and strengthen her.

  31. CoBe

    Everyone keeps talking about drugs, which I’m sure both parents do.

    I think you are missing the larger point which is that Kathryn kept the children from Thomas. That is a HUGE no-no in the courts. It is considered child abuse to attempt to alienate one parent from the other.

    Further, there is no doubt in my mind that the courts ordered that neither parent speak poorly of the other as that is a standard order. After the court date, Kathryn sent out at least one tweet denigrating Thomas (it was removed shortly after having been posted). This is another huge no-no.

    Regardless of the drugs, Kathryn is on a quick road to having her parental rights removed. She already has only supervised custody. Unless she changes course very quickly, I see Thomas getting full custody.

    Before anyone starts screaming and yelling about the things Thomas has said about Kathryn, I don’t believe he has said anything derogatory AFTER THE MEDIATION in which any agreement would have included not disparaging the other parent. I wonder if this is what the court date is about.

    • Puddy

      Kathryn should have kept the children from Thomas – Thomas thought Kathryn only good enough to be his brood mare for his heirdom purposes – but not good enough to marry while he savaged her and allowed his hating posse to torture and demean her on national television while he (Reportedly / allegedly) got in fights, engaged in numerous hookups with other women, fell into the pool with his baby, looked “lit” on TV most of the time) .. and as he did not marry Kathryn, according to SC law he had no rights? Yes? Why he attacked Kathryn trying to claim she was unfit – so he could grab her babies from her and pay her nothing.
      Thomas has been speaking horribly and destructively about Kathryn THROUGH HIS SURROGATES ON BRAVO IN NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL TELEVISION! WHO ARE YOU KIDDING?

  32. Thank you TT for the update! This blog is the only blog that I believe on the Internet. Your dedication to blogging the truth does not go unnoticed!

  33. Thanks for this info, TT. It does make me sick to my stomach. This is absolutely heart breaking. I feel so badly for Kathryn. It’s hard being a single mom with a douchebag as the father of your children at any age, let alone at 24.

    She is barely past childhood herself. IMO & based on my own experience (I’m probably projecting here because of my own experiences), But… IMO he really doesn’t want custody, he wants a “win” & to discredit her in anyway, with no real concern for those kids & without having to pay Kathryn anything or for her nannies, etc. Sadly, he may have broken Kathryn this time. I hope someone is there to give her a big ole hug & let her know that this too shall pass, everything is temporary. I do believe she has been manipulated & setup. However, if the test results are true, she can get past that as well in time. She is smart, and has her whole life ahead of her & should have those babies with her. Thomas’ record speaks for itself & with his history, his brain is most likely stunted at the developmental age he was when he started drugs himself, not to mention pickled brain.

    I wish that some DECENT & SMART atty would come out of the woodwork & offer to help this young mother!

    I AM SO SICK OF BRAVO & ANDY fucking with people’s lives so recklessly (even though they signed up for “reality show” I’m sure they- esp KD didn’t realize how much the “reality” was scripted & manipulated in the name of ratings & Andy’s sick, demented, warped interpretation of amusement)

    Good new is, (excuse my bluntness in this true statement) but Thomas is more than twice her age. Death & taxes are unavoidable. Simple math would tell us all that he will be out of the picture permanently waaay before her, leaving her as ONLY parent of his ONLY (acknowledged & legitimate) children. Sooo, there is that.

    In meantime, my heart goes out to KD and hope she receives some help and truly honest support STAT.

    That is all. Rant over.

    • PS- I agree that the haircut thing was a bitch move & that would have really pissed me off! Ugh!

      • Puddy

        Brilliant comments, “I.Just.Can’t”, and I too agree that the haircut was a bitch move. It is si cheap and defeminizing of a little girl. You take your daughter to a beautiful woman’s hair salon where they make sure not to cut off her curls (so that she keeps them) and they just style her hair and put a pretty bow in it, and give her a magic wand, a crown and a pretty bracelet! 👑✨🎀

      • Jim

        I don’t watch this show so I don’t know anything about the cast except for what I read here.

        Am I reading this right? Kathryn may have cut her baby’s hair to hide evidence that she used drugs while pregnant? Please tell me that’s not true! It doesn’t appear that either of these people are fit to have custody.

      • SLM

        Um, no, Jim. After Thomas pulled his fast one in court and took both kids away from Kathryn, their mother, he posted a picture of his barber CUTTING ALL OF LITTLE KENSIE’S beautiful curls off. Really, she looked shorn as a sheep afterwards.

        My question is, if Thomas is now claiming – or maybe hinting is a more apt word – that Kathryn was some kind of crazed drug user from the time he met her, why would he wait until now to do something about it??? If what he’s saying were true (and I don’t believe it) that would mean he stood by doing nothing while she used drugs while pregnant and later nursing his two children. My opinion is, HE didn’t want to go to court because he was afraid of what she might say or reveal about him up until now, so he made sure to ambush her with a drug test right out of the gate to discredit her for everything after. Maybe she actually wasn’t partaking of Marijuana until recently and that’s why TRav waited until now to go after her. He also made sure he’d done a detox on himself for any standard tests in advance…although the refusing the follicle test on his part makes me think he was unsure HOW thoroughly he’d flushed it out of his system. Maybe that’s also why KD submitted to ALL the testing because she knew it would show she only recently used MJ and she thought that might at least be defensible.

        What GALLS me is that now Thomas has everything exactly like every wants it – he dumped Kathryn, he doesn’t have to pay her any support, he got her babies he can pay to have raised by a Cadre of nannies so all he does is have a little play time with them everyday with none of the work and he’s thoroughly shamed her and besmirched her character. Nice bitten of rotten, underhanded sadistic work for a man old enough to be her dad. All of this is my opinion.

      • Jim

        SLM, thanks for explaining the situation for me!

  34. Fave4

    In honor of Kathryn don’t watch the reunion. BOYCOTT THE REUNION. You can do it I promise.

    • Lindsay

      I appreciate the sentiment but I just cannot do that!

      • Librarygirl

        They will rerun it a million times, one of the reasons Bravo is user friendly. I rarely stay up to watch them when they are first broadcast. Besides, TTYL has everything I need to know to make my morning tea memorable.

  35. Tori

    This entire situation breaks my heart.

    Let’s all remember one thing though…..Thomas is a politician! The current custody arrangement is just another “WIN” for his camp. He’s in election mode, making sure he gets interviews, pictures & supporters all in his favor by showing him as the devoted single father, who cleaned up his act & is not speaking about KD in a derogatory way. This is all a setup & I’m sure everyone in Thoma’s circle is behind it. Unfortunately, money talks & people can be bought. Thomas could care less about KD, this is all about saving his image!

    If anyone noticed, miss Patty has been saying for months now to “watch the reunion & the truth will come out about the real reason the cast refused to film with KD.” She’s been alluding to the drugs accusation & planned to have Landon/Whit or Can expose her on tape while filming the reunion. This has been in the works for months.

    Here’s the thing though….. What if those court records/accusations were never released to the “media” RIGHT BEFORE the reunion was filmed? What a coincidence huh? So many people have conspired to ruin Kathryn & make way for Thoma’s redemption & as Patty says “vindication” on why the cast wouldn’t film with her for months.

    I’m not saying KD is perfect or Innocent, but my God, there’s 2 babies involved. I hope she can stand up and fight this. I am not a baby person at all, but I must say those babies are beyond precious. I feel so terrible on how she must be feeling. I’m 26 & not too long ago I was 24 & confused, making mistakes. People need to stop setting her up & give her a chance.

    • Puddy

      Omg, Tori. You are so correct, and I have been thinking it too, but you really blasted it. He wants to restart his political career – And he wants to marry Landon to try to achieve some kind of “faux respectability” – why he keeps claiming they never slept together. He thinks Lindsay Graham is on his way out. I hope that the people of SC see what Thomas ( this lying, manipulating, rich old man-child) has allowed this crypt-keeperYankee witch, her terrible Yankee spawn, and these rotten, gold diggers to do – to be HIS SURROGATES to try to destroy the young mother (almost a child herself) of two babies, and take her babies from her – When they need their mother – and all for his desire for power and ambition — and never forget how Thomas betrayed his public office in the past. A person like this will screw the public again but worse – and try to cover it up with a name, money, and old boy charm – just the way he screwed over Kathryn – one of the “common” people – by virtue of her not being wealthy and how he has allowed his surrogates to call the mother of his children “trash” and worse – AND STILL DOES. KATHRYN NEEDS HELP TO FIGHT THIS GROUP OF VIPERS AND FIGHT THEM NOW. YES, you are so right – this does look JUST LIKE a well orchestrated plan to destroy Kathryn and take her children from her – with Bravo used as the bait, and the trap mechanism. Didn’t Whitney say “See what we have all been dealing with? She is a drug addict and a sociopath?” on his WWHL appearance With Landon and Cameran agreeing and Andy allowing them to take down Kathryn on national television? And let’s not forget that Thomas blamed Andy for Thomas’ first political loss in SC – is Andy trying to make it up to Thomas? And how Andy’s eyes fill with glee at the thought of going down to spend time withPatti and her omen-child in her mausoleum.I wish (I understand not you TT) but given all that these horrible people are doing to Kathryn – I wish that someone would drop the dime on Whitney – on the reports of alleged frightening rumors. AND NOW. RIGHT NOW. Kathryn needs this defence and now. Whitney’s credibility needs to be blown – and the truth whatever it is – told.


  36. BamaBelle

    I agree 100% that Kathryn needs new lawyers. I am wondering how many legal firms Thomas went around and put on retainer. It has become common practice in my circle of friends that have been in custody battles to go around town putting as many firms as one can afford on retainer (especially the good family law ones) so that the opposing party can’t be represented by them, not sure if this is the same in SC. So maybe she got what she was left with and it was a firm with a chatty receptionist/researcher/etc. Will Folks also seems like the type to advise Kathryn (under the guise of “friendship”) to use a particular firm where he already had a source, IMO. I am also hoping that the social media silence means Kathryn has gotten a new attorney that has advised her to remove herself from social media until everything is settled (another recommendation almost everyone I know has gotten while going through a custody battle).

  37. JoJoFLL

    This is my take on the whole sordid mess.

    Firstly, it is pretty hard for a mother to lose custody of her kids in South Carolina.

    Secondly, Katheryn’s family pulls as much weight in the state as Thomas’s family.

    As for the drug test, I believe it may have been a false positive which is why Katheryn’s attorney’s are allowing her to submit all of those hair follicles from different places on her body. There are a bunch of things (cold medicine, ibuprofen etc) that will trigger a false positive.

    At least I hope that is the case.

  38. Meri

    I agree that this blog is the most honest and complete anywhere on the Internet. I also agree with TT in what she wrote. I could go into the “law” and even some speculation but what’s the point? Katherine is a very young woman who is obviously not savvy regarding her rights.
    As for Bravo, I am beyond disgusted at what has transpired there not just on this show but on several others. Even though cast members agree via contract to do what they are told to do while filming I doubt that many of them are sophisticated enough to go beyond the need for fame and money that comes with this agreement. Bravo is peopled by some very smart individuals who do their best to exploit the weakness in their casts on all of their programs.
    I will always believe that Thomas’s money and name is very much in play here and Judges are not immune to this type of power.
    If I were the Judge in this case I would not only look carefully at Thomas past history but I would watch the show for clues as to his intentions and behavior.
    He has appeared stoned too many times to count and his having “nannies” substitute for a parent’s presence is not always in the best interest of the children. I am puzzled as to Katherine’s silence but do agree that she has been advised to lay low and keep quiet. I’m sure that she would have a lot to say if allowed to do so. She knows what Thomas does in private and could probably expose his alcohol and drug use if she was able too. Maybe she will do that in the near future if it seems that she is not going to regain at least fifty percent custody.
    I don’t think that we are getting the whole story but the most detailed accounting has come from TT and I appreciate the due diligence and concern shown in this blog and the time it took to present the facts as they are known.
    As for Landon….I have no idea why she is even a part of this and why Thomas (or anyone else for that matter), would be interested in her or her opinions. She is obviously a very vicious individual and the perfect partner in crime for Patty and Whitney. I believe that she will do ANYTHING to get what she wants from ANYONE who is willing to give it to her. She has absolutely NO standing in this custody case and truly needs to shut her mouth. She has defamed Katherine in public and if I were her lawyers I would send a cease and desist letter at the very least. I hope that someone steps up to the plate to represent Katherine and to protect her and her children from the T-Rav power machine. Thus far, it doesn’t appear that anyone has. Is everyone in that town “owned” by Thomas’ family?

    • Puddy

      Excellent, Meri! Thank you so much!

      • Sabrina

        Meri, I agree-

        and TT, this is a well overdue thank- you!! Your updates on Southern Charm this season have been wonderful, so on point and clear- helpful to this midwesterner who has been to the south many times , read every book I could find about growing up in cities like Charleston and Atlanta, and admires it tremendously,- but wants to hear an honest point of view from the people who live there, and about life in Charleston. Add that to your superior knowledge about the inside of world Bravo, and Southern Charm, and it all starts to make sense. . It is fascinating to see how much is manipulatable- that is, literally everything- yet we get the correct instincts about people and situations- and you help us make sense of it. While learning- at least, i am, each time, as you post more of your seemingly endless knowledge about all things Bravo.

        Thanks so much for all the sacrifices and hard work you do to bring this all together for our enjoyment. Hope you are feeling better, and that the neighborhood has calmed down. The hosting issues sure seem to have gone away-terrific!

  39. Kathryn has won many hearts despite the vitriol and disparagement by her cast mates on Southern Charm. Pray for her and those babies. She is up against a wily wealthy older man and nothing hurts like having your kids taken away by someone who is gaming the system and full of lies. At least not in my similar experience.

  40. jen


    Beat this!!

  41. RHofND

    I would assume that Kathryn’s attorneys advised her to completely stay off social media and go underground until this is decided by the courts. As far as sealing of court documents, both of them have put themselves willingly on a reality show and while the judge does have discretion, it doesn’t bode well for them making a case to keep keeping the documents sealed when they have been so public the last two years.
    Kathryn may have her faults, but most of the cast was absolutely vicious to her this year and Bravo’s editing didn’t help matters any either.

    • Puddy

      Bravo’s editing of the shows – leaving all of The scenes that showed Kathryn in a positive light – such as her graciously hosting a fund-raiser – on the cutting room floor!!! – while giving Thomas’ anti- Kathryn attack dogs free reign on WWHL – and from the reunion clip – it looks like on the reunion as well – is egregious and shows clear bias against Kathryn – against the young mother of two young children – with their paternity constantly allowed to be questioned on Bravo – and their own young mother mentally tortured and bullied and dragged through the mud. This is evil and inhuman.

  42. Puddy

    wonderful, SLM! (was unable to post under where you posted) You nailed everything that Thomas has done – And Thomas and Bravo – should not be permitted to get away with it.

    • SLM

      Thanks, Puddy 😊 I just can’t believe the judge hasn’t yet asked why Thomas did nothing about this for YEARS if he claims it was going on all this time (which I think he’s making up) If you noticed during the season, did he look like a man fearful to leave Kensie with Kathryn? Uh, no. Or both little ones after Saint was born? Again, no. In fact, HE went out drinking with his friends to celebrate and ditched Kathryn, the kids and the nanny about 12 seconds after they brought Saint home. Further, they draw blood from you when you are in labor in the hospital, so if he thought she was a drug user who couldn’t be trusted, why didn’t he have a court order standing by RIGHT THEN to test that blood and take custody of the children right after? I think (again just an opinion) it’s because he DIDN’T think she was using anything illegal and demanding a test she would pass would just vindicate her. Also, did we SEE any footage of her looking high, drunk or partying this season while pregnant? Or even going out of the house for much else besides lunch with a friend, a spa day or with TRAV? Again, no, we didn’t. And what do you want to make a bet with Whitney gunning for her, if there HAD been any such footage it would have been aired, re-aired and remixed on a highlights loop. Yet we saw TRAV looking sweaty and near incoherent raving at his dinner guests…

      • Puddy

        SLM – I hope that Kathryn and her (hopefully, new and ace attorney team) are reading all of your posts – which are arguments that should be presented to the judge. Your breakdown is so cogent, incisive and born out by the camera footage and by what Thomas did and did not do over the course of the last 2 years. BRILLIANT! I HOPE THAT KATHRYN USES YOUR ANALYSIS. . And I know it is just your opinion – but I share your opinion 100%. “Walks like a duck, talks like a duck – it’s likely to be a ….”

  43. Pottgirl

    Thomas and Kathryn deserve each other. She’s an immature child that thinks nothing of degrading the father of her children. She clearly does drugs and probably (allegedly) did them while pregnant (could that be why she had to do a body hair test?… you know… because she was carrying a child when all the accusations came out).

    Thomas…just gross. But…no one is accusing him of doing drugs while he carried a child in his womb.

    I’ve got no sympathy for either of them. They deserve one another.

    But here’s the thing…those children deserve so much more. They deserve better than this trashy debauchery.

  44. Greenwood

    I watched the reunion clip that popped up recently. Has anyone else noticed Kathryn’s wardrobe choices for the reunion, the Founders’ Day Ball, and Thomas’ Dinner Party from Hell? They seem deliberately flamboyant and in-your-face, like someone was deliberately trying to make her look like a cheap, flaming hussy. Especially the reunion costume. Sure, she is a young woman and she has eclectic taste, but those three outfits in particular seemed very over-the-top. Was it a Bravo stylist that chose them? Was it Kathryn herself? I wonder. (OK, I’m 68 years old…old ladies like me still use the word “hussy”.)

    • JoJoFLL

      I must be watching a completely different television program than you were. At the dinner and the Founders Ball, Kathryn seemed self conscious about her post baby body and was totally covered up. Was that a cape she was wearing?

      Maybe it was the color red?

      • Librarygirl

        I noticed the same thing. Katheryn went up a size and wore very conservative gowns to the occasions that were filmed. And her behavior was fine, considering that she had a room full of cast mates baiting her. She tried on different occasions to reach out to people who were lying to her face or encouraging a fight. As a fellow redhead, I think that she did quite well in controlling herself. Walking away, letting go, takes courage in the face of your enemies.

  45. Cgal38

    This is so sad – how did things get so bad between them? They seemed to be on a good path – at least towards co parenting – what went down since that?

    And something seems really off about the drug test – why would a judge allow them to use different samples? And if it is pot there are ways to get that out of your system – it makes me wonder if someone told her to take the wrong thing (you can buy detox stuff at health food stores but you need to know what to look for). Something seems really off.

    At then end of the day, she is so very young and this guy has ruined her. We can’t speculate on the drugs but if it is pot, that’s just fucking tragic. But something seems off, like she really was set up to fail.

  46. Twilly

    I haven’t been Kathryn’s biggest fan, but what these people who ate DECADES older than her, are trying to do to her is disgusting and reprehensible. She is a mother and these are her children. To mess with that to satisfy some personal vendetta over bruised egos is pathetic.

  47. Friedpickles

    There is too much joy coming from Whitney and Landon in the promo clips I just saw. Kathryn needs help not to be kicked when down. No matter what has transpired between Thomas and Kathryn it’s a shame he cannot say this is private and at least protect the mother of his children from the crowd trying to pick her apart. Enough is enough, anyone with a beating heart will be affected and hurt in private after these attacks. I know she has failed a drug test I know she has shown crazy behavior but she has also shown to be a caring mother and fell for Thomas hard and it’s torn her up. This girl is going to have a mental breakdown any moment in front of the entire world. No one can withstand this type of prodding for very long. Give her a chance to turn it around.

  48. Charneedle

    This show might be the nail in the Bravo coffin for me. I’ve been a big Housewife fan, and loved Southern Charm when it started (more than anything as a frequent visitor to Charleston.). The overly scripted drama on all of the shows, and finding out several production deceptions has probably finished me with Andy. A few tidbits: “one of Charleston’s finest French restaraunts” where TRav, Whitney and Patty had dinner? It’s in a strip center in Mt. Pleasant. The spectacular old home that Camaron and Shep listed (for an oddly low price?) It’s in Walterboro, SC, over an hour away (and it would be really, really hard to even call it Chaleston adjacent.) Cameron, who is so involved in all the moving and grooving on the Penninsula? Hope production pays her gas or sends her a car because she lives in North Charleston, a not so tony suburb known for the Boeing plant and an outlet mall. None of head are that big a deal, but it just drives home the point that there is very little reality in Bravo reality shows. They are all manufacture set-ups, performed by hired players who met each other at a pre-production meeting.

    • tamaratattles

      Now you know how I feel about RHOA.

    • Margarett

      You’re so on the money, Charneedle! Thanks to Tamara’s schooling, I no longer get all upset and rant and rave about what I see on Bravo.

      I think we, as viewers, have very little idea of what is actually happening. You, of course, have a better view since you’re right there.

      • Charneedle

        I’ll admit that I used to get worked up about these shows….actually feeling my blood pressure rising watching a few reunion shows. If Bravo would take a look at what made all these shows fun in the beginning, we might all continue to watch and enjoy. As it is now, I realize I don’t know these people, this is not really their life, and the editors are the most active people. (Two other quick notes: A) thank you Tamara for treating the whole “drug test fail” properly, While I’m not sure I consider FITSnews a reliable, vetted source, you’re at least covering this responsibly. And B)I know some people pretty deeply ensconced South of Broad, and while they admire the restoration work Patricia has done on her historic home, they’d rather not go there and certainly avoid receiving her in their homes.)


    A hair drug test is done under industry standard guidelines. The sample of hair obtained will look back approximately 6 months back in time.
    If a person tests positive the lab will inform the client asking them to fax them a copy of their Dr.’s prescription covering that approximate period in time. If they can do this the positive result should not be released publicly. It will be understood then that the client passed the test.
    As someone else said shaving all your hair off is the only way out of it. There are no shampoos that make you pass the test.

    • tamaratattles

      Except there are shampoos that negate the test for hair samples. If the snipping hair on your head was reliable, they “industry standard” (which isn’t really a thing) but let’s call it that just for your… the standard drug test for jobs and courts is now the hair follicle test. Which is what Kathryn submitted to and Thomas did not.

      The drug tests were not released by the courts. They were released to the parents.

      But thanks for your misinformation. Really.

    • Dracla Dunning

      Went through many hair tests for drugs connected with employment and never had one where the hair was plucked out to get the follicle. If the metabolites are in the follicle it stands to reason the same metabolites will be in the hair shaft.
      I have never heard of a shampoo that removes enough residue to fool a GC even though there are shampoos available. There are procedures that will remove drug residue but they are harsh. Much like Linusspacehead believes, the only way around the test is to shave the hair from the entire body. Body hair samples are worse than hair from the crown of the head as they grow so much slower and hold a greater concentration.
      At my employment if there was a lack of body hair, (the test requires a certain amount) a fingernail was medically removed.
      It is possible that Trav passed the test because the GC was not set to test for the drug(s) he ingests. The GC has to be programmed to look for certain metabolites and they are different for each drug. Also, he wears his hair short so if he was drug free for 30-45 days prior to the test he would pass.
      We called it an IQ test instead of a drug test because it is a matter of being smart enough to stay away from drugs. Drug testing falls under civil liberties and there are rules in place for the dissemination of the results that are strict.

      • tamaratattles

        “Went through many hair tests for drugs connected with employment and never had one where the hair was plucked out to get the follicle.”

        This is called a HAIR FOLLICE TEST. You do not seem to understand what one is because you have never had one. Yet, you continue to MISS THE FUCKING POINT, of which there was only one in this entire story. THOMAS RAVENEL REFUSED THE HAIR FOLLICLE TEST and gave only a hair sample.

        “At my employment if there was a lack of body hair, (the test requires a certain amount) a fingernail was medically removed.”

        I can’t continue to address this sort of stupidity. Please sit quietly next to Linus.

      • Nanaintn

        Thank you for your (always) accurate information, Tamara. I am a retired Medical Technologist who performed drug testing for many years. You are 100% spot on in your explanation of the testing and samples!

  50. I believe with Thomas being in the political field for years around lawyers, judges etc… talks volume. Kathryn didn’t have a chance. He has been severely intoxicated or stoned out of his mind numerous times for the world to see and his drug test comes back negative. BS!! I’m sure his day in court was bought and paid for. I feel for Kathryn she needs to fire her legal team and find one that’s not affiliated with Thomas even if she has to go outside of Charleston to find one.
    Also unbelievable, how the cast sees nothing wrong with Thomas’s behavior and treats Kathryn like crap!
    Something is really wrong with this show.

  51. Crazydoesit

    I am disgusted by the behavior of several of the cast this season. I really feel for this poor girl. The mean girl games and the asshole TRav are just sad to watch. Jealousy and bitterness are not good looks for them. Team Kathryn. I won’t watch the shitshow reunion. I’ll just read about it here. I hope she knows she has fans pulling for her and she gets whatever help she needs.

  52. Toonskie

    I feel that children are off limits, Bravo has crossed the line with their character assassination of Kathryn. I’m tired of them tearing down people with chronic diseases.
    Through all this they glorify felons, totally disgusting.

    I think the only way I can make an impact even if it’s only in my own mind, is to quit watching.

    For me the Kathryn situation is the last straw. I hope she gets through this and walks away from Bravo to keep her children and herself safe. Shame on Bravo for exploiting children and people’s pain and suffering for ratings.

  53. Tori

    Remember the season 2 reunion for southern charm? KD & TRav arguing about kensie/custody/money. KD says “I’ll se you in court!” & TRav replies viscously, “You will be DESTROYED!”

    Fast forward almost 1 yr later & what do we have? Both in court with Thomas coming out victorious & KDs name surrounded by allegations & isolation…. I truly believe she has been set up to be “taken down”

    It all makes sense now. Idk even if the drug allegations are somewhat true.

    The reason she was iced out by everyone was to get her off the show. She’s the star of the show & the highest paid. Miss patty said on her twitter & Thomas too, that KD made 6 figures for season 3….they sounded bothered by that….. They wanted her off BC she is the center of the show’s storyline & was making a way for financial independence. None of them wanted KD & Trav to have a stable & happy relationship. I’ve seen deleted scenes like the charity show Kathryn helped host. Thomas showed up sober for once & treated KD with respect, saying how proud he was of her. The camera then turns to Dolphin & Cameran who look 100% bothered & pissed that trav & KD were actually being civil.

  54. Omgomg

    This is Bravo’s new thing (and Andy and Bravo need to be called out on it — I suggest Twitter) LETTING TALENT produce a show. It happened with RHONY this season with Bethanny and Twitter blew up over it, she RUINED the show making it a giant infomercial, controlling who got film time and she went off in an epic abusive meltdown on Luann and guess what? Luann said nothing to defend herself! So much for ‘reality’ RHONY is everyone kissing B’s a–. Andy tried to defend and respond on WWHL. It looks like the *exact* same thing is happening here with Whitney. Kathryn needs support. It’s a shame and very sad. Bravo seems to be subversively against traditional values like being a good mom, trying to be a good mom. It disgusts me. She is a young mother & needs support and help at the least and not people bent on distorting the truth on national television. She needs to get it together and get strength and maybe turn this around. I’m on her side and I can tell you this — Landon is a dispicable person. What business is this of hers? She seems like a stalker type. Stalking Shep and stalking Kathryn and inciting paranoia. Thomas is an utter politician douchebag. Cameran is just as bad. I used to like her! They’re judgments are so phony. Landon used to be on The Hills. She’s full of it and jealous. She tried to play the ingenue– hey Landon you’re almost 40 babe! You’re NOT 24. I don’t understand her effing pathetic helplessness “I’ve never programmed a website.” She’s just dumb. Blogger hello millions of people use it and it’s been around 10 years! Who shows up to a TECH VC meeting meeting with PRINTOUTS! God she’s be laughable if she wasn’t such a homewrecker. at the end of the day, if Thomas wants any sort of a political future he needs to step up and be a man and stop throwing KD under the bus.
    KD needs a crisis PR person and CONTROL her social media. This is a *game* of image. Being someone who’s seen inside of Hollywood I know this. Bravo and Andy are putting all their female buses and ratings at risk if word gets out talent is self-producing shows. Believe me, they take this seriously. Once viewers get wind of that, of Bethanny and Whitney, doing that they’ll realize it’s fake and orchestrated by said talent and stop watching. Orchestrated maligning cast to get them off shows is “self-producing” and NOT reality. In RHONY it went so far as invites for filming scenes only given to B’s friends and her Turning into an infomercial for skinny girl crap. I’ve never cared befor as I do now because I can’t stand to see a new mom bullied. She needs to clean up her act AND get PR control. She needs someone crafting her image and creating a business for her and doing her thing. She needs to get w business mindset and make it less personal. If she has addiction issues she has to deal with that and try to get custody back. She needs to show herself on a new path, going to church, atoning, taking care of herself, align with good people and come back next season better than ever and take them all down. She’s going to have to mea culpa and move on. Her image has been destroyed at this point. They succeeded *for now* and she was pregnant! Not realizing they were all plotting against her. If I were her PR person or in her camp (or friend) I would *seriously* find out WHO was mainly responsible for it (my guess is Whitney) and I would take him down. Karma is a bitch & he’s no angel. Let it come out and let her take the high road into her *own* success and happiness. She needs to stop fighting with Thomas and understand he is NEVER going to give her what she wants. She needs to learn how to *manage* him which will be tough but she has to figure it out. She has to make him an ally and convince him, once she has her shit together, to take down Whit. And just move on. She needs to move on and use the show as a platform for good for herself and her family. She was played and it’s time to get smart. Bravo is making millions and millions off her.
    I’m glad I found this blog! Oy it’s crazy! I found all the comments so insightful!

  55. Omgomg

    Okay sorry that did not look as long on my phone!

    • Puddy

      It’s ok, Omgomg. You make excellent points – especially about TRav predicting that he would destroy Kathryn- which he has done!!! How was he so certain that he had the power to do that in advance! WHAT A TREACHEROUS AND VICIOUS THING FOR A RICH AND POWERFUL OLD MAN TO SAY TO A BEAUTIFUL AND VULNERABLE YOUNG MOTHER.. And you care about Kathryn who was treated despicably by Bravo – with their very negative and very prejudicial editing of Kathryn – and Bravo did this to the mother of two young babies who love and need their mommy and who is an excellent mommy – as anyone can see by how happy Kensie is with her mommy – Well Bravo has gone way too far. Bravo needs to show the good edits of Kathryn that they dropped – I could not even open up that clip of her hosting the function on line, anymore. It seemed frozen or jammed.

      • Puddy

        I need to clarify that Thomas and company think they have destroyed Kathryn at this point in time – but they have not. Kathryn can fight back for truth and justice – and win.

  56. SLM

    I’ve decided NOT to watch the reunion tonight as a personal protest. It will mean zippy to Bravo, of course. I’ll just read TT’S recap tomorrow, because I know she will cut through the BS and analyze everything for what it is, not what Bravo is trying to spin it as. I feel really heart sick for Kathryn. I know she often comes off looking aggressive, but I think it’s her way of dealing with being backed into a corner ALL BY HERSELF. I was so applauding Craig for being a real friend until I saw him clam up and stop speaking truth in order to be back in the filming fold with the rest of the cast. Gosh darnit, Craig Conover, some things are more important than your place on a freaking show and your paycheck. Stand up and speak out! How do you look yourself in the mirror and let them eviscerate your FRIEND?! TRAV robbed her of her children!! And Shep! Why aren’t you two all over social media talking about that she’s a great mom and people should stand up for her? WHERE ARE HER FRIENDS? WHERE ARE HER FAMILY?

    • Puddy

      Exactly SLM! Why aren’t Craig and Shep and Others – all over social media saying what a great mom Kathryn is? Wow. I cannot understand how these guys can be so cowardly and still call themselves men. Their silence is deafening – and nauseating. Everyone on that show – except for Kathryn, Cooper and Dani – are petty, cruel and hypocritical. They are not good people – with the horrible things they have said about Kathryn and openly and repeatedly questioning the paternity of her children. But Kathryn is a good person – and she is a real person – and she is a great mother. The rest of that fake crowd of social wannabes are so inauthentic that I am surprised they can recognize themselves in a mirror – especially Whitney – I am not sure that he can even be reflected in one – as pale and pasty and vampiric as he seems. Thomas, Landon, Patti, Whitney and Cameran – are just so gross. I cannot help but wonder what karma has in store for them. To cause a mother’s heart to cry out by taking her children from her is designed to crush and break that mother – and is one of the worst offenses that a person can commit on this Earth. And God hears that mother’s cry. God sees all. God sees into their hearts. They think they are getting away with something? They best think again.

  57. Omgomg

    Yes I didn’t know TRav predicted that!? But my point is — everything is stacked against her right now and she is a reality celebrity do she needs legal management and PR management. She needs to figure out a way to stop fighting with Thomas AND get what she wants– at the very least not trust him. I’d like to see her spin her image — if Angelina Jolie did it — she can do it.
    I’d like to see her get the help she needs and find some Good friends and support. and of course I’d like to see the others with some mud on them because it’s so one-sided which points to Talent self-producing the show.

  58. I saw another preview of tonight’s reunion episode and…I feel like everyone is trying to gaslight Kathryn. True I’ve only seen little snippets, but I’ve been very uncomfortable with what I did see. I wonder if any viewers have or will be tweeting Shep or Craig or anyone else?

  59. Laura

    My heart breaks for Kathrine. I really hope Thomas isn’t deliberately keep her children from her.

    Thomas has a ton of issues and he needs to grow up. I hope Kathrine gets primary custody back quickly.

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