RHONY TEA: Luann De Lesseps Nabs Magazine Cover; Entire Cast on Massive Press Tour To Save Ratings!

RHONY Luann Cover Luxury Living


Another thing I keep wanting to tell you guys about is the abysmal RHONY ratings this season. BravoPR on twitter keeps talking about “season highs” which is one thing when your ratings are in the gutter that you can spin, but they are also claiming MUCH HIGHER numbers than Bravo Whore reports.  I am 100% confident in Bravo Whore’s sources and rely on him for my ratings information exclusively. I would not do that if I thought he was just some random guy with no access to the numbers.

Further proof that Bravo Whore is accurate and BravoPR is not (allegedly, in my opinion) is the fact that most of the RHONY cast is on a massive press tour lately trying to drum up viewers.

Which brings us to Countess Luann, who according to her Instagram seems to be saying she was on The Tonight Show the other night and was at US Weekly giving sound bites about Jules Wainstien’s divorce.  And apparently on Jenny MaCarthy’s Podcast and at People all in the same day. It’s all very desperate.

RHONY ratings


These are the Nielson Ratings according to Bravo Whore.

This show is flailing. But one thing that is not is Luann’s romance.

RHONY Luann Dorinda
Luann recently got the cover of a local magazine New York magazine called Luxury Living. Dorinda and John came because they are the matchmakers of the future bride and groom. Tom is in hog heaven finally getting all the media attention he craves. Despite Luann telling Daily Mail, “‘He’s a businessman so it’s really not his thing but he’s very supportive of me and he knows that it’s my career. You’ll see a bit of him. Think of him as Mr. Big.”

RHONY Luann Sonja


It’s no surprise Sonja showed up for the event. She’d come to the opening of a fire hydrant, because she’s thirsty.

RHONY  Luann Bensimon


And Kelly Bensimon. Because, also thirsty. What is up with the heavy lens of some sort on this photo?


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75 responses to “RHONY TEA: Luann De Lesseps Nabs Magazine Cover; Entire Cast on Massive Press Tour To Save Ratings!

  1. MARC

    Countess Lu 1 Bethanny Frankel Carole Radziwell Ramona Singer ZERO !

  2. Dee2

    Aren’t these about the same ratings they had last year? I never really realized how few viewers other bravo shows got considering they are on 2nd 3rd 4th seasons…hell Real Housewives Of Dallas have a shot at a 2nd season if you compare it to other none housewives shows.

    • Jim

      Ratings for this season are about the same as the previous two seasons according to BravoWhore.

    • pdt090

      Its ratings are up over the last two seasons in terms of overall viewers, but the composition of the audience has changed; less people in the 18-49 age range are watching, and those are the viewers that ad buyers care about.

  3. laram

    Wow! I thought they were doing well per Bravo. Thank you for facts. I will say that the few people that I know in real life that watch, are kind of done with last few Seasons of NY. Also, perhaps I was dreaming last night, but I fell asleep to E channel. Could have sworn I heard Andy’s WWHL, before infomercials came on for the wee hours. I know they are both owned by NBCU, but E seems to be really pushing more than others, or hiring Bravolebrities a lot lately, imo.

  4. Minky

    Wow. Bravo does seem to be a bit desperate. I predict their next move will be to have Bethenny on Dr. Oz to discuss her fibroids. I hope I’m wrong.

    • Diane

      I laughed so hard at the Dr. Oz comment Minky that I snorted my vino up my nose hahaaaaa 🍷😝😆

      • Minky

        Haha! Sorry. Cheers!

      • librarygirl

        Well, we see how that worked for Yo. I am no fan of Oz, but he allowed Yo to hang herself beautifully. It really was a thing of beauty, with those pages and pages of “reports” that he had his “team of Drs” compile backstage. And the audience plant who was calling out Yo as a survivor and the face of all folks stricken with invisible illnesses. Oz did Andy’s dirty work that day.

    • Cat

      Dr. Oz already did an episode on fibroid tumors, with Sherry Underwood.

      I thought it was Bethenny, but she did an episode about weight loss. To have her on again would be weird, and really desperate.

      He HAS had a lot of housewives on lately, though.

      • Minky

        She did a show about WEIGHT LOSS???!!!! Out of morbid curiosity, I would’ve loved to see that shit. Hmmmm? What did she preach? Portion control? Exercise? Will power? Or SG products?

        They say one should never trust a skinny cook. I say never trust a weight loss “guru” who’s never been fat.

      • Cat

        Sort of. She was complaining about rumors that she was too skinny, and body shaming comments from people on social media. Then, she pushed her book.

  5. DejaBlue53

    Why is it desperate for LuAnn to reach out to other venues when the Bethenny/Carole/Andy cabal is out to get her? I see it as she’s playing the game as well as they are. And winning with fans.

    • Minky

      I don’t think that TT meant that Luanne is desperate, but that Bravo is desperate enough to use Luanne, Sonja, and Kelly Bensimon (of all people) to bolster ratings. That’s how badly Bethenny, the golden child of Bravo and Andy, has fucked up the show.

      Good for Luanne. She’s playing her hand very well.

      Next thing you know they’ll be bringing Jill back.

    • librarygirl

      Yes, it does appear that Lu is doing well. I am happy for her, but I will refrain from saying more, because it seems that the politics of this season is so convoluted it makes for terrible viewing. Seriously bad viewing. Andy and Bravo need to move to make this an even playing field for all, instead of this conquer and divide crap. Each of these women have a fan base, and I imagine that folks tune in to see all of them, not just a couple of very bitter females.

      • Onawin

        It’s the cast members, the cast should be. Ramona, Sonja,Bethanny,Alex and Simon and the tall Skinny girl they is asian and Jewish.

  6. Johnny

    With ratings like these, it’s a wonder Miami or even DC were even canceled.

    • SLM

      I really WANTED a second season of DC housewives!! I MOURN the loss of that franchise!! There were a lot of crazy characters on there (The Salahes) and a lot more going on than any of these shows has had in years 😣

  7. Diane

    Tamara why do I have to continually confirm my comments here? Everytime I comment I get an email asking me to confirm it all? I am subscribed. Is there something I need to do? I follow and subscribe to many sites and have received that email on many of them. I confirm once and it’s a done deal.



    “What is up with the heavy lens….?” Well my guess is that Kelly requested it. I mean she is a former model and current (?) photographer so she would know what lens works best for her.
    The demographics are also a very important part of the ratings as we all know. Has their target audience changed?

  9. @immelza

    That is one poorly lit step and repeat.

  10. Kari

    I really like Luanne. I loved her TV special the other night and I’m sure the other ladies were jealous. Luanne just seems like the most fun one out of the group. She doesn’t seem to hold grudges and is busy living life to the fullest

    • oh Sheila! you a good Judy

      she’s my favorite, and has always been! i agree the other castmates are jealous– not one of them tweeted a word of support for her or her special! and now i see dorinda & sonja went to her event, but didn’t tweet about that either?? i read the interview of luann for luxury living, and it (like luann) was fantastic! why are they going to her parties, but keeping their distance on social media about it? maybe bethenny would disapprove? some friends, huh?

    • Auntie Velvet

      Maybe the others ladies will get their chance. The title seems to indicate an ongoing series of specials, although they would probably want to hit women from the different franchises before going back for a RHONY lady. I myself would not mind seeing the “I Was a Carny Kid (Dammit!)” episode.

  11. Kari

    I really like Luanne. I loved her TV special the other night and I’m sure the other ladies were jealous. Luanne just seems like the most fun one out of the group. She doesn’t seem to hold grudges and is busy living life to the fullest

  12. Sammie

    Luann is definitely winning me over with her new Teflon ways. She looks great and seems happy so good for her.

  13. Gretchen

    Ok so I’m not trying to defend the show, but do those numbers reflect DVR or watching on demand? Not sure if they track or count that. And isn’t 1.5 million pretty good for a cable show? I don’t have much of a frame of reference.

    • Morgan

      Not when RHOA at its lowest ratings gets around 2.5 million viewers. And RHOBH stays around 1.8 or higher. Ratings like these is why they brought Bethenny back, so the ratings could jump to at least RHOBH status.

    • pdt090

      No, these are just numbers for the initial 9 pm airing.

  14. Elizabeth

    I can’t stand Luanne and the countess thing is so not classy….although she is super interesting and what a life!

    • getreal2014

      I can’t stand her either. I find her to be to delusional, hypocritical, and a snob. I think that everything that Bethenny and Carole feels about her is spot on, but I’m not pleased with their delivery which comes off as catty, but IMO, LuAnn deserves everything she’s getting, considering that she tried to shame Carole for doing lesser than the things she does herself.

      • AshK

        I don’t think Lu tried to shame Carole because she was dating a younger man. I think it had more to do with the fact that it was her nieces ex-boyfriend. I’d stand by my family over a fake friend on a TV show.

  15. Elizabeth

    I think the ratings are low bc I’m 40 and have nothing in common with any except Bethenny…

  16. rebecca

    I really enjoyed LuAnn’s special earlier this week. She has led an incredible life and it’s that kind of lifestyle that I think viewers originally tuned into the Real Housewives shows to see. It’s a shame that the concept has devolved into the mess of manufactured drama that we see today. I’m not surprised that the ratings suck. I’ve stopped watching most of them (except NYC) and prefer to read Tamara’s take than watch the real thing.

    • Conveidt

      I also enjoyed the special about LuAnn’s life before Real Housewives. I have a lot more respect for her than I did And…I’d love to know what her secret talents are that make hard to catch men fall head over heels in love with her on the first date (the Count, Tom)

      • therealdeb

        I have been soso about Luanne for years but the special really endeared her to me. She seemed more normal and human I guess. She was a girl/lady like the ear of us who has had an extraordinary life. She always seems to land on her feet with a smile on her face.

  17. David

    I agree with Rebecca – I was an avid Bravo / Housewives viewer but more and more I turn it on and just can’t – who wants to see grown women take each other down – and for what? So they can be the “OG” of any given franchise?. If Betheny “has it all”, good for her. If Ramona wants to be single and sassy now – good for her. If Carole wants to act like she’s Carrie Bradshaw – good for her. There is absolutely no reason for any of them to be so insecure as to tear anyone else down to make themselves feel better. I have no desire to watch the Berkshires episodes – life is hard enough – it seems to me the mean girls are just trying to knock down those who are actually enjoying their lives.. Andy should advertise on here if he wants to drive up his ratings. You’re welcome.

    • getreal2014

      I agree and the mean girl tactics are way overboard. Personally, I blame RHOA for the downward spiral. They are good at putting out lies about other cast members without taking responsibility for their own actions.

    • Sabrina

      They need to do a similar special about each NY woman, the sooner the better- and focus on the positive in each woman’s life, the interesting, and less salacious . The franchise episodes are based on the theory that catty comments cutting each other are necessary and welcome each week- and the story lines must be hostile and dramatic to keep the audience entertained.

      I think the Atlanta numbers have led Bravo to pay no attention to viewer complaints- even in light of this run of fake illnesses- and the result is this endlessly petty, negative , hostile season each franchise has produced, which viewers are not invested in.

      These women spend so much time bringing each other down that they reduce themselves as well- and the lowest common denominator is not held u- they are equally to blame, if that is where their mind its. The franchise is self-destructing, unless they change it up.

      Even the newest one became a slug fest right out of the gate. Rather than introducing the women and seeing minor challenges and personal issues impacting people in their personal life first,, without manufactured dramatic events , they went for the jugular right off the bat. Huge mistake.

      I watched NY Season 1 recently and enjoyed watching how they introduced each woman, her family, and issues in\mpacting each one. They all had enough in their own lives, interesting ,different,that told a story about NY too- let them do that in each city and avoid the garbage drama. Find things to like and respect about the woman the city and their families. Life brings its own drama- let’s top only hiring whacked out people who we know will fight with other women right off the bat- especially hiring the ones needing therapy right away. There were at least two needing marriage counseling and one needing major psych counseling in Dallas as it began.
      If you know that, why not show more interesting city life an allow the tension to build while we meet the good in these women?

      I think Atlanta gets ratings at the level it does because of the women Bravo hires and production directs them to do. It is a unique group with a unique audience. for most of the others, Bravo has two choices- create programs like LuAnns: to revive these women in the eyes of their viewers, or shut down the shows. Because that is what is happening. The audience is turned off, tired of the negativity, and of the women who deliver it and waste energy doing it. .

      I used to look forward to watching NY and BH especially, for laughs and interesting exposure- my ” …. indulgence.” It was fun to talk to others about the women, their issues and what was going on . Since NJ, an the arrival of Melissa and Kathy, as well as the Salahis, et al, , I am embarrassed when my husband comes in the room- he always hears something he can mock- and I would not bring it up to other women- I’m embarrassed to be watching it. It has lost the fun, the intrigue, the new and interesting exposures to part of the cities,

      Life has balance and with every person we know personally we celebrate the good as well as the bad. For too long, these shows have focused on bringing out the bad in each woman- and focusing on it, hurting the woman about it without fixing the problem and moving on.

      Time to provide more balance, as we do with people we care about.

      • Sabrina

        Sorry for the above typos- I think the messages come through. One other point.
        Just watched Bethenny’s WWHL with Andy this week. She said a great deal happened when they were not filming involving Sonja, and the liquor issues, which influenced her actions this season significantly
        So the shows have gone, as we have known, from having production plan storylines which lead the women to do things other than they would in their lives , to now they are unable to show what actually did happen in their lives but the show and its filming is directly impacted by off-season events. .. I guess we knew that, but it appears to have reached a new level when it is this overt in NY. Bethenny ( and the others) are treating/dealing with LUanne and Sonja differently- in fact, a large part of the season is wrapped around, apparently, their contract negotiation, and the liquor issue. I guess they needed some storyline, but this seems extreme- and fabricated completely, to the extent that we learn behavioural explanations separate from the show.

        So they signed up for a “reality show” but were expected to act out events that didn’t happen for the show, , and now are expected to act this time, as if some events that impacted their emotions didn’t, as they cannot show their reactions to them as they did play out.

  18. Sequoia

    Those ratings aren’t out of line with the ratings of the last couple of years so it’s not like the show is on it’s death bed and Countess Luann is never going to get married and give up the title “Countess”. Look how it’s blazed across the magazine cover. It defines who she is and she’s not giving it up. Never, ever, never.

  19. JustJenn

    I was super excited for RHONY to start as I really didn’t have a favorite in that Franchise, but Bethenny ruined it and Carole didn’t help. I haven’t even watched the last few episodes. I am definitely removing Bethenny from my top 10 list as she is just plain vile and not entertaining in the least bit anymore.

  20. Bridgett

    The way Andy and Bethenney have spoken, you would think ratings would be through the roof!

  21. Jane

    When they stop with the stupid fights, fake illnesses, infomercials, jailbirds and obnoxious characters, I’ll watch RH again.

  22. Barbara

    I am not surprised. Luann and Dorinda and Sonja are the only interesting women on this show anymore. Jules seems cool. The rest are really dreadful and or boring. Looking at Carole’s beady eyes or listening to Ramona’s obnoxious nonsense or watching Bethenny’s rat a tat line delivery is a drag. I’m only catching random bits here and there and see no reason why this show is still on.

  23. Jack

    Those are, im assuming, just the live numbers? Now a days with DVR and ondemand, networks can track how many people are watching their shows and typically look at the +7 (live + the entire week after it aired) rating which can double, triple, even quadruple the ratings so the live ratings arent quite the thing to go by anymore either.

    • Shar Woods

      Jack, you are correct. I tracked the most recent live + 7 ratings I could locate online for RHONY which was the program airing June 1st. The live/same day rating was 1.608M, which was reported by Bravo Whore, but the live +7 rating was 2.534M (a 58% increase in viewers). It wasn’t double or triple the ratings, but certainly much better than the live numbers.

  24. Flo

    They never get my ratings or purchases because of greed. They don’t release the shows at the same time in Europe and there is no way to legally buy it. It’s all blocked as they are trying to milk every last dollar out of it. Thing is, we’d be more than happy to buy it on iTunes or whatever, so they do themselves out of more bucks. Let’s just some some unscrupulous tech-savvy types have to resort to other means to get their housewives fix.

    • Something Clever

      @ Nancy : i agree about the slutty thing. I’m trying to “take back” slutty, because I really see nothing wrong with Luann’s behavior. That is my point.

  25. Something Clever

    I’m not at all surprised by the low ratings. It has taken me 2-3 sittings to watch EACH of the last few episodes. It just isn’t that entertaining to watch grown women be vicious, narcissistic, and oblivious. I also have no interest in Bethenny’s blow flow.

    Bethenny’s was my favorite for years. I loved how hard working and sharp she is. Even early in this season, I was on her side when John dove right into the Skinny Cow/Skinny Girl attack.

    But she has become so relentlessly shrill that I can’t stand listening to her anymore. And she fights Carole’s fight. And her product placement is over the top. Okay, I get it, you are the CEO of a brand, and we are your target market.

    I used to hate Luann, because she was condescending and fake. Now I like her and feel sympathy for her. And I love that she is slutty. Go figure.

    RHONY has become a show that I will watch in small doses on my DVR, not must see TV.

    • nancy83

      I wonder if this could possibly turn into good news? Many Andy needs to learn that besides a few angry misogynist people, very few normal people love to see women annihilating other women all the time. I actually want to see them having fun, going to fabulous places, wearing cute things and setting good examples of how to deal with life’s problems. I want watch women that I can admire, with a few oddballs thrown in. I’m so sick of the semi-automatic assault weapon also known as Bethenny’s mouth. She was on WWHL and Andy showed a picture of her name spelled wrong on Luann’s phone and asked if she thought she had done it on purpose. OMG, Andy, really? Maybe Luann has spell check. Quit being such a little bitch. I had to turn the show off. It was too disgusting. I love these shows about women, but I don’t think I love them for the same reason Andy loves them.

      Luann looks fabulous in those pictures! By the way, I don’t think she slutty, I think she just enjoys sex, and has gone out with men just for sex, is that slutty? So much better than going out with men for money. Well I guess one is slutty, the other a ho!

    • Something Clever

      “Blow flow” should be “blood flow”

    • Jaded

      Bethenny has allowed herself to become Andy’s performing monkey.

  26. JoJoFLL

    Love LuAnne!

  27. Margarett

    Luann looks mighty happy in the photos above. Good for her!

    Thanks for the post, Tamara. I don’t know enough about ratings for the numbers to mean anything, so I appreciate your interpreting them.

  28. Happygal

    I can be so dense like she I first read that TT wrote the words Bravo Whore , I swear I did not pick up on the fact they were in blue and I my mind I thought she was using code for a cast member !!!

    In my mind I had someone in that slot who is currently dating a married man that is the husband of a friend of hers but blasts an engaged castmate for allegedly doing this in the past.

    I obviously need much more caffeine before I read these excellent posts!!!

  29. Cat

    I get the feeling the whole franchise is winding down, and has been for awhile.

    • Ktina

      I hope not. NY is my favorite – I’m tired of seeing women teetering around in 7″ heels and full make-up, a la Beverly Hills. I like the realness of NY so I’d be upset if it winded down. Bethenney could take a flying leap, but keep LuAnn, Dorinda and Sonja.

  30. Misha11

    More of Luann and less of Bethany please!!! The B is disgusting and so obviously wishes she was Luann and had class like Luann. Who the he’ll does B think she is talking to Luann the way she did. Then afterwards she says she didn’t even remember what she said…… Did she black out or something!?!? And she puts down Sonja??? Are you kidding???? Luann is correct in that money can’t buy you class. B is the quintessential example of that! Go peddle your skinny girl on an infomercial.

  31. MARC

    I hope Countess Luanne gets a talk show that would slay troglodyte Bethanny Frankel ( & maybe hook up with her ex husband Jason that would be divine retribution) & also become Andy’s new favorite housewife. This boy can only dream…

  32. RealE

    I don’t watch the NYHW to often but I’m watching the one hour special on Luann right now on Bravo rerun and I’m fascinated. THIS is what should be on HW shows. She lives such a great life. I am lapping this up.

    I’m completely baffled why Andy and the producers don’t let stuff like this be the focus on HW. I would excitingly watch every week if they ket this fascinating women be on the show. Instead they reduce her to a stammering argument with Bethenny in which she is degraded or watching her try to talk with Sonja. It makes me wonder how much else the other women have to bring to the show. If only masochinistic (sp?) andy wouldn’t be at the helm maybe NYHW ratings would be high.

  33. Happygal

    I would really love to see Sonja featured in before they were housewives . If only half of what she said she experienced is true it would be fascinating to see flashback pictures of her life when she was very wealthy!

  34. CupcakeScholar

    Luann has always been a favorite of mine even when she wasn’t showing her true self during the earlier seasons. I would not have a problem with Luann being around my man because I don’t choose men who are cheaters. Mine would certainly look and enjoy the view as would I when looking at an attractive man. Luann seems really fun to be around and I would be taking notes instead of judging if I were in her circle. Women often direct their anger toward other women when they really need to check their men and their personal choices regarding the men they choose.

  35. Bryn

    Hey Tamara? I am not totally sure what good ratings are. It looks like it’s over a million viewers per episode. Isn’t that good? If not, what would be pretty good and what would be outstanding ratings ???

  36. Rose

    It’s been low on my viewing list this season as I’ve been watching a lot of non bravo shows. Funny that i went to start watching S8 earlier today and Bravo isn’t even carrying the whole season. I’m starting on EP 8 and going back to read TTs recaps for EP 1-7.

  37. Sue

    So I just looked at the Live +3 numbers for the past week, and RHONY is one of the top gainers for cable tv shows. In the 18-49 demographic, 500k ppl. watched the show last week when it aired on Wed., and then 500k more watched it via DVR over the next three days, totaling 1 million viewers (and obviously the overall number of viewers is higher, too). BravoWhore doesn’t include this info. on their site at all, which I think is a misleading indicator of ratings. The live ratings numbers aren’t wrong, but they don’t show the big picture. If Bravo’s PR dept. is touting higher ratings, they’re undoubtedly looking at Live +3 and Live +7 numbers as well as next day ratings.

    • tamaratattles

      Yes, of course Bravo is touting live Plus 7 BECAUSE THEY RUN THEIR SHOWS ELEVENTY BILLION TIMES an tack on shows to the ends of more popular ones on the DVR to falsely inflate the viewership. Advertising people want to know what the audience is for the showing they are going to run their ads on. They want an accurate number for the first showing where the numbers more likely represent eyes on the screen rather than the number of times it has been erroneously attached to another program.

      This whole ratings PLUS nonsense is ridiculous. The most accurate representation of the success of the show is the numbers on the first airing. This has what has ALWAYS been used for renewal and advertising decisions.

      If they were not worried they would not have sent THE ENTIRE FUCKING CAST out on a press tour.

  38. Sue

    Of course the ratings for a show’s first airing are important, but it’s simply not true to say that advertisers don’t look at or care about the Live +3 and +7 numbers. With viewership behavior changing so much and with so many people DVR’ing a show and watching it later, why wouldn’t advertisers pay attention to these delayed numbers? (Repeat viewings aren’t included in these numbers, btw, unless, of course, it was recorded and then watched in the three-day or seven-day time frame.). Over the past few years, some low-rated shows (first airing) even got renewed solely based on the strength of their increased viewership over time – The Americans on fx, Halt & Catch Fire on AMC, and Scream Queens on FOX, to name a few. The tv landscape is changing!

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