Is Bethenny Engaged or Not? And More Bethenny Tea!


One of the reasons I started doing blinds is that sometimes I get a little bit of information and it’s not enough to make a whole post about, but it is a very interesting tidbit. The most annoying thing about the blinds from my standpoint is that all you guys care about is “figuring it out” and have little to know reaction about the actual tea!

Anyway, I have two interesting things to say about Bethenny Frankel that I have been trying to figure out what to do with. The both are related to images she has posted.

In the photo above, the implication seems to be that bad things happen to people who dare to disparage her brand. It seemed like a threat to me since most of those women are no longer on the show. Is that Sonja or Ramona on the top left?

It seems like that particular collage was selected for her office to remind her of all the meddling bitches she has removed from her path along the way. This probably went up when Luann was demoted. She is currently refusing to film with Sonja. I doubt we will ever see them on the same scene until the reunion.  Actually, I hope not. That would make for good TV. Though Sonja will probably just cry as Bethenny verbally attacks her for hours.

RHONY Bethenny Ring

The other photo is from Bethenny’s snapchat. This giant ring has shown up lately. She seems to be deliberately showing it off in this photo which is suspect as she did not wear it on her recent Vagina Monologues tour.

I didn’t blog about her #WWHL appearance because I was already dealing with enough detailed stories about all of your vaginas in comments and did not want to encourage anymore. She did say a couple of interesting things there. One was that she had contacted Jules and advised her to just get the divorce over with and not to worry about money. Just end it. Which is hilarious since she has been fighting over every dollar for the last four years with Jason. She also said that she had Jules and Michael over to dinner at her house a couple of times (if I am remembering correctly) and she had many positive things to say about Michael.

The other interesting thing was that Bethenny went to the Hillary Clinton fundraiser at Sarah Jessica Parkers house recently. Any asked about her encounters with other guests like Leo Dicaprio and Martha Stewart.  There has been tension between Martha and Bethenny ever since she came in second on The Apprentice.  Martha came on to Bethenny’s talk show and it was extremely awkward. Bethenny told Andy that she always spoken to Martha when they crossed paths and Martha was frosty and barely acknowledged her and so this time, she just ignored her. Then she launched into a story about how it is no longer an “I’m up here, you’re down there” situation and that they are both the same level now.

Back to the ring. This photo seems like such an obvious display on her part as if she is trying to start the rumors. I have been hearing for a while that it will be announced on RHONY this season. Or at least that was the plan. I firmly believed she would announce her engagement until I saw this photo. She seems to be trying way too hard.

But here is my mind bending question for all you selfie people. If you are taking a photo in a mirror, the wouldn’t what appears to be her left hand, actually be her right?  It’s to hot for me to ponder this very deeply.


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122 responses to “Is Bethenny Engaged or Not? And More Bethenny Tea!

  1. WhyOWhy

    LOL! Martha and Bethenny on the same level? Nope. Not even close.

  2. WhyOWhy

    And yes… if that’s a mirror image, that’s her right hand holding the phone

  3. Behoro

    That is her left hand bc it’s on the left side of her body? At least that’s guess.
    And as for what she said about Martha, she could only ever dream about being on the same level as her. Never gonna happen!

    • BGStyles Laughing

      So far she’s on another level than Martha.Bethenny isn’t a convicted felon

      • Bellamama921

        Hahaha! Exactly what I was thinking – Martha is a convicted Felon!!

      • Matzah60

        Great comment! Touché!!

      • She may not be a “convicted” criminal BUT the way she thinks of herself and the way she treats people is criminal! Who is she on the show that she can decide who she will film with. And it is criminal to prevent Sonja from making some money. How could Sonja ever be a threat to Bethenney. She’s a nasty bit$h

      • Minky

        Totally agree Equinox. She knows that Sonja’s not doing well financially, but she’s still gouging away. Real nice.

        “Bethenny isn’t a convicted fellon”…YET. Don’t forget that this is The Real Housewives. Give it time. Anything could happen.

      • Allison

        Sonja needs to pump her brakes and stop hitching her wagon to every single “opportunity” that comes her way. Every single business endeavor she claims to have should be something she would want to focus on solely, but she spreads herself too thin and ends up looking ridiculous. Thats why she makes no money. Focus on your clothing line. Or your soccer team. Or your whatever else you boast about. Drunken mess Sonja should never be endorsing alcohol, first of all, but to make a name play off of her friends successful business and then act shocked when that friend is annoyed by it is pitiful. I’m team Bethenny with this one. She busted her ass for years for this success, and came from nothing to get it-and Sonja’s grubby little hands want a piece of the pie Bethenny slaved to make? Please. I hardly think Bethenny is “preventing” her from making money. Sonja gets in her own way just fine with that.

  4. Behoro

    Damn, I just read WhyOWhy’s comment. I guess I’m wrong about the hand!

  5. PopcornAndVodka

    Just regarding the painting, it’s actually up on her business wall, “up in her business” and it’s all the housewives from her past season. That’s definitely Ramona, and they are still friends, enough that Ramona is at her house all the time. And B herself is in the painting. I don’t remember any beef with Alex, but maybe there was.

    • PaganChick

      Bethenny and Alex definitely ended things on good terms.

    • BGStyles Laughing

      I agree. It’s a double entendre….She and Alex are differently friendly…

    • RealE

      That’s excatly how I read Bethannay’s post, as a satirical comment because it’s literally up on her office wall and poking fun at the women caring about what she does. I do think it’s odd that she has a painting that includes Jill hanging up.

    • tamaratattles

      BWAHAHAHA this is totally me taking a card for stupidity…

      Ramona is at her house all the time? BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAAHAHHA

      • PopcornAndVodka

        Lol Ramona and Carole both ARE at her house quite often on SnapChat. Don’t get so mad at all of us, you’re supposed to be having a good birthday! :)

    • tamaratattles

      I mean really, did you just explain to me who was in the painting right down to Bethenny? BWAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHAH WTF? Okay.

      Never mind this bit of information. Pop has it all figured out for us, Because you see, Bethenny is in the painting. How did I miss that?

  6. Minky

    That’s Ramona in the upper left. Her IG posts are pathetic, passive aggressive bitchery. If she thinks that any of this makes her look anything resembling smart or powerful, then she’s almost as delusional as Sonja. And there’s always the possibility that she flipped the mirror photo just to keep people guessing.

    • Minky

      Addendum: A good way to figure out the mirror photo is to figure out how Bethenny’s hair is usually parted. And why is she doing duck-face? That’s, like, so 2014.

    • PaganChick

      I don’t think she is being passive aggressive in that post. For one, she is in the painting. Two, she is on good terms with Ramona. Three, the painting is literally on the wall of her business. I think she was just making a play on words with no shade meant. But that’s just how I read it. I could totally be wrong it wouldn’t be the first time 😊

      • PaganChick

        Also, Alex and Ramona were the only two housewives to appear in Bethenny’s spinoff and there wasn’t any bad blood between Alex and Bethenny when Alex got fired. Bethenny wasn’t even a part of the franchise at that point.

  7. PaganChick

    That is Ramona in the painting, not Sonja. I’m more curious about who the person directly underneath Ramona- right next to Bethenny is. I don’t recognize the face at all. Am I misremembering a NY housewife?

    The second photo it looks like the ring is on her right hand not her left. It is going to drive me crazy not knowing who that woman next to Bethenny is in the painting.

    • PopcornAndVodka

      I think that’s Kelly under Ramona.

      • PaganChick

        Weird, whoever painted it did a good job of capturing everyone’s faces but that doesn’t look like Kelly. I wonder how she feels about the painting because she didn’t consider herself to be a brunette.

      • PopcornAndVodka

        She didn’t consider herself a brunette?? LOL I don’t remember that.
        I remember tweeting something not very nice about how she was kookoo crazypants once, and she retweeted me and then followed me. Remember when Sonja looked completely sane next to Kelly?

      • Kelly looks more like Landon from Southern Charm in the picture.

    • It’s Kelly Bensimon.

      • PaganChick

        @Popcorn, yeah in one of her rambling rants she talked about how she was a blond that didn’t mean she was stupid or something along those lines.

  8. Stephanie

    That’s just the entire cast from a previous season. She probably got it as a gift or something. That’s Kelly on the bottom. I think she just meant, here is some housewives in her office.

    • tamaratattles

      That’s an interesting interpretation of “Here’s some housewives all up in my business..” If she wanted to say, “here are some housewives” she would have stopped typing after that part.

    • tamaratattles

      That’s an interesting interpretation of “Here’s some housewives all up in my business..” If she wanted to say, “here are some housewives” she would have stopped typing after that part.

      • Aunt Sassy

        “All up in my business” is street slang but not to the outdated degree as Heather “Holla” used.

        I just think she way being too clever by half with no malicious intent. Bethenny always seems to laugh loudest at her own jokes andvpunsm

      • Allison

        I took it as a double entendre, the pic is hanging up in her business, so they are all up in her business?

      • Minky

        The thing about the “all up in my business” slang that Bethenny’s using is that it’s usually preceded by the word “bitches”. At least in it’s common usage. And yes, I believe Behtenny is trying to imitate the language of a street hustler in “da hood”. Make of that what you will

  9. spunky2015

    How can you be engaged when you’re still married. Delusional

    • Shar Woods

      Mariah Carey announced her engagement to James Packer a few months ago and has been wearing a gigantic diamond ring despite the fact she is still married to Nick Cannon. Supposedly Nick just signed the divorce papers, so maybe Mariah was trying to force his hand.

    • Calipatti

      Hi Spunky, TT asked a question, for opinions, she did not state a fact 👍

      • Hi Calipatti, Bethenny is wearing a huge rock on her left hand and apparently toying with everyone. So I think she’s engaged or wants to be. Now she can have a marriage and an engagement for years and years.

        Maybe I’m old school, but totally inappropriate and that goes for that diva Mariah too.

    • tamaratattles

      among the many things you don’t understand, Spunk is that you can be engaged and married at the same time. It’s HORRIFICALLY white trash, but it is done all the time.

      • Sammie

        Hallelujah thank you for saying this, I am screaming (in my head) at these engagement announcements when one or BOTH parties are married to other partners. So Trashy!

  10. MARC

    Who would marry Bethanny Frankel ?

  11. Jim

    I think you’re reading too much into the Warhol-like painting. It’s simply the original cast… Ramona, Luann, Jill, Kelly, Bethenny and Alex.

  12. The ersatz-Warhol picture is a season 3 cast picture, minus Sonja. I assume she’s missing because there wasn’t room/would be asymmetrical to have a seventh Housewife.

    I think it’s quite a stretch to interpret that as a threat. Did she have Jill, Alex, and Kelly “removed from her path”? As another commenter said, it’s her business wall. I think it’s just a mild play on words that they’re “all up in her business”. Not everything is deeply symbolic of something else.

    And yes, that is her right hand holding the phone in the photo. I’ve noticed Bethenny wearing a large diamond ring on her right hand since episode 1 this season. It is a marquise-shaped stone that is mounted sideways, rather than the typical length-wise, and has some additional side stones also. I can’t say for sure that this is the same ring, but it looks like it might be.

  13. Chase

    That painting was given to all the season 3 wives by the POP production crew.

    • Jamie

      Sorry Chase I didn’t see your comment before I posted!!

      • laram

        Perhaps it was her shrewd way of reminding fans, whom many are complaining about wanting her gone, that she is an OG, and many are up in her biz. I remember when the cast was gifted that print. My question is, how and why can she stand the color, Red, all damn day, everyday? I like turquoise, coral and greens…..but that calms my type A creative personality. Red? She’s already a bull. Love her, regardless. She broke a mold.

    • tamaratattles

      Y’all seem to be missing the POINT. Do you really think I need to be told it is a cast photo? If so, why are you here?

  14. Jamie

    I think the collage of women is the full time cast from the last season she was a housewife before she came back…circa scary island. Sonja was introduced that season and only was on the reunion couch for part of the filming. So that’s probably why she’s not in the picture. I can’t help with the selfie question sorry!

  15. Hi Tamara…..I am a HUGE fan!!! Love your “quick wit” and “tell-it-like-i-see-it” attitude!! I have read your posts for FOREVER and summoned courage awhile back to post something (dont know if it made yr blog or was sent off into space ;)) I agree with your thoughts regarding Bethenny….why NOW would she decide to put her private life out there, when she seems to have taken such “pains” to protect it all season???? Not to mention her reputation that she is SO protective of???? (FYI I tried the in the mirror selfie and my wedding ring showed up just like her’s!) She always seems SO calculated and strategic with every move she mKes that I am suspect of the timing behind this. Happy birthday!

  16. Wallace

    What I find totally passive aggressive is the “Yes” sign in her outside bar. She has never let the “I come from a place of yes, you come from a place of no” argument she had with Kelly Bensimon go.

  17. Nila

    I think it’s just an art piece of the original cast..I don’t think she’s engaged. Remember her terrible appearance on WWHL, the one before last? She said she was going though a very dry period in I’m assuming she wasn’t dating while filming was happening..I think?

  18. Puddy

    The Warhol tableau looks to be a statement that Bethenny, except for Lu and Ramona, is the last B standing, and look where they all were then and who is alpha dog now. It also makes me wonder about the futures of Lu and Ramona (but R – not as much). The ring looks like another alpha post – I have a bigger ring than any of you ever did – and I am the only one of you with a ring on my finger – Lu – I dont see that he has put a ring on it. So I’m “Marvelous Madam Mim”! “I win, I win, I win!” There is something scary about Bethenny – in a Leona Helmsley kind of way – but worse. I think she may ultimately end up with “Cookie”, like Leona ended up with “Trouble”, by alienating almost all mammals of the human variety- if she is not careful.

    • Minky

      Gotta agree with you Puddy. Bethenny is starting to make people feel bad for Jill. That’s quite a feat.

      I still can’t believe she’s comparing herself to Martha. Martha is the female equivalent of Lee Iacoca. Bethenny might be “good at business” (an actual Andy Warhol quote), but she ain’t no Martha! Martha did time, and made it look easy. Bethenny can’t even do the simplest thing without all of her neuroses taking over.

      And it’s so telling that she’s recycling Kelly’s language. Why would she do that? Especially since Kelly is allegedly crazy.

  19. Calipatti

    Bethenny was off the chart horrible to Luanne, she needs to apologize or explain. Sonya is a idiot, its time for Bethenny to show her pity.

    I remember Luanne being mean and two faced with Bethenny all through the last season but that was a long time ago, not a clue if that is why Bethenny is upset with her now.

    Luanne was horrible to Carole for a long time over the boyfriend, Luanne was being a hypocrite.

    Martha Stewart has been a bitch to all women who remotely got close to her brand. She was so belittling about Rachael Ray after being on her show. Martha has not publicly cussed any one out but she has never been labeled kind or supportive.

    Certainly in the past Martha did shun Bethenny in social settings, probably did it very publicly, now Bethenny can hold her own socially and financially.

    Bethenny was also brought back to boost ratings, go girl.

    • Auntie Velvet

      I wonder if Luanne has been asked by her niece not to bring her into the discussion this season? But it makes it awkward to have the discussion because I really think Luanne’s Mama Bear instincts were making her so nasty to Carol.

      And I suspect (based on nothing) that her niece might have been left in pretty bad shape over her relationship with Adam. He’s probably the type that keeps hooking up with a woman after breaking up with her, so that she’s never sure if they are really over until he suddenly has a new girlfriend.

      Anyway, I wish B and Carol would drop it. Since no one suspects Carol is an ACTUAL pedophile, what’s the big deal?

  20. Calipatti

    btw, Bethenny wearing the ring might be to get people to speculate, working.

  21. Puddy

    It just occurred to me that Lu said Tom asked her to marry him – but he never gave Lu a ring?

    • librarygirl

      Lu has a beautiful ring from Tom, and has been photographed with it a number of times. In the early seasons, Lu did try to school Beth on some things, and Beth has not gotten over it. I do not believe that Beth came from nothing. Her parents divorced, but there was money for boarding school, education in general. When we see her season one she claims to be struggling but is pretty well socially situated. Beth’s major problem is that she came from a background that was a bit rough around the edges, and she has not made progress in getting past that. Now that she is financially secure she uses it as an excuse to keep railing at people, Ease up Beth, and learn a bit of graciousness, at least when you are concerned about protecting your brand.

  22. bridgett

    That’s her right hand. I am more curious about the drawing in the background above the heart…please don’t tell me that is fibroid related!

    Same level as Martha…never. She may have the cash, but she will never be Martha.

    • Calipatti

      Yes Martha runs in the Hampton crowd but is very removed from everyday people.

      My observations from watching Martha’s show and her daughters show, Bethenny still has time to be kind, supportive and generous, three qualities Martha has never shown publicly.

      Martha made snark of a fan who hinted at wanting a $20. craft book, on tv for all to hear.
      I don’t recall her giving a pencil away to her audience. Near the end of her show, rating had dropped she tried a few times to do give aways, it was painful to watch.

      • Swizzle

        I know Martha has a reputation for not being the nicest person and she has a hard time relating to most people, but I loved her TV show. They did giveaways on her show all the time. My favorite was a sleigh full of awesome stuff they did around Christmas. I sure miss that show.

      • Bridgett

        I love Martha, bitchiness and all.

      • Allison

        I love it when people (or SNL) make fun of her “Connecticut accent”. We really dont sound like her, she’s got a thing all her own, but it’s still funny.

      • Puddy

        Gotta agree with you about Martha. And yes – Bethenny does have time to be kind and suppprtive. From what I have seen – Bethenny does seem to be generous.

      • Onawin

        Sorry for commenting late, Ditto Puddy and Bettheny is right to get everything off her mind Lu Ann treated her worst than That crazy Kelly did. Betthany wanted to see Jill and Ramona was tryin to get them back together Lu prevented that from happening. She was always telling Betthany about manners. Bethany is right for getting these monkeys all of her back, she needs to chewed them up and spit them out any chance she can.

      • Onawin

        Forgive me for spelling her name wrong every time.

      • Cat

        I caught Martha’s show on PBS…she was “teaching” viewers how to cook corn on the cob.

        I was expecting some fancy gourmet tips, but all she did was boil a huge pot of water, and throw the corn in to boil. Her fancy “serving tip” was to spread butter on the corn, and sprinkle with salt.

        30 minute cooking show…on how to boil water.

    • Sabrina

      Ok, but who is Martha now?

      At one point she had a fabulous franchise with magazines, TV shows, and a huge array of products and ideas that were both generating revenue and making women happy. She celebrated entertaining and life and spent her time providing educational and interesting ideas about living at home .

      But all of that is long gone- and Martha has unfortunately shown her true self- arrogant, defiant, liar, con artist who lied to he government and ended up a felon in prison. She believed she should use inside information and profit more than others, illegally- then lied about it.
      It was always clear a\that Martha was an elitist who wanted to be the best of the best and the top of society- and when she could not reach those levels, she created a new world she could oversee. Too bad she could not grow into the person who could celebrate her successes without demanding she be better than everyone- but she always had something to prove to herself- and it destroyed her.

      Her reaction to Bethenny is typical Martha- (and I remember, not knowing anything about the contestants other than watching the show, that I thought Bethenny should win) – when she was threatened by someone, Martha would go after them publicly- and she obviously l is threatened by Bethenny- and still is. She could not handle anyone threatening her little view of the world-= and Bethenny clearly did.

      Are they the same,, have the same strengths, issues, weaknesses? Of course not- but it still threatened Martha, since, had she chosen Bethenny at that point, she could have claimed credit for her sucfcess, but she didn’t. Hence the jealousy.

      • librarygirl

        Regarding the post about her CT accent. Martha is a Jersey native, and had the heavy accent. She went to a voice coach and had that taken care of. However, she did a scene on WWHL where they inhale helium and then speak a line. When Martha did it she was Jersey all over again, it was unbelievable, and hilarious! I was never a huge fan of Martha, or her daughter, but she does have resilience that is for sure.

  23. Sari

    I’m unsure. She had been known to buy expensive pieces for herself. But, your bits of intel are both plausible and intriguing.

  24. izmeagain

    A mirror image reversed? Or not?
    I think Bethenny wore that on her right hand on WWHL.
    You can’t miss that rock.

  25. TT! How can you be annoyed that we focus on trying to figure out the blinds?? It’s not TEA if we don’t know who it’s about!

    That’s Bethenny’s right hand and a painting of the original cast that was a gift I think. I think she tries to entertain people on her snapchat-I see people making fawning comments about it here and there.

  26. Causing-A-Casino

    I read ages ago that the cast painting was given to all the women after season 2 or 3 as a gift. So they all have one. Still, it’s odd that she would hang a picture with Jill and Kelly.

  27. Ktwallis

    Haven’t read all of the comments yet but just in case it hasn’t been mentioned, she was wearing a giant rock on her right ring finger last episode, at least at home goods.

    I notice these things, don’t judge!

  28. Allison

    I dont have this visceral hate for Bethenny that she seems to inspire in people. There are housewives I am not a fan of (Sonja-can’t stand her, so when Bethenny reamed her, I loved it. I had been wanting someone to stop letting her get away with her shit for a long time) and she’s doing exactly what she was brought in to do. I wasnt thrilled when Andy brought her back but she’s doing what was planned. She busted her ASS getting skinny girl off the ground, now shes got all these people with their hands out, including her soon to be ex husband, and i can totally understand why she’d feel so betrayed by Sonja. She knows Sonja isnt a real threat, but I’m sure she felt taken advantage of, and we all know she doesnt do well with betrayal. I get it. I also get why people might think she’s overreacting, I just dont happen to agree, thats all. She’s tough-if she were a man it would be admired. The ring is probably just a ring, if you got it, flaunt it.

    • Calipatti

      Allison ⬆️ THIS!

      • Allison

        @calipatti thank you! I’m kinda grimacing and clenching waiting for some backlash, I gotta admit. Not eagerly, either, but I just dont hate her :-)

    • Puddy

      I was a total Bethenny fan, until her mean behavior this season. I saw her as the woman who made it on her own, and who did not merely marry into money. However, after seeing her verbally beat up Sonia – way beyond the beyond, make people grovel to her or be excluded from filming, reduce Luann to tears with brutal bullying, and condemn Luann for dating married men when Bethenny, reportedly, was at the very same time and had been hooking up with the husband of her HS friend, while he was/is? still married to her HS friend – well – all of that is hard to like.

      • PopcornAndVodka

        The Sonja thing made more sense when I rewatched some of last season. If you remember, that’s when Sonja was getting iced out by the others for her drinking and looney talk, and it was Bethenny who took charge of trying to befriend and get through to her. Then she also tried her very best to get Sonja on the road to being a real businesswoman. So when Sonja came on board with Tipsy Girl it was a huge slap in the face, way bigger than if one of the other girls had done it. And I know some people still think that’s no reason to be as harsh as she was, but I have snapped like that for the same reasons. Like I’ll take your shit for awhile, but then I snap and it’s OVER. FOREVER.

        … just on a whim I checked her birthday and it happens to be just a couple days from mine. We’re both Scorpios. Maybe that’s why I get her, we’re both insane when we get angry. :)

      • Allison

        Exactly, P and V-she gave Sonja a lot of leeway last year, took her under her wing, tried to show her how to be successful and she repays her by endorsing a copycat brand? Thats effed up. I’d be furious, feel used and taken advantage of as well.

      • Allison

        She’s not the first housewife to refuse to film with someone, so I dont know why its such a huge deal-I cant blame her after that shit Sonja pulled. If she had just owned it instead of backpeddling and acting like she had noooo idea it would be a problem, I might have a wee bit more sympathy. Even the rest of the cast gets it. I feel like she deserved every bit of Bethenney’s ire-you dont expect that from your friends. Yes-she went a little hard on Luann-but shes expressed regret for it and I’m not sure what more she can do.

      • The difference here in refusing to film with Sonja is that it directly affects Sonja’s pocketbook and Sonja is broke. It wasn’t like that when everyone either had a contract or not. Sonja played the “pay for play” game badly and Bethenny is making sure it hurts. Also, this has become The Bethenny Show so when Bethenny won’t film with you, you have to go get your coochie zapped or something just for a little air time.

      • Allison

        While I think Bethenny is undoubtedly irked at Sonja, I just dont feel like shes made it her LIFE’S MISSION to destroy her. She’s busy, has other things to do I’m sure, and it wouldnt be a fair fight. If she really wanted to, it wouldnt take much effort. She may have said she wont film with Sonja, I dont know. But Sonja should have thought of that before gleefully trying to rip off her friend, the only one that tried to help her without judgement.


      I would not admire a man acting like the way Bethany has been acting.
      Yes. I get it. A tough female boss is labeled a b*tch while a man acting the same way is considered “a good boss”.
      What we are viewing is not comparable to that type of situation.

      • Minky

        A good male boss would never scream at any employees, or call them sluts, hobags and bitches. Especially not in front of witnesses and cameras. A bad boss who would do this, male or female, would eventually find him/herself in a heap of trouble. People can only take so much shit for only so long. And is Bethenny even the “boss” of the other women officially?

        She’s starting to reming me too much of Sgt. Harman in “Full Metal Jacket”. The insults just don’t stop!

        @justanothermary I guess coochie zapping is a good way to tell whether or not a cast member is in some kind of trouble. This is a repeat of stuff done on other shows. I know one of the Wives in another franchise has had coochie zaps, but I can’t remember who. Was it Brandi? And if it’s not coochie zaps, then it’s colonics or enemas (Porsha, Shannon, Yolanda).

        This “jock” of hers that Bethenny thinks everybody is on: Where does she keep it? Is she aware that “jock” is a slang term for penis? Just wondering.

      • tamaratattles

        The coochie zapping comment is awesome Minky. Now that you mention it, the outcast housewives are often sent for an enema or a cootchie zap. I expect to see Porsha and Phaedra visiting the proctologist a lot this season.

  29. Puddy

    I don’t know if this has been mentioned before, but looking at the tableau of all the ladies – it looks as if Bethenny has had major plastic surgery recently – the wide sides of what was a square jaw are gone, her cheekbones look rounded and her nose even looks narrowed and lifted. Has anyone else noticed this? Her whole face looks softer and smaller – like a different person.

    • I’ve read that she had injections to soften her jaw line-of I think botox altho that sounds odd to me now.

      • Good God, why would anyone want to soften their jawline? Time does that just fine on its own!

        That’s like saying, “I had silicone injections in my neck so I could have a double chin!”

      • PopcornAndVodka

        Yes I think it was Botox because it was suggested to help her teeth grinding. And yes, she snapchats her nightguard all the time LOL. It just had the added plus of softening her really angular jawline.

  30. MzKRB

    Isn’t that just a picture including the the original cast of RHONY??

  31. I wouldn’t put much into her post of the collage. It’s simply a throwback to the cast that made her a huge hit. Season 2 is what put her on the map and made her business.

    • Minky

      Maybe she is just having fun with this post. Maybe.

      If you look at her IG, which I just did a couple of minutes ago, she’s got a couple of interesting pics there. One is of a dancing kitten with the caption “haters gonna hate”, and another is a photo of her with the Rockettes, where she’s wearing a t-shirt that says “I’m not bossy, I’m the boss”. In addition to all of the photos of people wearing “zero fucks” and “get off my jock” t-shirts.

      Is she the boss of “SkinnyGirl” or does she also have partners? Or is the boss position referring to her RHONY role, and also commenting on her demeanor so far this season, which could politely be characterized as “bossy”? And who are the “haters”? Luanne? Sonja? Anyone else?

      Again, maybe just fun pictures that mean nothing. But she is a public figure who has to be at least a little calculating about how she uses social media.

      • tamaratattles

        That is Bethenny trying to pretend that all the backlash against her this season isn’t bothering her. Clearly it is.

      • Allison

        maybe she reads this blog and is talking about the haters here?;-) (I know that some Bravolebrities do read here) but overall I think sometimes people read too much into her posts. Sometimes a shirt is just a shirt and a picture is just a picture.

  32. Barbara R

    Please stop with the character assassination. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

  33. Dracla Dunning

    Based on the flap of her jeans, I would say that is Bethenny’s right hand. She has worn that ring before on the right hand. Maybe she is flashing the ring hoping to get talk going about it instead of her putrid personality.

  34. StubbyG

    To confirm which hand Bethenny is wearing th ring on, look at the zipper flap. Men’s pants have the zipper flap on one side, women’s are opposite. 😄

  35. StubbyG

    Oops Dracla, I just saw your post! Sorry about that!

  36. iloveearlgrey

    That is most definitely her right side. The iphone camera square is on the most right side of the phone, so it points the way to the right. If you hold it up to the mirror, it is still the right. She can flip is all she wants, but the camera square will give it away unless she photoshopped that. Anyway, it’s her right.

  37. JustJenn

    Bethenny has no place giving Jules advice on her divorce in the first place, but then she says that she likes Michael? Lol. Okay.

    Also Bethenny was asked about a big ring on the same finger a month or so ago on Twitter and replied “Whatever it is, I bought it myself. Women don’t NEED a man. We choose one.” So basically she is being her obnoxious, attention seeking self.

  38. Sam

    I tried coming back….NOBODY else is bothered by the page bouncing up to the video ad?? Just me? Ok. It won.’t STOP> FUCK I couldn’t even finish typin this without it bouncing back up to top. Christ.

    • tamaratattles

      Sam, I don’t know wtf my ad agency is doing this weekend but this is obnoxious as hell. I will get it fixed first thing Monday morning. UGH

  39. J. Farmer

    I actually, embarrassingly shouted at my TV following the “same level” remark. Skinnygirl is an undoubtedly successful brand, and it has made Bethenny quite wealthy. But I cannot imagine it reaching Martha’s levels. She’s in too small a niche. Bethenny is successful; Martha is iconic.

  40. CupcakeScholar

    I think that the image of the original housewives is Bethenny being humble and reflecting on her SkinnyGirl journey. I wish that she would somehow embrace that more in her personal life and show it to us more on the show. Compartmentalizing after becoming so successful is really difficult but she has got to learn how to shut it down and be more compassionate when not at work. Beating up on Sonja ain’t doing it for me. I miss the fun loving Bethenny from last season (when she wasn’t crying) because I distinctly remember laughing out loud when viewing last season. I have not laughed once during the current season…

    Life is serious enough for me, therefore, I tune in to the RH franchise to laugh and escape for an hour or two each week. Right now the show is not fun or entertaining, just mean.

  41. SaraSally

    When I saw the selfie, I was instantly fixated on the crack & stains in the upper corner of the wall. Once I read the entire post, I went back to gander at the ring, & to see what side is what in the reflection.
    As long as the silk screen photo poster is hanging in her office….the HW are technically up in her business.
    Tread carefully Bethany… We always liked you as the strong underdog. The topdog routine isnt going over so well.

  42. OmgOmg

    I think she looks ratchet.
    What’s with the hairbrush in her other hand? Her expression? She looks kind of druggie in the selfie imho. I haven’t watched the last 4 eps because I can’t take her self-delusion yelling at people.

  43. Karlea

    I don’t have a website I don’t want a website I don’t need a website why do I have to sign up for something that I don’t need or want to post a comment on this blog

    • tamaratattles

      The website is for YOUR website if you would like to include one. You can leave it blank or put in Either way, you managed to make this post somehow. First comments are moderated, like this one so that I can determine if you should be allowed to comment. You are what is called a “wobbler” but I’m feeling lucky so… here ya go.

    • tamaratattles

      OOPS Actually I should have read all the moderated comments first. I should have known that if you can’t understand the commenting process… then your grasp of the subject would be equally minimal. It’s kind of important to know the names of the people who have been on the show after 8 seasons. You’ve now landed on the other side of the edge.

      Kinichiwa and Shalom.

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