Thomas Ravenel Gives Exclusive Interview!

Does thisperiwinkle shirt make me look sleazy? (2013)

Does this periwinkle shirt make me look sleazy? (2013)

Thomas Ravenel gave an exclusive 30 minute interview to Quintin’s Close-ups which is VERY interesting.  He says that the reason that Kathryn’s failed drug test was made public is because despite both Thomas and Kathryn wanting to seal the  record in their CHILD CUSTODY CASE (Silly me I thought records involving minor child were automatically sealed anyway) she REFUSED to seal them because the kids were essentially public figures. Does that include Saint because he was born on TV? Does that make him a public figure at BIRTH? Who the hell is this judge?  And it is a WOMAN!

Thomas talks about having to change his lifestyle and be sober and drug free….eeerrrr he catches himself saying “not that I do drugs ” and then launches into how alcohol is legal and men get drunk and beat their spouses but the only thing harmed by smoking pot is a bad of Doritos.  Yes, Thomas, and men also get drunk and intimidate women after an argument that began when a man nearly drowned his baby in a pool while drunk. HYPOTHETICALLY.

Thomas says he sent an offer to Kathryn and her attorney never responded. Actually,  to be fair, Thomas has said several times that he has sent things to Kathryn’s attorney and gotten no response back at all in the mediation process. I find that odd if both of them want to keep this information sealed. Also it does appear that the leak about Kathryn’s failed drug test (contrary to popular belief no drug test results have been verified particularly with regard to the drug involved) came from  Kathryn’s own attorney’s office according to FitsNews.  who openly identified HER attorney’s office as the source of the leak.

This color is not just for gays, meterosexuals and bisexuals wear it well!

This color is not just for gay men, meterosexuals and bisexuals wear it well also!


Thomas is saying that he has been trying in mediation to do more than the mediators amount. He has submitted his financials. But he never says that she isn’t taking the amount he offers, he says he attorney does not respond at all with any sort of counter. This comment from Thomas in connection with the leak coming from HER ATTORNEYS is worrisome to me.

Thomas says that due to the age gap it is best for the kids to see their parents apart rather than together. They have made agreements not to talk to each other.

This dude just segued by saying back when I first interviewed you in 2013 (FOR DEALING COCAINE) you had just gotten out of prison and now you are a star! How did that happen? He says a local guy in Charleston tried to introduce him to a guy from LA named Whitney and they went on a few dates and he wanted to do a documentary on Charleston and he sold a sizzle reel and basically when Whitney became a person on the show (fake guy from Weho) he dragged his mama along and then he no longer had any editorial rights and was just a producer in name only, like so may Bravo whores before him. Thomas said they tried to get one of his relatives on the show but she refused over 100 times. Then the reel leaked out and the Charlestonians saw Patti and backed out.

Fifteen minutes in Thomas starts to lose his sobriety.  Suddenly out of no where he decides to deny sleeping with Landon. Jesus Christ what is wrong in the male mind when they think they can get away with this shit?  NO ONE  WAS EVEN THINKING ABOUT LANDON!  The question was, “What does Southern Charm mean to you?” His response was essentially well there is a lot of editing involved to connected the dots an well I certainly didn’t sleep with Landon.  UM. Hello. Every male friend you have went on WWHL and said you did. Landon’s “friend” said you did. Your own INSTGRAM ACCOUNT said you did. Isn’t that where all those photos came from?

Now he is saying he did “run into he in London????” Did he say London? How does one run into a cast mate in London? If your boyfriend was on a trip to London and just so happened to run in to a gold digging whore from your city, and the took a lot of photos together to “create a stir” and  “it was all her idea” would you believe this? Seriously, he was totally believable and I was feeling sympathetic for the first fifteen minutes and now we have drug addled (in my opinion, based on my observations) Thomas back. WTF?

No! I really do like periwinkle!

No! I really do like periwinkle! Landon did her research!

I don’t know anything much about Molly but I hear that Thomas does ALLEGEDLY and it is apparently related to ecstasy and I can see that. At first he was a fairly normal and now suddenly he his randomly stating how he didn’t fuck the dolphin without even being asked about that in any  way at all. This is fascinating.  Thomas  says that Landon wanted to do it to get an argument going with Kathryn for airtime.  SO YOU LET THE CUNT DO IT TO THE DETRIMENT OF THE MOTHER OF YOUR CHILDREN. HER AIRTIME IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN RESPECTING THE MOTHER OF YOUR CHILDREN.

Thomas says he likes to think of this as “Integrity” because he is getting paid a lot of money to generate some ratings .  That is his definition of integrity. GENRERATING RATINGS AT THE EXPENSE OF YOUR OFFSPRING AND A WOMAN HALF YOUR AGE.

Thomas SEEMS TO SY the producers gave him a script for his Words of Wisdom. But when asked he says the jumping out the window was totally him.  He says the producers told him that Kathryn had approved the list for the dinner party including Landon. He said he didn’t want to go in there and argue that point. They assured him it was fine.  Thomas also said that he invited Whitney and Patti to the dinner party and they both declined.  Aw look at him sucking up to them. I do not understand why he does that. They are using his name to get Whitney’s sizzle reel about his mama on a TV show, they disparage his children through their mother CONSTANTLY, they send Landon in with her “special skills” and he still defends them.

This interviewer is AMAZING. With a bit of buttering up to Thomas he get him to talk about the night he ALLEGEDLY dropped the baby in the pool.

Thomas’ issue is not remorse for dropping the baby in the pool or DENYING he dropped the baby in the pool or denying any of the news reports. He says that was when he lost his anonymity.  Now everyone knows him  even internationally! He regales the interviewer with stories about how people recognize him everywhere! Which is basically all he ever wanted in life.

Wait, at the 23 minute point does he say that when he walks into a hotel bar in NYC with Whitney they ignore Whitney and focus on him? BWAHAHAHAH.  I have a blind about Whitney that I will never post for personal reasons. Some things are too personally painful for me to get into here. And no the blind does not involve me but it involves something I refuse to ever discuss here.

My intel has said that the info in that blind that will never be posted has turned Thomas against Whitney. Which explains why Thomas suddenly launches into a story about protecting the mother of his children. Without the inside knowledge I wish I did not have, I would not believe this segment. But I do.

Thomas is totally being his real self right now with all these hypotheticals comparing his struggle for custody with gay rights and the rights of black folks.  I should point out to my Canookian friends and others that he is comparing his struggles to gay rights and black rights to the interviewer who is black and whose sexual preference is not know to me.

Thomas finishes up his answer to how he is paying back society (seriously that was the question) by saying he is nice to animals and made a donation to an animal charity and Oh by the way, Whitney has a thing where he suggests people spay and neuter their animals two.

Is it me or is it amazing how he manages to bring up both of his lovers completely randomly?  I fully expect when I click play for him to deny having sex with Whitney.

Then he dives right into Venezuelan politics, because he is not high. Nope nothing going on here.  At the beginning of this thirty minute interview, Thomas was coherent and likeable and looked great . The things started going to hell. It ends with an idiot with a bright read nose. I totally get how Kathryn falls for this shit. I started to really fall for it  myself the first ten minutes in… then  I was like… WTF is he saying? And I truly believe he gave us some good “secrets” or for my readers admissions about filming.

With his bright read nose and constant itching of himself he repeats his original statements about being on the straight and narrow for his kids. As if he is making some sort of drinking and drugging sacrifice.

I love this interviewer. He needs to do the reunion shows on Bravo. He asks Thomas how he would describe himself in one word right now. Mine would be “Onsomething.”

After a very long think time his was “Philosophical.” BWAHHAHAHHAHAH.

Calvin ask for one word about Southern Charm and Thomas starts to drift off and he closes the interview. Watch it in full below.

Dear GOD!

Ravenel rants on about drug laws and how he drugs aren’t that bad and how prison was not that bad!





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114 responses to “Thomas Ravenel Gives Exclusive Interview!

  1. Briannatozer16

    Damnit TT why do you tease us like this? Lol.. Could you tell us the blind in one of those amazingly hard riddles you do!? I’m soooo curious now. 😩 oh well, I guess it’s also nice to just forget about Whitney and hope he never comes back to the show! Thanks for all the great posts today/night! Sleep tight.

  2. claire

    Molly is the street name for Ecstasy, pharmaceutical name MDMA (methylenedioxy-methamphetamine).

    This blog is gold, Tamara…GOLD!

  3. 25

    All my money is on Whitney being a cross dresser.

  4. If Katheryn’s attorneys were the ones that leaked the info on the failed drug test and never responded to Thomas’s lawyers, I hope she finds better ones asap.

    Thanks for this post. It was some good tea.

  5. Laura

    Thomas isn’t wearing periwinkle in any of those pics. Periwinkle is a purple-blue color.

    Those poor Ravenel kids are screwed no matter which parent gets custody. Their father is a junkie and their mother is broke and mentally unbalanced.

    • O.O

      She’s not unbalanced she is very young and the old guy is playing with her emotions . She will be fine

      • Bee

        True. She’s just been thru the ringer w a master player who is also an imbalanced narcissist with a hating posse.

      • TRUTH from O.O and Bee in my opinion

      • Kathryn, you have got to accept the fact that you will not have this man other than your babies dad. Time to accept that and figure out what you want from life and just do it. He obviously is not willing to $$ up except support his children. There will be no monetary gain for you personally so time to figure out what to do with your life to support yourself and move on to what makes you happy!

  6. Sali

    Sigh. I feel sorry for Kathryn and their children. I hope she’s wiser about life with all that’s happened with Thomas. They’re both self destructive but I feel Katherine, because she’s a mother, gets it way more than Thomas. We’ll see…

  7. Bee

    Omg, Thomas! That is TRav…no script, producer prompts, just him in his home free to speak his own…um…mind. I get why KD might have lost her bananas so much…all of this lunacy, narcissism, lack of accountability and reality, rambling brain-fart kind of stuff he thinks. Video shows that he NEVER accepts any responsibility or fault for any mess he’s been a part of. Prime example- how do you fall in a pool with your baby in your arms, altered by something (liquid or powder) and retell that story with no mention of your accountability or remorse? The truth was skimmed over and the fault or problem is put totally on someone else? He takes no responsibility in fathering 2 children with someone young enough for him to be their parent. Now in his mind, he’s just trying to be fair…he’s a victim, just trying to do the right thing. Good Lord, why didn’t you try to do the right thing 3 years ago, you poor wise martyr? KD acts crazy, but my gosh, trying to deal with him, broken promises, hormones, 2 babies in 2 years and snotty tv friends would send me to react far, far worse than she!!! Was glad to hear hes been to therapy, but note how it’s now his truth…his “north star”…poo-pooing what his beloved minister told him…who by the way, was asked by TR to christen his daughter twice!! OMG, that video makes my head hurt, but it is pure TRav gold. Sad, but true. (Thomas and I have mutual friends…not all, but some.)

    • Puddy

      Agree with you Bee. I think that under all of the circumstances, it is remarkable that Kathryn has held it together as well as she has. Actually, I think she is a heroine, surrounded by these beasties and still fighting for her children. “She tilts when most people would withdraw – and that is noble too” (From “A Knight’s Tale”) .. I have watched both videos and I am sorry but TRav strikes me as someone who is just full of hot air, who likes the sound of his own voice, and who loves to pontificate, but whose mental processes are as thick as his verbal delivery. I can understand why Kathryn fell for him, but for Landon – TRav is clearly just an easy mark, and she has had him in her squinty sights from the second season.
      First: Kathryn fire your attorneys immediately- and get Gloria Allred in there! (as suggested by a prior poster – need to look up the name of the person who made that brilliant suggestion!)
      Second: TRav – Protesting from out of the blue that you did not sleep with Landon, climbing out the window like a baby if she could not be invited to your party, and posting all those London pictures to antagonize the mother of your children in order to please Landon – is clear proof that you are besotted with Landon, and want to save her reputation bc you both want to take Kathryn’s young children from her and you have both planned this for some time!!!!! AND like most baby boys, Landon fills a deep baby need within your addled self – and feeds your ego in the way it needs to be fed – and LANDON PLAYS YOU LIKE A FIDDLE. Oh but she is 12 years older than Kathryn so – not “too young” ??? as you say??? but just young enough? And meets poisonous Patty’s idea of respectability – SO your plan is to steal Kathryn’s children, marry Landon, try to achieve some country club notion of acceptability and maturity to erase your felony past? Bc you think marrying Kathryn “looks bad?” and maybe restart your political career? Because you are in favor of civil rights? Like no one else thought of that? Groundbreaking! Marrying Kathryn would have been the best thing you could have ever done and restarted your political career – ESPECIALLY with Kathryn’s SC political lineage! You DUMB ASS!!!
      You and Landon are both as intelligent as a box of rocks – but you are both cunning in an evil way, and venal and highly duplicitous.
      Third: You are not discriminated against! You have allowed everyone in your circle to brutally and judgmentally discriminate against the mother of your children and psychologically and mentally torture her on national television and repeatedly question their paternity? YOU ARE A COWARD THOMAS RAVENAL WITH NO BACKBONE OR HEART AND FOR THAT REAON NO ONE SHOULD EVER VOTE FOR YOU. I would move to SC just to cast a vote against you! BUT – if you had married Kathryn as you should have done in season 2 and not used Whitney’s destructive “raise the roof” video – you might have had a great political future.
      Fourth: Kathryn is not too young to marry – you did not think she was too young to have two children with. So what is Kathryn supposed to be? YOUR BROOD MARE??? You FUCKING POS!!!! If Kathryn is upset – it is bc of the way you have treated her and the horrible way you have allowed others to treat her!!! And you listen to the advice of your florid faced pot-bellied minister whatever the fuck he is? some stupid erstaz father figure telling you that Kathryn is too young? I would not let that guy give me directions as to how to cross the street.
      Fifth: Kathryn has taken beautiful care
      of her two children, who look so happy and well adjusted with their loving mommy. WHILE (allegedly) YOU WERE OUT GETTING IN FIGHTS, KNOCKING UP ANYONE, LOOKING HIGH ALL THE TIME ON NATIONAL TV, HANGING WITH EX PORN STARS – and you Think you deserve half custody???? YOU DESERVE NOTHING. Your behavior toward the mother of your children has been disgraceful, and your clear favoring Landon over Kathryn is despicable (not to mention it shows really bad taste bc she is a bloated faced, squinty eyes, puppet nosed, jughead jawed ugly excuse for a woman) . Ok she has had some good chicklets inserted but if you are fixated on that – you can watch toothpaste commercials or buy a full set of choppers and stare at that all day.. bc that is ALL Landon has got. Even Shep wont get bear her.
      All I have to say, is that karma is a bitch, and in your case – that bitch is probably Landon.

      • Puddy

        I think TRav is also claiming that he and Landon did not hook up bc Kathryn might conceivably be able to accuse Landon of tortious interference with Kathryn’s relationship with Thomas, the father of her two children, and as Thomas was always reeling Kathryn in – as was seen over and over on camera- saying that he wanted to start a family with her. BUT Landon was dolphin screeching to Shep after Thomas’ dinner party that Kathryn was nothing but a “baby momma” (does that mean just a sperm receptacle?) to Thomas — and that Thomas (after hosting a dinner party on honor of Kathryn and their new family??? ) had no relationship with Kathryn (when Kathryn clearly did have a relationship with Thomas and was hoping to start a family with Thomas for the sake of their children and bc she loved Thomas. Thomas is probably trying to protect Landon from any such accusation.. and as for Landon’s possible malicious intent? Let the cameras answer that.

      • Leelee

        “Taaaaake a xaaaanax!”

      • Haven’t posted before, but had to say, thank you Puddy, I think you are onto something here! I love SoCharm but am so over the double standard applied to Katherine. To me, she is an emotionally battered victim here. And, thank you TT for your summations, they keep me sane! or nearly so.

      • laram

        I’m old enough to not wish days ahead would be now, but young enough to be on pins and needles for TT ‘s reunion recap, and ridiculous Landon’s second pair of hideous earrings. In this case, Chinese New Year. “Come Monday “, for those born in the sixties, will know the songs reference.

  8. Bee

    He, she and those innocent children have a long way to go, but I’m hoping they’ll make it. Thinking better lawyers for her, therapy for both and doubling the nannies’s salaries to keep them around for stability for the children would be good start. Sad for the kids that all of this family dysfunction is documented too.

  9. Chloe

    Wonderful tea! It seems Whitney was poised to make the same mess of a documentary as the one he made about Halston. It did lead to my favorite show though!

    • Bee

      I get it now why they made Whitney look bad on the show if he was a producer…he’s that in title only and lost his rights to storylines and direction on the show. So true or not, Craig and KD’s storyline abt KD dumping Whit for TRav made him mad. Ol’Whit doesn’t have any control over his own baby…never has. He’s considered “talent” and has no say-so. Bahaha! Maybe his mama needs to find him a better legal team to negotiate his fabulous film and TV career!! (Eyeroll).

      • I wish people would stop with Whitney and Patricia THEY DONT LIKE KATHRYN, PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Whitney and Thomas are friends and when your friend is heading down the wrong path you try and steer them away. I don’t see what Whitney has done other than participating in the show and has been vocal on how he feels about Kathryn. As far as Patricia is concerned, she sits back on her money and feels Kathryn has totally gone down in self esteem and Patricia also is vocal in her distaste as to Kathryns actions. Hey they are quite a pair. Money makes strange people!

      • tamaratattles

        You are not going to get your wish on this site. Whitney and Patti are despicable cretins and the more you defend them, the more I wonder about YOU.

  10. CanadaCat

    I thought that he was definitely on something at his dinner party. And not something like alcohol or weed or even cocaine. Like, some serious sh*t. This seems in alignment.
    Thanks, TT!

  11. Meri

    Great blog. T-Rav is a mess and has no business having custody of anyone let alone innocent babies. I do not believe that Katherine’s lawyers released what he accuses them of doing and I don’t believe that T-Rav is sober.
    As for Whitney and his lovely Mother (insert sarcasm here), they are ruthless POS and I can’t understand why anyone would want o associate with them. I guess a paycheck and airtime is more important than integrity.
    Landon is a horrible person and makes Katherine look like an innocent school girl. Katherine may go off like a rocket but Landon is calculating and ugly while posing as some innocent victim of a 23 year old woman who has been abandoned by everyone she thought she could count on including the father of her children.
    This will NOT end well. Landon needs to go….Patricia needs to go…..Whitney needs to go….they are making beautiful Charleston look very ugly.

  12. Cp1980

    I want to know Whit tea

  13. Lisa j

    If you want to get down, down on the ground, cocaine. Love you TT

  14. Shae

    I have no words. I can’t even follow your well-written recap because he’s so all over the place and insane. I have no idea what on earth goes through this man’s mind.

  15. Diane

    Ok I just had to stop watching. Ramble ramble ramble nonsensical train of thought. Wth?

    I totally agree with you Meri!

    It’s a train wreck and getting worse. Kathryn may have some issues but who doesn’t? She is 23 doing the best she can!

    TRav is absolutley not sober or if he is his brain has been fried from his abuse of drugs in the past. Often they only appear sober when they are high. After years of use when they are clean they sound crazy.

    Feel for those two beautiful kids.

    As for Whitney? He has been oozing slime since Season 1 Epsiode 1 in my opinion. And his relationship with his Mother is CREEPY! Everytime I see her through theme to Whatever Happened to Baby Jane runs through my mind! I half expect a dead bird in the martini tray one night.

    Landon? Evil little witch … sneaky looking for a rich sugar Daddy. After all she cannot even find a job or realize that to start up a Web page one uses the web…not paper? 🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬

    This could easily slide into a plot for AHS. 😉😎

  16. Kika

    “Whitney has my back”, yeah, right T-Rav!

  17. TinaLaFlambe

    This is very sad. Katherine, please remove yourself from him. Get some kind of monetary settlement and raise your kids as best as you can.

  18. Puddy

    TT, understand that you do not want to discuss your blind about Whitney, that said, does the blind reveal him to be as bad as we think he is – or worse? Bc I personally suspect that he may be far worse, and my instincts are almost never wrong.

    • Puddy

      TT, sorry I asked. I totally respect that if you do not want to discuss something, there is a very good reason. So sorry.

  19. Matzah60

    Based on the Judge’s conditions of sobriety and no drug use, Thomas will falter soon. Drug tests will be done randomly and Thomas is an addict. He has no real job that necessitates him to punch a clock or to show up clean and sober.

    Even a female judge can’t sit in a courtroom and show favoritism based on gender. The Judge or just about anyone else in Georgia is aware of Thomas’ past transgressions with coke and his time spent in federal prison for the drug use/intent to sell. Thomas will slip up and lose his unsupervised custody visits.

    It would be wise for Kathryn to take herself off of Southern Charm, away from the judgmental characters on the show who have spent the season freezes nag her out of filming and throwing gossip out there that can be misconstrued as truth. Let Thomas continue on the show making a fool of himself and hopefully giving taped ammunition from the episodes that he is not drug or alcoholic free. An addict, like Thomas, allegedly won’t be able to stop, not even for the sake of his own kids. Also, it might behoove Kathryn and her attorneys to hire a PI to follow him around for a week to allegedly prove that he is not drug and alcohol free.

    For a man who gloats that Kathryn was Not drug free, he spent a lot of time defending why drugs were less dangerous than some of the drugs he is supposedly used/using, allegedly.

    • Dee

      Yes Matzah, no way will he be sober every other week. I can’t wait. How the mighty will fall.

    • JoJoFLL

      Matzah, in South Carolina, it is almost impossible for the mother to lose custody of the children. KD’s family has as many powerful allies in their war chest as the Ravanels. TR will not go after full custody, he doesn’t want full custody.

      • Matzah60

        YES! Totally agree JoJoFLL. This is a power play to take Kathryn down. There is no way(even with a nanny) that Thomas wants the responsibilities of raising two little children. You nailed it!!!

  20. Petunia

    Wow! I have tried ecstasy years ago and like any drug it takes a good dozen minutes to hit.. Is Molly mixed with something else? I kept looking for a break in the footage because I was curious if he took a timeout to “powder his nose”. However his bizarre nonsensical responses don’t seem like the powder. He clearly ingested something right before this interview and started tripping in the middle of it. I get being nervous and having a cocktail or two before an interview. Forget that a middle aged father of two is doing a club drug that is rampant with 20 year olds- what does it say about his mental/ addiction mindset when knowing he’s about to filmed and asked about drugs/alcohol, he decides it’s the perfect time to take something?!? I know some people think that certain drugs make them better writers and more personable…… This was an interview in the middle of the day…. Again, like I stated in the recap post……this is yet again another in our faces, devil may care, display of Thomas being under the influence of something more than legal alcohol and thinking that he’s smarter than us and can pass. There’s been zero footage of Kathryn obviously on drugs- none. Alcohol-sure- mixed with indignant frustration and sound bites/ editing…..TRAv is a big old mess! He loves the idea of his kids, but he’s not at all ready to stop his non stop party life and actually be a father. It’s all about winning for him. He’s way more pumped that he’s recognized “internationally”.

  21. CanadaCat

    Now that I think about it, T-Rav could be in a later stage of alcoholism. At first I thought some kind of synthetic drug. But his bizarre and aggressive behaviour also marks someone who has a problematic relationship with alcohol. (I worked many years in substance abuse, so know a bit).

    I just want to point out that I called it with Landon last season when she showed up. Y’all we like, no, she’s just a good southern girl. I also cannot take the very affected way that she speaks. It’s worse, to me, than the voice creak.

    • Chloe

      I agree CanadaCat. I can’t stand to hear her draw out syllables and giggle at the end. It sounds so fake.

      • CanadaCat

        If I hear that little laugh (that she uses at the end of every sentence) again, I’m going to LOSE IT!

    • nancy83

      Ha ha, I was one of those who liked Landon at first, and I couldn’t even figure out why Katherine seemed to hate her. You must be a good judge of character!

      I think you’re also right about Thomas and I wish he wasn’t in such denial. He’s got two beautiful kids and he should get clean and sober for them as well as himself. I believed Katherine really loved him, but he’s so far gone now, he seems to think it’s okay to get drunk, if it’s legal. It’s so sad, he has been blessed with so much, looks, charm, and I think at one time he even had brains, but just squandered it all away.

      • CanadaCat

        His actions demonstrate that his privileged upbringing somehow puts him above the law. Kinda like with some star athletes, y’know the type. This situation hits all-too-close to home for me. I met my husband when I was 32 and several months later, we had a baby. He’s 18 years older than me and reminds me a lot of Thomas. Charming, good-looking, well-bred and educated, as well as made good dough. However, much like Kathryn, I was sucked in by all that and didn’t know I married a raging narcissist with some very serious problems. However, he looked good from the outside, and I was blind to his faults until I was in, deep. I applaud Kathryn for calling out BS when she sees it, she is perceptive and strong. Never would’ve known it from her first season, when she seemed very young and immature. Unfortunately, she is the grown-up in that relationship, and she has my full sympathy!

      • O.O

        He’s not good looking

    • Bridgett

      I didn’t trust Landon last year and my opinion certainly has not changed!

  22. KaraW

    TT – I totally get what you are saying about believing him at first. He has this deep-voiced, sincere way of speaking that comes across so thoughtful and considerate. Sadly, his true nature always comes through in the end.

  23. Puddy

    Given everything we know about Thomas’ history, his “lit” on screen behavior (even though he somehow passed one drug test) and the questionable people he has around him (ex porn star, Landon, Whitney)… I cannot understand why Thomas’ visits are not also required to be supervised?

    • Puddy

      I don’t know why, but Adele’s lyrics, “We could have had it all” come to mind about what Thomas did by not marrying Kathryn, who truly loved him, and building a beautiful family life with Kathryn and their two beautiful children.

  24. JKR

    I’m morbidly curious about that blind. I have a feeling a would regret knowing.

    That man is on drugs. Even in the “maintenance” stage. After a tolerance, addicts will use to prevent being sick with little euphoric effect. He seems to be maintaining, but the high is unpredictable. I don’t just sympathize with Kathryn, I empathize deeply. I had a child at 20 with a junkie. It can do severe damage to a grown adult to maintain a parasitic relationship with an addict. Toss in an underdeveloped prefrontal cortex, and you have a complete disaster. I was a train wreck- unstable, angry, confused, and even violent. Through so many manipulations, I began to trust not even myself. It can do terrible things to a person. Thankfully my daughter gave me a new perspective. I hope with her second child, Kathryn can make more responsible choices. You can love someone. You always love your children more.

    This whole situation hits far too close to home. Hurts my heart.

    • Puddy

      JKR, I am sorry that you had to go through this as well. I have seen beautiful, spirited and open hearted young women humiliated and ostracized by evil country club matrons (who have plenty of skeletons in their closets), the way that Patti and her gang of elderly sychophants are doing to Kathryn, and I deplore that anyone is treated with such cruelty and injustice. I am curious about the blind as well– only bc the subject of the blind holds himself out to be such a scion of morality, respectability, and propriety – and has tried to destroy Kathryn by demeaning her horribly to Thomas and to a world wide audience. So tired of seeing people like W get away with it – unchecked.

    • CanadaCat

      Same…I barely got away from my ex-husband with any sanity left. When I met him I was young, beautiful, and free…When I left, I was addicted to prescription pain meds, and barely able to function. I moved home to Canada a complete mess, with a 1-yr-old. It’s ten years gone and I am still leery of dating- I just don’t. The potential trauma is not worth my sanity.
      My daughter, too, is the reason I got out, and alive.
      I feel for you, too!

      • spunky2015

        I applaud your courage, Canada. You are a wonderful role model for your daughter.

      • CanadaCat

        Thank you, Spunky, I sure do appreciate that.

      • JKR

        Exactly CanadaCat and Puddy. It’s not something you ever fully recover from, you just survive and adapt. The emotional trauma is enough to affect you during and after. I don’t believe Kathryn’s behavior is excusable, but I do believe it’s a direct result of the trauma, manipulation, and mind games Thomas plays. It’s heartbreaking to see her condemned.
        If it is so blatant in public, like this interview, the two people Thomas can be- what does everyone think is happening in private? Much, much worse. The smooth-talking, believable way Thomas can communicate before he changes to incoherent and red-faced is a prime example of an addict’s manipulation. It is hard to differentiate between the person and the drugs/substance. Eventually they are one. That behavior continues even in the absence of a substance, after a while.
        Thankfully we were lucky. We escaped. Even if it is forced, I hope the same for Kathryn. Even more for the children. Good on you for putting your daughter first. I know all too well how hard it can be.

      • Puddy

        JKR, I got chills reading what you just wrote because you cut to the core of the truth about these situations – especially when you note that if how we see Thomas behave in front of the cameras is this bad – imagine how it must be in private. I am so sorry that you had to go through this is well, but so thankful that you escaped, and it is so kind of you to encourage Kathryn in her hour of need.

  25. I wonder if TRav was the one who got Katherine interested in drugs in the first place. After all I don’t think she had the means to afford them prior to him really and she seems like she would have done anything he wanted her to do. Also since she was with Shep before and he never mentioned she used drugs and hung out with Whit as his beard at least and he never mentioned she used them I am thinking more and more it was T Rav that got her involved with drugs.

    I think Katherine is self medicating and has an anxiety disorder and that if she gets some proper help she will be able to over come this – that is my hope. I hope she hangs around Copper Ray far more and with the help of true friends like him she will be able to become the strong role model her children need and that eventually she will find a good man that will lift her up and treat her right.

  26. Frosty

    I tried to watch, can’t make it through. Not even gonna call him names I’m thinking.

    Katherine needs to get her own, independent source of $$, free and clear of TRav.

  27. laram

    Excellent info. & blog post. Interesting to hear Thomas’ political policy in second video. I like the interviewer, as well.

  28. jen

    He is such a slimeball!!

    Katheryn needs to get her shit together. I ♡♡♡♡ her but he is a total asshole and he used her like a baby machine. I can’t stand him. Love Kathryn. She needs to be resilient right now!

  29. agentcommonsense

    Cameron is married to a doctor Jason Wimberly a Doctor.. There is a Jason Weinburg who is a producer.

  30. I think Kathryn stays with the show for the paycheck. She doesn’t know what/how much TRav will contribute to the support of their children and quite frankly, she may be a Calhoun but you can’t live on pedigree these days. Just ain’t enough rich “tradesmen” rolling around looking for an aristocratic connection. I agree that Kathryn needs a counselor and probably proper medication. Not even going to TRY to guess what Thomas needs – except maybe a woman close to his age with a crop and riding boots :)

  31. I am so glad that you’re taking some advertising now – I just answered a poll for you <3

    • tamaratattles

      Thanks so much Cat. I really appreciate how most of y’all answer the polls. I normally hate these things but I really like the guys that do it and it is a small separate income stream. Don’t worry, they only ask a fraction of you the question and it is usually just one quick one. So you won’t see them all the time, just when they have a campaign and then only if you are a randomly chosen one!



      • Dee

        I have no problem answering the questions. They clearly state it supports TamaraTattles so why wouldn’t everyone be happy to help you?!

      • Puddy

        Yes, like Dee. Have been happy to answer the questions!

      • Bridgett

        I only see the questions on desktop version of site, they are so quick and painless I don’t mind answering them. The last one was “are you going tovote in the upcoming election? Yes or no”…c’mon, how could you not help out by answering that softball!

  32. Puddy

    I just wish that someone (I understand not you TT, and respect that totally and get it bc the blind on Whitney may be so sensitive and maybe even possibly scary so not right for this blog) —— but someone, somewhere would leak the real info on Whitney, given that the drug test results were leaked (incredibly, reportedly, by Kathryn’s attorneys who she should fire right away and get a postponement on any permanent ruling). Given that Whitney has used these test results to mercilessly demean and humiliate Kathryn on national television (calling her a sociopath? which I believe may be actionable in some states?) and hold himself out as the standard bearer of morality and respectability —- I hope someone let’s loose the truth on Whitney so that Kathryn can be vindicated, and all of the Whitney/Patti supporters who have been trying to crush Kathryn – can be silenced and put to shame.

    • Puddy

      I hope this happens before any next court date for Kathryn, or WWHL show. Time for a bright spot lite on the spawn since he has been such a ruthless and pitiless attacker of a young pregnant woman.

  33. SaraSally

    Where in anyone’s clear thinking mind finds Thomas to be charming & good looking is beyond me. He looks like a drunk monkey & acts like one too. He would not survive outside his little pond. People don’t buy into his pontificating, & regurgitating the latest polital blather ripped from the latest in headlines. Does he selflessly serve the community that has given him privilege? Thus far, no. He lies to everybody.
    And this show does nothing but strip away the facade of this supposed genteel group of people. Frankly, it feels like Bravo has plucked another group of clowns & propped them up as an example of their community. Week after week, the shahs are diligent in presenting themselves as emotionally vacant moronic children. It must be difficult for their families.
    Anyway, let’s be real & admit what we see, ugly …as all get out.

  34. Shae

    The best favor Thomas ever did Kathryn was NOT marrying her. Jesus h christ, this man is a psychopathic train wreck who brings out the absolute worst in Kathryn and everyone else around him. Hint, if he is a terrible boyfriend who cheats, disrespects you, acts impulsively, lies, doesn’t keep his promises, etc. he would be a terrible HUSBAND doing the same things, if not worse.

    When someone exhibits so much childish, selfish, psycho and drug induced behavior, you don’t convince yourself that forcing a marriage will fix all of the above. Nothing will fix Thomas, he is a 50 something man set in his ways and clearly he behaves like a neanderthal.

    Kathryn wants to be with the guy she WISHES he was, not who he actually shows himself to be and for her own sake thank god he didn’t marry the poor thing and tie her down. While she is not my favorite person, she is a good person and deserves to spend her life with a sane, caring partner.

    Nothing about their life together would’ve been lovely, they can’t even have a conversation without psycho thomas climbing through a damn window lol

    • Puddy

      If he would not marry her, and he is all that you say (and I do not disagree) then he has no right to take her children away from her with 1/2 custody so that she is deprived of the children she bore and raised on her own – 50% of the time– while he and his new wife (probably Landon) try to turn her children against her and pay her nothing. Taking her children from her will cut out Kathryn’s heart. Thomas has no right to them whatsoever. Kathryn needs to fire her attorneys immediately, get a postponement, and get Gloria Allred in there!!!

      • Puddy

        By 50% of the time – I mean that in joint custody Kathryn would be deprived of her children 50% of the time —when she 100% carried, bore her children (one through a high risk pregnancy) and raised them on her own. Thomas did nothing but shoot sperm, reject the mother of his children as if she was a clone breeder from the movie “The Island” , and then try to grab her children from her breast while he treated her like garbage and when his associates ( Whitney and exporn star pony tail guy) and ALL OF HIS ACTIVITIES scream that Thomas should only have supervised visitation, at the most. I hope this judge sees all of this. We all see all of this.

      • Shae

        No I agree, he has no right to take them 1/2 the time. But I’m not too familiar with South Carolina family law, but I would hope she would have primary custody and he would have to pay to support his children. Anything less is shameful. You don’t have to marry her but you damn well better support your children and pull your weight.

        Then again, that’s expecting maturity and we all know Thomas’ level of that :(

    • CanadaCat

      This is why Thomas was with someone so much younger. Kathryn was naive, due to her inexperience. I’ve seen it time and time again with guys that don’t want to grow up; they stick with much younger women who won’t immediately recognize and call them out on their BS. Sadly for Kathryn and their children, she’s learning the truth a little too late!

    • Dee

      Shae, I agree, now, it’s best for Kathryn not to marry Thomas. I could see she loved him but he can’t love anyone. She barely got out.
      This reminds me of the story about the girl who picked up a snake because he was cold and hungry. When the snake bit her, he said, why are you shocked? You knew I was a snake when you picked me up. I hope Kathryn can pick up the pieces with her children and move on. I was like her a long time ago and didn’t know such evil existed.

      • Puddy

        Dee, this is synchronicity bc someone told me the “snake story” yesterday!!! AND – I hope and pray and trust that the snakes (Whitney, Thomas, Patty, Landon and company) will be totally crushed (metaphorically speaking), that Kathryn gets an “ace” legal team that are warriors for her— and immediately — and that Kathryn fights back with all of her might for justice — for her full custody of her children – knowing that we are all with her. I hope that ALL of the truth comes out about Whitney and Patty and the rest of that motley crew of hypocrites, and that they are put to shame for what they have done to a young mother and her children while still babies. As for Thomas – he claims (in his first interview) that success is best indicated by who your parents are!!! And you claim to be a democratic egalitarian, Thomas? NO – YOU ARE NOT! You are a lying, using, self-entitled, conniving and calculating rich boy who is used to ruthlessly grabbing what he wants. You were a wrestler – right??? Used to putting people in strangle holds? But you had a weak knee? Well, Kathryn – put your soft hearted sentiments aside and kick him in that knee – which is all of his lies!!! Fight back!!! With facts and fury. Stand up for truth and justice..Call bullshit on that drug test and on Thomas coming up clean when he looks and acts so high all the time. It is time for you to show them all what a Calhoun/Dennis can do. You are the class in the room. Give em the works, Kathryn! Go out and win, God willing. Be and become the Count of Monte Christo!

      • Shae

        Definitely, Dee. I’ve been burned by people like that too, totally clueless to how awful they were, but at least I was fortunate enough to not have had kids in the mix.

  35. Meri

    Thinking about this and having a degree in Legal Studies ( was a Paralelgal), no lawyer would announce that his client failed a drug test in a custody case. That is a perfect case for malpractice. Most custody cases are sealed and not open to the public so I don’t understand this situation at all. I doubt that Katherine would instruct her lawyers to put that kind of info out to the public so I am confused as to what happened.
    I also believe that no matter what Thomas’ record…his name and money speak loudly to the courts and that may account for his gaining custody when he himself is a terrible candidate for primary custody of the kids. Something is missing from this whole picture.
    I think that when Whitney sold his idea to Bravo he meant for it to be about him and his mother but Bravo had other ideas and wanted to appeal to a much younger crowd. Most television is NOT geared to the over 60 set so that means that no show would feature Patty and her mouldy life. I could smell the mothballs when Landon was going through her closet to pick out a fur coat.
    Landon is an awful person and perfect for Whitney and Patty. Hopefully, her true colors will be fully exposed and she will be ostracized by Shep and Craig who seem to have a conscience (as opposed to the rest of the cast. Cameron is a total disappointment compared to how she first presented herself.
    I can understand why Katherine went for T-Rav in the beginning because he came across as sexy and even I had a crush on him during season one. It took me five minutes to see the light during season two and to realize that he is a middle aged, flabby, addicted creep with nothing but money and not much else going for him. One of the worst offenders here is JD who is cruel and was very unkind to Katherine, His wife seems decent though. This show got so sad…..A young woman and her innocent kids ruined for the sake of ratings and reality television…..horrid.,

  36. Puddy

    I hope that this is not another case where the money, power and influence of a wealthy and well connected older man are able to buy injustice. It seems that Thomas most likely might have known about the drug test in advance (bc he came up clean when he looks and acts high all the time? – hello? judge?) and so it seems that Kathryn was set up …and why did her attorneys allow that to happen and not warn her on advance as Thomas seems to have been warned? Kathryn’s attorneys might as well be working for the other side – and they reportedly leaked her drug test results? This is able representation? Thomas can barely speak coherently in this interview. ANYONE can see that. WE can all see that. Someone give the judge all of these tapes please. Gloria Allred – Kathryn needs you!

  37. Bee

    Go watch a clip of the reunion show that’s just come out. I don’t think KD should have to discuss her child custody case on air. No One’s Business but theirs. Then the dolphin has to chime in at the ends. Hey Landon…Shush it! Who asked you?…Ever!???

  38. Puddy

    I just realized that Thomas looks just like “Mr. Potato Head”! with his asymmetrical features and giant ears! Thank goodness the babies have Kathryn’s beauty and do not look like Thomas. A child needs to be nurtured by their mother, not handed over to a nanny full-time for 50% of the time– which is what Thomas will do. And if Thomas gets married to try to show stability – Landon is no mother substitute as she is so hostile to the children’s mother – nor is any other woman a substitute for one’s own mother. These children NEED and DESERVE to be with their mother, as any truly good psychodynamic psychotherapist will concur and not have their time split between two households. As a developer, Thomas is a grabber of assets – and
    that is all he wants to do – grab these children from Kathryn – as his “assets” – his male heir and daughter – and so he can pay Kathryn as little as possible while stealing her heart from her – her babies —and trying to crush her totally. I hope that karma is at work – big time.

  39. JKR

    This may have been stated already but… The age difference is the reason why they shouldn’t communicate?! If that was the case, I would assume the age difference would be a good reason to, oh I don’t know, not have CHILDREN together? What in the world.

    • Bee

      Funny, wasn’t it? In his pea brain, supplemented by some (questionable) therapy recently, he thinks That’s a major problem in their relationship! Sad!!
      I keep commenting bc I’m personally invested. I live in Chas and am Thomas’s age. We have mutual friends, most of whom are from his childhood- not new acquaintances. Thomas came from a good family, but he is a mess despite that and himself! He has done well financially on his own, but his personal life has been a mess for a long time. And it’s not just w women…meaning that his guy friends get the irrational, immature treatment too, as you see on the show. He went to the Citadel for college. Years after, I dated a classmate of his, who could hang w most anyone. We ran into TR at a party and TR was genuinely polite and spoke. My date spoke back and then turned to me and said, ” Good gosh, I cant believe I just talked to him.”…like he’s such a renowned jerk! Sad. TR means well but he’s just a jumbled up mess!!
      He was good looking. Check his social media. He had put up modeling pics from days gone by. But as we say in the south w a horse reference, he”looks like he’s been riden hard and put up wet”. He has worked hard, but he also has played hard. Now it’s catching up…I hear brakes screeching on pavement!! Two little kids, no more recreational substances (allegedly), court battles, custody. Whew!! I don’t think KD got her alleged substance issues from him. Some of that 20 yo crowd are not strangers to illegal substances sadly. She’s been arrested for underage drinking. But KD comes from good people too. They must be reeling from all that’s going on w her…if everything you hear is true.
      I hate the train wreck that this show has become. Charleston is a far more elegant city than this bunch represents. Even worse are the 2 children caught up in all of this. I can’t help but think if TR & KD hadn’t had all of the TV drama interfering, that maybe there’d be a little more peace between them. Shame on all the meddling, pot-stirring, conniving women and men who added to this mess for a paycheck!!

  40. SaraSally

    wow!! This post has had some excellent & informative feedback. Great Job Everyone. TT your blog has been on steroids especially during this last week! This weekend go somewhere & celebrate another revolution around the sun. I think an ice cream cone & free music at the park is my plans. (Rain, rain go away!)

  41. “Then he dives right into Venezuelan politics because he is not high.” Bwahahahahahahahah!
    THIS is why I love this blog! After having a rather unpleasant anxiety attack this morning, TT makes me laugh so hard I cry. Thank you, TT. I really needed that serotonin boost. You are better than my meds. (Happy belated B-day, BTW!)

  42. True Southerners don’t hide their crazies upstairs, they put them in a starring role in a reality tv show.

  43. laram

    So happy to find a #team Kathryn group!

  44. Kay Kay

    What in the Sam hell did I just watch? At 18:45 he pulls an AL Bundy on himself on camera. For the rest of the time it is weird. Is this alcohol, brown acid fallout, or klonopin? What the hell? He is not sober. I’m actually curious what he took, that he’s passing court ordered drug test. Philosophical…Nietzsche just eye rolled in the middle of his dirt nap.

    • laram

      I think his snout caught up with his frontal lobe by the 18:45 mark, allegedly.

      TT, I have also responded to polls for you on my iphone–even if I rarely post, but read. They don’t show up on my Kindle, which I only use when waiting for a new phone to arrive. I’m old school. Love turning pages and smell of books. FYI, in case your web developer needs to know.

  45. BB3

    Constant itching is a sign of possible opiate abuse…things like oxycodone and heroin. It has also been known to make people babble incessantly when at the sweet spot of high as a kite, but not so high they are passed out. Maybe thomas took a bathroom break halfway through and railed some roxies in the bathroom

    • Puddy

      I hope that Kathryn’s attorneys show this interview to the judge. It does not seem right that Thomas has been given 1/2 custody – and unsupervised – (bc he somehow came up clean on his separate drug test) when most agree that he looks and speaks as if he is high in this interview. The children are with him unsupervised in this state where at points it seems that he cannot speak coherently? Really??? I know people who acted like Thomas and who have beaten urine drug tests – over and over – and inside of rehabs. Their loved ones have screamed at rehab directors that the person was using drugs – because of behavior like Thoms’ on camera here – and were told that they were wrong – bc the urine tests came up negative. Only when they took the person to a hospital – and had bloods drawn – did they find the actual results of opiate use – in the blood tests. Only the blood tests finally showed that they were doing drugs. Even then – only mj will stay in your system for two weeks or more and you can clear out coke and opiate use in advance of a blood test – if you suspect you will be given one in a few days. But the urine drug tests are (allegedly) notoriously easy to beat – for those who know what to take to beat them.

    • Kay Kay

      “Railed some toxins in the bathroom”, I’m dying! Seriously, crying laughing.

  46. Kay Kay

    “Railed some roxies in the bathroom”, I’m dying! Seriously, crying laughing.

  47. Something Clever

    Wow, that is some good stuff. TR seems high during the entire interview. I love the comment about marijuana causing people to only abuse a bag of Dorritos – that was very telling! Great catch, Tamara!

  48. Didn’t Kathryn previously post that she was going to “release” some sort of jaw dropping info
    prior to Monday’s reunion telecast?
    I think, in the face of the court issues, she should take that info, get herself a damn good agent, and pen a tell-all.
    I am almost dreading the Reunion, not looking forward to seeing our girl undergo more torture…
    But what could possibly be more torturous than the episode of K & T around the Holidays
    after the birth of Julien, when T invites her to spend the night ( did you see her innocent, incredulous look ) and T being so “loving” to her face, and that one embrace when she hugs him and does not want to let him go, and the pond scum can’t even make authentic eye contact with her…..( that might have been the episode prior)
    So he gets her believing that they are a legit and bonded family unit now, agrees
    to keep Landon out of their lives, then calls Landon behind K’s back and apologizes
    for his outburst at the group “celebratory” dinner…and even lies again, denying he will speak to Landon
    Is there any limit to this guy’s cruelty and debauchery. It is as though he deliberately goes out of his way to devastate Kathryn
    Kathryn some day will look back on all this and thank her lucky stars this creep
    did NOT marry her. I hope and pray she will find a man worthy of her love.
    I think of myself at her young age and wonder how she has managed to navigate this
    quagmire of evil insanity. All one need do is take one look at Kensie’s smiling face
    when her Mom hugs her to know what kind of person our Kathryn really is!
    I hope she reads and believes all of our words of support

    • Puddy

      This is such a beautiful post, Priscilla. I hope that Kathryn reads it and knows that we all see the injustice that has been done to her and although we do not know her personally – we love and admire her – for being such a loving mom, and a person with so many talents, literary, and of high intelligence – with a big heart . That other crowd – including Thomas- are not fit to touch the hem of her skirt – they are lo-class, power hungry, crude materialists and snobs – they have no true refinement and are dumb as a box of rocks – and they are not good people. Kathryn – don’t let them get to you with their remarks— just consider the source and laugh at them. They are pitiful and none more so than Poseur Patti, her spawn and Landon and Thomas. We are praying for you Kathryn and there is a God and he sees all and will not suffer hypocrites and evil doers to prosper. And Kathryn, you will see that you do not need Thomas and you do not want him. Thomas is so unworthy of you. Take back your heart — and FIGHT BACK for your children with everything you’ve got. You are a beauty and an artist and an actress and probably a writer too. Most importantly you are a good person. These dim-witted socialites cannot hold a candle to you – they are terminally boring and they are a dime a dozen – living their fake lives. Do pen that tell-all – as Priscilla suggested! and that is just for starters!

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