My Friend Shawn Bradley Has The TEA on Porsha Williams!

#FBF Guys At Brunch!


Oh this is some sweet tea.  First of all I started this blog in November of 2011. In December of 2011 I had fallen in love with some guys who did like the early version of a podcast on Youtube. They were trailblazers and they were hysterical. Here is a link to my first post about them. All the media has been stripped out since I moved my hosting site THREE times since then until I got all settled in up in here in the Amazon cloud where I belong.

So anyway, on of the guys (at Brunch) was Shawn Bradley. And while they all live up north in Baltimore, Shawn is a homeboy who knows some folks down here in the ATL. So he was super interested in my Nene tea which was the hottest on the Internet at that time.

Anyway, Shawn is a comedian and is hysterical and he is about to do some work in Australia ( I assume his comedy act we have not chatted in a few years, sadly) and before he left, He decided to post some SMOKING HOT TEA on Porsha.

Gif by T. Kyle

Gif by T. Kyle

Two seasons or so ago, Porsha’s sex for handbags and rental cars lifestyle was brought up on RHOA and it didn’t even seem to bother her.  It was as if her cast mates mentions she had a side job at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles or Clermont Lounge.  So this new rumor of Porsha allegedly whoring for dollahs is nothing that she hasn’t already  basically bragged about on the show. She loves being a THOT bless her heart. See above.

But Shawn has a new twist on it.

Now I know I have desensitized some of you to all kinds of bad language, but my friend Shawn peppers his strings of bad language with really hot tea.  So I IMPLORE YOU not to listen to this video if there are any words that will scar your psyche or offend your delicate sensibilities. IF I AM WARNING YOU…. then you know it must be serious. I do not want any whining later.



The short version is Porsha is blackmailing some married sugar daddy who is involved with the Gold Club (a strip club in Atlanta) for money after audio taping their sexual encounters. But if you are not easily offended you should listen to every second of Shawn’s story because it is hysterical!  I mean, “Why not just keep dicking her down? It’s cheaper!” Cracked me up.

Because, THOT!

And that explains the rented white Bentley outside of Phaedra’s the other day. ( But not the Cinderella Carriage)

And Shawn dear, the Gold Club was raided and shut down by the Feds in 2001. The newest incarnation is the Gold ROOM. heh. But yes, locals still all it the Gold Club. Click through on the video to follow Shawn on YouTube if you dare!


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26 responses to “My Friend Shawn Bradley Has The TEA on Porsha Williams!

  1. O.O

    Cordell is as dumb as a tack because Porsha’s acting skills are horrible.He married this Tragic whore and it took him over a year to realize. Ahhhh he did one thing right and had her sign on the prenup line .

  2. Dracla Dunning

    One of these days she will pull some shit like that on someone who it won’t sit well with. Porsha is playing a dangerous game.

  3. therealdeb

    Holy shit! That guy cracked me up, and he talked so damn fast at times but damn he has good tea.

  4. TT, aa i am shitfaced and B what is the mature ladies strip club? I know it was shut down for renovation, but is it up and running? i might need a job…..this has been a bad few months.

  5. The Shadiest Grove

    Some people work for a living, some people twerk for a living. – Kenya Moore

  6. Joanplus2dogs

    My question is there any married/girlfriend whose partner is involved in strip clubs, not already questioning partner fidelity to them constantly? And for club owner that should be wary of every trick that those working ladies tend to explore for mo’ money in their pocket.
    The person to come out of the worse in this mess is Porsha name/rep. No one cares about strip club owner & wife over cheating – that is expected. She needs to get good actual attorney for real advice before she goes to jail or gets a ass beating.

  7. Carie

    I have to wonder if this explains her friendship with someone else whose name starts with a “P”; a mentorship, perhaps!?! Allegedly.

    • Minky

      Ooooh! You beat me to it. The other P has had all kinds of rumors regarding that sort of thing swirling around for years. It’s official. Porsha’s just some basic trash.

      • Minky

        And also, was Peter being blackmailed by Porsha as well? There was a weird exchange between them two at the last reunion. Peter basically dared Porsha to spill the tea on him. She very uncharacteristically opted to keep her mouth shut.

  8. bria

    Great Video, i am crying with laughter…. this video clarify the cloud around Porsha’s “lovely gifts”.

  9. Yamoah Asiedu

    Shawn has always been hilarious. I love his delivery, his pausing and that rich southern accent. Porsha Porsha Porsha, smh, what happened to your grandfather’s legacy and your ‘breeding’? cough.

  10. Well, I guess Porscha has a story line this season. Unless she has an audio tape on Carlos King, also. Which would explain why she is still on the show. Lol!

  11. beth

    I like Shawn, though I could not follow what he said when his speech sped up. I didn’t think his language was all that bad TT, but maybe I didn’t catch the really bad words LOL. Did he say how he came to hear about this? Maybe I missed that too …

    Is this another messy story that will be pointedly omitted from the show? Similar to Phaedra’s lawsuit that was never mentioned. How can Andy go on claiming the HW shows are really “real” when he does that? Speaking of which, I wonder if Andy has heard this tea yet …

  12. AKA Riley

    I would not be surprised to learn that Phaedra taught Porsha a thing or two about business. After all, this sounds like something right up her alley.

  13. Ms.Minnie

    So Phaedra and Porsha tried to call Kenya every name in the book when it’s actually the other way around. I have no respect for Porsha and I don’t care what no one says I truly believe Porsha slept with peter and not because of money but just because that’s the kind of trick she is. All the women in Atlanta who are married and can bring drama but bravo just can’t find any women to replace her, yea ok I see you Andy and Carlos. These stories just don’t come from thin air, just like she paid jami to stay quiet about the fight at Phaedra Christmas party.

  14. queenmarie

    Oooooooohweeeeeee that was some tasty tea TT—- that dude is hilarious and I thoroughly enjoyed that !!! What a skank !!!!

  15. Frosty

    Well Porsha’s just funkier than a mosquito’s tweeter isn’t she
    Thank you Shawn and TT for that very [t]hot tea :)

  16. tamaratattles

    Shawn always knows how to deliver the tea!

  17. Keya

    And it doesn’t get any more despicable than this. Porsha truly deserves that title. Not surprised. She’s been a whorish mess for a while now.

  18. Ralee

    LOVE this guy! Always love someone who curses more than I do! Need to tell my mom about him, because she doesn’t think they exist! Would love to watch the Australian audiences trying to keep up with how fast he speaks! Great accent to accompany his really fun “tea”!
    Now I’m off to find him on YouTube-he’s a hoot! Definitely want more!

  19. susan

    How can a woman go from a timid church wife that won’t tarnish herself by going to a strip club to a blackmailing woman of ill repute?

  20. Truthseeker

    So Porsha went from not being allowed to go to the strip club by Cordell to blackmailing strip club owners. She and Phaedra belong together. Fake from the beginning to the end.

  21. Truthseeker

    I’m a subscriber of Shawn’s youtube channel. He is actually in Australia for his regular 9 to 5 job. He works as an IT trainer. He is very funny.

  22. Twilly

    Don’t come between a ho bag and her ho bag!

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