Blind Item: I’m Taking My Ball And Going Home!


This minor cast member on a reality show really wanted to call all the shots regarding production. Since reality shows began there have been people trying to influence others about who to film with and who to shun. How many times have we heard, “I am not going if she is going to be there!”

This cast member had a major tantrum that a climatic scene would be an event hosted by someone in the enemy camp. So the cast member went so far as attempting to plan a counter event.

Unfortunately, the counter event was rejected by production. Production did extend an invitation to the cast member to attend the large all cast event, but the cast member opted to sit home and sulk while everyone else witnessed the cat fight.


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34 responses to “Blind Item: I’m Taking My Ball And Going Home!

  1. RescueMom

    This can only be Patrica who would “rather watch mud wrestling” than go to Cooper’s Founder’s Day Ball

  2. Puddy

    Sounds like I wannabe the “Prima Donna” Patty, even though I croak like a frog.

  3. Sali

    I’m loving these blinds, Tamara!!

  4. Sliceo'pie

    Patricia…and it makes me feel happy all over…the old biddy.

  5. Barbara R

    I’m guessing Meghan is the minor cast member protesting an event run by Vicki.

  6. RHofND

    With your “ball” reference, I’m going with Patricia refusing to film with Kathryn.

  7. SashaV

    So juicy TT!! I was in the area last week on Folly Beach and did a drive by in Charleston to see the mansion. The street view is not as grand as the show makes it but it is still beautiful.

    Patricia has really shown her ass these last few episodes basically bragging about how to catch a wealthy older man. She is a real piece of work. What a fraud……

  8. I continue to suck-Blinds. Could only think Minor Marie or gal who had Goth Rodeo (or whatev) on RHoD vs a charity ball.

  9. Sammie

    I hope this is Patty because that gif from Golden Girls is perfect for her charade.
    Except she could never compare to the wonderful Blanche.

    • Matzah60

      I agree, Sammie! Blanche was wonderful. I had no clue about this blind until I started reading the comments, but your reference to the gif posted by TT makes perfect sense. When Patti heaves nasty comments towards a young, beautiful Kathryn who is more than 30 years younger than she is, it clearly shows Patricia for the bitter, envious person she has become and probably always was.

      Great blinds, Tamara and so much fun!!!

  10. susan

    I always want to be the prettiest too

  11. Happiest of birthdays to one of my dearest friends (in my head). Hope it’s all of the good things you deserve TT!

  12. Happy Birthday, Tamara!🎈🎈🎈

  13. Dee

    Love the blinds! They are fun!😉

  14. queenmarie

    Oh yes, this has the old crone’s name all over it. I LOVE these blinds !!!

    Happy Birthday too !!

  15. Gina

    🎉 Happy birthday Tamara 🎉
    Long time reader love the blog !!

    • Dee

      Happy Birthday Tamara, you are the best! So sorry I forgot about your Bday. Last year didn’t we celebrate the entire month? Well we still have 6 days to tell you how much we love you, hope you are well! Thanks so much for all your hard work on our behalf. Hail Queen Tamara!! :)

  16. Tha Riddler

    Happy birthday Tamara! I love visiting your site, thank you for this community you have created! Best wishes for a fantastic year ahead.

  17. JoJoFLL

    Happy Birthday!


  18. izmeagain

    Happy Birthday to you!

  19. Happiest of Birthdays! Peace and love to you today and all through your birthday year! Big Hugs

  20. jen

    Patty and/or whitney

  21. therealdeb

    Super happy birthday wishes Tamara!!!! Can’t believe Patty thinks her stock is that valuable that she can try and manipulate “balls” and events. What a cow. When she said she looked good for 102 I about died. She is not that great looking and she is always lounging about like we really think she lives like that. That bitch probably sleeps in a coffin

  22. bridgett

    Oh, did they make Patricia reschedule her tacky flamingo party for a different time in the season?! I’ll admit, I liked how I thought Patricia would be early on in season 1…more like the mother from Real Housewives of Miami…but then she showed her jealousy of 23 yr old and I was over her. I still like her better than her son, though.

  23. Kay Kay

    Oh Patricia. Poor poor Patricia. Women who own the room just by walking in it don’t have to use sloppy Machiavellian maneuvers to get things to flow their way. Haven’t you learned anything living near the beach, you can’t fight the current. Happy birthday Tamara! I love your site and your blinds!

  24. Happy Birthday Tamara !

  25. BamaBelle

    Please tell me I am reading this right and Patty had a tantrum at Kathryn’s fashion show that was cut from the show. The one Bravo recently put up a short clip of as a web extra!?!

  26. To bad Patricia didn’t go to Thomas’s dinner. I would have loved to hear what Thomas would have had to say to her in his tirade of a speech.

    I also would have loved watching her try to run out the door and trying to hop on the golf cart.

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