Blind Item: An Unlikely Truce

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This popular morning talk show host had a serious falling out with two other talk show hosts in 2014.  The two had teamed up to backstab her after years of her support. In the process, she quit mentioning anything that would be helpful to their ratings on her show. She also quit having any guests on the show that would help their ratings.

In the last few months this host has been having major problems booking talent. There have been more days with no talent booked than days with talent.  The difficulty booking guests is a bit suspicious as it has not been a problem since 2014. Suddenly it is now a problem again.

The host has recently started mentioning shows that would  benefit to two original hosts who sabotaged her on occasion. It seems that the two hosts that betrayed her in 2014 suddenly need her due to problems with their own ratings. She has now agree to resume publicizing their programming.   I wonder what the terms of this new arrangement are?  It sure seems like they all suddenly need each other again.


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36 responses to “Blind Item: An Unlikely Truce

  1. MARC

    Robin Roberts ?

  2. MARC

    Robin Roberts ?

  3. Rach

    Wendy Williams is the host. Andy Cohen and Bethheny Frankel are the betrayers.

  4. JoJoFLL

    Popular Host: Wendy Williams

    Back Stabber #1: Andy Cohen

    Back Stabber #2: Bethanny Frankel (stole Wendy’s booking/talent agent)

  5. WhyOWhy

    Wendy Williams… the other two are Andy and Bethenny

  6. PopcornAndVodka

    This is the easiest Blind Item EVER. I thought it was odd that Dorinda was on the other day.

  7. DarkThoughts

    I have always wonder why Wendy has such odd guests on her show. I don’t get it.

  8. Puddy

    It does sound like WW was the person backstabbed and the two stabbers are A and B. That said, it is a bit concerning that A and B would be able to impact WW’s ability to book talent. That they have that kind of power.

  9. SB

    Dorinda was on Wendy today…

  10. Angelica

    Could be the WW/Andy/BF. I remember when WW would recap RHOA every Monday on her show. Then she didn’t talk RHOA anymore.

  11. Amy V

    Just last week Wendy said that she doesn’t like Bethenny.

  12. TT…sorry..I am the worst of the worst.. in blnd items..seriously…it feels like the breadcrumbs couldn’t be closer…but..nope..sorry bud..will patiently wait for the winner…

  13. laram

    Love your blinds! Wendy Williams has been promoting Bethenny again, and had Dorine’s on today. I remember your posts about the talking out, TT.

  14. Matzah60

    Wendy Williams. Her booking agent went over to the dark side helping out Bethenny. I am guessing Andy may have had a hand in this evil move.

    I recall we stopped hearing Wendy talking about the HW franchise and stopped inviting housewives as guests.

    It seemed from your recent post, Tamara, about Bethenny on GMA that she was doing some damage control for the NY franchise and more specifically for herself. She seemed to get a lot of backlash from her nasty rants directed at Lu and Sonja. Actually, as you said, And I am paraphrasing, No one was safe from being attacked in her latest blog.

    Wendy can be grating, but she has really paid her dues and made her way. She started off on radio and ended up with a successful, syndicated talk show. She has admitted publicly that she was a heroine addict, but she made it to the other side.

    If I am correct, I think that Andy and Bethenny deserve a special place in hell

  15. laram

    *falling out ….spell check.

  16. Bridgett

    Wendy, Andy, and Bethenney!! Woo hoo, I knew a blind item 😀

  17. Minky

    Oh my goodness! WTF is wrong with Andy and Bethenny? Why be that way? I just don’t get it.

  18. pfffttt

    Wendy Williams… Wendy always talked about Housewives, had them on as guests, then suddenly quit… She also in the past had called “Love and Hip Hop” “too ratchet, but in the last few years started talking about Love and Hip Hop during Hot Topics and having the cast on her show.

  19. Kiyoshigirl

    Is this the reason Wendy is suddenly talking about and promoting Bravo shows again? She iced them out for a few seasons but now she talks about the shows in the Hot Topics section of the program. I was thinking they’d buried the ax and made up, but this blind makes me think she’s sucking up to the Bravo bullies so they’ll remove the fatwa.

    • Kee

      I think it’s a shame that she gave in to them. I don’t care what the cost (offered to pay her). I would’ve told them to kiss my ass, and after doing that, to kiss it again.

  20. Sari

    Right. So, weeks ago, Wendy shocked me when she sided with Bethenny over John and showed a clip from the bra party fight. As far as I could recall, it was the first time she’d mentioned anything having to do with the show in eons (or since 2014). After that, she showed a clip and sided with SonJa over Bethenny when Bethenny read SonJa for the cheater brand shit… Yet was still gentle about Bethenny. Then, Dorinda ends up on her show the other day and Wendy was gushing over her.

    I was wondering about the terms of the ceasefire, as well.

    • laram

      Agree. Its all business and advertisers between egos, at end of day for win -win ratings. I’m surprised that Wendy also reduced her after -show program. Was reason I watched, meaning her daily highlights of show on Youtube channel, and stopped recording it…..perhaps, many were doing the same than the reason she gave.

  21. laram

    Wendy also seems to be more friendly with E…promoting shows, and being once again in defense of some siblings, but not their mother.

  22. Tulsateacher

    I really thought it was Ellen. Didn’t Bethenney’s talk show get yanked in 2014? That’s just one mentoree though and TT said there were two. I don’t watch Wendy so I’m feeling I’m wrong on this one. Blind Items are not my forte.

    • Tulsateacher

      Yep. I reread the blind item and realized Ellen has no problems booking the best talent in the industry so again I epic fail

  23. Wendy burns a lot of bridges. She calls people friends of the show, but she keeps talking smack. She did it with Loni Love most recently. She needs to be fed guests at this point.

  24. nancy83

    I assume it’s Wendy, Andy, and Bethenny, and I hate that these three are so deluded by how powerful they all are. All three are egomaniacs. Most disappointed in Andy, he fooled me the longest. I really use to love him.

  25. @piperspress You are correct, anybody who listened to Wendy on her infamous radio show knows she regularly insinuated rappers and movie stars were either gay ” how you dooing” or on drugs. Many celebrities have not forgotten and that is why you do not see many A-list guest on her show like Ellen

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