Real Housewives of New York Recap: Always a Bitch; Never the Bride!


Alright you guys I am going to make this the fastest recap ever because it is my favorite day of the year, Big Brother Premiere Night! And I care way more about that than whatever the fuck is about to fall out of Bethenny’s uterus tonight in the Home Goods Store.

Do you think Jules’ nanny quitting has anything to do with her husband? This just occurred to me.

I’m skipping Carole. It was the dog poop that made the final call.


Dorinda and Jules go shopping. I don’t even want to cove this trip to Mexico stuff now that I am thoroughly convinced it is not going to happen.  In fact, the whole premise of the trip to taste Tequila for her margarita line never made sense to me because she sold that line and though some say she still has input, I don’t believe it and if she does it is minimal and she is not being sent to taste tequila with housewives in Mexico as part of her duties. I believe that scene where she announced the trip was shot after she bled out and realized she couldn’t go. Then Bravo cancelled the trip to follow her bleeding uterus storyline.

Jules wants Sonja on the nonexistent  Mexico trip. Dorinda wants Luann on the nonexistent trip. Dorinda says that Ramona met Tom once for drinks and it was a one night stand.


Sonja makes up with Ramona out of the blue to tell her she is not drinking and she is working out. Ramona’s confessional is supposed to be supportive, but Ramona just sucks at supportive. Clearly, Sonja is trying to dash the alcoholic who can’t be invited to any filming storyline by refusing to drink on camera.  Sonja’s confessional points out that Ramona is the real drunk.

Apparently, Carole’s scene is about a dog wedding. I will not be recapping a dog wedding and a bloody uterus in the same episode. Apologies. Sonja plans to apologize to Bethenny at the fucking dog thing so I may have to watch that part.

Ramona, the apologizer is teaching Sonja how to apologize. She does have the most practice.


Gif by T.Kyle

Gif by T.Kyle

Meeting of Bethenny and The Girl Who Lives in Her Ass

Bethenny shares with Carole how much bleeding she has going on (as she wears leather pants!) and Carole surely knows because it certainly must be seeping in to her living area.

Bethenny then tells the story of her meeting with Luann in the white suit versus the black suit where Bethenny was totally out maneuver by the Teflon Countess in white. Bethenny talks about how narcissistic Luann was. Clearly, she is living in 2012. She has never gotten over being schooled by the Countess when she came on to the show hawking cupcakes in supermarkets. She is completely focused on revenge for that.

Bethenny talks about how much money she is spending on this trip, “helicopters, excusions, and amazing house..” Oh bullshit Bethenny, no one has believed that the trip planner actually plans anything since 2008. This is almost as ridiculous as the time Phaedra Parks called some office in Ghana to let them know she was going to be in the neighborhood because she would be in South Africia.  I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP! CLICK HERE!    I suppose there are plenty of random watchers that believe that Bethenny is paying for this trip, but the real fans of the show all know better and she is looking more fucking ridiculous every episode.

Bethenny  calls Sonja and Luann hobags. Carole calls Luann a bitch. Bethenny can’t go to the dog wedding because of gobs of blood!  Actually it is because she has refused to film with Sonja. And Sonja is going to be devastated to find out she is not coming. Bethenny says she feels like someone sucked all of the blood out of her body. Interesting choice of words that indicates this is after she went to the doctor and found out she was anemic. Because she was on ET and GMA talking about losing 10% of her blood all day today. God Lord this woman.


Jules wants to sell some sort of potions. It’s a green juice. Maybe that is what Bethenny drank so much of for her miraculous recovery!  Michael is there to support her financial independence.  Her brand is Modern Alkeme. Michael tells the guy that this is just like Jules cheating on him. Because developing a business is without telling your absentee husband who pays you know attention because he is sticking his dick in the nanny is exactly the same thing. She knew she needed a revenue stream of her own.

Bloody footprints


If this is a real scene it was filmed before the scene with Carole and Bethenny. I would LOVE to go to a Home Goods on the Upper West Side. The inventory varies widely by socioeconomics of the neighborhood and I live in the ghetto so I can only imagine how fabulous it would be to shop in this one.  There is no TJMaxx branding in the store!  I bet these rich folks don’t even know they are shopping at TJMaxx!  I can’t wait for Bethenny to point out her products are carried there.

I love that Dorinda of the Upper East Side buys her linens the same place I do. This store is making me not regret missing Big Brother as much. I live and breathe for this store. I want to drunk book a ticket to NYC just to shop in this store. Bring this store to my mouf!  Oh wait. Don’t do that. Bethenny is about to drop a uterus up in here. Please cancel my flight. I hope I drunk bought travel insurance.  And these people didn’t even bother buying their TJMaxx crap. See? They were just kidding about that part. Off to the doctor we go! Because they have already set up the part where she has an appointment already.

Jules got a new nanny that she thinks Michael won’t want to sleep with. Did you see the nanny Arnold slept with, Jules?  A horndog is not choosey.

Oh it’s the dog thing. I’m fast forwarding.

Bethenny and Dorinda film after the doctors.  You can read all the details here.  Bethenny apparently wants to have another kid.  Oh God no. Get the damn hysterectomy!  She immediately talks about the lost trip to Mexico with the caviar and helicopters.  Jesus Christ for this I am behind on Big Brother??

I’m more concerned about that cast on Cookie’s leg. What is that story?

Shocker!   I fast forwarded the dog crap and Dorinda tells everyone they are not going to Mexico. Ramona is devastated she has no place to wear her new swimsuit. Then she proceeds to walk off and cut the wedding cake and help herself by cutting the first piece of cake. People let her. Because it has to be made of dogfood, right?

Next Week: Is that Heather returning to ice skate with Carole and Adam? Why yes it seems to be. With Bethenny laid up, they need Heather to come film with Carole, because no one else wants to!  Ramona tries to antagonize the Teflon Countess again.  And Bethenny has to call her assistant to find out if she has a living will.  I would think she would know that.

There was NO LUANN on this episode. But there is a full hour of her next. I will watch it tomorrow. Did you know it is the premiere of Big Brother? I am off to finish watching and that is all I want to do tonight. I can’t do another interview with Bethenny’s uterus tonight on #WWHL maybe tomorrow.


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104 responses to “Real Housewives of New York Recap: Always a Bitch; Never the Bride!

  1. GetAGrip

    Hey me to!!!.I am a BB Junkie!!!, I live for this day as soon as the show ends lol.I have not watched the RHWONY yet..Actually, I think I have watched 2 maybe 3 episodes..I think I’m about done with those ladues

  2. Minky

    This episode was quite something. So, nobody wants to film with Carole? I wonder why. And the two bean poles have resorted to calling fellow cast mates hobags and bitches? All while knowing that they’ll see this on TV? Nice.

    I still don’t understand what happened with the dogs. Did the dogs have a wedding or just take a poop? And why was Ramona eating dog food?

  3. Thanks for the reminder about the BB premiere. Totally blanked on that one.

  4. Kim

    Why the hell was Jules showing Sonja a pic of her cooter?! I rewound it once & couldn’t bring myself to watch it again. Did I misunderstand?! That’s what she was showing a pic of, right? A catheter?? (Also missed the reason why she had it in the first place, I was on my iPad more than watching TV. Telling.) I’m all in favor of of close friendship but was a pic necessary that a description wasn’t enough?! Nice catch on the Jules/nanny situation, by the way, I missed that one.

  5. Diane

    Odd episode really 😐 but the special on Luann was really interesting I thought! She has balls and grit and I like that!

  6. PopcornAndVodka

    The only thing you need to know about the dog wedding is they raised $10,000 for dog shelters, and the wedding itself probably cost a good $50K.

    • Char

      Haha Popcorn!! I’m sure you are spot on with that statement.

    • Yup. Carole said it was $150 a ticket and around 300 people attended. Only $10K for charity and the friend of Carole’s whose dog was getting married is a Hearst. What a load of dog poo.

    • MCBri

      OMG thank you!! $10,000?!? For a fundraising event with 300 people, that’s a total dismal failure. Absolute insanity. I kept thinking, “okay, a dog wedding? But for charity, fine”… But then the 10k figure? Ridiculous!

      • tamaratattles

        Why are people quoting figures. If it was not on the show, please don’t!

      • tamaratattles

        Sorry about my comments I admit not watching that part all I wanted to do was watch Big Brother. I LIVE for Big Brother and really didn’t want to discuss Bethenny’s uterus and dog weddings I sort of faked this recap.

    • PopcornAndVodka

      Yes TT, they said they raised $10,000. Which is a great amount of money, but there was so much Money that attended, that was difficult to believe. These people could have easily donated $250 each and raised a ton more than that.

    • Bugg

      Sadly, you’re probably right.

  7. Puddy

    The whole episide seemed weird and a bit creepy, but I agree about loving that Home Goods store! It did strike me as odd that the doggie wedding only raised $10,000 while looking at the sartorial splendor of the jewel bedecked pooches and their human bitches (ooops.. owners!) I found Ramona’s “Let them eat cake” comment to be a bit eerie, bc my first thought was that this whole event looked very “Marie Antoinette” given the state of the economy and people throughout the US and in NYC especially (certain parts of it) going to bed hungry. It was a bit of “The Citadel” out of the Hunger Games” – way excessive and disconnected from real people. Not surprised Carol participated as an honored guest.

  8. Thank you for the recap. Frankly, slightly grossed out by Bethany. Yuck. Yuck again. The whole scenario sounds weird and creepy with the exception of Home Goods, so I will watch for that and that only.(has not aired here yet, love getting the recaps before the shows). Thank you!

  9. GirlMe

    Thank you Tamara for watching this. I couldnt. I gave up with Bethenny playing God over people money I had to turn. (They get paid extra for vacations right!)

    Luckily EJ NYC was on E! Its so good seeing EJ be himself. Wish they all didnt talk like a Kardashian. Its so nasally. Annoying. The sister is annoying too. I think they say “like” at least 5000 times per episode.

    I git enough from recap. No need to watch. Loved Luanne special. Honest

  10. rebecca

    The dog wedding was very odd. Nevertheless, Ramona found a way to be the tackiest thing at a canine wedding (which takes some effort, in my opinion). I’m sorry but her cutting the cake because she wanted to have a piece is too much.

    I guess the philosophy of these shows is storyline, storyline, storyline but I can fathom why Bethenny would insist on over sharing about her over bleeding. Why not just shut up and go to the doctor? Why tell the whole world about it? Of all things that I keep to myself, quantity of bleeding is well at the top of the list.

  11. GillianFirst

    Thanks for clarifying what that store was. I felt bad for whomever had to put back the carts of stuff they didn’t buy. Loved scene of Ramona role playing with the repentant and diligently sober Sonia. Ugh, Bethany. The Luann special was everything!

  12. mary

    As the season drags on I don’t like Bethany or Carol. I think Carol is such snob so uninteresting now. The whole Adam relationship seems desperate on her part & on his part using her to promote his career.
    The dog wedding is exactly what a bunch of wealthy people with more money than sense would put on. So dumb & boring.
    Loved the Luann special!

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Last week when Adam was showing Carole how to use the blender (“no, you don’t have to press hard…it’s touch screen”) my husband said “my god it’s like talking to my mother”. Then Carole grabbed her laptop and he says “now she’s going to ask him to help her figure out the computer!”

  13. PopcornAndVodka

    Ramona. Cutting. The Cake.
    She’s been fairly well behaved and sensible this season. Today’s ep had the old lunatic Ramona. And she made a gross mess of it too! This is way beyond eating a frosting bow off of RHOC Heather’s cake.

    • Katherine 2.0

      For me, this was the highlight of this episode because it was the most authentic moment. Other than Bethenny bleeding from her vagina, of course. But Ramona’s scene was far more entertaining.

  14. PickyLongstocking

    WTF did I just watch? Seriously.

  15. Minky

    Haha! Fuckin’ Ramona. How wide did she open her eyes while she was cutting that cake? Did she say something like: “Well, I got hungry. Was I supposed to wait for the dogs to cut the cake? That’s ridiculous.” 👀

  16. Deb in SF

    Watching Sonja practicing climbing up Bethenny’s ass was just painful. Made me dislike Bethenny more than feel sorry for Sonja. Ramona is just an entitled narcissist…not amusing anymore (maybe she never was).

    Conversely, the Luann special was excellent!

  17. I only watched during commercials of Big Brother, so thankfully, I missed the gory parts. Watching Ramona pretending to be Bethenny for Sonja to practise her apology made me laugh out loud.

    The dog wedding was ridiculous. Surprised there was no skinny girl signage there.

  18. Yamoah Asiedu

    Thanks for your recap TT. I appreciate how fast you get these reviews up even if you’re underwhelmed and disinterested in the episode.

    A dog wedding? How utterly ridiculous. One thing I observed is that Carole’s friend would be a great addition to the show. She packed a lot into her 5 minutes, particularly when she laid out the dog’s clothes and said ‘you will die’ or

    I don’t get Bethenny and Carol’s relationship other than they may come from similar backgrounds. Carol plays up her ‘I’m a ditzy/googy carefree hippy’ image too much. It looks very contrived.

    I can’t help it, I really like Sonja. Yes, calling her brand Tipsy Girl was presumptuous and stupid but she’s essentially a nice person with flaws like the rest of us! Ramona on the other hand, has a passive aggressive mean streak. She’s not being a good friend by bashing Sonja in the confessionals either. It was very telling that she was concerned about Bethenny’s wellbeing (after Dorinda informed them all about the cancelled trip to Mexico) for all of five minutes. Then showed off her bikini selfie. Yes, she looks good but damn!

    I wonder if they reedited Jules scenes to highlight some of her comments, which now, in the context of her impending divorce, look like ‘foreshadowing’. Michael is a bit like the tall blond housewife’s husband who dismissed and belittled her. (not Aviva) I can’t remember her name, Krystal/Kirstie? but their interaction reminded me of a similar, dysfunctional dynamic.
    At one point, Jules looked at Michael and said: ‘In the future, you might want half of my stuff.’ Anybody else catch that?

    I missed Luann in this episode.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I mean, it’s just a f*cking fibroid, amirite? How concerned can you be? When do the accusations of faking her fibroid start?

      • Allison

        Who knows what the real situation is (losing 10% of her blood volume?) but fibroids can be nasty, painful, life-altering, fuck-your-life-up bastards. I can see being super upset about a potential hysterectomy-maybe she isnt having any more kids, but it’s a body part, and part of what makes you a woman. I dont use mine anymore but it served me well and I certainly dont WANT to get rid of it. If it was hassling me, maybe. But its just sitting there, minding its own business.

  19. spunky2015

    Funny how Bethenny was so sick in January/February, didn’t have surgery till May?

  20. Tulsateacher

    Like Jules I also had a severe hematoma on my lady bits. I walked into a crotch level concrete post several years ago while trying to open the door to the high school where I taught for 15 years. My papers in my book bag scattered everywhere while I was doubled over in pain. This was witnessed by several students who had the good sense to hold in their laughter and helped me pick up my stuff. I had to go to the ER. It was no joke. I didn’t take any pictures and only showed my damaged goods to my best friend of 25+ years. I’m sharing this story because I read everyone’s fibroid surgery stories and it’s finally my time to contribute a personal and kind of icky story!
    Since the trip was cancelled does this mean we won’t get a “housewives on vacation” series of episodes? I kind of live for those…

  21. SLM

    I truly think on Bethenny’s part, the Home Goods “something is wrong….SOMETHING IS WRONG!” incident was a total set up for the cameras. I DO think she’s having lady business issues and DOES have fibroids, but I think all along she was planning that doctor’s trip to be checked out, and set up the meet with Dorinda right before to lead into it with as much drama as possible. I DO NOT think Dorinda knew anything about it prior to that moment, I really don’t. I think she looked genuinely scared and concerned for Bethenny, and did the compassionate thing by insisting on going with her. I think Dorinda has a good, big, genuine heart in spite of the ways she gets lit and loses it sometimes. I like Dorinda A LOT, but imo, she covers her still very great grief over losing her husband with alcohol sometimes. That being said, I must state I DO NOT think she has an alcohol problem. I also think B was kind of exaggerating her reaction to the doctor’s visit. She was acting like this was the first she’s heard of it, YET, when talking to Dorinda said something about having episodes of this before while carrying Brynn, where she bled profusely and was on bed rest. Don’t remember seeing that when they were filming her during her pregnancy, but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. So, this fibroid issue ISN’T new and her doctor likely told her previously about options if things worsened. Also, my husband is a physician, and he said there is NO WAY during an office visit that any doctor could tell you what percentage of blood loss you had without running tests, those diagnosis usually only happen in hospital or ER settings, and if her doc somehow DID think she lost that much blood, he would have had her sent to the hospital for IV fluids or a transfusion, at the least. So, while REALLY having this, I think B is exaggerating some of the details.

    And, again, NOT making light of her real medical concerns, but it looks like next week she’s sobbing on the phone about her living will, etc…um…I’ve had LOTS of friends who went in for fibroid surgeries and procedures and not one of them cried hysterically prior to those like they were going in for heart surgery. In fact, all of my friends weren’t even put under – they were given a spinal block like a c section has and the procedures done that way. Remember Cynthia on RHATL getting this? She was worried, but not sobbing in hysterics and calling everyone she knew. This brings me to my point I made on TTs blog about B appearing on GMA and talking about this – when it is something with HER, it’s the end of the world, stop the presses, everyone rally around me, everyone pay attention and I get to act however I want and get a pass. Whenever anyone else is going through something, she doesn’t really care and often villifies them for their behavior that stems from it. It’s typical narcissistic behavior.

    Don’t even get me started on the dog wedding. Two seconds in I couldn’t watch, and left the room. Their are children in the world with no parents who eat from garbage dumps…maybe they could have skipped the event and just donated ALL that money to charity???!!!

    • Shae

      I would imagine the crying was about being in a position where one has to even consider one’s living will, yet having no spouse, parent, sibling, family of any kind, etc. to be present with you.

      Fibroids might not be a major life threat, but surgery is scary for many people and it’s usually your family or spouse who is there with you to walk you through it. I can 100% understand her being scared and crying about going under with this icky condition, her living will, and no family being there for her. I think very few people find themselves in that situation.

      I don’t think she thinks she gets a pass, she acknowledges it’s wrong. She admitted umpteen times she was 100% wrong to go ballistic on Luann that way. Doesn’t make it ok that she did it, but she’s not under any delusion that behavior was ok. But I digress.

      I hope I never get fibroids because I could not handle it. I have an incredibly weak stomach when it comes to lady troubles lol

      • PopcornAndVodka

        I agree Shae, and I also think her hysterics were less about fibroids and more about a possible hysterectomy. Maybe it’s not scary for some people, but I had a scare that had me sobbing until it was resolved. Although I’m 50 now and would love for my uterus to just die already, I flat out did not want to have a hysterectomy five years ago.

        I also wanted to clarify to Spunky2013, B was diagnosed and put on heavy medication right away that kept the bleeding in check. She was afraid to go for surgery and went out for some second opinions, then tried some natural remedies. Because some people would like an answer other than having their uterus removed if it’s not necessary. The natural way didn’t work so she scheduled the surgery. I don’t find this suspicious at all, I was sent to the hospital by ambulance 3 times for a sick gallbladder but still waited 2 years before I gave up and had my surgery because I was so terrified of it. It ended up being a goddamn piece of cake that wasn’t worth my 2 years of suffering, but that doesn’t negate how scared I was at the time.

      • Dexter pie

        She is deluded. She is currently on an “I’m sorry – not sorry” apology tour. Yes what I did was so bad but hey it’s what I did at that time. Wouldn’t change a thing. Then she says she leaves everything on the court and all is good off camera. Yet did not she and Skeletor agree that if anyone said half the things Bethenny said to loan to them they would never speak to that person ? And you know why she has no one? Because she is a miserable monster who drives them all away. Why not call Skeletor?

      • iloveearlgrey

        I dunno Shae, she didn’t seem sorry about going in on Luann. She mades excuses, was gleeful about how interesting it all was for the audience, and just didn’t seem genuinely sorry. In fact, Luann was the one apologizing to B and Carole.

    • Thanks for your post about Bethenny’s doctors visit. Half way reading through I was getting visions of her lost at sea exaggerations.

    • Allison

      I thought that was QUITE the exaggeration as well-if you lost 10% of your blood volume, that’s hemorrhaging, and unless she put it in a cup, how the hell could he tell? Please. Not to mention she’d be in the ER getting a blood transfusion. Fibroids suck, but come on.

      • Dexter pie

        I am a man and I had to have my uterus removed because I bled 89% of my blood volume in my yummy tummy undergear and I tell everyone everywhere the disgusting details of fibroids in my too too and I demand that everyone care. It’s like the olden days with kings and people would examine and study the Kings shit and piss. Yes Bethenny you are so fabulous tell us about you dumps and pee. Don’t spare a thing.

  22. Gretchen

    I used to be a big Bethenny fan and now can’t stand her. Love Sonja, and I think she is a lot smarter than everyone on the show realizes… I think she fully understood that Tipsy Girl is similar to Skinnygirl, but she also knew that the conflict with Bethenny would not only be a great storyline, but also promote BOTH of their businesses. Thanks to Sonja, Skinnygirl has been at the center of one of the most major storylines of the season.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      You’re giving a lot of credit to Sonja…I don’t think she had any altruistic goal to help promote Bethenny’s brand. I think she’s pretty self-interested in this case.

      • Allison

        I just dont believe for one second that Sonja didnt think how neato it would have been to have another housewife with a “girl” alcohol product, and is narcissistic enough to think that Bethenny would get a kick out of it. I’m sure it more than crossed her mind, she was probably banking on it.

  23. Toni

    Bethenny was always a sharp tongued, witty, know it all, but she has lost the underlying humility she once had and it’s becoming more and more painful to watch her attack and belittle everyone except Carole.

    Bethenny knows she’s messing with LuAnn and Sonja’s money and she doesn’t give a shit. Bethenny doesn’t need housewives money and she knows they do…so here they are groveling and demeaning themselves for her favor? That’s just cruel to me, and I don’t enjoy cruel.

  24. Kelly

    Did anyone else notice that Carol is “co-parenting” her dog with a random dude? WTF is that all about????

    • Nila

      I saw that and was like wait, what??? Who was that and why???

      So they raised 45k but ten goes to the charity? Assuming the cake, venue and costumes were donated..right? Where does the rest of the money go?

      • Kelly

        Exactly!! It was painful to watch and even more painful wondering where the rest of the money went 🤔

    • Cgal38

      I totally did too!!

    • Nila

      I wonder if that means she “rented” the dog for the show..or for know she sets herself up for temporary love;)

      • Kelly

        OMG didn’t think of that!! I used to really like her and now I find her so hard to watch. I Hope her newfound persona is as temporary as her love life

    • I’m super embarrassed that I know this but Carole shares her dog with two guys in her apartment building: the guy we saw (who has filmed with Carole before) & a model who has a Housewife-related sister (maybe Meghan from OC but can’t remember for sure).

      • Kelly

        Aaaaahhhh thank you!!! Do you know why she has to “co-parent?” It just seems very odd to me. And soooo not embarrassing btw-being asked by your boss why I’m looking so perplexed and answering honestly about the co-parenting thing is embarrassing!!! :)

    • Dexter pie

      Because she is incapable of committing to even a dog. What an emotionally secure woman she is. No wonder she dates a little boy.

  25. Shae

    I literally had to mute most of this show because I’m extremely sensitive to any lady bleeding/uterus, etc. talk and will legitimately faint, even in my own home lol

    Vomit, to the entire episode, between whatever was going on with Jules and Bethenny’s health issue, I couldn’t deal. I think I was a lovely shade of green when I went to bed.

  26. Dandy Lion

    Thank you TT for the recap. I really felt for Jules, especially since we know about their divorce. Seems like she was under a huge amount of stress. I’m really loving Dorinda. Loved the teflon countess! I also fast forwarded through the dog wedding. I really hope the cake that Ramona cut into and ate was made out of dog food. How rude!

  27. Cgal38

    The camera people were fun in this episode – when Jules was talking to the new nanny, the nanny turned away from her and gave the biggest eye roll – caught on camera (which makes me think Jules is a total cunt to work with, I’ve heard they do that to people they dislike); they also flashed on very weird papers hung from sonjas bed? Wtf was that?

    But my biggest question is why in the world Jules was climbing in a window??? Did she want to go swimming in the indoor pool without anyone knowing? Catch Michael banging the eye rolling nanny? They live in nyc, they can’t exactly climb in a window when they get locked out.

    • Nila

      A “total cunt to work for”, where did you get that from?!??

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I’d bet she is, the way she felt the need to slander the last nanny for running off allegedly without saying goodbye to the children. Made me think she was probably mistreated by Mr. and Mrs. “old money”.

      • SLM

        Yeah, I’m not sure what happened with the last nanny, but I wish she’d give interviews! Ha! I also think Jules is clearly of the camp of women who think when you hire a NANNY for child care, this means she also does everything else you come up with too (remember asking about standing in lines and doing blow outs, and with their new nanny she’s having her set up the lunch snacks for Sonja?) which I’ve always thought was wrong. BUT as a mom of quite a few little ones who had a mother’s helper who used to come assist one day a week for years SUDDENLY STOP RETURNING MY CALLS, TEXTS or EMAILS and stop showing up for work one day with no explanation, I do understand it’s a jarring experience. And, no, I’m nothing like Jules – I helped this girl move, I gave her holiday and birthday bonuses and never asked anything of her that wasn’t childcare related. So, sometimes people who work for you just decide to quit and take the d**k move of ditching you and disappearing without so much as a thank you or goodbye.

    • PopcornAndVodka

      Why she was climbing in the window was exactly what I was wondering too! Why was there no explanation? Did she lock herself out, or did Michael lock her out? What the hell???

      • Allison

        That whole window thing was the weirdest explanation and injury I have heard in a long, long time.

  28. Sweet T

    I am not sure I can respect the human race after that dog wedding. And I love dogs.

  29. SLM

    In my opinion, and this just my opinion no one has to agree with because I know there are all kinds of valid ways of looking at these shows, Bethenny DOES think she gets passes because hard stuff is going on in her life. Or any stuff is going on in her life. She may apologize – even sincerely – but how’s about not doing it in the first place? With her it’s always an “I’m sorry…BUT…” And it’s that “but” I think is what I have an issue with. She might be sorry, BUT she really feels as if whatever else she was dealing with gave her the justification to lash out, hurt others, etc. And in saying this it PAINS me, because I was a MEGA DIE HARD B fan for SEVERAL seasons. I think she was shafted out of a good childhood, I think Jason is a horse’s hind end for dragging this divorce out for twice as long as they were married before separating and I completely agree she has some serious health issues on her plate. But what I don’t like is how she has become this individual who REALLY DOESN’T CARE about considering what other people are going through unless they happen to be on her list of “friends” she approves of. So…Luann was a total j*cka** many times….but she gets NO QUARTER or even a pause of understanding because maybe she was going through stuff (not even saying she WAS, but if B can point to life pressures to explain why she’s acted in destructive or destroying ways, then just PERHAPS other people have stuff going on too that causes them to lash out??) And it’s clear to anyone that Dorinda is still really grieving the loss of her husband (and grief has no time limit) and maybe not in full control of her emotions and just MAYBE could use a little less pressure from those around her and everyone could work at just maintaining as polite an attitude towards John as they can (whether he deserves it or not, I’m talking just for Dorinda’s sake).

    This is just my very long winded way of expressing that I just find B’s attitude self serving and myopic.

    • cammierari

      I agree! Love B and I’m always rooting for her but-I wish she would be a little less “my way or the highway” with people. Or at least so unapologetic-bordering-on-insensitive about it.

  30. Allison

    I enjoyed the Luann special! I live in the town she grew up in, so it was nice to see her come back. Much of her family is still here too. She’s had such an interesting life.

  31. cammierari

    Haven’t watched this episode yet and lucky for me you didn’t really feel like recapping so I still have no idea what happened other than Bethenny has a serious medical issue and needed to see her doctor. Having had a similar issue as B, I can probably guess that she had no idea she was going to bleed like a stuck pig in the middle of a Home Goods, and if she had her druthers, it’s not something that she would have wanted filmed for entertainment.
    Sad if it’s true that Bethenny won’t film with Sonja-I thought she was above that kind of petty behavior.

  32. I need to know why Jules was climbing into a window and I want to know it now. WTH???

    I would like to see a prgram on Sonja before the housewives. Does she actually have pictures of Madonna on her yacht and her hanging out with heads of state in exoctic locations? I would like to see footage of her cooking something for P Diddy in her toaster oven. I want to know how much of her line of bs is actually true. JMHO

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I too would like to see that!

    • SLM

      I want to see a Sonja “before” special too! What was she like BEFORE she was delusional. It would be fascinating.

    • PopcornAndVodka

      I would love to see all the photoshopped old pictures she provides for her story. Or, more likely, her head cut out of photos and taped on to others LOL.
      (Of course I love Sonja, but the woman is a kook)

  33. SLM

    Actually, when Bethenny starts cryptically saying, “something is wrong” in the Home Goods and Dorinda asks what’s up, B says she’s been heavy bleeding…when Dorinda asks for how long gone, she replies, “Three days.” So, that would mean she DID go into that store to meet Dorinda ALREADY heavy bleeding. Also, she starts saying to Dorinda how she needs to see a doctor soon…then reveals she actually already has an appt in 15 minutes….huh? I was confused. To me, the only reason to arrange to see Dorinda in a store JUST BEFORE she’d already scheduled an appt to see her doctor FOR BLEEDING SHE WAS ALREADY HAVING FOR THREE DAYS PRIOR, was to get the “rush” to the doctor filmed AND take a cast mates with her. That’s just how I see it. No one needs to agree with me. I also find it weird that for a woman who had her marriage therapy and personal therapy FILMED, that she didn’t have cameras there while she talked to THIS doctor. Not the EXAM part, obvi, because no woman would or should agree to that, but I’m talking just the part where he explained what was going on and what her options were. I’M NOT ADVOCATING ANYONE SHOULD HAVE THEIR APPTS FILMED, I’m just saying how now she is talking about how she is telling all about the condition to “help” other women and she had a history of cameras even in the bathroom with her (please refer to her footage of peeing on a stick while filming to take a pregnancy test on camera!) Is it because the doctor may have said, “As we discussed before…” or “You know you’ve had this condition awhile and since it’s worse, here are options I told you about… ” Just saying. I don’t think she was taken off guard by this. I dont. Again, just my opinion.

    • Shae

      Did she say she wouldn’t let them film it? I’m actually asking because I had to mute large portions of the show because medical talk like that makes me queasy.
      I’m wondering maybe she did have it filmed but they just didn’t air that portion. I don’t know. I personally don’t want to see that.

      I did recall hearing her say she had her appointment booked, but didn’t see the harm in accepting dorinda’s invitation to go shopping beforehand, because she thought she’d feel ok just walking around a store. But like I said, I didn’t catch everything I kept turning off the sound lol

      • SLM

        Again, this all just my opinion, but I think if B had something filmed and wanted it in, Bravo would make sure it aired. So, I think the fact it was not seen is telling. And, again, not saying AT ALL that it should have been filmed and aired, I’m just pointing out that B has a history of “letting it all hang out” on camera, even having therapy sessions, pregnancy tests and fights with her husband filmed. It just seems to me (again, personal opinion) that although she very much does have this health issue and it IS a very difficult one, she is managing it into her storyline and shaping carefully how it goes into her narrative on film, which I think is disingenuous. I wouldn’t see anything wrong with going out with a friend prior to a doctor’s appt, per se, but…something about the whole scenario rang false to me. If you were stopping in to meet a friend before heading to a medical appt for these sorts of alarming symptoms, wouldn’t you tell them right away that you had to head off soon for a really important reason? And, in NYC traffic, WHY would you risk NOT making it to your appt by stopping randomly elsewhere first unless you made sure in advance it was close to your doctor’s office, which made me think it was B who planned the location and time for the meet up with Dorinda. Plus, in that scene, when Bethenny starts dramatically saying “something is wrong,” it felt staged to me. Like she planned to start chanting this so as to attract Dorinda’s attention as the time drew near that she was going to leave anyway for this appt. Especially because she says something like “I should see a doctor” to Dorinda, who seems genuinely surprised and concerned by what’s happening, KNOWING FULL WELL SHE ALREADY HAS AN APPT SCHEDULED for within minutes of this outing! It was like she wanted to make sure the trip to the doctor looked as dramatic as possible. I know – I am REALLY over analyzing this, but the whole scenario seems scripted by B.

      • Tori

        I agree 100%! The way she kept saying, “there’s some thing medically wrong with me,” over & over & over was very staged and a setup for panic and sympathy. Bethenny will stop at nothing for a storyline & attention. She must be taking classes from Yolanda on how to prove “how sick & Innocent” they are. Its disgusting & dramatic

      • Shae

        No, I see what you’re saying. She’s not the camera shy type when it comes to private moments. I really don’t know…

    • Sweet T

      There are laws about privacy in medicine and maybe the dr she saw is a real dr and not a fame whore so the dr didn’t want cameras in their office.

  34. Louie

    I never thought I would really miss Heather being on RHONY but she was a great foil for Bethenny and was a great friend to Carole (as well as bringing the best parts out of her). Can’t wait to see her next week

  35. JoJoFLL

    Can someone please answer this? All of the housewives keep referring to Sonja’s alcohol problem but Sonja doesn’t seem any more of a drinker than Ramona or LuAnne? Is there some off camera thing I’m missing? Everyone just seems to be pushing it to the nth degree.

    Also, I think Sonja’s days are numbered. Bethanny Frankel is BFFs with Andy Cohen and she isn’t up to her Sonja delusional party fun. Also if BF will not film with her, she’s toast.

    Carol needs to give up the ingenue thing. That ship sailed 30 years ago. It is almost embarrassing. I like her but seriously, riding on the handle bars of Adam’s bike?

  36. SLM

    JoJoFLL, I totally agree about Carole. I have no issues who wants to date who of what age, but Carole’s weird giggling school girl act is annoying. I also have to say, I don’t at all see any chemistry between her and Adam, but what do I know about how they are away from the cameras?

    I think all the viewers have seen Sonja drunk off her backside on numerous occasions, but we’ve seen Ramona and Dorinda hammered, too. I think what everyone in that circle worries about is how OFTEN Sonja seems to get in this condition. It’s not like Sonja herself ever stated she’s an alcoholic.

  37. NAA

    Did y’all know it was Tamara’s birthday today?

  38. Is it really your birthday? Many happy returns, and Big Cake wishes from New York.

  39. SLM

    Happy Birthday TT!! 😊💐🌹🎂

  40. iloveearlgrey

    I hate to say it, but I think fame-whore Jill was right about most of these broads.

  41. Sweet T

    I live in Tribeca and a local children’s activity center has an easel out front advertising a class on “cultivating a positive relationship between you and your nanny” every time I see it I think “perhaps if you don’t treat her like a slave

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