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This post is going to be later than I’d like because the boss says I have to fucking work tonight. And yes, I am my own boss. Sadly, RHONY’s episode tonight with Bethenny’s uterus falling out on the Home Goods sales floor must take priority over the best show of the summer returning.  I’ve got less than an hour before I must tear myself away and take care of that bloody mess before returning to finish.  And screw CBS for not providing us with a cast picture!

I am so excited! This will not be a real recap because I don’t want to take my eyes off the TV. More like lots of random misspelled blatherings.

By the way, Corey is friends with Clay. Josea is supposedly friends with “the brother who shall not be named.” I really want Glenn to do well because he’s a superfan and I am #TeamOldPeople

Did I mention how much I love Paul of the Beard? Yes, yes I did.   I like Bridgette more than I thought I would. I hope that Paul murders Bronte in her sleep on the first night.  I hope Victor manages to screw at least half the girls before they figure it out and there is a huge catfight resulting in many ejections.  I think they recently inserted this comment from Corey about a potential bromance with Victor after all the social media backlash caused by Big Brother diehards investigating the hell out of everyone and finding several tweets from 2012 where he called people he didn’t like fags. This is reminiscent of Caleb’s season where he started out with a similar issue and when the feeds came on he was in the bed with “the brother who shall not be named TBWSNBN and the crazy black guy of his season whose name escapes me.

BB18 Glenn
Fuck you Paulie for coming for Paul right way. I am going to have a hard time liking Glenn if he keeps saying “Boogie Down Brooklyn.”  Michelle is already on to Tiffany. I want Michelle and Paul to work together.

DA’VONNE IN THE HOUSE! I am so happy she is back! I love her. I love Nicole!  Never liked Frank. I am not that excited for James.

Oh Paul, Josea and Zakiyah? Really? I need you not to screw this up.  I do love all of your confessionals though. I need you with Da’vonne and Michelle!

Da’vonne is already on to Tiffany. She caught on to the twins right away last season. She’s good and I want her to win.

Fuck, time to go to work. BRB.

I’m Back Bitches! OMG I just realize BB has finally gotten up to date and is using those necklace microphones like they use on Dating Naked, and the knock off show Glass Houses and such. But it seems to be only for the guys when they are shirtless. Why?

So we have four teams

Frank, Michelle,Paulie, & Bridgette #TeamCategory4

Day, Paul, Zakiyah, & Josea these three had a pact together against Day! #Irony #TeamBigSister

James, Natalie, Victor,& Bronte #TeamUnicorn

Nicole, Corey, Tiffany, & Glenn #TeamFreakazoids

BB18 Paul

I read that the Pandora’s box room I going to be used for something different this year and I think that the winning team will win immunity for the week in that room where they will live together. I hope it is Day’s team so they can see how good she is at this game. They need her. I wonder if she tried to influence the picks because clearly her three people picked their alliance of three.

The first time to fall out is a have not already! The second team to fall will get a mystery punishment, the second place team wins cash and the first place team wins immunity FOR TWO EVICITONS! That is huge! Safeville is apparently the new Pandora’s box. I love it. Come on TEAM DAY!

And someone is going home this week! Like tomorrow!

Crap my team is off first and are have nots!  Look for an eating disorder story fro Bronte this season. But she was the last girl to fall!  Frank’s team gets a mystery punishment, Nicole’s team gets cash and James team win immunity. James team is hella strong. That team was the last one with four players still in it.  They had the best girl and the best guy in the challenge and James is a social game player. As for Natalie, all the guys want to be the first to screw her. Team James is a MONSTER TEAM.

Fuck, Da’vonne’s team is going against her. BAD. Please send Frank home! Sending Day home would ruin my whole season!  It’s almost my birthday! PLEASE BIG BROTHER GODS!  But if you don’t grant my wish I understand. Because Da’vonne has no business with that much weave on her damn head for all these challenges. Ain’t she a single mama? She should be rocking some kinda Halle Berry shit up on that head of hers.

I may kill myself.

Day’s team named themselves Team Big Sister. For the other names see above.  I’ll just be over her slitting my wrists. Damn Day, you are so going first. At least you are not on Team Unicorn. Although they are the winning team. sigh.

Tiffany tells Michelle she thinks she is Nicole’s sister. She says nah, but she thinks she is Vanessa’s sister. She admits it. Michelle promises to keep the secret but Day already knows and Tiff thinks that she is lying about being Nicole’s sister.

BB18 Michelle Meyer

Wait this is weird. There are three parts to HOH. The winning team from round one also goes to Safeville.  The winning team from round two also goes to Safeville.  Round three is a team playing individually. The loser is evicted the other three get to select an HOH amongst themselves.

Okay this cannot stand all summer because there is not enough possibility for producer manipulation.

FUCK! My team is sucking.

Corey and Nicole showmance is brewing.

Da’vonne is already crying and complaining. BUCK UP DAY! DAMMIT!


Sorry Glenn, you are going home. #TeamOldPeople is done.

Now I just need for Paul and Day to get on the same damn page!



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53 responses to “BIG BROTHER IS BACK!!!!! YES!!! #BB18

  1. LA_in_KY

    I am really excited for this season. I thought I was going to pee myself when team #bigsister happened. I think Paul will be a likable villian. He is my fav so far even though that may change after a few episodes.

  2. RealE

    I am on board with loving all the players you do, but I can not get behind Paul. He is obnoxious and tries so hard to be mean. I see his alliance turning on him due to this.
    Love Day & Nicole from past. James is ok. Vanessa and Michelle could make the beginnings of a strong alliance.
    Not sure about this new format. It’s kind of interesting that it’s so competition based and then voting out your own team like survivor. I just don’t like change.
    And too bad Glenn is going to go. The older guest is always the throw away and that sucks.

    • @RealE, we seem to be on the same page. I’m with you on not getting on board with Paul, or Jozea for that matter. I get gameplay, but being mean for sake of being mean right out of the gate is a different altogether. I’m not great with change either. But, this show needed it in a bad way….. Think CBS may have figured out we were onto to the production manipulation & the changes so far seem to limit production interference. Now, if they would just diversify the demographics in casting, we just might get the show we all tuned into oroginally!

      I’ve sworn I was out for several seasons but continue to get sucked in. These new twists/changes are enough for me to actually be excited to watch again.

      Just purchased my feeds so looking forward to spending the summer with all of you BB fans! My kids have grown up watching & its one show we all can watch together & its interesting to hear their different takes on it according to their age groups! Truly a social experiment of sorts we can all get into. We have fun betting against each other with our predictions.

      Let the games begin’ 😃

  3. Jewelz

    The eye candy is real!

  4. Well despite not being crazy about the cast because it really does seem to be the same young people just in different skins year after year as someone else mentioned here; I am pleasantly surprised with the new format & agree that it seems to lend itself to less production interference. I do like all vets chosen to return although I barely recognized Frank! Now, I NEED FEEDS! Lol!

  5. TT the crazy black guy from Caleb’s season was Devin. I can say that he is my all time favorite male HG. His level crazy on the live feeds is unmatched! #TeamDrama

  6. Carie

    I missed most everything after they entered the house! Everything on CBS Chicago was about the storms. :-(

  7. smith

    My husband and I were laughing so hard at the intros. The douche is strong with these fellas.

  8. Cat

    I don’t know what it is about this show, but I slept through the entire 2 hours.

    Or maybe I’m just stressed out. I did deactivate Facebook today.

    • tamaratattles

      You deactivate Facebook all the TIME! Go to CBS.COM and sign up for the live feeds for Big Brother ignore the show until you watch the feed that start tonight. Thank me later.

      • Cat

        Actually, this is only the 2nd time I’ve done that. I’ve been trying to cut back for a long time, but failed miserably. So, I thought this would help me break the habit.

        I might check out the live feeds. I need to learn who everyone is…matching names and faces, and such.

    • Cat, I miss you on fb already but I totally support you taking care of yourself. I’ll think of you every time I see a great cat video!

  9. I thought I would like Paul, but he is to aggressive for my tastes. I want Devonne to do well, because I want to see her game play, but she is to emotional right now. It sucks that her team is against her. I’m afraid she won’t last long because she is already butting heads with Paul.

    The girl with the high pitched voice might actually be interesting. Can’t wait for the live feeds but I will miss my sleep.

  10. Meri

    Last night my age hit me over the head. Watching BB, as I have done since the very first show was a given. Them I realized that I could not relate to anyone on the show and everything they said and did annoyed me and made me roll my eyes. I just could not get into this at all and turned it off half way through.
    I guess that there comes a time when you just know that you cannot suspend belief for an entire summer and root for people who do the same silly things year after year. I saw them trying to name their teams and I just could not deal with it.
    I wept for my lost youth and turned on a re-run of Law & Order which I could still relate too. After all, crime never goes out of style.

    • Cat

      I agree. Law and Order is better. Even episodes you’ve seen 100 times. :)

      Is it just me, or does it look like they (Big Brother) have cloned everyone from last season?

    • LOL, Meri! I find myself at the top of a steep and slippery slope, thinking the same thing. I’m going to hang in there for now, but we’ll see.

  11. Rochelle

    May the odds be ever in your favor :)

  12. tamaratattles

    well hell, I didn’t want anyone from Nicole’s team going home. Photo finish was HEARTBREAKING.

    Rumor has it the first houseguests evicted are not doing interviews. I think someone will return fairly early on. This is of course in place to save the vets if they get voted out too early.

    Paulie is an idiot for agreeing to be a pawn. What if it’s a hair styling challenge???

    • Cat

      Ha! I was going to comment on Paul’s ugly skin tight T-shirt. Then, I realized, he wasn’t wearing one!

      What the heck is that huge tattoo on his chest?

      • tamaratattles

        It’s like a montage, huge eagle? and a ton of other things it is dreadful. HE PROMISED HE WAS GOING TO BE NORMAL THE FIRST TWO WEEKS>

  13. tamaratattles

    Just about an hour left, before FEEDS! So excited!

    About what we have seen so far…. I have a few thoughts.

    Do you think part of the reason Nicole put Paulie up is because she knows the diary room will be manipulating for him to stay since he is part of a twist?

    Am I the only one who thinks Victor offered up Josea on a silver platter on purpose to save himself? Everyone seems to think he is really “best friends” with Josea. I think Victor wanted him on the block. I also think he thought that would make him seem as though he had Nicole’s back and has no idea that she sees it as him being stupid.

    • Cat

      I missed the twist?

      Yes, I think he was saving himself by offering up Josea.

      Who is the chick that always has her mouth wide open? As if everything was a huge surprise to her? She annoys me.

  14. tamaratattles

    Feeds are back.

    Frank and Bridgette and Paulie are in some sort of costume that is a fake thong with blurred flesh covered boards covering their privates. It is suppose to look like they are naked. Or something.

    Paulie and Zak are already a couple it seems.

    I am not sure who is missing yet

  15. tamaratattles

    Duh the next eviction won’t be until this week. So everyone is there except Glenn.

    Paulie, Corey and Frank seem to have a tight alliance.

    They seem to think Josea will go in an 8-3 vote.

  16. tamaratattles

    Apparently, Victor really is dumb and is the leader of the vote Paulie out party. You picked the wrong side dude.

  17. tamaratattles

    Michelle is also “nude” with the pixelated it is apparently their punishment for the first challenge.

    Bronte, Brigette and Natalie supposedly have an alliance and Day and team vets hate them.

    Michelle is literally in bed with James in Vet headquarters. Paulie, Zak, Michelle and Tiffany are down with the vets.

  18. tamaratattles

    if Josea comes off the block Paul of the Beard is going up and out.

    • I like that idea of Paul leaving!!

      I thought I would like him, but nope.

      Thanks for posting what’s going on. I fell asleep around 8 and woke up awhile ago and watched the 2nd episode. Now I’m trying to wastch feeds and figure out what is going on.

      This helps a lot! :)

      • tamaratattles

        I’ll be talking to myself in here for the next three months. :) I’m glad for any company I can get

      • Lol!

        I just got into bed and turned on the feeds. It’s the end of getting a decent nights sleep til the end of summer.

        In the mean time, I am cheating on my new Samsung with my $50 temporary Kindle. I may exchange this thing.

        How long do these people have to wear the pixilated costumes. And is somebody wearing a red costume?

    • At about4:15 Day starts talking to the camera about how she is playing the game. She had just been talking to Paul.

  19. tamaratattles

    Team black girl is in full effect it seems Day and Zak. I like this duo! #TeamWeave

  20. tamaratattles

    Josea’s 4th of July comment. pissed people off. James said to Josea, “a lot of Americans died for our freedom.” Josea “Ain’t nobody told them to do that.”

    This happened b4 feeds.everyone wants Josea gone.

    Also there is a two am meeting tonight. Nicole, James,Corey and Michelle are not invited.

    • I’m watching feeds right now. So much whispering its hard to hear. Sounds Luke Bronte and Michelle are convincing Bridgette to vote out Paulie.

      Poor Michele had to wear that pixalated thing and her underwear is to small and she just got her period. Makes me think of Bethenny.

  21. tamaratattles

    For some reason there is a third person on the block with Josea and Paulie and it’s Paul. How did it happen that there are three people on the block? Is there a new asshole rule or something? Paul is such a disappointment.

    • I’ve missed by all day running errands so I have no clue what is going on. But I agree that Paul is a big disappointment. I would like him to go now while they have the chance. I think it will be easy to get rid of Jozea (sp) later.

    • Thanks for the updates, TT. I greatly appreciate it.

      I just bought a new Samsung tablet today and it is taking some effort to get used to it. Typing is easier but not happy with the email function so far. And it keeps bothering me for more info that I think is none of its business. We are having our first fight.

    • BB3

      Frank won their new Comp (which is sorta like MVP). There is a private comp where everyone competes individually and is timed. Only the winner is told that they won, at which point they select a third nominee. Frank selected Paul

  22. tamaratattles

    Eight Pack Alliance: Da’Vonne, James, Michelle, Corey, Nicole, Tiffany, Zakiyah, Frank

    Within that alliance the girls have a sub alliance FATAL FIVE : Da’Vonne, Michelle, Nicole, Tiffany, Zakiyah,

    Within that alliance: Nicole and Tiffany are forming a very tight two for now.

    Frank, Corey, Paulie have some sort of a bromance alliance. Paulie doesn’t seem to be aware of the 8 PACK but he will inadvertently be playing with them from the outstide and likely absorbed when the first 8 PACK member is evicted.

    It looks like there will be three people on the block at least for the first few weeks.

  23. tamaratattles

    Okay there is some sort of competition I believe it may be called Road Kill. Everyone plays anonymously and the winner tells production who to put up, but no one knows who won. I believe that Frank one the first one and put up Paul. The 8 pack knows that Frank won and no one else.

    I LOVE this idea. You could put up someone you want out of your alliance and they would never know.

  24. tamaratattles

    Corey and Day were chosen to play for veto. None of them will use veto and Josea is expected to go home. His only chance is to win veto.

  25. tamaratattles

    Each week, the competition will take place in the Big Brother RV, which will be moved into the backyard specifically for the competition.

    The very first Big Brother Road Kill will have the houseguests stripping down out of a track suit (complete with tube socks) into their bathing suit while trying to keep the three buttons in front of them pushed down at all times.

    The houseguests will start with their right foot and both hands on the buttons but are able to use any body part to keep the buttons down once the timer starts.

    If one button is released, the timer will speed up by 30x until the button is pressed down again. If two buttons are released at the same time, the timer will speed up by 60x. If all three buttons are released at once, the timer will speed up by 120x.

    Ultimately, the houseguest who completes the task with the shortest time on the timer will be declared the winner. They will be informed of their win secretly in the diary room.

    This is the challenge that Frank won and nominated Paul.

    In other news, the POV comp started around 7:15.

  26. tamaratattles



    Josea is a dead man walking.

  27. tamaratattles

    Apparently FRANK has the task of nominating someone else. Apparently, because was the one that nominated Paul. I think Bridgette is going up. It doesn’t really make any difference at this point The house is gunning for Josea.

  28. tamaratattles

    I don’t know if I mentioned that Frank’s team is in nude underwear with pixelated boards across their private regions. Frank took is boards off to get in the shower.

    I just feel the need to point out that he doesn’t seem to be working with much. Just an observation.

  29. tamaratattles

    If you are around, come to my TamaraTattles Chat room on the CBS live feed site!

  30. tamaratattles

    Day and Zak say they wish the feeds had been on the first week so we could know how bad Jozea really was. Day is suspicious of Paulie and Tiffany relationship. WHICH DID NOT HAPPEN UNTIL AFTER SHE HAD THIS CONCERN. Fatal five is worried about Tiffany in general.

  31. Pattimac5

    What does epwe tattoo mean?

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