Bethenny Frankel on GMA: Confirms My Theories on The End of the Season

RHONY Bethenny
I taped GMA this morning to cover Bethenny’s appearance and the first few minutes were terrifying. Apparently, seven states are burning to the ground, some idiot was arrested for a bomb plot in NYC,  and we are all going to die of global warming this week (aka it’s summer) and a few other scary murderous stories.  But what they have been promoting continuously is the Bethenny interview. It is scary to me that Bethenny Frankel having female troubles is the big reason that people keep watching all morning. And believe me, these folks understand their ratings and a housewife, brings the rating. ON A MORNING NEWS SHOW. It’s terrifying how dumbed down we all are.

So on to Bethenny’s reproductive organs…

It’s an exclusive y’all!  Oh, shocker. It’s fibroids. Wait! Did we know that Bethenny had a miscarriage “a couple years ago”????  Whose baby was that? Now she seems to be saying that the reason she was such a bitch on this season is because of her fibroids. I may actually give her a pass on that. Anytime your female plumbing isn’t working at an optimal level, you really do have no patience for anything.

WWHL Bethenny
Bethenny says she was in the hospital for three day for the surgery and there was a six week recovery. Is that normal?  I’m sure plenty of you have had the surgery. Do tell (about the recovery, we don’t need a lot of details here,  the males tend to go pale and get lightheaded over such discussions). I mean I’ve known people with heart bypass surgeries that didn’t seem to have that long of a recovery.

And there is her product promotion.

Wait, she had the surgery on May 20th? Aren’t we just into January on the show?  And May 20th was just four weeks ago. Should she still be recovering according to her six week plan?  Oh wait, she drank a lot of green juices. Guess who sells green juices? Did you guess SkinnyGirl?  Because that apparently cuts your recovery time in half!

She had the surgeon take photos of the fibroids they removed. I dare not check her Instagram. She lost weight from the surgery and “of course everyone has commented on that.”

Bethenny says she is happier than she has been in her entire life. She has had a difficult road in many ways, she is so blessed with her daughter and her career but she’s had a difficult road in other ways.

Bethenny says this is the best season ever and something we will never forget happens at the end of the season. Her official engagement announcement perhaps?  She has been flashing a ring in SnapChat this week. Coincidentally, you can tune it to Bravo tonight to see Bethenny bleed out in the middle of a Home Goods store!

I’ve been thinking all along that her medical scare would make the Mexico trip not happen. This pretty much confirms it and Lara introduced the segment saying that her health scare “caused her to drop out of RHONY filming early this season.” So um, YAY for that. But I think what really happened is we get a lot of death bed scenes a la Yolanda Foster probably in one of her many white MAZEL robes.



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94 responses to “Bethenny Frankel on GMA: Confirms My Theories on The End of the Season

  1. MARC

    Bethanny realised she has been a twat waffle therefore health scare, sympathy & accolades for her strength & perseverance & redemption for her malodorus behavoir all season long. SKINNY GIRL MARKETING PLOY plain & simple.

  2. auroracooper

    I had the same thing in 2007. I had outpatient surgery and if I remember correctly my full recovery took about six weeks. It was a bit scary when things were going wrong but once the surgeon fixed me up I’ve never felt better.

  3. DalaiMama

    My sister-in-law had surgery for fibroids, and her ovary ruptured during the operation. She had maybe a 2-week recovery. 6 weeks sounds egregious, though I know it is subjective. My attempt at Shadeless Shade.

  4. DalaiMama

    My sister-in-law had surgery for fibroids, and her ovary ruptured during the operation. She had maybe a 2-week recovery. 6 weeks sounds egregious, though I know it is subjective. My attempt at Shadeless Shade.

  5. swizzle

    Heavy bleeding and fibroids suck. I was done having kids, so I took a different route on treatment. I’m guessing B is trying to preserve her fertility. Otherwise she would have taken a different route. I first had an ablation (best thing ever invented). Fairly simple procedure. Felt crampy for a couple of days. Heavy periods done. Several years later I had fibroids pushing into my bladder. I had a hysterectomy last summer. Outpatient, laparoscopic surgery, but my activities were limited for six weeks (which made me realize how much Yo is lying because in the six weeks I couldn’t do much more than walk around the block my muscle tone went to hell).

    There are lots of other options for removing fibroids including cutting off their blood supply and letting them die out (which sounds gross and is supposedly painful), and completely removing them surgically. My doc said the recovery from removing them can be worse than a hysterectomy because it’s a complicated surgery to get out the fibroids and preserve the uterus. Since I was done having kids, she said why bother…just take the thing out. Glad I did. Life if much better since I don’t feel like I have to pee every 15 minutes.

  6. she did have a miscarriage with Jason…I remember her being on the Ellen show talking about it. It must have been pretty far along because I remember her saying it was a girl

    • tamaratattles

      Wow. That is terrible. I don’t recalling knowing this information.

      • milena

        I remember that as well. She also talked about her miscarriage on her talk show. She was still married and she said they knew it was a girl. There are clips from her talk show on youtube where she talked about it. I was going through the same situation so I remember it.

      • milena

        I remember that as well. She also talked about her miscarriage on her talk show. She was still married and she said they knew it was a girl. There are clips from her talk show on youtube where she talked about it. I was going through the same situation so I remember it.

    • PaganChick

      I think Ellen is where I remember hearing about it as well.

    • Librarygirl

      I remember reading that. Her divorce was pretty much on the heels of that miscarriage.

    • Twilly

      Not to diminish the horror and sadness of a miscarriage, but there are tests that can tell you before 12 weeks the gender of the baby. I don’t know how far a long she was, just putting that out there.

      • Ktwallis

        This is true, they can test your blood (simple blood draw) starting as early as 8-10 weeks to find out the gender. Takes two weeks to come back. It can be tacked on to normal genetic screening or advanced screenings which she probably had since she was older. I think I remember her being relatively early… Can’t be easy to miscarry and then on top of that get the gender results shortly thereafter :(

      • Dee

        I read about her miscarriage in Glamour. Bryn was under two and Bethenney was about 7 to 10 weeks pregnant. She and Jason were so happy about the pregnancy. They hadn’t told many people. She wanted to wait t after the first trimester. I felt/feel sorry for their loss.

      • Cat

        Wasn’t she on Dr. Oz, too, talking about her “health scare”? Or was that someone else?

    • RealE

      If you do genetic testing of the baby to try to find a reason for miscarriage, it includes the sex. I was not very far along and there at the top of the paperwork was the sex. Made it that much more real and devastating. So Bethenny may not have been very far, who knows. the testing would be more likely to be done in advanced maternal age which is over 35. Doesn’t mean she did but her loss could have been any time.
      So very sad either way.

    • Sheba

      Yes she did! I remember that. Jason really was wanting her to have another baby and she was happy to just have Bryn so when I heard about the miscarriage I thought she was kind to not be selfish in giving him another child. Miscarriages are so heartbreaking. I get why shes been so moody now. She was hormonal and totally drained with a business to run. I bet Bryn was a sweet little helper!

  7. I had them removed when I was was outpatient and I was off work for 2 wks.

  8. Amy

    I believe B had a miscarriage like 6 months after her daughter was born…

    • Minky

      Ummm… WHAT?!!! I’m I missing something. That makes absolutely no sense.

      • Auntie Velvet

        Minky, it may not be ideal from a standpoint of bouncing back physically, but it’s certainly not unheard of to get pregnant again a few months after having a child.

      • Minky

        I admit, I’m ignorant about a lot of this stuff, but that just sounded so odd. No disrespect to Amy. Sorry, if it sounded that way. I was just surprised by that time-line.

  9. Kika

    Cynthia on Atlanta Housewives had this problem and it was hardly a blip on Bravo other then Cynthia being concerned about how it would affect Peter’s sex life. She seemed to handle it WAY better than Bethanny is going to.

    • Minky

      Cynthia does have her good points. And she certainly was a trooper with her fibroids issues. If she could put up with Peter and Nene, then she probably has a pretty high tolerance for pain and bullshit.

  10. PaganChick

    I remember hearing about the miscarriage. It was more than a couple of years ago though. I remember it because it came out right before the final season of her show with Jason started.

    For the fibroid question, I had some removed and had some complications, I had a 6 week recovery period as well. I think it depends on the nature of the removal, where the fibroids are located and whether or not there are complications from the surgery. My sister had some removed and was up and about 3 weeks later, so there really isn’t a set guideline for it in my experience.

  11. gapeachinsc

    I had one to rupture and it was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. I honestly thought I would die from the pain.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      That’s what I’ve heard. I’m pregnant with a 10cm fibroid and trying not to read too much about “red death” as they call it…people say it’s far worse than the pain of childbirth even.

  12. Since I was done having children I opted for a hysterectomy and have heard that the removal of fibroids can be more complicated than my surgery, which absolutely took me 6 weeks to recover from (although I just couldn’t work (yay!) and my activities were limited – I still had a relatively normal life after the first week or so). I do feel Bethany’s pain – the road leading up to my surgery made me feel crazy and I did worry I was going to bleed out on many occasions. Best decision I ever made…my physical and mental health improved dramatically.

  13. Dracla Duning

    Many, many women go through female issues, and worse, without resorting to being a shrew. Bethenny does not get a pass from me. Her uterine muscles do not connect to the jaw, so she should have checked herself before doing her verbal slicing and dicing. She is just a mean, ugly person with little self control.
    I think 6 weeks recuperation is the norm following most surgeries and needed for people who return to a job which is physical. Not everyone is a CEO. Now to wait and see if her personality vastly improves. What do you want to bet her next excuse for reaming someone a new ass will be because her hormones are not balanced? She is gnarly to the core.

    • Excellent point, Dracula. To add to what you said, she had the surgery in May and she is still being horrible to her cast mates in her blogs and twitter.

      I bet Jim Beam big wigs are finally making her do damage control for her zero fucks tour that she is on.

      • Kept Grits

        Or it may be the Japanese distribution company Suntory Holdings that now control Jim Beam. Maybe they down like skinny girl with a splash of shrew.

    • PopcornAndVodka

      But many woman ARE shrews during female issues. Like it or not our hormones can play havoc with our brains. I’m older than Bethenny and have woken up numerous times wondering what the hell I said the night before and regretting it so much. You have every right to your opinion about her, but at least Bethenny apologizes and expresses regret almost immediately, not only to the person on the other end, but to everyone who was around, and to viewers as well. She has never made any excuses for her behavior, and instead states that it has been unacceptable.

      • Sliceo'pie

        It’s not enough to say, “Oops, had a bad day, sorry for slut shaming you on national TV or for criticizing your home, your lifestyle” – whatever it was that struck her fancy that day. Big deal-she owns it after she’s been a total cunt! My son has apologized after being fresh/rude since he was four. Are we so unused to people apologizing after being a total ass that we applaud them for what they should do anyway? Is that how low the standards have sunk?

        She’s on a mea culpa tour without reaaalllly owning it –because the tide has turned against her. She was a nasty bitch all season and women don’t like her anymore.
        I had a hard time this spring too-I was depressed & angry but I didn’t take it out on my friends or people I encountered during the day-I acted like a normal person and yelled at my husband! Then I apologized. ; )

      • Dracla Dunning

        Bethenny sets a horrible example to young women who have not passed through the change and she needs to stop. Yes, sometimes there are physical issues but they can be handled with grace and decorum. She did use her female problems as an excuse for being bitchy. And so what if she apologizes? Don’t cause a person pain in the first damn place. It is called damage control by keeping your mouth shut. Then there are no regrets and no apologies needed.
        You are correct that I have no empathy for a person who is ill and acts intentionally vicious and the berating of her castmates was purely intentional. Why tear down another in the name of “illness”? It is like the alcoholic who acts out and blames the behavior on being under the influence. No, that person acts out because they are an asshole. The same for Bethenny. Apologies would not be necessary if she wasn’t such a loser. Many times apologies don’t make it right. You cannot unring the bell.
        I am not bashing her for her illness. I am cutting on her for her hideous behavior. How she chooses to act is something well within her control. Many women pass through hormonal issues and worse and don’t claw at every person who crosses their path because it is unacceptable in their home, work place or a social setting. Behavior is a choice and Bethenny chooses to be a hag.
        As a woman it is OK to have a softer side. That is what makes us beautiful. Maybe Bethenny needs to pay less attention to the jock she think so many people are on. Tape it back or something. She is rough around the edges.

      • rainidaze

        If Bethenny truly felt regretful for her words and actions, I think we’d see some change in her, even if it’s just a tiny bit, but I haven’t seen anything that makes me think she has learned a thing from her bad behavior. It’s too little, too late, with no evidence it’s real.

      • misery chick

        This ^^^^^^^^^

        I’m too angry at that b**ch to form a polite and coherent sentence 😠 😒

      • PopcornAndVodka

        No, I’m not going to try to change your minds about Bethenny, and like I said you have every right to your opinions. I wasn’t directing my words to you specifically, DD, that’s for sure, but more in general to the commenters who seemed to imply that she wasn’t sick or that this was a made up storyline Horrible people can still suffer, and people who have been through horrible things don’t usually wish that on their greatest enemy.

        I’m glad many of you have had complete control over your feelings and emotions and words as you go through pre-menopause and other illnesses, but I for one have not, and I’m sure most nurses can tell you the nicest people in the world can be horrible patients. I had to go on medication to stop terrorizing everyone around me when I hit pre-M, but now I’m a nice person again.

        And not all women have turned against Bethenny, there are plenty of places the B-fans go to talk and she still has a huge following. I don’t usually talk B here because I respect TT’s feelings about her and this is her blog. But many of us do understand what happened between her and Luann. Is Luann excused for calling Carole a pedophile where millions could hear it? Would you excuse someone who did that to your friend? Friends have battles and arguments, and MOST people eventually say things they regret — except Luann, who has never apologized once without taking it back. But that group of friends all happen to be friends in real life, even off camera, and there are always going to be issues that come up on the show because they’re living their real lives there, even with set-up storylines.

        That all said, I still love you all and respect your opinons. I’m just stating mine. :)

      • Sheba

        I agree PopCorn! I’m still a B fan and have been thru some crazy hormonal days myself! All these HWs have done and said things that they normally wouldn’t if not a the show to entertain us. Lu and Sonja hit on others men, Dorinda goes crazy at times, Ramona always says things that may piss others off. They are all guilty but I do believe B felt really bad about her words to Luann. She was also embarrassed and admitted it.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Well said, Popcorn.

    • Evaree

      Thank you Dracula D! Agree with every word..

      • Minky

        Dracla is talking a lot of sense. I have yet to experience menopause. All of the horror stories I’ve heard have scared me shitless.

        I have Hashimoto’s. I’ve also had kidney stones and a gnarly episode of sciatica. As well as chronic skin conditions. Menopause is the one thing that scares me maybe a little bit less than I would be scared of getting cancer.

        It’s a natural, normal thing that all women will experience. But to hear the way it’s discussed, it sounds like an inevitable handicap that heralds the effective end of a woman’s life. I don’t want to think of it that way. I watched my mother go through it. Yeah, she got a little crazy, but she got through it pretty okay. And she didn’t use it as an excuse for anything. I don’t want to live in fear of my own body.

  14. PopcornAndVodka

    Fibroids and general female uterus problems can certainly be pretty terrifying, so we should not let any dislike for the woman herself get in the way of having some empathy. It’s also a pretty common thing, so it’s not weird at all for any housewife to have them.
    She wrote a long post about what happened on her FB today, and stated that it actually took her only 8-9 days to recover. I know from my gallbladder surgery and a friend’s hip replacement surgery that doctors will give a broad range so that you’re ready for it in case there are complications, and every body is different.

    Her SnapChat in May confirmed that she was having surgery. She talked about it before and after but didn’t want to go into details, and that is her right to decide when everyone knows about what’s going on with her uterus.

    I just want to point out that like her or hate her, she is a human being, and I know TT doesn’t like when we bash women for things that cannot be helped – nor is there any excuse to. Maybe she turned her illness into a way to promote herself, but we should still have empathy for what she went through which is not in the least bit pleasant, nor is it an invisible/fraudulent disease.

    Tamara, I stopped watching the morning shows years ago for the exact reason. They were more concerned about the FB video of the day and what was trending on Twitter than they were about any real news. All the news you saw today is way more than I usually saw. And thanks for showing that you report the news we come here for in a pretty objective way. We can hate on personalities and actions, but we should have compassion for others’ (real) health problems.

    • Kiyoshigirl

      Of course a myriad of female issues can be horrifying and completely fuck up our lives, but everyone deals with these situations differently. In my case menopause hit like a Mack truck going 90 miles an hour. Even with the benefit of bioidentical hormones I found no relief until lab tests revealed my thyroid was being attacked by antibodies. Without going into too many details, suffice it to say I ended up with Hashimoto’s Disease and a lot of other autoimmune disorders as a result of HD and all that on top of going through a challenging menopause. Getting out of bed every day was and sometimes still is a challenge, but it’s one I have no choice but to meet. My point is that through ALL of this I have been VERY cognizant of my behavior with and to others. If I found I was having a particularly challenging day I backed away from social and family events, in part to give myself a break, but more importantly to protect those around me from what I knew might be bitchy or irrational behavior. I sucked it up at work and made quiet modifications to better my work environment. I was committed to NOT making my health issues someone else’s issues. It’s really pretty simple: If you feel like crap and you’re in a bitchy mood, keep your mouth shut or keep to yourself until it passes. Don’t assume that your presence or your opinions are so valued that the world can’t continue without you. It can. Let the hubby cook dinner in peace. Allow the kids to be kids, and tell your friends they’re better off without you until things improve. That’s why women like me have a very tough time giving someone like Bethenny a pass for her behavior. Her problem is that she does believe the world around her cannot survive without her running it, so she took HER health issues out on those around her and then said, “Oh well, I felt like shit, so too bad for all of you.” Fuck that. People like her exhibit narcissistic and self centered behavior, plain and simple. She gets no pass from me.

      • Minky

        Oh Kiyoshigirl! I have HD too. Everyday something hurts. And you’re right. ITA with everything you said.

        You learn to manage your moods out of respect for friends, family, coworkers, etc. It’s called manners. You can have manners even when you’re not feeling well. Lots of very sick people do that everyday.

      • Happygal

        I have a long a varied list of medical issues and at 32 I had ovarian cancer . I never would have used my cancer then or my illnesses now as an excuse for being a mean spirited cunt. Sorry if this offends anyone but being sick is no excuse to be a jackass to others. Do we as humans and as women have the occasional outburst , of course we do. But when you do it all the damn time that is not ur hormones that is your personality and a character flaw

  15. Puddy

    OK, soooo I had to have surgery (some 20 years ago) to have lots and lots of polyps removed which were the reason I was not getting pregnant for years (only took my going through 5 obgyns who were ignoring my symptoms for 5 years, until I found out the problem when a young brilliant male Obgyn finallly listened to me!) – I had been having very painful periods and abnormal amounts of clotting in giant clumps that everyone was ignoring- and I was at the same taking care of my mother with Alzheimer’s – and NO I was not a raving tearing bitch. They operated to take out all the polyps, gave me too much anesthesia, I vomited profusely, they stuck oxygen up my nose, I went home, and went back to work in 5 days, and back to caring for my mom and husband. I did have to wait 6 months to try to get pregnant as I was told it would take that long for all of the tissue to rebuild and thank you, God, I did get pregnant. The lack of a proper disgnosis was the worst part of it. That said – the surgery is no day at the beach.

    • T D

      Had to get spayed twenty years ago. This was my third and final uterine violation. Knowing every day of the month belonged to me enabled me to bounce back quickly in the morning. The pain set in that night in the maternity wing, hearing a baby cry and knowing I had lost any chance. In my own private Idaho it haunts me like the silence of the lambs.

      • ereSaraSally

        I’ve had several miscarriages with two of them being come Jesus moments. One was being pregnant with an IUD which also inserted into my wall. Toxic shock had taken me into a delirium. I spent two days on ice pads to bring my temp down. Got out of the hospital 2 weeks later. The following year I had an ectopic pregnancy with the Dr saying I would need help to get pregnant. Just below my window they held a birthday party for children under 5 that were born in that hospital. I remember the sound of the childrens laughter made me feel so, so sad & alone. My life eventually got better. I related to your experience TD… Your words brought back a flood of memories.

  16. GirlMe

    I hope they arent planning a Bethenny gets married 2! Wouldnt watch. Plus hasnt she learned cameras ruin marriages.

    I remember her arguing with Jason on camera “see everyone things you’re nice and I’m crazy”.

    I used to love her. She seems to be in a NeNe arch at the moment before returning back to down to earth.

  17. Priscilla Pillsbury

    ~Yawn~ who cares?
    Apparently the original “miscarriage” was caused by taking some sort of strong “medication”
    without a lot of water/ can’t remember if it was an antibiotic…I do remember Bethenny herself
    offering this story as an explanation….
    In any event, Andy extended B’s job back on RHNY as a way to prop up sagging ratings;
    doubt he would be inclined to tell her to curtail the histrionics….”drama” you know
    As for me, I have enjoyed her mudslinging at Lu-Ann..personally can’t abide that woman,
    and Bethenny nails her personality traits perfectly, er- oops, what personality????

    • Kiyoshigirl

      At one point she publically blew off the medication problem and said it was quite common. She said she had taken a pill without drinking enough water and the pill swelled in her throat and blocked her breathing which caused her to go the ER. Maybe that was just a cover story until she was able to accept the miscarriage?

  18. RHofND

    I had an endometrial ablation at age 48 for heavy periods. If a woman has no other conditions such as fibroids an ablation is a life-altering outpatient procedure that was the best thing I had ever done. Heavy periods are totally over with and all periods stop within a year. Of course there was no way of me knowing when I hit menopause but that’s alright. Ladies if you are done having children you seriously have to consider an ablation and it’s covered by insurance!

    • Swizzle

      Amen! I still had light periods after the ablation, but I could leave the house again during my period. I had a hysterectomy last year for another issue but kept my ovaries. So no period, but I can tell when I should be having it because I get cranky and get a migraine. It’s weird.

  19. Rose

    This is my cousins 5th week recovering from surgery for fibroids. She returns to the doctor next week to see if she can be cleared to return to work. I need to binge this season of RHONY.

  20. KaraW

    I haven’t experienced the fibroid issues (thankfully), so I can’t comment on that. I am re-watching the fight with LuAnn, and noticing how it is edited, it seems like Bethenny has a million things to say and LuAnn not so much. My theory of the day is that Bethenny as a producer had a hand it editing it to cut out LuAnn’s criticisms and to make LuAnn look like the loser in the fight. Could Bethenny LIKE this bitchy edit of herself? I’m sorry, I know I’m in the minority, but I still love her.

    • PopcornAndVodka

      It’s okay, you can sit in the back corner with me, LOL.

      • Elizabeth

        I love B too! These women on the show are not her real friends…friends but not real friends, plus they are and seem so much older than her. She is upfront and not so nice sometimes but up front…rather have in my face like B does then what the other women do. Ramona is on the spectrum so she gets a free pass, she just needs a social picture story, at the beginning and middle of the scenes.

      • Nila

        Jules is not older then Bethenny and yet Bethenny acted like a straight up asshole to her at her home and brunch. There is no reason for that, ever.

        I had a stillborn last January, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and I have never ever spoken to anyone the way she does. Hormones don’t make you hateful and Bethenny is full of hate.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I’m here too. I don’t love her as much this season, mainly because the show itself is too Bethenny-focused, not because I actually like her any less, really.

  21. Rolly

    Yes having fibroids removed is a 6 week recovery like after having a baby. I had one the size of an 8 cm orange and looked like a I was 4 months pregnant. You lose weight to. The hormones off balance can have you acting like a phsyco. Explains a lot about Beth.

    • PopcornAndVodka

      Anyone who has been through a tough pre-menopause would understand, it really is difficult to have control. I seriously went to the doctor and told her I was going to legit murder someone if I didn’t get some help. I was given a prescription and finally feel NORMAL again. Sadly, for some women not even anti-depressants will work.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I have a 10cm one, the size of a newborn’s head! Also am pregnant. I HATE my fibroid with every fiber of my being. I can’t wait to have my baby so I can get this thing GONE. It doesn’t even do much to me except probably make me look fatter than I am, but I hate that it’s in there.

  22. tripleOGpearl

    Mind you, I didn’t mean to imply my experience was bullshit or fake when likening it to Yolanda. I just laugh every time I’m about to say “journey” because well, Yolanda. Lmfao!

  23. I don’t buy that she is just cruel to some people and not others. Whether or not someone else went over the edge is not the point. Each person is responsible for their own behavior. I think she is mean. I always thought she was mean. But that is my opinion. That being said, I don’t wish her any kind of illness. I have had this, it isn’t fun and it is painful. However, I can say that I managed to not alienate everyone around me. Each of us is different and handles things differently. She seems to take whatever is happening in her life and make it all about her. LuAnn can be obnoxious for sure but these two together both think the sun rises and falls on them. Good for them. They have worked hard and are a success with what they have accomplished. Still doesn’t give ANYONE the right to talk to another person like they are less than. End of story.

  24. I had a hysterectomy to rid me of my lemon sized fibroids. Best thing I ever did the pain from fibroids and the amount of blood and clotting. Tmi. It it’s unbearable truly. That operation is just like ace cecerian basically except instead of leaving with a baby, you get your life back. Six weeks off, but recovered after two perfect after 3-4 weeks. I also had a miscarriage because of the ‘roids. That was how I discovered they existed and it was not normal to hurt that badly almost every day of the month.

  25. TBD

    The “red” campaign is like a monkey throwing its excrement for a banana. Bravo has played this saw to death.

  26. Auntie Velvet

    The divorce stress plus this could (potentially) explain a lot. Last year she was very weepy and hysterical, and this year she’s quite…aggressive. I’m still giving her the side eye, but I’ve been Team Bethenny since the Martha-Apprentice days, so I have to hold out hope that she can get back on a more even keel.

  27. Butters

    I had a fibroid the size of a 6 month fetus. I did laparoscopic robot assisted hysterectomy at Mount Sinani and went home the same day. I stayed home for a week and out of work for two week. The second week I was able to hang out a bit for dinners, etc. Maybe they kept Bethenny longer because she has rich people insurance.

  28. Bridgett

    The “fibroid tour” (or better yet #skinnygirlfibroid) will continue tonight, she is on WWHL.
    Joking aside, I do feel for her; anything involving the lady parts is never easy and always leaves me feeling off.

  29. Dancing Matisse

    When you find yourself bleeding out like a water faucet has been turned on in your uterus you tend to get a bit freaked out and dramatic. From what I’ve heard it sounds like Bethenny had a similar experience. Don’t discount how scary it is until they fix you and advise if there is cancer or not.

  30. T D

    If only they would have removed the stick from her ass while they were in there. Betcha’ the real story t’was a lady bits tune up gone wrong. She tried to reduce the size of her shark toothed satchel, but like Nene’s nose it will keep coming back.

  31. KaraW

    Someone close to me went through breast cancer and radiation. She handled it like a trooper and she’s generally a nice person, but for some reason, she took it out on store clerks. If they weren’t helpful fast enough, she made such a point of it, it was embarrassing. I wanted to walk behind her handing out apology notes.

  32. Lisa j

    Fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, I’m a lady bits nightmare story but I DONT give her a behavior pass, why? She doesn’t give a shit if we like her or not.

  33. Cici

    Hi T T. Yes, recovering for a six-week stint is definitely the norm when having fibroid tumors removed. I had three removed–2 outside of my uterus and 1 inside my uterus all connected together. I had to get a hysterectomy! I was in the hospital for ten days (due to complications from surgery).

    The sad part is I ignored the symptoms for years and let the tumors grow. I was a hermit because I would have extremely heavy flow for 21 out of 30 days a month!!! I miscarried at 11 weeks. The fibroid tumors weighed 10 LBS!!! The surgeon took a photo of it and gave it to me at my request. The shape of it resembled a baby.

    Today, I feel better than ever, but I still lament the miscarriage and the inability to ever have children. My advice to anyone who is having symptoms, please manage your health care and see your doctor. T T, thanks for allowing me to share.

  34. T D

    Frentic happiness. The Queen of hearts, crumbled and humbled, crowns Bethenny with thorns. Beheading pales to drawn being drawn and quarted. This is happy. So Happy.

  35. ingrid

    had a partial hys last November after a huge fibroid I had for years doubled in size. The discomfort was awful, and the pretests are very scary, because there is something wrong; you can feel it. When the surgery is done it is such a relief, (had the abdominal surgery b/c it was so big), 2 days in the hospital, 2 weeks out of work and moving gingerly and not lifting for about 2 months. I feel SO much better now, cant even tell you.

  36. T D

    Skinny’s glass will only be half full as she stands by watching eveY other glass run over. Bitter dregs inthe bottom of everything she swallows.

  37. T D

    How does one quantify another’s pain.?

  38. KayC

    I had HUGE fibroids (as in looking 6 months pregnant) fibroids.
    I have had 2 surgeries- The first a myomectomy.
    It’s like a multiple c-section – your uterus is cut in MANY
    places. Doctors give you 2 weeks – but I went back to work
    In 2 weeks.
    It wasn’t easy – and I had to look pretty and perform.

  39. KayC

    I meant – Doctors give you 6 weeks
    It’s like having a baby – but going home empty handed

  40. SLM

    I would never belittle anyone’s pain from having lady business issues or any other medical problem. I’ve never had fibroids, but did suffer through 3 miscarriages and the emotional and physical pain was excrutiating. I am also one to be grumpy when I’m not feeling good. HOWEVER, what I am SO not like about B is her pattern has become that there is ALWAYS an excuse for her behavior, but never anyone else’s. As in, maybe Luann has been so “active” in recent years because she’s lonely and craving emotional intimacy – a pain of the heart that is very real for her. Or, maybe Sonja is TRULY off her waffle cart and hiding in her own reality because of it. Or, Dorinda clings to John (despite his many issues) because he knew her beloved husband and was there for her following her loss, so she doesn’t want to let that go because she’s hurting and doesn’t want to be alone in it. All these women have real reasons for some of what they do, but B ONLY SEES HER PROBLEMS as justification for the egregious ways she acts. Haven’t we all known someone like this? They can do no wrong because they have STUFF GOING ON, but anyone else better act perfect all the time. Heck, I have an SIL who will lay in bed for 2 weeks off work if she so much as has a wart removed from her toe, posting on Instagram about it and looking for prayers (not joking) but the DAY AFTER her own mom came out of the hospital she dropped her kids off with her to babysit for the weekend because she “needed me time.” But I digress. My point is, with the years of emotional and physical suffering B may have had, you’d think it would make her MORE compassionate for her cast mates and friends, not less. And I find it a little indicative of her true character that she simply isn’t.

    • Nila

      Yes!!! I agree with you 100%! Everyone has “stuff” and they don’t go around destroying other human beings.

      I remember her whole pity me I don’t want a bday party and my horrible husband threw me one, so I’m going to sit in the bathroom and sob loudly…like a toddler. Yet, she has parties for herself ever since coming back to rhony, you know, after her talking head about how she hates attention on her birthday…

      It seem to me she wanted to alienate Jason from his parents and that didn’t work out the way she thought it would. The baby’s first Christmas she wanted to spend it in CA, without his parents. His surprise golf birthday she did not invite his dad and became angry when he asked if his father could come. Then there was her talk of I want to move to CA, I honestly think she was trying to push all his buttons to see how far she could make him go and still keep him. Who else drags a divorce out for this long? I am so sick of poor “homeless” Bethenny. If she really cared about dragging her kid around from hotel to hotel, then she would have thrown some money down on a rental for a year, boom done! But where would the sympathy in that be? She chooses to be a butch and make her life complicated.

  41. Deb B

    Six weeks recovery is real for lifting, at least. There’s a danger of tearing open the fine stitches that are internal. Abdominal surgery is considered high risk, as well.

  42. tripleOGpearl

    Hmm, I shared my fibroid story and it went to moderation and never appeared. Was it too gross? I did leave many details out.

  43. TinaLaFlambe

    What is the old saying? Something about when luck meets opportunity?
    This will give her the “out” for being a complete hyena to LuAnn. Bad timing in real life to have a health crises right after you made sure to alienate people you work with. On TV.

  44. Cat

    Wow, you ladies are so BRAVE! I have never had anything like this before, and have never been pregnant.

    Being pregnant has always made me think of the chestburster in the “Alien” movies. No, thanks!

    Yes, yes…in this situation, I am indeed a “pussy”.

    • Kika

      Geez Cat, I am right there with you. It has been very interesting reading all of these life experiences, though. And yes, they are very brave!

  45. PRMoGal

    Fibroids are the worst condition a woman can encounter.. Depending on the treatment, it most certainly can take up to 6-8 weeks to recover. Every woman situation is different.

  46. sarah adams

    Totally superficial comment/question amidst the medical discussion here, but Dorinda’s jacket for worn at home goods is awesome. Anyone know the brand/designer where i can get it?!?!

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