WWHL With Vicki Gunvalson: She Is Still In Touch With Brooks???


Andy begins with a rundown of a few RHOOC. He plays a clip of Tamra working out and Vicki claps and agrees with him when he talks about how good she looks this season.  Then Andy mentions Meghan announcing her pregnancy yesterday. Dead silence. Zero reaction from Vicki. Seems like these two never reconcile.

Vicki took her new beau, Steve who is a retired police officer, to Heather’s book signing. All the cast was there. Tamra asked him if he carried a pistol. He said no, but he is permitted to. Tamra proceeded to pat him down and then grab his crotch and say, “I found it!”  I find that incredibly disgusting and I think the guy should have filed a sexual assault charge.  I’m serious. Vicki says she was mortified and thought he would dump her then and there. Brianna loves Steve.  They have only been dating for two months. He is running for City Council in Anaheim and yes I have heard all the muck being brought up about the guy.

Real Housewives of Orange County - Season 8

Vicki continues to deny any knowledge of Brook’s lie. She fell for him hard. Vicki doesn’t want to talk about Brooks anymore but Andy keeps asking her questions. She is still in contact with him to some degree. She says they still have some unfinished business.

Next week  on RHOOC, Kelly goes out to lunch with Vicki and tells Meghan , Shannon and Tamra that they were kind of mean to her on the yacht and Vicki was down about it. Kelly asks if Vicki ever got so involved with their relationships. And of course she had. Tamra mentions that she hasn’t seen her daughter in two years because she lives with Simon.

Vicki says out of all the housewives she is closest to Jeana.

Vicki seems to already be thinking of settling down with Steve. No surprise there.

The poll question was “Have you forgiven Vicki?” 62% said no.  Vicki says that we don’t know the true story.


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54 responses to “WWHL With Vicki Gunvalson: She Is Still In Touch With Brooks???

  1. Dee

    Vicki looks great. Love her hair cut.

  2. Andy is probably one of the most passive aggressive people on the planet. He is so shady he should be named Elm. He acts like he has no idea what is going on when he is right there asking the nastiest of questions. Whether she knew or not …does it matter any more? It’s over move on. I like Vicki and wish her only love. Obviously is she didn’t know or didn’t know there is something much deeper and sadder going on here. So hugs to Vicki, move on I only want you to WOO HOO your life the best that you can.

    • Lu

      I agree with you. I don’t understand why the girls cannot just let it go and now the husbands, i.e David is evil too with the comment he passed at the table. Shannon looks like a sour puss the entire time. We will never know the true extent of what happened between Vicki and Brooks. If she lied, she has to live with it. Hopefully she learns from it. I hope Vicki and Kelly have a great time together- just to stick it to Meagan, cause apparently in her delusional mind she owns Kelly! Come on Vic, wool it up!

    • Powerkazi

      How can it not matter if someone who you thought was your friend lied to you about something as serious as her partner being sick? Even if the only thing she lied about was Terry Dubrow making a house call to treat a violently ill Brooks, that’s a huge lie and I wouldn’t want to be friends with someone who would make something like that up. Moving on for me would be want Shannon has suggested – wishing you well, but wanting nothing to do with you.

      • tamaratattles

        Please stop ruining things with facts! :) I have a terrible memory which is allowing me to just forget all about things like that. :(

      • JR in OH

        Tamra lied to Shannon about telling anyone about the marriage email.
        Heather lied about knowing and telling about the email, then through her out of her house.
        Lauri lied about a 3-some.
        Seems like everyone on this show lies about something!
        Don’t even get me start on RHW of NY from Luann to Carole to Bethenny to Ramona.
        They all make up their “own truth”.

    • Shae

      he should be named “elm” , lmfao! I needed that chuckle, thanks.

  3. Lisa j

    Speechless. I took this off DVR because of his misogyny, thanks for the reminder of why I made that choice. Reality tv is such a new genre and I can’t even begin to imagine the long term ramifications of participating in this side of entertainment. We’ve seen all of the divorces, children with long lasting bullying and poor life choices, etc. I am hooked and feel so dirty about that.

    • beth

      Reality TV is not new .. “An American Family” was filmed in 1971, aired on PBS in 1973 (I would love to see it again). There could be other examples, before and since that series. IMO, the HW shows may have a “real” side to them, but there is a heavy dose of scripting going on, no matter what Andy claims.

  4. PaganChick

    is anyone really surprised that Tamra grabbed Vicki’s boyfriend’s crotch? After all she is the same woman that grabbed Brooks’ hand and put it on her boob all because Eddie complimented Vicki’s appearance.

    • SaraSally

      The incident with Tamra & Brook was the first thing that came to my mind. She would be a candidate facial reconstruction surgery if she had pulled that crap with my man or men as in Vickie’s case. Brooks is into Vickie for bucket full amount of money. And as long as he owes her, there will always be a connection between the two. I still don’t believe her. Vickie has an easy tell.

    • Remember Tamara flipping out on lizzie over a game of marry, shagg, kill? & she goes & has physical contact with someone? Wtf

  5. Cat

    Forgive Vicki for what? The Brooks cancer lie?

    I, of course, don’t know for sure, but it seems to me that Vicki was in denial. I think when she falls for someone, she falls hard, and completely.

    Love is blind, sometimes.

  6. Happygal

    I am happy Vicki is happy and I really hope this new guy is a good guy. I think for some reason Vicki is terrified of being alone and she therefore put up with much nonsense from Brooks and convinced herself that it would all be ok because she loved him and he loved her. I feel sorry for her that she was or is that insecure as it cannot be a very good feeling and is such a drastic juxtaposition to how she is a business woman where she is so confident.

    • Minky

      Here I go, being in the minority again. But I just don’t think that Vicki was as incredulous with Brooks as she wants the others on the show, and the people in TV land, and her employer, to believe. She CANNOT admit that she’s just as much of a con artist as he is. Why are people expecting that?

      She’s been a melodramatic liar since day one. She’s still on the show after all of these seasons because she’s very good at playing this game, and has been willing to sacrifice her relationships to do it. Including her relationship with her daughter, which has never been perfect to begin with. She’s ruthless. I feel she’s actually worse than Tamra in that regard. And definitely much more wily.

      • I totally agree with you Minky! Vicki is the con artist and will deny and lie to get ahead!

      • tripleOGpearl

        Thank you! In my eyes it was PAINFULLY obvious that Vicki was in on the charade the ENTIRE time. All of the double talking and aggression gave that away from the jump. NOBODY lives with someone that has cancer yet doesn’t attend one treatment, one Dr’s appt, and on and on and on. Not to mention it came out rather early that he had faked it a time or two prior. His whole cancer nonsense was rolled out just as ridiculous sounding as Kim Z’s “cancer scare” excuse for wearing wigs.

      • JustJenn

        People are so outraged by Vicki, but why? I think she was way less involved with the cancer storyline until the other housewives inserted themselves in it and it kept growing from there. I find it much less offensive than Yolanda who used her Lyme’s when things weren’t going her way or she didn’t want to film a scene or reunion and lied about things that were actually caught on camera.

        Vicki was desperate to hang on to Brooks, for whatever reason, and that was her biggest downfall IMO.

      • JustJenn

        Oops..I didn’t mean for that to me a reply!

      • Janet

        I agree. It wasn’t about Vickie really believing Brooks, she wanted him and was willing to do anything and to be ruthless in order to keep him. It was apparent that it didn’t matter what Vickie found out about Brooks, she would not be fazed by it. Her comment about that she was trying to hold onto something that,was slipping through her fingers was the truth. I thought that twords the end of last season that you could see Brooks did not want to work out,with Vickie and he was over it and restless to take off. It’s what I allways suspected that he had played Vickie and she couldn’t or wouldn’t accept the truth. It just,wasn’t easy to feel sorry for her because she had done so many awful things herself for him and her ego. I can see where Shannon is coming from, some of the stuff she was involved in and the lies were sociopathic and sick. Hopefully, this new guy works out and brings out the better side of her.

    • SaraSally

      This new guy has been around for only a few months & already he is now nationally. He is running for council seat again, after a failed political campaign last election cycle. Just another opportunist seeking lonely woman of means who can assist catapulting his name recognition during this election season.

  7. MARC

    Love is blind deaf & dumb yet I still think she will always be enamored with Brooks & continue to claim to be blind sided by his cancer ruse. I really like Brianna & would never let my mother be conned by a two bit hustler.

  8. misery chick

    Vicki-pretty please, for the love of God–tell us YOUR part in the entire true story!!!!!

    • swizzle

      She never will. She’s even saying now repeatedly that she never lied for Brooks. Well, she admitted to lying at the reunion about the whole IV in the middle of the night story…so what’s the truth? I don’t think she knows the truth. She has convinced herself she was the victim…of Brooks and the other HWs. BS Vicki. She’s either an idiot or a liar, and I tend to think liar. I seriously don’t think I can watch her any more. She needed to fess up and apologize before moving on. She just wants to skip to moving on, and no one is buying that.

      • Minky

        The second Vicki compared her situation with the other Wives to the martyrdom of Jesus Christ… Well, what more is there to say?

        Like I said, I’m willing to overlook some shit. But for real, dough.

  9. nancy83

    I think the unfinished business relates to actual business, Brooks got her involved in several enterprises and I think he conned her out of a lot of money. People who are being conned out of money, rarely want to see the truth, they will give more and more money to avoid facing facts. I doubt if Brooks ever wanted to marry Vicki, I think it was all a ruse to make a lot of dough. Since. Vicki prides herself on being this great businesswoman, I think it took her longer to see the truth. I wish Shannon could understand this, she keeps saying Vicki is such a savvy businesswomen, she had to know Brooks was faking it, but Vicki was too invested, emotional and financially. I thought Vicki looked great and i love that hairstyle on her. I wish all the older women would give up their extensions. I think it ages them.

    • Amy Lou

      I also really liked Vicki’s hair – it looks great. I am concerned about the new guy. I hope he’s okay and loyal to her but the stories about him are not good. I think she deserves to find the kind of love and devotion she’s so obviously seeking. I don’t think Vicki is a bad person I just think she’s set in her ways and can come across as an annoying know it all but I also think she does have a really big heart and that gets her into to trouble, too.

      • Cara

        She might be able to find it if she gave herself a few minutes to look! She really hates to be alone, I think, and she seems to “adopt” a new guy pretty quickly. She has a lot to give, and she seems to give it (a little too) freely. Then she finds herself in the position of having to defend someone who might not be worth defending. I like Vicki and I hope she takes a moment to breathe and take stock of her life. She should be happy.

  10. Billie_bee

    If my mom was grabbing some random guy’s crotch announcing here it is, I wouldn’t want to talk to her either…

  11. Well, Tamra is still a pig. I think Vicky is relatively sane and smart in every department except for men. Brianna may like this one, but I wouldn’t trust him or any one that Vicky picks.

  12. After all the crap tat went down between Vicky & jeana why the hell would J consider hanging out w/tat trashbag! I dont get she was very mean to J & alls She did was talk about herself sticky Vicky I don’t recall 1 question sticky asked J about her life only worried about herself . Why is it so hard for housewives to say sorry & admit wen they are wrong , it bugs the crap out of me !

  13. Actually had a “girlfriend” do the exact same thing to my future husband. Awkward. I think Vicki was in on all of it from th beginning – chasing the almighty dollar while under dickmatization. That laying in the driveway crying stuff sounds true and sad.

  14. TBD

    I had noticed Heather tweeted a picture of one of her daughters, and (whom I thought) Shannon’s and also Tamra’s (two?) daughters together in a swimming pool. Maybe it’s an old photo?

  15. Meri

    Whether Vicki knew or didn’t know about Brooks scam and whether she did or did not participate in his lies…she really didn’t hurt those women. Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes and she is not obligated to live her life according to what her so-called HW friends determine is right or wrong. If she lied then she had her reasons for doing it and although lying to a friend is wrong it is not a sin punishable by death or total ostracism. She was there for Shannon and for Tamra when she needed to be and they acted like she killed their dog when she was caught telling stories that were probably not true. None of those stories changed the lives of any of the other women. The worst part was her own daughter trashing her and siding with people who did not have Vicki’s best interests at heart.
    I was far more disgusted with the behavior of the women at the last reunion than I was with Vicki. Brooks is what he is and Vicki loved him no matter what he is. So big deal…she does not deserve the treatment that was so cruel and mean. Women stay loyal to men who kill people and go to prison so why is what Vicki did so horrible? Her only sin is picking the wrong partner and allowing him to turn her into a fool.
    Meghan was a newcomer who decided to highjack the show and take down Vicki. If not about Brooks I believe that Meghan would have found something else to try to destroy Vicki with.
    Heather is just a fake and a materialistic bitch who lives a life filled with possessions and the need to be above everyone else and Shannon is mentally unstable in my opinion. Her husband is a weasel and just as dishonest as Brooks.
    Tamra…what can I say that hasn’t already been said…she is a terrible person who has never been loyal to anyone but herself. You can take the woman out of the trailer park but you can’t take the trailer park out of the woman.
    I wish Vicki lots of love and I hope that she finds it and keeps it. The person who was hurt the most was Vicki and the others are just looking for a story-line through her troubles and choice of a partner.
    She was lonely and desperate and instead of trying to help her or stand beside her they ganged up on her and relished every moment of her misery. With friends like that you don’t need any enemies.

  16. Shae

    Vicki knew, 100%, and her compulsive, debilitating fear of being alone compelled her to stay with a man who was openly lying about having cancer, period. It is extremely sad that Vicki has “never been alone” in her entire life and finds a few months living alone as a grown woman to be impossible. Profoundly sad.

    Whenever you have a fear like that controlling you, you will tolerate and be party to horrible things. In her case, Brooks. She would rather stay with that lying POS and be party to his lies, than be alone. So sad.

    The fact she viciously went after all the women for calling bullshit where they saw it, is rather unforgivable. Granted many stepped over the line in their methods, but Vicki went full force at them knowing damn well he was full of it. I would never be able to be friends with someone like that again.

    • nancy83

      If that were true, and there was only one reason to stay with Brooks her “compulsive debilitating fear of being alone”, she would have stayed with Donn. Things are rarely that simple, and there are usually many reasons why a person does what they do.

      • Sabrina

        That might be true except that as she sees herself, Vicki the successful business woman had a choice when she left Donn/sought a replacement- she was working, travelling, and Brooks had already met her, and decided to pursue her at the time, while living and fathering a child with one woman, and fathering another with another woman. Brooks saw Vicki as a catch with national recognition, and suspected she could be of help to him- and had her prove it, as she wrote a letter to a judge about him, in supporting his lack of child support, to another woman.

        But from Vicki’s standpoint, he was ” filling her love tank” as Donn wasn’t, and was immediately available, so she would not be alone. That was all that mattered to Vicki at the time- she would not be alone.

      • Jackson

        She left Don for Brooks. There was not a transition period. She has since expressed regret for leaving Don although she accused him of outsourcing.

      • Lawstangel

        As far as Don goes, she tried to reconcile with him more than once. He was not interested.

      • Janet

        I’ve thought that too before, and I think Vickie craved alot of male attention to feel pretty, and got stuck on the affair high. Brooks came in her life and played her and made her feel they could have a life together if only shed divorce Donn. Vickie rolled the dice and got the divorce, thinking she would get to be with Brooks. When things got rocky, Vickie tried to be the good sport hoping eventually Brooks would settle down with her and it would all be worth it. By the time she got a clue, it was too late to get her marriage back, and she realized her life with her husband was much better than being played and dumped by Brooks and winding up alone in the end as an older woman. She had gotton the face lift and all the beauty procedures and spent a ton of money helping him, and is wealthy, and it still wasn’t enough to keep him. That had to be so tough to face. He was so so not worth it and Vickie is such a slow learner. I really hope the new guy works out. I think Vickie could appreciate and be a good partner of given a decent person.

  17. TinaLaFlambe

    I think Icky Vickie may have been duped in the beginning. She thought she could set him up with a separate income stream. Her and her “love tank” needs made her a slave. Not the first woman to fall that way. She knew at some point. We women always know if even we don’t want too face it. He is not a good con man. He’s a simpleton with something in his pants that he uses with the phony Hallmark card words. He is a predator of lonely women. He exposed himself to Brianna. Would you keep someone in your luxury house or plain old sugar shack after your daughter tells? So she gets what she deserves. No excuses Icky.

    • Janet

      I think the con men who primarily, use sex to seduce and manipulate, tend to be cheesy and pretty transparent. They know they don’t have to be smart and clever, just stick to what they like to do anyway, having sex, and they’ll have women willing to do anything, and going along with any stupid story they come up with. I’ve seen guys like Brooks, who have success being a player because they have perfected what it is that women want, and want to hear, knowing that some women are intrigued and take it on as a challenge, when treated badly by them. They’ll be given endless chances to rip them off or burn them, and can allways come back. The woman has become their slave, and sometimed, the woman isn’t all that nice herself. Thats why she doesn’t like nice guys.

  18. Dandy Lion

    I can’t help feel for Vicky; with all of her money, looks and smarts she should first work on her self-esteem/relationship issues. Once she’s strong and confident, the right guy will come along or if not, she will feel strong single.

  19. swizzle

    Can we please discuss Vicki’s sham cancer charity? All signs of it are suddenly gone from the Internet. Website, Facebook page are down. Apparently when you went on the site, it was also gathering your information to generate leads for Vicki’s insurance business. Seriously. This woman has now tried twice to profit from cancer. And she’s the victim?

    If she really cared about cancer, she would have lead a fundraising effort for a known cancer-related charity. There are many reputable ones out there. No need to create something new.

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