Teen Mom 2 FInale Recap: Part One and Part Two

Teen Mom Leah


It seems like Jeremy has moved to Ohio with his girlfriend Brooke and there is not a whole lot of visitation happening. Leah says that Jeremy says that he got fired from his job for asking for time off to come to the reunion filming. And yet, he still did not come.

None of this is making a lot of sense. Leah says that Corey had to coach a girls T-ball game and that is why he didn’t come. But when Dr. Drew Skyped with Corey he said he didn’t want to be involved with all the stress of the filming and interviews. Basically, he didn’t want to haul the whole family out to California for a very unpleasant experience. Corey says that they are in a good place with custody and he just wants to keep things sailing smoothly and not stir up any drama.

Corey says that every time they leave a reunion, there is a breakdown in the relationship between Leah and him.  He doesn’t want to stir up things from the past and then have to deal with the situation all over again. Corey is also not a fan of Dr. Drew. Miranda’s baby came eight weeks early! Another reason not to pack everyone up and go to LA.

Corey seems to say that the future is unpredictable because Leah is unpredictable. Dr. Drew mentions Miranda not being on as much this season. Corey says they were unhappy with her portrayal on the previous season so the opted not to film as much this season.

Teen Mom Janelle Nathan


Barbra and David went to lunch with Jenelle recently. Sounds like Barbra is trying to stay in the loop about Jenelle’s current situation. Janelle tells a strange story about the day David called the cops that makes no sense.

Jenelle takes no responsibility for attacking Nathan’s new girlfriend.  Jenelle thinks David is the greatest thing since sliced bread. She wants a baby with him. He wants lots more kids.  They both make a good case for forced sterilization.

Nathan comes out with Mohawk in a pony tail. Nathan says Jenelle can’t get along with anyone she dates. She’s violent and he suggests that she is a cutter. Jenelle slings back that he Jenelle accuses Nathan of being abusive. He denies it. Jenelle apparently hooked up with Kiefer in between Nathan and David.

Janelle doesn’t have the items he needs to take care of the doughnut. He also doesn’t have a driver’s license. Jenelle and Nathan go back and forth over custody and in the middle of it Nathan points out that Jenelle has “gained like thirty or forty pounds.”

Barbra comes out and says that Nathan is a liar and an alcoholic. Nathan kept coming back into the house after he was tossed out. He came in and attacked Keifer when he was there for a one night stand. Jace is medicated (Vyvanse)to be able to behave in school.

David comes out and he is dumber than a box of hair. He can barely carry on a coherent conversation.

Teen Mom Kail


Kail says it is really hard to make life changing decisions while Javi is deployed. I have always felt that they should have waited until he got back to file for divorce. But they didn’t. Kail is the first of the Teen Moms to get a four year college degree. Kail is very emotional and has been since her segment began. Lots of tears, which isn’t like her.

Kail talks about how very hard the miscarriage was for both Kailyn and Javi.  Javi blamed Kail at first. Kail says a big part of the reason they were trying to stay together was for Isaac.

Javi calls in and as it turns out he could have flown to the reunion from Afghanistan but he decided it was best to just give Kail her space.  Javi doesn’t want a divorce.  I wonder when this was filmed. This is very sad. Javi wants another baby and she doesn’t basically. Javi says this is the first time he has seen Kail cry about this. Dr. Drew asks Javi if she can call him later and continue talking. Javi says he wakes up every two hours hoping he has a text from her. She knows that. Kail says it is too late for them to work things out. I think that means she has a new guy. She talked about her childhood and how she had eight stepdads. She is headed down that same path.  She seems less invested in her marriage that the viewing audience.

Jo comes out and talks about how his relationship with Kail is much better.  Jo says that since Javi has been deployed, Kail has been a lot happier.  This makes  her cry again. Jo says that Javi being deployed has helped their relationship as well. Kail says she is crying because it’s hard to hear that she may be happier without Javi. Jo thinks it is great that Javi and Isaac are close and he thinks that Javi and Isaac will still see each other. Jo doesn’t understand Javi. Javi is not receptive to a relationship with Jo like Kail and Vee have.  I get it. Javi is possessive and wants to be in control of his marriage without interference. Jo and Vee are engaged. I feel like it is great that Jo and Kail get along. But to me it seems like they are too close. I don’t see how Vee tolerates that. I think my feelings are more in line with Javi’s in this matter.

Teen Mom Chelsea


There is a lot of time left in this finale. I have no idea what Chelsea is going to talk about for this long. Perhaps the girls all come out again for the final goodbye?

The pig is only 50 pounds? Banjo is almost 80! Adam is still blowing off visitations and not showing up.

Chelsea is not allowing the wedding to be filmed.  She and Cole don’t discuss Adam on camera. She does discuss Adam on camera with others. Chelsea is at a happy place in her life and wants her privacy back. I think she is ready to be done with the show and go live in the woods with Cole.

Adam comes out and says he is not going to answer any questions. So why is he there? He says he is there because he is under contract and he has to be there. He doesn’t want be a part of the show anymore. He says he can’t get out of the contract but he is not going to sign a new one. Dr. Drew says he probably could have gotten out of it. Adam says he talked to Larry and he would not let him out. So Drew brings out Larry!  Adam basically says money is an issue.

After Adam stomps off the set, Chelsea’s dad comes out. Wow, Chelsea has been doing this for seven seasons. She must have a ton of savings. Wait, as it turns out, Chelsea didn’t tell Adam the date of the father daughter dance. She just told him to check with the school for the date and time.

Was there an explanation about why we never saw Cole? Did that have something to do with Adam?  And my DVR shut off with all the kids chatting. So another season is in the can.

Do you think Chelsea will come back?


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23 responses to “Teen Mom 2 FInale Recap: Part One and Part Two

  1. PJ

    Thanks for recapping this. None of my favorites sites are doing it anymore. I think both Chelsea and Adam have signed for the next season and it’s already underway.

  2. marc

    I am obsessed with this show since I started reading the recaps here ; Janelle & David are atrocious human beings & I think Barbara is an absolute saint to put up with them. Poor Jace & now the donut let’s hope Janelle never has another child with anyone.

  3. Cgal38

    Dr Drew was awful to Kail – she’s obviously having a tough time and probably serious regret and humiliation about her marriage, and he was totally judging and blaming her.

    Jenelle – I can’t – wtf was that story with Nathan and her friend???

    Tamara would you ever post a pic of banjo?? I’m a big animal lover and would love to see his face!

  4. 25

    Seems like everyone is over filming except for Jenelle’s past and future baby daddies. Lol at Adam saying production were evil dictators who wouldn’t let him stay at home, then we see that Corey, Cole, & Javi each did get a pass. He’s a doid.

    I’ve never liked Dr. Drew, but for him to not have the balls to tell David that you dont call the cops on your girlfriend’s mother is absurd.

  5. Bugsy

    Leah needs to get her act together. I think Corey tolerates her to keep the peace. Jeremy has probably had enough of her and the cameras (like Adam with Chelsea), but was smarter in dodging the reunion.

    Jenelle is simply a trainwreck. I can’t believe Dr. Drew didn’t bring up the fact that it appears that she’s Doctor-shopping. Nathan is a complete and total idiot, and I don’t think that David is much better. Does Barbara have an angle, or has she fallen under David’s narcopath spell? If she has fallen under his spell, I’m disappointed; I thought she was much smarter.

    Kail is obviously involved with someone new. Why else would she be so willing to end her marriage while Javi is deployed? Of course Jo wants her to distance herself from Javi – now there’s no one to remind her that things seem fine now, but let one small disagreement pop up, and Jo will revert right back to the asshole he is.

    Chelsea is the most level-headed of all of these girls. She has grown from a spoiled brat who got everything she wanted, to a mature young woman who seems to have everything together. Thank heavens she and Aubree have Cole. Adam has been a piece of shit since he was introduced, and will likely never change. He said he wanted to quit, then said he’d come back for more money. Please, MTV, give that asshole more money so Chelsea can haul him back to court and get more child support!!!

    • 25

      Right when he’s ordered to pay decent child support seems like an awfully coincidental time for Adam to “be sick of” the job that grossly overpays him, doesn’t it? I feel so bad that Chelsea has to deal with a spiteful little prick like him.

  6. Allison

    Adam is the King of all Douches. He looked ridiculous pouting and talking about how he wasn’t talking. Go away, Adam. Chelsea almost seems done but I hope not.
    Kailyn is sooooo done with her marriage, I kinda feel bad for Javi-it seems too little, too late and she has checked out. Anyone else notice it looks like Kail had her lips done? Her upper lip was puffier than normal and didn’t move.
    Dr Drew disappoints me we very teen mom reunion-last one he basically kissed Leah’s ass, and he seems afraid to ask the tough questions.

  7. jen

    Did Leah say “monkey “? Lol. He exes sure didn’t want to come and deal with her shit!

  8. RealE

    Kail and Javi divorcing is so sad to me. I really like them as a couple and he seems possessive, but like a really sweet guy that cares for her. His bond with Isaac is so touching. I really think Kail is doomed to repeat her mothers mistakes as she pointed out. At least she is on that path with leaving the second dad. I feel like she knows better and wants better but is repeating these mistakes. Rumor has it she cheated on Jabi. He said something alluding to it in Twitter and she cheated on her last serious boyfriend on the show with Joe. I hope she is able to work on her issues and take time to focus on herself before attaching to a new man.
    Jenelle – just ugh. There will be a new baby soon; was, rinse, repeat
    Chelsea should leave the show, I agree.
    Leah- I’ve always had a soft spot for her and Amber from teen mom 1. I’m rooting for her to turn it around. She loves her girlses.

  9. RealE

    Corey and Miranda do seem so over the show. The funny thing is I think they are saints the way they fought so hard for those kids. I am so confounded as to how they think they got a bad edit. I don’t think bad of them at all. It seems even Leah is appreciative of what they did. So why is Corey always complaining about his portrayal? Am I watching a different show?

    • Amelias912

      I have read they got alot of heat from online trolls
      Social media was brutal after some episodes last season. They appeared to not realize had issues other than anxiety and felt Corey and Miranda weren’t supportive of Leah.

  10. Dee

    Watching Jenelle is like watching American Horror Story, I just can’t do it. I want to scream at her that her baby is adorable, she is lucky to have him. This show has lowered the respect I used to have for Morgan Freeman. How he can film children being abused is horrific to me. God please do not let Jenelle have any more children! Let us pray smh

  11. Amy

    Great recap I don’t think Nathan was implying that Jenelle is a cutter but that she tried to kill herself. I think there were rumors to that effect…?

  12. JustJenn

    The only time Miranda looked bad last season was when she was screaming backstage at the reunion when Leah and Corey were on stage talking. I think editing has been very kind to her otherwise. Leah cleaned up some what this season and I still will always root for her.

  13. London Void

    I’m glad you mentioned that she didn’t tell him TT about the dance. Though it is also his responsibility, she made it seem like she informed him and he just didn’t show up. I think she is trying to completely force Adam out, but I don’t see him allowing that at all. Out of everyone else she’s like the second normal one. Poor donut. His parent’s are both crazy, but I think he’s better off with his father.

    • Allison

      I dont think Chelsea is trying to force Adam out, I think she’s sick and tired of him (who isnt). For 6 years she has put up with him letting their daughter down over and over and over-he wants custody but only wants to pay 170$ a month? Then boast about his house and job and cars? He is a POS. Temper tantrums on stage looking like the douchiest tool on the planet. She now knows the difference with Cole, and just doesnt give a fuck any more about begging him to be there for Aubree. He cant even make an effort to go to the dance? Im sure if there were free car parts at the school he’d call, but forget calling to find out the time and date.

  14. Amanda

    Tori, Jenelle’s BFF and fellow heroin user, did an interview with a shady website many years ago. She said Jenelle is a cutter and has been since an early age. Also added that she slaps her cut wrists when Jenelle gets out of line.

    *covers mouth with hand and laughs*

  15. Kim

    I read recently that Adam commented he was only going to the reunion for a free trip to NYC compliments of MTV with his girlfriend. Always the class act, he also tried to villainize Chelsea for milking him for more child support (from about $200 to $900-something) claiming he, unlike she apparently, has bills to pay. Whatever sense that makes! Her father defended her saying he makes comparable salary to Chelsea(approx $250k! Wow, I had no idea) a season & Aubree gets $50k, which he doesn’t have access to. He said he’s not allowing Aubree to film contractually anymore, basically in protest for the additional child support. I’m sure his tune will change once those MTV paychecks stop rolling in. Hope there’s a loophole that Chelsea can work around, if for no other reason than to spite Adam & his tantrum doesn’t get him an increased salary.

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