RHOOC’s Lauri Peterson’s Troubled Son Josh Arrested After Allegedly Shooting a Man!

RHOOC Josh and Laurie
We recently saw Lauri Peterson reunite with cast members old and new of RHOOC  at a premiere party for Real Housewives of Orange County where they celebrated ten successful seasons of the original franchise.

Sadly, on the very same day that Season 11 premiered,  Lauri’s troubled son Josh shot a man in the wee hours of the morning and could be facing attempted murder charges.

According to the LA Times:

Joshua Waring, son of former “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Lauri Peterson, was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder in the shooting of a man in Costa Mesa early Monday, authorities said.

The arrest occurred hours after the shooting, following a police chase in Santa Ana, according to Costa Mesa police. Police allege that Waring, 27, shot a 35-year-old man in the lower torso around 2:30 a.m. at the man’s home in the 2900 block of Babb Street.

RHOOC Lauri and Josh
According to the LA Times report, when the police arrived at the victims house, Josh had fled in a stolen BMW SUV. When the officers pursued Josh, he crashed the SUV and attempted to flee police on foot where he was caught and taken into custody.

Josh was booked for ”  Orange County Jail on suspicion of attempted murder, vehicle theft, felony evading police, hit-and-run and assault and battery. His bail was set at $1 million.”

Josh has had numerous run ins with the law despite Lauri quitting RHOOC to try to get him some help in 2008.

The LA Times story reports:

Most recently, he pleaded not guilty in May to felony drug and forgery charges that included possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell.

In 2008, Waring pleaded guilty to three felony counts of possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell and six misdemeanors related to drug use or possession.

Court records show he also has pleaded guilty to misdemeanors including hit-and-run in 2008, battery in 2009, possession of drug paraphernalia in 2009 and resisting a peace officer and drug possession in 2015.

After a long struggle with a variety of serious drugs and numerous arrests, Lauri has adopted Josh’s daughter and is the permanent guardian.  The child’s mother is apparently equally unable to care for the child.

Thoughts and prayers go out to the victim’s family as well as Josh’s family as they cope with this horrific ordeal.


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50 responses to “RHOOC’s Lauri Peterson’s Troubled Son Josh Arrested After Allegedly Shooting a Man!

  1. Ellis Scarlett

    Wow, this is shocking. I remember that kid and all his drug problems early on in the show. I feel bad for his child.

    • PrincessMimi

      I do too. And I don’t feel bad in saying I think Laurie was a crappy mom to him during his teenage years. But some people just can’t avoid trouble.

      • Ktina

        I cannot stand judgmental people like you! I’ve seen some really great parents have issues with their sons or daughters and some bad parents that have great kids. Must be nice sitting in that glass house

      • ELLENO

        You need to have a seat. Bad parenting does not cause addiction.

      • I agree w Princess. (Post removed)

        Great! I will make sure to seat you next to her in the WLS, I keep meaning to send you there for your text speak anyway. I’ve been busy.

        lol wtf omg c u ltr!

      • Momof3

        I’m pretty sure if we were interested in looking hard enough…..you are not perfect! These situations don’t come with a manual. Maybe you could give some perfect advice with all of your wisdom with your articulate viewpoint. Please enlighten me with all of the things you would’ve done differently.

        PS you better be perfect before you judge anyone else…..

    • tamaratattles

      Sorry Princess. I have tried to endure your idiotic comments as someone with a different opinion. But frankly, I just don’t want to read any of your bullshit anymore. You are hateful human being and your collective body of work here being a cunt must now come to an end. Goodbye.

      • Bridgett

        Agree with you, TT. This is not a time to pass judgement on Lauri. This is a very sad situation and really shows how hard addiction is on everyone, not just the addict. More compassion, less being ugly toward one another.

      • Matzah60

        Yay! Just read her comment and was going to respond with how utterly and totally judgmental Princess was both in this post and one about Asa choosing not to marry. Truly one of the most hateful comments to make a judgment on a mother she doesn’t even know and a son who is probably in as much despair as his mother. Such a sad turn of events.

      • Thank you TT and others who can’t stand it when people show such lacking in empathy like Princess. I pray for Josh and Lauri’s family and for the poor guy who got shot and his family as well. I hope he recovers without any lasting damage.

      • Mrs. Barber

        Thank you Tamara I am a lurker but what Princess said was mean. I watched the show in the beginning and I adored Laurie I thought she was a single mom trying to make it just like I was. I have girlfriends from two parent households Christian backgrounds and they have addictions. My ex husband was an addict and non of his kids are, it is the choices we make and we can only blame ourselves.

  2. therealdeb

    This makes me so sad, he could have gone so many directions in life. I don’t really blame his mother like so many may. The old saying about leading a horse to water and all. I feel for the victims family, I hope he recovers and changes his life, I feel for all involved. Sadly his child is growing up without either parent because of drugs and poor choices.

  3. JoJoFLL


  4. Joanplus2dogs

    Wow, how tragic to see how drugs can destroy every good thing to your life. Then leave you with only ruin family ties & taking the life of other by causing loss for his family members. The net of damage is huge not tiny & will stay with all of them forever. Hopefully his time in prison will lead him into positively action & repair the holes he caused in his own family.

  5. Calipatti

    He has many years to live and so little to look forward to.

  6. Lisa j

    So sad! Praying for all involved and especially Josh. I can’t even imagine what everyone is going through. Praying once again tonight 🙏🏻

  7. Dracla Duning

    No parent wants to see a child make the choices Josh has made. He has spent his adult life making one bad decision after another putting so many people in jeopardy and causing untold heartbreak. I am sure those people around him have made a number of sacrifices on his behalf and he continues to choose the wrong path.
    So sorry to hear of this sadness. It has to be hard for Laurie and his siblings. She has been hopeful and dealing with him for a very long time.

  8. Cgal38

    I’ve always rooted for him, Heroin addiction is a fuck of a disease. Say what you will about her as a housewife but the struggle of having an addict for a son was beyond real and heartbreaking. I’ve watched old episodes on Hulu recently and his scenes from years ago are utterly heartbreaking.

    • Ktina

      It’s absolutely horrible. I know so many people that have been affected by this and it’s devastating to everyone.

    • Lolo

      Yes, I remember feeling so worried for he, and Laurie. Didn’t she have a daughter as well?. God bless her for adopting her grandchild. I am far too familiar. My husband and I took care of 2 young children in our family bc both parents were addicts…thank goodness they are clean and back to a normal life. This is tragic.

      • JoJoFLL

        What an amazing person you are Lolo! My BFFs parents were druggies and thank God his aunt and uncle adopted him and raised him. He would have lived on the streets without them.

  9. NeverBeenJaxed

    This is heartbreaking. Addiction doesn’t discriminate and it just sucks. Saying prayers for all families involved.

  10. Sam

    This makes me so sad. I was really hoping he would pull himself together. Drugs are so terrible. I always thought Laurie tried her best with him, but once someone is an addict there is little that can be done. My heart breaks for everyone involved here.

  11. Onawin

    My prayers are with the family, Josh was very close to his younger sister. Sometime it takes tough love.

  12. Butters

    Truly sad. It reminds me of the article about the turmoil the children of Danielle Staub faced. While there are often things under the surface happening in these families, being on a reality show, even in the background, exacerbates things. I used to think ex-spouses who wouldn’t sign off on the parent trying to make money on tv was a bitter ploy (Lisa Wu’s ex comes to mind). Now I wonder if its humane at all to showcase these formative years on tv.

    • I think you’re right about some of your points because some ex spouses do use their kids in reality TV as pawns in many cases. Look at Jon and Kate’s kids for example. Jon was ok with it until he and Kate separated. Some of the kids are great with being on TV and are not phased but others like Maddie, who already had some issues before being on the show, probably shouldn’t have been on TV ever. Jeanna’s daughter Kira along with Vicki’s daughter Brianna did well though. It just depends on the kid.

      • Jackson

        I think one of the reasons Jon and Kate’s marriage broke down was because he disagreed with the filming and Kate would not give up her new found fame.

    • Sliceo'pie

      I’m in recovery – first entered AA when I was 19 -it took 10 years of successes and failures before I became finally sober 23 years ago. I can’t begin to imagine how humiliating it would have been to have my journey chronicled on The Real Housewives of Orange Country. I don’t think Laurie had any idea what she was getting into when she signed up for the show (it was all so new back then) and when she realized how bad her son’s addiction was, she quit. I hope her Josh finds some inner peace-he’s in for a hell of a time in prison. My heart goes out to Laurie, her two daughters as well as Josh’s daughter.

  13. Diane

    Very heartbreaking!

    Addiction is a family affair. Speaking from my own life with a family member who followed that path for so long. It took a toll on all of us.

    I gave kudos to Lauri when she quit the show in an effort to help her son and again when she adopted her grandchild. As a parent she has done all she can to help Josh as far as I can see. No one should judge others lifes because you don’t live there. People who live in glass houses should beware those stones > Princess person.

    Prayers to the family. Sometimes it takes a total crash to make a person wake up. It did for our family. Terribly tragic.

  14. Kim

    I haven’t heard if he’s ever tried to complete a mandated drug treatment program. I think that would be more helpful to him than keeping him in jail where he may detox but it’s not rehab. Although if he’s not ready to stop drugs himself, no one can force him to stop. At least his daughter in being well cared for in her grandmother’s custody. He’s young, I hope one day he’ll turn himself around. If he doesn’t change, that way of living leads to only 2 places, prison or the cemetery. I have a close family member that is also a drug abuser, if they don’t admit they have a problem, those close just go in circles until they’re ready to face change. Such a sad situation.

  15. jen

    This is so sad.

    People saying that Laurie was a crappy mom are just rude. I believe she tried to help him. I have not been in this situation before but I am a mother. NO mother is perfect. The situation is very sad. I don’t blame anyone except maybe the power that perhaps drugs have over this poor soul.

  16. Marzipan

    My opinion has always been that Lauri loves her son but refuses to enable him.

  17. Cgal38

    I don’t know how anyone can judge her mothering – in earlier seasons it was clear she was doing her best, exhausting her resources, and was really in the trenches of this disease and how it was affecting their family. She had a younger daughter to protect as well and she said repeatedly that heroin had a grip on him that she couldn’t break. Given that this is housewives, she was honest and relatable. What else could she do? Fast forward a few years and she adopts his daughter – when she was likely excited to be done with child rearing – she may be one of the most admirable housewives around.

  18. hokiechick

    What a tragedy. Looking at the photo in the headline vs. his mugshot brings tears to my eyes, he’s such a handsome young man and to see him looking so haggard is just heartbreaking. Heroin is so incredibly destructive and its availability is increasing in so many areas including mine since it is apparently easy and cheap to manufacture. I hope Josh is able to get the help he needs and turn things around for himself and his family.

  19. Miguel

    Although I do have compassion for Lauri & Josh, my sympathies lie with the victim & his family at this horrific & violent time… I pray he makes a full recovery!!!!!!!

  20. tripleOGpearl

    By all accounts Lauri appeared to be a devoted mom. Hell, she even quit the show to be more attentive to his needs .It’s a shame that so much judgment and ignorance is being placed on her.

    With that being said, the real victim here is the person that he shot.

  21. This is so so sad. This problem in our country is getting so so bad. My heart goes out to ANY person who is struggling or in the path of anyone struggling. Boy, wouldn’t it be nice if all us who claim to be such good Christians actually were? Because I do believe that the second greatest commandment said : Love thy neighbor as thyself AND God clearly said to leave the judgements to HIM. Who actually knows peoples hearts and loves them a whole lot better than we do. UGH.

  22. Jane

    Love doesn’t conquer all, unfortunately. My recollection is that Laurie was doing her best as a parent and her heart must be broken to see him end up like this

  23. RealE

    I hope that the victim, the man shot, is doing well.

  24. Fizz

    This is so sad. Just tragic for all involved.

  25. Rose

    So tragic and sad. I remember him as a troubled kid. Laurie always seemed so passive with him in my opinion but who knows what part of that was editing. I realize she tried. I wish them all well.

  26. ingrid

    I recently saw an episode from season 1 and Josh was coming home from juvenile hall or whatever he was in, and in his talking head he was speaking about new beginnings, and it showed the relationship with his siblings, and how hard Lauri worked to get him out. They were all cautiously optimistic. Even a few weeks ago I felt so sad knowing what was coming! It is just tragic all the way around.

  27. Lori should have been home with her kids, instead of partying at the playboy mansion, and everywhere…..I blame her !!!

    • Nila

      Whoa..if I remember correctly she was sending photos in not partying there AND at the time Josh was in rehab. I do not like Lauri but I respect her as she has paid for his rehabs over and over, now is adopting his child. What more would you like her to do? You think her son turned to heroin because she was at the Playboy mansion? What is she at a book club or bake sale? Ridiculous.

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