Below Deck Mediterranean: Charter King

Below Deck Med Cast
Here is what I don’t understand. Y’all don’t seem to be that into this show. The ratings are just mediocre. But Bravo is running it twice in a row! I suppose it is because the Tour Group ratings were so very low. Which sucks because loved that show. I guess they had to put something there until #RHONJ shows up to claim their spot.

Anyway, I am actually watching this and we are back in Greece with the mature bachelors on shore with Danny and Bobby. The guests are pitting them against each other to see who has a better game with the ladies. Bobby is infuriated by this.  They offer $100  to whoever kisses the girl first. Danny gets a kiss on the cheek and Bobby gets rejected.

Danny invites tons of girls back on the yacht. He just radios back to the boat to add 8 people to the dinner list. He wants dinner for 13 in half an hour.  This is not going over well.  The drunk guys are in love with Danny and give Bobby a poor report to Captain Mark.  Bobby tells Julia that he would never get with the females they brought back to the boat because they are all “busted” which is great because none of them are interested in him.

Below Deck Med Ben
Hannah still has a very bad migraine and between the men making inappropriate sexual remarks to them and Danny encouraging the women to make high pitched squeals she is in a world of hurt.

The male charters are drunkenly singing the praises of Danny and putting down Bobby. Bobby is going to lose his mind.

Meanwhile, Ben manages to get dinner for 13 ready and the drunks want milkshakes rather than the food. The ladies finally make a hasty escape.

Ben is complaining a lot. This time it is because Hannah didn’t tell the guests were awake.

The next morning, the wind is really picking up. This always happens when they have to dock. We haven’t had a really bad docking experience yet. But this looks like the episode they have one. Yep, it was a really hard docking.

Danny is on cloud nine because the guests call him the Charter King. Danny shares his social media information and sends them tons of photos he took on the beach.  The guests give Daniel a special envelope, but Captain Mark takes it from him. At the tip meeting that five hundred euro rolled into the pot. Everyone got about $1,100 in tips. They were disappointed.

The crew all hit the shore for dinner. I love that the interior crew all gets along for a change. After dinner, Hannah and Ben get in some sort of drunken argument. It ends up going back to the entrée drama.  For no discernable reason, Danny gets really ugly with Hannah and tells her she should swallow some makeup to fix her ugly personality. Danny says it several times as Hannah is leaving. She is clearly upset as she is heard begging production to take the cameras off of her. Oh, darling that is not how this works.

Next Week: Hannah hooks up with Bobby, a group of mature single women are the guests, and Hannah tattles to Captain Mark about all the stupid things that Danny does. Danny runs a high fever and Bryan is a douche to Hannah and Julia.


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44 responses to “Below Deck Mediterranean: Charter King

  1. Ellen

    Here to say: I’m into this show!!

    danny is INSUFFERABLE. Even in this episode where the producers were trying to make him come out on top … He is so grating and juvenile. Him offering to help the stews while just running around doing nothing made my skin crawl. Julia is right – he’s acting, not working. He’s smug and I see through it. I have to defend Bobby here – imagine creepy old guys forcing to you go kiss a random girl ?!

    • LJ

      Hannah should work in a diner.Her hospitality skills are nonexistent.However is whatever random fire department getting along without Bobby.Bryan has serious issues with women.His closet sized bedroom is appropriate.Danny is the only crew member the guests seem to like so Hannah can’t wait to tattle to the Capt.BTW are his eyebrows tattooed on or maybe he just uses a sharpee.How unprofessional…I refer to Hannah,Bryan ,and Bobby.

  2. JoJoFLL

    I’m into this show also!

    Please someone fire Danny.

  3. Diane

    I like the show too!

    I like the original better but this is fun. But then anytime Chef Ben Robinson is on the screen I am there 😉😃🤗😎

  4. Just Saying

    I don’t know why but I’m not as into this cast as the other below decks. Have been watching all season but am finding it dull. Still love Ben though

    • Ellen

      Yeah, you can tell the drama is thin. They milked the Tiffani – Hannah thing as long as They could and that was what; 2 episodes ? Bobby and Julia got shut down quickly too. I’ve voiced my distaste for Danny … But he’s not interesting enough to be a season- long villain tho.
      Hannah irks me but at least she’s bringing some drama.
      Love the scenery, though

  5. Matzah60

    I like the show too. I surmise that some of the disinterest is similar to a sequel to a movie that was a hit. The sequel is always a bit disappointing and often doesn’t include all the original characters. Love him or hate him, I think the original captain who escapes my name right now is considered King because he started the show and its first year was a big hit. Below Deck is such a departure from the housewife franchise and I believe that’s the reason it’s been a fan favorite. I would also same the same for Southern Charm (although that show has taken an ugly turn for me).

    Danny is insufferable as someone mentioned above, but he is indefatigable. No matter what what anyone says to him or how often he is reprimanded, he just pops right up and does something even more irritating than he did the last time. I somehow find that amusing. I think he commands a lot of attention from viewers for all the good, bad, and ugly he generates on each episode.

    I looked on Twitter and the other captain (still can’t remember his name is following the show and gives updates each week that the show is coming on and it’s time to get in front of the TV to watch.

  6. Matzah60

    Tamara, I also liked Tour Group, but for lack of a better word, it required more intellect to watch the show. Most people just want to watch a train wreck happening on most of the Bravo shows. JMO.
    Tour Group didn’t seem to have a long season and this Below Deck Mediterranean seems to be extremely long.

  7. Barbara R

    I’m still watching Tour Group but it’s on around midnight on Tuesday nights. Isn’t anyone else seeing it?

  8. Matzah60

    Wow, I am watching it now. I didn’t realize I was a new episode. It’s on in NJ from 12:30 to 1:30. An odd time, but glad to be watching it again.

  9. therealdeb

    I am really liking the less drama of this incarnation of Below Deck. Danny is a moron, not sure what you do with an idiot puppy like him. I really like how they mostly do work together and there seems to be less shit talking the guests, there is some but it does seem to be much less.

  10. Jewelz

    Danny is fun to watch because he does not have any idea what five star service is. If Hannah adds any more r’s to her words I will break my television! Ben and Tiffany are cool but I find the rest to be a bit douchie.

  11. Jewelz

    One more point. Why does Hannah get to keep her tip for pole dancing but not Danny!

  12. I like the show. I wish more of Greece is shown.

    The old geezer primary charter guest was so pathetic, “I don’t know which one I want to take to my room”. BWAHAHAHA as if he really had a choice. Those girls were there because of Danny, a free meal, and for the yacht experience.

  13. Erica

    It says something positive about Hannah that Tiffany and the other chick work well together after a rocky start. Lord knows that I’ve always loved Ben – but his support of Danny makes me slightly ill. Danny makes me ill, full stop. As a sufferer of major migraines, I REALLY felt for Hannah this episode.

  14. Happygal

    I thought it was funny that Bobby was so mad that the girls liked Danny better. I don’t why but for some odd reason I like Danny and I know I am the only one on here that does. I think maybe it is because I have a soft spot for him still because of when I learned that he helps support his mom with his earnings. Somehow I think he thinks he is a PA for the guests w deck hand side duties instead of understanding how it really is suppose to be. I also like captain Mark although my heart will always belong to captain Lee !!! ❤️❤️❤️

    • Heidi

      I like Danny too!

      • DJFL

        So do I. I think that Brian and Bobby are both dicks who are jealous because the guests like Danny, and he has better luck with women. If you were paying to charter a private yacht, wouldn’t you appreciate someone who tried to make it a memorable experience for you? The way Brian talked to Tiffany in the hot tub made me want to punch him in the nuts. He’s an asshole. Danny respects women, but Brian and Bobby don’t. I can’t stand either one of them.

  15. Barbara

    Love the show. I like Danny too but prob wouldn’t if I had to work with him. Ben lost some points with the tattle to the captain issue. How can people think adding more great food to a luxury experience would be bad? The one guy that is insufferable is Bryan. Such a tool and hard to look at. Not my type at all. The captain is a bit dull too. No personality. I think Julia definitely was playing with Bobby. He seems nice and not a creeper. Well the mangina thing was a bit weird, so there is that. His face reminds me of the actor who played the lead in Burn Notice. They could be brothers. Hannah is cool, she is looking for love, but will settle for lust.

  16. pokerplayer

    I like Danny but he is very annoying, I couldn’t imagine having to work with him. He has no concept of what 5 Stay service is…also he has the most creepy laugh. Some men have such an unnecessary ego, (Bobby and Bryan), I love when guys like that are knocked down a few pegs…loved it when Danny got a kiss and Bobby didn’t!

  17. nancy83

    Love this show, I’m really glad you review it. I can’t wait till Ben writes a cookbook, I just want to eat everything he makes! Didn’t care for Hannah at first, but now I love her, I think Ben needs to support her more with Danny and was disappointed when he took Danny side and didn’t speak up for her. Sometimes, I think Ben’s ego might get the best of him, but I sill think his a genius with food. I’m appalled at the way Danny talks to his supervisors and the guests. Hannah and Bobby were on WWHL and neither of them believe Danny’s story about his alcoholic father.

    • AUDGE

      I thought that was very interesting how they both quickly stated that they doubted Danny’s story. Hmmmm. Also, I liked them both a little more after seeing them on WWHL last night. I thought Hannah looked gorgeous, and Bobby seemed a tad less goofy.

  18. I strongly dislike this show, due to Danny! He is very very creepy! So much so, that I won’t watch! The other characters are ok, the chef gets on my nerves along with Danny! Only watched this one show all the way thru, but never again! Yucky

    • Zorn Dpark

      I want to make sure I understand you correctly here. You think Danny, the overzealous puppy is the creepy one, not the “Mangina Kid” w/the shitty tattoo that was creeping on Julia knowing she has a boyfriend, and not the Frat Rat, walking date rapist waiting for a time to strike, provided a course he has a free thumb for some lucky girl to sit on? Yet, perfectly harmless Danny is the one that creeps you out? That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but whatever.

      Sure Danny is a bit of a childish shit, but creepy? I think not.

  19. J. Farmer

    Prefer the caribbean version to the med, but I don’t really dislike this spinoff. And I actually am in the minority of viewers (apparently) who *loves* Danny. Of course if he were real deckhand on a yacht, his behavior would never be tolerated, and he’d been fired several charters ago. These are reality TV show characters who have been hired to play the part of a chartered yacht crew. In that case, Danny makes television gold, plus every guest seems to love him. Meanwhile, mean Aussie Hannah (whose essentially a glorified waitress/maid) spends her time trashing guests and looking her nose down at them because they are not up to her usual “yachtie” standards. Ben and Danny are the only ones worth watching on the show.

    • Val

      I agree. Hannah is the meanest person I’ve ever seen on a TV reality show. I honestly wondered if she poisoned Danny. For the guys to say I don’t care when told that Danny was real sick, made me dislike them to the max. What douches they are.

  20. Mike

    Bobby and Hannah both said they would never work on a yacht with Danny again. I say I wish them well on their future endeavors. The day Bravo starts allowing castmates decide on who will or will not be on a show is the day you start having complete anarchy on the sets of all their shows. Although I’m not a big fan of Danny’s, I didn’t see anything exceptional from any of the cast, including Bobby and Hannah.

    • J. Farmer

      Agree. Hannah and Bobby are complete snoozefests. I had to keep looking at the TV to even figure out who the dude sitting next to her was. Bobby and Bryan are both classic muscle head frat boys: they think their history of picking up drunk co-eds at college parties gives them game. And yet, one made a complete fool (tool?) of himself with a girl who was already willing to sleep with him, and the other harassed another girl so much she had to beg him to stop flirting with her. From Hannah’s side comment at the dinner table about Danny and Ben holding hands, it’s obvious she’s bothered that he and Danny are buddies while he’s basically rebuffed her attempts to throw herself at him. We never know all that goes all behind the scenes, but I can’t help but suspect that at least a smidgen of jealousy is involved in the animosity felt towards Danny.

      • DJFL

        Oh, Bryan and Bobby are definitely jealous of Danny. Danny knows how to treat women with respect because he grew up in a house full of women. Bryan is a giant douchebag with a huge ego, and Bobby isn’t much better.

  21. J. Farmer

    Sorry, not trying to blow up the thread here, but…

    I was infuriated at yet another endless example of a woman putting her hands on a man (i.e. shoving Danny from behind) and expecting to be totally free of any consequences because she’s a woman. If Danny had shoved Hannah, how much “violence is never the answer” and “zero tolerance on violence” talks would we be getting?

  22. On WWHL last night both Hannah and Bobby said they would never work with Danny again. Hopefully, that means that if they’re on another season, he’ll be GONE!! His ego and need for recognition are off the charts, plus he’s getting to go on all these shore parties with the guests and act like he’s one of them. Is he a guest or an employee? Ridiculous situation which would never happen on an real, untelevised charter. Danny should be at Disneyland or somewhere he has to whip up crowd enthusiasm, not on a luxury yacht where the crew is expected to be dignified and professional. Can’t stand his juvenile antics – he’s not nearly as cute as he thinks he is, and doesn’t have a clue about boundaries. Make him walk the plank! In shark-infested waters! OK, that was a bit harsh, but at least kick his butt overboard.

  23. Amy V

    Hannah said to Julia that their evening service dress is so short that if she bends down she will come up pregnant with this lot. Hysterical.

  24. Amy V

    After reading all negativity slosh toward Danielson on this site makes me ill. I mean WTF? It may be a five star service but if the guest wants to interact with him who are you to judge.

  25. KaraW

    Poor Danny, how can he learn about 5-star service with 2-star guests? Those girls they brought back couldn’t wait to get out of there!

    I love the show. I’m liking the fact that there are no real bad-guys. It’s nice to see drama where it’s all just people trying to do a good job, even if they disagree on what that means.

    • J. Farmer

      People charter this boat because they want to be on a TV show, not have a 5-star yachting experience. And just recall the Tilted Kilt episode. Those girls were lovely, well mannered, and not at all diva-like in their behavior, and the crew still trashed them for practically no reason but to be nasty and spiteful.

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