Southern Charm Recap: Founders Brawl


Southern Charm Dinner Party
We start with Cameron’s usual narration, and she takes stabs at Kathryn’s parenting right off the bat. I used to love Cameran when she was playing the good girl role. We really didn’t need another bitch on this show.

We begin with drunken Thomas throwing his guests out of his dinner party before dinner was even served. I would totally have put that dinner in a plastic bag inside my person.  Landon can’t maintain her lane even when driving a golf cart and nearly gets everyone killed.

Thomas says to the survivors, K. Cooper Ray, Danni, JD, Elizabeth that he was sick of those people talking crap about his family. So why is JD sitting there looking like Boss Hogg and smiling like an idiot while chatting to Kathryn? He is one of the worst offenders!  K.Cooper Ray is trying to talk Thomas down but getting no where.

Landon, Craig, Shep and Cameran and some other chick hightailed it to someone’s house to trash talk Thomas and of course Kathryn. Shep tells Landon she needs to take the high road when it comes to Kathryn and stop making things worse. Shep really hasn’t cared for Landon all season.

Everyone leaves Thomas’ house as soon as good manners allow, leaving Thomas alone with Kathryn. He invites her to sleep over and she agrees. Oh, Thomas. Either settle down with this girl or let her go. Your push/pull behavior is cruel.

Southern Charm Craig JD
The next day, as happens every season, Craig has to separate from his job. Because they are never real jobs. Craig generally just goes back to his home up north after filming. It does seem that he stuck around this time and is still with Naomie. Or so social media tells us.

I could not care less about Cameran’s fake therapy session.

Shep is working on a second dive bar, The Commodore, for those of you who think he doesn’t “work.” Landon drops by so that Shep can tell her once again he’s not interested.

I don’t care what Whitney and JD want to tell Thomas.

We get a sweet scene with Kathryn and Thomas and both kids at his house with no nanny in sight. Thomas is taking Kathryn to the Founders Ball to show the crew that they are working on their relationship and they are together.

The guys all go out for a shave and a hair cut to get ready for the Founders Ball. Whitney stops by the crypt for some reason. I fast forwarded that short scene as well as Landon’s as I am behind a bit and I just want to get to the good stuff.

Before the Founders Ball Kathryn and Thomas chat at his house where it appears Kathryn and the kids have been staying since dinner. They discuss Landon and Thomas finally admits she has been a divisive force. Kathryn points out the guys she has asked to introduce her to their rich friends, including Thomas.  Thomas agrees to cut off Landon, but in his talking heads he seems to not mean it.

Southern Charm Kathryn

Founders Ball Brawl

Did I mention Patti was not invited to the Ball? Apparently, Thomas called Landon and apologized and basically said he understands her point of view because he has to deal with Kathryn all of the time. And he wants her to call him. Such a POS this one is.

Patti tries to give Landon a lesson in how to real in a rich old man to marry. So sad and pathetic to see this in 2016.

And we are off to the ball! Landon is Whitney’s beard for the evening. Landon fake cries in confessional over Shep taking one of her “friends” to the ball. She seriously thought he would come stag?

The best thing about this episode is K. Cooper Ray. I have such a crush on him. You know if I were a lot younger, and still cute and he was straight. Shut up. It can still be a thing in my head. No one has to know. Um, oops.

Kathryn plops herself down at the table with all the girls including Cameran and sets Thomas free to go mingle. So Landon heads straight for Thomas. Shep stops by to be polite to Kathryn and they exchange pleasantries. As they do, Kathryn sees Thomas hugging Landon with a pat or three on her ass. Kathryn is about to go Def Con One.

Southern Charm Thomas
Craig overhears Landon thank Thomas for calling her with an apology.  I’ll give it ten seconds before he relates this information to Kathryn.

I love what Kathryn is wearing but the weird hand adornments (gloves?) are a miss for me. But they probably will protect her hands if her fists start to fly.  Kathryn hauls Landon out to the vestibule and they have a huge argument. Sort of. It was really a lot more build up than actual drama. Landon made lots of dolphin noises while Kathryn accused her of propositioning Thomas. Something that she denied. I totally believe Landon. I think the more likely even was that Thomas and Landon went at it like horny pack animals one night after too much to drink.  At least Thomas gave her a positive rating to the pony tailed porno dude. So she has that going for her.

Landon runs to get ……THOMAS. So that the three of them can talk. Wow. That’s a bitch move right there. I have to give Landon points for that. I didn’t see that coming.  Landon makes Thomas tell Kathryn infront of God and everyone that they never “dated or anything.” Kathryn finally stands up on that lie. Every guy that has been on WWHL has admitted that Landon and Thomas hooked up. In fact that is likely when Shep lost interest in Landon. He doesn’t want to be Thomas’ Eskimo brother.  Thomas stands next to LANDON while half-heartedly calling Kathryn to come back.

Kathryn does not come back she stomps right out the door telling the whole world to go fuck themselves.  Thomas just stands there like a jackass letting the dolphin sounds creep into his giant ear. It is Shep, the gentleman who goes to check on Kathryn.  Then Craig brings Landon outside and there is another ridiculous argument. Essentially, Landon and Kathryn are fighting over Thomas because he set it up to be just that way.

Landon leaves, as her scene is done and Thomas and Kathryn have a fight where she tells him he needs to admit to sleeping with Landon. This his last chance!  And the DVR cuts off because it has to tape RHOC and something else. Why not just keep on taping? Argh. So I dunno if Thomas answered Kathryn. But at the very beginning of RHOOC there is a snippet where Shep’s date, who is friends with Landon says, ” Do you think Landon is going to admit that she slept with Thomas?”

Shep says, “WHAT?!!!”

And scene. That’s a wrap.


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  1. Greenwood

    I am sick to my stomach. My favorite show has been destroyed. Now it’s nothing but a tar pit. I’m glad it’s over. I kinda hope it doesn’t ever come back. I can get my Charleston fix in other ways (strolling down the streets on Google maps). I’ll bet you stroll the virtual streets, too, Tamara – I think we are both Charleston-aholics.
    About Cooper Ray. You’ll have to fight me for him. He’s mine.

    • I feel exactly the same!!! At first I really liked Cameron. The Golden Girl, pretty, smart, married well and doing her real estate. Then the real Cameron came out. The MEAN GIRL. Whitney and his mom Patricia. The Golden Boy and seemed the voice of reason. The Mom with all the answers and elegance. Now I agreee with the Norman Bates, mom and the Bates Motel analogy. Patricia feels some upper class right to sit in judgement because she married well twice. Just creepy people (and what is up with the butler?) Craig, the law school graduate with the world at his feet. Hasn’t even taken the bar in years now. Thinks the world owes him for being born. Not creepy or conspiring. Just waiting for someone to hand him his silver spoon since he wasn’t born with one. Thomas, the one who actually had it all at one point in his life and threw it away with a drug charge and now rides on old family laurels. ‘I won’t grow up, I don’t have to grow up cuz I’m TRav’. The Charleston Trump on steroids. Katherine, that first season I did believe she was a little slut going between Shep, Whit and TRav but it became clear she had her sites on Trav preety early and then I liked her. She seemed to be the only nice one. The fights with TRav was the old high school stuff and I thought they would get marriied eventually. Wrong. I think it was the second season it all went south, further south than Charlston lol. I still like Katherine (don’t care about her drug test fail cuz…nanny) And who wouldn’t self-medicate with all the crap going on around her…Landon. Never liked Landon. She has that ‘duping delite’ smile Lillian Glass always talks about in reading people. She is Cameron and Whit rolled into one with a little of lazy Craig on th side. Landon is snide, conniving, manipulative and banks on that childish giggle and smile to dupe you, Not working here. Saw thru her in a heartbeat.
      Yup, I doubt if I will return next season if there is one. The fact that Whit and Cam’s husband are co-producing is enough to keep me away. Oh, I forgot about Shep. I LOVE Shep. He talks the talk and walks the walk. NOTHING fake about Shep and that makes him the real winner. Always takes the high road he talks about. And he’s right. It’s so much easier to just tell the truth and let crap roll off your back. It’s the high road all the way with Shep. Can’t stay in Charlston even with Shep cuz the rest is all so negative and just plain sleazy. I don’t need the drama llama in my backyard.

      • Puddy

        You are so correct about Landon being conniving. That giggle laugh, and the false “I tried to be her friend” (like who wants to invite a snake into their lives?), is meant to hide her evil, conniving dagger eyes. Just see how her eyes glint with gloating and cruelty when she looks at Kathryn, because she knows that Kathryn has a heart and can be hurt whereas Landon has a black hole where her heart ought to be – just like Whitney. Landon was clearly after Thomas when he and Kathryn had Thomas’ politucal party and Kathryn told Landon to “fuck off”. I see this now bc of Landon’s comment “You thought having another baby woukd catch him.. Oops look how that worked out!” It looks as if Landon has been trying to break up this family by going after Thomas and not caring about the children involved .. for a long time, and projecting her pecuniary motives onto Kathryn. Just horrible

      • sandra

        Cameran’s husband is a co-producer? Damn, that can’t be good for Kathryn, she has too many problems now. Are they out to completely destroy her, how very sad.

      • Judy

        Are you serious?? How laughable for a woman who has a nanny no job and a rich old man supporting her and her children to say how overwhelmed she is?!? I am a working mom of three no support no nanny no money now that’s overwhelmed. O

      • Margarett

        Your post is great, Judy. It puts things in perspective perfectly.

      • Petunia

        Perspective… Interesting word. Ones own perspective is unique to anyone else’s. I find this whole argument that a woman with income isn’t allowed to feel the natural and normal fears that us “real” role have. Not only to disallow her to be human but to also pit women against her- jump on the van – to be a hard working mother means you can’t like someone who has a different reality. First, there’s no old rich man taking care of her. The old rich man is busy tearing her down publically and contributing the state minimum. Do you remember how expensive babies are? I wonder if when you come home from work, you get support and comfort from your husband and your kids feel the stability of having both parents at home. She does not! PLEASE realize this for the sanctity of your level of knowledge….. She has a job!!!’ How can you not get this!?! This reality show is her job. It’s sometimes 12+ hours of filming a day for several months. They often film until 4am. Unlike your job- they become public fodder and are criticized and exposed. Sure lets go with the “that’s what she signed up for”. Guess what?!? Here’s some perspective…. Are you exhausted after a long work day only to come home and take care of your kids and wish you had a nanny so you maybe could pluck your eyebrows in peace? Should I not empathize because that’s what you SIGNED up for! Good thing commenters allow you to feel overwhelmed.

      • Margarett

        Bless your heart.

      • Petunia

        Are you in your twenties? Are you continuously being mislead and put on by some emotionally stunted Peter Pan who pro muses you he’ll take care of you and then desserts you and your children? Are you doing your “job” and earning money yourself while at your job, people who senselessly hate you and have made it their life and job to tear you down at the expense of your babies and the family you want so badly to be part of? Do you have co workers that tirelessly spread gossip and personal facts about your life all over social media affecting whether you can see those children of yours or not? She’s a young woman and having a child is incredibly frightening- forget two. All the while “working” on a show with repulsive people who have nothing going on but to tear you apart and turn everyone against you. Can you as a woman seriously defend the vile actions of these people?!?? Sad- especially since like you said- you have children. Let’s hate her because she has a nanny- that’s great logic. A rich man taking care of her?!? Let’s not pretend you’re unaware of the constant battle he said she said regarding that. Do you remember the fear and uncertainty when you had your first?!? Every woman, regardless of economic status, is overwhelmed. With all she’s been through and then pregnant again? By a man that won’t commit and supports disgusting people whose only purpose is to disparage her? Threatening her relationship with these children she’s carried and given birth to? Shame on you to judge. I guess only commoners with 9 to 5 jobs and median income are allowed to be overwhelmed.

      • sandra

        Puddy, I think your comment is spot on. I didn’t make the connection about Landon from last season. Landon really is an evil bitch. I wish Kathryn all the best.

      • Puddy

        Landon is probably using the “poor Thomas, what you have to put up with, with Kathryn” routine. I imagine (in my head) the conversation goes something like this: “I only tell you this because I am your friend, Thomas, and I worry about you and I care about you and want you to be happy, but Kathryn does not care about you and she is crazy and impossible – and That would be so bad for the children if you married her”…(My 100 yard pass at Shep did not work (bc Shep is too smart to get near a bitch like Landon)) Soooo you can marry ME Thomas — “wash and wear” waspy, ME, Thomas.. and Poisonous Patty will approve and then be so accepting of you.. so GET CUSTODY.. and I will take care of baby boy Thomas (One of my specialties is diapering man babies) and Kathryn’s other children too!”” AND THEN “ickle baby boy” Thomas will feel so understood and safe (defended by “pit bull” Landon, per Shep’s description (sort of like one of Ramsay Bolton’s hounds)) SOOOO, if you watched episode 9 of Game of Thrones, Thomas… be very, very careful Thomas. God bless Kathryn and restore full custody to her so that she can keep her children under her protection – where they belong. All Thomas did was shoot some sperm, let Kathryn do all the hard work, then lie to her over and over again about wanting a family with her – THEN TRY TO STEAL HER BABIES. DESPICABLE!

      • Lolo

        Wow…on point…Cameron’s hubby is a producer….????… I’m in the wrong business. ..But I would not sell my soul for the $$$ best of luck to all…I’ll live my private life, with an occasional visit to a fancy restaurant. ..oh, and I do live on the beach. ..for any if these fame whores…nighty night:)

      • Jackson

        TRav is the polar opposite of Trump. Trump has never consumed alcohol or drugs. And he marries his baby mommas BEFORE they give birth so they won’t be called “baby momma”.

      • I love Landon, she is a lovely person. Kathryn, there is no description for that amount of crazy. Thomas is a little pus, I had high hopes for him and Kathryn in the beginning, but soon figured out, there is no way two people that crazy will make it work. I can see why anyone would pitty Kathryn, but please, she keeps making horrible choices and blaming it on everyone else, as does Thomas. I want to see Landon and Shep together, Hang in there Landon! What a great love story, I think she would be a great fit for him, and him for her. By the way, Landon and Patti were not out to impress Thomas with the dress up plan, get a clue and re-watch, they were doing the dress up for Shep. I am a mother of six, never had a nanny, and worked some of the time my children were young; Kathryn is very much looking like a spoiled, money hungry brat. She makes enemy’s with everyone trying to hang onto a man whom she wants to support her. I can’t even relate to her craziness. She has proved herself a pitiful excuse for a woman-no taste and trashy. She would have to make a 90 degree turnaround before I will be able to stand to watch another season of her crap. I like everyone else. Cameran is right to not want anything to do with her anymore. I wish Kathryn would just leave the show. She takes the Southern Charm right out of the show. But, I do wish her the best with the two beautiful babies. No one needs to say Landon is trying to break up a family, they never were a family, and Landon has better fish to fry…Shep.

      • tamaratattles

        Landon may be the only female in Charleston he has refused to sleep with.

      • Patricia's martini glass

        I think Landon was not a good replacement for Jenna. While it may be hard to find a lady of any age in Charleston who has not spent time with T-Rav, this is too much. In the first season I think it was Jenna, Cam, & Dani advised Kathryn, on the drive to Shep’s country house, to use birth control and so the crazy was balanced with reasonable advice. but now it’s too many t-Rav women and it’s ugly. I don’t have strong feelings for Landon either way, she could disappear during the season, and I probably would not have noticed. That scene in bar at Shep’s mountain house (this season) where t-Rav looked like a predator, and the woman said she would cut him- that’s the woman they should cast.

    • Katheryn needs to leave the show to restore it to its original grandeur. I did want her and Thomas to get together so bad, Even though I thought she was little money grubber when she got pregnant, But, I could not have been happier for her and Thomas. I was so excited that they would get married and he would carry her off into the sunset. DIDN’T HAPPEN! So get over it. Now, Katheryn continues to try to take everyone down. I feel she has this weird dream of eliminating everyone in Thomas’ life, so it would just be him and her, how boring would that be. She has a demented view of how her and Thomas’ life should be, she doesn’t live in reality, kinda scary crazy. No man is worth making such a fool of your self. Thomas has been friends with all of the other cast members longer, so they tend to put up with him more, but you plainly see they are not very happy with him. I think he is the biggest cad that ever walked the streets of Charleston. I sure thought his mother would have taught him better. Katheryn should know better too. Thomas should have married Katheryn. He should have put his selfish needs aside and just put up with her controlling ways, its not like he has too many years left to be a playboy. But, in the end he chose to do the selfish thing…nobody else’s fault. Katheryn does not need pity, she needs to go to manners school and seek counseling on how to stop being so controlling and psychotic.

    • Dee

      These people are disgusting, questioning the paternity of Kathryn’s second child over and over. They knew when she was 8 weeks pregnant that the child was Thomas’s. Whiney comes across as the worst! Well a tie between him and his Momma, gross!

  2. Puddy

    Yup, started off with Cameran saying Kathryn is “still bad” via a clip of her being upset at the polo match. I had hope for TRav when he called them all “reptiles”, but then when he told Landon that “now she sees what he has to deal with” (meaning Kathryn) when it was Thomas who practically threw food at everyone at his dinner party- well that was pretty cold blooded and scaly of Thomas – so I guess it takes one reptile to know another. Speaking of fake humanoids, why did Whitney look like a vampire to me when he was all in black with a plunging neckline in the restaurant scene with JD and Thomas? Seriously, does he have a plot in a Charleston underground location? Is that really why Patti has an oxygen machine? To revive Whitney? And then Landon projecting like mad? Accusing Kathryn of trying to better herself by having children with Thomas? Kathryn is already way better than Thomas and that whole lot of losers. Clearly, Patti wanted to groom Landon old girl rich bitch style in the hopes that it would dazzle snobby old guy Thomas – who- for whatever reason seems to like Landon.. even though she looks like Olive Oil – with her squinty eyes, puppet nose and comic jaw. Shep at least knows to stay away from that bitch – and what a bitch she is – visibly gloating at upsetting Kathryn – then claiming to be really scared of Kathryn? What tripe she serves up. Then saying that she and Thomas and Kathryn should discuss things ??? thereby inserting herself on an equal footing in their relationship? If I were Kathryn I would have deposited the entire contents of a punchbowl over Landon’s coiff created by Patti’s stylist and hopefully ruined Patti’s dress and said to Thomas – You want this wet rag? You are welcome to her – I give her to you tied up in a big red bow!

    • therealdeb

      After Landon had that scene with her father and I realized that she resembled him a ton all I can see now is an old man with long hair. His bloated puffy face…

      • Puddy

        I thought the same thing but did not say it! Landon does look just like her father, and not like her mother at all.

      • Jackson

        I thought Landon looked EXACTLY like her mother, especially when her mother was her age.

  3. therealdeb

    Honestly, best part was the very last scene with Shep and his date… That says it all.

  4. J Stone

    Kathryn’s outfit was gorgeous (including the pleather golden hand cover things). SN: Landon wears good furs (or fake ones idk). The last scene/statement of the season was classic. And the deliverer wasn’t even a main cast member haha. I wonder if they showed that snippet at the reunion.

    • Puddy

      I believe that Landon was wearing the real fur that Patti gave her to wear so that Landon would be more appealing to snobby Thomas, in an Ass-Schule kind of way..

    • PrincessMimi

      I don’t think anything Landon was wearing was real– certainly not those “diamonds” she claimed to have been wearing. That was crappy costume jewerly.
      I’m not a fan of dyed fur and think that coat, despite supposedly being Dior may have been fake. I would have gone with the traditional sable coat she first tried on.
      Landon should have worn a dolphin coat. Or rather faux dolphin as they are mammals way more intelligent and kinder than she is.

      • The jacket was real, although not one of my favorites from Dior. The House tends to do purple fur regularly for those winter collections and every time I see one I think it looks..well…you know, just as it did on Landon. Poor thing.

  5. JoJoFLL

    Girls like Landon are raised to marry wealthy men, it is all she knows.

    I know a zillion southern girls just like her.

    Cameran had more humble beginnings but was brought up the same way.

    Katheryn also but for some reason she doesn’t bother me.

    • Puddy

      Kathryn seems to me to be a free spirit who does not conform to their preppy, country club cookie cutter way of talking, dressing and being – J Crew, Lili Pulitzer – on no account say what you really mean, and backstab and belittle others. That whole crowd (except for Kathryn) has such a case of terminal lockjaw that they should all go for group tetanus shots.

      • PrincessMimi

        I think the lock jaw look is due to excessive coke.

      • tamaratattles


      • PrincessMimi

        That makes more sense.

      • except Shep too…he’s a real man and stands up for his convictions…and always does what he says, takes the high road. Love him.

      • Free spirit my @$$, then why does she want to control everything Thomas does, kinda hold him prisoner in other words. A free spirit’s motto is “live and let live.” Katheryn is so far from free spirit. I think she had the respected family name, but I don’t think she had the status quo that she wanted while growing up. I feel she wants to be something she is not. Katheryn was raised in rural area where I feel, from things she has said, she always wanted to do better and live in a more upscale place. She even called the house she was living in, a family home, ghetto once on the show. Being childish and disrespectful to her family. I think her actions are very monetary, making her a shallow person. She needs to put a lid on that trashy mouth also.

      • tamaratattles

        Perhaps she has an extra lid for your mouth…

    • Lolagyrl

      Maybe it’s because she’s in her early 20s & working hard raising two little kids. And Landon is a grown ass woman who can’t seem to hold a job. Except the reality TV job. Where she excels at whining!

      • JoJoFLL

        Kathryn’s may also be from her pedigree. It is a big deal in South Carolina. The first thing people ask you is “What’s your family name?” and the second is “What Church do you attend?”

        They already will know if you are Clemson or Carolina.

      • Lolo

        Am I the only one that thinks Cameron, deep down, wants or wishes she had the pedigree…why else would she hang with all of them. I know she is a career reality show star, being this is her 2nd one, but something doesn’t sit right when it cones to her motives. I’ll never forgot the remarks about all the money Shep’s family has, and their pedigree. The fact she is questioning whether or not to have a baby with her husband AFTER they are married is sketch. I think she is in love with Shep. The End.

      • PrincessMimi

        I totally agree.

      • Don’t forget how Katheryn got those babies that she is working so hard to raise, along with the nanny. Katheryn had designs on Thomas and knew exactly what she was doing, or thought she knew. Her plans didn’t pan out as she had planned, she got ahead of herself just a little, and this is to be admired, while the other ladies actually have legit plan for their life? I admire Landon because she wants to start her own business and she is learning something new everyday along the way. It is not easy to start up a business, it takes a lot of time, and I think she is learning this, but at least she is not trying to get pregnant in hopes of marrying someone with money and status so that they can support her. So lame!

      • A pedigree don’t mean nothing, unless you can take it to the bank. This is Katheryn’s dilemma. Most people do wish deep down that they had a pedigree, because it usually includes money, but not in Katheryn’s case. If I could only have one or the other, I would choose money over pedigree, especially after watching Southern Charm. Pedigree or not, there is a quaint southern flow and charm about the show, but when Katheryn starts a crazy jealousy sessions, it puts a damper on everything.

    • Shae

      Cameran’s mother, who divorced her husband and always worked, doesn’t seem the type to encourage her daughter (who also works for a living) to “marry rich”. Her mother seems very forward- thinking to me with her liberal opinions on childless women and careers, etc. At least that’s the strong impression I got.

      • Shae

        She told her husband before they got married she wasn’t sure if she wanted kids and if it was a deal breaker for him, he shouldn’t marry her. This is just a continuation of her doubts on the issue.

      • Lolo

        I agree that she was never encouraged, nor does she want to marry rich…but I do think she is in love with Shep.

      • Shae

        I hope not! lol , then that’s two ladies barking up the wrong tree (re: Shep lol)

      • Lolo

        True…BTW, isn’t Cameron’s mother BEAUTIFUL. .I literally gasped when the camera spanned to her…I swear she is an older model….gorgeous. .Cameron as well.

      • Petunia

        Let’s be real. No matter your background or how you were raised, deep down marrying a doctor is a lovely end result. No judgement!

    • Well, the reason your not jealous of Katheryn is because she has nothing to be jealous of, she is a trainwreck, she don’t know how to dress, all of her dresses have been gaudy. On the other hand Cameran and Landon are classy and know how to dress. I do feel sorry for Katheryn, I am not totally hating on her, but she has ulterior motives for everything she does and is very controlling and manipulative. I just see that in her. She needs to focus on her children and quit fighting for a man that has zero respect for her and is not in love with her. It happens, sometime your just the “baby mama.” She needs to pick herself up and move on, maybe get a job. Thomas is the biggest jerk in the world for not marrying her and giving her the life she so desired, but it is what it is, wish everyone would quit blaming other people just because Katheryn and Thomas can’t get their life in order, its no one else’s fault.

      • Puddy

        Wow, Rebecca. You are on a “hate Kathryn” tear. I see you enjoy kicking people when they are down. There really is no point in answering your crazy nonsense. All one can say is that you are such an unkind, stupid, flaming bitch. Why don’t you ask Whitney out for a date? I think you deserve each other!

      • Hey, great idea, except I am married. LOL. I like Whitney, he is a little strange, but I still like his calm manner. I am the voice of reason when it comes to Katheryn. Sorry, but a rose by any other name is still a rose. Katheryn could be a rose if she would just stop trying to control everything with her baby fits. She is a misfit. I am speaking the truth and not candy coating the fact that Katheryn is the problem, not every body else, as she likes to think. She runs around like a chicken with her head cut off spewing obscenities and making an @$$ out of herself. Sorry, but I cannot condone such bad behavior and lies.

      • tamaratattles

        Rebecca is so terribly misinformed that she probably thinks Whitney is a straight southern gentleman.

      • Well, the truth about Katheryn was too much for you, so your trying to change the subject.

      • tamaratattles

        Your stupidity was too much for me. Your relentless spamming of the site with delusional manic ranting was too much for me.

        If anyone misses Rebecca, you can wave to her in the Window Licking Section where she is currently having several seats.

  6. Bridgett

    The JD/Boss Hogg reference is so on point!! I, too, would love a lot more K. Cooper Ray and a lot less fake Cameran.

    • Lolo

      YES….GREAT comparison! !!LAUGHED OUT LOUD…but I am from the South, and his type ( and T Rex/ TRAV as well) are a dime a dozen. You’ll find one of each in every age group and in every Country Club across the South….thank god I fled!!=

      • Bridgett

        True, there are quite a few Boss Hoggs running around! I loved Shep comparing himself to Otis from Andy Griffith Show, made me love him more!

    • disgrazia4

      IDK… JD reminds me of Ned Beatty from, Deliverance. “Squeal like a pig!” 😀 And he does… for Thomas! LMAOOOOO

      • Lolo

        Oh my gosh…yeeeessss….is it a possibility they are all closeted gay men ? It’s crossed my mind…Whitney, of course….but I’ve been observing some other clues….the OVERLY sharing of sexcapades, the constant talk of picking up women, the fact that most women don’t want long term relationships with these guys…

      • Conveidt

        From day 1 JD struck me as a closeted gay man. He treats his wife like she is just a brood mare to have his children and carry on his family tradition and name. He always seems like he has secrets – perhaps he just has a mistress and not a secret gay life.

      • Lolo

        Why is the wife CLEARLY not a true cast member. .and shows up kinda meek and homely. ..never made up or flashy like the other girls…and no there is nothing wrong with that, but she doesn’t seem to fit the Charleston Mold…or The Gentry Mold. ..more like she is his sister…makes sense, old money southerners marry their own kind…not a West Virginia joke…they marry second cousins. …common

    • JD reminds me of Shep Kind from Anchorman…to a T

  7. Tamara, “if I were a lot younger, still cute, and K. Cooper Ray was straight”!! Hysterical! Love your sense of humor and honesty – as an overweight, past her once glorious prime woman, I relate 100%! Still don’t know how you keep up with all these shows, but so glad you do. Thank you. You’re my go-to website for what’s going on with all the “reality” shows.

  8. Lindsay

    So glad you got to see the friend comment, dying to get to the reunion (which I assume will be two part as they called next week’s part one).

  9. In the “Midnight of Garden and Eden” there is a snippet regarding the South and the first question you ask somebody.

    In Birmingham, what church do attend ?
    In Savannah, what do you drink?
    In Charleston, what is your mother’s maiden name? Kathyrn is a Calhoun, #allin

    What is Patricia’s maiden name? Bobblehead Thomas is a disgrace.

  10. Even knowing what is going on now I rooted for Kathryn. Landon is such a bitch to keep approaching Thomas when Kathryn is present. The talking head shots of Kathryn were priceless: I thought she was going to go Linda Blair and star head spinning.


    Queen TT, exactly what is an “Eskimo Brother ” it sounds like a phrase I’d like to use very soon. I have to make sure I know what it is first. 😂😂😂😂😂

    • tamaratattles

      Um an Eskimo Brother (may be offensive, not sure, just a warning) is when two men have been with the same woman.

      • Weirdiskate

        Shep and Thomas had sex with Kathryn so they already are Eskimo brothers, Landon wouldn’t change that, just add to it

      • Jane

        It may be offensive, but I am ashamed to admit I giggled.

        I gotta watch the show on rerun, but TRav got mad at others for trashing his family? All season, he’s made cracks about Kathryn and chased after girls young enough to be his daughter.

        A place called the Commodor opened in Charleston not too long ago, but a quick Google search didn’t reveal a tie to Shep. Either I missed it or someone pulled a tipsy girl.

      • MALISSA

        😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Im definitely using this phrase. Oh my bless you I haven’t laughed that hard in months.

  12. Vilula

    Thank you to pretty much all of you! I was beginning to think I’d had a cranial event and was just imagining that cam and Landon had turned to the dark side. I know Kathryn isn’t always smooth with her delivery but she’s been on point so far regarding her assessments. Thank you!

    • Katheryn’s assessments revolve around Katheryn holding Thomas hostage, if you haven’t noticed. Katheryn needs to stop hating on everyone just because her “baby daddy” wont settle down and marry her. It seems she comes up with someone else to blame for her bad choices. I don’t get the pity party for Katheryn. Yes, she is younger than the others, but were the other ladies doing what she is doing when they were that age. She turned her back on Jennifer when I am sure she is the one that put Jennifer up to spying on Thomas. Yes, Jennifer was dumb for doing it, but still, she did it for Katheryn so that Thomas would get caught in his lies. Katheryn is manipulative and calculating. I have a daughter almost Katheryn’s age. If she acted like Katheryn, I would tell her to get a grip!…among a few other things.

  13. Bee

    I live in Chas, have for over 40 years. In fact, I used to live next to the houe Patti lives in. Let me just say that this is not southern charm or Charleston. This show is some circus trash that Whitney and his mother brought to town. They have no clue. PA can put on all the airs she wants, but she is not Chas society. They don’t need her, they have their own far, far better and real. Thomas came from a great family. He, however, makes a mess despite himself. He is reality TV gold, sadly. Poor Kathryn. MY boyfriend, Cooper, calls her a Carolina Wildcat and he is right…again! Dang I wish KD had never gotten wrapped up with TR. He’s old enough to be her father, but he’s more like her 3rd child. And just when I thought Patti and Landon couldn’t bother me any more, they team up! Oh God, it’s gross. Landon is PA’s mini-me!! WWPD? Baharf!
    The ending was perfect though. Love that TR never answered KD bc isn’t that the summation of the whole deal?! A roaming dick with no accountability!
    For everyone’s sake, the circus needs to pull up stakes and go. 2 innocent children need to live out their lives without their family drama aired all over the world.

    • elisabeth

      This is perfectly put. I have heard from sources in Charleston that TRav’s mother was just scandalized with the second pregnancy. Loves her grandchildren, of course, but was just speechless at the events. . . .

    • I just wish Katheryn would leave the show. It is just too painful to watch her loosing her dignity over some man. I know it brings drama to the show, but I just want to watch the every day happenings of some civil southern people. I know the cast is not perfect, but they do emit a certain southern charm, I would like watching the show without Katheryn’s crazy antics. I don’t like seeing her try to manipulate everyone into thinking they have done something wrong, except for Thomas, because he is the best example of something gone wrong. I wish he would leave the show too.

  14. bella

    When Landon said Patricia helped her gain self confidence back hahahaha. Really?? By telling you that you needed to change your image in order to get a man? Wow, Patricia is a great person. 😏 Landon is an idiot.

  15. Gotta agree with you on all points!!! For all of their “talk” about being “Southern Gentlemen” — the only one that is REMOTELY so is Shep. Obviously he’s from “good stock”. The other guys seem like misogynist peter pan gossips. No “gentlemen” that I know of talks about/treats women like these creeps do. And, what’s with the turnaround with Cameran?? She used to seem classy, fun and “above” all of the viciousness. Now it seems she’s drunk far too much of Cruella Patricia’s Kool-Aid… and btw — why is this senior citizen (Pathetic Patty) so OBSESSED with 23-year-old Kathryn? Seems very weird. Did Patty have designs on Thomas?? Did she want to ensconce him in her crypt to do her bidding? (shudder). And Witless Whitney needs to either come out of the dark closet or go the Caitlyn Jenner route already. Nobody’s believing the schtick…nor the rented-only-for-filming pads in Charleston and LA. We all know he’s a fixture in the crypt with mommy. Kathryn needs to cut loose from Tommy ‘n the crew — there are bigger, better and classier people and routes for her. Landon (aka “Landumb”) just needs to go away….zzzzzz..zzzzzz..zzzzzz.

    • Puddy

      Funny! “Pathetic Patty”. Love it.

    • Dixie Sugarbaker

      Patty jealous over Thomas? Could be a possibility. He IS closer in age to Patty than Kathryn. Maybe the old bag thought she had a shot – we know he is not very discriminating wirh whom he hooks up (cough -Landon).

  16. I don’t know if Kathryn chooses her battles wisely. I believe (1) As a copper-haired beauty, red is a bad color choice. (2) Watch and catalog when “your” man is crossing your lines. Speak gently to him about it at home (if you want to keep him, which it looks like she does) and plot to take down the scheming bitch (Landon) later. Don’t show your ass to everybody and curse like a fickig beast in front of society, save that for a private confrontation.
    I’d love to see Kathryn calmly meeting with Landon, dressed in a lovely blue sundress, sipping a glass of wine and saying “Landon, I know all about it. I just want to tell you that what is in the past can stay in the past – BETTER stay in the past – in order for us to have a civil relationship in public. And if you ever, ever, ever try to attach Thomas to you again, I will fucking destroy you.” No yelling, no (accurate) slams regarding dolphin squeaks, just deadly calm. And a big, toothy smile.

    • Lolo

      That was great…I could actually visualize the scene….except she should secretly add “Hope you didn’t get the Herpes Complex. ..uts a birch to manage”… I’m formally from the South…I grew up with Calhoun’s…rhey may have loads of $$$$$$… but the ones I knew were WILD…I mean, crazy, partying, steal the golf carts at The Country Club WILD…Kathryn is awesome. ..she’ll be just fine

    • Delicious. Absolutely delicious.

    • elisabeth

      #2 “and plot to take down the scheming bitch later.” I am a fan of Octavia Spencer’s chocolate pie from the movie “The Help”.

    • eileen

      I agree that Kathryn’s dress was awful. Not just the bright red, but also the hideous red nylon cape with white heels! I was agog,

      • Cara

        Kathryn can wear anything because of her statuesque figure, but I agree, those white shoes were terrifying. I put it down to her age. She’ll learn.

    • Margarett

      Wish I’d said that, catazure! Kathryn would look great in blue. I keep wondering why she rarely if ever wears green, every redhead’s fall back color. Besides the color I thought the cut wasn’t especially flattering.

      I just love Shep. He’s such a cute little scamp. After reading some of the above comments, I’ve been thinking about Cameran and him as a couple. Wouldn’t they be a pair? And they’d have such pretty ‘puppies’.

    • Wendy

      Love the toothy smile comment and couldn’t agree more. Create a moment of silence Katheryn and watch Landon squirm

    • Petunia

      Great advice that comes with maturity and life experiences. She’ll get there…

    • Not sure if I missed something, because I watched every episode. When did Thomas and Landon hook up? I know a rumor was started by Thomas that he was propositioned by Landon. How does that translate to TRUTH and BIBLE? If you haven’t noticed, Thomas lies…a lot. Landon says nothing happened between them and I choose to believe her instead of Thomas. I think Thomas has an infatuation with Landon, but I do not see her returning the feeling. It seems to me Landon is crushing over Shep. Are we watching the same show? Katheryn sees Landon as a threat because she is beautiful and charming, and she has got the vibe from Thomas his attraction to Landon. So instead of just letting it ride for the unimportant thought that it should be, Katheryn goes bat $&!+ crazy. No one can accommodate that much insecurity. Landon has every right to be mad at her. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. I would still love to see Thomas marry Katheryn and make an honest woman out of her. But, when she starts her “crazy” I can almost sympathize with Thomas…almost.

  17. Chloe

    I wish Landon was off the show. When she criticized Kathryn for having a baby to basically trap a rich man, I thought to myself that she is or would try to do the same thing. She’s so desperate for cash and status that she’d try to weasel into a relationship where two babies are involved. Landon brings nothing to the show, and it seems she is just tolerated by most of the cast members. The best part of the night was when Shep came to the ball with Landon’s friend..

    • Puddy

      That is my concern. Landon is such a weasel and Thomas is such a fool.

    • 25

      Landon is so self-involved that when she attacks Kathryn for “trapping a rich man” by getting pregnant, I think what she really wants is credit for her not getting pregnant. Look at me!–I got a rich man to marry me and I didn’t need to have a baby to trap him.

      I totally believe this even though I know I’m not hiding my hatred of Landon well.

    • 25

      I don’t know the details of how Landon met her ex-husband, but some simple math reveals that they had to have met when he was still married to Stacey Dash, with whom he has a child. So Landon clearly doesn’t give AF about getting in the middle of relationships where young children are involved (and semi-crazy baby mommas).

  18. Puddy

    LoLo: I think you are super spot on regarding Cameran – in all respects! You solved the mystery of her behavior. And yes – she does seem to be in love with Shep or why did she topple backwards, roaring drunk, into the bushes at Patti’s tacky flamingo party, sputtering “can you imagine Shep having sex?” Hysteria much?

    • Lolo

      His face lights up every time they are filming him answering her calls, when she walks in the door. Always makes comments about her clothes, ( oh wait, maybe he IS a closeted too. LOL).. but, even though I understand the need for air time, and stories with plots, there is no way that 2 attractive people of the opposite sex, with 1 being married, the other a self proclaimed manwhore, should spend that much time together, much less try to start a business partnership together. I asked my husband how he would feel if I had a man, especially one who brags of sleeping with every woman he comes in contact with, as a best pal. His answer….unless he is gay, it wouldn’t happen. ..

      • Miele

        Wow, Lolo.
        Excellent points! This puts Cameran’s little bday poem to Shep a season or two ago in a whole new light ESPECIALLY the joke about his holding out for Kensington (Calhoun Ravenel)… Perhaps if only Cameran had some sort of pedigree, she’d have been “a suitable match” for Shep…

      • Lolo

        Ohhhhhh, do tell about this poem. I couldn’t watch the first season. gave me waaaayy to much anxiety. ..I grew up with a lot of people just like these peeps. .got out of there as fast as I could. .but now I’m obsessed with this franchise. ..probably bc I am a bit intrigued that the whole world can see how ridiculous old money people can be…I still know people who go to an all inclusive country club, where cotillions and coming out parties are still a huge part of this society….VERY “Caddyshack”…guys wearing the pink pants, girls in Lily Pulitizer. ..and of course the worst. ..racist

      • Miele

        At Shep’s birthday party last season, Cameran presented him a cutesy little ode that ended with (or perhaps just included) the line “A girl his own age would do him well, but I think he’s holding out for Kensington Ravenel”. The rest of it escapes me and my Google-future abilities. Overall, the poem seemed sweet and best-buddy-ish at the time, but that line struck me as odd. Oh, and Landon gave him a boob cake at that same party…

      • Lolo

        THANKS Miele…:)

      • Cara

        Cameran may be cozying up to Shep because of his money and influence. My take is that Cameran is all about wanting to be on TV. She would be great on something like “Good Morning, Charleston.”

  19. PickyLongstocking

    OMG. West Coast-er here. I almost wished I didn’t read this recap before I watched. That last scene was GREAT. But my favorite part of this hour was the dresses, ooooh the dresses!

  20. Theresa

    Wouldn’t it be hilariously shocking if Landon turned up pregnant to try to snatch T-RAVesty from Kathryn? He’s sure be in a pickle then. I would love to see Kathryn move on to bigger and better options…..younger and hotter too.

    • She won’t do that. Landon may be ruddy of face, but is far more advanced in the caginess department. She’s not going to produce any heirs for anyone that hasn’t put a ring on it and signed his life aw–err…um, signed his marriage license and tripped down the isle.

  21. Theresa

    Oh and why was Elizabeth not at the ball and “coming later” did she read the blind items?

  22. Weirdiskate

    Shep and Thomas are Eskimo brothers, they both had sex with Kathryn

  23. Why doesn’t someone tell Thomas to comb his fucking eyebrows. Appropriately the hairs form devil horns that stick out on each one where they arch.

  24. I just looked at some of the twitter pages of the cast. Patti’s page is an endless stream of complimentary tweets about herself. If she were a dude she’d be sucking her own dick. Oh wait this is further evidence that this is Whitney’s doing.

  25. 25

    Landon thinks she left “like a lady.” What a trip that broad is. She stalked Kathryn out of the building while smirking. In the words of the morally corrupt Faye Resnick, “no matter how many [furs] you borrow, you will never be a lady.”

  26. Miele

    I’m beyond over Cameran. The nerve of her framing Thomas’ meltdown as another instance of his and Kathryn’s poor behavior. No, little broad, that was ALL your friend T-Rav. Don’t try to pin that catastrophe on Kathryn.

    Landon is utterly disgusting, in every possible way. She’s a screeching, squinchy-faced little wench, even when “glammed up”. She should be ashamed of how she behaved with Kathryn, a woman ten years her junior. Kathryn tried to have a mature conversation, but, as Shep so rightly pointed out, Landon ‘has never done anything wrong’ and chose to be a defensive brat.

    At least she left that stupid barrette at home for the ball. Perhaps Patty made it a condition of allowing Landon to borrow things, in which case the old biddy has my gratitude. It is hilarious and clearly Kathryn-driven that Patty has taken Landon as her protegé. Landon has no manners, is not a beauty, and is a broke divorcée who “left” a rich husband empty-handed after several years of marriage. Their alliance only makes sense as an anti-Kathryn pact, which is pathetic for a pair of women old enough to be Kathryn’s grandmother and childhood nanny. Perhaps Patty will peep the way Landon held that Dior fur in a clenched fist close to the ground and realize that she needs to find a better pupil.

    I found Naomie to be stunning this episode. It’d be nice if she and Kathryn were friends so they could be young and pretty together. And we could have K. Cooper Ray complete the friend triad. If only.

    Thomas is so low. The way he talked about Kathryn to Landon was despicable. What a way to continue adding insult to injury to the mother of his children. He seems to be just a generally ungrateful jerk who doesn’t appreciate genuine people. JD and Whitney reminded you that you were raised better than that? How about K. Cooper Ray who kept you from making an even bigger scene at your dinner party-from trying to quell the initial verbal tirade all the way reminding you of your station afterwards? We won’t even start on his relationship with Kathryn. What an utter POS.

    Welcome back, Shep! I’ve missed you. Well played with taking Landon’s “friend” as a date and then asking the little harpy about after-party options. Perhaps now she gets it. Shep is the only one who shows any kind of good breeding. I’m glad to see him come back from the dark side.

    I cannot believe they ended the season with the revelation that Landon did, in fact, sleep with Thomas!!! And if she told the “friend” about it, I doubt it was a one-time thing.

    • Puddy

      Miele, thank you so much for this brilliant and truthful piece of writing. Everything you pointed out so needed to be said.

      • Miele

        Aww, thanks, Puddy!

      • Cara

        If Landon ever wants to get a real job, she is going to have to shed the baby-talk speech thing. It’s not cute.

      • Miele

        Yep. I hope it was worth it to that poor guy who took the two meetings with Landon this season. To be subjected to that voice AND cluelessness? No thank you.

    • 25

      I thought it was telling that production ended it that way; it makes it seem like they’re respecting who the star of their show is (Kathryn). Landon’s “friend” is clearly just her acquaintance. They barely said hello to each other and..oh yeah, does Landon have female friends? No she just trolls rich men with Patti.

      • Miele

        I get what you’re saying, but now we don’t get to see the revelation spread through that smug little group. Instead we’ll have to hope Andy does his job at the reunion and makes a big deal out of it, which I doubt. 

        And we’re in agreement about the “friend”.   That some random chick seems to know from Landon herself about the Thomas saga is especially distasteful. It’s almost as if there’s a special “gold diggers who lunch” group where Landon shared her presumed catch…

    • I can guarantee you, Naomie and Katheryn will never be friends. From the looks she gave Katheryn, I am pretty sure she thinks she is crazy. She even told Craig that he needed to drop his defense of Katheryn. I feel Katheryn gets on Naomie’s last nerve, because Naomie is a lady,which is more than I can say about Katheryn. God bless her little psychotic heart.

    • That was so not a revelation. More like a snide remark about your competition.

  27. SLM

    Spot on, TT.

    Some of what I found the most interesting, was seeing Thomas ask Kathryn to stay over after that party (I assumed the children were in the “guest house” with the Nanny during this) and then (as you pointed out, TT) apparently continue to stay there for some time after, proves what Kathryn said in interviews – that following Saint’s birth he repeatedly gave her the impression they were reconciling. Now, let me get this straight – T-Rav reconciled with the mother of his children, and had them all living as a family TOGETHER, a situation he’s been whining all season about being his dream, then there’s ONE BS disagreement at KCR’s event and she’s tossed out on her ear again??? Wow. Yep, he’s SUPER MATURE AND LEVEL-HEADED. One argument and it’s “don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Kathryn.” I’m starting to think his behavior towards her borders on sadistic. He gives her all this false hope that she takes at face value. Then he makes sure to push all her emotional buttons, thereby causing her to lash out, then he can send her packing and tell her it’s her fault.

    I was kind of SO hoping that KCR would actually SLAP TRav during that dinner party tirade and yell, “Get ahold of yourself, man!” But, KCR has too much class for that!!

    • The only ones with true class are Shep, Kathryn and Cooper. The rest are beasts to the burden of their own delusional self worth. Coop dared to stand up to Pathetic Patricia (applause) and be a true friend to Kathryn. Shep has practiced what he preached…it’s so much easier to take the high road. (even tried hard to be nice to Landon…dodged a bullet in the process) Kathryn won’t be subjugated, not by anyone, because she has true self worth/self esteem due to being well raised by normal people.

  28. Shae

    I truly cannot take the sound of Landon’s screeching. I think Kathryn behaves terribly a lot of the time and is extremely difficult to reason with/rude herself, but Landon is just impossible. The sounds that come out of her mouth are inhuman.

    Kathryn owes it to her kids and her sanity to smarten up and leave Thomas alone romantically. He cannot and will not be a mature man. He is a sick, pathologically lying, man-baby and she can’t change him. These two have lied to each other so much it’s nauseating but he’s kept it up longer and it’s shameful. She has at least tried to grow up and better herself, he’s just as awful as ever. Southern manners dictate you scream at your guests and insult them? I doubt it, that’s bad behavior anywhere let alone from a southern man from a notable family. Gross.

  29. Tracy

    I’m already suffering from K. Cooper Ray and Kathryn Dennis withdrawals. They (and Shep) are the reason I watch. I too, believe K. Cooper and Kathryn deserve a spin-off. We all need to let Bravo TV know this…

  30. Meri

    Thank you for the blog and the great comments. I once again missed the show and since I don’t know how to record (I’m old and technically impaired), I really appreciate the info.
    Thomas and Landon are a perfect pair..shallow, stupid and fake. I should also add unattractive since they both look like creatures from another planet (an ugly planet). Patty…Whitney……relics from a crypt for sure.
    I hope that I can find the last show and the coming reunions sometime but until then..this blog will have to suffice.

  31. The men on this show are a bunch of sissies. Shep is an insecure piece of work that without money would be just another worthless POS. Thomas LOL is still a child with micro balls. It”s a wonder he got anybody pregnant. Miss Whitney, go to the Barbra Steisand concert, stand up and COME OUT….perhaps she’ll bring your thirsty butt on stage for a photo opp. She’s a big old queen.

  32. Eggnaug

    I think this season was a little too much. I think Landon needs to get her shit together, get a job for Christ sakes. Shep needs to explain to Landon what the friend zone is. Craig needs to take the bar and stop showing his stubby little fingers on camera, they creep me out. Kathryn needs to go back to Monks corner. Thomas needs to get his jaw wired shut for awhile , get a sponsor and start a 12 step program.

    • 25

      Bar exams are offered in Feb & July. Craig was not on south carolina’s Feb 2016 pass list. So he didn’t take it, or he failed it. Probably he didn’t take it because that scene where he went to mail his bar application was laughable; everything is done online.

  33. SaraSally

    I have the show recorded, but am of the habit of reading recaps first. The preview for this episode makez me cringe. Landon is arguing with Kathryn using a double negative sentence, which would seem to cancel the statement. “I didn’t do nothing”. That shyt irritates me for some reason.

  34. Deanna

    I felt that Thomas was on point with Cameron. I liked Cameron a lot initially however her comments this season have let her real personality shine through. Cameron is self centred and judgemental. I didn’t like the way Landon and Cameron attempted to freeze out Kathryn. It was nice seeing Shep and Craig being the voices of reason when that happened. I can’t stand JD, he comes across as full of himself and desperately trying to appear a certain way for the cameras. Whitney is awkward and his hair is terrible, he needs a new look! I like Craig and am happy to see he has the drinking under control, a steady girl and is looking to get his career (not with JD lol) back on track. I wish him well.

    Thomas came across as volatile in the scene where he exited the room via the window… Who does that? lol

    • I totally agree, JD seems extremely controlled in every scene he’s end. I think he’s decided he’s not showing anything to the cameras. Just a little too civil to be believed. Who’s always this cool. He’s never ruffled.

  35. I thought so last season and I still think that Kathryn would make the best soap opera actress! She wouldn’t even have to take acting lessons. That last scene with the snarl, “Then you’re crazy” to Landon was so dramatic and over the top. I swear I thought I was watching the Bold and Beautiful. Hahahaha.

    I still like the show and Landon is a devious one, the ones you really have watch out for but Thomas was so two-faced and I can see why Kathryn was pissed. He talked about Landon before leaving and said he didn’t want anything to do with her and then he caresses her lower back while greeting her when he first came in. It was totally opposite of what he told Kathryn he was going to do. They would never we able to get along, EVER! He’s completely self-serving and she’s too young to know how to handle him.

    • Shar Woods

      Thomas is such a despicable human being. He lies to Kathryn about breaking off all contact with Landon in order to persuade Kathryn to spend the night with him. Then he secretly calls Landon and tells her “I understand your point of view” and wants her to call him back to discuss things. I think Kathryn reached the breaking point when she saw Thomas caress Landon’s lower back, indicating a more intimate relationship than what was admitted by both Thomas and Landon. In the last five minutes, I really felt for Kathryn when she confronted Thomas about his constant cheating on her with numerous women. She indicated he slept with 18, 19 and 20-year-olds, so obviously she is not as naive as he would like to believe. I think that Landon’s relationship with Thomas was the last straw because it definitely was intentional on her part to break them up, as opposed to random women who had sex with Thomas because they did not know he had a girlfriend and children. I hope that Kathryn never trusts him again because he is a pathological liar whose primary motivation is to satisfy his own twisted goal of controlling others by any means necessary.

  36. RealE

    TT – When you described your crush on Cooper, I 😂😂. I totally get it and it could definitely happen so don’t lose hope. That whole part of your recap was endearing. That’s right I said it… you were endearing

  37. D

    Wondering what large”family crest” tattoo Whitney is referring to in his latest interview with Pat on Bravo’s FB page … His actual father Lon Smith’s? One of Pat’s subsequent husbands?

  38. GIA

    I’m not sure why everyone hates Landon so much. Just what exactly has she done to Kathryn. Aside from her annoying voice, what has Landon done to Kathryn that she has set her sights on her. Everyone knows that Kathryn always needs some kind of target for her insecurities. From what I recall, Landon tried to befriend Kathryn and only when Kathryn was going insane and making a constant ass of herself did Landon tell her to take it easy…to which Kathryn turned on her, flipped her off and that was the beginning of it. Landon was sick of Kathryns a-holeness and dramatics and others were too, including Thomas at the time. Thomas is a POS, whimpy, flakey all the way around…but Kathryn can’t get enough of that Ravenal thing and Thomas will do anything to placate her especially now that she’s had his children. I can’t imagine why any of these people fall over themselves to be Thomas’ friend. He threw each of them under the bus blaming them basically for his and Kathryn’s issues with a lot of displaced anger going on. He’s the reason for his own problems, nobody else. He’ll say one thing to Kathryn and another to everyone else. But her insecurity and then her need to be with a man who is a child after she had Whitney, had Shep, almost had Craig and then designs on T-Rav – plantation girl just isn’t satisfied that she made a mistake – no, she’s scorning all the way to the bank…

    • Puddy

      Gia, trying to answer what you have written is like trying to reply to one lengthy non sequitur. No point.

      • Indeed Puddy…evidently someone missed Landon lie to EVERYONE about inviting Kathryn to Sheps birthday party. The one Landon SELFISHLY planned that had nothing of interest to Shep (the birthday boy) and everyone noticed this. Landon puts little thought into anything except scheming and conniving to get her way. She certainly can’t focus on making money to support herself. I agree with Bam, Landons sister. Get a REAL JOB that has a paycheck and benefits (like healthcare). Why be friends with a LIAR????? They have no credibility, integrity or character.

    • Cara

      Here’s one thing that Landon did to Kathryn: slept with Thomas at a time when Kathryn might have been hoping to get back together with him. Here’s another thing Landon does to everyone: screeches like a dolphin! It’s enough that she’s annoying.

    • Lolo

      Landon slept with Thomas…that explains her rage against her..and the face that Thomas and Landon deny …

    • sandra

      GIA, If Thomas would do anything to placate Kathryn he wouldn’t be screwing that liar Landon now, would he? You don’t make a damn bit of sense. Have several seats!

  39. GillianFirst

    Great recap Tamara! Loved the dolphin sounds in big ears description lol

    My opinion on changes for next season: This show needs to get more real…

    -no Landon ! She served her part as source of drama between Thomas and Kat but aside from that all her storylines were painfully fake. The only thing that seemed kind of real was her disastrous web presentation on paper, but her repetitive failures after a while just weren’t entertaining.
    -Show Katherine’s friends her own age. Her fake sidekicks seem to tolerate her but where are the people she went to high school with? Who she has real fun with? Does her real life revolve only around people from that pilot episode pool party? In the same town she’s lived in all her life–I don’t think so.
    -show more of Shep’s business side. He built a house, manages diversified investment portfolios and has 2 bars– there’s material there. His aw shucks I do nothing persona is getting old and clearly only part of him
    – Whitney makes me cringe but what in the world does he do all day? Show me where he hoes (typo, keeping it!)

    • GillianFirst

      (And as I’ve mentioned before I would def watch a show only about Katherine, she’s a reality show STAR)

  40. Randi

    Tamara, maybe Cooper Ray would be willing to at least host a Q&A on your site. I think we’d all love to hang out with him!

  41. Jelley

    I love your blog TT. You work tirelessly for us and we really appreciate you!

    Lady episode, when Cam was eating with Craig, I was disgusted by her nasty eating habits. Why does she wait until she takes a bite to speak? STOP TALKING WITH FOOD IN YOUR MOUTH! (apologies for the rant)

    Cameran is boring and mean. I am excited for the reunion. I can’t wait to hear London’s blameless explanation for sleeping with Thomas and denying it for months.

    • Deanna

      Jelley, you mean the lunch with Shep when they were discussing Landon? I couldn’t believe it, it was comical and just plain disgusting at the same time lol

  42. Puddy

    Oh, and Gia, regarding what Landon has ever done to Kathryn (besides ruthlessly hooking up with the father (Thomas) of two babies while the mother (Kathryn) of those two babies was hopeful to have a marriage with the father (Thomas) of her two babies – for their sake and because she truly loved Thomas and with Thomas asking Kathryn to stay in his house and saying he wanted to legitimize their family) — This season opens up with Landon (conveniently now living only a few blocks away from Thomas for easy midnight trolls, oops… I meant strolls!) very naturally sauntering into Thomas’ house, with great familiarity, and saying to him that it is too bad that Kathryn can’t be electro-shocked like men did to obstreperous housewives in the 1950’s!!! Ahhhh sweet, horrible Landon, who claims she “never said anything against Kathryn?” Reportedly, Thomas recently threw a polo birthday party for Landon’s birthday in April and describes (squinty, puffy faced, puppet nose, comic jaw) Landon as beautiful, sweet and mature (like a rancid cheese) and one of his “few pleasure in life”? And Kathryn is paranoid? I don’t think so. However, the coke must have really gone to Thomas’ brain, to think Landon is even remotely attractive or personally desirable, as even Shep refuses to hook up with Landon – and Shep hooks up with almost everybody! Landon’s real daddy (just like her wannabe sugar daddy Thomas) has reportedly made his millions as a developer. Many people don’t care for land developers as they tend to square off against citizens who want to stand up for their natural open spaces and environmental concerns vs developers who alter natural open spaces for – well millions. Both developers! With Landon turning from the one that kicked her out to another to take her in. Ohhhhhh daddy! It seems that Landon and Patti feel that they can look down on Kathryn (while they seethe with jealousy of her old Charleston lineage)—bc Kathryn, evidently, does not come from a ruthless money grabbing family, and Kathryn’s family are of modest means – which Poisonous Patty and Landon define as “white “trash.” Kathryn’s posts show her to be literary, highly intelligent and – yes – to have true class – and Cooper Ray’s friendship with Kathryn attests to her class – as does her friendship with Dani. As for Kathryn’s drug test – she was clearly set up by Thomas’ lawyers and did not see this killer move coming. Just look at Thomas’ glazed eyes and seemingly drug fueled behavior at his dinner party, while Kathryn was calm and collected. I call bullshit on the drug test set up. The court cannot base their decision on that. Let them have random drug tests on Thomas, over the next 6 months, called by Kathryn’s attorneys.. with no knowledge of same available to Thomas’ attorneys — and then let’s look at the significance of drug tests.

    • Petunia

      You’re so right! It’s using your noggin kids! Thomas’ coked up crazy behavior captured on film…. Think… These sealed details being “leaked”. Something clearly went down. The desperate and bottom feeding co stars feeding into it…. This man went to jail for cocaine distribution. He’s clearly high on countless episodes.. As is Shep and most importantly, Craig last season!!!!!’ Besides the ep when K went off on Whitney and when she chased him down the dock last season with a healthy chunck of sound bites to make her crazy- there’s no evidence of her abusing alcohol or drugs. Yet t rav is in the bag almost every episode. This is a leaked defense to fans being mad about the attack on her. It’s desperate and laughably sad in its obviousness. It’d be funny if there weren’t kids involved. She seems like a wonderful mom and to any that judge her take a look at her social media and how beautiful and healthy those babies are. I’m down with grown reality stars screaming at each other. I get queasy when illness and faking become a plot line. To rip this woman’s life apart- to question paternity and publically call her a drug addled sociopath is disgusting and without words. Anyone who supports this should have their human being card pulled!

      • sandra

        Petunia, I’m so happy you’re back. Please stay out of the ‘Honorable WLS!’

      • Petunia

        Hi Sandra. Thank you!

      • Puddy

        Petunia: You are so right! Although the court proceedings were supposed to be sealed (were they not?), the drug test results were somehow? how? by who? leaked to the public, bc the public was furious at the way this show has been pillorying, bullying and eviscerating a young, single mother of two babies who is also very alone. They had to find a way to try to justify their obscene behavior toward Kathryn. When Andy asked Cameron, Landon, and (was it Craig?) why they did not fault Thomas for his overtly rude and debauched behavior – pit bull (I have been after TRav as my sugar daddy since my return to Charleston) Landon piped up – well Thomas passed his drug test!!! That is why!” A set up question and answer, much? Oh ….you mean the one “fix was in” “drug test” that Thomas likely had advance notice of ? when on almost every on-screen clip of Thomas he looks very very high, was sent to jail for cocaine use, and on one occasion he tells an ex porno actor that he should sample “your wares”, Landon? Because.. you are so moral, Landon? The public sees what happened here. Given Thomas’ history of fights, hook ups, drug use, and incarceration — all Thomas should get is supervised visitation and he should be randomly drug tested by Kathryn’s attorneys for one year at least. One fake drug test (in that Thomas must have known to be clean bc he looks so high all the time) does not condemn Kathryn or exonerate Trav. Kathryn’s children do look very happy and well adjusted as a result of Kathryn’s care. TRav never married Kathryn. She bore these children and raised them on her own. He has no right to anything.

      • Petunia

        Puddy , you and I are in the same page👍🏻.

  43. Petunia

    K. Pretty sure I’m in he honorable window licker group. Sadly, I’m so addicted to this site but always in a rush so I haven’t read the rules and am just happy to comment regardless of the window licking abyss.
    I CANNOT NOT comment!!!!! I know it’s reality and its “entertainment” but these freaking doorknobs have taken it to another level kicking a young woman when she’s down. Going out of their completely vacant in all self awareness way to tear her down. I watch and think surely when these terrible piles of manure watch themselves in the episodes, they will be gifted with the much need gift of reflection and be better. Wrong…. They’re actually proud and they double down on social media. Seriously, these people are truly vile and I can’t believe anyone not being paid would stand by them.
    I love this show- look forward to watching but realized how odd it is that I fast forward every scene with Landon and Shep- Cameron in her therapy- no licensed respected therapist lets camera in their session! Why do reality shows keep wasting our precious minutes by continuously showing us therapy sessions. THERES NOTHING entertaining about watching minutes we’ll never get back of someone in a therapists office!!!!! Not even remotely!!!!!
    Whitlimp asking Trav if it’s “Southern” to invite guests and insult them?!?!! Pure glitter covered buy one get one free disco balled magic!!!!!!!if there’s typos it’s bc my eyes rolled so far back they won’t be back before Christmas! This over indulged deluded man child who never met a coat check he didn’t like who isn’t from the south nor actually lives in the south speaking to what’s southern? Forget southern- common grace and manners- which were never instilled in him (looking at you crazy dusty try hard fossil pat), coming from a disgusting and wrinkled middle aged facade of a person (again , Apple meet the tree)!!!!
    The same out of touch twat that uses misongynistic and antiquated phrases like “out of wedlock’???!! Let’s quiet down and let him school is all. Shaming a young women- a single mom— you’d think a man who sadly feels discrimination enough to hide in the closet- would be a tad less judge mental- allegedly.( hi momma Pat- nice work)
    I fast forward of course every Cam/therapy scene. She is absolutely everything T said she was and although she’s pretty- it’s not enough! Also fast forward Craig and JD- I’m all for fake but that’s not even interesting fake. Anomie and Craig- meh- I don’t get the love for her- she’s incredibly boring and a terrible actress. The scene where she models her dresses…. Then comes out to the couch in her bathrobe- ya know the daily staple of her shower or dressing routine- and Craig says “oh that looks comfy” like he’s never seen it. Then it gets better when she says yeah look at this ( or something) and pulls the animal cutesy hood over her head- likes he’s never seen it before—- yet they live together—– seriously editors- believe in yourself and aim a little higher!!!!!!
    Wrapping up the rant- I love K. Partly because the human being and beating heart I am and have, thank god, naturally feels for a fellow human going through hard times. But truly, although sometimes she doesn’t articulate live on the spot- she’s very funny and Whitty. As far as the drug thing that should never been made our business, the majority of the cast is no stranger. Adults enjoying responsibly is okay with me. Those kids are healthy and lovely and in no way appear to be in jeopardy.
    Seriously, screw Pat and everyone who blindly falls for her sad act. I’m all for a sassy and cool octogenarian, but it is embarrassing and a little frightening that she behaves like an 11 year old. What would Patricia do Landon? Easy, exactly what she told you to do!

  44. Dandy Lion

    Loved your post! K. Cooper’s red shoes were divine!!! When he was trying to reel Thomas back in while the others were “high tailing” it on a golf cart I couldn’t help but notice them.
    Aside from that, the whole issue here is Thomas. He has zero maturity, loves pitting Katheryn and Landan against each other. If he were a loyal, loving and strong gentleman there wouldn’t be a screeching dolphin bopping around. She’d get the message that that ocean’s off limits.

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