Sonja’s Mission To Undermine Bethenny Frankel’s Brand Will Never Succeed

Photo Credit: Marshall Heyman Instagram

Photo Credit: Marshall Heyman Instagram

When I first started blogging I was an idiot. I knew that the tabloids in the grocery store aisles were made up bullshit 90% of the time.  But there were plenty of outlets that I blindly believed. They were actual journalists, weren’t they? I’ve since learned that even CNN and other major news media outlets need to be fact checked.

Today I was sent this piece from Page Six. I love Page Six. The Real Housewives of New York seem to live and breathe for a mention on Page Six.  Sonja Morgan wakes up to the New York Daily Post every morning! (<<< Blind Item Reveal!) Sonja also loves to call up Page Six almost as much as Luann De Lesseps does!  And apparently that happened last night. Because just before midnight the following story went up. I generally don’t purple pen other writers work. My purple pens of housewives blogs are because I find their blogs to be ridiculous. I have a different opinion than they do. But in this case, I have to purple pen Page Six because they have so very many facts wrong.  So here goes…

RHONY Bethenny Sonja

Sonja Morgan has seemingly won the latest round in the battle of the “Real Housewives” booze brands with reigning queen Bethenny Frankel.

This is their headline. Gee I wonder where that information came from. It is completely false.

An awning has gone up at 45 W. Eighth St. for Morgan’s Tipsy Girl restaurant and bar…

THIS IS THE ENTIRE STORY. This is a fact. Well sort of. It is not Sonja Morgan’s restaurant. It is Peter Guimaraes and his partner who tries very hard to stay out of all the drama’s restaurant. Peter put an awing up at Tipsy Girl. After close to two years of “opening this restaurant” an awning has appeared. I do not see how this is news. This has nothing to do with the trademark battle. He is free to open a bar named Tipsy Girl. That has never been an issue 

And once more with feeling, Sonja is not a “business partner” of Peter’s. She is a paid spokesperson. She’s like that trustworthy looking old man who does all the lawyer commercials.  He’s an actor. He is not a partner in a law firm. He is a conduit for publicity, so is Sonja. Many of the RHONY have taken kickbacks to display their product on the show.  Remember when Heather and the ladies bedazzled her jeans for charity? All of those little bedazzlements resulted in a paycheck (alledgedly $25,000 to Heather who may have contributed that to her charity). These situations happen all the time and in fact Ramona has done the same thing with the same Peter when she pretended to be a partner of that Sports Bar.

after Skinnygirl liquor mogul Frankel lost a recent bid to block the upstart brand through the US Patent and Trademark Office.

This is a false statement. The USPTO has not ruled on who owns TipsyGirl or Tipsy Girl regarding the beverage trademark.

In April, Frankel’s team filed to trademark the name “Tipsygirl,” presumably because they viewed it as too close to her $100 million Skinnygirl brand.

This is not true. Bethenny filed to trademark TipsyGirl as an alcoholic beverage on November 24, 2015. Peter filed for the trademark on the restaurant last April.  Bethenny is not contesting the restaurant name. However if she wins the liquor trademarks, the name might be seen as an infringement.



Morgan’s plans for Tipsy Girl — spearheaded by her business partner Peter Guimaraes — include a line of prosecco, with an eye to expand to other booze, along with a chain of lounge-type restaurants.

The fact that they keep calling this Sonja’s grand plan is hysterical. See above.

The Eighth Street Tipsy Girl restaurant is 2,000 square feet, Page Six can reveal, and scheduled to potentially open by mid-July. Guimaraes, of now-shuttered eatery Bice, is doing the décor, and has yet to bring a chef onboard. Morgan did not comment, but we hear she may do some cabaret performances at the new space.

ROFLMAO that Sonja didn’t comment. That rumor about her performing at the bar just magically happened. This is all a big farce. Will the bar open? Probably. I believe this is one of a string of attempts by Peter to maintain a successful bar and restaurant in NYC. I certainly don’t fault him for propping a RHONY in front of it. Plenty of people go to Lisa Vanderpump’s businesses just to see  Lisa, Ken and Giggy.  But Peter is no Lisa Vanderpump when it comes to running a restaurant. And Sonja is no Lisa Vanderpump when it comes to a huge loyal following. If Bethenny’s mission to push Sonja off of RHONY completely works, then Sonja will most likely end up back where she started, hostessing at a bar.

Now let’s talk about that awning. WHO IN THE HELL MAKES A “TIPSY GIRL” awning blue? 

Am I the only one who thinks that Sonja was “Tipsy” last night and called her friend at Page Six ? Also, one other outlet I used to thinks of at The Bible of Entertainment News  was People.  Not so much anymore. They ran with the Page Six story as if I were fact.


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37 responses to “Sonja’s Mission To Undermine Bethenny Frankel’s Brand Will Never Succeed

  1. Tara

    I am focused on the sign above it- 28 bucks for a hour foot massage!

    The sign does not look professional at all. I wish Sonja could find her calling. Nigerian football team, a toaster, something. This Peter guy is taking advantage of her ignorance when it comes to business. Part of me wishes that all of this was true because Sonja seems to have a good heart.

  2. JoJoFLL

    As the wife of a successful restaurateur who also happens to have a culinary degree and has been in the business 35 years, one of the FIRST things you do is partner or hire a chef before you ever have a restaurant space let alone a name. It is always about the food first unless you are a winery.

    Yes, Sonja was probably hammered when she called Page Six.

    Hasn’t People turned into Kardashian Magazine?

    I imagine Sonja thinks this is a venue to celebrate all the Sonja.

    • peachteachr

      JoJo, that was my first thought…no chef. The article talks about Peter opening 2 or 3 restaurants in NY which appears to be filled with food snobs and he has no chef therefore he has no menu I would suppose.
      This doesn’t pass the drunken smell test. Love the purple pen, TT.

  3. PopcornAndVodka

    I LOLed when I saw the article this morning. Great purple-pen job, Tamara (as usual!). Hey, I just put an awning up over my front door, it says “First National Bank of Unicorns”. I actually am open for deposits today, obviously, because there’s an AWNING. *


    *Fine Print: Not open for withdrawals until I’ve collected enough cash to exit the country.

  4. Frosty

    As a New Yorker whose city is practically disappearing from beneath her feet, I just have to say how sad it is to see a once vibrant, creative village give way to abortions like this bullshit.

  5. It is a total ripoff! Even IQ less can not believe her own lies! But the bitch believes she is innocent! Actually, most ladies would rather be a skinny girl than a tipsy girl. I mean one’s an anorexic ant the other is a slovenly slut woman! That’s you Bonga!

  6. Elizabeth

    It is beyond me how Sonja seems to have no $$$$. I know she has gotten herself into alot of “ideas” and lost money..but geez she was married to a Morgan!

    • I think she was sued over a movie. Could be wrong, but I think it sent her into bankruptcy. Not sure she got a fortune from Morgan, either. But, I’m old and my active braincells are used for stuff like finding my glasses, phone, kindle. It sucks to get old :)

  7. Charlotte

    Your article didn’t tell us anything that we didn’t already know. Sonja said herself on the show that she was just the face of, more or less a minority partner. The fact that you took the time and space to even write about this non story shows that you are one of Bethenny’s fans. At the end of the day who really gives in the words of Beth zero F’s?

    • tamaratattles

      You are a smart one. That is correct. You got me. I am a Bethenny fan. Bethenny pays me the big bucks to write stories like THIS ONE I’ll be able to retire very soon.

      And if you knew any of the facts of this story, you must read hear often. Because I am the only site putting them out there.

      Fuck off, Charlotte.

      • peachteachr

        Hear, hear, TT.
        Bye girl! Who goes to someone’s home (or site) and tries to shiv them, Charlotte? We’re better mannered than that here at T’s place. Oh, and please don’t write to tell us you won’t be back. That’s trifling, too.

      • Meg

        Aw, snap!! You tell her, TT!! 😘

    • Cat

      And, Charlotte, the fact that you took the time and space to post your non comment shows that you are an idiot. Go troll somewhere else.

    • Petunia

      Charlotte girl, you in danger!

  8. Not Andy Cohen

    I sometimes feel Sonja reads these articles and gives herself a giant ego boost for the sake that’s she’s in page six. Like they could run a story with the headline “Sonja Has Chlamydia” and she’d love it because she’s in page six. I loved her season 3 and 4 but after that, she has totally made a fool out of herself. Shame on production for exploiting her sad behavior. Jill, Heather, Bethenny and even crazy ass Kelly have tried to help her but all have failed lol.

  9. Matzah60

    Well, Tamara, I have to admit I was had. I am very gullible and often take news and people at face value. Your wonderful purple pen explained the real deal to me and now rereading the article armed with your information, I feel foolish for believing, but I am amused that Sonja herself called in this ‘news’ to Page six. Thanks for the recap of this article!!!!!!

  10. Once again Sonja is delusional!

  11. Minky

    Which is weird to me. ITA. Yes. Delusional. But why? Unless she spends money like water, her Bravo checks should be enough to at least keep the heat on in her apartment. Right?

  12. Sheba

    It’s always smoke and mirrors with Sonja. Who wants to see a drunk woman that age dancing like that, making a fool of herself. I read all of the bankruptcy papers another site posted. Ramona wasn’t lying. Sonja was gonna lose her house. They have her so many weeks to get a 3.2 million dollar loan to pay off her bankruptcy debt or they were doing an auction on it with a sealed amount. They were frustrated bcus she was spending on average 42,000. A month and she wasn’t tryn to sell any properties unless they were too dollar. The court took over sold the France time and files Chap 7 on the Colorado home before it was all spent! I don’t feel sorry for her. She had it all handed to her, millions in the bank and 5 years to save while being on the show. A friend tries to help her and she choose the sneaky Peter instead of a friendship who tried hard to help her. Sonja is out for Sonja only.

    • She was spending $42,000 a month but couldn’t get her water heater fixed? Lol! I wonder what she was spending it all on.

    • Petunia

      Sure but to single her out as the only offensive to your eyes old woman drinking , having fun and dancing( scandal) is ignorant. Every single housewife is by your standards as old as she is. Every single housewife drinks to excess and has on film made a massive ass out of themselves. What makes Sonja inique is she’s the only one who’s okay with it and doesn’t pretend to be above it all or look down like the quintessential hypocrites all the housewives are.

  13. Jim

    If Tipsy Girl actually happens it will be a smashing success!

    Sonja’s many adoring fans will flood in every day for a fabulous lunch of ramen noodles and toaster oven entrees paired with her re-labeled Proseco. Of course Sonja will greet everyone at the door with her trademarked smokey eye and updo (Gstaad!). The large TVs placed discretely on the walls will replay recent matches of her Nigerian football team.

    And as night falls, the ambience will transition into a naughty yet classy nightclub. Bethenny will first warm up the audience with 20 minutes of her side-splitting comedy routine featuring well-loved favorites, ‘get off my jock’, ‘Luann’s fucks married me’ and ‘zero fucks’. Then the Countess Luann will command the stage and perform all of her massive hits including ‘Girl Code’ and the classic ‘Money Can’t Buy You Class’.

    During a brief intermission, plain Ritz crackers will be served and washed down with flat, warm tap water. Then the great lady Sonja will take to the stage to perform her sexy and scintillating Caburlesque (trademarked). Her audience will be captivated by her stunning beauty, revealing attire and growling, sexy voice (which can only be compared to Eartha Kitt).

    During her outrageously erotic performance, one tit will flop out and the audience will be treated to frequent flashes of her bare ass and vag. All throughout the show, the lovely Sonja will flirt with every man in the audience under 28.

    And then for her encore she will captivate the audience with her personal stories from her glamorous and infamous past. She will drop names like John-John, Madonna and Gstaad. She will offhandedly mention Saudi princes, European royalty and other various wealthy aristocracy that she partied with on her yacht in the Mediterranean. And finally, for her climactic moment she will then fall down and pass out cold.

    No refunds will be given. But be sure to catch the next night’s performance!

  14. Carl

    Sonja is morphing into The Madwoman of Chaillot!

  15. Meg

    Here is the thing. Thank to LVP we know how much money and work it takes to build a restaurant and mow much money and work it takes to keep it afloat. In this case I don’t see the money and I don’t see the work. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

  16. cammierari

    WHO is this guy Peter and is he insane? Did he ever open the restaurant with Ramona? Does he just go around pretending to open restaurants using the RHONY to promote them? How come Ramona doesn’t have her panties in a twist about his two timing her with Sonja? How come Bravo doesn’t think we’re smart enough to realize this is all FAKE for a storyline/drama if the guy doesn’t even have a chef yet? And lastly, would Bethenny really feel she has to sue about a restaurant named Tipsy Girl? A liquor brand I can (maybe) see, but she doesn’t have a restaurant and I don’t think she’s dumb enough to open one and it’s DOUTBTFUL that anyone would think of Skinny Girl alcoholic bevs when they go to a restaurant called Tipsy Girl.

    Just as an aside, I would DEFINITELY go to see a Sonja cabaret performance next time I’m in NYC if the place ever opens!

  17. SaraSally

    I see that they stayed far away from the color red.

  18. How did the marriage to the Morgan end? Part of me wishes he’d take her back.

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