Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: When the Ship Hits The Fan!

RHOOC Yacht Heather, Terry, Tamra
It’s time for the Real Housewives of Orange County premiere and I am very excited to recap it, and also starting almost an hour late. It’s been a super busy day at Tamara Tattles, Media LLC today!  Let’s get started!


I just can’t help but applaud Tamra for her fitness obsession. She was starting perimenopause and decided to fight it with all she has. She’s an inspiration actually. That is a really tough thing to fight I laid down and gain a shitload of weight.


Ugh. If I have to deal with another season of Meghan, I pledge to give her another shot with me. Because, she was right about Brooks all along. Even though it was none of her business, I guess it was her business because, reality show. So I am going in with a clean slate. Lets see what happens.

She is trying to get pregnant using Jim’s frozen sperm he put away before his vasectomy.  ( Spoiler alert, she announce today {what a coincidence!} that she is pregnant.) What a terrible time to decide to renovate a house.   Which brings us to Jim, who is a straight man, who now is selling scented candles and potions.

I do not want to watch all of Meghan’s surgical procedures. Neither does Jim, he’s at training camp for the Cardinals. Meghan is freaking out in “pain” just getting her uterus scoped. She is not going to enjoy childbirth.

RHOOC Yacht Meghan Heather


Heather is having a party on a yacht and it is all cast. No one has seen Vicki since the reunion. Heather informs us that Terry had a bad heart test that was very worrisome. It turned out not to be a serious issue but it gave Heather a whole new outlook on life. “Everyone deserves a second chance” because life is short.  For me those sort of moments cause me to say, “Life is too short to deal with people I don’t enjoy.” So I commend Heather on her storyline forgiving nature. Especially because I am a Vicki fan. Not because everything she does is awesome, just because I’ve become accustomed to her, she is the OG and often hysterically (usually unintentionally ) and I’d miss her if she were not on the show.


I hate Vicki’s kitchen. I have no right to judge anyone’s kitchen because mine is worse than the average RV’s  but if I had her money I would have done things differently. But she likes it and that’s all that matters. Vicki is not happy rattling around in that big house all by herself.  I think she would be much happier in a cozy beach house, but maybe I am projecting again. Vicki is not good at being alone.  I think she just needs some practice with that.

Vicki says that when Brooks moved out she laid down in the street crying, begging him not to leave. She told him she knows he is sick. He left her anyway. Vicki loved him a lot. She says she was not in on a cancer scam. But truly, if she had to do it all over again, she would defend her man. I think that is her admission that she eventually caught on to the deception and chose to stick by him rather than lose him by exposing him. She chose Brooks because she cannot be alone.

Vicki has bought Brianna and Ryan a house in Orange County that they will pay her back for when the Oklahoma house sells. Um, let’s do the math on that. Oklahoma house? Orange County house? Brianna claims she pays her own way with a six figure nurses salary. But, does she have a job in the OC?  Briana is in my box with Shannon. Clearly, I don’t like the way she trash talks her mother.  Vicki looks amazing in her scene on the phone.


So far, if  I do say so myself, I have been quite magnanimous when it comes to these ladies. That level of forgiveness does not extend to Shannon. I am not perfect. And while Shannon was my favorite her first season, she has reinforced with me that I have terrible judgment when it comes to reality TV housewives.

Shannon says she is moving because the house is too big. She is moving because they can’t film parties there. She finally sold the house  during filming I believe.

Kelly Meza- Dodd and her husband,

Kelly Meza- Dodd and her poor husband,


We meet the new girl at a bar with Meghan. Kelly wastes no time toeing the product promotion line. Remember when everything was about P Diddy’s drink line on Bravo? Now you will see every Bravo show ordering Tito’s which is apparently a vodka brand. Even Whitley ordered it instead of JD’s imaginary “bourbon” line on tonight’s Southern Charm. I don’t hold my liquor well which is why I get so fat drinking beer and wine.  This girl is fitting right in already. Meghan let’s us know she has only know Kelly for “a year” (aka this is the first time they’ve met) so that when Meghan dumps her for Vicki it will make more sense.  Meghan invites Kelly to the Yacht Party.

Kelly’s Mom and her brother live in her marital home. Because she’s Mexican. But I say cultural thing or not, that is a bad idea. So is having her daughter on this show. These are my opinions. Kelly’s husband is 18 years older than she is. Their house is a gorgeous four story home with ocean views.  He daughter is already being picked on at school. See? This will make things worse.  Kelly needs some electrolysis on her upper lip. I mean that in the kindest way possible. I also predict a divorce proceeding before season 12.

RHOOC Heather Vicki

Heather’s Yacht Party

Kelly goes straight into her comedy routine with the veterans. She picks up Shannon’s phone with a USC cover, and says, “Is this yours? University of Spoiled Children?”  She already drunk and obnoxious. She is already alienating Shannon. It’s almost as if Vicki told her Shannon’s buttons to push. But Vicki would never do that. :)

Vicki nervously arrives with Jeana. They make her come in last to a yacht full of pythons. Dear GOD Kelly has over done it with the filter. It’s Brandi Glanville bad. She thinks it makes her look young. SHE IS YOUNG. It makes her look like a muppet!  She and Vicki share the same esthetician so they sort of know each other.  That or Vicki has been burning up the telephone lines dragging her into her lair.

This is a huge yacht!

Meghan warns Kelly off Vicki.

Heather gives a lovely speech about Terry’s false positive for a heart issue.  David turns to Shannon and says, “It’s almost like having cancer and not really having it.”  Oh how I despise this submissive little twatwaffle.

We end with Vicki taking Heather aside on the deck of the yacht and begging for forgiveness. It was a really sincere sort of apology if you ask me. But I just really like Vicki so I’m prepared for all of the “trying to save her ass” comments. I know you guys probably still can’t stand her.

Next Week: The three hour tour continues. And Kelly immediately advocates for Vicki at every turn. Because Vicki is a master manipulator.


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87 responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: When the Ship Hits The Fan!

  1. Swizzle

    Didn’t like Vicki before cancergate and really dislike her now. She cried in the street the day Brooks left even though she knows he lied about cancer? You’re right, at some point she knew too and just looked the other way because of his big dick and Hallmark cards. I’m so done with Vicki.

    • J Stone

      I like Kelly. She is entiltled, rich, & spunky. Marrying a wealthy man 20 years your senior in the OC?! You go Glenn Coco. Meghan is being upstaged by her “friend” already…

    • LoriNYC

      My thoughts exactly!!!!!! I was so disgusted by her comments and playing the victim that I shut it off. I’m hating Vicki. SCAMMER

    • Until the next episode. Why do people always have to be dramatic and claim they are done with a reality tv personality when we all know that’s not going to happen.

      It looks as though Vicki will have to rough it the first part of this season and then she will be fine by the end of the season.
      The OG is here to stay

      • swizzle

        I’m not being dramatic. I’m really done with Vick and her BS. Not just annoyed or tired or her antics…done. I’ll just FF through her segments. I started to do that last year with the cancer BS. I did it with Kathy and Jac in NJ too, and others who bore or annoy me. Eventually, these HWs show may lose their grip on me, and I’ll be able to quit them completely. I started watching them as an escape from the stress of life. When they become a stress or cause me angst, I need to walk away.

    • Janet

      Vickie is just a shallow person to me, that’s why she didn’t care like most people would, that Brooks wasn’t right in the head and wasn’t a genuine good guy with good intentions. He floated her boat. That’s all it takes. But, if she hadn’t treated her daughter so wrong over it, and hadn’t been willing to sell out her morality for a fake cancer ploy, and hadn’t been so stingy twords her ex husband (who deserves every penny), I might have felt sorry for her. But nope, she’s deserving of a guy like Brooks.

  2. Pat Johnson

    I think the scariest thing you posted was alluding to “season 12”. This season really shows the scarcity of original programming when these series go beyond 4.

    It appears that this season is just another exercise of who owes who an apology. Same old, same old from each and every franchise.

  3. I’m about halfway through and I don’t know if I can stomach the rest. After last season, everyone is so detestable…except Vicki.

    Maybe it’s because they had a long scene at the beginning with the worst of the worst, Meghan. Didn’t want to see her or her ugly house with its ugly decor. Scented candles? Oy. What a strange and downscale business to go into. And how riveting to watch them sniff them! I mean, Rigaud or GTFO. What do you want to bet they’re the cheapest-stinking vanilla or apple-cinnamon? (Ewww)

    Sorry to come here and just spew bile. I guess I was wrong in thinking I was ready for RHoOC to return.

    • Lindsay

      You said it!

    • I agree, I used to enjoy the OC show, but even at the height of gretchen christine beaute, I have never not at enjoyed rolling my eyes at them, but this Meghen is vile, and Shannon, who at first was a welcome addition has become unwatchable, her husband is worse than her even. I might just check out and read these updates..le sigh..

      • JoJoFLL

        This is exactly what I am doing. I walked away after Tamra and the Naked Wasted episode, came back for some reason Heather’s first season and I’ve walked away again. Still don’t care for Tamra and Meghan is unwatchable to me.

        Love TT recaps.

    • Miguel

      With you all the way, ericzku!!! Still love Vicki and the rest are trash! Also, I share your sentiments in freaking Meghan, Shannon & Heather, TT – triple ugh!!!

    • Sliceo'pie

      I think Jim going into the scented candle business is hysterical- it seems like something a woman would do on the side to get a little extra cash –not a business venture for an Ex-Major League Baseball star.. I also love how he consistently ignored Meghan throughout the scene..unfortunately I feel asleep right after..

  4. Jim

    The “three hour tour” thing is killing me! Now I can’t stop imagining them all stranded on a deserted island. Wouldn’t that be fabulous?

    • tamaratattles

      Now you’re just sucking up, Jimbob! And that’s just pathetic.


    • isitmeoraretheycrazy

      The comment “makes her look like a muppet” has me laughing so hard. I hope I can hang on to that statement all day!!!
      TT, Tito’s is made in Texas. I am from Dallas, I used to be proud of that fact until the Real Housewives of Dallas!!!

  5. Margarett

    It’s nice to see the OC sans Brooke’s. I had to bail pretty early in the last season.

    I still like Vicki, and hope she doesn’t have to grovel too,too much. Hopefully we won’t be seeing too much of Briana. I confess to having a bit of PTSD when Heather was buying lemon trees…Meyer or not. A little Meghan goes a long way for me.

    Another great recap, Tamara!

  6. Well, I got through the first look over the weekend. Meghan and her candle sniffing husband did me in. The whole hour is on my DVR, not sure if I have the strength. If I do, I will be fast forwarding Meghan and Shannon. I would like to see the yacht and the new girl’s upper lip hair. I too am inspired and pleasantly surprised by Tamra. I am looking forward to watching how she trains and competes. If by six figure, Brianna is in to low 100Ks (nurses will make that with her level of experience), she won’t be able to find a shack in Orange County, but I applaud her for still working. Vicky bought them a house. She’s a good mom.

    • Minky

      Tamara’s dedication to fitness is quite admirable. Seriously, I can barely get out of bed somedays.

      I kind of like this Kelly person so far. Any woman who’s that well off financially, and dresses well, but still is a bit lax about things like upper lip hair, is alright by me. It’s a sign that she’s an actual person.

      I’ll go ahead and give Vicki another chance. She took a helluva beating last season. But I’m gonna keep my eye on her. She can be tricky.

      The rest of them…meh.

  7. therealdeb

    I just hate Shannon and her wife. Love Jeana and wish she were a full time housewife again. Thats all I got right now.

  8. Lisa j

    I don’t think you watch periscope TT, Shannon lives on there and Vicki tried her hand at it towards the end of last season. I’m mentioning this because Vicki would go on and offer up items from her kitchen to total strangers if they would only go back to liking her. It was oddly sad and bizarre all at the same time. I’m with the group of OVER Vicki after BrooksAyers the Saga. IMO she knew and I feel foolish for buying it. Then the special never before seen on season 8, it appears that Vicki runs production and by all accounts isn’t a joy to work with.
    I’m in though! Bring on the oranges sans illness!

    • tamaratattles

      WAIT WHUT? I could get stuff from Vicki’s kitchen for still liking her? I’d love a fancy set of kitchen knives, Or a great blender. Or a good coffee pot that doesn’t talk to me or tell me the weather in Sweden and just makes a fucking pot of coffee. Or an Ice Cream maker that is very small.

      I took myself on a Whole Foods Splurge this week and I wasn’t trying to be frugal. Yet I am, so I really tried to talk myself out of buying this little set of three tiny spatulas for things like olive jars and tiny bottles. I’ve used all three of them several times in the past couple of days. Now I am obsessed and want more.

      I love me a good spatula. I think I am at least owed a decent spatula from Vicki for my (mostly) unwavering support.

      • swizzle

        I don’t like her new kitchen either. The layout seems choppy, don’t like the back splash, and those big lantern light fixtures are just ugly.

      • CoolMama

        Funny! I decided I needed tiny spatulas after I saw Chef Adam and Carole use them on RHONY. They would be very handy, indeed. I’ll pick some up this weekend.

        I think I don’t genuinely like any of the housewives but I’ll always love the shows. And the insight you give here makes watching them even more interesting! My sister in law is visiting from Wales where she is two seasons behind. She is amazed at all the little tidbits I give her from your site. No worries, though, I was sure to give you credit.

      • CoolMama

        One more thing, I was just diagnosed with peri menopause at 43. Cried six times on Friday – like ugly cry, gotta get it together cry. I’m with Tamra and going to go down swinging!

        Any advice would be much appreciated!

  9. Samara

    You can’t have RHOC without Vicki. Having said that I’ve always thought she was the most hypocritical and narcissistic person on the show. She is totally incapable of being 100% Accountable but is quick to denigrate others for lesser or imagined offenses. I also have a hard time with her comparing herself to Jesus on the cross when she wAs a habitual adulterer and turned the other cheek to a con artist who hit on her pregnant daughter. And crying for him on the street? Jesus take the wheel.

  10. I took a serious break from Bravo but for some reason tuned in for RHOC tonight. I’m with you Tamra, I enjoy Vicki & my instincts were also wrong with season 1 Shannon. I don’t always love everything she does, but there is just something about her, I can’t not like her. Maybe because I kind of understand her twisted relationship with Brooks, whatever it is I’m rooting for her. I don’t care for Meghan and I was hoping she wouldn’t be back. It took all of what, 5 minutes for Shannon to claim she is over the affair because ‘it takes two years & she is so totally over him!’ Fast forward to the previews & her screaming at David about the affair.

  11. I enjoy Vicki in spite of all her drama, and I respect her work ethic & business acumen…and like TT I find her absolutely unintentionally hilarious.

  12. BeetsWhy

    Vicki looks amazing, Tamara is a snore…again, ditto for Meghan, Shannon is still a c*nt, Heather/Terry are still playing for the cameras (but they amuse me), and Kelly’s jokes every two seconds (Idaho, etc.) are annoying as hell. Who did I forget? Loved seeing Jeana, she is great in all respects.

    Which Beaches are they at next week? The beachfront shot isn’t Turks so it must be Negril because Ocho Rios would be beneath them.

  13. Cgal38

    My take on Vicki/brooks (auto corrected to broke, funny), she can’t be alone and he was a scam artist and she knew the cancer was either fake or embellished and was shady and went along with it for a storyline – and then her mother died, her world collapsed, she was totally over it, and had to keep defending him. All forgivable until she got involved in selling whatever she was selling to cancer patients. That was a new level of gross. But I think she is someone who can’t be alone, is completely dependent, and has no choice but to settle with men, and that’s really sad.

    Major kudos to Tamra, that shits hard. I gained massive weight in my mid 20’s – mid 30’s and at 35 realized 40, then menopause, is around the corner – I dedicated a ton to get in shape and it was awful but I just celebrated 50lbs! Which is great but it’s taken 2.5 years….No matter who you are, it’s a struggle.

    My Meghan issue is she’s so fake and”try”. She was right last season about brooks but her smugness about it was gross. And somethings super weird about jimmy having saved sperm before his vasectomy – it’s something you do when you totally know you don’t want kids.

    Glad these bitches are back!

    • Sliceo'pie

      Wow! That’s fantastic-congratulations –and just in time for summer! You go girl!

    • Ralee

      Major kudos on losing 50 lbs! The fact that it took 2.5 yrs shows even more dedication and that you will probably keep it off-I’m impressed! I can’t make myself get up to try to lose the 30lbs I pray disappear every night-this method has very poor results, btw! So, congratulations!
      I wish I could understand someone who’s so afraid to be alone that they accept all kinds of bad treatment. I think that must be a horrible feeling. Personally, I’ve always been the kind of person that craves some “alone time”-and the older I get, the more I appreciate it. There seems a certain insecurity in not being able to spend time alone-which does seem like Vicky to a T, despite the successful, loud, brash persona she projects. I’ve just never cared for her, so my opinion is probably unfair. I do feel badly for anyone that desperate for a partner-that just seems miserable. Hope things will work out better for her in the future
      Does anyone else watch Bravo shows using their app? I can’t find the OC on it and was wondering if anyone else had this problem-or maybe there’s a time delay with the app?

  14. pocketbooklover

    I’ve always been kind of iffy about Vicki. I thought she could be very cruel to those she didn’t like but those in her circle always had her support. With Brooks, its clear that she loved him and was blind to his faults and lashed out at those who were trying to put him down or doubt him. You really can’t fault someone for defending someone they love. I think in the end she knew he was lying, but again, she was defending her man.

    One thing Brooks was right about – he said Brianna was all about what mommy could give her. Bri is fine now that mommy bought her a house.

    As for Shannon, I really liked her in Season 1, then its like she turned into a monster and a judgemental bitch. Maybe its the fact that she took David’s balls away and is carrying them in her pocketbook, Maybe they’re too heavy for her to be carrying around and her shoulder hurts and she’s taking it out on everybody.

    Last thought – there is no way she is over the affair. She will never be over the affair. She will bring it up on David’s deathbed.

  15. disgrazia4

    Vicki is awful. That said, she is our Vicki and the OG’est of all the OG RHW’s. This is her 11th season!! We have been watching her for over a decade now. Hard to believe and here we go again. It gets hard to hate any of these women (not even Kenya and she only disgusts me because she goes in so hard and way too low). Vicki reminds us that folks don’t change. They are who they are, and Vicki is who she is; emotional, lonely, overbearing and that weird unfathomable logic makes her that wild card lmaoo.

    Briana seems pretty loyal to her while trying to remain independent imo. Vicki is, after all, that woman that will run your whole Life if you give her a chance to dig in. So Briana treads as carefully as she can. Hey, at least she still has a close relationship with her…. and Vicki knows where she lives !! 😀

    On with the show!! 😀 😀 😀 <3

  16. spunky2015

    Vicki is lucky to have Brianna still in her life after taking Brooks side over Brianna’s. Brianna said its nice not to be called a f## bitch anymore. Brianna has been through hell with this. Men come and go but a daughter is forever.

    Remember this is the third time Brooks faked cancer to Vicki and once with old girlfriends. Vicki is a fool and why anyone would do business with her is insane.

    Now she is playing victim on how the others treat her! She dragged them into this.

    • MARC

      Agreed. I don’t understand the Brianna hate. I understand she is not everyone’s cup of tea but she seems to be a good daughter mother nurse & wife. Out of all the housewives daughters she is my favorite.

  17. Bridgett

    Tito’s is a good vodka from TX. I had never heard of it until I moved to OK. I am surprised it wasn’t pushed on RHoD, but that show wouldn’t be worth the product placement dollars spent like RHOOC would be.

    I am on the fence with watching OC for another season or solely reading your recaps…going to give the first episode a try though…clean slate.

  18. PaganChick

    It’s weird that I am a fan of Vicki’s because she actually makes the show interesting in that you never know what is going to come out of her mouth. But, at the same time I am not a Brianna fan AT ALL. It’s weird because they are SO much alike.

    Both of them think they should be canonized for working. Vicki with her “I WORK!” Brianna with her “I’m an ER Nurse, I don’t have time for this!” Vicki with her wanting to control Brianna’s love life to the point that Brianna eloped. Brianna with her wanting to control Vicki’s love life to the point that she refuses to allow Brooks to come to Vicki’s house while she and her husband are living there. And both of them have horrible taste in men.

    I think the thing that bugs me about Brianna is that she really enjoys trashing her mom to mom’s friends, and she likes to pretend that she is better than Vicki, when she is really Vicki 2.0.

    • spunky2015

      It’s not trashing, it’s the truth. Vicki admitted it at reunion. Brooks coming on to Brianna was showing Brianna that he knew Vicki would believe him over Brianna – control. Brooks is a dangerous guy. If it was my mother I’d react the same way as Brianna.

      • PaganChick

        So instead of voicing your feelings to your mother and giving those feelings consequences, you would air your grievances not with your mother but with her friends on national television? Sorry, but that is Vicki 2.0 behavior so Brianna is really no different than Vicki. Brianna will BE Vicki in 20 years, probably less.

      • Toddy

        Pagan Chick, it seems like I always agree with your comments (I don’t always post that, not a stalker☺️). I liked Briana as a teen. She didn’t seem as spoiled as the other kids of housewives and had a good head on her shoulders. But then she became a brat as an adult. Even if it is true, you don’t discuss your mom so bitchily with her friends (or on a reality show). You save the eye rolls for your own friend group, off camera. Vicki drives me nuts, but she is the OG. Kind of like a neurotic sister that I can’t help but root for.

    • Margarett

      Well said, PaganChick.

  19. Brentjohn

    I took an immediate dislike to new girl Kelly. At cocktails with Meghan she went on and on about her high school achievements; she was the prom queen, the head cheer. Who gives a fuck, get over yourself – snooze! But then again, her next notable achievement worthy of mention was that she married a man 18 (?) years her senior and got her lifetime wish of living in the OC. I find her shallow, plastic, unattractive and inappropriate. And that excessive filler in her face – looks like she has a dinner plate for a face. Ole’ plate face!

    • swizzle

      That was hysterical. I met an adult woman (probably in her 40s) years ago who informed me she was valedictorian of her kindergarten class. Is that even a thing? And she was a really accomplished professional, so why drag out the kindergarten achievement? Kelly was Homecoming Queen, cheerleader, etc…great…and what have you accomplished lately other than marrying up and acting like a disgusting fool in front of her daughter.

  20. Billie_bee

    Shannon can forgive her husband for sticking his peen in another woman, repeatedly, but can not forgive Vicki for being duped by her man, and not knowing how to get out of it?

    • Ktwallis

      Yes, so true. I was thinking the same. Her anger with Vicki is misplaced anger from David. And now they also have a common enemy that they can unite around and focus on. David is happy as a clam to use a scapegoat. I would be too.

    • spunky2015

      Vicki was not duped. Brooks played this cancer card three times with Vicki. You are the one being duped!

    • swizzle

      Really? Wouldn’t you be much more interested in forgiving your husband/the father of your children, than some woman you work with?

      • Billie_bee

        I understand what you are saying. But forgiveness is forgiveness all the same.

      • Toddy

        Hi, Billie_bee. I agree that forgiveness is forgiveness, but Shannon needs a storyline😉

      • Toddy

        Oops, entered too early – she wouldn’t have a storyline if she didn’t choose to have strife w/Vicki.

  21. nancy83

    As postmenopausal woman, I’m having a hard time believing Tamra’s results. I remember when Tamra took her son to the doctor last year, he admitted to steroids and human growth hormone. At one point, they were talking about it and she said she wanted to take some of that. Personally, I think the way she got results like that at her age is through some type of “supplement.” You still have to work out, I’m not denying she put in some effort, but when you can see gorgeous results so fast; it’s very motivating. HGH is very expensive for the average person, but if you’re trying to make a name for yourself in the fitness industry as an expert for menopausal women, it’s probably worth it.

    I personally think everyone’s way too hard on Vicki, she was obsessed with Brooks, he’s a con man, he knew how to woo her and win her heart and head. I think she just didn’t want to see the truth for a long time, and then finally, it was too embarrassing, so she went along with it, half believing because she wanted to believe him.

    I can’t believe one of my favorite housewife’s Shannon has turned into such a screeching sanctimonious bore. I actually hate her scenes. Lol, I should change my name to “Negative Nancy”.

    • Lu

      Well said on all three cases Nancy83. I went into premature menopause a couple of years ago and even though I train regularly, I find it very hard to shift the excess weight that came with the package. There are a number of factors I believe that come into play and overall its not a one glove fits all approach and what works for one does not necessarily work for someone else. Plus, she owns a gym and have trainers and time to her advantage and can therefore achieve those type of results. Hats off to her though.
      I absolutely loved Shannon at the beginning and now I just find her revolting. She carries on as if Vicki literally did something to her personally.
      It really looked like a scene from the beginning of school year and the mean girls group together and stare down the new girl!

    • JoJoFLL

      One of my good friends, who is 56 did the same contest last year and the only thing she takes besides vitamins is progesterone. It certainly can be done but there is zero cheating on the diet. Probably 80% is diet at that age.

  22. G.

    Some of the previews make me think I won’t be a Kelly fan down the road, but University of Spoiled Children made me laugh out loud.

    • Ktwallis

      … And how defensive Shannon got? So silly. Everyone in LA knows the USC reputation and has a good time with it. She couldn’t even handle that much of a slight.

      • Minky

        Ditto Ktwallis. All of LA and OC calls it the University of Spoiled Children. Even some of the people who went there. It’s a thing down here. So Shannon is being way too sensitive.

        I work a couple blocks away from USC, and I’ve been on the campus a couple of times. USC is located in the infamous “South Central” part of Los Angeles, and it’s swarming with cops all the time not because a lot of crime happens at USC, but to MAKE SURE it DOESN’T happen. The students there are VERY well protected. Trust me, these kids look like life has been a breeze for them. No shade, though. Haha!

      • Sliceo'pie

        This is her third season-I think she expects a certain amount of respect/deference from the new girl and when Kelly didn’t give sh-t who she was, Shannon got her knickers in a twist.

  23. Swear on my life I’m not racist but Kelly’s family is Mexican?

  24. Shannah

    I don’t like Vicki’s new kitchen at all. Everything is grey – but that’s trendy at the moment. But then she destroys the look with an orange patterned tile back splash and brass light fixtures. Her previous Tuscan kitchen was so warm and inviting. What a shame.

    My first impression of the new girl is not a good one.

    One of my favourite places is Ireland so I am horrified that they are making that the big trip of the season. All these women make such fools of themselves when they travel. Ireland doesn’t deserve that.

    I may not be able to watch this season after all. I’m losing interest in Bravo shows.

    • Minky

      “Ireland doesn’t deserve that.” LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! No, Ireland surely doesn’t deserve THAT. I can just imagine the US Embassy sending a telegram to the Irish government to announce the arrival of the ladies.

      “Re: Shipment of volatile explosive materials from Orange County, California {STOP} Code names are as follows: Heather, Shannon, Kelly, Meghan, Vicki, and Tamra, {STOP} Each incendiary device is more destructive than the one before {STOP} DO NOT mix with alcohol {STOP} May God help you all {STOP}”

      • Henni P

        That is hysterical Minky, love it!!! The show would suck without Vicki and Shannon is a nauseating bore along with her turd husband David.

  25. Aunt Chilada

    Vicki is always talking about what a smart business woman she is. After seeing how she conducted herself and admitting that she “fabricated” things about the “cancer” I certainly would not be inclined to do business with her.

  26. Vicki continues to draw me in. I can understand loving the wrong man, the bad boy. She loved Brooks. Healthy or not, she loved him and might still.

  27. Swim Mom

    So towards the end, Vicki says, “The way Shannon treated me was despicable.” What am I forgetting? I honestly don’t remember specifics. My pea brain is simply remembering something about Shannon helping with an appointment with a doctor and then being appalled at the lies. So, before I voice my opinion, can someone refresh my memory?

  28. Rose

    Forgot all about this. Have to catch on demand

  29. Lu

    Great recap TT, and I am with you, I love Vicki and those witches, more so Shannon was just horrible to her. Oh, and I forwarded Meghan’s crap. Cannot wait for the season to unfold!

  30. Good episode and recap TT. I’ll watch an entire Season of Jimmy and his frozen sperm/scented candles…THANK YOU BRAVO! lmao

  31. Gapeachinsc

    Call me a bitch but I believe the cancer story was something both Brooks and Vicki concocted in order to garner acceptance and sympathy from the other women as well as the viewers. And if they could have made a few bucks on the products they were hawking, well that’s just gravy on top. I’m not sure I’ll keep watching this one. I prefer watching the felons of NJ.

  32. TAT

    Meh. Still love me some Vicki. She’s like that annoying friend you just can’t quit. Shannon is a cuntsicle of epic proportions and her lapdog David is like an idiot. The cancer crack was just storyline bullshit to try and stir his bitch up. Must deflect to keep the heat off himself. Let’s see how that works out based on the previews. Meghan deserves nothing but contempt. She so wants to be Heather and doesn’t have the money or class. Tamra. Well good for her. But I agree that those aren’t typical results in a coulee of months without some help. Kelly is intriguing.

  33. ingrid

    twatwaffle is my new favorite word. Meghan freaking out with needles just made me so angry. Vicki is a liar and a drama queen, but she is good tv.

  34. Calisteve

    I like Meghan, the remodeled kitchen, Shannon is a kill joy, and I hope Vicki eats crows for at least 6 episodes

  35. Deanna

    I admire how Vicki has worked hard for and created her own success. A self made woman – that I can admire.

    I feel bad for Vicki, I hope she can redeem herself in the viewers eyes. You need to remember that Vicki has been on the show for 11 years and the Brooks thing was a small portion of that time… Don’t let it define her.

  36. BlaseBlase

    The only reason I keep watching this show is because Vicki is still on it. It’s a revolving door with the rest of the cast. Then when they get there they act like they own the place lol! (i.e. Tamra, Meghan and Shannon) Last season or so, Shannon is the one that wasn’t getting along Heather, Tamra and Meghan now they’re all cozy. <——Reminds of these people I used to work with lol!

  37. Kim

    I’m reserving judgement for the new chick but already have opinions about a couple others. Never been a fan of Tamra but she seems like she’s, at least not yet this season, trying to be the main stirrer of pots. I think her fitness goals gave her a neutral storyline. Meghan isn’t the lie sniper anymore, wonder if she’ll be more tolerable? Really over Shannon, the herbal-alternative-medicine-hypochondriac, as the perpetual victim. Not buying her “my marriage is great now & I’ll prove it by my hubby & I taking fake smiling pics together” routine. I think she should quit the show & focus on her family. So guessing the line in the sand is Vicki vs Shannon..? As long as debatable illnesses are not a major plot, I’ll be happy enough.

  38. Dandy Lion

    It may just be me but Eddie creeps me out. There is just something about him that gives me the hibbie jibbies. I actually liked Kelly, I didn’t think I would. We’ll see as the season continues. Meghan is just boring and candle making Jim? Fuuuuuuuun

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