Did Kenya Moore Have A Huge Tantrum on Set of Worst Cooks of America?

Kenya Moore Cooking Show


The good news is that I was right about what show Kenya Moore was filming in NYC.  It is indeed Worst Cooks in America.  The bad news is that she is getting some really bad press on Daily Mail.

Daily Mail confirmed my suspicions that she was on the show and shared the entire cast list today. Kenya is joined by  actress Nicole Sullivan, reality star Michael ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino, comedienne Loni Love, actress Barbara Eden, comedian Tommy Davidson, TV host John Henson, actress Mindy Cohn and actor Matt Dallas.

I know I am biased in favor of Kenya, but I have to say some of this just does not add up for me. First of all their sources are saying she was voted off first. I just checked her Instagram and her first day of filming was on June 1st. These things generally only film for two weeks.  So I tried to get a feel for how long she was there. On June 1st she was in hair and makeup in a yellow dress.  Then on the fifth she was in L.A.  I suppose it is possible that she was voted off first, but that didn’t happen in the last few days. I think that filming is over for Worst Cooks in America.  Then we have a photo from June 8th in the red dress with the enchiladas above.

Some people work for a living and some people twerk for a living.

Some people work for a living and some people twerk for a living.

But the Daily Mail sources say she was voted off for overcooked fish. If she was voted off first for overcooked fish, when did she make enchiladas? Was that a practice round?

The day that Kenya showed up on the set was the day that she got back from Mexico, where she and Matt broke up. So I am sure she was in a bad headspace but she showed up like a trooper.

According to Daily Mail,  Kenya has a total meltdown here is what their source is allegeding

  • Kenya stomped around the set and refused to leave saying ” I’m calling my agents and they better fix this s***!” Can your really have your agent force a show not to eliminate you first? How  would anyone get eliminated?
  • She cursed at the producers, badmouthed the judges and ranted: “Without me this damn show will fail!”
  • During her post-show blow-up, Moore said that Burrell was “jealous of her beauty” and “had it out for me the entire time.”
  • Producers of the show kept trying to get her to leave. They needed to tape the exit scene with her and she refused to go. They needed her to tape her farewell commentary and she refused to. She was dropping F-bombs like no one they had ever seen before.

The article claims that cameras were not rolling when all of this was going on. That’s odd. A reality personality having a major meltdown and losing her mind is exactly what these shows live for. These shows are pretty mild. It’s Rachel Ray for fucksake. She’s perky!

I have never heard anything from RHOA production sources about Kenya being difficult. We have seen her maintain her cool under both verbal and physical attack. She rarely even cries.

Kenya Talking Head 2014
I could see her being pissed about being voted off first after readjusting her schedule with RHOA to be there for two weeks.  I don’t even know that Kenya has an agent. I don’t recall ever getting any PR from “her people” like I do from other reality show folks. Maybe she does, but I don’t know who they are.

Kenya can certainly throw some shade, and would certainly do so much like she did on Celebrity Apprentice; but I don’t recall her ever cursing anyone out with foul language. Ever. Then again, I was not supportive of Kenya’s behavior on Celebrity Apprentice.  I do believe that she stole Vivica A. Fox’s phone. She was very cut throat and it was not a good look for her

I do think she was probably voted off early and perhaps had some rude things to say about it. I don’t think she was “dropping more F bombs than production had ever seen.”  That’s not how she operates. The amount of cursing alone makes this source suspect.  I find it VERY hard to believe she refused to film her exit or complete the requirements of the contract.

What do you guys think?


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55 responses to “Did Kenya Moore Have A Huge Tantrum on Set of Worst Cooks of America?

  1. J Stone

    I’ll believe it when I see it. But I can see her stating the “without me this damn show will fail!”

  2. Chris

    The pretty women really do catch a hard time, but Kenya has a suspect reputation also.

  3. Minky

    I call bullshit. And not just because I’m Team Twirl, but because Kenya has always prided herself on being very professional. If she could control her anger and hurt around Porsha and Phaedra, then she can probably control herself in any situation. Is there a possibility that this story is a plant by either of the P’s?

    • Dee

      I agree Minky, if she can hold it together after the P’s abuse, she is a professional. I call BS as well.

    • jay

      No disrespect but, if Kenya could steal a phone…..
      then i wont be suprised

    • getreal2014

      I don’t buy one word of it either. So many of these people are out to get Kenya it’s pathetic. Kim Fields came on the show with the BS, The Pathetic P’s, Nene, Tamar, Vivica, the list is endless, not to mention some of the other bloggers. They need to leave Kenya alone and stop lying on her all the time. It’s really that simple.

  4. Rach

    I don’t buy the whole “we didn’t catch it on camera” argument. I have a feeling this is blown way out of proportion

  5. Lindsay

    No frigging way that AT LEAST a cell phone camera didn’t come out. Someone on that set had access to a recording device and even if they didn’t want it for the show, one could get a good coupla bucks for that kind of footage.

  6. Gapeachinsc

    I am not a Kenya fan at all, however I don’t think her behavior would have been that extreme. She was most likely in a bad place when she arrived and it’s even possible she felt she was “better” than the others and was a bit rude but she generally handles herself well under pressure. She’s a bitch, for sure, but she has had years of training and learning how to handle herself. I tend to believe it’s mostly hyped negative publicity, although I could see her being “slow” about leaving. I think she enjoys rattling cages.

  7. Dee

    Somebody is exaggerating.

  8. Margarett

    It does sound out of character; however, Ann Burrel could cause a nun to drop a few f-bombs. She’s about the only chef on Food Network that I just can’t.

    • Wendy Fisher

      I love her.

    • I love Anne too. Even bought the cookbook! I just think they don’t go there on these Food Network shows. I’m a foodie and watch often and I’ve never seen that kind of drama on any of these shows. Top Chef, yes, but that’s not a Food Network show. I’m trying to think of one show that goes there and if she did, they would not show THAT kind of thing.

    • tamaratattles

      I don’t really watch this show so I don’t know anything about Ann. Do tell!

      • Margarett

        Tamara, I have only watched “Worst Cooks” a few times. Ann Burrel ( pardon the spelling) also has/had a half hour show and I watched that a little more. She used to act as sous chef on “Iron Chef”. That may have been for Bobby Flay. I don’t remember for sure.

        I know a lot of viewers must like her. I, on the other hand, find her style pedantic and a bit harsh. she comes across to me as loud and aggressive. She seems as if she could be a bit of a bully…allegedly.

      • Margarett

        I looked it up since my memory failed me. Anne Burrel was sous chef for Mario Batali.

  9. Maybe someone put that out there about Kenya to get publicity for the show. I would never watch it, but now I might tune in to see how she handled herself on the show.
    Heck, she may even be in on it and she will do the interview circuit for more publicity for the show and herself.

    Sigh. I am finally becoming a cynic.

  10. Jewelz

    I agree TT because why not film it for later use. Not only that but I see her going onto the next gig with a shrug and a smile. If someone tried to dis her on the way out not even as bad because she does not curse like that.

  11. Hotep2You

    My guess there’s a great deal of truth to this story. Yes, Kenya ordinarily maintains some modicum of composure when her cage is rattled. That is until someone raises up, and claps back with the same grace, style, and sharp intellect as she’s often boast as being one of her best qualities.
    Best example…
    Kim Fields got, and kept Kenya all the way together. Rattled her cage like none other had done before on RHOA. ‘Cept when Phaedra read her for filth about the sperm doaning pizza delivery guy. Each and everytime Kenya came for her, Kim clapped back, and clapped back hard. Doing so sans being belligerent. Certainly not like the other ladies have responded to Kenya’s slicker than a can of paint tounge. The epic scene where Kenya could no longer compose herself…stood up, and pulled Kim’s chair out with her still in it…with no remorse I might add, spoke volumes. And Why? All because Kim had spoken the truth about Kenya! If one is bold enough…brash enough to get up in someone elses personal space and pull out a chair with them still in it- not much of a leap for me to believe, that if this same person with narsissitic personality traits, could drop an F-bomb or two…three…four or more if they believed their self professed star power wasn’t being recognized.

    Each and every reality show on today has some eliminate of scripting to it. With that being said, perhaps she believes, or was told that she’ll tape a certain number of episodes before taping began- only to get the axe long before her promised episodes were taped- heck yeah I can see Kenya going off!

    Each and every one of the Atlanta housewives have some other verifiable multiple streams of income. All those ‘cept Kenya. Her haircare line from what I’m hearing is not doing well at all. No acting gigs that I’ve heard tale of, a few guest appearances simply is not going to cover the sizable overhead of a home that she virtually overhauled from the rooter to the tooter.

    Trying to remain afloat financially…Public breakup with Matt-just one of a growing line of relationships not panning out for her…no baby, even though she tried to stay relevant post season with teasers having folk believe that she was pregnant…but wasn’t the least bit with child. She presents like a desperate ticking time bomb. So heck yeah I believe that there is an element of truth to these allegations.

    • Rita

      Thanks for keeping it real in a Team Twirl environment!

    • getreal2014

      Kim Fields? She came on the show dissing Kenya. The first thing she said was “I like these other women better than I like her.” This, after Kenya got her the job. Who does that? Then, she was eye-rolling her every chance she got, smirking at her project, which hers was horrific. Then she lied and said that Chris was talking about the other sister on LTO which was another flat out lie, because Chris said “Kenya needs to be recast.” Revisionist history, much? Then, Porsha, Phaedra and Sheree google Chris and call his disparaging names and she blames Kenya?

      I’m amazed at how people missed so much during the season. But, I guess if one believes the liars on the show, it’s easy to see how they come to their “conclusions” which aren’t conclusions at all, just more examples of playing “follow the leader” because I can’t discern shit.

    • The Shadiest Grove

      LOL. Her haircare line is actually doing really well, she’s going to be in retail by the end of the year. She has a production company, she has RHOA, she has her workout video and she will be in a movie as well. Her house was bought in cash! She has never had any tax issues, foreclosures, repos, etc. Try again hater. Your soliloquy on Kenya Moore was full of false information.

    • Greenwood

      Ditto what Rita said. I’m surprised you weren’t attacked.

  12. Sequoia

    I’m so old, I remember when “Worst Cooks” was an actual cooking show… And the cooking channel was actually about, you know, cooking.

    • Minky

      Yeah, the Food Network used to have actual cooking, by competent cooks. Now, not so much.

      When my father saw Giada DiLaurentiis her attire disgusted him and he said: “Why is that woman’s blouse cut so low? Is she gonna fry up her own titties?” Daddy’s very old fashioned, but he does have a point.

  13. Marie

    Hard to say if it’s true or not. We’ll have to wait and see. I have learned to not say what people will or won’t do because humans are capable of doing anything at anytime for any reason. It’s a matter of what they want to do and the consequences for the behavior or the actions. The real deal on what happened will come out in due time.

  14. TT you are the biggest(& only) Kenya Moore defender blogger out there. I do agree that some bloggers can be catty and judge her from what they see from tv. She did sign up for a reality show now I’m scratching my head trying to figure out why does she continue to behave this way. This behavior of hers is not becoming and need to humble herself. I don’t know her personally but would be nice to see a softer and vulnerable side of Kenya. Let her guard down and stop playing up to the camera’s for drama. Wouldn’t hurt nobody.

  15. Calipatti

    Ahh Kenya, she appears laid back and above the petty happenings of her cast mates, I think it’s all training.

    She was horrible to Kim on their first meeting just because she could. Bad look on her. Kim never forgot Kenya rudeness and never let Kenya surprise her again.

    Not a clue how Kenya acted on the Food Network set but I can see a better than you attitude. Anne Burrel is quick witted, sharp, doubt she takes attitude from anyone.

    There is a reason Kenya doesn’t have or has had a long term relationship. I never considered Matt a good choice except as as perm donor.
    She needs a powerfully rich man that gives her the world but will not accept disrespect or games.

  16. AprilTea

    If Kenya did go off, it may have been out of embarrassment. I think she found it to be embarrassing to be the first person eliminated and that will give social media a reason to take jabs especially her cast mates. She was probably in disbelief that she was eliminated. Now I wear heels every day and people get on my last nerves talking about my shoes and what they think I should and should not do in heels. So that stupid mess is enough to drive a person to curse.

  17. Rose

    I’m not a Kenya fan but think parts of this is extreme even for her being the bully she is. Also after her behavior on Celebrity Apprentice I can see her definitely throwing shade in a rude way. Anne Burrell is gay and wouldn’t be jealous of Kenya’s so called “beauty” plus Anne don’t take no s**t from anyone. Personally I think when the housewives are out of that housewives “everybody come for me” element they just don’t know how to behave.

  18. bria

    Wow, I will take this daily mail story with a grain of salt. This worst cook show is trying to get some ratings by feeding on negative press about Kenya. The producers of this show aren’t stupid, they are aware of the bad press kenya swim in with many haters. Kenya’s initial invitation was pre-arranged for a bad press allegedly.

    • getreal2014

      That’s all it is. They all gang up on her, plant false stories, and people are gullible enough to believe it, despite all of the evidence to the contrary. If this was written about Porsha I’d believe it, based on her actions and behavior on social media, and who starts more crap than Porsha? But, people just jump on bandwagons and act like they don’t have any reasoning ability at all. Yes, I’m a Twirl Fan, and no felons, THOTs, and criminals don’t do it for me, but to each their own.

  19. The Shadiest Grove

    Firstly, TT kudos to you. I knew it but damn girl, you’re the truth. You got it right! I call bullshit on the story and DailyMail. I’m sure Kenya threw plenty shade and perhaps that’s what they’re upset about. Also referring to PR, I’m sure the show is also trying to get buzz. Remember how big the ratings for CA were after months of promo and hype about Kenya and Vivica ? TT I don’t think Kenya went off on these people like they claim and held up production. If one thing has remained constant about her, is her outmost professionalism. They know that Kenya + controversy in any fashion = ratings. How funny it would be to watch the show and all the ladies are BFFS. P.S. the daily mail cannot be trusted, when Kenya was on CA they quoted Donald Trump as saying to her, she was the most evil woman on the planet. Where that at ? Where the soundbite ? These morons at DailyMail think we’re new to this, I also think some ugly chick at DailyMail hates Kenya because she is beautiful, sexy and intelligent and witty and shadier than Hawaii’s longest standing palm tree. #TeamTwirl #TeamTamara

  20. SharewLove

    Hi Tamara, first I want to say that I have never believed the story of Kenya stealing Vivica’s phone. We all have seen how Ghetto Vivica is and she concocted that story in order to eliminate Kenya. Vivica is so hungry for attention she is still talking trash about Kenya and had she called me a toxic trick the way she did in front of millions of people “She would’ve lost her front teeth that very second and I consider myself a very calm and respectful person”.

    I have seen how people use Kenya’s name as a keyword to get ppl to come to their blogs or website and then when you click you find out that there is no info or story on Kenya..hate when that happens but in short my point is what you just said about this situation….

    If Kenya had, had a meltdown as they say “They would’ve had it on camera”. I feel the same way about the phone situation “They would’ve had a Ball with it, especially Vivica”.

    Vivica would’ve made sure she went to the news and every daggon place she could to “Tarnish and Destroy Kenya Moore’s credibility and reputation” BUT there was never any Tape, video or Proof” JUST a Vindictive and Sour opponent like Vivica A. Fox.

    I grew up watching Vivica’s movies and had her in high esteem BUT after that fiasco it’s like my stomach turns when I see her talking trash against Kenya or any other…such a shame.

    To have been so successful all her life and have garnered the respect of so many to now get older and so bitter and hateful. So yes Tamara, I don’t believe one bit that Kenya had such a Tantrum, now being that she was on an emotional rollercoaster she might’ve been acting like a spoiled brat BUT aren’t they all used to that kind of thing by now?

    • getreal2014

      I never believed that phone crap with Vivica either. Impossible that on a reality show where taping goes on that they wouldn’t have that on tape, and like you said, where was that soundbite? How do they get people to believe what isn’t even there? That happened, but there’s no proof? GTFOH with that lame @ss Vivica. I was a Vivica fan up until that moment too, but now I just see her as bitter, hateful and jealous of Kenya; with good reason.

    • Sandra

      Agreed. That seasons cast was built for drama with the Kenya, Brandi and Vivica ensemble alone. Kenya and Brandi already had bad blood and they knew that Vivica and Nene we’re buddies at that time and Nene and Kenyas relationship was the worst it had ever been. Hell, DT probably asked Nene’s advice on who to bring on to get the most drama with Kenya.

      Of course CA would have had Kenya on tape stealing that phone if it had really happened. I’m sure there was a camera on her 24/7. It’s the reason they invited her. It is the reason they invited Vivica and Brandi as well. Drama.

      Sadly, even insinuating that Kenya stole that phone was like feeding raw meat to a pack of wild animals and DT understood the love to hate Kenya factor and so he hyped it. It worked. Some people are so gullible.

      • getreal2014

        Excellent post. The setup was so obvious it’s hard to believe that anyone found that story plausible. They got all of Kenya’s “enemies” together in an effort to take her down. They’re using her for ratings everywhere she goes. Kenya hasn’t done anything, anywhere near as heinous as the others, but some people keep drinking the Kool-Aid.

  21. Miele

    It doesn’t sound like Kenya, but time will tell.

    Random thought- is it possible that she and Mindy Cohn had some negative off-camera interactions at a time when Kenya was already emotionally raw? I don’t know if Mindy and Kim Fields are even real-life friends, per se, but I could see Kenya’s potential for disrespect of the Facts of Life not making them fast friends.

    • tamaratattles

      I dunno. I think there is probably some truth to this, but I think the source interjected 90% of the foul language in not knowing much about Kenya.

      I’m not say Kenya never curses, I am sure most people do. If this rumor were about ME, you could totally fucking believe it! Hell I spend my time making up NEW offensive words to use, because it pleases me.

      Though I don’t believe a lot of the details, I do think I will be disappointed in my girl. I get she was in a very bad place when she had to be “on” for the show, but I’ve found I much prefer her on RHOA where she has some moral high ground.

      • Miele

        True. I was trying to say that the potential for a diva comment or two is definitely there, but the overall style and language seemed off, like you said. I could definitely see Kenya seeing herself as above the other contestants and that not making her the most welcome among them.

        I’m not sure what it is about Kenya as a villain that I dislike so much- lord knows I appreciate a good villain. I just find it hard to root for her or even see her side when she’s not on the moral high ground.

      • Travis

        I agree Tamara..although I am not a fan of her..maybe she threw a fit to help them get ratings? Maybe she only wanted to do one episode and get to Atlanta. Anyways..something called global talent booking says they can arrange events for her..so maybe she does have some representatives.

  22. Keya

    Well….Kenya was asked about these allegations on her instagram, and she responded, “lol, it’s not true but it sure is funny”

    I believe it to be a lie myself.

  23. Ms.Minnie

    This story is false

  24. sarcasatire

    So y’all don’t remember her first reunion when Kenya threatened to pop a pregnant Phaedra in the mouth?

    Okay then.

    • getreal2014

      We also remember Phaedra lying about some texts that never existed and doing a media tour, slut shaming Kenya based on a lie. Additionally, we saw Apollo apologize and Phaedra still upheld that lie before viewers as she cried and pulled out her fake religion blaspheming Christianity and God’s Word.

      Yep, we saw it ALL, Phaedra should’ve been popped, pregnant or not for telling a monstrous lie like that, especially considering what a nasty whore she is who sleeps around with anything that moves.

      • The Shadiest Grove

        Yaaassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss getreal2014. You betta! You betta! I can’t with these people who clearly cannot see what is right in front of them. Phaedra hates Kenya because Phaedra is a whore but an unattractive one. Kenya on the other hand is a lady, don’t know about in the sheets but I think it’s safe to say she’s a freak perhaps. I’m just basing that on her wild self. The killer is though Kenya is a brickhouse. She is drop dead gorgeous, she has had men young and old lusting over her for years. Something Phaedra will never experience but will long for until her dying breath. #FixItJesus #TeamTwirl

      • Keya


    • The Shadiest Grove

      Build a bridge, wall over it then turn around and burn that sucker to the ground. Now move on honey, the threat happened but she never followed up. Now are you going to weigh up the transgressions those hounds have committed to Kenya ? We’ll wait………………………….

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