WWHL With Asa Soltan Rahmati

WWHL Asa Soltan and Sherri Shepherd

Asa is on WWHL tonight with Sherri Shepherd. I have no idea why Sherri is still on my TV. I used to really like Sherri and I still really like one of her male comedian friends, but her whole surrogate baby issue really made me think I had misjudged her. So I’ll be mostly ignoring her comments.  Hopefully we will get some scoop about tonight’s Shahs of Sunset!

The bartender is a dad that works at WWHL who is young and hot and has the most adorable baby girl with him. She’s an infant and not sure what to make of this whole mess. It won’t make any more sense when you are 30, sweet girl. Stay away.

I’m so bored I am wondering if Andy shaves his fingers. He has very smooth looking hands.

Asa basically refuses to play DILFY or not DILFY because she only wants to F her man.  Sherri wants to fuck them all including Bernie Sanders and says that Bill Clinton sent her a letter saying he was voting for her on Dancing With The Stars because he likes her, and prostitutes. I don’t think Bill has had to pay for it in the last couple of decades. But there are rumors about his affinity for large, black women in Arkansas. But surely that is not true.

Gif by T.Kyle at http://realitytvgifs.tumblr.com

Gif by T.Kyle at http://realitytvgifs.tumblr.com

Andy says about the drinking game, “Drink like you just got a Father’s Day card from the kid you never knew you had. Sherri, who is already wasted, says, “Oh! Let me drink to that!”  Such poor taste.

Asa says that next week’s episode of Shahs was way worse than it looks. Mike went crazy. And there are still things going on that have not been mended. I assume she means GG and Reza/Shervin not being friends.  And Mike and Reza.

Asa says she has been friends with Mike since they were 13 and 14 and she feels like he understands he made a mistake and she sees no need to “shame him into the ground” about it.

Jermaine is in the audience with Asa. She never really answers the question about whether or not they will get married. They have been together for six years and they want to do everything together for the rest of their lives.

Asa has expanded her Diamond Water. It is now carried in a restaurant in the Dubai Four Seasons.

The poll question was, whose side are you on, GG’s or everyone else. 67% said GG and I think it would have been more if Asa had not been shown as part of the evil posse of fucktards. Asa seemed surprised and only supporting GG because it is the polite thing to do.

Does Andy have small hands? I really could not stop looking at them. I guess I just got sick of staring at his crooked tie.


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29 responses to “WWHL With Asa Soltan Rahmati

  1. nanaintn

    Thanks for the recap! I had to leave it alone when Sherri made the crack about her vagina jumping at the sight of that beautiful baby girl….grrrrr! The entire surrogate mess left me with a bad taste in my mouth re. Sherri.

  2. nanaintn

    Thanks for the recap! I had to leave it alone when Sherri made the crack about her vagina jumping at the sight of that beautiful baby girl….grrrrr! The entire surrogate mess left me with a bad taste in my mouth re. Sherri.

  3. I do not care WHO you are. There is no common sense being with a man six years; and married is not being discussed. You are playing yourself, Asa!

    • tamaratattles

      UM how old are you, “princess” ? Because that is a completely absurd statement to most grown ups.

      • Cgal38

        A. Fucking. Men. News flash – not everyone wants to make identical choices.

      • jennbug

        I have been with my man 12 years…marriage has been talked about but guess what! Not all women care about marriage. We are committed, he is good to me and we are both happy with the way things are….different strokes, I guess! Sorry for the rant!

      • Cgal38

        And you’re probably way happier for it! I didn’t think I wanted to get married but did end up getting engaged and am getting married in November – I was just as surprised as anyone, but I will never have kids and it makes my blood boil when people question that. My fiancé got a vasectomy shortly after we met – I’m 38, he’s 42 and has 2 kids, and so many people – even my best friends – said, “what if you change your mind, it’s so permanent, etc.”. Guess what, 3 years later we are thankful every day that we don’t have to worry about birth control. Different strokes!

      • tripleOGpearl

        I’ve been with my Mr for almost 11 years and we have no plans to get married. We don’t want kids. I have my own career. My own medical. My own retirement. And judging from my married friends, we are in a much better space being happily unwed.

      • I have been somewhat consumed by the election cycle and I rarely watch housewives. I do read all of your posts. I am not complaining but I like the upvote feature on political sites. I am hoping for a great trial, I miss that. Love you always, give Banjo a treat.

      • Just a side note, I have seen people use twatwaffle and cuntsicle and wonder if they are your posters/groupies.

      • EMonjiJo

        You know. Couples who dont get married are together longer.

    • Skeeter

      I’ve been with my man for 11 years. Neither of us want to get married. I’m married and widowed twice. He’s never been married. We are good like we are. Your comment is stupid.

    • Ktina

      No need to get married in this day and age. I’ve been married for 26 years and most years have been tough. I wouldn’t do it again.

    • I have been married for 24 years, so I am not against marriage but you are in left field. I do have opinions on having children….because if he is not lifetime material, use a sperm donor.

    • EMonjiJo

      Please “Princess” do not ever get on a jury. Your thinking is DANGEROUS.
      I bet you would convict somebody if they had their aunts name in their celllphone with out the proper term “aunt” and would probably say in deliberations,
      “I have my family members listed as “Aunt” so & so in my phone so there is no reason why defendant should not have theirs listed like mine.

    • Cat

      My ex and I had a great relationship…until we got married. Then, things changed.

      I would never get married again. It’s great for some people. But not for me.

  4. Miele

    Sherri is the host of some awful-looking dating show in wE…

    I’m glad people said they were on GG’s side. The others need to stop being so ridiculous. GG cannot win with them.

  5. JanM

    And right out of the gate, Andy has to bring up Kenya! I used to like Sherri shepherd also, now she’s just as messy and nasty as she accuses Kenya of being.

  6. Jen

    I didn’t watch because I saw Sherri was on tonight.

    If pressed, I would have also said I was on GG’s side, but more on the side of ‘I believe she does have RA’ rather than condoning her choice to over-exaggerate the seriousness of her treatment, or the way she has made her condition so much worse with all her drinking and other bad decisions. I think the others took the wrong approach here, by doubting she is really ill rather than questioning some of her statements.

  7. sandra

    “The Evil Fucktard Posse.” Awesome description of the Shahs. LOL!

  8. Billie_bee

    Asa’s hair was everything. Hair goals.

  9. EMonjiJo

    What was the purpose of Sherrie Shepherd being on?

  10. Bryn

    I used to like Sherri too but I can’t get past this surrogate thing either. It really disgusts me how she can openly abandon a baby she planned to create. I don’t care if her husband is the most evil and awful person on the planet… Which I doubt…. What she’s done is wrong…

  11. Deanna

    Asa is such a beautiful person, inside and out. Kind, caring, well mannered and fun… What’s not to love?

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