Shahs of Sunset Recap: Belize It or Not!

Golnesa enjoying the Mayan Ruins in Belize

Golnesa enjoying the Mayan Ruins in Belize

We begin tonight with the set up scenes for the trip to Belize. Reza is somehow making this his, trip. I get that production decides who is “planning the trip” because someone has to pretend to do it, but Reza isn’t playing along very well other than to use it as an excuse to get into the scandal that is Mike and Jessica’s impending divorce.  He calls Mike to invite him to Belize as he is waiting for Jessica to meet him for dinner so he can get all into Mike’s business invite her in person. Mike is NOT happy that they are meeting because he knows she will tell Reza all about his cheating.

Jessica of course tells Reza that Mike cheated on her and takes no responsibility for it. Jessica admits that she has heard the rumors for five years and she chose to believe Mike.  But now she is married and it is still happening and she has seen it with her own eyes. Reza is still hopeful that they will mend their marriage. He is going to tell Mike they had a great time at dinner and not mention the conversation about his cheating. Jessica agrees.

MJ goes to meet with GG to get her lashes done, but not before she talks trash about GG on the phone. They show a flashback of the doctors visit that MJ went to with GG and the doctor lists several options of treatment one of which is, at least I the technical sense “Chemo.” I can’t really pay attention to the scene because I know that the comments of this post will now be yet another flood of detailed description of RA treatments and how chemo is an option and blah, blah, blah nobody cares. The point is that GG has RA, she has had it since season one, it’s getting worse and all her “friends” care about is if she if “exaggerating” her illness.  Frankly, if you doctor lists a chemo as one treatment for what you have, whether that is the option he uses or not, it would be very frightening. But these fools don’t care. They want to make sure that they limit their compassion to some amount that they feel is sufficient and not a drop more. So they are going to harass someone dealing with a VISIBLE chronic illness, because they feel she is trying to get more compassion (or as they call it, attention) than here situation warrants.

One the way to Belize!

One the way to Belize!


THANK YOU, Asa. For saying if someone wants and needs attention badly enough to exaggerate their illness, then show some damn compassion.  This was after Reza and Mike talked of nothing else all the way to the airport.

GG is not flying down with the gang. Not sure how she gets there, but she gets there, maybe she flew down with the crew? Reza is terrified on the prop plane. I’m not sure how I would do on such a tiny plane in Central America.

He’s the real time tea on their trip to Belize!  Please note that even on that link back in November I was praying that the crew was not going to use GG’s illness against her as storyline. But here we are.

And where we are is Belize.  And MJ hates it and immediately calls Tommy to tell him but he is not answering his phone. Probably because he is en route with GG and probably Adam as well.  Actually, GG arrives with her cousin who was the guy I could not figure out and thought might be Adam in one to the aerials shots from filming.  Tommy will apparently be surprising her all on his own? Because I am pretty sure about his bald head in the photo.

GG asks to speak to Reza in private. GG speaks from the heart to Reza about how much he has hurt her with his spreading false rumors. GG invites Reza to go with her to chemo. He says he will. In his talking heads, Reza goes on and on about how their relationship has going on for five year of suspicion. Really? Reza is such an ass.

And so is Shervin. He was trash talking the hell out of GG in his villa which he apparently upgraded himself to before the trip, because he had his own. He was talking to Nima, who I guess is GG’s cousin, the guy she flew down with? I missed it if they showed his name. Then Shervin’s talking heads filmed later are even worse.

Shervin seems to have set Nima up against GG and Nima tries to start with GG at dinner and it’s bad. And if I was GG I would have gone off worse than she did and gone to my room and eaten by myself. These fuckers are brutal and the pick one person to humiliate every season.

Shervin is a scumbucket. That is all.

Next Week: I am still expecting Tommy to show up. And GG must go sight seeing on her own because the gang of assholes seems to set their sites on making Mike miserable.


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40 responses to “Shahs of Sunset Recap: Belize It or Not!

  1. J Stone

    Reza is so sanctimonious. Rheumatoid Arthritis is a serious autoimmune disease. I hope no one would “fake” such an illness for a storyline. I mean nothing tops Lyme Disease in Real Housewives History… but wait there was Brooke’s cancer-gate.

    • marlene

      I think it’s absolutely cruel to assume someone with a chronic illness. I live with chronic illness and it’s no joking matter

  2. Puddy

    Watching Shah’s now (had to see episode 9 of Game of Thrones – why does Ramsay Bolton remind me of Andy C?). Why is MJ always stabbing GG in the back? I think she is jealous of her. Why is Shervin stabbing GG in the back, along with Reza? I am starting to think that Shervin needs to come out of the closet, and that he is jealous of GG too – along with Reza. Interesting, that to be a target of bullying you usually have to be both a person who inspires jealousy and who is also perceived as being vulnerable to attack (in GG’s case she is isolated and quite ill). Cowardice, jealousy and bullying seem to be a package deal and bullies always attack in packs. With friends like her crew – GG does not need enemies. Maybe MJ, Shervin and Reza will get zinged by a poison dart frog – but they are probably immune. I wonder what would happen if Bethenny Frankel joined Shah’s of Sunset? Who would come out alive?

  3. LA_in_KY

    You can look at her hands and it is clear that she has R A. I haven’t goggled it but I remember that from my brief medical training a few years ago.

  4. Cat

    Reza suffers from a rare birth defect: an asshole that covers 100% of his body.

    • Puddy

      Cat – that is hysterical! I am so using that from now on!

    • Best description of him yet!!

    • Minky


    • Diva Dee

      Lmao! Couldn’t agree w/u more..I really liked Reza when I first started watching Shah’s because he was the group’s “Good Judy”, but the past few seasons he’s been the group’s “pain in the booty”! Ever notice Reza digs in the shit, but as soon as it begins to stink, he goes to shower so he looks squeaky clean! & this character flaw has nothing to do w/being gay, he’s just a dick…

    • T D

      This belongs in shade’s hall of fame, on a pedestal and under glass.

  5. LisaPat

    Its not right how they are treating GG regarding her RA. I agree. But I do agree with them intervening on her ridiculous life; according to the group, she sleeps until 1:00pm everyday, wakes up, gets drunk, parties all night, passes out and repeat next day. She has no job, tears through Daddy’s money – an adult loser. She happens to have an illness that they should not be critiquing. But her parents should cut her off financially until she sobers up and does something with her life.

    • tamaratattles

      What a shitty comment LisaPat. you are know worse than they are. Why would you believe the assholes that are tearing her down? What business is it of theirs what her sleeping hours are? She got cut off from her father YEARS AGO when she started making six figures on a Bravo reality TV show. This is the same damn job that all of your beloved housewives has. She also has RA a condition that would make many jobs difficult for her.

      You sure have a shit ton to say about someone who has made a shit ton of money in the past five years while dealing with a debilitating disease.

      A loser? Really?

      • charmd

        Omg.. TT I thought the same thing when I read that comment. I instantly got annoyed and was about to close out from the page but decided to leave this comment. First off, these naysayers are so into themselves, they are clueless to anything or anyone outside of their world. To be young and try to cope with a debilitating condition as RA has to affect one’s mental state to some degree. In the first few seasons after GG disclosed her illness then to watch her attack everyone in her circle I saw that as a cry for help. I myself suffer with a condition that prevents me from doing the thing that I love… running. Some may say get over it, or I’m exaggerating. But only the person with the condition knows their pain and suffering. I have cried many nights suffering through the pain. The doctors and nurses are genuinely concerned because besides pain killers they themselves have no clues
        I guess is why I was very empathetic for Yolanda and now GG. At the end of the day how is it;? many of us position themselves as judges, doctors and critics to things we know nothing about, moreover would not be willing to walk a day in other’s shoes. We are all uniquely crafted by our master’s bare hands, individual masterpieces of his own designs. “Loser” is just low and distasteful. In all that he created it is said, “it is good.” God doesn’t make junk.

      • Thank you for speaking out about this and putting LisaPat in her place. RA is a nightmare. And if I was as bad off as GG I’d be partying while I still can too. And GG does pay her own way like you stated.

      • Minky

        @charmd Yes to all of that. We ALL had sympathy for Yolanda, Brooks and even Heather (Is that her name?) from New Jersey before we saw what was really going on. The difference with GG seems to be that she tried to HIDE her illness, probably because she didn’t want to be regarded as a sick person, and then couldn’t anymore because it is, or became, such a huge part of her life.

        Her friends are scum bags. Asa seems to be the only one with some common sense and a heart.

      • Diva Dee

        OMG TT, I agree 100% very shitty comment! Who would ever suggest a parent cut their child (daughter @ that) w/a debilitating disease off!? Joan Crawford much? ur obviously not a parent, or not a loving, compassionate, supportive one @ least! As TT stressed, Bravo puts the food on GG’s table, those 3 luxury cars under her ass, the Manolo’s on her tiny feet, & the pinot in her bottomless glass…I hate that stupid “tough love” b.s. outsiders want parents to implement w/their own children . Just sounds like a bunch of jealous, self righteous assholes to me because they can’t afford to help their children, or they’re too selfish…I’m just as much my sons mother today, as I was the day I pushed them both out, so i still feel responsible for them. They are adults (19 & 21), but they are my adults not the world’s! as long as they are upstanding young men, follow my rules & the law, Mama will take care of anything they need, & damn close to everything they want & I don’t care if it pisses off the damn Pope!! Got my damn pressure up w/this nonsense

      • tamaratattles

        For the record, I LOVE AND ADORE LisaPat! I just didn’t love this comment. I hope she sticks around! She’s really awesome! The comment was just a bit harsh. It happens. Lord knows I say things that are too harsh A LOT. )

      • I did not realize that was “shitty.” I have a friend who was in a situation where she was spiraling and she cut everyone off who told her the truth, which is often hard to hear. I should have prefaced my comment with “IF these things are true, then” because I am not there and do not know if its true. Gigi does seem to exhibit substance abuse issues, at least on the snipits of her life that we see. Last night on WWHL Asa commented after the poll something to the effect that she feels bad for the RA doubting, but that “everything else” going on regarding Gigi are things that she can’t defend. I doubt that Asa would say that if it weren’t happening.. if Gigi is spiraling and partying all night, then her friends have to love her enough to tell her the truth. That’s not being mean or cruel.. better to be tough and help her than be an enabler. That’s how I was raised.

      • I totally get what you are saying TT! To call my approach “harsh” is an understatement. I called my friend Maryann worse names than that when she was spiraling. It was after she had gotten her second DUI and lost her job as a nurse. Her mother, my mother and a some others went over to her place, pulled up the blinds, poured cold water on her while she was sleeping. I remember the word “lush” “drunk” “animal” “Hoopie” “slut” and other offensive words being thrown around. She broke down crying and said we were all evil and mean, kicked us all out. Then a week later, she called me and said she was ready to get help. We took her to the deck where she remained for 60 days. That was in 2009. Now she is married and sober. She admits now that she needed kicked in the arse. Still our approach wasn’t exactly “therapeutic.” I don’t know why we talk to each other that way, but we do. Sometimes people think my mom and my group of friends are having a big argument when we are out at a restaurant and we all just look at each other confused and tell them “No that’s just how we talk to each other!” Of course, my friend didn’t have a condition like RA in addition to her alcoholism. I don’t know how the heck we would have handled it. I hope that we would have been gentler, but I honestly don’t know.

  6. Violetta

    Shervin is as gay as the hills. GG ought to use that as ammunition.

    • Cgal38

      Why the fuck would that be ammunition? What a gross thing to say, especially given recent events. It’s not insulting to be called gay, asshole.

      • Violetta

        Because he’s clearly in the closet, Genius. I didn’t say INSULTING, you did. Read what I wrote. Think before you speak. Get it? Got it? Good.

      • Cgal38

        Bitch, please. “Using as ammunition???” Sure sounds like a compliment to me! How about not bringing someone’s sexuality into question at all? What a novel concept! Think before you write, asshole.

      • VIoletta

        LOL Jesus….you’re dumber than a box of rocks.

      • Cgal38

        You’re probably right, that’s how I’ve gotten where I am. I’m sure you’re a nice person but seriously think before you write. With all the respect in the world, I’m neither dumb not overly pc but if I took that the wrong way, others would too. We all make mistakes but your comment, which clearly I misinterpreted, read super hateful and ignorant.

      • Diva Dee

        Cgal38, kudos to u for that comment! Idk why ppl talk outta their ass, instead of their mouth! How is anyone’s sexuality, gender, or lifestyle be used as ammunition?! That makes about as much sense as, since I hate Reza’s stache, maybe we should use it as ammunition, the next time Reza calls someone a bitch..apples, & oranges lady

      • Violetta

        Its “Reality” TV. Nothing is sacred or off-limits. Have you noticed? Thats why people watch this shit. Its mind numbingly entertaining.How far will these people go to destroy or uplift one another? Shervin attacked GG’s serious health issue aka herself, her being. RA is a very serious condition. Totally debilitating.

        GG should just tell Shervin to come out of the closet already as a comeback. That’s it. That would shut him up. I met no disrespect to the gay community. I’m gay myself.

        PEACE! 👊🏻❤️👊🏻

  7. Cgal38

    I love seeing what’s real vs fake – my favorite game while I watch reality tv – and you could 100% tell that she is sick and figured out while filming what they were doing – she was so truly hurt. That said, she likely did exaggerate – I probably would do, any time you hear “chemo”, it’s going to freak you out and you may be a little dramatic. I forget how young these girls are – Jessica is what, 26? No wonder she trusted mike. Gg, 35? To hear you have a lifelong illness that young – freak out all you want.

    Did I hear things, or did mj joke about her cousin getting a “half chub” when she was pretending to spoon? If I heard right, it made me throw up in my mouth.

  8. Chris

    These people are showing their culture. No wonder middle easterners hate the show.

    • Violetta

      You mean…the lack thereof. I hate how they trash every place the go. Food fights, etc. Their sense of entitlement and lack of respect is astounding.

  9. WinnielovesKevin

    First time commenter, LONG TIME reader. Luv ya TT!

    I passed Shervin on the street in NYC last week. He is all of 5ft tall. Amazing what TV hides.

  10. alex1986

    Is Astifa not even a friend of one of the Shah’s anymore? I know I’m in the minority but I liked her and haven’t seen her since the first episode.

  11. SB

    wow, Shervin is giving major FACE in that picture above!

  12. Gg is the only real person on this show. The rest are a bunch of fake as whiney douchebags. We laugh and kick the fuck out of them and their constant “in the Persian culture, we breath air through our lungs.” “In the Persian culture, its traditional to eat food.” Yep. Got it. Thanks for the cultural lesson. I think GG has come a long way. A couple of years ago, she would have just ripped a butcher’s knife off the wall and chased those imbeciles around the jungle.

    And dear GOD why the fuck is mj alive. What a waste of air and saline. She looks REDICULOUS but does not seem to quite get that. I guess in the Persian culture mirrors lie. She bitches and complains about everything. Youre in the jungle. It’s hot and buggy. But it’s fucking glorious. And the way she trashes gg behind her back is spineless. She and Reza are overgrown children with the combined IQ of sod. I thought Shervin was a decent guy and the voice of reason last year and the beginning of this season. But his script has forced him to be an ass no he’s everso good T it. Hit whole “I’m a man. You will not talk to me like that.” was pathetic and uber scary. He turned into a caveman. And not in a good way.

    Reza’s promise to Jessica not to share the details of their conversation was a joke. He is a huge liar and really seems to lie so well…or be so dumb…that he believes himself. I’ve no idea how he got such a nice normalish husband. Can you imagine doin business with him? Or aNy of them?? They are horrible people and really not typical of any culture. I’d be pissed if I were Persian. I hope gg gets some relief and the ones (who are actually JEALOUS that she is getting attention because she is in pain) experience the same physical pain she is in through karma.

    • OH and those dramallamas criticizing gg for exaggeration? They are chronic hyperbolists! Everything they say and do is exaggerated. Their looks, their speech patterns, their interior design, their wardrobes, everything!! Comparatively, gg mildly overstated at best. Likely out of fear. Compared with their constantly loud overblown words and deeds with the root cause being jealousy, boating and trying to overcome their own perceived inadequacies — they are just shit people.

  13. Shae

    I was not feeling the Belize location, I would never want to vacation somewhere where being outside is so incredibly uncomfortable (the humidity). I lived in south florida for a few years and that was enough for me, and that wasn’t even the jungle lol

    I definitely think it was shady to address gg’s issues that way. They did it constructively at the camping trip but now it seems everyone’s being rude and heartless again. If she is drinking to excess, sleeping in, wallowing etc. those are not the signs of a well person especially when struggling with a debilitating illness. You can respond with tough love, but love should be the undercurrent, not trashing someone for their ill behavior. You can call it out, refuse to enable it, and offer help but you shouldn’t attack the person viciously like shervin did. That’s not helpful.

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