Real Housewives of Dallas Reunion: What a Crock of Poop!

RHOD Reunion dresses
I’m watching the final episode of the season. There is still an ongoing discussion about poop. I just can’t recap this poop anymore. Leeanne is still making excuses for her behavior. Leeanne tries to hire a publicist so she can be hired out as a motivational speaker, and wants to write her “memoirs”.  She actually says “she still knows people who are living their lives as a victim.” She does not see herself in that statement. But the people in the room seem to. One has already offered up that “she seems to still be in the healing process.”  In her talking head, Leanne informs of that the people she is pitching to,”just don’t get it.”  The agent leads Leanne to believe she could earn five figures for a speech if “she became a household name.”

At the big party on the finale, Tiffany and Leeanne go in on Marie. They are furious with Marie because she is having fun with the other girls.  Cary and Leeanne get into it because Leeanne  is supposedly trash talking her all over town. Brandi supposedly renewed her vows. Cary and Mark spent the summer in Switzerland. Leeanne went to anger management.

So now I’m ready for the reunion. I suppose.

RHOD reunion stephanie brandi

It was fancy chocolate chip cookies and milk time during Shah of Sunset recapping,  But this is going to require an adult beverage.

Andy makes a snarky little jab at all of the ladies, starting by telling Leeanne thanks for toning down the blush.

We start with Stephanie and you can tell she is very nervous because her voice is two full octaves higher than usual. Andy asks about the list thing at least three times. And about the gifts that Travis buys her including a $75,000 diamond bracelet that she is wearing. And wants to know what Travis does. Apparently he manufactures and installs lockers and is one of he few companies in the USA that do that so he is kept very busy.  Andy asks her about other expensive gifts she has received from him and she lists some off and Leeann, who thankfully did not wear her $25 blue paper maché necklace tonight, turned green with envy.

We just had a loud explosion here in the ghetto, and it knocked the power out. It just came back on but I can’t access my DVR. God I hope that comes back up! Anyway,  I lost about 25 minutes of the reunion and gained 25 minutes of my life back. If the DVR is there at the end I will try to go back in and fill in the gaps.

So far it seems I haven’t missed anything. Aaron looks like Keith Urban. Leeanne tried to cock block Tiffany from being with the other girls. Plano hates Leeanne. Nothing to see here.

Leanne with the hands trying to push everyone's words back.

Leanne with the hands trying to push everyone’s words back.

Brandi says that Brian didn’t want her doing the show. Andy asks about his reaction of her going to a strip club. Andy says that he was pissed that she went at all, how did he feel when he saw the episode?  Brandi says that they have an agreement that he doesn’t go to them and she doesn’t go to them and she broke that agreement. (nervous laugh.) She may have that agreement now but the streets of Dallas say that Brian is a strip club enthusiast.  I imagine his bad behavior there is why he doesn’t trust his wife to go there.  Brandi says that after the scene where she tries to communicate her needs to him and he walked out. He was really made and said he wanted a divorce. At the end of the finale it said they renewed their vows on their anniversary. Hmmmm. He was threatening divorce during most of the filming. They renewed their vows in September. Hell, when did they film this show? 2013? Brandi says things are great now.

Thank GOD I didn’t miss Maire. She is my favorite from this show. She sits on the end of the couch with Tiffany and Leeanne and Tiffany jumps up and wants to move to the other couch and decides instead to practically sit in Leeanne’s lap where she belongs.

Andy plays a very long montage of Leeanne’s psychotic behavior. Andy asks about Leeanne taking Brandi’s friends to lunch and trying to get them to shun her. She claims she didn’t do that. But we just watched it on the TV! Stephanie was responding to Leeanne and Leeanne starts clapping her hands and saying “let me finish” over and over while she is talking.

Marie says she is not friends with Leeanne or Tiffanny.

More long montages of Leeanne going batshit crazy and threatening to kill Marie..

Tiffany is scary crazy too.

Marie had to take out a restraining order on Leeanne when they got back to Dallas because Leeanne continued to text threats. At that point Marie felt she needed to start documenting Leeanne’s harassment.

Apparently Marie posted a Nursery Rhyme about Leeann pooping in a basket in the car.

Here It is!


Marie has hired a social media team to troll Leeanne and Tiffany on Twitter.

I am not going to bother and go back and watch the missing 25 minutes. I can only assume it is just more shit.

Leeanne whined and cried and denied the whole show.

Thank God this is over.


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42 responses to “Real Housewives of Dallas Reunion: What a Crock of Poop!

  1. J Stone

    I didn’t know that they were showing “the finale” tonight? I though that was last week’s episode. The casting needs a major revamp. As a Nurse, I have some found respect for both Cary and Marie;however, their behavior not so much. The glamour of Dallas was missing this season. Far too much “Poop” and “Charity” talk. It leads me to believe that maybe they were originally going to be a show about Dallas Charity Socialites which turned into RHOD, i.e. RHOP and their etiquette- obsession.

    BTW GO CAVS!!!

    • J Stone

      Marie Reyes seems sly and sneaky too me…I liked her at first. But the blatant lies, hiring a social media team to attack castmates, and the “restraining order” seem a bit much for a “Psych Nurse”.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        And posting this “nursery rhyme”…I don’t like Marie. I don’t like Leeanne or Tiffany either. They all deserve each other.

    • jan

      I agree, Cary is a real creep

  2. Greenwood

    Two things jumped out at me. (1) Brandi said that her daughters’ Christian school informed her that the girls will not be able to enroll in the school next year due to their mother’s behavior on the show. Wow. (2) Even tho Cari continues to emphatically deny that she and her husband had an affair while he was still married, her husband seemed to kinda sorta admit it. Never ceases to amaze me how badly these women will damage/destroy their lives in order to be on TV.

    • Jen

      I got that impression from him too.

      • therealdeb

        Not sure what Brandi expected, she acted like a drunken trash hound on national t.v. To stumble around talking about “jesus juice” doesn’t make the administraiton of a christian school to happy. Marie is shady as fuck. She totally told the poop story, she is very good at playing the victim. Yes Leeann went batshit at her but in my opinion she had it coming, maybe not to that extent but she surly had in coming. Stephanie comes off as a blathering idiot at times and kind of bright others, that annoys me. It’s like she thinks the dumb blond schtick will get her farther. Cary can dish the shitty shit but she cannot take it, the impression she gave the viewers was she broke up a marriage and that she made him get skinny to have her. That is how she played it, at least to me, if you do not want to be seen as a homer wrecker then do not amke those jokes. Tiffanioes husband is trying to hard to look like Keith Urban, she is full of shit,a nd to me she is far more dangerous than Leeann could ever be.

      • tamaratattles

        sounds like a shit show to me. Chances of being renewed? tiny. They would have to do a huge overhaul of this cast. Get rid of Leanne and Tiffany, put Marie in as a regular and add a REAL Dallas woman or two who is older. This cast is too young to be Dallas.

      • Latina2014

        TT I agree with u! Leanne is just scary crazy, bipolarish…. Tiffani is phony don’t care to watch her scenes, 2faced!
        I wonder if Andy or his peeps read ur blog?!? It really shld b the only one if they want the real scoop :)
        I am not sold on Marie just yet. I like her but then I saw that you tube video n it seemed like she was desperate for attention… She’s better than crazy L tho!

    • jen

      I know!! I never get it!

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Cary and Mark seem to genuinely love each other, and I don’t see how it’s Heidi Dillon’s business to bring up whatever happened in the past on camera. I do get the feeling from them that it is what happened, though.

    • Jan

      I know, and the crocodile tears, Cary is not a good person, period.

  3. Jen

    All you really missed was Andy asking Cary and Mark about whether they really got together while he was still married, and then they all called LeeAnne out for talking about it all over town. LeeAnne basically continued to deny all the gossiping, even though they had it on film. The usual.

    • queenmarie

      Also Cary made a TON of crazy horrible faces while crying—-I think it may have been the botox but man they were awful looking. LOL

  4. Lindsay

    Ugh these people all seem so poor

  5. maryam

    the right side couch were so much more together than the left side couch. the left side was definitely more scary! leeanne was just plain awful throughout the show and during the entire reunion. tamara, what are the chances of this coming back? it actually grew on me after about episode five or so.

  6. Char

    If this is Dallas’s finest…?!? No class whatsoever. They are all just a bunch of caddy bitches with absolutely no depth. I don’t know what it is about Brandi’s face, but she gives me the creeps. She’s right up there with Kim Zolciak for mother of the year. Yet I still watch!! Haha. 😬

    • Gabriella

      I think it’s her eyebrows – they are done at such a weird angle! Oh, plus I don’t think the pink eyeshadow helps!

  7. Miele

    Can somebody get Andy to find some of those women from Big Rich Texas if he wants to do another season of this show? Heck, I’ll make the road trip and hunt some of them down for him, if need be!!

  8. Happygal

    Tiffany talked about how she did not do porn in the past . That she was aware from the minute she signed up for the show that her past would come out but that the series she did was on Cinemax and it was not porn. I read an interview she gave and she actually compared the piece of crap series to The GAme of Thrones!!! Saying nobody would accuse those actresses of doing porn. She also made two movies that were were of that same quality. Hey I have nothing against it but don’t act all prissy priss when you are taking acting jobs taking your top off and simulating sex.

  9. misti wilde

    I have seen most of brandi’s clothes at wal mart. For this reason alone she shouldn’t come back if there is another season. Leeann grew on me, she’s just so pretty. I want to see beautiful fashionable women in the prime of their lives and being themselves on these shows. Tiffany trying too hard to be dramatic. At least that comes natural to Leeann. Cary crying sounded fake. I could barely take it. Stephanie may be the hub of this group. She got stronger.

  10. misti wilde

    However, I still dont understand why Leeann thinks her childhood was so bad. Actually sounds like a blast. That’s just how some people are. My mom and aunt had identical childhoods. My mom has only bad feelings about it, and her sister says she wouldn’t trade it for anything. Some people just can’t be satisfied. Plus I thought Leeann was abandoned by her mother. Sounds like she and the grandparents had a joint custody agreement.

    • Ktwallis

      Seriously? This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. Do you have any idea what the real world is like? She was lucky to have grandparents to step in, yes… But consistent rejection from a parent, especially a single mom, will affect you forever. Not to mention the molestation she briefly mentioned in her speech. But you’re totally right. She should just get over it and change her perspective. Have you considered publishing your book on treating psychological illness? I’d love to read it. You’re the type of person who tells people to just “get over” their PTSD, depression, what have you. Not cool, you make people worse.

      Not saying this excuses her behavior like she tries to do, but cmon, have some compassion.

      • Ktwallis

        That was a little aggro but cmon… The whole “just change your perspective!” line is just so ignorant and grinds my gears. I work in mental health care and I’ve seen a lot of things that some people think they get but just don’t.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I’m with you, Ktwallis. I don’t like how Leeanne is dealing with her past (by not entirely dealing with it) but I have some compassion for where she came from. Jeez.

  11. lo

    I thought it was odd how Cary seemed so unlike her RHOD character. On the show, she comes across as tough and no nonsense and on the reunion, she was a crying mess. I thought the crying was a little too much although I sympathize with the hurt she feels for exposing her children to Leeann’s attacks on her family. It might be the truth, but Leann has no heart. She would just raise her eyebrows higher and purse her lips and glare at Cary while she was sobbing. Very uncomfortable! The only time Leeann cries is when she’s recalling her “horrible” childhood. I was on the fence about her but she is MEAN through and through! And Tiffany came off as very mean as well. They both appear as heartless robots. I think Leeann is a sociopath.

    I like the rest of them and like the show.

  12. Turtle Creek

    If Cary and Queen Mark did not want their past exposed, then they should not have done the show!

    Why did they think the shit wouldn’t rise to the surface? It always does.

  13. WhyOWhy

    If they got rid of LeeAnne and Tiffany, I’d probably continue to watch it.

    I got the impression that Brandi might not sign up again even if asked back.

    I ended up liking Stephanie a lot more than I thought I would. I loved how Andy tried to belittle their business and she’s all “we’re doing the Cubs’ locker room, we’ve done [enter pro sports team here].” That was amazing.

    • Ktwallis

      I also liked that she said “we own a business”… I think that said a lot about her and about her relationship with Travis. I don’t know how much she does for it – she downplays it on the season if it’s anything at this point – but the other partner is often not acknowledged for the sacrifices a family inherently makes when they own a small (or eventually large) business. Sounds like they consider it a team effort. Get it girl!

  14. AshK

    I’m actually a fan of Dallas.. Its sooo much more lighthearted (besides LeeAnne threatening to gut Marie)

  15. NeverBeenJaxed

    For the very few minutes I spent watching this franchise I noticed a familiar face in Rich Emberlin, LeeAnne’s boyfriend. He is a Dallas SWAT team member and I used to watch him on another network when the show was on back then. The show was called Dallas SWAT. They now show reruns on the C&I network and Rich looks very much the same. How the heck did he end up with this woman? Lordy.

    Anyway, I just thought I’d throw that out there. I have a mild(unmanageable) obsession with cop shows, jail shows (Lockup Raw anyone???) lol.

    I saw Rich E and thought that couldn’t be him….sure enough….it is.

  16. Leigha

    I was very disappointed in Andy Cohen for the first time after watching this reunion.
    He seemed intent on shaming Leanne: from his first snarky comments, the viewers questions/comments cherry picked to draw negative attention, the bathroom accident rumors….the whole show was uncomfortable to watch. I’ve never seen a RH member be so singled out and picked on…and where was the usual humor Andy brings? While Leanne did act out quite a bit, it was clear she’s deeply insecure and has many other issues, such as anger, that she’s admitted and sought help. All of the women gossiped about each other constantly, yet the finger pointing was solely on Leanne…..then Marie near the end. No one expressed the emotional maturity or communication skills needed for healthy conflict resolution. And sadly forgiveness, understanding or compassion were forgotten, even in the women who claim to be Christian. Although the RH series is reality, it’s supposed to have an element of enjoyment and fun. That was lost here. Big time.

  17. Jane

    Always interesting to read the different perspectives on the same show. I like Dallas and really wanted to like this show, but it was a miserable failure. All of the girl’s were punks, LeeAnn just happened to be the loudest. Stephanie got on my nerves the most, so passive aggressive with her snide comments, eyerolls, and interview snarkiness, then acting all “who me?, never., I’m beautiful, sweet, kind and love Jesus”. Brandi was the most real, her youth showed through the most and it was a shame she became Stephanie’s and Marie’s mouthpiece. The emo party, or whatever, was a blatent get together to embarrass Cary, while I didn’t like the high-horse she road in on at the start of the show the corndog scene crossed the line and should have never been aired. All of the girls were mean. The bottom line is Bravo produced a dud. Not sure if this was cast and filmed as a Dallas Society Charity reality show flipped into RHOD, or what, but the casting and editing sucked.

  18. TBD

    TT again, great blog. Thanks! What the hell is going? Now explosions in your neighborhood? So many weird things going on everywhere!

  19. Flo

    I like Leanne. I think for sure Marie told the shit story and that group go so far back saying ‘I’ll kill you’ doesn’t mean anything. Marie told the story but Tiffany and Leeane haven’t retaliated with what they know about Marie.

  20. T D

    This was a real cow flop of a show and chock full of bullshit to boot.

  21. I wish this show was as fun and playful as Dallas. It is a city full of incredible spirit and American pride. Too bad this series failed to bring any of that energy to tv.

  22. This franchise needs to be tweaked for sure, but I’d definitely watch another Season. I couldn’t stand Marie, and th youtube thing solidifies that….broke my famewhore rule, of at least being funny, lol. I didn’t care for the Duebers, but nothing to do with how they got together. Dr. Dueber sealed their future editing fate if they are renewed, when he made the crack about borrowing dresses from Andy. Bet it’s brutal.

    I’d like to see less charity and more Dallas. Also really enjoyed xanadudes recaps. :)

  23. Maj

    Here is my take…
    I think Mark and Cary probably had an emotional affair (not ruling out physical encounters) prior to his divorce, but imagine that the “line in the sand” she mentioned may have been drawn at a full fledge physical affair. If you look back at Cary throughout the season – she wasn’t a liar, she stood up against bullshit and could laugh at herself. I didn’t see her being condescending or mean – throughout the season, I actually got the impression she was, at her core, a decent person. I think she and hubby might actually live in a bubble birthed from unicorn farts though. In her mind, she thinks that they drew a line that kept whatever relationship they had prior to his divorce out of the “affair” category – at least in her mind. I think she was truly hurt and maybe brought to tears, but there were parts that seemed like she may have milked that particular cow just a tad too long.

    Leanne is batshit crazy, mean and dangerous. I at least give Tiffany a tiny bit of credit for being “loyal” – even if the loyalty might land her in jail as an accessory to murder. “I know her anger judge – when she slit her throat she didn’t mean…” Her relationship with Rich seemed fake. Did he get paid for appearing on the show or was a man required for Leeanne to be casted? He did NOT seem into her.

    I enjoyed Stephanie – especially once she found her voice. Her husband? Not so much… asshole. Brandi is juvenile – husband is a douche canoe. No wonder Stephanie and Brandi want to marry one another.

    Throughout – series seemed like the cast was filming pilot footage for two totally different shows – neither of them RHOD. Brandi and Stephanie were filing the rich version of sister wives – the one where the husbands build houses with each other while the wives get shit faced and ignore the kids flipping off rocks into the pool. Leanne the carney and Tiffany the skinemax star seemed to be in C-List rehab focused redeeming themselves through shallow, self centered “charity” involvement.

    While I did not watch a single episode live (or even bother to DVR) as the season went on – I was able to admit to being entertained. Cast needs tweaking (although, I’m not sure my top pick for cast off – Leeanne – would be the first voted off the island), but I’m hoping for another season to see where it could go.

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