Bethenny Frankel Doesn’t Care If You Hate Her, She’s Very Happy

RHONY Bethenny
After reading Bethenny’s blog this week, I started trying to remember when we had seen Bethenny Frankel laughing or happy. I think back to her spinoff with Jason, and even there she was utterly miserable and angry.  She was angry at the wedding, she was angry on her birthdays, she was angry at the beach with Jason. I don’t ever recall her laughing. The only times I recall Bethenny laughing was when she was laughing at someone. It’s a haughty laugh. That was what I was thinking about reading her blog below.  That is my memory. Let me know if you remember things differently.

Let’s look a Bethenny’s blog this week, almost everyone is fair game.

I laughed from the minute Sonja said “my Tom” through the conversation with Ramona about #braceletgate.

What exactly was so funny? I think most normal people would feel badly for Luann being treated that way by her “friends” when she tells them she was in love and planning to get married again. I don’t think Luann was acting when she was visibly hurt by them. I’ve heard a bit more about this story and I am starting to think Luann and Tom are a real thing.

It was two, not one, bracelets by the way.

How the hell do you know this? Ramona said one, but you have more information? Are you drilling down for information on Tom and his relationships? And what difference does this correction make?


I continued laughing at Simon and Garfunkel, I mean Carole and Adam with his long hair and guitar get up to her hideous terrarium and his reaction to it

So you laughed at Adam’s appearance, and his “get up”, and your only friend on the show.

I laughed even more when cracked out Luann in her white wedding cape didn’t let me get a thought, much less a word, in edgewise. I mean you gotta love a woman who does the inviting and accepting of an invitation.

If by white wedding cape you mean her exquisite winter white suit that perfectly contrasted to your all black in a classic good versus evil way, then I suppose there is humor in that.  Did you just accuse someone else of not letting you get a word in edgewise? #PotMeetKettle Actually, this is the first season I am starting to love her. She’s Teflon to all the attacks on her every single episode.

Clearly Luann does all the work in bed.  

You must think about Luann’s sex life a lot for that random thought just to show up on a blog. You should call your radio show, Money Can’t Buy You Class,  as it seems your radio slogan choices were limited to housewives song titles. This one seems more fitting.

That dinner with Jules and Dorinda was actually painful. This was Dorinda getting all lit up and waxing poetic with metaphors for days.

It’s looking like Jules and Michael are having some trouble in paradise. That I don’t miss, and that I don’t envy. I do “suck at relationships,” but I’d rather be solo than feel like that. Tensions have arisen over there. John was trying to break the tension, and at that dinner, he was definitely my favorite Housewife.

It’s just Luann’s happiness that bugs you. We get it.

What can I tell you? The ratings are flying, the drama is real, and I give zero f—s if people love or hate me. This is a reality show and in dealing with this particular group of women, THIS is my reality.

So you are being a giant cunt for ratings? It seems really natural to me.

I’m happier than ever and enjoying the success of the show. I give it my truth, and that’s all I can promise.

If you can’t handle the truth you can’t handle me. #thebisback.

Remember when your truth was that reality shows were beneath your station and you didn’t want the housewives on your show? Until those ratings sucked without them, so you brought them back?  And now you are the standard bearer once again for women behaving badly for a paycheck?

Oh, and you just don’t seem happy to me. You know who does? Luann.

Speaking of Luann, she has an episode about her life before she was a housewife airing on Friday at 7 p.m. They showed a first look last night and I found it fascinating. Did you know she hosted at TV show in Italy? And she doesn’t really speak English! Her life has been extremely interesting.

I’ll be checking it out. I won’t be recapping it, but I may but a discussion post up. It’s rather fast paced and I don’t want to miss a thing!


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119 responses to “Bethenny Frankel Doesn’t Care If You Hate Her, She’s Very Happy

  1. Tara

    Maybe she will care to know that the only place I see her products are at Big Lots and T.J. Maxx.
    You are right T.T., she never laughs unless it is at someone.

  2. Minky

    You’re so right TT. A very wise man once told me: Pay attention when people laugh. And specifically at WHAT makes them laugh. That’ll tell you a lot about who they are.

    So Bethenny is moved to laughter almost exclusively by the misfortunes of others. Or if their hair/clothes look odd. Hmmm. As our Yolanda would say: Interesting…

  3. The only place I see her products are at Tuesday Morning – collecting dust! You are spot on again, TT! The B may be back, but the B is miserable! #TheMiserableBisBack

  4. I saw the first look and I think it will be awesome. I think LuAnn is very happy and I hope it works out for her – she was giddy happy.

    And the only time I remember Bethenny laughing not at someones expense is when she cracked herself up when she said she “didn’t want to go down on another woman because she was allergic to fish”. It stands out because it was crude. I admit I laughed but I think my face turned a little red.

    Hope you’re feeling better, TT!!

    • Gretchen

      Yes, she only laughs at others or at her own (crude) jokes.

      • anna

        I saw the special on Lu ” before they were housewives”. All I can say is wow, even though she sometimes gets on my nerves…..I have much respect..she lived some life!! I lived in Italy for a few years, was married there as well, & although I don’t recall her being on that show, I do remember that show & it’s a pretty BIG DEAL. And as far as Tom goes, I honestly think she loves him & knows it…look how quickly she knew about her x, & they lasted a Lo gave time & had a famil. Unfortunately when you marry someone from another country and travels, it’s hard. My X is Italian, we were Mae Erie there lived there, lived in Germany , & a bit in Switzerland . …after 17 years we divorced cause I wanted here & he wanted all over. So mabe, just maybe with Tom it will work. As far as Bethany …….JEALOUSY & MISERY WILL& CAN NEVER BE HAPPY. SHE A BIT & SO IS SKELTOR aka Carole

  5. Lauri Holderried

    Thoroughly enjoying everything you’ve written this week- amazing, amazingly clever blind items and now this! Thank you!

    • JustJenn

      I second everything you said, Lauri!

      Oh, and Bethenny cares way more about what people think of her than Luann ever will. Luann is comfortable, confident, and happy in her own skin and that is something, besides class, that money can’t buy.

      • rainidaze

        I love watching Bethenny’s jealousy increase each time she sees or hears of someone else’s happiness or success. She’s angry, miserable, jealous, and will never be satisfied. It must suck to be B and have that much money and yet still be so unfulfilled in the important areas of life like having a partner, happiness, or being at peace; things I don’t see her ever having.

  6. SB

    Her behavior is appalling. Isn’t it exhausting after a while? Luann has been my favorite NY HW since she started hooking up on the show and refusing to apologize for it. Love her!

  7. oh Sheila! you a good Judy

    THANK YOU TT !! some of the best purple-penning yet!

  8. Lily

    Somehow Sonja sageing her kitchen to ward off demons doesn’t seem so crazy. LuAnn may want to take up the practice too. I wouldn’t want to be on that woman’s list.

    I don’t say things like this often, but after eight years of watching Bethenny, I’m afraid she may just be plain, old-fashioned Evil. I no longer care who made her that way, or even if her story about her parents being awful was fully true.

    She claims to have a degree in psych and marketing from NYU, but that remains unsubstantiated. I’m sure she attended, and she seems highly intelligent. But…her ‘brand’ (getting tired of that word) is her self, and what she’s selling is largely ingestibles. People have to REALLY want to be JUST LIKE YOU to eat and drink food or cocktails with your likeness on every item. She’s not selling brake pads, or razor blades.

    It will be interesting to see what happens to a brand with ‘zero fuc&s’ as it’s credo, and a figurehead who sets out to destroy the happiness of those she envies, laughing at them as they grovel and fret.

    I can’t imagine putting any of her products past my lips.

    • Cara

      Well stated!

      I’ve only tasted one of her products, and it was revolting–very chemical.

    • Matzah60

      Great comment, Lily! I feel the same. I don’t care how she came to be the person we see on TV now. I do believe that every once in a while, you meet a person who has no redeeming qualities. It brings to mind the book and movie, The Bad Seed. Hiding beneath her expensive clothes, expensive NYC apartments, and her grand slam company, Skinnygirl is an evil woman. Decades of envy, anger, and insults have left Bethenny with a black hole for a heart. She wears a chip on her shoulder as an accessory that she never takes off.

      Nothing will ever really make Bethenny happy. Therapy has been absolutely a huge waste of money for this woman who really doesn’t want to change, in my opinion. She wants to be top dog and she wants everyone to know that she is top dog, if only on her HW reality show and in her own mind.

      • Bridgett

        The Bad Seed (original b&w version) is one of my favorite movies! Great comparisom

      • Bridgett

        The Bad Seed (original b&w version) is one of my favorite movies! Great comparisom

      • Dee

        I’ve seen people who have gone through adversity, life threatening illness’s. Some turn out kinder, more compassionate of others; people like B get bitter, cynical, cruel. It’s sad, I always thought if I had enough money I’d be happy, secure; B is neither.

      • Deanna

        So well said Matzah60!

        When you said ‘Decades of envy, anger, and insults have left Bethenny with a black hole for a heart’ you hit the nail right on the head. She is toxic!

    • Could not agree more with all the comments here. I was thinking I would rather drink Boones Farm than anything with her name on it. She will give a crap when her nasty ways start to have an impact on her “brand”. I don’t wish her ill but I do wish her an epiphany. She needs help. Ever since she’s been back this show has become evil. Andy won’t be your little lap dog when you fall. Wake up.

    • Kiyoshigirl

      Very well said Lily. That explains why I’ve never once been tempted to purchase any drink or food item she hawks in the supermarket. I have no interest in ingesting something produced by a hate filled, cunning woman. I also wonder how her brand is doing now that she’s re-exposed her true nature on her return to RHONY. The woman was given a 2nd chance by viewers last season and she slipped through the cracks because most of her story was secondary to the other housewives. This season it is the Bethenny Frankel show and like her, the storylines have been ugly, demeaning, jealous and vengeful. Most of us are not enjoying it.

      • So true. I’ve never wanted to stop watching a show because of disliking a character, until now. Bethenny is unwatchable and unlikeable but not in a good way like evil characters that get their comeuppance in the end. We don’t know what’ll happen to her. We can only guess. And I’m guessing that what we’re witnessing is a miserable woman that’s reacting to her her failures, which she’s brought on herself.
        Plus, I don’t see her getting off of the misery merry-go-round (that she keeps on creating) anytime soon. I’m guessing that her daughter will bolt as soon as she’s old enough to ask the court for help. And so Bethenny’s mother-daughter relationship will come full circle and repeat itself as usually tends to happen. Let’s hope Bethenny’s “reality” doesn’t ingraine itself in Bryn’s psyche. But I think that’s too much to hope for.

    • Loved your comment, Lily. Bethenny justifies all her terrible behavior with the “I had a bad childhood” excuse. The truth is – she’s just a miserable person who hurts others without provocation. She has 0 redeeming qualities and is taking up space on this earth where a decent human being could be.

    • Ktina

      Oh she cares alright. No one is going to throw their hard earned money at a bitch. I’m sure Jim Beam is thrilled with her performance as the evil “housewife”. She’s a horrible person that uses truthfulness as a guise to be mean.

      • Matzah60

        @Ktina. “She’s a horrible person that uses truthfulness as a guise to be mean.” I think that is very accurate! Her tag line, “If you can’t handle the truth, you can’t handle me” makes it sound like she is the truthsayer for all. In truth, I think she has a distorted and inflated view of herself. She’s the classic narcissist.

        I think it comes down to intent – I can usually tell when someone’s being straight with me because they care, or if they’re just trying to put me in my place or drag me down so they feel better about themselves.

    • microop

      I’m 99% sure Bethenny dropped out of college. Also I wonder how much money she inherited BC when the show started she was living in the UES. Even though the apartment was small, that was not a cheap choice for a single woman trying to build a business.

      • Shae

        She graduated from NYU with a psych/communications degree and then from the National Gourmet Institute in NY. Those are facts.

        She repeatedly referenced she was dirt poor and could barely make rent when the show first aired. The first season aired in 2008, Bethenny’s dad didn’t die until late 2009 and Bethenny sold her liquors to Jim Beam in 2010. So she couldn’t have had any funds from her father’s death in seasons one or two- if she even got any.

    • I wrote her off when she was married to Jason. They went to Pennsylvania and she treated his parents and friends like they had lice. She was so disparaging toward his “real friends” and acted as if they were characters in Deliverance. She mocked them for drinking beer and taking her to a shack with pool tables, I have no doubt Jason’s friends went home and waited for the divorce, and breathed a sigh of relief when it ended.

      Then she would go to the therapist and whine about how she wanted friends and family. She has some great one liners but she is a nasty piece of work.

      • Layla

        Was this seen in Bethenny Getting Married? I didn’t watch that series, but I believe it!

      • Sliceo'pie

        I know it’s a bit of projection (maybe a lot) on my part but I think some of her problems are rooted in her childhood. Her family was messed up – so she grew up dreaming having a, “normal” family however.. she is incapable of being around a normal family-she has too many unresolved issues. When you come from this kind of background as much as you want to be around a, “normal” family, your skin crawls when you are around one-you feel so uncomfortable and out of place- you want to run for the door but you’re also confused because isn’t this what you always wanted?
        She wasn’t able to admit that she had the problem and tried to make it appear as if something was wrong with his healthy family dynamic. I don’t think she’s capable of being truly happy, not deep down so she strikes out, deflects and is nasty and critical to those around her. People who a genuinely happy, don’t need to attack and constantly criticize other people.

      • Gapeachinsc

        That’s what I think, too. I think her viciousness is in direct correlation to her pain. There’s a saying, “hurt people hurt people”.

  9. spunky2015

    Great post TT. Hope you’re feeling better. LuAnn is someone who is very secure with herself and Bethenny hates that. It really is odd Bethenny is so interested in LuAnn’s private life though.

  10. Sara

    “Teflon” is exactly the word to describe Luann. Nothing those girls say can rain on her parade! It’s nice to see someone happy on the show. Bethenny has been a monster this season. So much jealousy in a woman that seemingly has it all. You think she would just sit back, enjoy life, and lift her friends up. Instead she tries to tear them apart. I give Luann a lot of credit for taking the high road and letting what Bethenny has said roll off her back. Her feelings were obviously hurt and she even cried at Dorinda’s, but Luann stayed calm and collected and showed a lot of class. Plus it’s hilarious how frustrated Bethenny gets when she can’t get under Luann’s skin no matter how hard she tries 😂

  11. Denise.

    Lu Ann’s special is on wed after nyc

    • tamaratattles

      AH! I looked for it on Wednesday, but on the Bravo site they don’t mention it for Wednesday and instead show RHONY to be a two hour episode so that you are forced to DVR it whether you want to or not.

      Thanks. I looked at the site several times for it, and didn’t notice that RHONY was “two hours.”

  12. jen

    She is SO happy she is such a cunt

  13. SLM

    Not trying to be mean, but I never see her products anywhere. I mean that – I haven’t once run across them, ever. Yet I know they exist… are they only in New York?

    I’m not sure what Bethenny’s angle is anymore…her current personality and actions aren’t giving her good publicity for her brand…she seems to see her fellow cast mates as hostages, not friends, so she isnt in this to make buddies or be seen as one…and she’s dating an unavailable man (since he is still married and will probably take some time to slog through a divorce). I miss the B I used to cheer for first three seasons…this Bethenny is just bitter, perpetually mean-spirited and always unhappy. And did something happen post season between B and Carole that she is so snotty even about her??? I remember wanting Bethenny to come back after she left…now I just want her to leave. :-(

    • Minky

      Hostages is a good way to characterize the relationships Bethenny has with people in her personal life. Like maybe Jason. She’s dragging the divorce out because she refuses to relent on anything, like money or more time with the daughter. By stonewalling and stalling she’s keeping Jason in a state of limbo where his hands are tied and he can’t go backwards or forwards. Kind of like the Stanton case, in a way.

      On this show I would describe the relationship that Bethenny thinks she has with the others in the cast as one in which she regards them as vassals. Bethenny will “allow” the others to satellite her, as long as they remain loyal to her and play exclusively by her rules. If they don’t, they’re out. That being said, I can’t believe that Ramona is going along with this. She’s certainly not putting up much of a fight with Bethenny. But I think that’s mostly because she hates Luanne.

      • Ramonna, Dorinda & Carole believe that Bethenny has special powers on the show. I don’t think she does. She pretends to have Andy’s ear (and maybe she does) but Andy’s influence isn’t what it used to be, even though he keeps women that hurt the shows. Producers over Andy’s head have the last say and they weren’t impressed with B’s performance last season. That might be why she’s gone berserk this season. B is under the delusion that she’s saving the show. Ratings tell a different story. Her one hour infomercial isn’t what anyone had in mind–either is her splitting up an ensemble cast because of her humongous ego. Thank God Luann and Sonja arent kissing her bony ass (yet). Let’s hope they never do despite the other’s insistence that they need to. They know the ratings are down thanks to Bethenny’s diva attitude. Sonja needs to grow a pair and tell her to F–off. I think the show is in real danger of being cancelled, thanks to Andy bringing that psycho back. So Sonja might as well go out in style.

      • tamaratattles

        I agree . I hardly ever look at Ratings but Bethenny is full of shit about the ratings this season. They are averaging a 1.4 million in the total overalls EVEN FUCKING Potomac pulled a 1.6 and Dallas is hopefully dead with less than a million average.

        For all your Bravo Rating needs….. Check out my new BFF over at Bravo Whore

      • Dee

        Thank you, she keeps saying, best season ever.

      • Sali

        Very well put.

    • Sliceo'pie

      I wonder how much the original success of her brand is due to her personality? She was the likable, quick-witted, hard-working underdog the first few seasons. People were happy to aid in her success. Now she has returned to the show, full of herself, mean spirited and very unlikable- I’m curious if the fans will turn on her and if it will affect the profits of SkinnyGirl.

      • Calipatti

        I don’t believe SkinnyGirl brand will be hurt by Bethennys behavior on Bravo, unless she kills a cast mate maybe not then.

        We watch Bravo, yet there’s a big world out there that doesn’t.
        My 1 sons wife and the others GF’s don’t watch. I was told watching women acting stupid was not interesting. They don’t watch s lot of TV and are particular in what they watch.
        I’ve no idea where my sons found these women, ha ha.
        Had my first Grandson today. 😃💙
        Happy day.
        Hey Mary, count your blessing, my husbands girl friend went to the hospitable before me.
        F**k my life.

      • Gapeachinsc

        Congratulations on the new baby!! 💐 🍼 🎈 And sorry about the other thing. Some of these husbands (and their girlfriends) have a whole lotta nerve. F**k them!

      • Ktina

        It was ALL because of her personality. That Margarita swill had a bad aftertaste.

  14. RHofND

    Bethenny and Ramona are absolutely seething with jealousy over Luanne. Yes Luann kissed a lot of frogs and the current one swam in several neighboring ponds, but you can see how happy she is and the other women on the show just can’t stand it because they are so unhappy or insecure in their own relationships. Not a single one of the other Housewives is in a secure relationship, even Carole. She professes to not being serious with Adam and just taking things one day at a time but you can tell she is way more into him than he is into her. Jealous much, ladies?

    • Minky

      I say good for Luanne. When Carole first took up with Adam I didn’t understand Luanne’s anger. I figure grown folks can do whatever they want. I still feel that way. And I still believe Luanne would have been smarter to hold her tongue about it.

      But now I see Carole in a different light. Her “dating-a-younger-man” schtick is getting old. It’s obvious why Adam’s there, and it’s obvious that this is a vanity relationship for Carole. Adam is a young man and it’s gonna take more than an unlined, fedora wearing, bespectacled, pseudo hipster going through a midlife crisis to keep his attention. There’s also the possibility that this was Carole’s way of getting back at Luanne for “friend jumping” Carole’s clothing designer friend. Carole was so pissed about that.

      Age is just a number. And two people fall in love and continue to love each other, despite looking like they don’t belong together, for all kinds of different reasons. Carole’s relationship with Adam is not one of those. Maybe they should all watch and learn from Luanne? She’s the only one of them who’s got a genuine smile on her face.

      • Matzah60

        Spot on, Minky, and you sated it so eloquently! Love!!

      • Ktina

        Luann called Carole out for the fool that she is in thinking that a 50 year old woman and a 28 year old guy could have a lasting relationship. She’s right. It’s one thing to sleep with a 20 something but a long term relationship with one is just ridiculous.

      • The reason you didn’t understand Luann’s anger is because you, and many others, had a misconception regarding the cause of that anger, assuming that Lu had a problem with the age difference. That was never the case. It was Carole’s impropriety in her approach to Adumb to begin with, and the lack of acknowledgment that he was employed in Lu’s kitchen, in a professional capacity, at that moment. Carole was a guest in Lu’s home and Carole knew that Adumb was the boyfriend of Lu’s niece. Whether he and the niece had finalized the end of their relationship or not, it was not appropriate for Carole to throw herself at Adumb, at that time, under those circumstances, and it was disrespectful, not to mention inconsiderate. The lack of consideration and respect became clear when Carole declared that she didn’t give a damn about Lu’s niece’s hurt feelings. It has always been mind boggling to me that so many viewers were not able to see and understand this.

  15. Puddy

    Brilliant purple penning! Even I was surprised at Bethenny dissing Carole (her “Partner for life?” I guess with the lifespan of a fruit fly?), but then I kicked myself for not expecting it. Bethenny is an equal opportunity bully. As for Luann, I do think she is smitten with Tom and they are the real thing – you can’t manufacture those glows, and Luann has never looked prettier! Lu is a real romantic. Yes, Ramona and Bethenny are seething with jealousy and I have always thought that those two share an inner darkness and that they get each other. Meanwhile, and I am sorry for being this mean, but at this point I think Bethenny has earned it – Bethenny looks like a skulls-head. I can’t imagine any man wanting to go to bed with that. Scary. Sorry – said it – been thinking it for a long time. This Bethenny rampage has to stop. For some reason, although she appears to be crushing everyone, I do not have a good feeling about where this is going. There is something too inhuman about her behavior – that makes one wonder about the outcome.

  16. Happygal

    I have to wonder how Bethany’s liquor partner feel about her being a first class cunt on this show and with all the back lash against her if it is effecting the sales of those products that they have not the ones that she has the sole right to peddle.

    If Bethany is her brand than her brand is a mean spirited, back stabbing, control freak, who has no alligence to anyone but herself and who is so jealous of anyone happiness she will try to destroy them in anyway possible even if that ultimately means her own self destruction

    • Puddy

      Happygal – I agree with you. The liquor store near me stocked Skinnygirl – and there was no way that I was going to buy a bottle – even out of curiosity. (I followed my inner voice that told me it would taste chemical and awful). Most of the bottles are still in the stand. That makes me wonder how she made so much money.

    • Dracla Dunning

      If Bethenney has something written in her contract with Beam that she will continue to be a spokesperson for Skinnygirl and they find that her behavior has a negative impact, the board will be all over her like white on rice. Corporations like Beam don’t play around. Her statement about reponsible drinking was probably directed by them. Responsible drinking is huge deal to those companies who manufacture alcoholic beverages. Personally I think she is not a good look for the alcoholic product.
      Does Bethenney’s brash, masculine, hyper type of personality raise its ugly head after consumption of Skinnygirl? If so, count me out.

  17. Matzah60

    Masterpiece, Tamara!! Loving the purple pen dissecting Bethenny’s character. I have to say that you had so many masterful zingers in purple, but I truly loved, “So you are being a giant cunt for ratings? It seems really natural to me.” Laughed and laughed because you laid it right out there and because it is ever so true!!

    What a winning post, TT. I loved it!!!!

  18. Tamara, one of the (many) things I appreciate about you is you don’t excuse Housewives’ nasty behavior, even if you like them. All hail the purple pen! Bethenny has taken this season hostage & I want it back. And I was having so much fun at the beginning… Bethenny is proud of this shit show? Ridiculous.

  19. Sequoia

    If Luanne gets remarried she has to give up the title of Countess and I doubt that’s ever going to happen. Ever. So unless this guy is very, very rich and isn’t asking for a pre-nup, I call BS on the whole marriage story line.

    • Minky

      That’s a very valid point Sequoia. It’s totally possible. So if this is just a story line for Luanne, she’s doing it brilliantly. Thus far it does look somewhat like a game of chicken between the two. If that’s the case, what are your projections?

      • DejaBlue53

        Great point about the game of chicken. You know what is the sickest? Andy Cohen pitting all these women against each other. I know I know, no one has to sign up or watch but, BUT he’s the master baiter (ahem double entendre on purpose) I can’t stand the wonk-eyed, misogynist troll.

    • Sequoia, that’s what I thought when I first heard about Luann’s engagement (we all know how much she loves her title). But the D’Agostino name has a certain cachet in NY so I’m starting to see how she might be willing to swap it out. Plus that whole “being in love” thing…

    • DejaBlue53

      I think the “Countess” was for a season of Luann’s life and now she’s over it. Over the Count and the title. There is no gravitas that goes with a title in America, other than what ignorant people assign to it and she traded on that while she was married and raised her kids, and for a story line on tv. She’s thrust off that fake baggage and seems much happier, so I don’t see her trying to put that sausage back in the casing.

    • Dracla Dunning

      I totally agree Sequoia. The only way LuAnne will give up being a Countess is for the right price and I doubt Tom has enough money. Not if he hangs out with HW group. I don’t see it lasting. She said many of the same things about her love affair with Jacques and look at what happened when the pirate caught her eye. Once a cheater, always a cheater. I think that is why LuAnne could care less about the history of a person she decides to sink her claws into. She doesn’t look too closely at their past because she doesn’t want a man looking too close at her.

      • DejaBlue53

        Interesting! (rubbing hands together) But not really. I am an optimist. I believe in Luann dammit! lol

    • Librarygirl

      The countess persona was what Lu had when she came on to the show. Lu’s life has changed and she has gone with the flow beautifully. She is having the Count walk her down the aisle, on NYE, 2017, BTW. I don’t think that Lu cares anything about her title anymore, because she is happy. It burns the hell out of Beth that after all of her dreams came true, she is still a shrew. She is currently HBIC of the old hags club, slow clap…. Beth knows this and has decided to make bank on it. Unfortunately for Beth, what she offers is not pleasant to watch, nor will it help her to find some sort of peace in her life. I think that happiness has passed her by, truly. I know that is a harsh statement to make, but I think that Mona was quite correct in her assessment during that talk they had while walking the bridge that day, seasons ago. That is a frightening thing to watch, let alone live. But, it does not excuse Beth’s deplorable behavior to others at any time. I actually think that Lu likes her cast mates and wishes them well, even if they do not always see eye to eye on certain issues. I for one am happy to see Beth ridicule Carole, because they will not be life partners much longer, and Beth will no longer have to be malicious about Carole’s relationship. Maybe carole could try being an adult. Get off all of our jocks, Beth. Go hang yourself with Mona’s extensions, and have Do pour vodka down your throat while you do it. Oh, I saw the preview for the Lu special this Wed, and I can’t wait. Lu, it seems, has had had a very interesting life, that puts most HWs to shame. Sorry for the long post, but this season has been deplorable. And TT thank you for this post. Nail, meet hammer, lol!

      • DejaBlue53

        “Go hang yourself with Ramoana’s extentions”. LOL Your whole post is fanfreakintastic.

  20. bella

    Most people who are genuinely happy don’t run around screaming how happy they are. Just sayin… I feel sad for her, as it seems she doesn’t have any real friends in her life. And who are these people tweeting her their support?? There’s a different between being straightforward and being a plain bitch.

  21. DejaBlue53

    Love love love you, and your purple pen!! Thank you for all your work. I really need to stop watching NY because Bethenny gives me that sick feeling ya get when you watch scary movies, like when Alan Arkin jumped out behind Audrey Hepburn in Wait Until Dark. Srsly <—(that abbreviation cracks me up lol) But I can't quit it until I see BF reap what she has sown. I just hope it happens sooner than later. AND I want to see Luann's happiness…maybe even get her own show if that's what she wants.

  22. Katey

    So I saw a Skinnygirl product for the first time in my local chain grocery store. It was popcorn and on top of the box it said ~created with our friends at Orville Redenbachers!! LMAO talk about brand piggybacking. Beth is a joke and came back to HWNYC because Skinnygirl sales (the product owned by Jim Beam) fell by 26% in 2014. It was the only product to lose sales in Beams rising star category of products…oops!

    • Kept Grits

      A member of my family grows corn for redenbacher and they are hoping it don’t go in those packages. As for her alcohol….. YUCK! Tastes terrible with a bad aftertaste. Glad It was only a taste test and didn’t spend $$.
      Why would anyone want to purchase / support someone whose mission in life seems to be “relevant by mean girl & crudeness”. This season seems to be extremely bad behavior narrated and justified by Frankelstein. Ain’t she just precious!
      I loved the Luann Special and definitely want to see Dorinda’s. Might tune into ramonacoaster as well.
      Great blog! SO true with good points.

  23. PJ

    Thank you!! I have been saying for awhile I cannot stand how awful B has become. She walks around thinking her shit smells like roses with Carole up her ass 24/7. she feels the need to eviserate people with her words to cover up her own unhappiness. It also bothers me she was so critical of Jules and her weight and she clearly has an eating disorder and also promotes her whole “lifestyle” as a Skinnygirl.

  24. Tori

    Bethennny became exactly all the things she hated Jill for……I agree with all comments here, there is something very dark in Bethenney & its only getting worse. Say what you will about Jill, but she’s seemed to have moved on & happy with her famiy.

    Bethenney has been using Carole to push her agenda for awhile now. Remember last rhony reunion when B said there are certain things in her divorce/custody battle that SHE could not legally discuss? How convenient that right on cue Carol jumps in a says Jason never picks up the phone calls. B had expected Carole to say that on her behalf some how during the reunion taping. I remember thinking that those 2 seemed to be in cahoots…. Regardless, I feel terrible for her daughter

    Also last episode you could tell Bethenney loved being the “HBIC” when she invited those worthy of her time to come on her business trip. She had no plans of ever inviting Lu or Sonya, so that whole meet up was just a power trip for her. The look on her face as the other girls pleaded for Sonja/Lu to come was greedy, fake and bitchy

    Bethenney is an egomaniac. Glad everyone is seeing the real her. Can’t stand how much she gets to dictate the direction of the show & cast.

  25. JoJoFLL

    Maybe the brand should be renamed Hangry Girl?

    I like Bethanny but she doesn’t have to act like such an asshole.

  26. KaraW

    I am still sympathetic to Bethenny because she’s always been my favorite. For a person that’s always over the top, she is way out of control this year. I think she’s trying to hang on and put on a good front, but all those emotions are boiling away inside of her. I think it’s still true that if she let herself go there, she would just lay on the floor sobbing. I assume this is all still from the demise of her marriage and the shared custody. She snarky and opinionated on her good days, but now we’re seeing her bad days and it’s not pretty. Thing that bothered me the most wasn’t so much when she went after LuAnn and Sonja with whom she has history, but when she went after Erika’s video when they visited from RHOBH. That too me was the most uncalled for.

  27. Cat

    I don’t hate her or love her. But, if, by chance she reads this: I stopped watching the show because of her. I couldn’t take the constant whining and complaining. So, one less viewer.

  28. J. Farmer

    First, totally agree on the sneak peek at the LuAnne bio. It definitely left me wanting to see more. The story about Hubert de Givenchy was pretty amazing. And I was surprised at the amount of home video footage.

    As for Bethenny, I think she really does exemplify the difficulty people mean when they talk about “having it all.” Yes, undoubtedly, she is a successful businesswoman. Shelf special in retail stores is a precious commodity, and getting and keeping your products on those shelves is difficult, demanding work. Building a brand like that does frequently take years of doing 60-70 hour weeks. So I can see why Bethenny would be extremely proud of her success and be hyper vigilant about defending it against any seeming attack. It’s also why Bethenny is eager to point out the bogus or quickly failed ventures of other “wives” in to the food or beverage industry. It is delusional to think that you can just come up with a gimmicky name and slap something in a pretty package and get big sales through the sheer force of your Twitter followers.

    On the other hand, Bethenny has sacrificed a tremendous amount for that success. It’s a sacrifice many people–particularly women–are not willing to make. Compounding that is her godawful upbringing, which clearly displays itself in an inability for Bethenny to maintain stable trusting relationships with people. She is a classic personality type who attempts to cover deep insecurities and feelings of shame with a tough girl persona that lashes out in angry, spiteful ways under the guise of “just being honest.”

  29. Miele

    If she’s so darn happy, then why isn’t she off with her money and real friends instead of playing a harpy on RHONY?? Happy, wealthy people don’t take and keep jobs working with people they clearly disdain.

    • GlobalServices

      Um, not too hard to deduce why – She did it to boost her brand on national TV. No alternative conspiracy theories needed

      • Miele

        Her brand was born on national TV. Shoving it in the faces of the same audience who watched its birth isn’t going to be a boost-especially when her behavior is turning off a lot of her backers. And there’s no conspiracy theory afoot : she’s just not a happy person.

  30. Violetta

    Bethenny must be on “reality” TV. She can’t seem to live without it. I first saw her as a contestant on The Apprentice in 2005. She’s only taken a few breaks away from the camera since then. Its sad really and I feel bad for her daughter who will one day watch this shit and know her Mother is clearly insane. I remember on one episode of Bethenny Ever After, the cameras showed her going thru her closet. Every pair of underwear and her brassieres, etc. were in separate plastic zip lock bags. One piece per bag.

    Something is clearly wrong. What better way NOT to deal with yourself than to spend your life on faux reality TV. I wonder when she will implode?

  31. Meg

    “She hosted tv show in Italy”… google Silvio Berlusconi and his bunga bunga parties… and you will know how Luann became a tv show host. LOL.

    • GlobalServices

      Bingo. The reality is Luanne was a young nurse who found she could fast track her life by making an “impression” on certain Italian men – at cocaine-infused sex parties for Italy’s elite. This would very likely lead to high-tier escorting – next she’s in a TV show – next she’s “married” to a Count. No matter what she says, they had an open marriage since the inception – that’s how it works with many men like him. This is likely why she has such a relationship with Sonja Morgan, who was in a similar “marriage”. Then Luanne realizes she can divest herself of him with the RHONY show.

      I mean, I don’t judge her for this past life at all. Who am I to judge? And after all, it IS the way it works, especially in Europe, where having sexual escapades with young “beautiful” women is something that has been “celebrated” by the top tier of society for generations.

      I just wish she weren’t so unlikeable !

  32. NeverBeenJaxed

    Bethenny is miserable and always will be. I don’t know if any amount of therapy will help her especially since she really doesn’t seem to want to be different or have true happiness in her life. That being said, I totally respect her business prowess. Her personality reminds me of someone who loves the thrill of the chase but once the chase is over, she’s bored and miserable. I can relate, I was a lot like that when I was younger but I’ve learned a lot about who I am and what makes me happy in my older and wiser years and I’m cool with it.

    I kinda feel bad for her. Not. She has the power to change her circumstances but she doesn’t . Andrew Cohen loves him a See you next Tuesday. #EgosByBravo

  33. Bushwick

    And she’s full of shit if she thinks we believe she didn’t get a nose job. Sorry Boo, season one reruns aired last week and your nose was was different. What’s the big deal in admitting it? Bethenny needs to practice what she preaches and “own her shit”.

  34. GlobalServices

    This post of yours was quite bizarre. Bethenny Frankel is no saint (a she so fittingly admits), but your atachement to Luanne of all people – one of the most I likeable, ungracious, and arrogant people in any franchise – is absolutely confounding.

    I get most people in your comments all agree with you, and sometimes I do, but this whole Luanne is now an angel routine is just too much.

  35. G.

    I enjoyed a lot of B Every After, particularly the episodes around Bryn’s birth before their marriage was truly on the rocks. It’s too bad to see Bethenny act out to this degree since her return. Surely, just as Tamara suggests, it’s the dissonance between having claimed she’s beyond all this and getting lured back in.

    The contrast between Erika and Bethenny is telling: only one of them gives no f–s and is not only clever but calm in many stormy moments.

    Meanwhile, I’m not sure I understand the timeline of Bethenny and Luann’s relationships that would let them compete, upfront, to be the one to announce an engagement in the coming season. I guess that means that I’m truly in denial about the degree of scripting here.

  36. Shae

    I am comfortable being in the overwhelming minority here lol, while she can spout off at the mouth and regret later, I have always liked Bethenny. I realize her personality rubs some the wrong way some more than others. I think she’s extremely happy with her daughter and her company, I just don’t think she will ever be an easy going person who appears overly “happy” on the outside. She has an anxious energy about her. Restless. I think her humor is tongue in cheek, I don’t think she viciously means to hurt people, which is why when she runs her mouth she often apologizes later.

    Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I don’t share the vitriol. I’d prefer her, who goes too far sometimes with the mouth, but is genuinely who she is, to some of the other pretenders on the show.

    I cannot get on board the Luann bandwagon. I wish her well, everyone deserves to be happy, but I think she is fake as hell and is definitely full of shit a lot of the time. Regardless of her connection with Tom, the fact he’s banged/dated at least two of her close friends (recently) and sends gifts and expressions of “love” to an ex are big red flags- not to mention discussing marriage in a matter of weeks. That would give me great pause.

    I hope for her sake he stops banging her friends, stops gifting and calling his ex and actually means he wants to commit to her.

    • Sliceo'pie

      She is, “Who she is” yet she was dating a married man at the same time she was slut shamming LuAnn and screaming about her sleeping with married men.. I think she is as hypocritical and two-faced as any of the other housewives.

      • Shae

        I took the implication to be Luann slept with men who are married, as in, not separated, not divorcing, etc. who are actively supposed to be in a committed relationship with their wife lol Like that guy she met in Turks and Caicos, she seemed totally unconcerned that he was married.

        Bethenny is a “married” woman but she has been separated/divorcing for 3 damn years, I would hardly say anyone who’s dating her is dating a “married woman”. She is not in a committed relationship with Jason, they both lead separate lives. I see nothing hypocritical about her dating a man in her same situation.

        Now if Bethenny was sleeping around with someone’s husband who was not separated or divorcing and his poor wife thought they were together, she’d be a raving hypocrite and I would completely agree with you lol

        It’s one thing to date a guy who’s separated and just not divorced yet, it’s another to snatch someone’s husband from a committed situation where divorce or separation is not involved.

  37. Bethenny is a cow for sure. However, Carole annoys me more because she was Heather’s shadow and now she’s Bethenny’s.

  38. kkbella

    Re: Luann and Tom
    I was in NY last month pouring our wine at a casual but upscale day event. I’m from Ca. Luann and Tom were there. Because of their interest in wine, I spoke with both of them separately and together for quite some time. Eventually I let on that I was a fan. We took selfies, and posed for pictures with my wine. No press there. Point is, they seemed to be a couple, they knew a lot about each other (for small talk in a social situation), and she had her ring on. She introduced him as her fiancé. They were comfortable, relaxed and mature. No real point in pretending to be a couple at a “no press” event on a Saturday inside, during the day, so I think they are the real deal.

    • Katherine 2.0

      Thanks for sharing, kkbella. I am glad to hear it. Luann won me over in the past few years, and in this episode in particular. She drew the line when it came to appeasing those who will not be appeased. She doesn’t need to grovel to anyone. Those women don’t care about her “apologies,” and never will.

  39. Lindsay

    Yeah, she doesn’t care…SURE JAN

  40. GillianFirst

    Just found this site a month ago and now check it often! Strongest tea around 💪 Bethany is acting rediculous. Can you imagine having to be in a business meeting with her after seeing her go psycho in the Berkshires!? People at her company must be having viewing parties bc as a boss I can’t fathom letting colleagues and employees see that mess.

  41. T D

    Bless her desiccated heart! Of course she’s happy. Bethenny is also taking offers on the Brooklyn Bridge if you’re buying, she’s selling.

  42. MARC

    I think her faux health scare will be the turning point in her aberrant behavior hence a kinder more BRAND APPROPRIATE SPOKESWOMAN for skinny girl.She has been exceedingly vile this season & her cohort Carole is an absolute joke.

  43. Kept Grits

    If her brand sales continue to decline, Suntory Holdings who now own Jim Beam, might evaluate why. Wouldn’t a good spokesperson image be a someone who is willing to work on their issues? Hurt people hurt others…yes. But a smart person wants their livelihood to survive.
    I predict that this horrible behavior will be swept under the rug as extreme hormone swings. Of course due to the fibroids. Those of us who’ve been there, done that and stayed sane, can call b.s. And bless your little precious heart.

  44. Omgomg

    Wow all of this is so spot on. Love the purple pen! I fell off the Bethenny bandwagon after the whole getting married thing was a fraud. I hate to admit it but I actually bought (and read) her book. I used to admire her. She got really trashy. I don’t really think she has very good taste. I often don’t like her clothes (some of her sweaters were cute). I really liked Jason and think she blew it and should just finalize her D. She was jealous of his rising fame/likability. She’s ruined RHONY this season for me. it’s sad and I have a bad feeling about it.

    More Luann. She’s a breath of fresh air this season. This season RHONY is making me sick of ALL the RH’s. Maybe Bethenny is not just the show killer but the franchise killer!? Bruhaawwhawww. Andy — careful what you wish for.

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