Blind Item: Branded A Hypocrite

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This Blind Item is unexpectedly part of a triad of blogs. You can find the First One Here, the Second One Here.  The names are consistent between these three blogs; however, in the future if these people are in blinds they will have different names and these names may be reused because I’ll forget these by tomorrow. UNLESS there is an update on this. My brain is full and I was not planning on working overtime tonight.

Okay, so I found it odd that Kitty would be so interested in helping Bubbles take Fran to court.  Kitty is not one to get involved in the drama, and isn’t really interested in these people other than to push her own agenda. But now I know why she is furious and Fran may actually be in trouble.

cat bubbes


You see Kitty has a business of her own. And she takes it just as seriously as Fran takes hers. It seems Fran is selling T-Shirts that are VERY similar to Kitty’s product.  Kitty’s finished product came out a few weeks after Fran decided to sell t-shits, but the concept was introduced on a reunion show.  Fran is friends with someone who was at that reunion show in a professional capacity.

Fran has ZERO need to be selling t-shirts and coffee mugs in an online shop, but she is. She put out two versions related to herself and then….BAM,  pulled a Nene Leakes.  Yes, girl. Remember when Nene started selling all kinds of trash saying  So Nasty, So Rude after Kenya was the one to say it at a reunion?

It’s like that.

And it’s on.  Kitty is furious.  Word is Kitty didn’t reach out to Bubbles out of the kindness of her heart. It’s going to be a legal Clash of the Titans between  Kitty and Fran.  They both have VERY long money and an arsenal of attorneys. So this should be fun.

It’s clear Fran just did it to FUCK with Kitty for some reason. She could care less about the T-shirts and coffee mugs. What on earth is Fran’s motive?

Stay tuned.


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70 responses to “Blind Item: Branded A Hypocrite

  1. Jack

    Isn’t this some shit? Erika pissed that Bethenny is selling tees like hers, so going after her via Sonja. Great blinds Tamara, was fun to work out!


  2. Tina

    Erica is pissed about the Zero Fucks tee shirts Bethanny is pedaling.

  3. Sheba

    Both say zero F’s and sell it.. Personally I wouldn’t buy either of their sayings.
    Erica is kitty
    Fran is Bethany
    What a stupid immature fight. Is be embarrassed to sell anything or wear anything like that!

    • Dexter

      Yeah but you know Bethenny is such an ass. She is such a hipocrite.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Bethenny has been saying “zero fucks” on tv for years. Erika came out with a song saying “zero fucks” this year. Bitch, please. Can’t stand Erika.

  4. Carl

    But Fran said it first then Kitty…but was Fran selling them first?

    • Sheba

      I thought the same! She said it last season too but I guess they can fight it out ! Hahaha What a waste of money paying attorneys when neither will get rich off it.

      • Sheba

        Hi Tamara, I need your help. My email will not let me delete any comments from this particular blog. I did check mark the replies to my comment. I’ve tried everything as to not bother you. Could you help on your end in any way? Even if it’s removing my email somehow and I can resign with another? I’ve contacted yahoo and WordPress with no luck from either. I’m sorry to ask but I’m at a loss and the reply emails have been there a couple months and they just pop back up no matter how many times I delete them. Thanks hon…

      • tamaratattles

        These are problems that occur when you post under multiple names, Sheba, Tom, Kari…. Multipersonality syndrome?

  5. CoBe

    Meh. I think Erika has every right to be upset about it. I don’t think there is anything she can do legally, but it was a clearly unethical move on Bethenny’s part.

    Decent people don’t do that.

    So she is getting her revenge by bolstering Sonja. Kudos to her.

    And a pretty good storyline if it shows up on BH next year.

    • Minky

      You were so right in your comment in Blind #2. You’re good CoBe.

      If I were Erika, and my idea had been poached from me via Kyle ( I assume. Who else is Bethenny close to from BH?), I’d be fit to kill.

      That being said, I can’t wait to see Erika go in on Kyle next season in BH. That should be some television!

      And I think it might have been you as well who said in the last RHONY episode thread that Bethenny puts the “I” in hypocrite. Sofa king true. I knew Bethenny was overreacting and being too hard on Sonja for the Tipsy stuff. Like I said, projection is a helluva drug.

      I have finally decided: Go Erika!

      • CoBe

        I adore Erika. I’m looking forward to seeing her next year without Yolanda. I hope she takes some different approaches.

        I was disappointed in the mean girl attitude on the reunion, but hopefully that was just a glitch.

        It’ll be interesting to see.

        I don’t really know what Kyle has to do with any of this, though. Did I miss a blind?

        Also, can’t take credit for the “I” in hypocrite. Seems like there is a lot of brand infringement going around and I don’t want to get sued!!! Whoever said it is hilarious!

      • Minky

        No prob, but I’m gonna have to look up the “I” comment. It was solid gold.

        The reason I say Kyle has something to do with this is because TT wrote that the “zero” t- shirt idea was presented on a reunion show. Since it’s Erika I assume it was a BH reunion. And Bethenny is supposed to be really good with Kyle, going back many years.

        And if Fran/Bethenny’s friend who was at the BH reunion show isn’t Kyle, then it’s Andy

      • AshK

        I don’t think it’s Kyle.. I’m guessing Andy

      • Jewelz

        Thank you Minky for figuring this out. I never get it right!

      • CoBe

        Minky, re-read this blind and now I see where you got Kyle from! Nice catch!

      • Thanks, Minky! I was wondering how Erika had a few brief encounters with Bethenny. You reminded me that BH went to the Hamptons for Kyles store.

      • BH should read Beverly Hills. It looks to confusing as an abbreviation.

    • Happygal

      Thank you for figuring this out for me in the second blind!!!! I am soooo bad at these . I love that Erica is going after Bethany because I happen to not like her . This is gonna be good .

    • Jelley

      After all the theatrics and meltdowns Bethenny had over Tipsy Girl, this is ridiculous.

  6. Fizz

    Boy was I wrong with my guess on the first blind! So we’re fighting over t shirts now? Sigh. How about they both just admit they give many f’s and move on.

  7. Minky

    I looked up the “I” comment. It was Briannatozer16. I gotta give credit where it’s due. That was a good zinger.

    And I KNEW that Bethenny unleashing her wrath upon Luanne had nothing to do with Luanne’s sex life. I knew it! Bethenny was just sore that Luanne beat her to the punch, perhaps unwittingly. It’s still odd that Bethenny chose to call her a slut, of all things. She could have targeted any other part of Luanne’s prententions, like still calling herself a Countess or her lousy singing or that pirate ho.

    I still can’t believe those weak bitches supported Bethenny in this. They should all be ashamed of themselves for that pile-on. And none of them are really safe from her. If they had a shred of sense they’d realize that they should have protected Luanne in order to protect themselves for the future, because Bethenny sure was setting a precedent for how she’s gonna treat anybody that she sees as an obstacle on that show in the future. It could be any one of them next time.

    Did the Bethenny/Sonja exchange happened before or after this t-shirt thing?

    I’m also wondering what the fuck Bethenny has against Erika. So much so that she would do this! Is Bethenny just being Andy or Kyle’s handmaiden? If so, what do Andy or Kyle have against Erika?

    @CoBe: Also, are you serious about the “Skinny Girl” margarita? What other ideas has Bethenny the business genius stolen? I can only imagine.

    • CoBe

      I vaguely remember the company. I tried to Google who it was, but it was in a recipe book before Bethenny began marketing SkinnyGirl.

      There was already an existing margarita in the Atkins plan as well.

      Bethenny came up with a brilliant marketing plan, so kudos to her.

      • Minky

        Cool. Like I said, I’ll give credit where it’s due. But Bethenny went a little too ape-shit over the “Tipsy Girl” thing. I know I’m a party of one in my opinion of that. Everybody else seemed to enjoy watching Sonja get schooled by Bethenny. I thought it was overdone and unnecessary.

        Ha! Can you tell that I’m an insomniac? i need to lay off the caffeine. ☕️

      • Sali

        I’m with you, Minky! I thought Bethenny went overboard with Sonja and the TipsyGirl thing. She pulverized her. Actually, she went after Luanne the same way.

        Fellow insomniac here, too! 😬

      • jennbug

        Me three! I agree about Bethenny & Sonja, and a fellow insomniac! Can I join the club? 😊

      • Minky

        Yes everybodys! You’re all in! We can have rocket fuel espressos at 3 o’clock in the mother fucking morning and go analyze all of the Wives’ neuroses. It’ll be so much fun! Who’s bringing the Madeleine cookies? I want this shit to be Proustian!

      • Sharon

        CoBe- I think you might be referring to Hungry Girl. She had a book, website and recipe for skinny margerita.

    • Miele

      Minky- Erika is the exact opposite of Bethenny in almost every way, AND Kyle is a little taken with her. Bethenny seems to see Erika’s sheer existence in her circle as a threat or competition of some sort. I’m having a bad couple of days, so I hope that makes sense outside of my head.

      • Puddy

        Brilliant insight. I think you are right on and it makes total sense. Bethenny has to dominate everyone, and she tried to dominate Erika in the Hamptons – and Erika was having none of it.

      • Miele

        Thanks, Puddy!

  8. Sali

    Excellent tea! It’ll be very interesting watching this unfold.

  9. JustJenn

    Bethenny is becoming more unlikeable with each blind. I’m sure she and her current beau will still be married to other people at the end of this season so her getting engaged is kind of a moot point. I really was team Bethenny all during her divorce, but at the rate she’s screwing over people recently I’m starting to think we don’t know the whole story there, either.

    I was wondering why a Erika was so vocal about her support of Sonja on WWHL..I guess we now know why.

    • Minky

      If she has her way it’s gonna get to a point where nobody in any of the RH franchises will be allowed to start any kind of business without getting sued by Bethenny. Or be allowed to have any storyline that conflicts with hers. She’s being ridiculous.

      I really don’t like Ramona, but I so hope she comes to some event on RHONY and busts out a couple of bottles of her Pinot Grigio right in fronna Bethenny’s face while grinning maniacally, like she already did that one time.

  10. DejaBlue53

    Puss has probably wanted to get back at Fran(kel) ever since F was so rediculously rude to her when she was a guest on BH. It’s great that champagne/Bubbly has some backup for a change! Her crew members are the worst.

    • Sabrina

      Please remind me- I don’t remember what Bethenny did to Erika?

      • Minky

        Do a Google search with the words “Erika Girardi Bethenny Frankel”. A whole bunch of stuff pops up. Bethenny’s been beastly to Erika in the press at least since January of this year. The nerve of her! It’s pathetic.

      • New kid

        It was at the BH dinner, the one that Kyle requested to have at Bethany’s house. When they were all sitting outside, at the table, Bethany criticized the production quality of Erika’s video.

        That is the only thing that I remember about any interaction between Bethany & Erika.

  11. Kay

    Um, none of these women coined that phrase anyways so how are any of them getting upset? Chris Brown has a freaking SONG about giving “Zero” fucks. Maybe he should sue all these annoying bitches. People have been saying that for years, I’m so over all the housewives thinking their ideas are original.

    • Dracla Dunning

      I know Kay. I posted about that song when Erica came out with her song and TT did a post about it. I figured Ericka got the zero fucks idea from him. It certainly wasn’t a saying that was new and unusual. Neither Bethenney nor Ericka are the trend setters they think they are. I would love to see Chris Brown speak to Bethenney the way she spoke to Sonja.
      The horse I am backing in this one is Ericka.

      • rainidaze

        Heh, Dracla, I didn’t really care for Erica last season, but if she’s going against Bethenny, whom I detest, I’m backing Erica! I love the way perspectives and priorities can change. lol
        Team Erica all the way!

  12. JentheAUBURNfan

    I feel like a complete fool and I am so glad I didn’t throw in my guesses last night! Can we all agree that Sonja is probably fanning Erika while feeding Tom grapes in hopes of free legal services and making friends with someone rich enough to fund a real business for her!!

  13. CanadaCat

    I’m completely confused. Do you ever reveal your blinds at a later date, TT?
    Sounds juicy, whoever it is!

  14. Cgal38

    Bethanny just tweeted back to someone (amber rose) about coming up with the zero fucks t-shirt first, when Erika was on her show, and Erika called in to compliment Sonja on wwhl This past week. I think this is solved! Fun!

    • Cgal, this sounds like its going to turn into an east coast/west coast thing. Now, is Amber east or west coast?

      • Miele

        Amber Rose is West Coast, I think. But she’ll be Team Erika.

        I’m loving the East Coast vs. West Coast theme! And we’ve got the perfect stereotypes as the players: a sardonic, scrappy brunette versus a blonde bombshell who’s much smarter than she lets on.

      • Miele

        Meant to say Amber Rose would be Team Erika regardless as she’s all about sex positivity.

    • Puddy

      We may be starting to see what life was like for Jason Hoppy while living with Bethenny.

      • Minky

        So true about Jason, Puddy. So true. At least Jason didn’t stay for the terrifying ride and give Bethenny his balls dipped in bronze, and he bailed like a decent person, unlike some weak as water House-Husbands (I’m looking at you David Bedor!).

        @Limebrain: If it’s an east coast/west coast thing, who are Erika and Bethenny. Is Erika Snoop Dog or Dr. Dre? Is Bethenny P.Diddy or Biggie? I love it!

      • Bethenny would be P. Diddy. Heather worked for him and Sonja partied on his yacht with John John, you know.

        But now I’m wondering if this is some sort of set up to give Erica a story line because this would pit Erica against Kyle, since Kyle is good friends with Bethenny.

        Like someone already stated, these women sure give a lot of fucks even though they are claim not to give any.

      • Miele

        And may I add that I could see Jason trying to pump the brakes on some of Bethenny’s battles with others, leading to further discord in their life. That might also explain why he’s dug in his heels during their divorce. Just a thought.

  15. Roseisrose

    The reason that Bethanny cares about the zero fucks shirts is because of the branding for her radio show. She has a talk radio show on Radio Andy. The concept is “Bethanny: Zero Fucks, No Bullshit Radio” I would not be surprised at all if Andy had helped her come up with the concept.

    • Puddy

      So now Bethenny wants to be the female Howard Stern? And I followed Minky’s advice to google Bethenny and Erika – and – yes – Bethenny (in the name of her never being hypocritical but always being a totally honest person – (a “tell” if ever there was one)) – has been gunning at Erika since January of 2016. What Bethenny always seems to do before she wants to bring someone down/make a move/accuse/project.

      • Minky

        Good Lord! Does Bethenny really think she (and her her nails-on-a-chalkboard-voice) are captivating enough to do a radio show? She already tried the TV version of that and it crashed and burned, also while being vigorously bolstered by Andy and the Wendy Williams feud, if I’m not mistaken.

        Why does Bethenny take Andy’s advice? All of his backstabbing moves have ruined her stuff. Other than RHONY and Skinny Girl, what else has she done that didn’t flop? I don’t follow her business career, so I really don’t know.

        Again, maybe Andy secretly hates her too. Why else is she getting the “bad edit” this season? It’s certainly not a “good edit”. The fact that the Luanne thrashing was Andy’s favorite episode says a lot about him, and, I believe, how he really feels about Bethenny. There’s no way her behavior on that episode could ever be interpreted as any kind of okay, no matter how much you might hate Luanne.

  16. Puddy

    One has to wonder if she treated Jason like she treated Luann and Sonia and Erika, and her high school friend, and everyone who she seems to see as being in her path of domination.

    • Diane

      I have often thought the same thing. I think she is a very controlling person who has to be in charge of it all or she feels out of control. She has some major issues and she admits to some of them. But not sure how it would be to live in that box with her 24/7.

    • Dracla Dunning

      Of course she did. She could care less about how she treats a person. That is obvious. I feel so sorry for Bryn. She has a life of hell ahead of her. You know Bethenney will verbally abuse the spirit right out of that child. She doesn’t stand a chance.

  17. Deb B

    It’s so fun watching everyone put these together. I need a spread sheet even when given the answers to figure it out! More blind items, please.

  18. Diane

    Kitty ala Erika RHOBH.

    This will be a classic battle and oh so fun to watch. These two are both made for a battle of words! Me thinks we need some Tipsy Girl Prosecco and front row seats LOL.

    I have always liked Bethenny but this season she has been pretty vile. Sometimes the things she says just make me skip a breath.

    Erika isn’t has mean spirited so far as I can see but she doesn’t take any crap from anyone and she can gut you with a look and few words. She doesn’t dance around like Bethenny does with words….she goes right for the kill.

  19. ZenJen55

    Bethany’s mom has said that Bethany “lifted” the drink, allegedly, that Skinny Girl was a drink that she drank when Bethany was younger. It makes sense that it came from a previous company/Atkins because Bethany told Jules her Mother had an eating disorder when she was growing up.

    If rumors of Brandi Granville coming back she would a great person for Erika to film with.

  20. nancy83

    I’d love to see Erica on the New York housewives, she really would be a match for Bethany. From my understanding, she has zero fucks in a song that she mentioned at the reunion show and Kyle, who a friend with Bethany, probably told Bethany about it and Bethany made the shirt before the song was a finished product, so now, she can say she was first. It’s great that Bethany’s true colors are finally coming out. I thought from the beginning, she knew how to manipulate and abuse people. I pity her boyfriend.

  21. I couldn’t figure out Kitty in the last blind so this is much appreciated. Plus, the extra tea on what’s behind the feud is simply delicious! This ridiculous brouhaha makes me proud I put Erika on my top 10 list. No offense to LVP but I think Mrs Girardi is the real alligator, hiding in the weeds until she’s ready to snap!

  22. Just Saying

    Omg whe gives a f***# about this , love the blind item but seriously I think it’s ridiculous

  23. DejaBlue53

    The best part of the feud is that Bethenny can’t ice out/ vote off/ affect Erica’s job on BH like she is doing with Sonja and Luann.

  24. SaraSally

    I read the blinds this morning. Went about the day & came back for new ideas or Intel. Then it occurred to me that this slow release of info & chatter, is but an orchestrated publicity ploy for a scripted ‘fight’ between the two affluent powerhouses from different coasts. Why? ‘Because its scripted!’ ~TT.
    I do believe some of the crap about pending nuptials. Hell, in one show Bethany, Carole & Luann ruminated about settling down.
    I saw Bethany on Meredith’s last show. It was the day after she eviscerated Luann episode. Meredith softballed Bethny a question about meeting Trump that week.
    Bethany said she was coming home from an all one nighter. She had her shoes in hand, & a small glass with her jewelry. She walks into the TTowers & Donald recognised her. She then said it was the ultimate walk of shame. Typical Bethany damage control to soften her image.
    Anyway, I’m not buying it.

  25. Cat

    I’ve read all 3 blinds, along with comments. And all I have to say is: More kitty pics, please! :)

  26. Sheba

    Testing to see if I can delete my emails TT !

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