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It didn’t take an incredibly long time after I started to write this blog before I got some REALLY good sources. I was the very first site to post about Nene Leakes being on Glee, because a very good source fell into my lap. I was a tiny little nothing of a blog then. I don’t know why that happened. But anyway, I bring it up to say since I have started doing more Blind Items, sources are popping up all over the place. Like this one.

As we know, every year, housewives need a storyline. Maybe they are building a house. maybe they are going to fake a disease, maybe they are going to come out with a line of booze, or maybe they are going to announce their engagement to their new man.

Oh wait. About that last thing. There is a pecking order for Bravo weddings. And engagements. Timing is everything. Don’t believe me? Just ask Gretchen. Tamra got the Wedding by Bravo of her dreams and Gretchen’s contract was not renewed. Be very careful when you schedule an engagement on housewives. It’s a cutthroat business!


Which brings us back to Fran. THIS FRAN. I am now being told that Fran wanted to announce her engagement at the end of the season. It would have been a MAJOR SHOCKER for many reasons. But fellow housewife, Tess came in hot with a new beau as her storyline and announced HER engagement first. Fran was already mad about the usual housewife crap but between this and another betrayal by Bubbles, and some personal struggles, FRAN LOST HER MIND.  It was made clear you were either Team Fran or Team Tess and nearly everyone turned on Tess and TRIED TO DESTROY HER RELATIONSHIP!

Unlike the Gretchen and Tamra situation, Fran was not angling for a marriage by Bravo. She just wanted a HUGE SHOCKING ANNOUNCEMENT to bring in the ratings. Poor Tess wants the whole bonanza with Bravo but Fran has firmly sabotaged that  Well Tess be the next Gretchen? Wait and see.

I have a third Blind Item to follow this. It also relates to THIS ONE. After this triad, these names will no longer be used for these housewives in future blinds. I’ll pick new ones.


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46 responses to “Blind Item: Engaged By Bravo

  1. lori

    Bethenny and Luann of course.

  2. 101

    Fran= Bethenny FRANkle
    Tess= CounTESS Luann
    Bubbles= Sonja with the liquor stuff

  3. Kim

    Using the link in this story, I’m going with:
    Kitty was Carole
    Fran = Luann
    Bubbles = Sonja
    Tess= Bethenny? (Thought was Luann in the linked story? Unless Fran was Bethenney? Damn it!)

    The Tess story threw me between linked story & this one I thought Luann name changed between stories..? (Would not be first time a blind item kept me guessing.) Eyes getting heavier. Can’t wait to read others’ responses tomorrow for a bit more clarity. Please, someone clear this up for me.

    • CoBe

      Oh, honey. Let me help you out here:

      Tess=Countess Luann
      Kitty=Pat-the-Puss Erika

      Thus, Bethenny is upset that Luann announced her engagement before Bethenny had the chance. It explains why suddenly Luann was meeting with everyone gushing about how she was getting married. It also explains the forced conversation last week.

      Bethenny wanted a romantic storyline that built up on camera but waited too long.

      Erika is (very rightly) upset that Bethenny is infringing on her “Zero Fucks” line.

      If she is helping Sonja, Bethenny may have a fight on her hands.

      • Minky

        Erika Girardi/Jayne? How did she get mixed up with the NY Wives? This is all so confusing!

      • CoBe

        She had a video about “How many fucks do I give –ZERO!!”. Bethenny started making T-shirts that say “Zero fucks” and selling them on her website.

        I am no expert, but I don’t think you can sue for a common saying like that.

        So Bethenny stole the phrase (even though it was a known phrase in general usage, Erika had brought it to the Real Housewives platform) the same way she stole her “Skinny Margarita” from that health food company that had invented it first. Can’t remember the name of the company offhand.

        Erika, with her powerful attorney husband, is probably the last woman in the world anyone would want to piss off.

        If these blinds are true, Sonja will have the best legal minds in the country at her disposal. At least it will even the playing field.

        Very interesting turn of events and puts a lot of the show into a much clearer perspective.

      • Sali

        I thought Bethenny used the Zero Fucks phrase last season? When I heard Erika used it In a song, I thought she had “stolen” it.

      • Minky

        @Sali Everybody on planet earth has been saying “zero fucks” or “no fucks given” for quite some time now. Like, years. Bethenny did not coin that phrase. Erika, however, did turn it into a catchy song that’s become quite popular, especially among young gay folks in the club scene.

      • Kay

        I said it on another blind item post and I’ll say it on this one. Chris Brown has a song called “Zero” about the fucks he gives, which is much more popular than anything Kitty has put out. Maybe he will sue because this whole thing is a bunch of ridiculousness.

      • jen

        I’ve said zero fucks for years…so confused how this is “new”?

      • Dee

        Cobe, thank you!!

      • Christi

        But Bethanny is adamant that she doesn’t want to get married again…..

      • Jim

        Chris, in the previous episode, Bethenny stated that she had reconsidered her previous statement and was thinking about marriage again.

  4. Jack

    Tess = CounTess
    Fran = Frankel, Bethenny

    Would love to see a Countess LuAnn wedding on Bravo; she seems to have a pretty solid fanbase!

    • Puddy

      Agree with you, Jack. Especially since Tess suffered a divorce on Bravo – she is arguably owed a restoration wedding on Bravo.

  5. Minky

    Okay, so Fran=Bethenny and Tess=Luanne? So who the fuck are Bubbles and Kitty? Does Bubbles=Sonja and Kitty=Ramona. Aargh!

  6. DejaBlue53

    Woohoo! I’ve been waiting for some pushback against the one man wrecking ball that is Fran. Great news and awesome tea!

  7. Dan

    I’m so confused… 😖 I don’t even know what to think.

  8. I’m glad Tess stole Fran’s thunder. And I’m not even crazy about Tess.

    With Fran’s attitude this season, I could give zero fucks about a married woman announcing her engagement to a married man.

    (I know they are just technically married, but her shitty attitude just makes me not care about that point).

  9. JentheAUBURNfan

    Only Fran could possibly pull off an engagement by bravo AND have all her friends celebrate as if divorces weren’t needed first .

  10. Jane

    I’m confused. How could Fran/ bethenny announce an engagement when she’s not divorced? The Fran behavior does sound like her and I recall reading that she was seen mauling some old dude in a NYC restaurant a while ago.

    • That’s what my first thought was Jane, how can she get engaged when she’s not divorced yet?

      • jennbug

        Well, she can get engaged, but not married. So that might be why she waited so long to announce the engagement and Tess came in and stole her thunder/storyline.

      • Matzah60

        Well, you can be engaged while being married, single, married and separated, or any other permutation, as long as you are not married to two people at the same time.

        Someone above said that Bethenny was adamant about not getting married, but that’s before she met her ex friend’s ex husband who has long been interested in hooking up with Bethenny. He is also loaded, not a freeloader, a financial equal to Fran/Bethenny and they are already looking for a place to purchase together in Tribeca (Frederick Eklund’s listing) as TT noted in another blog post.

      • Queenmarie

        Hey—was wondering about Frans dude being interested in her for a long time—-can you elaborate ?
        Wow I hope they buy Fredriks listing and we get to see it on the show! That place is amazing. I have to say I don’t really like Frans style of decorating—at least from what I saw on Berhenny Ever After —the place was pretty but boring as hell.

    • Jim

      Fran’s dude is not old looking at all. He actually looks like he might be younger or at least a youthful looking peer. I think you may be referring to an old (literally and figuratively) man she dated about a year ago.

      • Jim

        Ok, after a bit of research, I’ll admit that I’m a bit behind on Bethenny’s dating schedule. Her current man, Dennis Shields, is older but certainly not fat. I find bald men very attractive and he’s as hot as Luann’s man which is a compliment.. I’d do them both if they swung that way, lol.

  11. Puddy

    I hope Tess wins. Fran is the type of person who would (metaphorically speaking) murder her own parents and then throw herself on the mercy of the court and claim to be an orphan. And Andy would back her. If another housewife (after Fran seems to have gotten Jill and Kelly and Heather and her friend kicked off HWNYC) is sacrificed to appease the Harpy (Fran) – this will all become too disgusting for words. Tess was there from the beginning, lost her husband on HWNYC, and had done a good job and been loyal to the show. Why don’t Andy and Fran get married, since they seem to be so in bed together in every other way? Oh??? And invite Patti Ass-Schule in for a threesome?

    • Minky

      Isn’t she basically doing a version of the “orphan” thing already? Since day one she taken advantage of every opportunity she’s had to talk trash about her own parents, especially the mother, going on and on about how horrible and abusive the mother was, using it as an idiotic excuse for her own current-day “issues” at every turn, saying that whatever is wrong with her is because she was poorly raised by a woman who would have aborted her if she’d had the chance.

      The mother, on the other hand, has remained silent throughout the whole thing. We have yet to hear the her version of any story, that I know of. I’m not saying the mother is a saint, but talking trash about your own kin, no matter what they’ve done, is usually considered bad form.

      Re: Divorces by Bravo. Bravo should totally pay alimony to all of the divorced Wives. It would be the least they could do. Hahahahaha!

      • Puddy

        Minky – you are so correct! She has been doing the orphan thing already – and over and over again, as you have pointed out! My subconscious must have written my post! And I agree with you – we all have parent issues, some more than most – but we do not “brand” (pun intended) our parents ad nauseum on national television. That IS very bad form. I also agree with you that Bravo (given all the divorce stats that seem to point to causation and not just correlation) should pay all these women alimony. -;) Brilliant idea!

      • Greenwood

        Minky, over the years I’ve seen a number of video interviews and tabloid stories that Bethenny’s mother has sold, and they were very disturbing. The mother looks like an older version of Bethenny, and always seems very angry, bitter, hyper and fidgety. She trashes Bethenny ruthlessly. She’s like an angry Bethenny, on steroids. A horrible woman, I couldn’t be in the same room with her for very long. She makes me see where Bethenny’s demons have come from. From the videos I’ve seen, I totally believe what Bethenny says about her being a mentally ill alcoholic. I wish we all had nice mothers. Many of us do not, and it is difficult to overcome being raised by a maniac mother, believe me.

      • Matzah60

        Minky, you also have great comments….clever, witty, and funny as hell. I too am sick of Frankel’s orphan story and in past years, she spent every session with her shrink discussing about what a beast her mother was to her, over and over and over again. Now she can add Jason Hoppy to her shit list, along with Zarin, Benisimon, Heather, Luann, and so on.

      • Minky

        Look, Bethenny’s mother could be Cruella DeVille for all I know. My point is that Bethenny is doing herself no favors by using her upbringing as an excuse for anything. Apollo’s mother was allegedly seriously on drugs. Does that give him a free pass?

        If Bethenny’s mother is as bad as ALL that, then maybe it’s true what they say. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

        But I’m choosing NOT to judge Bethenny based on her relatives. I’m judging Bethenny based on Bethenny. She needs to shut up and take a chill pill instead of the Aderall. And lay off the anorexic margaritas, if she is in fact the product of an alcoholic and eating-disordered upbringing.

    • Matzah60

      Lol…love your comments Puddy! So well said and gave me a good hearty laugh and smile on my face! Thanks!

  12. Diane

    Bubbles =Sonya

  13. no wonder Fran has tried to discredit Tess’s relationship every chance she has gotten. She has painted her to be a slut then basically said the relationship is not even real then had another cast member say that Tess’s boyfriend is still in love with his ex and gave his ex a bracelet for Christmas while then CORRECTING that statement in her own blog to make sure everyone knew it was TWO bracelets. Fran even had to make a jab at Tess’s white outfit when they met for drinks she is so jealous that Tess got beat her to the punch and got to announce her engagement first and why is that…


    if Fran did not drag her own divorce out to try to make sure Jason gets nothing she could move on and maybe have beaten Tess to the announcement but this is what happens when you are determined to give a thousand fucks to everyone all the time – you sometimes get fucked.

  14. Rescue Mom

    Tess is Luann Fran is Bethenny
    Bubbles was Sonja and Kitty was Erica

  15. JoJoFLL

    Holy shitballs! Bethanny is engaged?

  16. Wow, Tamara. I’m impressed. It all makes sense now. You’ve got some great sources! Other than for sheer drama, I couldn’t figure out what Bethenny’s detective angle was–unless she’s branching out into a Skinny Girl Detective Agency (a text at 2 am? Really?). Plus, the dating Tom timeline was a complete mess for Ramona & Sonja. For a moment there, Bravo had all three (Ramona, Sonja & Tess) sharing a bed with Tom on quite a few nights. Thanks for clearing up the chaos.

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