WWHL With Nene Leakes and Vivica Fox

Before we even begin I am confident of two things.  1) Nene is pissed that Vivica is on the show. (2) There will be Kenya Moore bashing.  Now I finally have a moment to check out Nene’s new face!

Andy starts right in at the introduction bringing up the time Sheree told Nene to “Fix that Face” ! Let the shade begin. I have a terrible memory, so I am probably wrong but wasn’t it Nene who said that to Sheree and Sheree told Nene to “Fix that Body!” ! That would make more sense anyway.

I blame my poor facial recognition skills for not seeing much difference in Nene’s face. I will say I am thrilled with her hair. I really need for hair to be symmetrical unless you are under 25 and club hopping or a lesbian. Otherwise, none of this ones side short and the other side long nonsense. At the very least you need hair on both sides of your head.

Nene says she talked to Cynthia this morning. They are back thick as thieves.http://tamaratattles.com/2015/04/26/real-housewives-of-atlanta-reunion-part-one-recap-nene-is-a-victim-act-one/# Peter came to Nene’s “comedy show” in Charlotte, Nene says that she is still friends with Peter and texted him just yesterday and he is doing good.  Cynthia an Peter are the only ones who made it to Charlotte for her show.

Gif by RealityTVGifs T.Kyle

Gif by RealityTVGifs T.Kyle

That’s interesting if my BFF was in a divorce situation, I would not be texting with her husband. In fact even if things were great, I would not be texting with her husband.  Would you?

THIS IS FANTASTIC NEWS! Porsha is trash talking Nene on Dish Nation. I take that to mean Porsha is pissed with her limited contract details because Nene’s contract is technically also limited but she will probably get full pay and hold a peach with much fewer filming demands.

Nene says she was not surprised to hear about Kenya and Matt breaking up because she didn’t think Matt was her type.

PAUSE: What the fuck has Nene done to her lips? I just got up and walked over for an upclose look on the TV. They are LISA RINNA kinds of overfilled. the bottom lip is a straight line the top lip is bowshaped, there are weird wrinkles on both lips and they now completely cover her top chompers. I have a natural smile that is close lipped. that is because my lip are way past my teeth on the top and bottom. Now her’s are like that too, and fat like two flapping Vienna sausages.

She hasn’t seen Kandi’s baby yet, but she has sent her a nice gift. Nene says Phaedra and Kandi are not friends.

RHOA Nene Green Screen January 2016

Nene cops to getting a nose job again for medical reasons. I believe her. She says the cartilage was growing inside her nose and the tip of her nose was touching the top of her lip when she smile.  She only cops to one other nose job saying she didn’t have a full rhinoplasty the first time and only had her nostrils taken in. I oddly believe all of this. I also feel better about not seeing much difference because Andy could not tell the difference anyway.  She says it is still very swollen because she is only on day 13.  I want to know what causes this cartilage overgrowth because I have been seeing it on her for a long time. I keep saying that is not normal.

A caller asks Vivica to say three nice things about Kenya and says Nene can help. Nene rattles off all sorts of nice things BECAUSE “SHE WORKS WITH KENYA!”  That right there is confirmation that she has likely gotten the contracted she wanted.  And Vivica says that Kenya has finally finished her house. That to me sounds like Vivica is glued to Kenya’s social media. And for the record, Kenya basically rebuilt the entire house in was is record time around here.

Nene is speaking in a normal fashion and carrying herself very well. She has not thrown any shade at all except toward Porsha who no one wants to work with. And Phaedra who no one wants to film with either. Filming tea, Phaedra has been filming at her house on at least two different days since RHOA filming began.  Looks like more scenes where she pretends that she does things with the boys all the time.

Nene and Vivica get the robes! Vivica can thank Nene for that. I read a LOT into the robe giving. That means Andy is good to go with Nene for the season and both sides are happy with the terms of her contract.  Andy makes sure to tell us that it is a really nice robe.

That was one of the best WWHL shows ever. Plenty of tea if you know the back drama, all very civilized!


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36 responses to “WWHL With Nene Leakes and Vivica Fox

  1. Tuffy

    I agree! It was nice to see Nene behaving in a civilized manner. I love your posts and look forward to reading them numerous times each day!

    • Dee

      When I saw Nene she reminded me of Tamar Braxton. Thank you Tamara. I hope you’re feeling ok. Warm salt water helps heal as does Vitamin C.

      • d

        Dee, I thought the same thing about Nene’s new look reminding me of Tamar Braxton.

        A few days before Nene was on WWHL, Nene was on Kelly Ripa’s show. I DVR Kelly’s show every day, but don’t always watch it. When I saw Nene was a guest, I decided to watch. I immediately thought Nene looked really “different.” I do give Nene credit for being upfront about having another nose job. Kim Zolciak never admits to all of the “work” she has had done.

  2. The drinking game word(s) should have been “Nene’s New Face!” Lmao!

    TT, I swear on everything I love that the minute WWHL came on last night, I took one look at Nene and jumped on my keyboard to tell you about her Jose Nob. I saw it instantly and emailed you, then halfway through the show she copped to it! I almost fell over when she admitted it ! But, I knew immediately. You are right about about her flapjack lips. I couldn’t figure out what else was different until you pointed it out. I went back and re-watched and noticed the wrinkles and the over-lip. I am shocked she was so honest about it. Kim Biermann is STILL denying her 35th nose job. I think Nene is starting to look plastic and frozen. Just my opinion !!

    • d

      Oh, sorry LisaPat. I hadn’t read all the comments before posting, and I now see that I posted something about Kim Zolciak (Biermann) you had already commented on. Sorry about that.

  3. Puddy

    I thought that Nene looked elegant in her purple dress and seemed calm and happy. Imo – if people want plastic surgery – they should fix whatever they want – no explanations necessary. That said – I did see a difference in her nose – much shorter and retrousse, and her lips do have a bow on top. There was an online photo of Nene with a before and after-shot, and with wavy, long blonde hair in the after-shot, set on one side – looking very much like someone else who also has a new turned-up nose (KZ). Just saying. I think Nene looks cute, and much cuter as – herself, with her short gamine haircut and her own identity.

  4. lori

    I couldn’t wait for you to recap this. Right from the beginning I said “what is up with nene’s face?!?”. I had no idea about the nose job, and I couldn’t put my finger on what exactly was happening. It was so weird how when she talks, her bottom teeth totally show and no top teeth at all. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone talk like that. Like just her bottom jaw moved? It was just so so strange. It reminded me of an old ventriloquist dummy we had growing up. Then when they said she had her nose done I totally saw it. I also had a “to tell the truth” still on my dvr so I had to switch to that really quick to see the “before” version. I prefer the old nose/face. I don’t know if the nose job affected her talking like that? Maybe due to swelling? I don’t know, but I also think her new nose is too small for her face. As far as her cartilage growing, I’ve heard that noses continue to grow throughout your life. I look at old pictures, and my nose in my early 20’s was so different than my nose now. It was so cute back then! Lol Maybe hers grows more than the average person or something. I think she actually may be much more bearable lately. Never thought I’d say that. I’m happy for her accomplishments as of late (definitely never thought I’d say that!) Gotta give props where props are due.

    • Dee

      Nene mentioned she was still swollen, so maybe that’s why her mouth looked funny. VIVICA mentioned Kenya having large closets in her new home. Are they friends?

    • SaraSally

      Handing them those robes chapped my hide. Dont know why …nust did. Why didnt he hand her a tagline mug just like every other HW? When Nene was talking, all I could focus on was that lip being flipped out and squared off with her bottom gums & veneers in full frontal. It got worse when Andy dimwittingly
      started mimicking her. WTH? You were right all along that her nose was growing back. I initially found it humorous, but started tripping over time that like a puppy, it would grow overnight. Nene right side nostril did look a tad collapsed. This is the first time she wore decent base makeup in the clubhouse. Go figure.

  5. John

    Amazing how she escapes accountability. She can have all the surgery she wants….she’s still an insufferable, loud-mouthed big ol heifer that hopefully will go away. I know a coon is still needed, but…..must she volunteer every time?

    • tamaratattles

      How the hell is she “escaping accountability”??? She said, “Yes, I has a nose job, AND????”

      And fuck you for making me defend Nene! :)

    • T D

      When an ugly, uneducated statement is required we can count.on d’heads like.you. Too bad your peen is too small for you too bend it backwards and fuck yourself In Macy’s window. Have a nice day!

  6. Toni Lee Gildea

    Pinocchio’s nose would grow when he lied…. :-)

    • Minky

      Is there a chance that Nene has overindulged in the consumption of nose candy in the past? Doesn’t that cause structural problems inside the nose, like a deviated septum and such? So getting it fixed would technically be a legitimate medical reason.

      And TT’s right. Nene’s starting to look a lot like Tamar. Like the lady muppet with the big eyelashes, big mouth and no nose with that blond mop wig. Do you all remember that muppet?

      Other than that I’m glad Nene isn’t acting ratchet. She’s maybe turned over a new leaf and trying to act like a lady. Maybe to set herself apart from people like Porsha. Good for her!

      • Miele

        Yes! The muppet Janice from the band!! Thank you for pointing it out because I was having a hard time coming up with whom Nene now resembles (besides Tamar).

  7. T D

    Hope the repair man that fixed Nene’s face warranties his work ’cause it still looks broken.

  8. Ms.Minnie

    The episode was cool, I like this Nene much better. And like I said before Phaedra scene’s with her boy’s are cute but that’s all she has besides her friendship with porsha. For some reason bravo won’t let them go and bring in new women and it’s gonna be another boring season. Nene and Kenya should leave an focus on there acting and brands, I know Cynthia and kandi will be fine but whatever to the other women.

  9. Bridgett

    It has been a long time since Andy has bestowed the honor of the robe on someone.

  10. Bryn

    Oh my gosh. At first I thought the interview was with the chick who just got fired from the younger version of the View. I honest didn’t recgnoize Nene at all. I can’t believe you and Andy didn’t seem to notice a big difference. It’s all I could focus on because I couldn’t believe she would change her image so dramatically.

    • misery chick

      Bryn, I FREAKED when I saw Nene’s face, and the more I looked the more I freaked. Couldn’t watch it after ten minutes! I don’t know if she had those hideous cheek implants before, but her new nose and her new lips made her cheeks seem to stand out away from her face.

      I don’t want to put Nene down, and I apologize for using the word hideous…she may look better to some, but to me she doesn’t look like Nene. AT ALL 😱

  11. Rose

    I saw her on another show and she wasn’t so nice. She now looks and acts like Tamar Braxton….uncool.

  12. Bee

    I’ll hold my opinion until the swelling has gone down, but it sure looks like she’s had other stuff done besides the nose. Chin looked different and her eyes looked lifted in outer corners. Yes, she can do whatever she wants, but sometimes less is more… Kim Biermann.

    • Minky

      Yeah, sometimes people go off the deep end with plastic surgery. I understand wanting to look like a better version of yourself, but too much is too much. Kim B’s face scares me now. She used to have a nice face too.

  13. Minky

    Re: Texting Peter. You’re right Tamara. No way in hell it’s okay to text, phone, email or otherwise communicate with the spouse or significant other of your friend unless there’s a serious reason, like an illness or planning a surprise party. That’s making me side-eye Nene a little.

    It just dawned on me. Nene’s still swollen post surgery face looks a little bit like Lon Chaney in “Phanton of the Opera”. It’ll probably look a lot better when her tissues settle.

    Speaking of swollen faces, Vivica needs to lay off the fillers too. She looks like she’s been in a fight.

  14. Nene is getting close to Lil’ Kim’s level of cosmetic surgery.

    • I was about to make that same comment UF!! Step away from the surgeon now. You are done, this is as good as it gets. Any further cosmetic surgery is getting into the danger zone and a place of no return. Lil’ Kim has gone to the level of Jocelyn Wildenstein and Nene’s is tapping them on the shoulder. I do think the surgeon has done a good job and this is a cute nose. She does resemble Tamar Braxton at times. But she should be satisfied now, she’s successfully left her original face behind, the one she always hated and wanted to change. She should be happy now. She looked happy with herself. lol

  15. TD

    Sorry but cartilage doesn’t grow. Why can’t people just say that they didn’t like their old noses ?

    I’m just glad that this wasn’t another Kenya bashing fest.

    • I really want to know who is right about this. Does cartilage grow or not? I found different answers to that question on my own. My nose looks totally different now compared to when I was 21, if I look at photos side by side. My nose is not as perky and it’s bigger. There was an actual discussion about this on my private facebook.

  16. izmeagain

    Tamar called and wants her (plastic) face back!

    • Dee

      Sooo funny. I think Nene looks cute but she no longer looks like NeNe. Hasn’t she heard about the Jennifer Gray story? Chop too much off, no one knows you anymore.

  17. chickenparm

    I had to turn away from the screen. I was too distracted by the constant clicking sound Nene kept making w her mouth as she spilled tea or whatever it is that she does.

  18. newjerzeyboy

    Is it me or does Nene now look like she could be Tamar Braxton’s mother. They must have used the same plastic surgeon.

  19. Cat

    I like Nene’s short blonde hair. It’s very “Yolanda-ish”.

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