RHOOC Season 11 Preview & A RHOOC Production Party

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY -- "The Real Housewives of Orange County" Season 11 Premiere Party in Los Angeles on June 16, 2016 -- Pictured: Vicki Gunvalson -- (Photo by: Joe Scarnici/Bravo)

(Photo by: Joe Scarnici/Bravo)

Last night was a big celebration of ten years of the Real Housewives of Orange County and the media photos released today are very interesting.  The event took place as popular club, Boulevard3 in LA and fourteen housewives were in attendance : Vicki Gunvalson, Heather Dubrow, Shannon Beador, Meghan King Edmonds and newest housewife Kelly Dodd; along with housewives from past seasons:  Jeana Keough, Lauri Peterson, Jo De La Rosa, Tammy Knickerbocker, Lynne Curtin, Alexis Bellino, Peggy Tanous, Lydia McLaughlin and Lizzie Rovsek. Glaringingly absent? Gretchen Rossi. This seems interesting to me because she would walk ten miles across glass to be there. But if she was, she was not acknowledged in the press for the event and no photos of her at the press site.

Vicki Gulvason, it seems, wants you to know that you can’t have her Orange unless you pry it out of her cold, dead hands. The only other photo posted with an orange was one of Vicki, Jeanna Keough, Lauri Peterson and  JoDe La Rosa, as a tribute to RHOOC season one.  Vicki was by far the most photographed and has several photos with  producers.

I barely remember Lynne Curtain, and that was mosty because of her daughters, and I am not sure I even watched Peggy Tanous and Tammy Knickerbocker’s season(s?), they are an interesting trio of women aging without a lot of physician interaction and dressing without stylists. Lauri Peterson was still wearing her wedding band. #OldSchoolRHOOC

Lizzie Rovsek, whom I love, seems to have over done her face, I barely recognize her. It could be that she has lost too much weight. Lydia McLaughlin, Alexis Bellino, and Jo De la Rosa all looked amazing.

I forgot to mention Tamra and Eddie were not there because they were off somewhere celebrating their 3rd anniversary. Oh and she hates Vicki again. That didn’t last long.

RHOOC Premiere Party
All of the current RHOOC cast was spackled and Spanxed and looked great. There was an odd sequence of photos that began with Kelly, Vicki, Meghan and Shannon, followed by on with the same group with a stern-faced Heather next to Shannon, followed by one with all of them smiling. It was as if Heather didn’t want to do it, or perhaps was late to the step and repeat because of something that irked her just before being photographed.

Speaking of Heather, it appears the first episode is hosted by Heather and Terry. Since they cannot film in their neighborhood, at least not the old one, anymore, the party is hosted on a large yacht. It is a very fancy sit down dinner on a boat.  Vicki arrives with Jeana Keough who also looked great at the party.  I’m sure she needed a tried and true friend to be her wing man for the first filming.

It seems clear why Vicki and Kelly glommed on to each other for season 11. From the looks of the stills I have seen, it seems like Kelly has a bit of a rocky entry. I think Heather, Tamra and Shannon are in charge of beating her in. While Meghan is firmly in that alliance, I think Kelly was brought on as “Meghan’s friend.” Things look very explosive in the opening episode entitled, When The Ship Hits The Fan.

It seems as though there may be a bit of a disagreement here and there with Vicki on the first episode Shannon is resolute in her Vicki hatred and Meghan will back her up.  Heather and Tamra know better.

Heather has a one on one sit down scene with Vicki on the boat, an I imagine she smooths the waters for herself right away. Tamra, Heather and Vicki are seen chatting and smiling in what I presume is a later still from the scene.

RHOOC   Season 11 premieres this Monday at 9pm


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25 responses to “RHOOC Season 11 Preview & A RHOOC Production Party

  1. JoJoFLL

    Did I miss something? Did Lauri and George split?

    • tamaratattles

      No, not implying that. I don’t keep up with them, I just hadn’t seen her in a long time. I didn’t expect her to still be married. Now that you mention it, I should probably clarify, thanks.

      • Matzah60

        Bravo/Andy just aired a behind the scenes look at RHOC last week. The producers were part of the special. Laurie is still married and she has adopted her grandchild. Apparently, her oldest son has a bad drug problem, so she and George adopted the child. The cast, including Lydia of one year, Heather, Tamara, and Vicki eviscerated Gretchen and the producers said the last straw was that the whole proposal thing was BS. While Gretchen claimed she didn’t invite the other girls because of producers, producers claimed otherwise and apparently that was the end of Gretchen. Gretchen did a lot of crying on the show about how all the girls didn’t like her and got rid of her.

  2. marc

    Yahoo! I am in !

  3. bluesuedeshoe

    Wow, agree with you Tamara. Lizzie looks way thin. Hope her health is good. Also might appear to have that pre-divorce thiness.

  4. So glad that it appears Gretchen not there! Thanks for the report TT.

  5. SaraSally

    I think Lizzy looks like she could be the daughter of Sophia Loren. Just a natural beauty.

    • MARC

      Sophia Loren is gorgeous & Lizzie does resemble her in so many ways , hoping she is a full time housewife & not being relegated to FOH this season.

    • Minky

      Totally. She looks like a mixture of Italian and Middle Eastern. Very exotic.

  6. SB

    Just saw the pics from the party. I could hardly recognize Meghan-maybe it was the hair?

  7. I am actually looking forward to watching. There must be something wrong with me….lyme!!!

  8. DejaBlue53

    Wow. The scar on Vicki’s neck under her jaw! Yikes. This nose is much better than her real one.

    • Swizzle

      I think like Brianna, Vicki has had thyroid issues and that scar is from a thyroid surgery not plastic surgery.

  9. JentheAUBURNfan

    TT, remember your first blog about the dune buggy accident and I said I see “tamra tried to kill me” being the focus of the season for Vicki? I don’t know when the accident happened and will air as part of the season but I wonder if they made up for a short time after it? I am sort of hoping everyone bonds and makes up after the accident until someone brings up brooks (who we will still probably hear about every episode and how ever many nights the reunion airs) and Vicki yells “you can’t talk about that when you tried to kill me and I soared through clouds like elegant majestic eagle that costed me $60,000.00 dollars!”

  10. Where are the photos? Is there a link I’m suppose to click on?

  11. cynthiaispurty

    I think Gretchen was pissed about the “Uncensored ” episode where they said she had a fake season 8 storyline. She went of about iton Instagram. She may be temporarily through with Bravo

  12. pfffttt

    I thought the season 8 uncensored episode put Gretchen in a bad light. Maybe Gretchen did a lot of things simply for the show, but 99% of the Housewives do. Seemed like production really went out of their way to cast her in a bad light.

    I loved Lydia, what a breath of fresh air. I’d love to see her back.

    I can’t stand Heather. She gives off pre-slutty LuAnne vibes. So annoying. I don’t know how anyone can find her even remotely entertaining. She is a bore. (BTW I love slutty Lu… so not trying to diss her).

  13. RHofND

    I’m not a fan of Gretchen but she apparently was telling the truth about one thing, her proposal and who was invited. I agree with the ladies that the proposal was just for the show but Gretchen claimed she invited the ladies and the producers nixed it and the producers said that it was Gretchen who didn’t want the other ladies there. After the Uncensored special aired, Gretchen took to Twitter and claimed she had the emails to prove she had invited the ladies and the producers were lying and demanded they take that clip out of future airings. I recorded the repeat of the Uncensored episode and sure enough that clip was taken out. So Gretchen was telling the truth about inviting the other ladies. However I don’t think anyone is convinced the proposal itself was anything other than a staged event in a desperate attempt to stay on the show.

    • ThatOtherChick

      That’s very interesting!

      But my question is why wouldn’t the producers want the other women there? Was it because they thought it would stir up drama?

  14. alex1986

    Just by process of elimination I assume Tammy Knickernocker is the dark haired one in the middle wearing the white dress and pink heels? Although it looks nothing like her to me.

  15. alex1986

    Never mind! I just realized that woman in the pic is the new housewife.

  16. jen

    Wow so many messed with thier faces so much I barely recognized them.

  17. Amanda

    Who is the one directly in the middle? Between Lynn and Lori…

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