Blind Item: Birds of A Feather

Kat with bubbles


This is an interesting alliance attempting to form.  Recently, one housewife, lets call her Kitty, reached out to another housewife, let’s call her Bubbles,. to offer support and advice.  It’s clear that Kitty can’t stand a third housewife, let’s call her Fran.  Kitty has had very little interaction at all with either Bubbles or Fran but her brief encounters with Fran were unpleasant.

older man younger woman

Kitty thinks she could be a very good ally to Bubbles. She knows a lot of people in the legal field. Kitty is getting into Bubbles ear about a possible legal action against Fran. Kitty herself is not legally savvy and is dead wrong about the legal situation. Fran has nothing to be concerned about. Kitty should read her Bravo contract.

If Kitty really wants to be a good friend to Bubbles, she should help her find a much older man with a nice fat….




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52 responses to “Blind Item: Birds of A Feather

  1. Hmmm….

    Kitty – Jules?
    Bubbles – Sonja (prosecco)
    Fran – Bethenny?

    IDK. Maybe Jules has too much on her plate (ha!) right now to butt in to the Sonja/Bethenny situation, but maybe she is perhaps thinking of a storyline for herself for a second season, since she’s going to be a single woman in need of a paycheck.

    Thinking of other scenarios/Housewives though…

  2. RHofND

    Bubbles may be Gretchen??

    • Isn’t Fran the zero fucks one? Where does Erica Girardi come in? She only met Fran once (unpleasant, yes but no biggie). Maybe she feels sorry for Sonja? Erica’s hubby can give Sonja free legal advice. Not sure she needs it, though.

  3. MARC

    Phadrea / Porsha & Nene ? Contract dispute ?

  4. RHofND

    Gretchen?? She said Heather lied about being not asked to her (fake) proposal to Slade.

  5. Starbie

    Kitty= Carol (because of the kitty storyline in the last episode)
    Bubbles=Sonja (because of ‘her’ Prosecco)
    Fran= LuAnn (because Fran rhymes with Luann)

    • misery chick

      Yup, think ya nailed it 👍

    • PopcornAndVodka

      But why would Carole help Sonja against Bethenny? I thought Fran might be B. FRANkel. But I’m not positive about Kitty. Luann is my only guess except she didn’t spend “very little time with” Sonja. Perhaps Kitty is Dorinda or Jules…

  6. T D

    Rub a dub dub, three fools in a tub.
    And who do you think they be?
    A butcher, a baker, a pipe dream maker,
    Turnthem out, knaves all three.

  7. bria

    TT, I always love reading your blind item but this brain cells can function well on a Friday night. My big quess would be Nene, Cynthia & Kenya .

  8. Puddy

    Kitty>>> Bethenny?
    Bubbles >>> Jules?
    Fran>>> Sonia?

  9. MJS

    Probably wrong, but:

    Kitty = Erika (“pat the puss”, knows people in the legal field, can’t stand Bethenny)
    Bubbles = Sonja (Prosecco~bubbles)
    Fran = Bethenny

    • JD

      This is an excellent guess. No matter, I just think it’s always interesting when people play the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” card.

      Erika did tweet Sonja support on WWHL.

      • Sheba

        Yes and end of blind days of she wants to help her she should find her an older man with a big wallet! Sounds like both Sonja and Erica only Sonja needs help finding a new one!!

      • Dino

        You are right!

      • Matzah60

        Yes, I noticed that too; the tweet from Erika to Sonja. I was surprised and Erika seemed to be complimentary. I do believe MJS made a very educated guess!!
        Initially, I partnered Carole to Kitty because of her recent fostering of two cats, but the connection to the legal field didn’t match Carole.

        Love your blind items, TT, but I never get them right. I still enjoying trying to figure them out and love to read all the comments and who others guess and their reasoning behind their guesses.

        Thanks for another great blind!

    • Dee

      MJS, sounds good!

    • Jill Silveira

      This is the best guess and it works–Kitty (Erika) and Fran (Bethenny) did have a negative, albeit brief, experience with each other. Both women have put out a T shirt which reads, “Zero Fucks.” Knowing Beth, she thinks she invented the phrase and is probably threatening legal action.
      I could see Sonja (Bubbles) joining forces with Erika. I

  10. “New alliance being formed” makes me think that its a show that is about to film or just started filming. So, that gives me Beverly Hills and Atlanta.

    No one on Beverly Hills needs a husband unless Brandi is coming back. (Please, god, no!)

    So, that leaves Atlanta, and I can’t guess because I barely watch that one.

  11. Drankge

    Not too good at solving riddles I am, but here’s what I hope this might refer to: Kitty = LVP, Bubbles = Erika Jayne (legal field) and Fran = Yolanda Hadid. Could birds of a feather apply to Lisa’s aggressive S.M. swans Hanky and Spanky?

  12. tamaratattles

    Y’all are going to need a hint it seems. Maybe tomorrow night.

  13. TinaLaflambe

    Me thinks it’s RHONJ. Thick as thieves..Don Carolina’s fambly.
    Kitty-Don Carolina’s estranged sister with Mr Wrinkles the odd kitty.
    Fran?? No idea..

  14. Fizz

    Vicki, Tamara and the new OC housewife?

  15. Carl

    Hhmmmm–Heather on RHOC loves “champs”; Bubbles?

  16. Carl

    Kitty: Carole (ki-en story–it’s “KITTEN” CAROLE!)
    Bubbles: Sonja (Prosecco)
    Fran: LuAnn
    I’m stumped!

  17. Ara

    Kitty – Bethenny (thinks she knows the legal system)
    Bubbles – Carole (should be with an older guy…)
    Fran – LuAnn.

    Alternatively – Bubbles could be Sonja who needs that older, rich guy.
    Fran – Bethenny
    Kitty – Dorinda/Jules?

  18. Is Birds Of A Feather a clue?

    I don’t even know why I’m asking cuz I never get Blind Items, lol.

    • PopcornAndVodka

      What about the gif “I need somebody older and wiser telling me what to do” ? I’m pretty convinced now that Fran = Bethenny and Bubbles is Sonja. Would Kitty be a young one? Like Erika or Jules? I can’t imagine why Erika would bother and her hubby would advise against that. GAHHH.

      • Minky






        Other than that, I’m stumped

  19. Tina

    Kitty is Sonja, Fran is Bethanny and I think Bubbles is Dorinda but I am not that sure. Sonja just released emails about suing Bethanny…

  20. Carl

    Ok, I’m obsessed now. I know Fran is Bethenny & Bubbles is Sonja. Kitty must be Erika Girardi!🙏🏻

  21. Sheba

    Erica is advising Sonja to go against Bethany! Am I right? Sonja will be lucky to have a job next year after she posted (claimed was hacked) a copy of an email to Gloria Allrad about suing Bravo and Bethanny. A friend of gets sent it and c.c Sonja ‘s email address. The guy claimed he sent it but it wasn’t exactly what was stated but we know it was due to Blind item and a few others speaking out on Twitter about knowing.

  22. Sheba

    I was thinking Carole was kitty or Dorinda as never know what side she’s on when drinking but above someone mentioned parting the puss, so I think Kitty is Erica. Luann announced her engagement. Is Carole possibly going to announce one? I’m prob all wrong n prob a diff show. Help us Tamara! Haha

  23. Sali

    Excellent black nods, TT!

  24. After reading the next two blinds that were posted, I now get the birds of a feather hint.

    I always said that Erika reminded me of a younger version of Sonja.

  25. Amy V

    Erica + pat the puss=Kitty

  26. nancy83

    Kitty= Erica
    Fran= Bethany
    Bubbles= Sonja

  27. RescueMom

    I finally figured it out! (I did a little Twitter snooping) I knew Bubbles was Sonja and Fran was Bethenny but Kitty was stumping me! None of the NY housewives both hate Bethenny and have spent very little time with either Bethenny or Sonja. Then I read a tweet from Sonja Thanking “Ms Pat the puss” Duh it should have been obvious!

    Kitty = Erica Jayne
    Bubbles = Sonja
    Fran = Bethenny

  28. Emily

    Kitty= Erika Jayne from BH
    Bubbles= Sonja from NY
    Fran= Bethenny from NY

    Erika is trying to form an alliance with Sonja because both of them have issues with Bethenny. Re-read it. Erika makes perfect sense. It says kitty is well connected in the legal field, her husband. It also jokes about finding an older man with a fat…. Wallet. Kitty is def Erika Jayne. It all makes perfect sense when re read with these housewives as the characters. Plus Erika has only had a few encounters with Bethenny or Sonja since they are from different coasts.

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