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WWHL Sonja Morgan
I thought about skipping this recap but I spent the morning getting a tooth I managed to shatter over the weekend extracted. So now I have something in common with Sonja. Though I will be getting a permanent implant not a fake canine tooth from Banjo’s veterinarian. I do have a sudden urge to go to Wal*Mart in my PJs and bedroom slippers though. Anyway, let’s see if I missed anything last night.

Andy asks Sonja about her relationship with Tom and reminds her that Luann said it was a one night stand. Sonja takes office and says, “With Sonja Morgan, it’s never just once!”  Which sounds weird to me. I guess that is a good thing?  But wouldn’t a normal person say something like, ” Tom and I dated on a few occasions.”  Of something less vagina focused? Sonja says they have known each other for ten years and they hook up frequently. He’s single, she’s single, he’s about to turn 50 has never been married or had any kids. She implies that they are good friends. So it is interesting that he never mentioned Luann.

I didn’t see Michael sending selfies and texting on the show last night because I was typing. That is kind of sad because this is a real divorce situation. Sonja says she was surprised by the news. I don’t think Sonja really filmed with Jules that much.

RHONY Bethenny Sonja
Jerry wants to know if Tom has tried out Sonja’s new vagina so that a comparison could be made regarding the procedure. She says she was with him just before Thanksgiving. This tidbit of information may be important later. Sonja says “Now that I’m not with Tom I need to take it for a spin.

I also missed hearing Ramona say “I’m going to be a girl’s girl.” just before she tore out Ramona’s heart and stomped on it with the news about his ex and the gold bracelet. Luann is really good at keeping her cool, but you could tell those blows landed hard.  Jerry is adamant that Luann should be upset about the bracelet thing. Why is everyone so upset about the bracelet and skimming over how he calls her everyday expressing her undying love?

Jerry gives his top three moments on RHONY so far. Number three is Luann hula hooping at Bethenny’s Fall Party. Number Two was the Rey and Ramona incident with John at his dry cleaning party. Number one is when Dorinda went off on everyone talking about how she made it nice for them. Jerry does a meanish reenactment of Dorinda and Andy thinks it’s hysterical. Bethenny tweeted that it was the best WWHL ever. And Dorinda tweeted some nice to make it seem like she was okay with it.

Dorinda also tweeted that she stands by her decision about not inviting Sonja to the Berkshires. Ramona says, ” Stop lying! FAKE!  I’ve been doing it a longer than you, YOU LIAR!”  Andy has said that Sonja does not drink in the clubhouse ever but she seems a bit… loud. And Jerry was kind of skeevy and kissing her shoulder when he was pretending to be creepy Rey. This whole episode has somewhat of an ick factor.

RHONY Bethenny hush Sonja
Andy asks Sonja if after she watched she was glad she was not there. She said “No Andy, that is where I was supposed to be. You know, it is a JOB.” Andy gave her the Sweetie routine.  “Sweetie, if they don’t want you there…”  Clearly, Andy is firmly team Bethenny. He knows full well why Sonja was not there. He saw Bethenny dismiss her from her life at the SkinnyGirl Headquarters.  Sonja says she needed to be at the Berkshires so she could talk to Bethenny. Jerry says she should have done like Jill Zarin and just arrived uninvited on a private plane at her own expense. Sonja says she wanted to do that. Apparently, she was not allowed.

Andy says they are all doing water shots on the shotski in honor of Sonja’s sobriety. Sonja is confused. It’s just Andy being a dick. He knows she is still drinking.

Luann tweets, ” Sonja, it was before you stopped drinking. And Tom says it was a one night stand.”  Sonja says that is what men say.  She says she loves them both and wants them to be happy what does she have to gain by lying?  I don’t think she wants them to be happy at all.

Andy has pink eye.  That’s highly contagious. Way to go, Andrew.

Sonja says she has given up younger men.

Sonja says that she has not gotten to spend any time with Bethenny. She blames Ramona for getting in Bethenny’s ear. As if Bethenny would listen to Ramona. She also mentions that Ramona came on WWHL and said Sonja was faking her tears when Bethenny went off on her. Sonja is clearly still really angry with Ramona.

Erika Jayne tweeted that she is living for Sonja tonight!

Sonja says the Prosecco is in the warehouse with another 10,000 bottles of the pink to come. She starts exhibiting all of the symptoms of someone who is lying as she says this. She says the restaurant will be open soon. Wait, Tipsy Girl isn’t even open yet? She says people will be able to get it in the bar and at liquor stores. I am not they are really able to distribute yet. And Sonja has nothing to do with the business other than get kickbacks for promoting it.

Sonja realizes suddenly that she is hawking other people’s products and lets us know that her website is back up with the three hundred dollar white jogging pants and formal gowns.


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24 responses to “Sonja Morgan & Jerry O’Connell on WWHL

  1. isitmeoraretheycrazy

    Sonja says “he’s single, she’s singe, he is turning 50 never been married has no children” Ramona says “he gave his wife a bracelet for Christmas”!! Is he or isn’t he, these people need to go away!!! LOL

    • Shae

      Ramona said he gave his ex-gf a bracelet for xmas and calls her regularly saying he loves her. She didn’t say his “wife”.

    • Ramona said that Tom calls “his ex” every day and gave her a bracelet. She never used the word “wife”.

      A minute later LuAnn asked Ramona, “Which ex-girlfriend? Was it Carol?”, so clearly LuAnn knows it’s true and knows which ex-girlfriend it is.

      • isitmeoraretheycrazy

        Whoa, sorry about that! I should learn to not make any assumptions about comments made. Blushing!!! LOL

      • Minky

        Hold on a minute! Carol? As in Bethenny’s hop-along Carole? Damn. This is getting a little too juicy. Even for me.

      • Minky:

        No, no, not Carole Radziwill. Some woman they both know named Carol (no “e”). I can only assume she’s another Upper East Side over-50 bleached ‘n’ botoxed matron…you know, the Ramona/LuAnn/Sonja crew.

      • Sharon

        Minky- I was wondering the same-is this Carol R? ! Is this also part of why Carol is still so angry and Bethany was ranting about Lou stealing other people’s men?

  2. Toni Lee Gildea

    Should I feel ashamed about the chuckle I got from knowing Andy has Pinkeye?

    • Think it was his wonky eye too. Yuck. Jerry’s parody on Dorinda was hysterical. Dorinda needs to lay off the martini’s. She is looking bad. Felt bad for Jules with Dorinda’s drunken advice. Looks like Sonja’s days are numbered on this show.

    • Jim

      Too much texting while on the toilet, I’m sure. 😜

  3. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    RHONY has an “ick” factor this season. I am worried about Dorinda after she lost her cool. Although “betave” makes me chuckle.

    • Minky

      Totally ick. It’s all a little too incestuous. Why do they all share the same 2 or 3 men? Are they just too lazy?

      • It’s the lazy women, it’s the lazy men. Why not drink from the same stagnant, never been drained and refilled pool…rofl..sorry, laughing at my own joke.

  4. Bugg

    Jerry O’Connell was way too over the top, reminded me of when someone is overacting on a sitcom. I used to really like him but last night he came off as a creep.

    • KaraW

      I found him the same way on Live with Kelly in the morning. I found it painful to watch.

      • Jessica White

        I thought exactly the same! I used to love Jerry, but lately he’s seems to be too hyper, and trying too hard. Especially when he was on Live, even Kelly seemed creeped by him.

  5. sund

    So, my VERY favorite part of WWHL last night was the commercial announcing that Flipping Out is coming back in a two night debut I believe July 10th. After that nothing else matters. :}}}}}}}

  6. Lolo

    So, Tom also dated Carol??????? Smells like another Slade. ….and yes, Jerry was super creepy on Live yesterday. He makes me uncomfortable. I am pretty Dorinda and her man do coke…a lot of coke. ..does anyone think Sonya quit drinking. ..she’s out of there. Gretchen…too many lies, but I truly feel for her. Beautiful lady. Hope she gets it together.

    • Bugg

      I don’t think Tom dated Carol from the show, evidently his ex is someone else named Carol. I was confused about that for a second also.

      • Jim

        Close captioning had the name as ‘Carol’ without the E at the end. CC doesn’t always get it right though.

  7. JoJoFLL

    Ouch Andy!

    He could not have been more clear about being Team Betheny.

  8. Sliceo'pie

    I’m so friggin sick of that, “You’re not a girl’s girl” shit. It’s a form of shamming other women-it’s highly subjective and drives me crazy!!!…and with that being said….I’m off to pick up my son from his last day of 6th grade. I feel like I ought to be happy but I’m sad. Time is going so fast..He’s the great joy of my life : )

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