Jules Wainstein’s Divorce Is Going To Be Ugly

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK CITY -- Pictured: (l-r) Michael Wainstein, Julianne Wainstein-- (Photo by: Matthew Eiseman/Bravo)

Photo by: Matthew Eiseman/Bravo

I’m really not clearheaded enough to do a good job with this story right now, but the tea on the Wainstein divorce keeps rolling in today.

First, we had two stories from the Daily Mail at least the first one was leaked by Jules’ camp.

Story One:   Cops were called to the MARITAL HOME (this will be important later) by marital home I mean the home the couple lived in together prior to separating. This is the home we have seen on the show. It’s value according to another Dail Mail story is $2.7 million.

This story was the first thing I read coming home from surgery. I was even more “thickheaded” than I am now. It was not making a lot of sense to me and it seemed a lot to tackle mentally. So you guys need to click the link for this one.   Let me know if it makes sense to you.

My reaction was, there sure were a lot of cops there for a domestic call. Michael if you recall works in the same building where his office is. So perhaps he stopped in to take the boy to school as we see a picture of him carrying a book bag and loading him into a car and getting in himself. Perhaps a fight happened then. The article makes a point to mention “swarms of police.” Everything about this article is in support of Jules. Which is expected because it’s a Jules source.

RHONY Jules and Michael 2

I found the whole story to be off, a fake of some sort, so I actually did a lot of googling of NYPD officer uniforms. I found them to be off in my original reading of the article. I wondered where the hats were.  I wondered why the female had a different type of  uniform than the male. I checked the patches and badges against other pictures. They all matched up.

HOWEVER, the article says that Michael was removed from the home by cops. Why did the photog just happen to miss that photo? There are no photos of Jules or Michael in the photos of the police.

The female officer is carrying papers which appear to be a statement from Jules clearly turned so that the photographers can read the page that says “threatening me”, “trying to ruin my life” “phone” and “video.”  It really does look like a set up.

But I still can’t decide. Would the cops be actors? But what about the car?

This story was also full of little tidbits like Michael was cheating with a fried of Jules.

Story Two: For some reason today Daily Mail also wants us to know that Jules is $25K behind on the Condo Common Charges for a Manhattan condo valued at $1 million that she bought with her sisters. Oh, and hey by the way she filed for bankruptcy before she got married in 2004.  Is this Michael’s tit for tat?
RHONY Jules and Fam
I was going to save this post for later until I read the latest post on Page Six.  In this post, Michael’s attorney gives a statement where he says, that Michael got tired of playing the Drama King to her Reality Queen. That has not been unfaithful to the marriage. It was entirely the show.  So are all these scenes we will see staged?

Page Six said they could find no evidence from the police that a call was made to the Wainstein marital home this morning.

The spokesman for Micheal told Page Six “She regularly calls the police with false allegations, and the police arrive and find there was no incident. She is trying to create an incident to get him arrested so she can get an order of protection and get exclusive occupancy of the house for herself. That’s a tactic that some women use … This is a tactic she is using to enhance the drama.”

So the big news is that he is STILL LIVING IN THE HOUSE!  It is also implied by a source that the house is a rental.

On the other hand Michael’s team is sort of giving credence to the cop story.

So what do you think is going on here?  All I know for sure is that Jules is way more interesting off the show than on.


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68 responses to “Jules Wainstein’s Divorce Is Going To Be Ugly

  1. Lisa

    The problem with that Page Six story is that they are saying because of the show Jules is a drama queen. Jules is the least drama queen of them all!

    • Nila

      Agreed! I found that comment so ridiculous!

    • Most of us who watching the last episode immediately thought Michael was cheating as soon as we watching him with an ear plug in his ear taking a selfie and smiling. To my eyes it appeared that Michael was actually defiant and couldn’t give a crap about anyone believing he’s a snake. I hope Jules takes him to the cleaners and gets alimony plus child support AND her condominium bills paid off by him. A cheating, philandering husband doesn’t deserve any sympathy.

    • ladybird

      Jules’ husband has one of the worst lawyers in the business – Mark Jay Heller. He was the legal mind behind Jon Gosselin’s disasterous divorce and was fired by Lindsay Lohan. In the 90s he had to promise not to do any divorce cases because he was so bad at it. You can definitely expect more drama from Michael Wainstein’s attorney.

  2. newjerzeyboy

    Page Six forgot to mention she is Asian and Jewish.

  3. Puddy

    The (often staged/fabricated) incident to order of protection ploy is often used in Manhattan. The husband is ousted or if the domicile is a several story townhouse – relegated to one floor that has a bathroom and separate locked doors.

  4. JoJoFLL

    She’ll get a fortune in child support.

    Pretty soon they will realize that they will spend six figures in attorney fees if they don’t get smart about this divorce.

    They both have major issues.

  5. Laura

    One of the links wouldn’t open for me. Where is it implied that the apartment is a rental?

  6. Greenwood

    Wow, Tamara, even when you’ve taken a beating from the dentist, you still have a nose for this stuff. Haha! RHONY just got interesting! I agree, five cops seems like alot for a domestic violence call. Especially one in which the husband seems to have walked away on his own two feet. Even tho there weren’t photos of Michael and the cops, if you look at the first Daily Mail photo…where Michael has an orange backpack and seems to be helping his son into the car…there does appear to be a cop car parked in front of his car. This will be interesting. I can’t help but wonder about their country home. I agree with Bethenny — they’ll never be able to sell that house with a ridiculous swimming pool in the living room. Dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.

  7. PookPook

    I went to high school with her. Julianne Forrest at the time. She went to school in NJ before her parents moved to Florida. Very wealthy family, big Tudor house in Bergen County, NJ worth millions. Sweet girl. Bankruptcy doesn’t make sense, she was never “hurting” for money. And she doesn’t own a condo with her sisters, doesn’t have any. One younger brother, also named Michael. Also seems she’s lowered her age a bit since I’m one year older and I’m 39.

  8. Briannatozer16

    Lmao I never seen a police officer take notes on a large piece of notebook paper … I thought they kept their notes in those large metal cases !?

    • rel

      Not everyone has written a statement for the police.
      That large piece of notebook paper is the statement that Jules wrote.
      Yes the officer should have taken better care to conceal it.

  9. J stone

    They couldn’t make it past the 1st season? I don’t like/know either one of them enough to care…

  10. GlobalServices

    The cops are staged actors? Ok, now we are entering crazy-ville.

  11. CoBe

    Domestic calls are the most dangerous calls there are. If the officers are available, they will show up for support.

    It does sound like first salvos in a paper trail for assets.

    The marriage never appeared happy, so if they are smart, they’ll just divvy things up fairly and move on.

    Doesn’t seem like that’s what they’ll do though.

    Good luck to them. Divorce sucks.

  12. More Tea Please!

    Is the “marital home” really next to a storefront with rotting trim that sells bed linens?

  13. Bridgett

    Looking at the pictures, IMO the sheet of notebook paper appears to be Jules written statement. The other papers looked like “motion” papers you always see in tv crime dramas or some other type of legal papers.

  14. Hopefully, she’ll listen to Ramona for divorce advice and get it done in four months and not Bethenny where its still going on after four years.

    I can’t believe I just typed that someone should take Ramona’s advice.

    • Lolo

      LOL..it’s your LIMEbrain

    • PopcornAndVodka

      Well it’s not all Bethenny’s fault that her divorce has been ongoing. Also Bethenny has a ton of money and only a very short marriage, whereas Jules and Mike were married much longer. With two kids I imagine it will be very easy for Jules to get lots of dough without much effort. But then again, it’s New York, not California…

  15. Erika

    My first thought when looking at the pictures of the officers, NONE of them are wearing bulletproof vests. I rarely see a uniformed officer, working the streets, without one. So to see a picture where not one of them in wearing one makes me suspicious.

  16. SJ

    After reading the article, there was a staged look and feel to it. Very unsettling.

  17. Sliceo'pie

    One of the articles mentioned their country house was in Hewlett, NY- Jules gave the impression it was right outside the Hampton’s. Hewlett is probably over an hour or more away. (especially in summer) It’s a wealthy Jewish enclave. Jill Zaran is from Woodmere-the town next door.

  18. Shae

    That house we saw at her brunch was in Watermill, not Hewlett. You simply do not have that much space in Hewlett and Bethenny and the other ladies were staying at her house nearby, they would never have been able to drive from the Hamptons to Hewlett in any short period of time lol

    Maybe they have another home in Hewlett? That area is literally 20 minutes away from me in Queens and I’m a good 2.5-3 hours from the Hamptons.

  19. DrumNRoll

    Hmmm this is interesting… I’ve lived in NYC for 10 years (up until last year) and I have seen the cops where that top with different pants and the pants with different tops but never together. the cargo pants are REALLY throwing me off. I think I’ve only seen rookie cops and/or ones still in the academy wear those but I can’t recall of I’ve ever seen any cop wear those out in the street like that. Also, between all of those cops they couldn’t find ONE who had the proper form to take notes on the report? they had to use some notepad sheet? this is BS

    • tamaratattles

      I actually Googled because of those utility pants and most all pictures I’ve seen that is standard for NYPD. That said, I agree that it seems really odd to me as well.

      But if it is BS because of the uniforms and sheer number of responders does that mean that there was an elaborate staging of a scene replete with hired actors? Because that makes less sense.

      I find the whole story very strange and the photo of the “report” suspect not for the lined pad where they took the notes, but the way she wa carrying them where they were clearly visible to photographers.

      • yrakme

        I think the cops are legit. The female’s pants are different most likely because like most things in law enforcement (and in life in general) they do not cater to the female body. I finally, after 15 years was able to wear a pair of LE cargo pants made for women. Most of my female coworkers wear different pants from the men. I see the outline of a ballistic vest on all but one of the officers. I read a comment that stated they weren’t wearing vests. The number of officers present during this incident is quite common for several reasons. Could be that what was reported to the dispatcher was far more serious than what was actually happening. It also could be that there were officers in training with a coach. As far as the letters, we are frequently given paperwork by the people involved. Sometimes it is utter bullshit, sometimes it’s not. She may have not have even read what was written at the scene especially if the situation had calmed down. People often try to shove paperwork “proving” their point at us. I sometimes chose to review the paperwork outside of their presence so I can try to make a determination of its validity to the allegations made. We typically don’t run into a domestic call holding a large metal case. Those cases are mostly used after a call or for calls that are not emergencies. For those reasons, I think the cops are legit.

        The call to the police and the allegations made are a different story. A very large portion of the domestic disturbance calls are made out of anger and resentment by one or both parties and they expect the cops to take their side over their ex’s. The kids are the ones who lose.

        Then again, I could be wrong. It’s hard to compare real life situations to “reality” life.

      • Hi kitty

        Agreed, I live in New York City as well and a good friend of mine went through a domestic violence incident last year with his now ex husband. Six officer showed up. I think they do it that way because 2 take the victim statement, 2 take the other person’s statement, and 2 scope the scene/deal with neighbors/the building. Anytime there is a potential for violence they have various officers at the scene. You’d be surprised how quickly they react when it’s a domestic issue!

      • DrumNRoll

        actually, I’ve been thinking about it and you’re right: I have seen coppers wear those cargo pants but mostly in subways and In Penn Station.

        and actually I used to babysit for someone semi-famous that id rather not name. they had once called cops for an intruder and about 5 police cars arrived. maybe it’s routine to send a shit ton of cops for rich people? idk I’m a poor!

      • Nila

        I think it comes down to what was said on the call and how many cops were in the area. I live in Staten Island, not exactly nyc, but it’s the same police force and when my nrighbor had issues with her teenager (drugs) she had 8 officers show up once. She has had to call a lot and sometimes it’s 2, sometimes 6, I really think it depends on who’s in the area and what’s going on at the time of the call.

  20. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    Soooo…did he file for divorce after they would have seen this week’s episode? Because she really threw him under the bus. Whatever has been going on in their relationship, I find it interesting that she was so willing to air their dirty laundry on TV like that. Was she already over him at this point? Or was seeing this episode the last straw in their marriage?

    • PaganChick

      I thought he filed for divorce last month. So it would have been before the episode aired, I think the HW’s get the episode the week before it airs so they can write their blogs (I could be wrong about that though- wouldn’t be the first time), So, his filing wouldn’t have been connected to last night’s episode.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Yeah you’re right – I just read she was served the papers May 13.

  21. nancy83

    The girl he’s cheating with probably knows how to make a good cup of coffee. I can’t believe after that many years of marriage, she still didn’t know how to make a cup, even if you don’t drink it, you should know how to make one for your spouse.

    • Jim

      She’s probably never even made coffee for herself. Too many calories!

    • Nila

      Wow, I hope she knows how to make a sandwich and pie too…because you know, she should for her spouse!

      I think Michael can make his own damn coffee, he seems to have a lot of time on his hands since he can’t even change a diaper or put the kiddos in pajamas.

      Sorry, I don’t like hearing what women should be able to do x, y, z for their men..and if they don’t, well no wonder he cheated, because you know adultery is a perfect punishment for not knowing how to brew coffee. Just to be catty I would say Michael seems to have “little man” syndrome and that’s why he’s such a dick to his wife. I would have no idea how to use that fancy coffee maker, I don’t drink coffee and growing up my parents drank instant. I would feel like a moron figuring it out especially if I had to do it with someone (or thousands) watching me.

      I guess we forgot about Bethenny having her nanny give her blow outs..I didn’t take that as a serious question Jules was asking. I believe she said the main reason for not hiring was the lady wasn’t fluent in Spanish.

      • kendrawm

        ^^ This, I cannot make coffee, don’t drink it, don’t like it, never in our 18 years together has my husband ever even asked me to. He is a grown man who is perfectly capable of making his own coffee.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Yep. She just wasn’t wifing hard enough, no wonder he cheated! I suppose this kind of thinking makes some people think they will never be cheated on.

      • Nila

        My mother was the perfect wife, with the perfectly kept house, perfectly ironed clothes and bedsheets, perfectly groomed children with dinner in the table at 530 every night and after 38 years my dad made the perfect exit out with his secretary, I guess my mother should have learned short hand too!

      • jen

        It infuriates me!! Being a mother and housewife is the hardest fucking job ever. Its 24 hours a day 365 days a year….for life! No wife os perfect. He cheated and filed for divorce because he is a dick and perhaps they have issues. But not “wifing” hard enough is bullshit.

      • nancy83

        I used the word “spouse” to denote both partners need to know how to make a drink for their loved one. I’m not talking about just women, when you love someone, you want to do little things that make them happy, and having someone make you a nice cup of coffee is wonderful!!! If you don’t show any interest in learning how to make a drink, I don’t think you really give a damn about your partner. But that’s just my opinion.

      • jen

        I agree Nancy. My husband loves when I make him coffee. Why would I not do something to make the man I am spending the rest of my life with happy??

    • CoBe

      I agree with Nancy. When you care about your partner, you WANT to do things for them. It is not a chore or a shameful act that you “have” to do.

      • nancy83

        Exactly, I’m talking about acts of love, not wifely duties! I am certainly not blaming her for her husband’s affair! I just don’t think the show made it appear like she really cared about him. She’s not very satisfied with her family since the weekend from hell with Dorinda, was the “best vacation” she ever had!

      • Nila

        I know a lot of moms who would love for a weekend away from all the chaos that is having two kiddos and a husband, especially a husband who does nothing. If she had never been on a girls trip, I don’t fault her for enjoying it and never thought that didn’t me a she wasn’t happy with her family.

        I understand what you’re saying about the code but if my spouse couldn’t bother putting on a clean diaper on our child before bed, I wouldn’t be trying to figure out that coffee maker for him anytime soon.

      • Miele

        While that’s completely valid and reasonable, but perhaps starting off with “The girl he’s cheating with probably knows how to make a good cup of coffee” wasn’t the best way to make your point?

      • nancy83

        I agree with you Meil, I guess I was trying to be humorous, Never dreamed anyone would take it seriously, as in a man cheats because someone else makes a better cup of coffee.

      • Miele

        We learn many a lesson the hard way here online… But now you know and I personally look forward to reading further comments from you. :)

  22. Nila

    I wanted to add that I give Jules a pass for a lot of her behavior as “first time house wife nerves”, the awkward giggles and weird responses. I liked her a lot when she didn’t allow her self to get baited in a phone call from Bethenny regarding Dorinda. Jules didn’t respond how Bethenny wanted therefore Bethenny was done with the call. I found that very smart on Jules part, most new members would have stepped into a major shit storm.

  23. MARC

    Please let’s not have know it all Bethanny give Jules divorce advice…

  24. cjbomb

    Never trust a man who wears more product in his hair than you do….

  25. cjbomb

    (and hope you are feeling better TT!)

  26. jen

    She was boring and fake. He is like a foot tall…it’s laughable he had an affair. He also seems like a douche. Maybe now she can just be Asian and not a jew. That house in the Hamptons was rediculous.

    • Nila

      I’ve never thought of her as boring or fake, just a first season nervous housewife. The most recent episode she seemed more relaxed in front of the camera or perhaps she was so mad at him she forgot the camera
      was there. She probably feels like a fool now realizing he was having an affair. Sometimes when you’re in thick of a situation, it’s hard to see it for what it is.

  27. T D

    The marriage wasn’t pretty either.

  28. Twilly

    That husband is itty-bitty!

  29. Lisa j

    I’m shocked at some of the insensitive comments here. They have children and at one point loved each other. Marriage isn’t always easy, sometimes you don’t even like each other. It’s silly to think every day will be perfect, whether or not you make coffee, struggle with an eating disorder or are short. With all the grief in the world the last few days let’s be kind.

  30. Dee

    I agree Lisa, at some point they loved each other. It is sad when a marriage ends. I think people walk away too quickly now. I don’t think they know that marriage is work, kids are wok, hell getting old is work. Some day they may look back and wonder why they didn’t work harder at it. I feel sorry for the children, they are so young.

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