Blind Item: Harbouring Resentment

Bal harbor

I had a bit of oral surgery this morning and am a bit out of it do to some of the shots that don’t agree with me very well. So instead of completing the posts I had in mind for today, I will put up one or two of the blinds I was holding for this weekend. I know how y’all love those and I have a few good ones

This housewife who enjoys traveling to Miami quite often has been trying to throw her weight around.  On her last visit to the Bal Harbor Shops, an upscale shopping spot including stores like, Harry Winston, Gucci, and Jimmy Choo, she caused quite the scene. The only time I have ever been to Miami, I stayed in a hotel across the highway. If I recall correctly there was some sort of skywalk to get you across the busy highway from the beach side. I remember thinking I couldn’t really afford anything there and if they charged for air, I couldn’t purchase a nose full.

This housewife is now persona non grata after she went into full on diva mode and asked for discounts while shopping!!!
Gay gasp


Sources say that she continued this behavior across several stores. Unfortunately for her,  even in really expensive shopping centers employees still chat with each other over their lunch and dinner breaks and at the bar after work.

I can envision the sort of conversation that was had, “Did she come to you store?”

“Sadly, yes.”

Apparently, she was actually asked to leave one store with her “Don’t you know who I am? People pay me to wear their clothes!” attitude.


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50 responses to “Blind Item: Harbouring Resentment

  1. Dee

    Sorry to hear about your tooth. I love the blinds!

  2. checkeredapron

    Maybe Nene

  3. Briannatozer16

    Luann!? Sonja??

  4. WhyOWhy

    Hmmm…. Bethenny would be my first choice. Could it be Teresa? Is she allowed to leave New Jersey? I could see her asking for discounts since they’ve had to sell everything lately.

  5. pfffttt

    Nene goes to Miami quite regularly.

  6. Aubin

    Nene (who likes to brag about getting designers items for free)!

  7. HiKitty

    I don’t think it’s Luann, she’s always in Palm Beach and that’s over an hour away. Plus they have their own fancy shops. Nene would be my guess. Bethenny has more than enough money and I doubt she would ever ask for a discount.

  8. Auntie Velvet

    I know we’ve seen Bethenny go down there a few times and her best friend lives there, I think? I hope it’s not her, because she’s always been a favorite of mine and she is really not holding up well this season.

  9. Bria

    Oh TT , I hope you feel better. Interesting blind, I know without any doubt who that Diva is . The “rich Lady” from ATL. Ms. Nene Leakes.

  10. Gapeachinsc

    Hope you feel better soon, Tamara. I think this is about Nene. And I love the King George gif!! Blackadder has been my favorite Brit com of all time forever!!!

  11. T D

    Do they need designer clothes to cover cold shoulders and Freddy Kruger shredded ready to wear? Can material things fill a blackhole heart? Since a furniture discount isn’t mentioned, gonna go with megalomaniac B.

  12. Gapeachinsc

    And that’s Prince George, not King George…

  13. Jessica White

    I think the ‘throwing her weight around’ refers to Nene.

  14. Lolo

    ..hope you feel better.’ve had a rough week.

  15. GillianFirst

    Feel better Tamara! ) :

  16. Miele

    I’m LOVING the powdered wig gif you included. Gotta be Nene.

    Feel better, TT!!!

    • Minky

      Good eye Miele. The wigs have it. I’ve never asked for a discount in my life, but then again I am not very rich. Oddly enough, a lot of people who are very well off like to haggle for prices. And I don’t mean on items that already have a negotiable price, like cars, but on things that you would never expect to get a discount on, like dental work.

      I’ve been most surprised by the fact that Bethenny shops at Kmart (or wherever it was when she got snippy on Twitter about the staff allegedly not knowing English), and that Luann shops at Target. Don’t they have people to do that for them? Especially Bethenny?

      • Miele

        Thanks, Minky!

        One of the earliest lessons I picked up from being around the wealthy is that they treat *every* price as negotiable. It was such an odd thing to be exposed to, especially having a childhood in which haggling at markets changed how much we got to eat sometimes.

    • T D

      Makes perfect sense when you’re savin’ up to fill the parlor and your clothes are wearing out.

  17. bluesuedeshoe

    Tamara, hun, best wishes and prayers of healing so that you recover at quickly as possible. Oral surgery hurts and is tough a long heal. Try to celebrate with protein based cold shakes and drinks, so that you stay hydrated and well. Have a whole round of it due next year at the Univ of CT dental school program as a volunteer for students. UGH.

  18. Calipatti

    I will guess it’s Nene, the words sound like her vocabulary.

    TT a comment went to moderation, wrote the wrong email. Just delete if it’s easier.

  19. newjerzeyboy

    At first I thought it was Nene, but then I thought that those fancy schmancy shops wouldn’t carry her size. So I am guessing Bethenny, she goes to Miami quite a bit.

  20. Minky

    Yeah, dental surgery is no fun at all. But at least you’ll get some good drugs! Yay! Seriously, through: Try to take it easy and enjoy some time off. You’ve earned it.

  21. KatCall

    Maybe the ‘divorced from the cheating preacher’ from the housewives of patomac? Didn’t she go there often and called one of her boyfriends Mr. Miami? I would hope that Ms. nene has been in this game long enough to know better? But…then again…

  22. KittyGlitter

    Is Kim Zolciak still considered a housewife? Had oral surgery last month so I feel for you. Love your site.

  23. T D

    So it wasn’t the skinny harpy?

    • Minky

      AAAAAAAH HAHAHAHAHA! I love it. Monique the comedian would cut right to the chase and just call her a skinny bitch.

      Be careful though. Bethenny might get her lawyers on your ass because “Skinny Bitch” sounds a little too much like “Skinny Girl”. You could find yourself in a world of hurt quicker than you can say “What the fuck?” Word to the wise.

    • Calipatti

      TD No I do not want it to be Bethenny
      so in my world/mind it isn’t.
      Delusional maybe, but I have what I want this way. 😎

      • T D

        Not sure how to break it to you…
        Tactless brat could eat no fat,
        Her beastie only lean,
        So betwix the two of them,
        They eat human livers,
        With fava beans,
        And a nice Ciantis.
        Carefull not so stain the chunky sweaters.
        Too bad they weren’t hair shirts.

  24. Greenwood

    Does this character have another new nose?

  25. JoJoFLL

    “People pay me to wear their clothes”

    While it sounds very Ramona like, isn’t that what LuAnne said to Carole about the Naeem Khan debacle?

    Bethany doesn’t seem like the Bal Harbor shopping type.

  26. Lindsay

    Nene’s new nose

  27. Lil Tex



  28. smith

    Guys, it can’t possibly be Bethany. Gap kids doesn’t have a storefront there.

  29. smith

    My bad, maybe it’s a Limited 2?

  30. More Tea Please!

    This smellls of Nene!

    I hope the worst is behind you of the oral surgery.

  31. My first thought was Luanne, but then again, she wouldn’t listen to you if you tried to throw her out.

    I’m going with Nene because of the nose reference and the wig gif.

  32. PopcornAndVodka

    It is definitely NOT Bethenny. She’s been in New York every day on SnapChat.

  33. Ororo

    I’m going with Nene, since I’ve read similar items about her and the diva act in Miami. Also, for the people who think B is too rich to ask for a discount, so not so! A friend tells me that when her firm did estimates for work on B’s apartment–the fancy one she decorated when she was with Jason—she demanded a heavy discount, even though she was doing the talk show at the time and there was no chance the apartment and my friend’s products would be seen on TV. When B didn’t get it, she went with another firm. My friend told me B was in full diva mode and Jason kept apologizing for her behavior.

  34. Rose

    No clue on this one. Feel better!

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