Yolanda Hadid Officially Admits She Is Not Returning To RHOBH!

RHOBH Yolanda
It’s official!  Yolanda Foster will not be returning to RHOBH!  As I first excluscively reported here, there has been confirmation by my sources that Kyle Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, Lisa Rinna and Erika Girardi will all be back full time, Eileen Davidson is at least temporarily a part-time housewife and Kathryn and Yolanda are officially out.

Today, Yolanda has officially announced that she will be leaving the show. I don’t think she had a choice in that situation. Lisa Vanderpump has won the war.   Congrats and Thanks to #TeamPinky

Fingers crossed for Shiva to take her place!

RHOBH  LVP, Kyle Yolanda


Here is what Yolanda posted today on her Instagram, “I would have loved a more graceful exit then “Season 6″ but sometimes we don’t get to control the ending of the chapters in our life………… I am leaving what’s over without denying its past importance in my life. I believe that every exit is an new entry and with that in mind I say goodbye to my @Bravotv Family as I continue to focus on a my recovery, my children and bring back the privacy within our Home……….. Thank you to all the fans for your love and unwavering support these past 4 years. I am grateful for the housewife experience and all it has thought me. I’am excited about this choice and look forward to the next chapter of my life……………… #RHOBH #TimeToSayGoodbye with #Gratitude @evolutionusa @bravoandy @bravotv #WWHL”

Yep, fired. Believe Me. :)

Bella posted the whole “Driving her mother to the hospital at 3 a.m.” story  on her Instagram yesterday and urged her followers to buy her mother’s book.

Our long journey with Munchausen is finally over.


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57 responses to “Yolanda Hadid Officially Admits She Is Not Returning To RHOBH!

  1. WhyOWhy

    Thank the sweet Lord Baby Jesus for this. Goodness, I don’t think I could have handled another season of Munchhausen talk.

    I do wish Yolanda the best and hope that she gets well and figures out whatever is wrong with her (because i still don’t believe it’s Lyme).

  2. MARC

    Thank CHRIST!

  3. Dee

    Thank you Tamara! You were right all along! HA HA haters! Kiss it! I said kiss it! giggle

  4. gluedtothepc

    This isn’t about LVP to me – it’s about Yolanda starting out on the show with great promise as an interesting addition, and fizzling out as someone who is boring and only has one unappealing storyline.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      …and for two seasons has spearheaded the “take down LVP” storyline that viewers have NOT been enjoying.

      • Minky

        Yes, I agree that Yolanda is in some small way getting her just desserts with this dismissal. However, who’s going to provide a counterbalance to LVP’s hegemonic control over the behavior of the other wives? I’ll guess Erika.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I agree Erika and LVP will battle it out. But with Kathryn and Yo gone, and Eileen “reduced”, I’m not sure E has any allies…

  5. natalie

    Oh no, I hope this does not mean she is getting her own “lifestyle” show.

  6. SLM

    Hallelujah!! HALLELUJAH! Amen. SAYONARA. Good Riddance!!

  7. Thank goodness!!! I hope that means we have seen the last of Brandi as well.

  8. Carol

    I love the “bring back privacy into our home” comment. She hasn’t had privacy because she kept posting every bit of her life. lol

  9. KatCall

    GREAT news! When she would appear on RHOBH, hair would grow on my spine. So glad she’s out!

  10. Barbara R

    Happy dance!!!

  11. Yeah that sounds like she was fired.

  12. Lisa j

    💗🎉🎉 YES! Please Bravo no more sick people stories not ever again!

  13. Carl

    I just shouted, “Thank CHRIST!” while reading this in public…best news of the day.

  14. JoJoFLL

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! OMG, bring back the privacy? HAHAHA! I’m crying!

    • Sliceo'pie

      Exactly! That my second thought-after I did a mental jig–first comes the book tour, self-serving instagram photos and now that she’s miraculously healed-a front row seat at her children’s runway shows, I’m sure.

      • peachteachr

        Add to your list that she launched modeling careers for her 3 children during her un-private life. she got what she wanted except for the divorce and any modicum of respect from the HW fans.
        She needs to keep her mind on her business. Remember the FDA bringing Dr. Oz in for false advertising of meds on his show? I don’t think it’s impossible for them to reach out and touch her if she continues on the road she is on with “cures” for Lyme Disease.

  15. TD

    I wonder how Erika will be doing next season. She spent all last year kissing Yolanda’s ass and yes, dog days are over!

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Well played, Erika. Well played.

      But now who are her allies, with Kathryn and Yo gone, and Eileen diminished…none of the other ladies seem to care for her all that much. I think Erika would like to be queen bee but LVP is not going to let that happen.

      • Minky

        As critical as I am of Erika, I still respect her technique. I think she’ll be fine holding her own among these characters. She’s already got everybody’s number. And besides that, as Erika herself would say (sing?) about the Wives: “How many fucks do I give? None. Not one. Zero. Zero. Zero. Done.”

  16. PaganChick

    I thought Yolanda said it was Gigi that had to drive her to the hospital at 3 am because her brain was swollen. Now Bella is saying she was the one? The should work from a script so they can keep their stories straight.

    • Sabrina

      Exactly- and there was nothing in that story that was medically correct to begin with. If her brain was as swollen as they claimed, she would have died. Now people quote what they hear and could have misquoted what she made up- she belonged in an ambulance at minimum if in fact it was swollen- no doc in their right mind would let her family take that responsibility- none of it was the least bit true.

      The problem is all three have been on modeling stages al over the world in recent months – so clearly they are not fatigued, in bed, at all- or they could not have committed to be there on certain days- and no agency would hire models with doubtful health who could not commit. This was always nonsense.

      It gives me a little hope that Bravo is sometimes listening- but why let this go on so long?

      • Minky

        Why would Bravo let it go on? Um…ratings. Few things draw attention quicker or more powerfully than a bumbling shyster who really believes that people are falling for their con. Same reason we can’t stop combing over the Vicki/Brooks crime scene. And Phaedra/Apollo.

        Yolanda is in a way unique because she knows that people with a brain can see right through her after a little while, but she doesn’t care. Her con was so perfectly crafted and meticulous that she’s basically made herself impervious to any criticism. Nobody in her real life circle is gonna seriously question her illness “journey” for fear of being labelled heartless. And she couldn’t give a flying shit about what the “audience” thinks.

        She even picked her “disease” very carefully for that very reason. She’s not dumb enough to fake having cancer or something else that truly kills people and that a lot of people react to very emotionally because they have experienced it at least second hand. Like I said, Yolanda makes Vicki, Brooks, Phaedra and Apollo look like a bunch of amateurs. If they were bank robbers, Yolanda would be the John Dillinger of the bunch, and make the others look like petty thieves by comparison.

        And, like, seriously about the 3am hospital visit story. Have these idiots never heard of calling 911? Did Gigi (or Bella) diagnose her brain swelling? Aaargh!

  17. V

    Bring back privacy ? was her life really that exposed ? besides she was the one who brought up lyme and telling the world that the her kids have it, that was her only storyline. David was never really in any scenes with her, and she is still constantly posting pics on instagram, so i’m not sure what lack of privacy she had. That said I am so happy she is gone ! I would rather not have Shiva replace her. I think she would be really boring and censored because of Mohammed.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Agree Shiva is not a good fit, too young, and Mohammed wouldn’t want her to embarrass him. Those with skeletons in the closet would do wise to steer clear of reality TV.

  18. Sabrina

    I am truly very glad for Yolanda- she has needed to be shown that ugly manipulation, behind the scenes backstabbing , and attempting to (garner attention and money) while proving an incorrect self- diagnosis by spending money that is not hers in irrational ways- and then lying about/misleading about it, doesn’t always work. She needs to allow her children to be healthy happy adults and to stop lying for her. .

    She needs serious psychological attention to resolve her remaining issues, as obviously she is feeling fine physically since the breast implants were removed, if she can travel twice to Tahiti in a couple of months.

    Why would Andy allow the reunion to go the way it did if they intended to fire her? I do not understand production on this all season, at all. There is more here still than the theories we know.

    I’m at least grateful Bravo made it clear to her that the viewers didn’t believe it and did not want to see it any longer.

    • Minky

      Yolanda would never allow anyone to seriously question her illness. Even when she brought all those medical records to the sit-down with LVP and Kyle to “prove” that she and her kids were sick, both LVP and Kyle were smart enough to not take her up on the offer. She can’t be treated the way Bravo treats most of the other Wives. Andy’s hands were tied at the reunion for the same reason Kyle and LVP’s were.

      But Bravo/Andy can make hiring/firing decisions based on whatever they want. Not asking Yolanda back was Andy’s way of saying: “If we can’t fuck with you and humiliate you, then we have no use for you here. I’m afraid we’re gonna have to let you go.”

      Even Andy’s favorites (LVP and Bethenny) have had their feet held to the fire. LVP took a beating this past season. Bethenny has been given precisely enough rope to hang herself, and is proceeding to do just that, whether she knows it or not. They could have make her look a little better during her exchange with Luanne, but they didn’t.

  19. Tleighb

    Some much needed good news after a horrendous couple of days.

  20. JustJenn

    Yolanda can say she quit, persue her own family reality show, take a million and five selfies and publish a whole encyclopedia worth of sick books as long as she’s off of RHOBH my rainy day has just been made!

  21. Rose

    Great confirmatiin. Don’t get his she’s going to “bring back the privacy” when she posts every little thing! I still want Eileen back.

  22. Yay!!!! Finally some good news!!!

    Happy dance!

  23. Bryn

    Ok. Any more juicy details on her firing? I’ve read the blogs about this but I feel like you’re holding a little back on us :)

  24. Karma just got me for my happy dance. Just pulled a tick off me.

    But hey, its well worth it! 😁

  25. TBD

    Where’s the Yolanda victory pose photo?

  26. peachteachr


  27. MzKRB

    She got let go because she had no more story to tell. And her manipulation of the storyline got to be too much. All she had was to talk about Munchies & “Chronic Lyme” and no one else wanted to hear anymore about it. Making a season much to do about nothing. Most importantly, the actual interesting stuff she had going on in her life (divorce) she kept from the cameras, and you know Mr. Andy & producers have that as a HUGE NO NO.. I mean they could have flown the ATL lawyer who does all of the RHOA divorces in for a consultation. Lol

  28. Me

    Well she has a new man now too, so her work is done – kids with careers, tick; new romance for her, tick (no pun intended with the tick reference)

  29. I am also wondering how Erika is going to play things out without Yolanda and Eileen. Lisa Rinna wasn’t exactly a fan. Hoping she figures out how to be best frienamies with Lisa V.

  30. bluesuedeshoe

    “Lord a mercy….” Bye, girl.

    But, she’ll be back. Now that we have “Brandizing” Yo will get her comeback minute sans cast members. I’ll bet Jill is foaming at the mouth. Would not be surprised if Andy’s had to hire additional security to keep her at bay since that segment aired.

    Was just treated for another episode of Lymes. I swear the Connecticut ticks have developed a resistance to DEET, it’s replaced Charles of the Ritz as my scent, lol. Be careful out there….not everyone throw’s a bulleye rash, and the Western Blot test is notorious for false positives and negatives.

  31. Well, we shall see. She may be back. They will talk about her all year. Hey maybe her BFF will have her on that Single show she is on. They could really do some damage there. I think that Erika is going to be/do just fine wherever she is. That girl has her act together. She’s a force…..

  32. T D

    Yolanda’s belief that every exit is a new entry explains why she’s obsessed with always putting sumpthin’ up there.

  33. Bryn

    Here’s what I find interesting. She actually has a story line for next year… Going through a divorce, living on her own, her new found “health” …. I am surprised they cut her. Especially since her story line created all the drama this past season. Even if it was incredibly boring. Hmmm

  34. PaganChick

    What I love about this is that it opens up the show’s cast dynamic. How will the Team Yo cast members align themselves. Will Ericka have to actually show that she has a real personality to be relevant, or will she stick with the humorlessness and flashy Glam Squad without showing anything about who she actually is?

    What does this do for Rinna? Rinna alienated herself from pretty much everyone except Eileen last season. Will she have to grovel to everyone or will she save the grovelling for just Ericka? What if Ericka realizes that she actually did enjoy hanging with LVP and that they do actually have quite a bit in common on the surface? Will she become friends with her and Kyle? If so, again, what does that do for Rinna and Eileen?

    Without Yolanda sucking the air out of the show, the cast has room to breathe and can actually be themselves without worrying that they are being labeled “Hollywood Friends” It’s an embarrassment of riches!

  35. Kevin

    Not trying to start a debate here but can someone explain why people seem to want Eileen back so much? I don’t get it. She didn’t have a story line last season and I can’t seem to remember what her story line was from her 1st season. In my opinion she can just totally exit, she does not even need to be on friend status. Usually when Eileen is on the screen, that’s my cue to go wash dishes or take the trash out or fold my laundry. I just have no interest in her.

    • tamaratattles

      Kevin, the real answer for me is that I have watched Days of Our Lives since I was in elementary school. I just wanted to see her real life. I totally want her back with Rinna, (also from DOOL) and I want Rinna to have an ally. She might be different next season as well. She had two deaths in the family around her first seasons.

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