Southern Charm Reunion Has Completed; It’s a Wrap For This Season!


Southern Charm  Reunion photo
The Southern Charm reunion is never as long as a Housewives franchise reunion, but today’s seemed very short to me!  They began this morning and were done in the early afternoon. I don’t think they even took a lunch break.

It was a full out gang up on Kathryn as expected. She literally had no back up at all. Shep and Craig were on her couch but I don’t think Shep provided much assistance. Craig may have tried to be supportive but they all seem afraid to stand up for her and against Whitney and his mommy which is where all of this  ostracism originated from. I assume the attitudes of the three stooges on WWHL will carry over to the reunion.

Thomas’ couch was rounded out by Cameran, Landon and Whitney.  You have to love that every season Whitney is tagged on to the end of a couch somewhere, basically ignored until he acts out for attention.

Southern Charm  Nanny and Babies going to NYC

Dawn the nanny flew up with Thomas and the two kids. I am literally AGHAST that they flew up in coach. Was first class full? Any moron can get an upgrade, what is wrong with these people, do they never leave town?  Thomas also posted a photo with Kensie in a small lap pool. That gave me shivers since allegedly he dropped Kensie in a pool when she was an infant.

Southern Charm Thomas Ravenel With Kenzie

In other Travis’ flight news, apparently they saw Bill Murray in the airport, OR WHEN THEY DID THE WALK OF SHAME THROUGH FIRST CLASS, and he gave Kensie a piece of candy. Bill lives a quiet normal life now in Charleston.

Whitney posted this photo of Thomas and him on Instagram. #TrueLove

Southern Charm  Whitney Travis Reunion
The crew has earned enough viewership to get out of the cramped WWHL clubhouse where they used to have to balance and teeter on stools all stacked up behind each other, but not enough for Andy to fly down and tape the reunion locally. It would seem much cheaper to me to film the reunion in Charleston.

Southern Charm Kathryn 2
Kathryn made the flight alone.  I can’t imagine what a terrible experience it was for her flying solo into that viper pit and seeing her babies there with Thomas and not being able to take them home with her.  Especially, so closely after her devastating loss in court with Thomas recently. She definitely seemed rattled quickly deleting comments like the one above and  below.

Southern Charm Kathryn

By the time I finished this post, the cast should be close to  home. I’ll update with more details as they are known.

The Southern Charm reunion will air on Monday, June 27th.  I do not think a decision has been made on the number of episodes. I believe it was originally meant to be one. With all the drama, that number could change.


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30 responses to “Southern Charm Reunion Has Completed; It’s a Wrap For This Season!

  1. SLM

    As a mom, my heart breaks for Kathryn. It seems she’s surrounded by people who give no end of excuses and forgiveness for Thomas, but any human failing by her is villified. Ummm…TRav went to JAIL and is an alleged addict. By accident or design he convinced a woman 30 years his junior they were GOING to have a happy ending….then legal maneuvered an ambush to take her kids away. Yet, he’s just dandy in eyes of Bravo and Southern Charm cast? But, Kathryn is slut-shamed (she’s not a slut in my opinion, I’m just saying how she’s treated), ostracized, condemned and then danced on when bad things happen to her. What’s wrong with these people?

    • Jackson

      They must have all been friends with Thomas before the Kathryn Era began.

    • Teresa

      Come on older man younger girl? She knew exactly what is was doing. Getting pregnant not once but twice. An he’s an ass for sure. Iam older than him, and he had no business leading her on like he has. I just pray for those chrildren.

  2. 25

    Kathryn hyped up last year’s reunion too and I didn’t feel like it was that wild or that there were many secrets revealed at it. That said, I really like her afterthoughts quote!

    I’m so confused by their current custody. I thought Kathryn had full custody and let Thomas have them at random intervals between his benders. Has Thomas had them all this time since the drug test fail?

    • Jackson

      I think he sued when he was denied access, then won custody (temporarily?) after Kathryn failed the drug test.

      • Matzah60

        I think they have joint custody but hers is supervised. It seems the kids move in with TRav one week and back with Kathryn alternate weeks. While I haven’t seen any proof this is true, if it is, I think it’s a great injustice to those two children being bounced back and forth from one house to another.

        In NJ, even when there is joint custody, one parent has physical custody and a visitation schedule is in place for the non-custodial parent.

        It is so hard on kids when a court mandates when, where and how long a child can see each parent. When I cleaned out a bookcase of my youngest son’s notebooks and papers from middle school, I found a black composition book that he used for English classes. One entry he wrote how he hates divorce. He said he hated having to drag all his school books, clothes, and personals back and forth. When my ex and I first separated, my oldest son had a similar journal. He had to list the top ten things that happened to him that year. The first one read, “My father left us.” Second was, “My father had an affair.” The third was “My father has a new wife with a new family.” He was 13 at the time. I broke into tears reading both journals.

        My heart breaks for Kathryn and her children.

  3. Tara

    If I were her I would tell all to the highest bidder. I feel like old money set her up to fail. Thats how it works in N.C., I can’t imagine that it’s much different in S.C. I feel so bad for Kathryn.
    I think she and Copper are a great team and make for awesome T.V. The mean girls club with a elderly leader and her spawn is gross.

  4. SLM

    I think she was set up, too. I also resent the double standard – TRav and Kathryn had sex WITH EACH OTHER, but somehow she is a slut and a whore and he’s just a “good ol’ boy.” WHY?! And Thomas goes around bragging how many women he’s been with, and everyone laughs it off, but Kathryn gets called names because she had an active sex life? And then some of the cast points to Kathryn going to that pool party with Whitney, but leaving with Thomas as another sign of her “bad” character…but isn’t the OTHER HALF OF THAT STORY THAT THOMAS LEFT WITH THE DATE OF HIS SUPPOSED BFF and didn’t care at all?? Why does Thomas get a pass and Kathryn gets garbage dumped on her?? Thomas has acted just as crazy on occasion to and with this group as she has (case in point, his dinner party rant where he looked a little….GLAZED… in my opinion…allegedly…) Everyone gets over whatever nonsense Thomas does, but Kathryn lives under a microsscope. No wonder she sometimes loses it. That basic, screeching unfairness and criticism would make me batty from time to time, too!!!

    • Jackson

      Kathryn’s original connection to this group was having sex with three members of the cast, then getting pregnant (twice) with one of them in on again off again relationship. Thomas already had a established friendship with Whitney. I don’t how close Thomas was with the rest of the cast. The common denominator seems to be Whitney who ALWAYS takes Thomas’ side. As the relationship between Thomas and Kathryn fails the connection between her and the rest of the principal cast dissipates. That happens in “real life” too. I don’t how the castmembers’ friendship with Thomas will survive after that disasterous dinner party that aired last night, but I’m sure some of them will blame his behaviour on his relationship with Kathryn.

  5. This show is wrought with hypocrisy. From Patricia and Whitney to Thomas and all the other minions. I have such a soft spot for Kathryn. After watching that confederacy of dunces on WWHL the other night I just felt kind of dirty afterward. Why can’t people see how their actions can have consequences on what other people do. Is Kathryn innocent? Heck no. But neither are any of them. But they go around acting like they are worse than college frat kids. Whitney likes to excuse is actions by saying he was drunk, Shep too while yelling at Craig. How old are you people? Landon and Cameron are just so not attractive in their newly cast roles as the evil step sisters with Mother Patricia filling the lead role. Ugh. I used to like this show. I feel like I am in New Jersey again.

    • Jackson

      I’m still on the 2nd last episode of the season that aired on “Slice” the other night. In Canada there is “geographical restriction” on the Bravo website and this site, so I will just have to wait. I’m not sure if Slice will even air the reunion show. Quel drag.

    • Patricia's martini glass

      At the celebration Patricia had for the new baby, I would not have wanted to be T Rav. Patricia’s comment about his need for repeated paternity tests was really cutting, because of it’s truth. She did not muddy the water with superficial insults, which made it a direct hit at his choices and behavior. I’d rather be called a silly name than be held to the fire like that in front of friends. But I don’t think she would do that with a confused 20-something year old girl.

      • tamaratattles

        No, she has been much more vile with the 20 something girl. She actually likes Thomas. That talk with Thomas was her trying to be cute.

      • Patricia's martini glass

        I think her stumpets and like comments are cutesy insults. That’s why Kathryn can mimic her and it’s funny. Thomas can’t because what she said is damning of his character. I think both K & T are prone to going off the rails- Making them a combustable mix. I am curious if T Rav hooked up with Landon. He strikes me as deny until you die – so she is my only hope for truth. Which is unfortunate because she annoys the tar out of me. Andy always gets the story, eventually… So I’ll wait.

  6. Crazydoesit

    I wish Kathryn, Shep and Craig could stick around and they can recast the rest for next season (if there is one). Ugh. I don’t know if I can watch a reunion of The Mean Girls and Thomas/Whitney.

    • Laura

      I agree with you but, unfortunately, Whitney is an executive producer so we are stuck with him for as long as he wants to be on the show.

  7. jen

    I cannot stand Thomas! Sure have fun with your kids but he is an asshole and taking advantage of his “win” of children. Human beings not possessions. He used her as a baby maker. My heart goes out to her. He really messed up losing her! She will move on just fine.

    • HiKitty

      He doesn’t strike me as a doting dad. He’s playing with them right now, enjoying his victory but it’s about HIM, not them. The novelty will wear off and he’ll be happy to hand them back to Kathryn b/c he is ultimately a 12 yr old boy in a 50+ mans body (my apologies to all the mature 12 yr olds you may be insulted by the comparison!) & not mature enough to see his children as human beings, rather than pawns in his game against their mother.

    • Patricia's martini glass

      The nanny comes off as the hero parent in the story.

  8. Danae

    Please post more tea about the reunion! I hope Kathryn was still able to give them a piece of her mind.

  9. Puddy

    I wonder if Kathryn will reveal the reality behind the reality, per her now deleted online posting. I must confess that I would love to see someone “drop a dime” on the Ass-Schule crowd – in particular right before the reunion. Patti is such a snake that I am sure that Whitney was hatched. Time for someone to flush out this nest of vipers.

    • Dexter

      You would think Kathryn was an interesting lady but it is so obvious she is not because of the complete shit who is her child and how she coddles him and his loser friends. Whitney is a failure. He looks like a fool when he puts on his leather jacket an plays guitar. What a tool. And his silly suits. And their immature hatred of Catherine. A real lady would not say shit if her mouth was full of it. And if patty was a lady she would never discuss Catherine if she were so distateful

    • Lola

      Can’t stand Patricia! Best part of the finale was watching Landon whine over Shep bringing her friend Robyn. Who ended up outing her at the end! Karma! Also I thought it was hilarious that Patricia had a whole rack of clothes for Landon, there is not enough furs to cover up that nasty personality!

  10. Bee

    I think Jen is a turn-coat….again. I think she rolled on Kathryn and helped Thomas on the reunion….we’ll see in 2 weeks.

  11. Every time I watch or read about this show I cringe. Funny thing, somewhere along my family tree, TR’s family must have owned a relative or relatives of mine. I’m a Ravenal on my dad’s side. I was born in Charleston where a majority of my father’s family still lives to this day, in and around the area – Charleston, Goose Creek, James Island, Santee all the way to Beaufort. TR is a hot mess – I feel ashamed when I watch his antics and I don’t even know him personally. lol.

  12. Dexter

    It’s a short flight. I fly phila to Carolina. Smaller planes. First class is basically coach but closer to the front. I go first class if upgrade or something but otherwise not worth price cause same as coach. The smaller jets are all coach.

  13. Priscilla Pillsbury

    It’s a joy to see so many Kathryn supporters here.
    The drug test was an ambush clearly
    Girl should get a spin off 4 sure
    Intelligent/ insightful/ funny/ no bullshit
    Fabulous Mom, sweet soul….
    The other women on the show detest her b/c they are not
    one half the woman she is.
    IE: Cameron who shudders at the idea of getting pregnant
    Landon who does not possess a brain nor thought to call her own
    Lazy, in denial, can’t stand her mincing mealy mouth hypocrisy

  14. Lola

    If they fire Kathryn it will be the demise of this show. I could never stand Whitney since the 1st season now we know why he hates Kathyrn. If Whitney is trying to boast Landon well that will back fire no one wants to listen to her dolphin screeching. She is a horrible person. I was so pissed when she put Katryn down while at the hospital with St. The whole cast doesn’t get that Kathryn is the reason the fans tune in! Do we really need another season of Cameran’s baby issues and Landon’s lack of ambition. I actually thought she was a nicer person when she lived on the boat!!! #TeamKathryn

  15. Deb B

    Landon has been a HUGE disappointment. She’s been boring from the beginning, but I thought it was because she was shy and unassuming. No, she’s so delusional that she thinks she belongs rich, and all she has to do is either marry it or have an idea someone else can work on. There’s no doubt in my mind she boffed Thomas, and didn’t care who she stepped on. Now she’s after Shep, who has WAY too many better options for a girl that’s after money or even those that aren’t. And he’s turning them all down, and presumably they aren’t one-night cast offs from nasty old TRav. And it seems the center of the show was designed around the old lady and her sycophant son, so we’ll never get rid of the beast.

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