Real Housewives of New York Recap: The Bethenny Show Has Moved To Bravo!

RHONY season 8

It’s time for RHONY, or as it is now known, “The Bethenny Show!”.  Apparently that show as not indeed cancelled but simply moved to Bravo. I can’t really say that I am a fan. But alas, here we go again.

We pick up three weeks after Ramona’s holiday party as the ladies took some time of to be annoying to their own families during the holiday season.


We meet Alex who is apparently Sonja’s social media intern. Sonja, who lies about things that she doesn’t need to lie about tells Luann that he has been with her for two years.  In reality, Sonja was advertising for a social media intern before the season even started. Maybe this one quit but he hasn’t been there for two years.  Now she claims that she has been wanting to make a line of Prosecco forever. Luann, who has been eviscerated a mere three weeks ago by Bethenny continues to stand on the side of reason and tell Sonja that this product is not a good idea and it really isn’t worth “being alienated from the girls”.  In other words, Bethenny has convinced the others not to film with Sonja until she drops the idea. This is the whole reason behind the back door machinations of her friends. She was told to drop it or lose her apple. #BlindItemRevealed Dorinda went along with freezing Sonja out.  Sonja claims she has quit drinking.

Luann tells Sonja that she is moving out because she has found her soulmate and they are probably getting married. Then she tells her it’s Tom.  Just like Ramona, Sonja has slept with Tom. Sonja is in disbelief.  Sonja says in her talking head that she just slept with Tom a few weeks ago and “she has been doing him forever.”  Something tells me this Tom guy has been rented for this storyline. I’m looking at you Luann.

RHONY Bethenny

Time for a SkinnyGirl Infomercial

Conveniently, on the day that Jules starts talking about troubles with her husband, this news story was leaked. Funny how that works.

So Bethenny wants to take everyone to Mexico to taste tequila for her new flavor. There is some debate over whether or not Sonja or Luann will be invited. Because Bethenny hates Sonja and Carole hates Luann.  Carole says she is not going if Luann is going. Bethenny says she doesn’t want Sonja there. Bethenny continues to shut out Sonja and Luann from filming.

Later, Carole shows up to Bethenny’s house.  Bethenny is on her bed and an intern brings in a breakfast tray or some array of Skinnygirl shit or something. She tells Carole to take off her shoes because she is one of those people. Bethenny took Carole and Adam to the Bahamas with her new married man she is dating for Christmas break.   That story was also immediately leaked to coincide with the show’s airing, replete with a plug for on of Fredrik’s properties. Bethenny is quick to point out this is the third vacation she has taken Carole on. Because that is what friends do. They brag on their acts of kindness.  Carole brags that she is never really in relationships deep enough to have to run away from them. Beth touches on the fact that the new guy wants to marry her and that would be too much.

RHONY Carole

We have to endure hearing Carole say the word kitten as a valley girl ten billion times as she tells Bethenny a long story about how losing this kitten made her realize that she had set her life up so that she could only love things that are temporarily in her life. It was excruciating to listen to and Bethenny’s face just glazes over immediately. I hate the scenes with these two.

Bethenny says she might get married again.

Rhony Sonja vitamins


Dorinda agrees to film with Sonja so they go to a nail salon. I have this personal issue with looking at film or photos of people’s fingernails.  Ew. It squicks me out.

Dorinda tells Sonja that Ramona has sold out to the mean girls. She also says that she and probably Luann are not going to be invited to the girls trip to Mexico because it has been scripted as a tequila thing for Bethenny.  It’s so hard to recap this show because there is what is really happening and what they are trying to pretend is happening Dorinda. Dorinda comes right out and says that if Sonja doesn’t give up “her brand” then she is essentially off the show.  This brand has nothing to do with Sonja other than her deal to advertise in on the show which she is doing every time she and anyone else say Tipsy Girl.  Sonja says the brand isn’t even hers it’s Peter’s and he has filed for the trademark and there is nothing she can do about it. Which is true. The liquor brand is currently suspended until they can complete their investigation. I just checked. And Bethenny filed under liquors first.  Click the link for all of that trademarking information.

Then there was a scene with Carole and Adam. I fast forwarded it.

RHONY Ramona


Ramona is pretending to have a hair extension company. You have to hand it to her. She has some sort of paid endorsement every season. This season it is hair extensions.

Luann tells Ramona she and Tom are in love and they are getting married. Ramona is not happy with this news. She immediately tells Luann that Tom calls his ex everyday and tells her that he loves her and he gave her a gold bracelet for Christmas.  Ramona is such a cunt. I really don’t believe any of this is real. Luann just gets shit on every week and smiles. This fake Tom situation must be the only way she could get a contract.


John and Dorinda meet Jules and Michael for dinner. Jules announces that she’s Asian. Who knew? Jules and Michael clearly fought the whole way there and Jules unloads on Dorinda about how he came home late, took a shower, then hit on the coat check girl at the restaurant. She is worried that she can’t find someone to keep the kids while they film in Mexico. She says Michael’s mom needs to come. He suggests her mom, who lives in Florida. She points out that her father is in the hospital and she is taking care of him, as if he doesn’t know this.  Jules hair is falling out due to stress. She says it is not a nutrition thing. MMMhmmm.  Micheal and John go outside so that Michael can call his sidepiece.

Dorinda gets wasted and gives weird marriage advice. It may have been snowing where they were.

Gif: T.Kyle RealityTVGifs on Tumblr

Gif: T.Kyle RealityTVGifs on Tumblr


Bethenny and Luann meet to try and make amends. Bethenny was late because she has not been able to stop bleeding. (in the female way)  She has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow.

Luann tells Bethenny that she and Tom are getting married. Bethenny mocks it in her talking heads horrifically. Bethenny is a bitch to her and then finally says, “I’m happy for you.”  The point of the scene was for Bethenny to decide to allow or not t allow Luann to film for the next week. But after Luann deflected all of her pot shots at her, she was annoyed that nothing landed. In her talking head she said, ” It doesn’t matter what I said. She wasn’t listening. She could not repeat anything I said back to her!”   I have a feeling this is a parenting technique she uses with Brynn.  Repeat what mommy said back to me!   Luann heard every insult she threw her way, she just didn’t give her the satisfaction of acknowledging it.

Luann moves right on to the purpose of the meeting. A contract negotiation. Now Bethenny has no reason not to invite Luann. She didn’t take any of her bait and she doesn’t know what to do. She tries to reinstigate nearly every fight since the Stone Age they have ever had. Luann does not engage. She tries to blame Carole. Luann does not engage. But she does ask Bethenny if Carole is her life partner now.  This irks Bethenny and she says yes. Bethenny starts talking about real friendships (the unspoken part is versus TV ones, but guess what Bethenny, you are on TV right now!).

Bethenny start ranting about how she wants it to be everyone’s trip, even though it is clear she think it is just hers. So Luann jumps in with “Yes, I would love to come, thank you!”  Point Countess.  Bethenny says she will have to talk to Carole. Luann reaffirms with “That sounds great, I look forward to the trip.”  She leaves making a joke about the bill. Bethenny makes a nasty talking head about the bill. Guess what? There is never a bill at a restaurant shooting. It’s all part of the promotion.

Next Week:  Bethenny has a health scare, the Mexico trip probably gets cancelled, Ramona screams at Sonja, Jules has more problems and Carole loses her filming partner. I fear the rest of the season will be gathering around Bethenny playing nursemaid.


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100 responses to “Real Housewives of New York Recap: The Bethenny Show Has Moved To Bravo!

  1. Sal

    Felt like Luann may have been a little hopped up on something during the meeting with Bethenny. I usually just feel this way about Sonja and Ramona. Maybe she’s just in love? I enjoyed reading TT’s take on the their conversation. Luann definitely didn’t engage so maybe being teflon was her angle and she wasn’t imbibing anything out of the ordinary?

    I hate that Sonja and Luann were excluded from Mexico invite. Why in the hell is Ramona turning her back on Sonja? ughh!!! I imagine Bethenny and Carole are getting a TON of backlash on social media and I’m normally a huge fan of Beth!

  2. bluesuedeshoe

    Whether Tom is rented or not, I support LuAnn’s leaving Sonya domain. Just too many firecrackers in one box there. I do pray for Sonja, I hate to watch women both fame hungry and alcohol addicted. It’s an awful look over time, and Sonja desperately needs real caring friends and an intervention. She’s not a bad person, and if rehab is successful, she’ll be much more focused and a better role model to her only child.

    Who knows, she might just run a successful business. And I would be thrilled for her.

  3. bella

    I can’t watch the Bethenny Show anymore. Honestly, I could barely even read your recap, and I usually love your recaps. I think I’m just totally over this mess.

  4. T D

    Love the matching chunky sweathers. Bethenny and Carol styled by Jax and acting like Stassi.

    • Yes TD I’ve noticed the matching sweaters to. This made me laugh. I feel for Jules, when your kids are that small the stress from it all is to much sometimes, especially when you try to do it without your partner. I hope she can find happiness again with a new partner if she wants one. I think I would take time off and be alone, but that’s just me.

  5. J stone

    We need Jill Zarin back to serve The B a piece of humble pie!!

    • Good Lord, I never thought I would say this, but I agree: Bring Jill Zaaarin (or Krazy Kelly) back! Bethenny is absolutely insufferable, bitter, & basically a bad person. I’m so over her. I actually miss JZ!

      • BroMo90

        Bethenny has turned into Jill 2.0. Bragging about things (taking Carol on trips) and trying to keep people from filming with others. I remember at one of the reunions when she scolded Jill because Jill told Ramona and Alex not to film with her. Bethenny complained that she didn’t have Bobby to take care of her and the show was how she made money. Who the hell is taking care of Sonja? I always liked Bethenny but success has turned her into an ugly person.

      • J stone

        Me too Steph

      • I don’t think we are THAT desperate. I hope not. My ears cannot handle the Zarin squeal “BAAUBBYYY! The women are picking on me, Baubby! Bethany is richer than us now Baubby!”

  6. GirlMe

    I can’t believe being a former single poor person that Bethenny would mess with another single woman’s money like that. Not cool!

    Money has made her pretty intolerable. I used to love her now I’m so irked by her current power trip of making 50 year old women gravel. Maybe we are witnessing what Jason got to see. Not pretty.

  7. Briannatozer16

    Lmao what an awkward episode for Jules and Mike … !! He was clearly facetiming his side chick I guess that’s his idea of date night lol but Jules and that attitude “your mom needs to step up to the plate” .. Oh hell no.

    I also had to tweet Bethenny to ask her wtf she was on at dorinda’s house if she thought Lu was on CM when they met up.

    Romona is so classless it’s disturbing. Why did Bethenny and her make such a big deal about Tom if he’s still in love w his ex!? That lie had more holes then a pair of sonja’s pantyhose!

  8. ZenJen55

    Wonder what happened to Ramona’s business she had in S1? I thought it was an actual legitimate business. It had something to do with buying and reselling clothes.

    Yes bring JZ back! Money has changed Bethany and not in a good way. Every week she loses more fans. I’d love for a little Alex and Simon relief. I bet those boys are still a handful!

  9. Minky

    “She tries to blame Carol” I knew that would happen eventually. Well done Luanne. Kill her with kindness.

    But let me get this straight: Bethenny was basically trying to eliminate Luanne and Sonja from the show and all the Wives are supporting that?

    And the verbal assault Bethenny did to Luanne was an attempt to get Luanne to lose her mind and engage in a fight with Bethenny that could have been used as an excuse for Luanne’s dismissal? Am I seeing that right?

    And while Bethenny’s issue with Sonja officially is “Tipsy Girl”, Bethenny is also using that to try to get rid of Sonja?

    Why is she able to do all of these things? And don’t tell me it’s just because she’s friends with Andy. Luanne and Sonja could totally sue and claim that Bethenny was targeting them and creating a hostile work environment.

    If Bethnenny has been given some kind of control over her cast mates, then she’s definitely not using it wisely. She’s just making a damn mess.

    • Dracla Dunning

      Bethenny reverts to the tactics that have proven successful in the past..remember the entire season when she was squabbling with Jill? Jill was eventually “iced” out and was not invited to the Scary Island vacation Ramona hosted. Even when Jill showed up, due to the discomfort of Bethenny, Jill was encouraged to not join the group and leave. The end result was the termination of Jill. Bobby knew the score. Bethenny is gunning again. The whole point is power and control something she probably lacks in a boardroom. Men would shut her down in a heartbeat if she ranted at them like she does her coworkers.
      Obviously Bethenny has big boys running her business because this type of petty behavior in a boardroom would sink her ship.
      Bethenny has succeeded in becoming more disliked than Jill in a single season.

      • Minky

        I can see what your saying Dracla. But if Bethenny lacks power in other places, like perhaps the boardroom, she certainly doesn’t lack power on this show. She seems to be the alpha of this pack.

        If what you’re saying about her icing methods is true, and she’s using those methods to ice two birds with one icicle, then why Luanne and Sonja? Why not Ramona, who’s arguably a much bigger threat to Bethenny than Luanne. And Sonja’s just a non-factor.

        And is Bethenny’s behavior with Sonja and Luanne also a warning to the others where she’s showing her might and saying “Yeah, look at me. This is what I can do. Try and stop me!”

  10. Xxxx

    Well the B said it. HER company represents responsible drinking. Then what the F*** is she doing on a housewives show???!!! Nobody can drink too much or else it’s gonna piss her off and not be conducive to her company. When I thought years ago that this B*** was just a B**^. Now she is just an intolerable self righteous C**!! Somebody must’ve died to make this B*** run the whole show and break the whole cast apart. She is the most depressed unhappy self loathing hypocritical mean cold hearted relentless psycho raging thing I’ve ever seen and I don’t like how she’s trying to take a turn with everyone on the cast at taking them down as she’s ALWAYS done. Except for that suppository Carol. This season and last was and is the most completely depressing. Oh my gosh, I don’t like the way ive been talking. Oh my gosh. But I meant every word.

    • kkbella

      That statement on the side about her company represents responsible drinking is such BULLSHIT, and I fumed on it all evening. It slid under the radar, but for fuckssake, anything owned by Brown Foreman, or Beam, or whomever bought her out, relies on us drinkers/drunks. WTF. She doesn’t represent anything but quasi anorexic processed snack food now.

      The mean girl duo of Carole and Bethany, that leave early, cut on the hostess, environment and food, then IGNORE people (talk among yourselves ladies…I mean schoolgirls) at parties, NEED TO BE STRUNG UP AND SPRAYED WITH SILLY STRING… Put Andy with them- only he can be burned at the stake. This whole layout/platform is wrong, and crap. There is NO DEFENSE at the reunion. I don’t want to hear it. Nasty women.

      • Sal

        kkbella: I heart your response Strung up and sprayed with silly string is perfect. bwwahahaha

      • T D

        That asshole’s company represents an unhealthy body image. Scrawny girl’s obsession with weight is the foundation of her empire. Nice way to brand .Similar to cattle leaving a permanent scar.

  11. When did Bethenny turn into such a Grade A bitch? Is she on some kind of evil upper? The speed at which she talks and the rapid fire way the insults come out of her mouth is hard to keep up with. I enjoyed her last season but this year it’s all I can do to keep watching as she spits venom at her castmates. Damn, that woman is full of anger – can’t think of any other Housewife who comes close – even Tamara on RHOC isn’t as hateful as Bethenny. She needs to go back under whatever slimy rock she crawled out from – and FAST! Great recap again, by the way, Tamara. You pick up on things that go completely over my aging head.

    • Bethany reminds me of Don Rickles, but meaner.

    • Minky

      Yup. She’s out-shat even the abominable Tamra. And the thing is, when we see Tamra doing her thing in the OC it’s obvious that she behaves that way because she has no power and she’s trying to muscle into a position of advantage. But Bethenny already has an advantage over everyone around her on the show. Usually people with power don’t have to prove it after they’ve achieved a certain status. The captain of a ship is the one who never gets out of his chair.

    • YES EnglishRose! Remember when Kelly Bensimon said on Scary Island that Bethenny’s mouth was filled with knives? ITS TRUE! She’s full of sharp vitriol & anger. Who would have thought Kelly made sense in retrospect?

    • Sal

      agree, evil upper. I am convinced about 50 of the RH are loaded on something other than the usual suspects. My guess is adderall, John is definitely coke.

  12. Puddy

    Bethenny’s power over who can film and not, and the cast members resultant obeisance to Bethenny, has created a chilling effect that has rendered the show boring and grey. Not much interested in watching anymore.

    • I’m more and more disappointed in dorinda a Jules, come on women aren’t you strong enough to say, that’s being mean? If u don’t protect ur neighbor then your neighbor may not be around to protect you!

  13. Lucille

    I cannot handle Carol this season. Its almost as if Heather kept her in check. I miss Heather. B and C are ‘mean girls’ Not a nice look and the other girls are crawling up their a-holes. Sidelining any cast member is awful. And who made D the voice of reason. She drinks just as much as all the other girls, less Jules.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I never minded Carole much but her and Bethenny together are a nightmare.

      • Minky

        I liked Carol before. And then she started showing her true colors. She’s always been passive aggressive, and if she does attempt to go at it with someone she throws weak, pathetic jabs that make no sense when you really think about what she’s said. All talk and no trousers.

        She’s hated Luanne since she first got on the show, but rather than deal with her openly she just sits there like an idiot, smiling uncomfortably. Luanne’s not perfect, but she’s approachable and you can talk to her. A lot of the others throw rocks and then hide their hands (I’m looking at you Ramona. And Carole!)

        I miss Heather. She truly was the level headed one of this bunch. Holla!

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I did enjoy Heather and Carole when they were together. Heather got on my nerves last season though. I think the problem this season is that nobody has as strong a personality as Bethenny and she is just mowing everyone else down. They need one or two other strong personalities on there. Heather was one but it seemed like she was a bit of a sore loser when it came to Bethenny. I enjoyed seeing Heather and Bethenny getting along at the end of the season though.

  14. sandra

    I thought Carole and Adam live together, but they were at Adam’s apartment.

  15. Lori in NYC

    Poor Jules…..Her husband is a total tool. Hello? You are on reality television….did you not think your affair(s) would be outed? Guess that’s why he filed for a divorce before these episodes aired. I actually hate her schtick about being a Jew and an Asian but I feel terrible for her. My advice to her is to “GET EVERYTHING”, gain 20 pounds and go find a better husband!

  16. Round 2, Ding ding, on my scorecard Luann won with great defense as she deflected ALL body punches and uppercuts thrown by Bethenny.

    In my entire life I have probably never seen someone diffuse a situation so effortlessly and smooth. She is a slick one I tell ya! And to invite herself to a trip in the same convo with her archenemy I need to take lessons from this woman. No one in the history of ALL Housewives has ever avoided conflict and arguing like this woman did the past 2 weeks. Seriously if I had handled things so well, I would probably have more friends! Even if you don’t like LuAnn, you have to give her major props for this. And Bethenny was at a loss how to proceed after her evil plan was foiled. Which makes this even more enjoyable, because B has become insufferable, she has no more funny one liners to deliver, just mean girl tactics. God don’t like ugly B!

    There is something different about Sonja this season, appearance wise. I’ve always thought she was pretty, but something in her face is different and not in a positive way. Maybe no hair extentions, I don’t know somebody help me here, Maybe less fillers, not as much eye makeup, maybe no makeup artist before shoots, but something is off. I think Ramona looks better this year than others. Luann great, B needs a better hair stylist, Dorinda great, except she is not a fun drunk, and is over served often. Carol’s hair color is better, but her makeup not so much. Jules looks pretty good as well, nothing a few burgers couldn’t cure.

    I really hope Jules eating disorder doesn’t resurface with the news of her hubby filing. When your relationship is imploding, you lose your appetite as it is. Poor thing. I had a thought. I don’t mean to stereotype, but, I have known several short mean to cheat. They seem to suffer from insecurities associated with their height, I’ve had 2 men shorter than me and they both cheated on me, and seen many a girlfriend with the same outcome. Coincidence?! Maybe. Michael came across as a huge douche last night. A man who sits behind a desk all day, doesn’t need a shower before dinner unless he went to the gym, or had to wash the sex off of him. He was definitely facetiming. That was not a Hedge fund client call.

  17. JustJenn

    Luann is a much better person than I, because I would have cunt punted Bethenny. And yikes at the pictures above of Carole and Bethenny..the misery and starving is really starting to show.

    • Pantaloons

      Yea…. I think T made sure to find unflattering photos of those two. Well done. Especially B pic.
      I can’t believe B is making a huge deal about her fibroids. Cynthia handle her ordeal like a boss!
      Maybe someone should call a whaaaambulance. Whaawhaawhaawhaaa

  18. BroMo90

    Ramona and her hair extension company made me laugh. Did no one else notice her tracks showing at her holiday party? haha I have a screenshot of it. It was amazing.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I noticed, BroMo! Hahaha! Her hair has been looking great as of late, but jeez, if the Kardashians can manage to keep their tracks hidden so can Ramona.

  19. Shae

    I’m sorry, shit does not add up about Tom. He dated Ramona, however many times, he did. He slept with Sonja for a duration of time. Those two facts alone would be more than enough to put me off dating him let alone marrying him.

    He wants to marry after just a few weeks? Red flag. He sends jewelry “gifts” to exes? Really Luann? I get still having an ex in your life as a friend, especially if you have kids together, but you don’t send them jewelry at the holidays when you have a partner of your own. That is just not kosher and disrespectful to your partner. But Luann is just brushing all this off.

    We did see a lot of indicators on this episode that Jules’ husband is a real POS. If your father is law is deathly ill, you should be helping your wife out not the other way around, bitching her out because you’re inept at childcare and running a household. What a horrible way to treat your already stressed out wife. I really didn’t like Jules at first, she has grown on me a bit, but I def do feel badly for her.

    Bethenny finally talked about her man, which I see no problem with being separated, as she is. Why can’t two separated people date? She has said she isn’t “friends” with his ex wife, they just went to the same high school together 30 some odd years ago. That changes the story for me. It would be very wrong in my eyes to snatch a friend’s husband, even if they were separated and you did speak to her about it. Still wrong, still not ok, but I see no reason why she can’t date the guy because she went to school with his ex wife decades ago.

    I do think Carole needs to suck it up and stop asking Bethenny to exclude Luann on her behalf. You’re on the show together, you don’t like her, I get it, but throwing everything into chaos about inviting/uninviting people, etc. to suit you is just too much. Luann can go and Carole should just grow up and keep her distance.

  20. Nila

    So if Ramona has this info does that mean she is friend’s with Tom’s ex and therefore had dated a girl friend’s boyfriend? Hmm..

    I am so over Bethanny, Skinny Girl and Carole. I think Bethanny is doing more harm to her business then Sonja ever could because watching her makes me want to revolt against anything Skinny Girl.

  21. SLM

    On point as always, TT!

    Last night’s scenes with Jules and her husband Co firmed what I thought even before the announcement. That man’s been checked out of that marriage for awhile, he just didn’t want hassle of a divorce. I truly also believe Jules was blindsided….I don’t intend for this to sound mean, but she doesn’t seem like a particularly observant person. That’s not a dig – some people are a tad oblivious by nature. She also seems a bit like someone who never really became an adult. Maybe this will be her moment.

    I want to stop hearing Bethenny’s voice. For the rest of the season. Maybe forever.

    • Sal

      agreed on Jules not being observant. She couldn’t figure how to boil water for tea in one of the earlier episodes. coupled with someone who works inside the home and doesn’t know how to make a pot of coffee. WTF.

      • kendrawm

        I can let her slide on the coffee, I am not a coffee drinker and when I have to make it it is either way too weak or way to strong. I can never get the right amount of scoops to water.

    • Rosesandgin

      I really was astounded by Carole’s behavior. “Well if Luann is coming, I’m not coming…” I literally think the last time I heard such a childish thing was in elementary school. Despite what seemed like an initially very put together woman, some how she now comes off as petty and unlikable. And this is all over nothing (I obviously see Adam as someone who won’t be around for all that much longer)! The fact that she won’t let it go says more about her than it ever could about Luann.

      And I really have to give credit where credit is due with Luann. She is playing the game with skill, and I like her more and more with each passing episode. Sadly, I have to say the opposite for Bethhany. I get that she’s a shoot from the hip type person, but now she’s just cold and heartless. She no longer holds the high ground here, Luann does. And I can’t imagine she likes that very much. But I do wish her the best with her new relationship. But I had to giggle when I imagined what Luann must have said when she discovered Bethhany was with a married man.

      And finally, poor poor Jules. There was no other way to take him off in the corner either taking selfies of Facetiming the entire dinner. Very sad. I hope she moves on quickly and finds happiness.

  22. Amy


    Never thought I’d say that.

    Also, Grandma Carol calling herself a girl. Lmao. (A vegan and a junk food addicted girl book) :))

  23. Crazydoesit

    I haven’t watched this show in several years. I read this post because I have been seeing Bethanny’s name in a lot of blogs lately. She has become insufferable.

  24. Butters

    I find it hard to think Tom is a rental. I only say that because I’ve seen Luann and Tom out and about together as a couple with no cameras. They have a few midtown bars in their rotation one of them being The Wayfarer on 57th. I’m honestly indifferent. I’m just glad Luann is not the fake stuffy countess we saw in seasons past. This seems more like the real her.

  25. Remember the scene with Kelly b and Bethany? Kelly says I’m up here and your down here, IMO Bethany is doing the very same thing with all if the women! I have all the power, you all are stupid! The cruelty of Bethany and Ramona is palatable, I couldn’t even watch the rest of the show, and will try and avoid in future!
    It’s now a show about, who can I hurt the most! If that’s what their real life is like, or the life they think the audience wants to see, no thanks!

  26. Elizabeth

    Luann is soooo odd the giggling is out of contol! Ramona on the spectrum. Carol is so boring. Bethenney I’m sorry is cool, these women would def. bring out the worst in me and anyone! Dorinda holy drunk!

  27. Interesting that long after her bonafide Countess days are behind her, Luann is displaying a truly admirable level of class in the face of wave after wave of Bethenny’s verbal siege. She is rock solid, unflappable. Forget table manners – I’d pay good money to learn (or have my daughter learn) how to maintain Luann’s level of social zen. That shows a strength of character I truly admire, and I marvel at how she does it.

  28. Johanna

    Does anyone remember in season 2 Bethenny and Luann met for lunch and B mentioned how she had met someone and Luann was telling her how to lean in and speak softly to reel him in and then went on a tangent about men being turned off by being “too equal” with women? It was so absurd, Bethenny expression was amazing and her TH was gold. Compare that with her convo with Luann last night. Bethenny is a totally different person now and it is NOT a good look. I don’t think I’ll be watching any more present day…going to stick to TT’s recaps for the rest of the season

    • Minky

      Yeah, I remember Bethenny going over to Luanne’s house, while she was still married to The Count, and Luanne even had her maid give Bethenny relationship advice. So Bethenny and Luanne have been friendly in the past. What happened? I don’t know.

  29. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    I’m pretty ride or die for Bethenny, and I don’t think her rant at Luann (at Dorinda’s) was *that* bad, as everyone else seems to think. I”m more inclined to think where there’s smoke there’s fire, rather than that there’s some conspiracy, and all the ladies are ascared of Bethenny. I think they are probably all pretty annoyed with Luann for exactly the reasons Bethenny said and that’s why none of them have really come to her defense. Luann’s a narcissist with a very fragile ego and she needs to present a certain image of herself, and have others validate that image, and that’s annoying to people who can see how she really lives and how she lies about who she is. When you watch that for years and years and someone finally says something, you might have a reaction just like Ramona’s.

    That being said, The Bethenny Show is BOOOORING. RHONY is my fave along with Beverly Hills but it’s fast becoming repetitive and way too singularly focused on Bethenny’s issues. And Bethenny and Carole together are pretty insufferable.

    • Elizabeth

      I totally agree with you about Luanne! When there is smoke there is fire!

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Right? There’s gotta be a reason people have been saying this about her for a couple seasons now, not just Bethenny. I’m not saying Luann’s a bad person. But we all know that girl who can only feel good about herself if she’s “stolen” a man from another woman. When they showed her running off with whatsisname that Sonja was dating (Aviva’s ex) I didn’t really believe it happened the way it was portrayed and thought it was editing. But apparently this is a regular thing for Luann. People should not be upset with her for this? I don’t condone the way Bethenny went off on her, but Luann’s no angel.

      • …but who tf (the fuck) cares? I don’t get why it would make Bethenny so mad..besides the fact she’s jealous. I mean..I’m not a Luann fan. I find her mannerisms odd and the things she says are awkward so it must make women kind of envious that she get’s all these guys. If I can’t stand someone I could care less if they get a lot of D(ick)..That’s none of my business so it shouldn’t be Carole’s, Bethenny’s or Ramona’s.

        The nerve of Bethenny to scream “WHAT MARRIED MAN HAVE I SLEPT WITH”? Then, her current fluff just happens to not even be divorced yet..Bethenny put the “i” in hypocrite.

      • C.Austin

        Bethenny doesn’t care about what a slut, attention seeking whore with low self esteem Luanne is. Luanne has been annoying Bethenny since season 2. She’s a hypocrite and someone called her out on it big deal. Poor baby. If you can take the heat, stop lying and sleeping around on national television.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Who the fuck cares? Wouldn’t it annoy you if you were getting along with a guy, things seemed to be going somewhere….and here’s Luann, just like so many people have told you she does, trying to move in so she can boost her own ego. It was funny when Ramona did it to Bethenny and Carole because it happened once. At some point that behavior becomes not-funny, when it’s a recurring pattern. I suspect a situation like that happened between Bethenny and Luann that’s not being spoken about. And if it really happened the way it was portrayed between Sonja and Luann a few seasons back, with Luann jumping in the car of that guy Sonja had been trying to net for ages, Sonja should not have been upset or hurt by that? When you’ve noticed it’s a pattern of behavior for someone?

        Since when is ANYONE giving a shit that Luann “gets a lot of dick”? Literally nobody cares how much dick Luann is getting. It’s HOW she gets it and that she lies about it. I didn’t say anything about Luann getting “a lot of dick”.

      • Obviously you missed the point where none of them were actually getting their information from first-hand experiences. It’s really more “My girlfriend told me” rumor BS that friends like Ramona and Bethenny feed off of. That Mean Girl mentality isn’t how the real world actually works. We all know, now, Tom has been planted on the show. Dorinda said she set those two up ..if you read any of TT’s blogs you would know these examples of Luann’s behavior that Ramona so kindly pointed out in her blog post have happened like twice over the last 8 years lol (and one allegation turned out to be a fake story). So this man stealing Dutchess is really on a roll (sarcasm). They have all shown evidence of breaking “the girl code”. Trying to make someone feel guilty because “she has a reputation” but that no one can give actual examples of is so entertaining. If Sonja was so damaged by that 1 time then why is Sonja Luann’s roommate? The only person that seems to have a problem with it is Bethenny who happens to be the only person fucking a married man?

        1. Ramona in Turks and Caicos
        2. Carole inside of LUANN’s LUANN’s party
        3. Bethenny dating someone that’s still married and while she’s still legally married (she cheated on her first husband)
        4. Sonja – is Sonja

        They need to lay it to rest…Luann is getting married and told Bethenny but B was still a complete Bitch by not inviting her on the trip bc of Carole’s feelings. I love how Carole tried it with Dorinda (for the house party) but Miss Medley shut that shit down. Carole and Bethenny are on a war-path and Luann is in the way. That’s it. I see no real merit in their hatred for her..

        Oh! Carole has been talking shit about Luann since her first season. Ya know when they were friends together but Carole made fun of her and put Lu down in her talking heads. Luann is just the person that’s being iced out this season. It has nothing to do w who she takes home.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Oh please, Carole and Luann were NOT friends the first season. Why is Bethenny “jealous” of a woman in a fake relationship? And how does it matter that Bethenny is in a relationship with a man separated from his wife, but it doesn’t matter that Luann has one night stands with men in (presumably) active marriages? And obviously Sonja is over whatever happened but your point was “who the fuck cares” who Luann sleeps with. Well sometimes it matters. I’m not talking about any “girl code” BS, just having basic respect for fellow humans. Which I think in some ways Luann lacks, and I can see why that would annoy others.

      • Briannatozer16

        So what is Bethenny every time she walks into a room? She lacks basic respect for fellow humans also. Degrading Jules’ home degrading Dorinda’s bf, degrading Jules’ appearance and then leaving without even saying bye to the hostes and thanking them for letting you inside of their home (only to talk shit about it) The list goes on. Yes, sure she’s honest but tacky, and gives her 2 cents even when people don’t ask. She’s always been my favorite bc she’s funny, like really funny, but getting that mad over rumors about someone is definitely uncalled for. Unless something happened between the time she wanted to make up with Luann (and Lu gave her that handbag) and Dorinda’s house? In my opinion Bethenny just wanted to make Lu feel like shit for saying she came up with Skinny Girl. Bethenny’s goal was to make her feel like scum and screaming “you’re a slut” “you fuck everybody” was her way of doing that.

      • Lord at all the errors n that lol. Sry i was ranting.

    • Sal

      agreed yoya! very eloquently written.

      • Shae

        Such a pet peeve of mine when people assume anger and irritation must come from jealousy. Lots of people get under my skin and make me flaming mad, and none of it stems from me being jealous, I just get infuriated by idiots and the ill-mannered lol

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Thanks Sal!

  30. Jane

    It’s probably the succubus trying to break out of Bethany’s uterus. Sonja trademarked it.

  31. Lolo

    One more thing. .
    I think there is a lot of coke running around these franchise’s. …definitely NY, and perhaps Southern Charm as well. So eighties! !

    • Sal

      Lolo is talking about your Thomas!!! god that dinner party was awful!

      • Lolo

        Yeeeeessss Sal. …but I think Shep maybe too…actually all the guys!!!!.. and Kathryn just failed a court ordered drug test week..
        Hmmmmmm….it’s still chic in old Southern money circles…doesn’t have the stigma of “other” drugs…that, and old school downers with a few martini’s. my grandmother would say…my nerve pills!!!Hahaha. .let’s just.hope Kathryn didn’t while pregnant! !=

  32. Lindsay

    Wait. Jules is Asian?

    • Minky

      Uh huh. And I just found out that she’s also Jewish! It’s a crying shame too. Jules was trying so hard to keep all of that a secret, but somehow the fart flew.

      Just like when Carole didn’t want anyone to know that she’s a princess.

    • Sal

      bwaaahaha. she loves the fanny pack. Sorry for all the posting tonight guys. Three glasses into a bottle of vino.

  33. Sosueme

    Jules has no problem finding her words when she’s pissed. I enjoyed her at dinner.

  34. Gretchen

    This recap killed it. Spot on.

  35. FLo

    So who is the girl Carol writes about in the vegan cook book?

  36. Gapeachinsc

    Bethenny may have changed over the seasons – success changes a lot of people. I’ve seen it happen more times than not. There are so many reasons why it happens. It can be incredibly hard to stay grounded. From what I’ve observed in life when one becomes successful to the degree of Beth’s success there is a tendency to “outgrow ” ones previous set of circumstances. The further one is removed and immersed in the newer circumstances the easier it is to forget who one used to be, how they used to feel…and the responsibility one has to others in their new realm is often huge. Too much is at stake to lose. I’m probably not explaining this correctly, but I think this is what happened to Bethanny. She has probably always been a handful but she has exchanged one set of qualities of another.

  37. Lolo

    Was Carole a man once???.. Please. ..someone answer me…the high neck clothing, the choker necklaces, the manly body. Is it just me, or is she so strange looking….and a shot load of plastic surgery since last season. I actually have to turn away when they do a close up…so scary…I think they are all on Adderall

    • Briannatozer16

      I swear I’ve thought the same thing ever since her first season. She even looked a bit off in her old wedding photo (awful I know) .. But idk… Maybe she’s just self conscious of her neck area.

    • Sal

      there is no way all these biatches are this skinny and jacked without some help from uppers.

  38. BeetsWhy

    Luann and the hair extension guy…she was awful with her head moves! Meg Ryan dude couldn’t keep up with her head flailing, so RUDE! especially for the Countess of etiquette.

  39. Dracla Dunning

    Minky, Sonja and LuAnne are expendable. Andy will let Bethenney be the heavy and allow her to weild some power and make the conflict a part of the season. LuAnne has already been demoted once. Sonja’s storyline is tired and old. Ramona smells blood in the water and is putting distance between her and those two. Why not Ramona? The Ramonacoaster affect.
    IMO Bethenney has never cared for LuAnne and Bethenney carries a grudge for a long time. It is possible something has happened off camera that we don’t know about. These women run in the same circles and fish in the same pond, although I never suspected Bethenney of having the same taste in men as the others. Maybe she is protecting what she has.
    Men seem to be a commodity in the UES. I wouldn’t trust LuAnne around a man I cared for just judging from what I have seen of her behavior throughout the years. She plays dirty. All women know how to get a man to leave a party with them…most just don’t do it. Men are easy. Even some men who are with a woman.
    Anyway, I feel Bethenney is doing what she is doing because she has been given the green light by Andy and she has a lot of resentment towards the two most sexually active women on the show. Pay back time. Bethenney has never struck me as a sexual creature. In fact just the opposite…very asexual. Her inner demons are raising their ugly head because she is physically drying up and she has yet to get a grip on that situation. That’s life. So far she has not handled it well.

  40. Interesting theory(s). I personally don’t understand Luanne’s “sex appeal,” bless her heart, but she certainly knows how to get a man into her bed. You may be right about Bethany being asexual. I suppose she’s too angry and bitter to be horny. She spent her whole life trying to get rich and now she has more money than God and she’s still angry. I’d feel bad for her if she wasn’t such a cuntsatchel. What is the point in having all that money if she is going to be so miserable? I want to shake her and say “Smile, Woman !! For God’s sake, you’re rich and you have a beautiful daughter. Be happy!”

  41. GillianFirst

    Has anyone noticed the quality of Carol’s blogs have completely degraded? It used to be that they were witty and cohesive… Now it’s outdated slang used awkwardly with poor narrative progression. It’s also just one long bash of Luann. She is STILL talking about how she told Luann about Adam and the niece and blah blah. Carol’s situation is an interesting case; someone who was a classy, well-off writer and spiraled while in the throes of a reality show.

  42. Bee

    Call me crazy, but I get B’s irritation w Luann. That woman doesn’t listen, doesn’t have empathy for anyone but herself, doesn’t care who she steps on as long as she gets something out of it. She is never wrong or responsible for her annoying actions and it irks the fool out of me. I’m not condoning B’s behavior, but at least she acknowoledges her faults, apologizes soon after & shows remorse…on her own. Luann can’t and doesn’t do that. When Jules is sad abt her dad being in the hospital, all Lu can talk abt is herself. Then at the bar, B is saying that she doesn’t feel well and selfish Lu pushes her to make her stay and talk abt the Mexico trip. No sensitivity I tell you…it’s all abt Luann! I am not saying that B is perfect by any means, but dang Luann is full of herself. Really can’t stand to watch her. She’s not as Cool as she thinks she is. Blach!

  43. T D

    The flagellum master should try it on herself. She’s in dire need of a spiritual ass whuppin’.

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