Kathryn Dennis Hoped For a Different Season Of Southern Charm

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Kathryn Dennis is back after filming the reunion episode in NYC.  She shared on Facebook her thoughts on what might have been portrayed on this season.

#‎SouthernCharm‬ chose not to air this and they should have. This clip shows my attempt to remind those around us of what we should be doing: coming together for the good. “Next to the Blessed Sacrament itself, your neighbour is the holiest object presented to your senses. If he is your Christian neighbour, he is holy in almost the same way, for in him also Christ vere latitat–the glorifier and the glorified, Glory Himself, is truly hidden.” C.S. Lewis

The quote comes from a book that Kathryn was reading on the plane by C.S. Lewis entitled Made for Heaven. It’s a posthumous publication that draws from several of Lewis’ works. In the narrative the reader is introduced to a variety of characters and it eventually becomes evident that they are not in Heaven because they have held on to earthly feelings of resentments towards others.

Perhaps out beautiful, flawed starlet is doing some soul searching and turning to her faith to bring here through these difficult times.

Click through for unseen footage from this season that shows Kathryn in a different light. Bonus Points: K. Cooper Ray !


The video of an unaired scene that shows Kathryn’s positive side as she chairs her first charity event  seems to be Kathryn letting us know that many positive things were edited out. It’s interesting to not that Landon and Cameran and JD and Elizabeth are there apparently hostages of their contracts.

It’s also interesting to note that yet another positive scene between Kathryn and Thomas  was filmed but that we did not see.

Kind of like we didn’t see the hookup between Landon and Thomas during this season. Yet at the beginning of the season, Shep and Craig both outed on WWHL.  It seems like we are all supposed to forget about that. That scene with Patti telling Landon to go for Thomas was probably VERY out of sequence and happened very early in filming. Both Patti scenes were put in so that she would get a pay check for the episode and had no real connection to the episode whatsoever. Patti must need the money.

I would imagine there could have been an entirely different season put together here. The first few episode really were set up to make Landon look as bad as possible. It’s almost as if someone changes the editing to make whoever Thomas is screwing at the moment the villain

Just my observation.


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35 responses to “Kathryn Dennis Hoped For a Different Season Of Southern Charm

  1. NeverBeenJaxed

    I feel terrible for Kathryn. I wasn’t really a fan of hers on S1 but during S2 she grew on me. Motherhood is a good look for her. I also think her castmates forget that she is still very young. When I had my first child I was also very young, 23, and I remember feeling like a psychopath half the time because of the hormones raging through my body. It was very overwhelming. I can also relate to her relationship being on again/off again and very tumultuous with the baby’s father. I was also a young, single mom but I wasn’t independently wealthy or have family money so I had to work to support my little family. It was not easy.

    That being said, I can empathize with her situation and wish that she had a little more support. I’m really not digging #BitchyBarbie Cameran this season. I get that she’s happily married and all but her Holier-Than-Thou attitude is infuriating.

    I hope it all works out for the best for Kathryn. She hasn’t done anything so horrific as to keep her from her children. That really just sucks and my heart breaks for her.

  2. Gapeachinsc

    I think it was Neitzche that said something to the effect that what doesn’t kill us will make us stronger. I think Kathryn will be just fine and will rise far above the others, Thomas included.

  3. Bee

    I agree. She has far more substance than Old Patti and her minions. Glad she’s got Cooper Ray and Jennifer Snowden in her corner. I think considering all she’s been thru in 3 years, she’s handled it pretty well! Having immatute, narcissistic, skirt-chasing TR to deal with would have done me in!

  4. Puddy

    CS Lewis is not reading for intellectual lightweights, and Kathryn’s reading him speaks volumes about who Kathryn is – God bless her. Of course, reading CS Lewis would be considered socially tone deaf to a nouveau riche country club preppy social climber like Patti. Whitney looks like a blushing bride in his instagram photo with Thomas – positively giddy. Yes- Whitney deliberately edited out all of the positive footage of Kathryn. Yes- these evil gnomes set her up for failure and wanted to see her destroyed. And yes – they think they have done it – but, God willing, no — they have not! There is a God and he sees all and I believe and trust that Whitney and his fame-whore sychophants and Thomas will all be ensnared in their own webs and be confounded and put to shame, turned back and brought to confusion for devising Kathryn’s hurt – causing such pain and wounding to the heart of a young mother with their evil plotting and disgusting bullying. SHAME ON Patti, Whitney, Cameran, Landon, and anyone who sided with them in mobbing this young mother. Kathryn – get an agent, a top modeling contract, write a book that exposes everything, sell the TV – Movie rights, and become an anti-bullying champion. Oh, and take a few acting classes because no one has your stage presence and I would love to see you in anything by Noel Coward. I love “Mere Christianity” by CS Lewis, but this crowd deserves an Old Testament comeuppins. And, speaking of CS Lewis – yes – Craig has to stop eating that Turkish Delight, the witch’s power must be defeated, and K Cooper Ray does look a bit like Aslan!

  5. Jackson

    The video clip is not available in Canada.😞.

  6. Greenwood

    Holy Cow, what is that girl made of…stainless steel?? She marched herself up there and faced that firing squad of assassins, including her babydaddy, who has possession of her two tiny children…one of whom is only 7 months old and so tiny! I couldn’t have done that in a million years. And she published threats and selfies along the way. I can’t believe it. I think she has many flaws and many secrets, but I want to see her turn the tables on all those bastards, take all their money, and then then rub their noses in it. So it’s just Wednesday, you know? And she is very young.

  7. ZenJen55

    Whitney is jealous of Kathryn’s fan base. He knows the audience isn’t loving Mama Patti. No matter how he edits it, we know how these shows operate. I believe Kathryn attended USC.

    Hooray Kooper Ray! What a breath of fresh air he brings!

  8. GillianFirst

    Kathryn is currently my fav reality star, I could watch her on a seperate show even

  9. JoJoFLL

    I still think there is a lot of love between Katheryn and Thomas.

  10. RealityCheck

    Every post this site refuses to post is being tracked and will be compiled into a separate blog showing your blatent bias/inequity.

    • tamaratattles

      Classic Window Licker comment. Boo hoo! I think you are a cunt because I can’t comment on this site. Please fuck off. Go about your compiling of the ignorant shit you aren’t allowed to spew here. Start a blog dedicated to me and how much of a cunt I am because you can’t post here.

      Go do whatever the fuck you want to do, compile whatever you want to compile and get the fuck off my site you raging lunatic.

      Thanks! And have a nice time in the WLS, where I will never see your retarded comments again. Usually, just tossing unwelcome comments works just fine. But clearly, you need a reality check! LOL. SWIDT? Bye, bitch.

  11. Miele

    Can we get a Kathryn/K Cooper Ray spin-off?? Perhaps the two of them on adventures in different cities? I’d watch that religiously.

  12. LOVE Kathryn! Yes, she’s young but she’s catching on fast to the way the game is played. Thomas showed a horrible side to his personality at that last dinner party. Who in the hell invites people over just to insult them in front of all their so-called friends? I think Thomas is completely torn – there’s a part of him that would love to be with Kathryn, and there’s another part of him that thinks his buddies will think less of him if he is. Personally, I think Kathryn could do much better than to be a part of this bunch of losers – Whitney who’s not real friend to anyone, Landon who’s a simpering silly bitch just looking for a guy to glom onto so she doesn’t have to work, Cameran who’s just there to add to other losers’ story lines, Shep who is really a total drip – aw shucks, look at me, I’m just so damned cute and charming, Craig whose head is so filled with delusions of grandeur but has nothing to back them up – classic underachiever hoping to land a rich wife, Patti – a complete poseur with her fake butler, J.D. – a joke of a man, and, of course, Thomas. Immature as fuck, fifty going on sixteen, could be charming but has an ugly side, and who doesn’t know a good thing when it’s right in front of his face. Kathryn is beautiful, intelligent, comes from a good family, is a loving mother, and (God knows why) really adored him. Stupid, stupid man, and I hope she finds someone else who will appreciate all her good points. Even Thomas admitted how far she came during this past season. OK, now I’m done bitching and have to admit that, despite everything, this is one of my favorite shows.

    • Puddy

      Great how you pegged everyone! Thomas would have been so lucky to have married Kathryn, but he chose to seek the approval of this pack of mean, old, loveless, childless and dried-out feckless trolls instead of building a happy, loving family for his clildren, himself and Kathryn – who truly loved him. Thomas’ lawyers may have told him that “he won” – but Thomas really seized his own defeat from the jaws of victory. Thomas does not get that class is how you treat other people, kindness, and generosity of heart and spirit, and that snobbery (a la Patti, Whitney, Landon, Cameran, and yes- even Country-club Shep who likes to claim egalitarianism but whose main concern regarding choosing a wife is who will fit in at the yacht club) – snobbery- is the opposite of true class.

      • Puddy

        And just to clarify – there are many women and men without children who love and adore children as much as people who have had children and who would want for Kensie and St. Julian to have married parents – but then there is this childless mean crowd who are giving advice to break up the family life of two young children and I have seen women like their ilk and Whitney do this to people before- try to separate mothers from their children – because they are spiteful adults who are full of meanness,, jealousy and bitchery.

  13. GillianFirst

    Bravo is pretty lenient when it comes to supporting people who break the law, so hopefully they will consider giving her a spin off. Maybe after she completes the counseling and gets unsupervised custody back? I’d honestly start watching now though; her trying to get to that point would be interesting to me. Seems she has a strong spirit and just that star power

  14. Sam

    The ads I can’t turn off have done it for me. With sound I can’t mute? No. It was fun, thanks.

    I got another popup while trying to type this. Just, no. Sorry.

    • tamaratattles

      Wait, you are getting ads with sound? What are they for? I don’t think those are mine. I’ve never seen them. Are you on a phone or a laptop? Anyone else having this? I can’t stand those.

      Oh wait! I was probably the Bravo clip. I can’t do anything to stop that.

  15. Puddy

    I am on my phone, and cannot see the video bc the ads pop up and then just freeze there. I tried finding the clip on the Bravo website, bc I believe they had it up at an earlier time, but now it seems to be gone.

  16. claire

    “Patti must need the money.”

    Don’t you know? Fake butlers are super-expensive! 😂😂😂😱

  17. bella

    Interesting charity choice considering how Thomas appears to treat Kathryn… He’s a narcissist, and he appears very abusive towards her. Intimate partner violence is very real and happens often…I pray she doesn’t get sucked into the cycle again.

  18. aemish

    This absolutely should have been on this season! Thomas & Kathryn sparkle when they refreshingly treat each other with respect..

  19. T D

    Why waste such tremendous amounts of energy to sustain a grudge? Mercy is twice blest, forgivin he who gives and he who takes.

  20. Puddy

    Ok, I was not sure whether anyone else is worried about Kathryn’s instagram posts, after all these people have done to her. I find them to be conerning.

    • tamaratattles

      I just looked and saw one. I am trying to choose my words carefully. Because I adore Kathryn. But she is barely 24. Her frontal lobe has not fully formed yet. I remember that age and everything was the end of the world when a relationship ended or I had embarrassed myself. That was it. There was no point in going forward. Especially when drinking was involved. Kathryn is going though all she shit that most young twenty somethings do Yes, I get it you were working double shifts at the Piggly Wiggly each week while managing the sizzler and raising five children while caring for your dying parents. I am talking about the rest of us. The rest of us were fuckups. And Kathryn is a bit of a fuckup. And it’s all very dramatic for her, and she has no allies. So the death poetry comes. It’s sincere and a bit provocative. I don’t think it is anything to worry about.

      And I think the yankee bitch, the closeted spawn with rumors so frightening I shan’t even mention them here, her baby daddy, the bitch willing to fuck anything to be married again and the little snot who has temporarily forgotten her ability to be compassionate, and the man whore, and the dude who is stumbling through life, and that Boss Hog guy with the fake bourbon whiskey are all much more unfortunate creatures than Kathryn. She will be fine.

      • Puddy

        Thank you, TT. I do worry about that pre-frontal lobe thing. I am so grateful that this site gives Kathryn some of the support that she needs and deserves. It is so hard to be going through all of this and alone at her age – and she must be so worried when her children are away from her. I love your descriptions of the witch’s gnomes and beasties and hope that the court has Thomas’ time with the children – supervised as well – and investigates and considers the appropriateness of the presence of the spawn, and the ex-porno star, and who knows else in Thomas’ life, and Thomas’ own history and behavior – all of which is well documented. I pray that Kathryn retains full custody of her children.

      • Margarett

        OMGosh! That last paragraph is hilarious! Thanks, Tamara. I really. Needed a laugh.

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