WWHL With The Three Stooges

3 stooges

No one bothered to put up a photo of these idiots. Andy spoke at the Stonewall Inn vigil in the village tonight so I am not sure if he will come straight from that, or if this was taped. At any rate the photo above works for me. Let’s get this done.

Andy reminds us straight off the bat, that the old bat that goes after the young mother on the show is his personal hero. See? I knew this would be a shit show.

Next he let’s us know that stupid is a quality that Landon’s ex husband really likes, as one of his other ex wives is Stacey Dash.  Stacey Dash is miles smarter than Landon.  But so is a bowl of tofu. Andy feels bad that he called Stacey Dash dumb. I blame the mourning process, he never feels bad for being ugly to random women for no reason.

Ah, I can tell already the attorneys have gotten to this crew. Patti has been manically tweeting about how the truth about her nemesis would be revealed tonight, and when asked about his relationship with Kathryn he simply says it was a one night stand and he wishes her the best.  When Andy points out how defensive Whitney got, he blames it on the moonshine. Not to defend the scum but I think I might have had a lesbian lover on moonshine once. No telling what happened, or could happen on that stuff. She was cute though so if I did, then I’m aright with it. Cameran jumps in to tell Andy what Whitney was thinking (despite him fully answering his own question) which in her mind is that he feels like Kathryn exaggerated the relationship. And she’s right. That is kind of the role of the beard is it not? Allegedly. I mean what do WeHo, I mean we know.

Southern Charm Kathryn and Thomas

Andy says everyone is asking what they know about Kathryn failing her drug test. Landon jumps right in to say, “It’s true.” and that is all they know and it’s heartbreaking. Nice work Kathryn’s attorney!

Andy asks why do you all accept Thomas’ horrible behavior but freeze Kathryn out. Once again, Landon answers, “He passed his drug test.”  Andy actually points out that they have done it all season. Whitney steps up to say that these three have been pegged as the mean people (aw, bless their cold black hearts) but they have all know she is a “drug addict, violent, sociopath.”  I can hear Patti rooting on her son now. Again, Thomas is a convicted drug dealer, has been in numerous very public bar fights and has said horrendous things to Kathryn and that is just fine. Whitney says “this is kind of indicative of what we have been dealing with the past two years.”  Again, why is Kathryn being singled out over this? Whitney is desperately in love with Thomas. I don’t see how drugs and violence is an issue for him. And I don’t think he knows what the word ‘sociopath’ means.

A Howard Stern idiot calls in to ask what they know about the paternity of Saint that the audience doesn’t know. Andy thinks this is a really good question! Cameran says she thinks they are his kids and even if they are not, he would take responsibility for it.  Of course he would. He is such a southern gentleman. Oh wait, hasn’t he been interviewed several times saying that in South Carolina he has no rights and therefore doesn’t think he should have to pay child support? And he still doesn’t pay any official child support but does bay the rent on Kathryn’s house and for the nanny? Which I think is probably sufficient actually, but if he wants court ordered visitation, then he will have to pay child support through the system that he cannot revoke whenever he gets a wild hair up his ass.

I can’t believe how long I have waited to point out that Landon is wearing the most hideous earrings in the world and some sort of lamé number. Perhaps she broke the camera and that is why there is no photo.

A tweet asks if they fell like they mistreated Kathryn this season. You know,  the at the time 23 year old who was having a difficult pregnancy, do they feel badly. No they do not. Cameran and Landon say they are old and they don’t care.  Ah, so they are on #TeamCryptKeeper, shocker.  Landon tries to insert a “southern saying” about laying down with dogs and getting up with fleas.  The number one southern saying is “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”  This is especially true when children are involved.

Poor tossed away, Landon, you know Landon of the Dolphin Laugh who Thomas told his little twink porn star friend had some “special skills” he might get to know.  That Landon denied any such intimacy with Thomas and then went on to had that Kathryn is jealous of her friendship with Thomas because “that is what she really longed for” because you know, her friendship is way more special than being the mother of his children.  Cameran jumps in to say if Thomas had fucked Landon, he would have told someone. She must not have watched the episode with the flamingos.

Shep shows up halfway through. Why am I not surprised?  Andy talks about the heavy make-out sesh that supposedly happened with Landon and Shep and Whitney says something that everyone found inappropriate and I would love someone to tell me what it was.

Apparently, Shep came on to let us know that if Kathryn and Thomas get back together again after their current squabbles, Thomas has bet a family member $100,000 that they will not get back together.

I really thought that was going to be a lot worse.


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104 responses to “WWHL With The Three Stooges

  1. Lindsay

    My sound cut out when Shep said he was about to say something juicy!

    • RealE

      I believe they cut the sound due to what Shep or Whitney said.

    • Shep wouldn’t know anything about juicy. He’s boring as the rest of them I don’t understand this show anymore it’s always about bashing Kathryn and I’m sick of it. They all should be ashamed of themselves, even Patricia who has no class and if she ever did its long gone. She’s the most manipulative person on the show she’s not that clever she uses the guys to get the gossip. It’s disgusting. What a lazy human being she and that freaking bell of hers she can’t get off her ass and open the door pathetic. By the way her flamingos decorations looked cheap. And pssst Patricia your little Champaign flowing fountain isn’t new it’s been around a long time. You went on and on about it as if it was your invention. Your not as special as you think you are PERIOD. Well are you happy now that you’ve done more damage to Kathryn and tell me did you ever give a thought to Kathryns family or her children. What’s next on the agenda a drive by Kathryns home to further upset her and her family. You must be so bord who will you go after now. Your a hateful foolish woman.

    • I would suggest that cameran watch the pink flamingos party, you know, the one with her legs up in the air after falling in the bushes. I tell us, these people make me sick.

  2. Kristen

    What trash, the whole lot of them.

  3. smith

    Wow. I had to delete this mid show when I saw Whitney say something that deplorable and salacious. I’ve no idea whether it’s completely true or not, but it really took a bad look to a new level.

    • elisabetta

      On one episode Whitney said that girls “don’t go for me.” I wonder why. He is so coarse. And then there is the ever present spectre of Miss Pat.

      • He will never get anyone to settle down with because of that pathetic lazy mother. She needs to exercise, throw that freaking Bell away it’s sickening to me. These are not good people, just because you have money doesn’t mean your a good person or even a classy one I know because I’ve watched this show. If Kathryn and Thomas leaves the show it Can’t survive with This cast. Kathryn is trending as the most popular the rest of the cast are boring assholes and that’s just the truth. I do think Danni is a good person. Cameron I have no idea what her role is only that watching paint dry is more exciting. I want waste my time with Landon.

      • I would not put it past her to try and buy him a girl.

    • I think they are saying all kinds of BS just to see what may stick with the viewers. They want viewers to hate this girl so desperately the more they try the more they fail. All their sweeping judgements it’s just to much. I’d like to see what a drug test would reveal about them. I don’t do drugs I have smoked pot when I was a teenager if I had to indure what Kathryns had to I might have to smoke one to try and sleep. I know that’s a horrible thing to say but I know there’s a Nanny. I hurt for her family the shit they have said hurts her family.

  4. Sali

    They were repulsive.

    • smith

      I’m physically embarrassed for them. Don’t know about the rest of y’all but I would “lawyer up” so hard it would make their head spin. Sorry, this just came off so dirty and ugly.

      • Puddy

        I hope Kathryn goes after them all on behalf of her babies and herself. It is time that justice is done.

      • She has every right too. They went to far way to Far. No one is perfect but you don’t go on national TV and with doubts of the babies being his. The family embarrassment it caused they had to be mortified. I would talk to a lawyer for sure.

  5. RealE

    I was so appalled by them speaking again about the paternity of this baby. Apparently slandering Kathryn is not enough and they need to go after a baby. And when andy asked the question about paternity he was giddy. He’s so sick.
    And just as giddy as he was when he kept asking Shep about Jax. Andy sure has a crush on Jax.

    • I’d love to see Kathryn have the last laugh. I don’t think that Kathryn knew exactly what was going to come out with Thomas’s toast, however, it had to make her feel alittle special after the hell they put her through. He was spot on and could have went deeper. For example Cameran always has a look on her face like she constipated, when my boys were babies they would get this glass over eye look and I knew what they were doing. I don’t like this girl I just don’t. But no kidding watch her expression s she is so far from perfect or being better than anyone but she certainly thinks she is.

    • By the way Real E, I have been going crazy for a couple of days about the paternity issues they keep bringing up. How fare them on national TV

  6. Puddy

    Of course Patti is Andy’s personal hero. Only she seems to share his vaunted narcissism and to seethe with jealousy toward other women and want to take them down as much as Andy does.

    • HiKitty

      I just deleted WWHL from my DVR recordings, so tired of pig Andy and his mean ways.

      • Lisa j

        I deleted it as well. Andy and his talking about healing the community after the massacre and then has zero qualms about shredding someone’s reputation, I’m done

      • Southern charmer

        You took the words right out of my mouth!

  7. A bunch of grown ass people waaaaay too preoccupied with a 24 year old girl and her children.

  8. sandra

    They have nothing without Kathryn.

  9. LoriNYC

    I think its in EXTREMELY poor taste to call someone a drug addict on national television. Do we know what she took that made her fail her drug test?

    • Brooke

      It was probably a poppy seed muffin… heard they cause positives on drug tests. ugh

    • I read she failed it I don’t know if that’s true but let’s not forget Thomas went to prison and he did drugs if its true I’m not making excuses for her at all but these people have put her through a lot of hurtful shit that she and her family have had to endure not necessary. My question is are they all happy now, what’s on the agenda Patricia she gets on my nerves every time I hear her say it.

  10. Laureen Spina

    The inappropriate thing that Whitney said to gross everyone out was that Shep ‘put his finger’ in Landon.

    • Chloe

      Disgusting! Most normal people would be horrified at a statement like that, but Landon dissolves into giggles. Whitney and Landon are attention who responded who will stop at nothing to be noticed.

      • Chloe

        Sorry…are attention whores who will stop at nothing to be noticed.

      • I can’t see what Landon would bring to the show so if there’s another season both her and Cameron should go along with shep. He is not exciting to watch Whitney isn’t either JD I wouldn’t want to see back. Craig isn’t as bad and he gets along with Kathryn as far as I know he’s getting a long with her but I don’t know for sure if they still are.Kathryn and Thomas are the show and I hope they come back. I heard rumors thomas isn’t coming back.

    • Puddy

      Ewwwwww. That is such a vile and creepy remark. Didn’t Whitney make some kind of icky weirdo finger gesture (about 2 people) at the table at the first Founder’s Ball? I hate to even bring it up, but a pattern emerges. Maybe a (pinky) finger is all Whitney has got.

    • OMG the next time Patricia asks what’s on the agenda someone should tell her well your son put his finger in …… She would be so loaded with her medicine she’d be ok with it.

  11. Tleighb

    Thoroughly disgusting human beings. The only reason to watch is for the scenes of beautiful Charleston.
    Whitney’s obsession for Thomas is so obvious. Kathryn, as imperfect as she may be, is everything he strives to be. Pitiful and despicable.

    • elisabetta

      I think Kathryn really does love Thomas. He really should marry her. I don’t think anyone is going to be up for a guy with ‘baggage” like his.

      • HiKitty

        She deserves better than that man. He obviously cares about her, but has let his immaturity get the better of him and has mistreated her, slowly but surely chipping away at any positivity & love in the relationship. I know she is partly to blame as well – she does fly off the handle – but from the show I suspect it’s largely in part b/c he made empty promises & as a young, naive 20 yr old girl (to whom he promised the world) she was left confused & scraping at what she could to hold on to the relationship. She’s going to wake up one day and have zero feelings but pity for the guy, he’ll wake up and realize he did his entire family a great disservice by not being there and letting people criticize her & bash her in his presence b/c he wanted to play into the playboy & victim persona rather then grow the f-up. Sad all around.

      • microop

        The argument they had about inviting Landon, shows that he is the immature one. All she did was tell him that Landon makes her uncomfortable and then ask for them to talk about it and hr climbs out a window.

      • JMK

        Seriously? He’s wealthy. The women will always be there. Besides.. He’s a 50 year-old playboy who will never settle down. Kathryn served her intended purpose.. An egg donor who produced an heir and a spare. That’s all he ever truly wanted from her.

      • JMK

        If she’d have sat home every day with the babies and kept her mouth shut while he went freely about doing as he pleased, he may have kept her. But she wasn’t going to do that. So he dropped her like the hired help.

      • I agree but these jerks will do everything they can to cause problems And it doesn’t effect any of their life’s. They lead boring life’s they need to find a life and leave her alone.

  12. Chloe

    Andy seems to have a man crush on Shep. I cringe when Andy calls him Sheppie. Landon and Whitney are so jealous of Kathryn. Landon sanctimonious comment that Kathryn failing a drug test is a reason why they don’t like her is stupid. She would sleep with drug historied Thomas if he would have her. Landon is jealous because Kathryn is where she would like to be and is the breakout star of the show. Landon is pathetic. Whitney is jealous for the same reasons.

  13. Heidi

    Patricia is so undignified. I can’t imagine a real high society matron bashing a girl who’s young enough to be her granddaughter. I don’t have a Twitter account, but hearing that a woman in her 70s is also doing this on Twitter is just plain weird to me.

    Landon is such a bitch. She thought she was being clever with the Thomas passed his test comment, and the sleeping with dogs comment. She’s as mean as she is stupid.

    • leslie aronson

      totally agree with you. Patricia walks like she is in her 80’s with severe knee problems…her face is pulled back to the max but she is in terrible shape. Landon is following in her mentor’s footsteps.

    • Salmon

      Totally agree. Patricia is undignified, classless and constantly behaves like unsophisticated nuveau riche. Her “life” is ridiculous in its inauthentic gentility. Whitney, unfortunately, is the sad, emasculated son of a mother who didn’t get enough attention from her spouse, and used her poor child as the crutch instead. He is twisted as a result of his overbearing mother.
      Thomas is a flaming idiot, but I still love to see the flashes of love and passion between him and Kathryn. They have amazing chemistry and the dynamic between them would make for a singularly interesting show.
      Landon is just dumb lame but yes, mean and ugly, too. Add to that a fake valley girl accent…just too much. Ew.
      JD is repulsive. He and his wife are such desperate hanger-ons. They are of the same calibre as the friends of the NJ housewives. Bottom of the pits.
      Cameron, at the end of the day, is a not too bright lower middle class chick with a quick opinion about everything, but she is not as sharp witted and enduring as a Bethenny Frankel, and within a short period of seasons has become a bit insufferable.
      Cooper is cool.
      They need some smarter people on the show.
      Not watching wwhl for fear of finding it too repulsive.

  14. microop

    Ugh I really hope they get rid of Landon.

    • Heidi

      I’m surprised she wasn’t replaced after last season. I found her boring, and her talking and giggling simultaneously is like nails on a chalkboard.

  15. jen

    It pisses me off they have NOTHING better to do than talk about this family. Sure they are on the show and the drug test became news but they have NOTHING else to talk about?? They are obsessed with Katheryn. She should leave the show and move on to bigger and better.

  16. jen

    What a bunch of hypocrites. Two things I cannot stand are hypocrites and liars.

    So Cameron “who isn’t sure she wants a baby,” can fall down drunk in bushes but Katheryn can’t be drunk before she even had children on the show and get a little loud.

    And we have all said it. Thomas the FATHER of these children can do whatever the fuck he wants but she is trashed, shamed and talked about. This is bullshit.

  17. Meri

    I didn’t see this show but I agree that Andy, Whitney and Landon are gross individuals who should NOT be on television. This group ruined what appeared to be a fun and entertaining program when it first aired. Landon is a nasty piece of work and a spoiled brat. She is NOT attractive at all and her motives are obvious. She will sleep with anyone who can provide her with an excuse to live a life of leisure since she has zero talent and no ability to take care of herself. Even her own father gave up on her. She went after Katherine with a purpose and that purpose is Thomas and Landon’s desire to be his woman. If she can’t have Thomas she will take Shep and if that doesn’t work out she’d probably be happy to be Whitney’s permanent beard. I think their true colors came out from what this blog describes and that Andy proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he hates women and takes great joy in debasing them every chance he gets. His mother must be so proud.
    it is my experience that there are gay men who adore women and seek out their company and those who HATE women and put them down every chance they get. Andy falls in the latter category and always has.
    I am no longer enjoying this show and I agree that Katherine should hire an attorney and sue their asses off for defaming her on national television.
    What a pity that a beautiful place is being made ugly by these awful people.
    Patricia and I are probably the same age and I can’t even imagine waging a war against a kid my grandchildren’s age on twitter or anywhere else. Shame on her. She has no compassion and acts like a middle school mean girl. Obviously she is suffering from stunted mental growth.

  18. Frosty

    The gleeful misogyny is just disgusting. We just had a huge mass murder perpetrated by some self-righteous asshole because he found the sexual behavior of others offensive. And these preening Southern Charm idiots are eager to harm Kathryn for 1) being sexually active and — yikes! — having fun 2) drinking 3) weed — all of which get a wink and nod when done by a man. The impulse to kill off — literally or metaphorically — someone who isn’t following their rules is, to me, very similar.

    • Speaking of weed, hasn’t Andy himself made comments about him partaking in the ganja himself? As far as I know, that isn’t legal in New York…
      I doubt he’d pass a drug test.

      • New kid

        Andy makes comments on every show about how much he enjoys weed. Listen to him, he has to clear his throat every few minutes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that 😉

  19. Billie_bee

    Does anyone like these three? “tapping on the mike”…anyone?? They are hideous people.

  20. Meg

    I think they should give Kathryn her own show. Can you imagine how pissed those three babies would be? If you think about it, the three of them bring nothing to this show.

  21. Puddy

    I hope that Kathryn sees how many people here support her and see what is really going on. Kathryn is young, beautiful, intelligent and talented and she has star quality. Kathryn’s success will be her best revenge, and karma will take care of all these “crypt-keepers”. That said, as others have noted, Kathryn should hire an attorney and sue their asses off for what they have done to her and her children. They deserve it and it is time that justice is done.

  22. Matzah60

    It is ubsurd to the extreme that Ravanal was indicted on federal cocaine distribution charges, ousted from his seat as treasurer, and then subsequently spent almost a year in prison, yet these 3 assholes on WWHL have the audacity to point fingers at Katherine.

    Sadly, in the court of public opinion, this nasty cast has sullied Katherine’s name and reputation; on national TV, no less.

    If past behavior is an indication of future behavior, it is difficult to believe that Ravanal has a chance in hell of sole custody.

  23. Jane

    I’d think this was all fun and games if two impulsive, irresponsible adults hadn’t decided to bring children into the world.

  24. Lola

    This show was full blown bullying. The public doesn’t know the facts in this situation. So sad that a young mom is so harshly criticized by older women who don’t even have children yet. This group was so horrible to watch it was unbelievable. Thomas created all this drama by not being supportive and dragging Kathryn through the emotional duress. Best not to judge others until you know actual facts. Get rid of Landon-she’s just vicious with jealousy.

    • Bee

      Totally agree. TR carries so much blame for KD’s behavior. He is a MeSs, for ex, last night. Think his drug test might have pos after that dinner?! He has put her thru the ringer.

    • Amariesa

      Watching Thomas constantly throw Katherine under the bus or go behind her back playing the victim makes me want to yell at my TV. However this cast has spent the entire season fixated on Katherine and her relationship with Thomas. Landon needs to go away far far away, she’s just looking for fame and money in the process she has publicly made a fool of herself which I found very amusing. Ummm they want to see what a website I’m proposing looks like??? What’s that lol idiot!!! Now she is seeing Patricia (gross gag) as a mentor??? Huh? Patricia has nothing better to do than ruin a young woman’s life with talking trash every chance she gets but neglecting to see her own son is a disgusting pansy who only hates Katherine because she has Thomas and therefore Whitney cannot have Thomas all to himself…. I forget the names of the rest of the cast because they truly bore me that much. I agree give Katherine her own show, she has personality, true charm and she is even genuine. Thomas will see what he had someday. Either way I hope Katherine gets a good lawyer sues these asses and takes her family from this show. Andy I’m disappointed yet again to see you allowing children’s lives be effected for your ratings. I find it disgusting and repulsive. I quit watching WWHL a long time ago, Andy isn’t funny or kind. Money grubbing perv.

  25. Kay Kay

    I wonder if this was a urine test or hair. Urine can give false positives. It happened to me once and my doctor told me it was caused by an antibiotic and symbicort for asthma. The behavior of these three people was and has been absolutely deplorable towards this young woman. I frankly don’t care what she has done, well bred well mannered southerners don’t rip each other to shreds publicly no matter how much they hate each other. The talk of the paternity of an innocent child on national television is quite frankly, unconscionable and crossed the line for me. The fact that their self awareness is so defunct is almost funny it is so bad. All of this ceased to be funny or entertaining though, when these wretched hags pointed their torches and pitchforks at a baby. Andy truly disappointed me and is no longer on my dvr list, he’s earned a spot on my shit list. Snark and shade should never be directed at a child just to humiliate and ruin the child’s mother. It is beyond trashy classless behavior. Their bad breeding slip is showing.

  26. JoJoFLL

    This was so uncomfortable to watch, I had to keep leaving the room.

    The biggest hypocrite in the room was Andy. He was singing the praises of LBGTQ activist hero Jim Obergefell in the shadow of 49 innocents that were brutally gunned down while Whitney was squirming in the closet professing his straightness. Maybe this was a good week NOT to have Whitney on?

  27. amy citron

    I Love Kathryn and wish Thomas would marry her and treat her right.

  28. Deb B

    I’m sick to death of bring force fed Andy’s political beliefs. Is any viewer watching WWHL for political jabs? Andy’s depth of character and knowledge is so superficial, and that’s what these shows are about – guilty pleasure. Does he think these Housewives and waitresses and bartenders and 40 year old sponges who live off their parents have even one deep thought? And he has the tone-deaf audacity to criticize a well spoken and articulate Stacey Dash to a bunch of snotty overgrown brats!

    • Why does Anderson Cooper hang out with him?

    • Chloe

      I agree. Just because he doesn’t believe as Stacey does, it is childish to say she is dumb. No respect for anyone else’s opinions but his own.

    • Southern charmer

      I 100% agree with every word you said about Andy. Sick and tired of him.

      • smith

        This has become a terrific shitshow. Quite unfortunate.

      • smith

        This has become a terrific shitshow. Quite unfortunate. I’ve no idea about the in’s ands out’s of their lives with the exception of what is being portrayed through editing. Yet, I was so saddened by the tone it took. It made me personally feel gross.

    • So glad you brought that up Deb B. I believe with his snarky political remarks he’s trying to suck up to the Hollywood crowd. He’ll always remain a D-lister regardless. His treatment of women as of late, seals that deal.

  29. Puddy

    Wait? Did Kathryn say she was written off the show?

  30. 25

    Landon is 35 or 36, so she’s right about being way too old to have her only job/career be bad-mouthing a 24yo single mother.

    Kathryn must be addicted to kilos of weed like Jenelle from Teen Mom 2. Eye roll. Whitney is so weird.

    Shep Instagrammed a picture of him flying up to NY with Whitney & Cameran, which he said was for the reunion. I can’t believe they’re still filming reunions at the cramped clubhouse & haven’t rated for a hometown venue like the housewives & Shahs.

  31. Sabrina

    Given the logic TT has shared, assuming it is correct that Kathryn’s storyline was chosen by Bravo as the prevailing one for the last two years of Southern Charm, which has greatly angered Patty and Whitney, ( since therefore he knows why they are so hard on Kathryn) , why would Andy not attempt to support/find some way to get another point of view across about Kathryn? It’s as if he is there as the agitating announcer, who asks dumb questions but has not knowledge at all of the people involved , but of course the opposite is true- and he has direct influence over the show’s direction and focus.

    Andy plays so many roles in his head- and so enjoys being the puppet master- it is ugly to watch. When does he step down from on high and have real relationships with real people? Very ugly. And manipulative.

  32. humbird

    I love this website and usually agree with Tamara on everything, but I don’t get the Cameron hate and Kathryn love this season.

    Prime example– Kathryn claims that Elizabeth, Kelsie’s godmother and J.Ds wife, has ignored Kathryn and Kelsie for 6 months. Slander. We later learn the exact opposite– Kathryn has had Elizabeth on ignore, all the while playing the victim.

    I can’t imagine Cameron lying in this manner for the sympathy vote. She would own it.

    Also note the shameless scenery chewing on Kathryn’s part in her every scene. Particularly the reunions, which she believes are all her, all the time. Has she ever once shown concern for another person, or deflected attention away from herself? Impossible! She is hopelessly narcissistic. We can only hope she outgrows it.

    • Matzah60

      WTF are you talking about? This entire cast is slut-shaming and questioning the paternity of a baby on national TV. The cast has joined hands to slander this woman and shove her off the show. The father, Ravanal was indicted on federal charged of buying and selling cocaine. He served time in jail. Cameron is a smug, judgmental woman. What makes you believe she is telling the truth. Landon is a vicious, unemployed bitch who has cast aspersions on Katherine after being away from Georgia for seven years living in LA.

    • microop

      Katherine isn’t perfect. But that is not the issue. The issue is that grown adults have such little disregard for her children, that they engage on hypocrisy, encourage the father to be cruel and immature, and shame her all over a national platform. They are such ugly people.

    • Humm something

      Hmmm sounds like someone has some insider knowledge of a reunion just filmed that is still fresh in your mind… Blind item that’s not so blind, with her commentor name being a hint of her “special skills”? Remember us viewers haven’t seen the reunion yet so we wouldn’t have any way to know how narcissistically KD acts in this one. LOLing so hard.

  33. SLM

    I can’t with those three. I just CAN’T. Whitney is DISGUSTING.

  34. marc

    Katherine is being vilified by those ignorant pious Thomas Ravenel apologists ; keep your head up Katherine !

  35. Bee

    If Landon ends up with Shep, I’m done with this show. Final straw.

    • microop

      They wouldn’t last.

    • Miele

      Shep doesn’t seem particularly attracted to her. She had a window of opportunity when she first came back, but it seems the reality of Landon has set in and Shep isn’t interested. Also, it would seem Shep- hound though he may be- is most attracted to women who look like Kathryn and Bailey, and that ain’t Landon.

      So I really hope no one tries to force them into a relationship for a storyline because it would make no sense and turn off a lot of fans. I might still watch it, though, just to see Shep dismiss her.

  36. Kiyoshigirl

    In my opinion Kathryn is screwed. Typically in a small town when a young woman is scorned and her reputation maligned she has the opportunity to move the hell away. In Kathryn’s case not only is her reputation maligned locally, but the heathens who perpetuate the rumors have taken them to another level and slandered her name on national television. She can’t pick up and move because she has two children with a man who will fight her tooth and nail about moving away. I can only hope the judge in their custody case is a fair man/woman who takes all of this into consideration. If I had to deal with idiots like TRav’s friends I’d be looking for a way out faster than you can Google TRav’s criminal record, and…I”d be lighting up a bowl on the back porch each and every evening. Stress kills and these people have dumped a heap load of stress on her plate.

  37. bella

    Those 3 are disgusting to go on tv and say what they did. Why are they so obsessed with Kathryn??? Get a life. It’s not a good look. Did anyone else laugh when Whitney said something about ok, he’ll adopt Kathryn and co-parent with Thomas?? He hates Kathryn bc she got what he can’t ever have–Thomas. Ha!

  38. Greenwood

    I wondered why so many cast members were in New York at the same time…then they said they were up there for the Southern Charm reunion. Then Thomas tweeted that he was contractually obligated to attend the reunion, so he was on his way up there, too, with the children. I guess that means Kathryn is contractually obligated to attend, too. Can you imagine how difficult it would be for her to march into that reunion by herself, after all that has happened. It would have to be very humiliating.

  39. Wells

    Totally agree with you, Greenwood. When I first read about the drug test/custody drama, especially with it happening RIGHT before they filmed the reunion, I almost assumed that Kathryn would not be attending in NYC. But I know that she is required to participate contractually and I also think that she would almost welcome the opportunity to explain what’s been going on (or try to) and confront other cast mates. Not to disagree with everyone else but I don’t “love” Kathryn. I think she’s incredibly immature, at times a bit reckless and/or overly jealous/sensitive, and obviously manipulative. But that doesn’t mean she deserved to be the villain of the show either (unless, of course, the ENTIRE show is scripted and maybe that is the case haha). The biggest thing that bothered me was that if what Whitney proclaimed during his rant is true (“she’s a drug addict, sociopath…..this is what we have been dealing with for two years….” Etc) then why is it only being mentioned now? Basically, if everyone knew she had a drug problem, wouldn’t at least one person be motivated to “out” her before now? Also, if they truly believed that she is a sociopath or has legitimate mental issues, why would they focus so heavily on what she says or does? Sure, being filmed for a television show and adhering to some kind of story line would certainly change the way they or anyone would naturally react to things etc but everyone knows at least someone that they think is “off” or downright “crazy” and maybe does things that no one can explain but usually, at least for me, knowing that the person has a struggle evokes some sort of sympathy or at the very least, no acknowledgement. Instead, Whitney and most of the crew has harped and obsessed over Kathryn’s life. If they knew she had a drug or mental problem (like he says they did for two years) why continue to provoke her? Maybe there is more to this story as it involves other cast mates or what not. But it just otherwise doesn’t make sense?

  40. I do believe that Whitney is as gay as they come. It isn’t Kathryn he loves, it is Thomas. I also believe that Landon is the local douchebag….her special skills range from getting on her knees to flipping front and back and that she’ll take all comers. I don’t know how any of them can sit there and be sanctimonious and then impune a child’s mother on national television. They are all hypocrites and truly white trash and should have been burned in Sherman’s march through Savannah.

  41. David Saenz, II

    Thomas Ravenel offered up Landon to his gay porn star/drug buddy as if he were pimping her out.

    You are so right , when Thomas was talking to his porn star male friend he intimated that the guy would learn of Landon’s special talents ( sexually). There is one inference to draw from the comment, he is in a position to know. Worse still is he was offering her up as if he were her pimp. It was gross. How she saw that episode and remains his friend is shocking. Her family had to have been mortified. He was quite rude about how he rolled his eyes and said he will not be one to invest in her company. He has NO genuine friendship for her. She does not catch on that HE is using her to try to make Kathryn jealous. He is a convicted Felon, sloppy drunk and Landon should remember if he is willing to disparage his children and their mother on national TV, he can and will do so to anyone. Kathryn will find a nice man much more her age who will treat her well and Thomas will be wanting her back. I hope she sings him “It’s too late, Baby” Carly Simon style. She has her entire life ahead of her. He will soon be a lonely old man, drunk with the disdain of his kids who will learn of how he treated their mother. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they legally change their last name and give him the same level of respect and dignity he did them, which is zero.

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