EXCLUSIVE DETAILS Below Deck’s Kate Chastain Has Been Arrested Again

Below Deck Kathryn Mughshot


So Sequoia’s favorite chief stew from Below Deck. Kate Chastain was arrested again last night according to news reports. It appears to be one felony county of “Batter by Strangulation/Domestic Violence.

The last I heard, Kate was dating a female that she met at a bar in her city. I could have sworn I posted photos from a birthday party for her and another girl that was some sort of gun shooting outdoorsy retreat.  It might have been in 2105 but I can’t for the life of me find the post.

I have seen three previous mug shots for Kate Chastain for DUI and Xanax possession, and probation violations.

. So much violence happening in Florida lately.  I wonder if she called Captain Lee?  Story developing…

Exclusive updates below.

Below Deck Kathryn's Girlfriend


I’m getting more exclusive information out of Melbourne Beach. Kate was living with her girlfriend, Ro Hernandez in Melbourne Beach (pictured above) and based on social media all seemed to be going very well up until something  went wrong yesterday afternoon. Ro is super athletic and a soccer player. She has removed all photos of Kate from her social media. Makes sense due to the charges of strangulation.

My exclusive sources indicate that she was denied bail. According to my source, Kate has reached out to a few local lawyers that she knows at least socially who do not seem inclined to offer her free legal services. The gossip on the streets seem to think that this is a very serious situation for Kate.

As bonus tea, I was also told that Kate has been palling around with Connie a lot. Connie is also damaging her reputation in the close knit town. Connie working at Lou’s Blues  and running around with a married man. Not surprisingly for Connie, who couldn’t keep her clothes on filming Below Deck, she sends him lots of nudes.  The wife is well aware and shows her friends the naked pictures she keeps sending her husband, it doesn’t appear she finds Connie to be any competition at all.

And that’s the tea!


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38 responses to “EXCLUSIVE DETAILS Below Deck’s Kate Chastain Has Been Arrested Again

  1. Char

    She looks extremely rough for someone her age. I guess it’s all that hard living and drug abuse. I bet Rocky is laughing her ass off right about now.

  2. BeetsWhy

    I can’t believe she is only 33! I had her pushing 50…

  3. Matzah60

    Shocking. That is a disturbing mugshot.

  4. Pat Ferreiro

    I live in Melbourne fl, and saw this on my FB page the Palm Bay police posted, had to look twice, I could not believe it.

  5. therealdeb

    Holy shit!!!! She is only 33? I am 44 and look much better than she does. Good lord she looks used up.

  6. Sara

    Can we get Adrienne back for next season?

  7. Theresa

    THank you for the first bright spot today. Silly that I am so gleeful over this but it made me gasp then giggle.

    • Theresa

      wait I just realized – – did she try to kill the girl???? WTF? Now I am just mindboggled. I was just loving her bad photo. Teach me to read more closely

  8. Tamara

    Sometimes it’s not just “Resting Bitch Face”…it’s that’s real!

    • I’m not gonna lie. I didn’t like her but her “…is a real thing” i still use till this day when I’m feeling shady.
      I wish her well though

  9. KAM

    Wow.. Not a good look for Kate.

  10. Sequoia

    I wish bonnie Kate quick recovery from the lies and conspiracis which landed her in this unflattering picture.

    • DenieAnn

      The police conduct a thorough investigation, no one can lie about injuries and the police deemed they were done by Kate. Who do you allege is lying? The police? Every person in prison is innocent, just ask each one.

  11. It’s all Rocky’s fault!

  12. Auntie Velvet

    Ironically, that’s the best her hair’s ever looked. 😉

  13. My first thought upon reading the title was ” can someone really be arrested for being a cunty bitch? Guess you have to strangle someone too.

  14. QueenB

    She was so nasty and vindictive on the show, I was surprised to see how many fans she has/has. I hope Rocky and Chef Leon get a kick out of this.

  15. Kate needs a good lawyer. A strangulation charge is taken very seriously now days. Yes, what is going on in Florida! When I read that a-hole terrorist had scouted out Disney World, my stomach dropped.

  16. T D

    From below deck to the brig.

  17. tripleOGpearl

    Is that Ro Hernandez chick one of the reality stars of The Real L Word?

  18. I never liked Kate so I’m not going to pretend but dang homie. I didn’t know all this was going on with her.
    I didn’t even know about her other arrests.
    I wonder if this is due to being canned from below deck and she’s spiraling out of control.
    I guess karma escapes no one.
    I hope rocky and Leon are doing well because she gave the hell.
    Nonetheless, I don’t wish this on anyone.
    She needs to go to rehab and get her life together.
    She always struck me as the girl that sated the surfer guys and thought she’d marry rich but her attitude turned them off and she wasn’t smart enough to fake it until she made it (after she got the ring) and she just became bitter and apparently tried women out for a change.

  19. Am I out of the loop or was Kate Chastain outed by this incident as being gay? It never came up on the show. She never talked about it on social media. I thought she had a fling with Ben. All of the details of the arrest are shocking, but her sexual orientation took me by surprise.

  20. pokerplayer


  21. Dracla Dunning

    This mug shot is a perfect example of the saying “ridden hard and put away wet”. Whew.

  22. Happygal

    She was a very hard worker when she was on the show and while she was bitchy at times I don’t wish ill will on anyone to this degree. This is a serious charge and if she did this she will need an excellent lawyer but her girlfriend also needs justice for the dosmestic abuse she has suffered and maybe a restraining order .

  23. Moll

    This is seriously disturbing, but even more disturbing is how crazy Rocky is behaving over it. Her Instagram profile has the TMZ report listed right in her bio and then her top three (THREE!) posts all have to do with this, including one long diatribe about how Kate gave her PTSD. I mean honestly, to throw that term around is gross to me. Rocky seems to be getting WAYYY too much pleasure out of something so sad and I think that says a lot more about her than it does about Kate. (Kate’s actions were completely disgusting, that goes without saying.)

    • tamaratattles

      Seriously? Kate was a giant cunt to her on that boat. Kate was drinking on the job out of solo cups (ALLEGEDLY) on the job berating the hell out of Rocky. The very first thing I thought was that Rocky would finally be vindicated from all the Kate trolls.

      Guess not.

      • Sequoia

        She was delicious.

      • Moll

        I don’t like Kate either, nor do I think she ever once portrayed herself as a nice or likeable person on the show. I’m in no way “trolling.” I’m only commenting on the fact that it seems Rocky is reveling a little too much in the whole awful incident. Someone in this situation was assaulted, and to delight in that is gross. The fixation with Kate is just strange to me. JMHO.

  24. TBD

    Thank you Tamara! I’ve wondered if anyone (anywhere) was as grossed out by this wanker of a women. She was cruel and destructive and manipulative. I don’t care how annoying Rocky was.

  25. MySharona

    Daaaayaaam! Sounds like their real lives are a lot more interesting and salacious than that crap “reality” on the show. TT, hope you get more scoop!

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