Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Whose Got Game?

Below Deck Med Ben
The show is almost over and I was going to put it off because I can’t seem to keep my eyes open but I was on Twitter and they were talking about Italy so I thought I would give it a go.

When last we saw the cast we saw one of the most scripted scenes of all the scripted scenes on Below Deck.  Basically people pay a lot of money on these boats to come on and take part in a three day improve workshop. The great Entrée Debacle I am sure will continue on tonight.

Ben puts on his dress whites, which I have never seen any chef on this show do, in order to remind the Captain of his rank while he rats on Hannah.  To me it looks like he has on one stripe two many. Maybe not. Captain Mark finds the whole changing into uniform as ridiculous as I do. Hannah cries because she feels very betrayed. The next day the conflict is all anyone can talk about. The tension between Ben and Hannah is thick.

Below Deck 3

The tip was a bit under this time because it was only four passengers. Even so, everyone got $1,100 or so and day at the beach to relax.  At the beach, Ben sort of apologies to Hannah and they hug it out.

Bobby is apparently a tucker. Who knew? Well I guess everyone on board knows now.  Tonight’s storyline is Bobby pursuing  Julia and her constantly rebuffing him. She finally sits him down and tells him directly that he needs to stop flirting with her so much because it is disrespectful to her boyfriend.

Bobby is still being an idiot. Bryan seems to be putting him in the galley to help Ben a lot to get him out of his hair. Bryan is also drunk. He is a giant frat boy douchebag when he is drunk. They are all hungover for the first day of charter.

This charter is five single guys who want to get laid on the trip. They are sailing to Mykonos which Hannah calls the gay capital of the Med, but really it’s more like the place that the British teens and young adults go to rave all night. It should be perfect. But since Hannah brought up the gay thing, I have a feeling that will be our storyline. Thee are several gay resorts and beaches there. I’m guessing that is where they will end up.

I am so aware of how everything reality show works that it really spoils the shows for me. I can literally read the call sheet. Bobby and Jen complain about Bryan in the top deck galley.  Entry Bryan, opening line, “Hey what are you talking about?”  Not “hi” or  “what are you working on?” or “did you swab the poop deck?”  Sigh.  These people keep getting in the way of my views of the Med.

Um, the bachelor are all at least 50, some closer to 65. NTTAWWT just not what I was expecting. Hannah has a bad migraine and goes to bed, Julia and Tiffany handle service. Julia is miles better at introducing the courses than Hannah is.

The guests want the guys to go ashore with them looking for women. The Captain allows Danny and Bobby to go and keeps Bryan to do the work.  The guests have told the captain they will make sure the guys don’t drink. They have mentioned the fact the guys are not supposed to drink twenty times. So of course, we know how this will go.  Drunk at a gay beach.

Actually, there are women everywhere! Bobby is pissy because Danny is attracting all the girls. The guests are having a blast and love Danny.

We have been set up for next week with Bryan telling Danny not to take Ben’s side in an argument with Hannah. Mind you Hannah and Ben were back to being friends at this point. But next week, Danny tells Hannah to “swallow some makeup for her terrible personality” when she and Ben go at it again. Also there is an issue with docking the boat.


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14 responses to “Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Whose Got Game?

  1. Laura

    I’ll leave my ship remarks.
    Who the crap is suing “BRAVO”?
    Brava. Not hating

    • rainidaze

      Laura, the “Brava” carp has been driving me crazy for weeks. lol

      TT – I’m noticing more and more how the heavy “scripting” of these shows is spoiling them, at least for me.

      A bit OT: I finally watched RHOOC 8th season secrets episode last night and I had to laugh when Vicki insisted that reality tv is real; saying they aren’t scripted, they’re natural glimpses of their real lives and I had to LOL and SMH.

  2. therealdeb

    Danny is such a dork, I bet he is an annoying little brother. Bobby needs to chill, he is sweet but seriously needs to let up in Julia. Brian is an ass, he could maybe be a great guy but the drunk frat guy keeps getting in his way. Hanna is another thing I am not sure I have the words for. Captain mark, his eye brows are now the soul focus of all his scenes for me. I cannot stop looking at them since they were mentioned a few weeks ago.

  3. Amy V

    Tamara I am not sure its because of the camera angle but,Nene is on Access Hollywood and her nose looks different.

  4. Amy V

    Perhaps it was collapsing like Michael’s.

  5. Laura

    Somebody, PLEASE TELL ME- why is the announcer now saying, “Only On Brav-a”?
    It’s driving me bat shit crazy.

    • KaraW

      Thank you for clarifying. I wondered what your earlier remarks meant. I hadn’t noticed, but I’ll watch for that now. I have hearing trouble and watch with the closed captioning on. Presumably they are spelling it right so I’d be less likely to notice.

      I love this show and am always trying to figure out Ben since his moods change often, but he mostly comes across as a good guy, yet I know Tamara’s sources say differently.

  6. Erica

    Ben was a dick that night… she was confused, yes, shouldn’t have used the word “entree”, yes… but it wouldn’t have happened if Ben created a menu (even one for just the servers) (or in the alternative when it is “chef’s choice” go up and announce what will be served yourself).

    She was right… he bitched that the guests had to sit for 10 minutes – 5 of those were spent bitching her out!

    • DJFL

      @Erika – She was the one who told him not to serve the kabobs like he planned. She told the guests that the shrimp were the main course when they weren’t originally supposed to be.

  7. Ben is a mega-dick for going to the Captain like he did. He made himself look like a total fool. Bryan is gross and Bobby is creepy. Where did they get these guys? It’s at the point where I can’t even stand to watch Danny. What a delusional, conceited, inappropriate little shit! He belongs on a budget cruise ship chatting up all the old ladies and trying to hook up with the younger ones. We all know that, if this show wasn’t as fake as it is, he would have been given his walking (or flying) papers after the first couple of run-ins. There’s no way he’d be allowed to get away with his big mouth and failure to follow directions – complete and total insubordination. This show has always been one of my favorites but the obviously scripted scenes are ruining it. They should go back to making fun of the guests (which should be pretty easy) and letting the normal shipboard friction develop by itself. The first season was so much better, but then I really miss Captain Lee.

    • tamaratattles

      Captain Lee and the domestic gang will be back in the fall. The have already filmed the season way back. I look forward to their return, but certainly not the crappy behavior where they made fun of the clients.That was deplorable.

      And Kate will be back which will only please Sequoia. At least we will be fighting again. It’s better than him being so damn quiet! :)

    • Lynn

      Captain Howard needs to be terminated. He promoted Bryan who not only bullied Danny but Jen and Julia. Bryan encouraged brawls between Bobby and Danny and took no disciplinary action when Bobby shoved Danny. When Bobby threatened Danny in front of the Captain and Bryan still no action was taken. It’s never OK to cause physical harm to others or be in a position of authority and turn a blind eye to threats of violence. Wonder who will be Bryan and Bobby’s new victim now that Danny is gone? They cant help them selves, they thrive on hurting others and they were rewarded for their misdeeds by a Captain who is either oblivious to what is really going on, or who lives vicariously through the cruel actions of others.

  8. Sally

    I can’t stand Bobby and bullshit buddy. They are both Jerks towards Danny. Plus they are both jerks to the rest of the crew and they think they know it all. They act like they’re better than everyone else

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