Southern Charm Recap: Thomas’ Wonderful Words of Wisdom


Southern Charm Thomas and Kathryn
At 8 pm  Anderson Cooper read the names and mini bios of those who were gunned down by an AR-15 at Pulse in Orlando.  It was incredibly emotional. Anderson was very choked up. I am going to tape his show and do a very quick recap of this hot mess. These people seem even more ridiculous today. I got some complaints about mixing up names on some blogs I tried to do yesterday. If typos and mistakes bother you, please wait for another recap elsewhere. I make no promises about this one.

We start with the 75 year old bitch and her 50 plus year old son who someone has entrusted with a puppy. The dog is adorable, sadly I fear for it being left with a real life Cruella Deville.  The good news? On this episode, everyone disobeys the yankee moratorium not to film with Kathryn and this is all we will see of them YAY!


Some of y’all have asked about the nanny. She is full time and goes with the kids wherever they go, which is currently at Thomas’ guest house.  Thomas has allegedly chosen a site full of raging cunts to share court documents with, or else they are making them up. Either way, we will not be acknowledging them here.

Craig drops by to visit Kathryn. Will this be #NewCraig who supports his friend? Or #OldCraig who is easily led back to the darkside? Did Craig just say in a confessional, “maybe it doesn’t matter who the real dad is?”  Kathryn thinks that she is going to have a real family with Thomas.  Craig wants to know when the new kid will start to do stuff.

Southern Charm thomas baby


JD meets Thomas at a restaurant and order “Gentry and Ginger” with a straight face.  Thomas brings up that he last saw him at yankee dinner party where apparently the custom of the hostess’s people is to throw a celebration for a baby and then interrogate the father about questionable paternity and defame the mother of the child who was excluded from the event. Thomas claims to be open to living under one roof with Kathryn. JD insinuates in his talking head that Thomas is such a gentleman that he would claim the child even if it was not his  So that is Craig and JD stating they don’t think Thomas is the father of the kid on national television. ONCE AGAIN.  Thomas is having a dinner party do over with everyone except the decrepit yankee and her creepy spawn.


Who the hell is this creature with Landon? Why is Landon talking about how she’s “programming a website’? She has no fucking clue what running a website is about, and her fake attempts to prove that she is trying to start one speak volumes about what a giant lie this whole thing is. She has a front page to a site now which is basically fishing for email address with a Sonja Morgan type message that things will happen in a few months. The unidentified chick with the unfortunate eyebrow situation starts fake sobbing for some reason about her concerns for Landon’s security now that she has no husband, y’all!  Landon must be so furious that JD is a full-timer now. Isn’t he?  I forget. I just know we see way too much of JD and Landon. Fucking Thomas apparently wasn’t enough to get her the big contract. Allegedly. Oh this is a sister?

I am not even going to address this fake Shep/Landon storyline.

Southern Charm Cooper Ray

K. Cooper Ray

Thank the baby Jesus, I so needed to see this guy tonight. KCR takes Kathryn shopping for an outfit for the dinner party. AKA that dinner where everyone agree to disobey the yankee moratorium for filming with any redheads.

Jennifer calls and Kathryn blows her off to make Thomas happy.  KCP puts her in a gorgeous black dress and worries it might be too old lady (one in particular) and Kathryn says, “Cruella Deville!!!!!” I just freaking called her that when I saw her with the puppy!

Oh God. For reasons unknown to me there is a Landon and Patti scene. It will be forever unknown to me because I am fast forwarding.


The Dinner Party

Thomas and Kathryn have a disagreement over Landon being invited to the dinner. Kathryn is correct. Landon has been a cunt to her and is not supportive of her at all. She has no place at the table. Kathryn says she is not coming if Landon is invited. Thomas threatens to cancel the whole party, he threats to jump out the window which is either on the  first floor or production has placed a platform there for this scene. Kathryn relents.

So we get everyone to Thomas’ house and he shows them his gorgeous house and they all finally make it to the dinner table. But before the first course is even served,  Thomas would like to share some of his “wonderful words of wisdom.”  And so it begins.

He tells Kathryn he is proud of her and very optimistic about their future and that she is a great mother. He tells Cameran that he has threes sisters and she reminds him of them. They are all self-righteous , judgmental and sanctimonious. He tells Craig not to pretend to be someone he is not and that he is a great guy. He tells Shep rather than trying to fuck every girl in Charleston he should get with Landon. Then he tells Landon that she has been catty and disrespectful toward Kathryn. Shep tries to stick up for Landon and says that it’s his fault there is a situation with Landon.  And the situation is a drunken hookup. Allegedly.  So the streets say. Thomas asks Shep, “How much money his mommy giving you? ”  Then Thomas calls him a pussy. The whole time KCR has been trying to reel Thomas in but it’s not working. He has a sweaty drug addled face.

Cameran announces that she really must be leaving. Thomas continues to try to pick a fight with Shep of all people.  He screams at Shep, ” If you want to hop on my back, you will crawl off bleeding!”  Thomas does the whole, “Let’s take this outside! ” thing and everyone starts to scatter.  People are literally fleeing on golf carts and Thomas comes out in the street to try and fight Shep. KCR pushes Thomas back in telling him sternly to get in side.

To be continued….

Next Week: The Founders Ball!  As cranky as Patti is about that, I can assume we won’t see her or her spawn there. I heard she didn’t get a ticket…





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85 responses to “Southern Charm Recap: Thomas’ Wonderful Words of Wisdom

  1. Onawin

    That’s it I’m out. Kathryn with her fashion, Thomas is much to old to be acting a fool.Thomas baby momma have messed the show up.

  2. DejaBlue53

    Nothing says southern charm like guests fleeing a dinner in a golf cart, almost being hit by passing cars.

  3. jennbug

    I am a yankee, but this line had me dying laughing! “The decrepit Yankee and her creepy spawn”. So, so accurate!!!

    • Chloe

      Loved this too! Perfect description!

    • S Hollingsworth

      I love this show, I love your site – this show is truly a wreck, but you can’t stop watching it – Patricia as Cruella deVille is Mesmerizing, in a horrible way and poor Whitney, her 51-year-old ‘Sidekick,’ (aka: Baby boy), who ‘lives’ to be a Frat boy again, go to Strip Clubs (and, of course, ‘Tip Like The South Won The War,’ because ‘Whit less,’ is Single and Ready to Mingle and oh yeah, he’s a Millionaire Playboy.

      Tune in for the Grandeur and stay for Advice from Cruella, (Three-times Married-expert) as she works frenetically to Transform ‘Little Landon Twiinks,’ into ‘lo and behold,’ a Southern Belle, worthy of landing a true Southern Gentleman with Ca$h in his pockets.

      • Cruella better be careful on the Landon matchmaking: a fake Southern Gentlemen with $$? How about Mama’s baby boy? Whitney Sudler Smith, net worth (if true) two million– strums guitar, dabbles in this and that depending on who’s watching. Landon will be drinking her martini medication right along with her mother-in-law. After a week, Landon will be needing a lot more medication–first dose, 8am every half hour until bedtime when she’ll need a double to triple dose. Unless, Whitney only comes home twice a month or buys her her own apartment. If I were Landon, I’d ask for my own house and find the prettiest boy from West Hollywood as my butler/housekeeper/ Whitney’s best friend.

    • S Hollingsworth

      ‘Line of the Night,’ my favorite! *
      * aka: Cruella deVille, ring that Butler’s Bell!

    • S Hollingsworth

      You’ve got me laughing out loud, love your comments, love this silly show!

  4. Lindsay

    Well, I forgot to reset my DVR for this time change thing but it doesn’t matter…reading this recap and having seen the previews, I feel like I practically saw it.
    Going to catch WWHL though.

  5. microop

    How did Thomas miss the appropriate target so terribly. He could have basically shot at anyone other than Shep and still won a prize. He needs to call Landon out for sleeping with him. If only she would get exposed, then shed have to stop slut shaming Katherine.

  6. Great recap! Cameran, Landon and Whitney came off really sour on WWHL. Andy seemed over them until Shep showed up and was outed on the after show for making out with Stacy London in a bathroom. She’s the stylist lady on “What not to Wear.” Whatever. Southern Charm was not entertains because Kathryn didn’t live tweet. . .until WWHL. She’s pissed at the liars and psychotics. Oh, she is feisty. I like that about her. Would there even be a show without her? Not one I’d want to watch.

  7. Disher

    Kathryn makes the show. I agree with TT that she got outmaneuvered by Thomas. He has great legal advice. He sued her and knew he’d get the judge to order drug test. She shouldn’t be doing them with kids but for the love of God he’s the worst addict. He can’t ever be sober on the damn show. There’s no show without Katherine and that’s the real reason Whitney and Landon can’t stand her. Messed up as she is she comes across as a much better human being. Loving Cooper Ray’s snaps!!!

    • I think the real reason Whitney hates Kathryn so much is because she and Thomas basically hijacked the show. Whitney’s the one that sent the audition tape to Bravo. He must’ve thought we’d be star struck, watching him with his obnoxious guitar and drunken mother. And then along comes the stunning red head who prefers Thomas over Whitney. Ouch! What a blow. The show basically runs away from Whitney and his non-storyline falls flatter than Landon’s personality.

      • Amariesa

        Watching Thomas constantly throw Katherine under the bus or go behind her back playing the victim makes me want to yell at my TV. However this cast has spent the entire season fixated on Katherine and her relationship with Thomas. Landon needs to go away far far away, she’s just looking for fame and money in the process she has publicly made a fool of herself which I found very amusing. Ummm they want to see what a website I’m proposing looks like??? What’s that lol idiot!!! Now she is seeing Patricia (gross gag) as a mentor??? Huh? Patricia has nothing better to do than ruin a young woman’s life with talking trash every chance she gets but neglecting to see her own son is a disgusting pansy who only hates Katherine because she has Thomas and therefore Whitney cannot have Thomas all to himself…. I forget the names of the rest of the cast because they truly bore me that much. I agree give Katherine her own show, she has personality, true charm and she is even genuine. Thomas will see what he had someday. Either way I hope Katherine gets a good lawyer sues these freaks and takes her family from this show. Andy I’m disappointed yet again to see you allowing children’s lives be effected for your ratings. I find it disgusting and repulsive. I quit watching WWHL a long time ago, Andy isn’t funny or kind. Money grubbing perv.

  8. Chloe

    I can’t stand Landon, and totally agree with Disher that she and Whitney are jealous of Kathryn’s popularity. Landon is a pompous nit wit who is totally enamoured with herself. I couldn’t stand her stupid, incessant giggling on WWHL. When they were talking about Kathryn’s failed drug test, Landon was fake lamenting how awful it was and then said something like “Oh well.” I wish she was off the show. She brings absolutely nothing but annoyance. Did I mention I don’t like her? Lol!

  9. Erica

    OMG… I’m surprised that Thomas didn’t give himself a nosebleed with all the blow he must have snorted upstairs.

    But yeah, don’t really feel bad for Landon. Didn’t do anything – um, yes you did bitch. We all watched you go after Thomas by passively aggressively undermine Kathryn. Kathryn is not my favorite person – but I feel badly for her. Thomas basically used her as a brood mare.

    I REALLY feel for those kids.

    • RealE

      THANK YOU! I have thought that he was doing uppers since the begining of the show practically and besides a cursory mention here I feel like I’m only one to notice. It must be pretty serious for him to be doing it during filming. And it’s pretty obvious… well if you have eyes.
      And it just adds to the hypocrisy of this crew that they say what they do about Kathryn And protect Thomas from this. If it’s true that she did fail the drug test, then I am disgusted as a mother. But why as a mother is she held to a higher standard then the father by this group? It’s just as reprehensible for Thomas to be using drugs.

      • Erica

        They must be able to get something from Thomas – social cache, or whatever – that they can’t necessarily get from Kathryn.

        I have a feeling that Kathyrn’s drug test failure will simply be weed. Never met someone high on marijuana that I was afraid of – but the shit that T Rav is obviously doing? He needs to be away from those kids. Thankfully, sounds like he is doing that – who the fuck gets custody of your two very young children and move them into your GUEST HOUSE. Haven’t heard of something like that since I read about Gloria Vanderbilt’s childhood.

      • MARC

        Agree yet I believe Katherine will rise just like Princess Diana did & outsmart them all ! Team Katherine!

  10. therealdeb

    Stop screaming, you sound like a dolphin! Best line of the show!!!

    • bella

      Landon’s laugh is like nails on a chalkboard!

      • therealdeb

        Did you notice that Landon, her sister and mother all have the same strange speech pattern? Kind of a stuffy nasal thing with a whine included. ugh

      • PickyLongstocking

        It’s so odd. I’ve been trying to figure it out for years. In her talking heads, it’s like she has marbles under her tongue or something? And then whenever possible, the last word of the sentence lingers, “How are youuuuuu?” It’s especially noticeable when she is at the Old Yankee’s house being told to “vamp it up”. Oh lord, no. Please, no.

      • S Hollingsworth

        Please, Shep – don’t Marry Land-on, let Whitney ‘fall on that Sword!’

    • Librarygirl

      Love that line! I laughed out loud! Good for Katheryn!

    • Meri

      On behalf of dolphins everywhere…I am highly offended by the comparison. Dolphins are lovely and Landon is not. Dolphins communicate and Landon does not. Dolphins are smart and graceful…Landon is not.
      Leave the Dolphins out of this and throw Landon in the ocean with the sharks.

    • I was noticing the same thing and this is not meant to offend but I can’t think of another way to describe it. Its very similar to how someone who is mostly or completely deaf speaks. Her sister Bam especially.

  11. Sali

    Excellent recap! Its begun to get hard to watch the whole episode for me. I FF through Landon, Cameran and Whitney.

  12. Laura

    TT what you missed with the old Yankee and the Dolphin scene was Cruela trying to get Landon to date Thomas!! It was so backhanded and gross!

  13. Puddy

    I hope that Kathryn gets an attorney who can fight for her against Thomas’ attorney and defend Kathryn so that the children stay with her as they should do — and not be at all with freewheeling, off the wheels, bachelor Thomas, without supervision. It appears that Thomas just wanted to use Kathryn like some baby making machine out of the movie “The Island” and then take everything from her and crush her with his power and influence and tricky lawyers. I hope that Kathryn gets an attorney who will then go after all these #*^~er #*~>ers as they deseve to be gone after. Time to fight back for her babies and herself. For justice.

  14. Bridgett

    During Thomas’s dinner party tirade, where was JD looking? It felt like he was awaiting direction from production.

    • I saw that, also, Bridgett. It was very odd.

    • Lindsay

      Stayed up late to watch the second showing. JD broke the fourth wall hard! It all felt very contrived to me. Thomas is a piss poor actor.

    • Librarygirl

      Yes, in that moment JD looked a bit off of the rails, and Cooper I felt, was really trying to diffuse the situation. All of them in that cart looked ridiculous, and I was hoping that they were going to get side swiped by that on coming car. Why the heck were they in a golf cart anyway?

      • Shae

        I remember Landon saying she has one to get around locally, she drove to Thomas’ in it in a previous episode.

    • Auntie Velvet

      I had the feeling J.D. was trying to make sure security was around. However contrived it may have been for Thomas to make drama, he certainly was volatile, in a real way.

    • Of course he was looking at production…The whole thing was obviously staged. Our heroes may be reality “stars,” but good actors and actresses they are not! Phony as a $3 bill, IMO.

    • d

      I thought he was looking at them for help. :)

  15. LilG

    Landon’s sister’s eyebrows – after seeing those Tom Selek mustaches a over her eyes, it was difficult to focus until the dinner party – “Sponsored by Blow”. If even a little of that was not fabricated…crazy – who does that????

  16. Heidi

    We should start a Go Fund Me page for Katheryn’s lawyer.

  17. Tracy

    I called into WWHL last night with a question for Cam about not interacting with Kathryn and was she directed by the cryptic keeper. Are you aware they screen the questions??? I never made it on air…

    • Puddy

      Yes, it is awful but true that most of these shows stage things the way they want to steer the conversation in the way they want to shape public opinion in the way they want.

  18. Tracy

    Sorry…”crypt” keeper

  19. Over it

    How freakin’ drunk was Landon’s sister. They annoy me. I don’t understand the culture of being drunk constantly. Poor Landon, everything comes so easily to her & now she has to do something…Have another drink

  20. Gapeachinsc

    After watching the episode, it occurred to me that the dinner party was a mostly contrived scene. I think the guests were maybe given a hint as to what to expect but no one knew the extent of it. Who knows? I did catch JD looking at the sidelines and that was interesting. I kinda think the overall story this season was how Thomas would end up vindicating Kathryn…

  21. Shae

    How utterly ridiculous calling others sanctimonious while you stand up at your own dinner party and insult your guests in the form of “bestowing wisdom” upon them. Oh the height of self-importance, please, spare us.

    The scene with Kathryn and Thomas fighting over Landon makes my skin crawl- Kathryn was right, Thomas behaved like a psycho man-baby having a tantrum, and she immediately caters to it laboring under her delusion that this is a “man” she can have a sane relationship with at some point. Kathryn may be able to grow up and rein her crazy in, but Thomas cannot and will not. She needs to stop placating him and just agree to be civil as co-parents, not try to resurrect a relationship with this insane man-baby.

    Just out of control to lash out at guests like that, he could’ve showed support for Kathryn without straight up attacking his “friends” whom he invited to his home. Not kosher. Especially the vitriol at shep, who the hell is Thomas to judge? An ex felon with a failed senate bid who has made an absolute laughingstock of himself on this show, judging Shep because he’s wealthy and doesn’t need to work? Please.

    Thomas makes me nauseous.
    Also, Kathryn was right about another thing, landon does sound like a dolphin. Christ, my ears were bleeding.

  22. Greenwood

    You know who Kathryn needs? Gloria Allred.

  23. Shae

    I also thought it was worth noting that Cameran said she told her hubby about her doubts about having kids clearly before they got married. She said if kids were non-negotiable for him, he shouldn’t marry her. He clearly chose to be with her despite that, so no deception there.

    • Puddy

      But, cleverly, she did not say, flat out, that she did not want children – knowing that without a definite “no” – the other person will hold out hope. I think that is mean.

      • Shae

        You can’t control what someone else hopes for, you can only be 100% honest with them and let them decide for themselves. He’s a grown man. She told him she wasn’t sure about kids and advised him if that was a deal breaker he shoudn’t marry her, he decided to. That’s the adult way of handling such a situation, IMO. He can hope if he wants to, but he can never say he was misled- especially since she herself seems to be unsure.

        I have been in the exact same situation where I truly didn’t know if I would ever want kids and I was honest about it with my partner at the time. It was up to them to decide to continue with the relationship or not because I could not guarantee how I would feel. They chose to accept that for the time being, you have to trust the person to decide for themselves what matters. The only real wrong you can do there is lie to them.

      • Shae

        I don’t think she was being clever, I think she was being honest. I don’t think there was malicious intent, I’ve seen many women struggle with thinking they should want kids vs. actually feeling like they want them. I think her uncertainty is and was genuine.

    • sandra

      Very well stated, Shae.

  24. Puddy

    Watching Cameran’s snobby and self-serving sanctimoniousness, as she discusses Kathryn with Craig, and whether Cameran will deign to attend Thomas’ dinner party – actually made me physically nauseous.

  25. LowcountryLocal

    Did anyone else notice that at the end of the scene where Thomas and Kathryn were in the bedroom talking she had a look on her face as if she wanted to cry and Thomas looked away from her as if it hurt him to see her so sad? It may have just been editing but it seemed very genuine.

  26. JoJoFLL

    I am starting to think that Whitney is playing us all and he’s the puppet master behind Kathryn and all the drama.

    • Gapeachinsc

      That’s what I’m leaning towards believing. These “reality” shows are the soap operas of the past. Only difference is the little doses of reality that poke through. Instead of soap opera actors and actresses we have individuals who have loaned their personal situations in order to participate in these shows. The premise was great however these shows have morphed into something else. The story lines are polarizing and create quite a stir. It’s both intentional and unfortunate. Especially considering these are real people in real situations outside of the edited hours we see.

  27. Puddy

    How dare Landon call Kathryn “white trash”? Kathryn is no such thing, while all Landon, Patti and Whitney seem to be able to do is to trash others – to try to compensate for their significant and obvious shortcomings. Patti’s claim to fame is getting money by marrying rich, Whitney’s only job is to spend Patti’s ill-gotten gains, and Landon’s only hope is to approximate Patti’s well trodden path – by snagging either Shep or Thomas or someone – since her paper sheets of an ertswhile website has been judged “laughable”.

  28. Cp1980

    Love this show! They are so ratchet lol 😍

  29. G

    Given all the “news” about Kathryn and Thomas this past week, watching her sneer and relish in Thomas’s insults against her cast members was infuriating, yet satisfying. If only I could be a fly on the wall of that courtroom and see how that sneer turned into….well, who knows. I won’t speculate. But, the behavior exhibited by both of them was some high school bullshit. She threw on something from the Halloween costume bin in an effort to look “classy” which totally failed. he got fucked up and tried to throw his (wrinkled) dick around. Honestly, they both looked like drunk ass skanks, but it’s sad, even the drunkest of the skank leaders can’t work it out. Because they both suck.

    • Puddy

      What lies! Kathryn looked sober and calm at that dinner party. She was heroically even-tempered all the while Landon was screeching in her face. Kathryn was understandably relieved that somrone was finally sticking up for her – as anyone who has been relentlessly defamed and had their child’s paternity constantly questioned by a mean girl mob on national television – would be! She felt vindicated by the truth. What Thomas said about Cameran and Landon was true but Landon hates the truth and as Shep said – is a pit bull- so Landon jumped up screeching – causing everyone else to leave and lying all the way. Just look at how Landon excluded Kathryn from Shep’s skating party and against his wishes and LIED ABOUT IT TO EVERYONE and spoke so horribly about Kathryn and then DENIED ever saying anything negative about Kathryn at the dinner table? And left in faux outrage? Thomas was actually going “lite” on Landon considering all that Landon has done to Kathryn. Any other woman may not have exhibited Kathryn’s admirable restraint.
      As for Kathryn’s dress – she was post pregnancy, and my first imoression was that she looked beautiful as the green was so lovely with her hair, and the jacket lovely too. The fact is that (unlike Landon who looks a bit like a cross between Jughead and OliveOil – with her teeny beady squinty eyes and puppet nose and comic jaw) – Kathryn is gorgeous and you could dress Kathryn in a paper bag and she would still look gorgeous! and that – is the source of so much of Landon’s, Patti’s and Cameran’s jealousy. No amount of plastic surgery coukd fix it for them, but, moreover, Kathryn is a loving person with a naturally warm personality- and that crowd would need personality transplants and heart implants to fix what is truly wrong with them – but more likely – they would need to be struck by lightening on the road to Savannah.

  30. Bee

    1. Seeing Bam, Landumb’s sister, was like watching a ping pong match…my eyes darting from her teeth to her eyebrows, then teeth, then eyebrows. Each disturbing. Then having to listen to both sisssters talking in their lazy-tongued slur…doubly annoying.
    2. JD is a new villan & loser, taking swipes at KD as often as he can, all while up TR’s arss. During dinner, JD’s looking for help from production cause his bestie has taken too much…I mean…lost it. He understands TR’s sweaty “mood swings” a little too well…birds of a feather, maybe?
    3. Cooper Ray is just the best!! The rest aren’t worth the typing time. Except for the kids. May the Good Lord watch over them.

    • S Hollingsworth

      Bring on Bambam more often, she’s worse than Land-on. And please, more Cooper, he’s entertaining!

    • kkbella

      I think JD is an essential member of this show, even if he isn’t “real”. A kind of “boss Hog”, he brings the element essential to any Greek Chorus- the background that comments, foreshadows, and explains the heroes lackluster behavior. He’s the licensed voice for convict Ravanel.

  31. Dracla Dunning

    A group of meth cookers having dinner in an Appalachian trailer have better manners and are more gracious than this gathering of adults, and that includes Kathryn. Hard to believe the cast of Southern Charm represents the upper class of Charleston.

    • SC Gal

      They are not a good representation of Charleston. I have worked in Charleston and there are a lot of nice folks.

    • Hell, Thomas was sweating like a pig on snow during that scene with Kathryn upstairs in the kids bedroom. Did you catch a glimpse of his back as he darted out the window? Yeah, out the window, like all lucid, sober 55 yr old men do when having a discussion. Dude was ripped on more than the booze.

  32. Shae

    Thomas really is a scary, disgusting, human being. No decorum, no manners, no class…. he turns into a sweaty, screaming, rude, obnoixous mess attacking dinner guests.

    Kathryn needs to run far and fast away from him personally, keep the relationship as co-parents only. Stop barking up the crazy Thomas tree. He will only bring out her crazy/impulsive side, he’s is not a calming influence in any way.

  33. dontgiveaflyingfuck

    Thank god Kathryn birthed that child and is now back to drinking and smoking! I would’ve paid to be at that dinner party.

  34. kkbella

    The clips from next week show Kathryn in Landon’s face, telling her something to the effect of “admit what you did, sistah.” Landon replies that she did nothing. The look in Kathryn’s eyes tells me that there is STUFF OFF CAMERA we do not know, and that Kathryn knows the truth. THE TRUTH. I am sure it has a bearing on all that has followed; again, the stuff we don’t know. Why Landon ( in the thrift store mink), and Cameran (in her Lilly Pulitzer country club BORING ensam) are supporting the washed up felon is beyond me. He’s a socially awkward narcissist. (among other things). It could be as simple as Whitney holds the rights to hire/fire cast, and these women suck his, so they can stay on TV. He has to keep Kathryn. He is obsessed with her still, and knows she brings the ratings.

  35. kkbella

    Oh, and to bolster my theory above, why were there two stupid, pointless scenes this season: one with Patti and Cameran, and later, one with Patti and Landon.

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