RHONY Bravo Blog Lowlights: Berkshires Edition

RHONY Dorinda

Dorinda Medley sort of sums up my feelings on posting today in her blog this week:

I want to begin by saying that I am so devastated by what happened in Orlando. I feel ridiculous even writing a blog in light of the Sunday we all just had. Even with the Tonys last night, it was a dismal day, and I’m writing this from Ptown, where the sadness is more palpable than I can describe. Words cannot ever really express how sad and horrified one feels when these things happen, but we have to do something about this already.

I go through the natural ups and downs of blogging. Mostly, it is the perfect job for me; however, it is an ongoing 24/7/365 job.  Incorporating the blog under Tamara Tattles Media, LLC has required all sorts of paperwork much of which requires me to get out of the house and print out and submit back to my attorney’s office , bankers, accountants,printers, etc. All of this I keep putting on the back burner. Then there was the moving to the new site which I find out each day that everyone hasn’t migrated to yet. Instead, I sit down day after day and recap a bunch of really shitty TV shows so we can all sit around talking about how much they all suck. It feels particularly meaningless to me today.  I am sure It will be fun again. Because you guys make it fun. But right now, I still overcome with grief.

Before I pull out the dastardly purple pen, I’d like to point out that my friend who has a home in Provincetown, or Ptown as it’s called, alerted me to Dorinda’s presence there this weekend. She was there to host  benefit for Provincetown Theater and Center for Coastal Studies. I am told it was a rousing success and the feedback I got from photos showed everyone having a good time and enjoying her company.

RHONY Carole

Carole plays the bad editing card in her blog:

Watching the episodes is harder than filming them. I don’t know how any of you do it. It’s like reality re-arranged. There are things the ladies say they said that they never said. Then there are the things said that I said, that I never said. And the things I say that you don’t see me say. Realty Re-Shuffleboard.

In this case, she has a point. The vicious attacks by Bethenny went on and on and on for hours. Probably longer than a reunion filming. But at least at reunions Andy occasionally allows the victim to speak. She also mentions she never wanted to go to Dorinda’s house and wishes she had gone the vagina zapping route with Sonja.

But my feelings about Luann, once hard-boiled are now soft-boiled. I have soft-boiled feelings for Luann – oh, by the way, Sonja I trademarked the phrase “soft-boiled feelings” in 27 categories including food and alcohol. Lol.

That’s one jab at Sonja.

But I’ve never told an untruth or lie on this show or off it — except if you count the time I told Sonja she showed talent at burlesque. That was a little lie.

That’s two jabs at Sonja and a very long attack on Luann that I am not even going to bother with.

RHONY Carole and Dorinda
Back to Dorinda’s blog. Someone commented her that they read her blog and it made them stop liking her which is why I bothered to even open this can of worms today. I read her job and felt really sorry for her. Her entire blog is defending her much loved Blue Stone Manor.  That house is lovely and exactly the way she wants it. She spent boatloads of money to make it her dream home. And it is. There are trolls on the Internet that have nothing better to do with their time than insult the home of someone they do not know. The kind of people who feel the need to tell off the people they watch on a TV show. Assholes.  But it is even worse when Bethenny and Carole giggle over the house and say it is haunted by her dead husband’s ghost or full of bad mojo that they blame for being absolutely terrible houseguests and extremely rude. It was clear Dorinda was hurt and angry to see that for the first time on the episode.

Luann shares this tidbit about Carole and Bethenny’s treatment of Dorinda’s house. ” In a final show of disrespect, Bethenny and Carole skipped out early and left their room a mess. I’m sure Dorinda was happy to see their taillights. ”

Sonja is really pissed that she was excluded from the weekend and blames Dorinda saying, ” Last year I was at the holiday get together at Dorinda’s and no one ganged up. I’ve been with these girls a lot longer than her. I’m not on the outs with the girls. She’s freezing me out. She’s not facilitating the group coming together. It’s classic high school behavior from the new girl. I would NEVER exclude someone from a group event. Never.”  But what she goes on to say reminds me that they get paid quiet a bit more for these overnight trips. It was clear Sonja needed the money and I suspect Bethenny made it so that she would lose that chunk of cash.

Bethenny says, “This is the best season ever.”  which is about as delusional as all of Ramona’s incoherent key stabbing.

So Dorinda is pissed of at Carole and Bethenny in real time. That Asian chick posted about just being happy to be away from her kids and didn’t mention a single other housewife. Luann was mildly annoyed by Bethenny calling her an angry woman, but later seeming to try to make nice. Sonja and Ramona are both fighting for a seat up Bethenny’s anus next to Carole. And Carole is secure with her bestie, Bethenny.


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39 responses to “RHONY Bravo Blog Lowlights: Berkshires Edition

  1. MARC

    Give yourself the permission to feel the pain & acknowledge the fact that your core followers appreciate the heartfelt words & genuine sentiments you choose to share with us. Your blog your gifts your sense of humor & diligence are inspiring to me

  2. therealdeb

    Tamara, we feel what we feel. You could not put what you put into this blog if you were an unfeeling person. Have a glass of wine, snuggle up to Banjo and take the time you need to feel better.

  3. ZenJen55

    I echo Marc ^^

  4. Matzah60

    Tamara, what you do is not meaningless. When something horrible happens in our lives or in the world as in Orlando, everything else in our lives takes the back burner and somehow seems unimportant or insignificant. Everything is relative to other things happening around us, to us, and to others. What I’m trying to say is that your blog imparts more than info on ‘reality’ shows. It brings together a community of people, albeit, anonymous commenters, but still friendly ‘faces’ that I look forward to ‘seeing’ each day; often multiple times a day.

    You are a tremendously gifted writer and you are able to impart your knowledge that often overflows into deep discussions about relationships, integrity, honesty, bad behavior, and frankly all the topics that take front seat in all of our lives. There are friendly ‘faces’ to talk to, respond to, disagree with, or spar with, but in any case, I find everyone here interesting, often quite kind and understanding, and part of my daily life as I know it now.

    You have created a safe place to go with familiar people that come here daily to read what you write. They want to interact with you, hear what you have to say, share their comments and ideas with others and get feedback. They come to Daily Tea to share what’s going on in their lives, receive support, feedback, kudos, and the like from others. It feels good and it feels right.

    What you do and have created here is much more important than you can imagine.

    • marc

      You said it far more succinctly & eloquently than I could ever imagine ; thanks for that post…Tamara you are surrounded by people who adore you (& ADORATION lasts a lot longer than mere love ) Matzah60 Well said & well done! Bravo!

    • T D

      Yes indeed. Thank you for expressing such heartfelt feelings. I second that emotion. Thank you Matzah60, you said it so well.

    • Amy V

      Matzah…you are on point. Tamara’s writing is everything. Great admiration for her.

    • Dracla Dunning

      Ditto, Matzah. Thank you.

    • microop

      I agree, but I suspect production blocked everyone from intervening. This is exactly why the cast should be paid the same. They should be paid adequately for having to constantly worry about impending abuse from Bethenny.

    • microop

      I agree, but I suspect production blocked everyone from intervening. This is exactly why the cast should be paid the same. They should be paid adequately for having to constantly worry about impending abuse from Bethenny.

      • microop

        Also I’m willing to bet if Bethenny went to bat for the other women in negotiations or at least supported their attempts, the whole Tipsy Girl thing wouldn’t have happened. What Sonja did was wrong, but I also don’t think Bethenny likes to see others do well or as well as her.

      • Matzah60

        I couldn’t agree more. These women are not actresses. Most of their storylines are conceived by producers of the show. There should be a scale with a starting salary for first timers. Each successive year, there should be an increment.

        Andy set Bethanny up as the ‘class’ favorite. In and of itself, it caused diviseness amongst the Housewives. Bethanny might be a winner n the business world, but she fails miserably as a human being and friend.

    • Amanda

      Matzah, I completely agree with you. Tamara, I read this blog every single day. It lifts my spirit to read your blog and all the comments. I feel like some of the commenters are my friends. I feel like this site has helped save my life. I have/had Major Depression Disorder and have tried to commit suicide. After treatment, I found your blog. I love your style of writing and I love that I feel like I trust you and believe what you say. Thank you for continuing this site. I don’t know what I would do without it. Your work is NOT MEANINGLESS!

  5. Dracla Dunning

    What I find interesting is how Dorinda pats herself on the back when it comes to her hosting skills yet she neglected her other guests when she didn’t shut down Bethenney. Hostesses have responsibilities to all the guests and their comfort and there are times they have to make an unpopular decision. Dorinda probably didn’t want to ask Bethenney to stop her repulsive behavior because she does not want to rock the boat. I would never have permitted that verbal violence between friends to occur in my home.
    Even though Bethenny knows better than to act the fool when she is a guest, she knew Dorinda would do nothing to curb her atrocious behavior based on how Dorinda handled Bethenny going off on Heather the previous year at the table…raising her voice and falling into her ever so boring “tortured soul” routine she whips out and everyone has to suffer through when she needs attention. Tedious and redundant.
    Bethenny is very low class but Dorinda’s hosting skills are sorely lacking.

    • Minky

      Dorinda’s a punk. That’s how I feel. And of course Carole and Ramona too. These last two episodes of RHONY have simply sickened me. Just when I thought that other RH shows, like BH and OC, had hit the bottom of rock-bottum, along comes Bethenny and her venom spitting maw. How low can you go, Wives? How low?!!!

      There’s been so much ugliness and death in the world lately. Watching these bitches be horrible to each other is not my idea of a good time. And it certainly does not give me much hope for humanity.

      TT, you’re a beautiful person and you’ve given people a place to go online that isn’t fraught with foolery and evil. Those of us who visit regularly love it here. Sometimes I take breaks because my own life gets to be a little too much, or the state of affairs in this world forces me to pause and consider the farther implications of many, many things. But here is a place that I do, deeply and thoroughly enjoy, and I love coming back and interacting with my TT friends. Most of us totally understand if/when you need to take a “get my head together” holiday. Especially after this past weekend. Lord knows I need one too.

      I send hugs.

  6. Elizabeth

    I have never read a blog before and never watched these shows until I stumbled onto your site! I send to all my friends and we laugh and laugh! Your comments are awesome and sometimes having a break from “reality” is great and I thank you! I think maybe you were talking about me not liking Dorinda’s blog…..I liked the first part very down to earth and then something about it went on to weirdly bragging at some points. I grew up with wealth and we never ever discussed what we had..like 20 acres on the water…just some land…she just gave us so much useless facts about her house. BUT I do love how much she loves her home and how proud she is of it..I still think something is a little off with her..I said wacko and maybe that was harsh, I was hungry and hadn’t had my afternoon cocktail…..and of course maybe you werent talking about my comment and now you can just tell me to screw…lol

  7. Matzah60

    I’ve seen Dorinda shut people down. At her bra party, exploded and directed her anger to the appropriate peopl, Bethenny and Ramona. I find Dorinda to have a similar temperament to mine. I don’t like confrontations or backlash. I operate on two speeds. I will ignore someone’s disrespect and anger for a very long time until I can’t. Then, I will explode about something that seems quite insignificant, leaving others to wonder why I have gotten so angry and behaving in a disproportionate manner. I don’t often cross that line, but I can tolerate a lot of bullshit before I will speak out.

    Dorinda wants everyone to be happy, but unfortunately it doesn’t work with these women. The more you tolerate, the meaner they behave.

    • T D

      So are they truly miserable or are they happy that way? The concept of relishing another’s pain comes naturally to cruel.

  8. Matzah60

    “The concept of relishing another’s pain comes naturally to cruel.” Sadly true and so well-stated, TD

  9. T D

    Insolenence and Arrogance settin’ side by side. Bethenny and Carol are two dried out peas in a pod. Bitter too.

  10. Onawin

    Can there just be a show with Sonja and Ramona

  11. T D

    How kind to do unto others then split without cleaning your room. Leave your dirty laundry bebind and on day someone will hang it on the line.

  12. microop

    TT. Do you think Dorinda should have invited Sonja?

  13. Spaghetti Kitten

    All HW’s should be invited to ALL things. Anything else is crap.

    • microop

      There are ice outs I’ve approved of… Okay only one, Brandi.

    • Katherine 2.0

      Wow. If B blocked Sonja from the trip, causing her to lose out on $$$, then B is an even bigger asshole than I thought. Of course she should have been invited.
      Maybe Dorinda knew that B was scripted to go off on Sonja at Dorinda’s, and opted to keep her out of it. Then Lu had to be the sacrificial lamb. I like Dorinda, so I want to give her an out.

  14. Carl

    Tamara, like others here, I had never followed a blog before yours. It’s part of my day & I always look forward to it. Remember you’re a fixture in many people’s lives. As for RHONY, I think Carole & Bethenny’s behavior towards Dorinda & her home was unbelievably rude & disrespectful. Sonja, though I enjoy watching her, is delusional about the Tipsy Girl/Bethenny situation. Is she that easy a mark? I wish someone would help her. Take care T.

  15. Calipatti

    I did not like her house at first, now I do.

    I’ve seen the rooms displayed around and on Bravo.
    I don’t think the rooms photograph very well close up.

  16. I don’t get the unnecessary mean jabs at Sonja from Carole. What is the point of adding them in there when it was a blog about her feelings in regards to Luann?

    Bethenny and Carol have sucked all the fun out of this show. They’ve even sucked the fun out of commenting on the shows.

    And we still have Bethenny’s health crises to get through. Ugh.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I guess she’s going after Bethenny’s sworn enemy since Bethenny went after hers? Some weird kind of codependent relationship they have going on here.

  17. Jane

    I can’t imagine going to someone’s house and complaining about it. I remember how awful Ramona and Sonja were to Heather. Bethenny and Carol will be the death of this show.

  18. MARC

    Bethanny’s show got cancelled for a reason ! Wake up Andy Cohen you have another Yolanda situation & we don’t like it

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