WWHL With Brandi Glanville and Shervin Roohparvar

WWHL Brandi calum

Andy began with a solemn speech about the murders of the LGBT members and friends in Orlando. He was a bit teary eyed but on with the show we must go.  It’s just so heartbreaking.

Shervin won’t admit that Mike cheated ?!  What the hell is wrong with him? There are women coming out of the woodwork with tales of his cheating. And hotel employees.

Brandi accuses Shervin of being gay. Then says she was joking.

Calum Best is the bartender.


Shervin says he know that GG has RA. He seems to be saying she is making her treatment sound worse than it is. Really Shervin?  How about having some compassion for her instead of meting out sympathy in doses you find to be sufficient. Maybe she needs some attention. When I was a teacher my pet peeve was other teachers saying kids were just trying to get some attention.  My response was always, “Let’s be sure to give him lots of attention then!”

Brandi says that she is neighbors with Kim so they see each other all the time. Kim just had knee surgery.

Mike tweeted that Brandi tried to hook up with him the last time they were on the show and she is just mad that he turned her down.  Brandi lets us know that Mike wears lifts in his shoes to appear taller. She had a date with her backstage at the show they were on together and he is obnoxious. And there is apparently only enough room for one obnoxious person in a relationship.

Brandi and Calum can’t hide the fact they are in a relationship.

This was a pretty somber show.


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26 responses to “WWHL With Brandi Glanville and Shervin Roohparvar

  1. bella

    Did I hear Brandi correctly that Yolanda got her tonsils removed last week and is doing great?? I must have heard wrong. I got mine out at the age of 26, and it was excruciatingly painful! Took a month to recover. She must be in her late 40s at least, so I question why any doctor would remove them unless they were obstructing her breathing. 😏

    • tamaratattles

      Yeah, I was not really focused on the recap tonight. That was probably actually the biggest news. I wanted my tonsils out when I was 18-19 because I used to get strep like four times a year and I was told they don’t remove tonsils on adults anymore.

      Just another whacky procedure from Yolanda.

      • Meri

        Yolanda should have her smallest organ removed..the one with the least amount of function…her brain. She is a mess and I am so tired of hearing about her. I doubt that her brain is larger than a grape so it won’t be a big deal to remove it. Take Brandi and Yolanda and drop them on an island far far away from society and everyone will be better off.

      • Jane

        Amen. That woman has serious masochism issues.

        Only one obnoxious person in a relationship.😁😁😁

    • Dee

      wasn’t Yolanda in Tahiti last week?

    • Yolanda’s,”Doctor” must have found some plastic floating in her tonsils too….

    • I had mine out at 16 and the pain was worse than my hysterectomy at 48. I had to hold the bedrails just to swallow my own spit…… Yolanda has such a charmed existence……

  2. Lisa j

    I needed that show after today if only to find gratitude in the fact that Brandi is off Bravo. What a sad sad day 😢

  3. tripleOGpearl

    I’ll say something positive. Brandi looked good tonight. She didn’t look quite as filler-filled in the face .

  4. tripleOGpearl

    I’ll say something positive. Brandi looked good tonight. She didn’t look quite as filler-filled in the face .

  5. Spaghetti Kitten

    The bartender was so sexy until he spoke. Loved his suit and tie. I lol’d when Brandi asked Shervin had EVER dated…it’s been forever since she made me laugh, and I dont think she was joking at all. Had the exact same tonsil experience as you TT…and have friends who DID have removed as adults – grueling surgery and recovery.

  6. Rach

    Brandi and Calum best are a couple? Haha 2 media whores. This is gonna be entertaining to say the least

  7. Twilly

    Kim has a lot of surgeries these days.

  8. I think Andy has made the decision that Brandi equals ratings. After the Jeff Lewis debacle, I would have thought she was persona non grata.

  9. Meri

    I wish that Bravo would stop catering to Brandi and would ignore her. She is a useless POS and I can’t stand to listen to her. I feel VERY sorry for her children. Calum Best has had a relationship with EVERYONE and they never last. He is a manwhore so he’s actually perfect for Brandi. She’ll be bad-mouthing him soon enough. Sunday was a terrible day for America and sadly, we seem to be having more and more terrible days.
    Brandi may equal ratings but she also equals me not watching anything that she’s on. Life is tough enough without having to tolerate people like her.
    Yesterday called for kindness, empathy, hope and compassion. Brandi represents none of the above. Andy should have rescheduled and found a different guest. Maybe someone with a brain and a heart?

  10. Sabrina

    Did anyone else have the sense that she was high on something? She seemed off to me- and looked very uncomfortable.

    I’ve also had the feeling that the work on her face is not helping her any more- have seen couple of pictures where her age is starting to show- as are the treatments.

  11. Matzah60

    I will say that for Brandi, she acted fairly appropriate. Her boobs were out for show, but not in the over the top, inappropriate way that she usually displays her body. Shervin looked completely uncomfortable and seemed terrified of repercussions from Mike. This season, Mike looks like he has a nasty temper. I’m sure that Shervin doesn’t want to the recipient of that wrath. Not to mention, I think for Mike that any hole will do. Sorry for being crude, but I do think Mike doesn’t care who he boinks as long as he gets off. Just saying……

    Mike sounded like a jerk tweeting or calling in to say Brandi hit on him the last time they were on the show together. Whether true or not, it was obvious his tweet was in response to Brandi calling him a cheater, and just served to prove that he was guilty of cheating on Jessica.

    Thanks for the recap, Tamara. Indeed, it was a somber show. I have no idea who the bartender was and that he and Brandi were dating. He looked very handsome but I have no idea what he’s like

  12. Interesting that Yolanda was instagramming photos from Tahiti on Friday, the same day she had her tonsils removed (according to Brandi). At her age and where she is in her “health journey”, it’s odd she would remove the body’s immune system’s first line of defense. She hasn’t once mentioned a problem with recurrent strep infections on instagram.

    Will she be posting photos of the tonsils like she did with the breast implants? Will not Gigi 1 and not Gigi 2 have their tonsils removed as well? Are tonsils and silicone breast implants at the root of the cure that is affordable for all? Uh oh, not Gigi 1 may have to have another surgery.

    I don’t know what is more disturbing – the fact that Yolanda Hadid Foster Hadid is able to find medical doctors willing to feed her delusions or the thought of Kim Richards chasing a 9 year old boy around Brandi’s house for kisses.

  13. Yolanda just CANNOT STOP with the medical procedures. This woman has more propofol in her than Michael Jackson. What is it with her and the lure of the operating table? If I was one of her adult children, I would challenge my Mother to go six months without going near a doctor. See if she can succeed.

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