Teen Mom Finale Recap: Gone Fishing

Teen Mom Chelsea

I really do not want to be recapping anything on this incredibly heartbreaking day. However, I really need to take a break from CNN and I think just watching something right now would let my mind drift back to the horrible news. I’m hoping I can focus on the recap and get an hour of thinking about something else.


Chelsea and Adam have sorted out their child support issues, but Adam is bummed about having to support his kid. Cole gets his wedding band in the mail. This little family is adorable.


I hate to see these phone calls with Javi. Isaac is going to be so devastated. I hope that Isaac gets some visitation with Javi at least.  Jo and Kailyn and Jo’s girlfriend go out for pizza with all the kids and Isaac talks about Javi.

Kailyn and Javi had a huge fight because she doesn’t want any more kids. She wants to focus on her career in television. Javi says that doesn’t want to stay in a marriage and not have more kids. They are basically admitting they are divorcing. Kailyn is of course blaming Javi.

Teen Mom 2 Leah


The girls are shown playing with Cory while Leah goes out for ice cream with a friend. It sounds like Leah and Corey are getting along. Leah has two scenes footloose and fancy free without the kids. She has discovered that Jeremy has a serious girlfriend on Facebook. Leah meets Brooke, the new girlfriend at the custody switch and Leah was quite mature about it. But later there is an issue because Brooke has a kid and her custody pick up conflicted with them bringing her daughter with Jeremy back.  I honestly do not have the brain function right now to sort out these three girls names. She basically named them all the same thing as far as I a concerned.

By the way, Leah and Janelle were both on Twitter whining about how they are edited as bad moms on this show. Morgan Freeman hoped on Twitter to say that the show is a documentary and they just film what they observe. Morgan Freeman is producing a ton of shows lately. I can’t count how many things I have seen his producer credits on lately.


Teen Mom 2 Jenelle


In criminal news, Nathan was arrested yesterday in Myrtle beach for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. I think he is trying to beat Jenelle on the most mugshots from a Teen Mom criminal.

We begin with Jenelle’s current loser screaming at Jace who is in the backseat of a car that the loser is driving like a maniac. I get anxiety watching how these people drive. All three kids are in the back seat and the are going fishing. It seems like it was donut that was making all the noise and Jace that got yelled at. Donut is being a handful and the loser calls him a “little screaming bitch.”

The group has a cookout and Kaiser grabs a whole hotdog again.  I would scream at the TV that someone needs to cut up the hotdogs before giving them to that little boy, but I just don’t have the energy today. Problems begin when Jenelle and the loser can’t be bothered to return Jace to Barbara on time.

Jace wants to go to Jenelle’s so he can play Call of Duty. This is not a game for little boys. Jenelle tells Jace she is trying to get him back to live with him. It was a super inappropriate conversation.

Jenelle refuses to return Jace to Barbara. They have a huge fight on the phone. David says that Jace needs to be in a more stable environment. I’d like to punch David in his fugly face.

And that ends another season.


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21 responses to “Teen Mom Finale Recap: Gone Fishing

  1. Twilly

    I don’t understand how Kailyn can have all those little knick knacks and decorations around with a toddler!

  2. Chiisaimiss

    Sadness today, sometimes it helps to talk about something else but the Jenelle situation sucks. All of these peeps on Twitter saying Nathan should file for custody, he’s no better than J. Idk if Barb can take another kid..Pobrecita, Barb..this one might end up in Foster Care😥

  3. JKR

    TT, have you seen the clip from the reunion? Nathan tells Jenelle he would never want to be with her again, because she’s gained “30 or 40 pounds.” This is a cycle, these are the men Jenelle chooses. I know her father was highly abusive to Babs, but unfortunately it seems she has chosen to repeat her childhood rather than change her children’s.
    This one, loser, actually scares me the most. Nathan was awful to Jenelle but seemed ok to Kaiser. A man who will call a baby a screaming little bitch is a man to fear. The way he whipped that little boy out of the boat, my breath caught. Imagine what they do off-camera?
    Poor Jace. Poor, poor Jace.

    • Aynlynn Stonefish

      Wow. JKR–
      Your words make me fee complicit because you are right.
      It’s hard to watch these women be so careless and thoughtless about these fragile children.

    • microop

      Love isn’t about 30 or 40 lbs. Goodness that’s the mother of his child. Jenelle’s new man is scarey.

      • LA_in_KY

        Also the youngest one appeared to not have his car seat secured correctly. Is he at least one year old? I say this because new rules say that all kids under one year must be in a rear facing car seat. Maybe this is this in my state though. The rules may be different state to state. I have a child a little bit older than the donut and I am always super paranoid that my son is in his car seat correctly.

  4. spunky2015

    Poor Donut’s diaper had soaked through his pants. That is why he was crying. Love how Javi wants all these kids on an enlisted man’s salary with Kailyn staying home.

  5. Noellemybelle

    Poor Janelle she has to raise 1 of her 2 children “with no help” she can’t be serious. I think her motivation to get Jace back is now so he can help with Kaiser. Crazy as David is, he seems to be doing most of the parenting…well scratch that word, he seems to be doing most of the care taking of any of the kids. Besides and occasional diaper change and or hot dog toss, Janelle seems completely overwhelmed in every scene.

    • tamaratattles

      The donut is an ADORABLE little boy. But he is very fussy and the only thing I’ve ever seen him eat is hotdogs and mac and cheese. I’m worried about that kid. I wonder if they even take him to a pediatrician who might suggest a healthier diet.

      • jen

        I was thinking he was tired and/or teething. It was disturbing how they spoke about him. He is a baby. Janelle is such an entitled bitch.

  6. Laura

    Janelle’s felon seems super abusive. He was aggressive with The little pastry boy that it scared me.

    I feel so bad for little Issac that Kail and Javi are divorcing, he is going to be devestated. I would not not do that to my child.

  7. 25

    Have more kids or lose almost all the time you get with your one kid and your stepchild to whom you’re attached ….doesn’t seem like a hard decision to me, Javi. Kail made it pretty clear that she’s going to move wherever she has to for her tv career, and I don’t think Dover, DE is a major filming hub outside of this show. Javi doesnt have much say in where the Air Force stations him, and we know Kail doesn’t give AF, so he’s going to have to kiss those kids goodbye if they get divorced.

    • microop

      I know couples who have made long distance marriages work. Its certainly not easy, but it can be done.

      • 25

        I was speaking more to what Javi will be giving up by divorcing Kail. Since she’s expressed an interest in moving, he will probably very rarely see the kids if they divorce. Doesn’t make sense to me to divorce over Kail not wanting more kids, when that divorce will result in him never seeing the kid he does have. But they obviously have other issues so what do I know.

  8. microop

    On a positive note Chelsea is lovely, and I’m really happy for her.

    • 25

      She’s really come so far in her emotional growth, and she has a career unlike many of the other cast members. And that MAN. I always smile through the Chelsea scenes

  9. Maerie

    Uh…I’m super-stuck on the Kaitlyn phrase, “She wants to focus on her career in television.” Did I miss something? What career in television? Doesn’t she know that a couple years from now her reality star will have dimmed? I am seriously confused. Did she study communications and wants to bow be on TV or something?

    Sorry. My non-Kaitlyn-fandom is showing, but I just cannot with her.

    • tamaratattles

      yes she has gone thru a community college program in communications and specifically TV. She has aspirations to be a host.

  10. Maerie

    Thanks Tamara. I’m still confused about Kaitlyn. Out of all the girls, I understand her the least. She doesn’t seem to appreciate Javi and pushes him away. Not that being around a super-jealous hubs is fun, but she was doing things that got him there and there didn’t seem to be any rapprochement attempted. She just kept going down that path and their split then seemed a fait accompli. I guess I don’t know what her past difficulty was in childhood so it’s hard for me to have compassion for her…I find her character frustrating to watch. Leeah, Janelle….I see what it is and where it’s all come from…not so with Kaitlyn.

  11. Harrison

    TT I don’t if you were told but lisa vanderpumps brother appeared on a British one off reality show about rich old dudes who openly have young gold diggers if u can find it online very interesting he came across like a hornier version of pinky

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