Shahs of Sunset Recap: Lights! Camera! Kaftans!

Shahs Cast
I’m going to struggle through this recap tonight, but my heart is not really in it. I am trying to take a break from the horrible news today. I’m not sure this show is going to be much of a respite, but here goes.


Mike and Reza do an infomercial for a male focused nail salon. They discuss his bomb of a comedy routine that was basically just his usual misogynistic, racist way of being.  But soon, we begin the whole GG is faking her RA conversation. I don’t think Reza understands that plenty of people take oral chemo and still go out and have a few drinks and enjoy a normal life. That said, I have noticed that GG has been sober most of the time since the campground intervention. They show old footage of drunk GG.

Mike says that he and Jessica had a great night of sex. Reza is thrilled with his manicure which inspires him to want to “finger somebody.” And with that comment Mike learns more about Reza’s sex life than he ever wanted.


MJ and Tommy go to a relationship counselor. Basically, MJ is turning in to her mother. She is at least beginning to realize that.

Later MJ calls Asa and says that there are issues with MJ and Tommy and she thinks maybe they are not compatible.  MJ says she might go stay somewhere else for a while. Later, MJ confides in a neighbor that Tommy has called it quits and moved out.

Shahs Jessica 2


Jessica and Mike meet for dinner. Mike seems to think everything is back on track. But it’s not. Jessica expects Mike to admit to all of his infidelities.  Mike doesn’t want to come clean. He just wants to give a blanket apology and move on. He even manages to work up some tears.

Somewhere, Mike Shouhed is shitfaced.

Asa’s Kaftan Fashion Show

Asa is doing a fashion show at the Four Seasons to introduce her kaftan line. I kind of want one of those stand up steamers.  I probably would not really use it, but for some reason I like to pretend that I would.

Reza, Mike and MJ have some drinks at the bar and begin to trash talk GG. Only on reality TV do “friends” trash talk their “friends” who are claiming to be ill. I’ve never had anyone I cared about tell me they were ill and questioned their illness.  Reza says that GG has been partying hard since the camping trip but that is not what we have been shown. In fact, a few episodes ago everyone was raving about how great GG looked and how happy she is and how she has cut way back on the alcohol. Am I the crazy one here? Did that not really happen? Conveniently, GG is given a later call time for the scene and is sent in while everyone is talking about her.

GG says that she just found out she will be getting chemo via an IV drip for two hours once a month. Reza gets Shervin to do the dirty work and ask GG is she is really getting chemo. GG is furious. She says they have known about her RA for the past five years.

Meanwhile, Latoya and her BFF/Business Manager/ Fiancé arrive to the runways show. I can you didn’t know, Asa has been in a long term relationship with Jermaine Jackson Jr.  They have been dating since season one and I was the first to break the story. I had to keep that secret for over a year until Asa let me post about it!


Jessica comes to the show and Mike seems shocked to see her there. I think Jessica has a fashion line of her own, if I am not mistaken so it makes sense that she would be there. We get a talking head where Reza uses the word “bitch” to describe both Jessica and Mike multiple times.  He really should take Vida’s advice. Meanwhile, Jessica is texting away. Probably to her new dude charged with rape. Mike walks off and calls Jessica a fucking bitch. Jessica gets up and threatens him saying she will put him on blast right here in front of everyone if he disrespects her one more time.

Apparently, we are supposed to pretend that the cast doesn’t know yet about Mike’s horndogging way. It has been all over social media. When Mike and Jessica were at dinner she said something to the effect of  IF they were to reconcile the whole world already knows their business.

Mike and Jessica’s argument escalates to the point that it delays the start of the event.

I need to take a minute to point out that Mike and Shervin arrived to an event at the Four Seasons in white undershirts and jeans. I’m surprised they were allowed in at all. Mike and Reza missed the actually runway show because Reza was trying to cool down Mike who is pissed because Jessica was texting someone and would not say who it was, and because she talked about his cheating on camera.

The event looked great. I love that Asa has older models (her mom!) and plus sized models as part of the show.

Mike lied about cheating in his confessional.

Next week: Belize! Check out my recon on the trip here!



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21 responses to “Shahs of Sunset Recap: Lights! Camera! Kaftans!

  1. Laura

    There are 2 drugs that I know of that treat RA as well as Crohns. TT you might know of other possible Rx’s for this treatment. Humira and Remicade. Remicade is delivered with an IV. It shows up on the bills as “chemo” which just means the drug is given as an IV. Many drugs get into your system that way… Chemo is not the name of the drug. GG could possibly be treated for her RA this way.

    • Sue

      Methotrexate is now being used to treat some forms of arthritis – it was recommended for my daughter who has JA (Juvenile Arthritis). This medicine is used in chemotherapy in higher doses. In lower doses it can be used to treat Arthritis.

    • Kay

      There is also a drug called Rituxan or Rituximab. I took it for B-cell Lymphoma – it is given the same as chemo and is also used for patients with RA. It has lots of side effects but does not cause hair loss or other outwordly notable symptoms. It is usually done once a week for as long as your dr deems necessary. I appeared just fine after and could have possibly gone out several days following the treatment. It affected my cognitive thinking and decision making horribly which could really explain how Gigi’s behavior. I literally couldn’t help my child with 1st grade math for awhile after treatments. Everyone reacts differently to treatment- I don’t understand the trend in reality shows are constantly claiming people are faking their illnesses. It’s crazy ya know ?! I am pretty sure there r more interesting subjects than focusing on a persons illness and spending an entire season discrediting it.

    • Hannah Norton

      There are probably a dozen drugs now given by infusion for RA. There is nothing GG has said or done that makes me think she does not have RA and I have had a lot of those RA drugs.

  2. I think Mike is despicable. What a POS.
    I like Asa’s kaftans. Pricey but beautiful.
    MJ needs to see how Vida has influenced her and not in the most positive way.
    Poor GG. She is obviously struggling.

  3. Aerin

    GG’s footage in the most recent episodes has been good- she’s shown restraint. Even with the shervin talks. Old gg would have gone ballistic. She got her point Across but kept relatively cool.

  4. Spaghetti Kitten

    Reza was especially ugly when ordering Shervin to confront GG. Shervin was especially lame for following the order. I think Mike was actually saying that Jessica isnt all over the map on their reconciliation, but inconsistent on their plan of keeping the real issue (his cheating) off camera, and having a season long story arc. Jessica’s face continues to look weird to me. Hope whatever she’s done to it isnt permanent.

    • Billie_bee

      And why did Shervin do it!! You’re right, Reza was ordering Shervin around, and he just took it? Why not tell Reza go do it yourself? I love me some Shervin, but if he’s going to be another Reza rider, I’ll pass :(

  5. I wanted to slap Reza for hijacking Asa’s event. First he almost gets them all kicked out by butting into the fighting between Mike and Jessica then he insists on speaking with Asa while she is being photographed on the step and repeat. Note to Reza – IT IS NOT ALL ABOUT YOU!

  6. Meri

    I missed the show again so thanks for the blog. With friends like these….who needs enemies? Such shallow people who profess great love and loyalty to one another yet take every opportunity to tear each other apart. MJ and Reza are really awful people…….I’m surprised that Asa puts up with them since she seems to be a genuinely smart and kind person.

    • Janet

      I’ve allways thought MJ and Reza were good,friends because they both shared being awful. Birds of a feather, you see it alot. They’re both difficult to be in a relationship with, and don’t do them well. Reza is improving though. MJ sounded like an impossible person to me, when she was at dinner with Tommy last episode. She doesn’t have the give and take or respect required to keep a man. Too hard core and not tender enough. I see her as being the eccentric diva, destined to remain single. Asa is the most normal one of the bunch. I don’t think Mike or Jessica have what it takes to stay married to eachother. Hes too addicted to pick ups ans sexting, and Jessica doesn’t know about money or how,to function as a partner. Too spoiled and sheltered for him. She probably needs an older super wealthy husband who will take care of Her in the style of her family. Her and Mike are a disaster on every level.

  7. I love Asa. Her line is beautiful. I am so tired of Bravo and their fake sickness storylines. Ugh. My new five show is unreal, I believe it to be real lol. Reza makes me sick. Sends Sherv to stir the pot and then scurries over there like the rat he is and salivate. Ugh

  8. Overeducated

    Good job reza/producers. Judging by the next week preview you’ve destroyed one of the sweetest friendships on the show (GG and Shervin). poor GG really just looked so sad and on the verge of tears when Shervin came to her with Reza’s BS. I’m starting to think Reza is basically a sociopath. He looks for someone who is already so weak (GG) and wants to kick her while she’s down. It’s actually heartbreaking.

  9. Dancing Matisse

    I love Asa and may have to start wearing Kaftans. TT, you called yourself Gladys Kravitz on Twitter recently so you may understand my lifelong love for Endora. Those kaftans, my red hair and some purple eyeshadow… I’ll be on my way to looking like like a mini Endora.

  10. JoJoFLL

    I want one of those caftans.

  11. Blondesense

    Thanks for the recap Ms T. I am not in the mood for Bravo this week and burned out on new so my son and I are getting into animal documentaries. I go for my MS immunotherapy once a month for 3 hours and see lots of RA patients at the infusion suite getting chemo for 2 hours. Reza is a POS.

  12. Rafael

    Anyone know name of the song played during the kaftan fashion show?

  13. G.

    I don’t know why I’m surprised that Mike’s cast-mates are actively helping him deny the cheating, especially when it’s been so public for so long. I’d expect this of Reza but Shervin on WWHL was disappointing. He could have given a different kind of response, in tone, if he didn’t want to be the one to confirm it. And it’s not like this is actually interesting reunion fodder to be revealed.

    Mike’s denial to the producer was hilariously bad.

    Any one of these jokers could whip out their phone and confirm there’s a small class of drugs used for both cancer and a range of other things including RA. So then it’s just whipped up BS. Was it in a preview that GG was holding up a pill bottle for methotrexate? I personally have been on this drug for other reasons, short-term and not cancer related, and I have a close friend with RA who takes it (who also drinks socially). So then that this is YET ANOTHER BRAVO FRANCHISE that is trying to whip up someone is faking their disease is hard to believe. Even if they had this Reza-manufactured drama, why wouldn’t they leave it on the cutting room floor given the audience exhaustion of this topic from the Housewives? Poor GG looked so hurt when it was Shervin questioning her. I really felt for her.

  14. Shae

    Someone needs to convey to Mike that you cannot begin to take responsibility for your failures and wrongs and improve without first acknowledging them. If you can’t and won’t even say what you’ve done wrong how do you imagine anyone believes you’re truly sorry and will behave differently?

    Ridiculous. Yeah, you’re so sorry you can’t even say for what lol. Please. He flipped out over his wife texting some random person but she’s supposed to live with him banging around, god knows who? lol

  15. Jan

    Asa’s use of the show to promote her various side businesses is annoying. ALso she talks about her parents WAY too much.
    Im not sure why Jessica kept threateing to “out” Mike – everyone, from castmates to America, knew. I also dont like something about her, I think it might be the fact that she looks like she gets her makeup professionally done in a very obvious way for filming, but her presence on this show takes away even more of the autheniticity. I remember in Season 1 it was slightly different, the drama was more genuinine feeling. It was obvious that producers told Jessica to stare down at her phone a lot with that almost smirk on her face and to act like she was texting somebody. I still root for her though. I just think that she shouldnt be on this show. I feel that she waited to get the drama on for his cheating when the show started filming again so she could ride out one more season on TV.
    Also I could stomach Mike in Season 1, now I cannot at all. I mean, his obnoxiousness is so obvious. He is also soooooo POMPOUS.
    GG’s clearly throwing around very strong words to make people feel sory for her. Some people just always seek out attention.

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