Ramona Singer is Desperately Seeking Bethenny’s Approval

RHONY Bethenny and Ramona
Let’s imagine you are at a party at someone’s home with some people you are acquainted with but not particularly close to, when one woman goes on an angry, vicious tirade against another dinner guest. Everyone seems to act as if this is perfectly normal behavior. What would you do?  Well, if you are Ramona Singer you eat some popcorn and watch. And you would do this from the warm confines of the anus of the out of control woman on a vicious, personal tirade. Then in your blog, months later after time to reflect on the situation, you would explain why the person deserved every bit of the abuse that was slung her way and pile some of your own abuse on top.

Let’s look at Ramona’s blog from this week. Because it is delusional and not much more than a written tirade of allegations toward Luann.

When Luann asked for an example of how we don’t trust her around our men, I gave her one. Luanne had to switch and bait and talk about me in Turks and Caicos conversing with the owner. If he wanted to speak with the other girls, he could have but was completely engaged conversing with me for two hours.

Although that sentence makes no sense at all, the scene you are talking about in the Turks & Caicos, Bethenny led the charge to get Luann and Heather to go talk to the bar owner.  This was after, as you point out, you had been out of the scene completely hitting on him for two hours. At this time, you had not even filed for divorce. You should not have even been vying for the man’s attention. You have a daughter.



Since Luann and I are supposed to be friends, there is no reason in the world she could not have told me she was dating Tom. I could care less she was dating him but thought it was disrespectful not to mention it. So much for girl code. 

Is this a good time to point out that Tom has been around since season one  swimming the dating pond where the three of you fish?  Check out the screen grab above floating around twitter of Tom on Season One!

A year ago I was speaking to a man at the bar of a restaurant in NYC. He later came to the table and sat next to me conversing with me exclusively for an hour. When I came back from the ladies’ room, Luann was snuggled up to him and refused to move. I just climbed over the booth and pushed her away, LOL. Sonja has tons  of stories of how Luann would be with the men Sonja was with…

So you were out at a pickup bar with Luann and a man came to the table and was talking to you and when you went to the bathroom, Luann slide over and talked to the man. You then became that drunk woman who climbs over furniture in public and made a scene about the conversation. This reflects badly on Luann how?  And you, Luann and Sonja seem to have a small pond where you all fish since this show began. It seems only now that Luann is “engaged” that you have an issue with her. Such a good friend you are that you are going to say all sorts of hurtful things to Luann in the next episode in an attempt to get her to doubt her relationship.

As far as Luann goes, everyone is open game, whether they are married or not. Luann has kissed married men, and everyone has witnessed this. The most notorious was when she was still married and attended the Rome wedding in Southampton, which was reported by New York Magazine. She kissed a woman’s husband in front of his wife and actually said to the wife,  “Get over it ” when the wife asked what Luann was doing. Bethenny had a date at the wedding. We told Luann he was wealthy and next thing you know she was all over him and grabbing his crotch on the dance floor.

You are going back to a 2008 Page Six story that was denied by both the Count and the Countess at the time? So you have been a fake friend to her since 2008? You are bringing up an embarrassing story from EIGHT YEARS AGO? That’s all you’ve got?

Poor Jules was so upset about her dad. Luann should have been there to comfort her. Luann was so narcisstic trying to talk about Bethenny and not helping Jules at all.

Yes, the woman who was just insulted, degraded and berated for hours by Bethenny Frankel, she should be the one to step up and console the new girl with the sick daddy. Because the rest of you are too busy sucking up to Bethenny to do it.

How does this nasty blog do anything to make you look like a decent human being?  Are you this desperate to stay in good graces with Bethenny?

EDITED because for some reason I left out the most delusional part?

I really was trying to make peace at the Berkshires. I wanted everyone to get along. Luann was on the outs with Bethenny, and Carole and I were trying to help mend fences.

YOU WERE TRYING TO MAKE PEACE? Did they cut out all of those scenes? YOU AND CAROLE WERE TRYING TO MEND FENCES?  With each other? With Carole and Luann? What are you taling about?

Luann, though, tends to lie and is not forthcoming. We all know this, and that’s why Bethenny lost it on Luann.

Luann is the liar? Really? Just Luann. What was she lying about? What was she hiding?

I can’t believe knowing this how much I was trying to help Luann. 

What does this even mean?

It’s the caregiver in me being the eldest of four kids. I do help people no matter how bad they can be.

Who did you help with your selfless caregiving? Did you comfort Luann? Did you comfort Jules? Who exactly were you magnanimously helping despite them being bad?


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37 responses to “Ramona Singer is Desperately Seeking Bethenny’s Approval

  1. Toni Lee Gildea

    Every one of these women give off an “ick” vibe.

  2. Puddy

    So well stated TT. You’ve exposed Ramona for who she is – extremely jealous because Luann is engaged, flailing and impotent without the status of being married to Mario while tugging him around on a leash, and desperate to be one of the Bethenny plastics – but Ramona is not quite skeletal enough to qualify for full membership. Who knew that Bethennyia Hypocrisyia was a contagious disease? Ramona behaves like a quisling. Poor Luann. She has been beset upon, like the wounded caribou, by the pack of Bethenny/Carole carnivores. They are ruthless and their behavior is most unattractive (as my grandmother used to say).

  3. Jane

    I caught a few episodes of season one recently and it was so fun. A little rivalry, but no verbal beat downs. So sad that this show and others have gone down the toilet. I don’t want to watch screaming matches, I want fantasy. Don’t want infomercials and fake illnesses, either. I post this in the hope Bravo reads the blogs and considers changing course.

    • I couldn’t agree more! We live in such a scary world. Shootings regularly, assaults, terrorism all over the world, then we have our stressful real lives that we deal with. When I sit down for my 1 or 2 hours of entertainment at night, this garbage is the last thing I want to see.

  4. Minky

    Shit! That’s one of the worst Wife blogs you’ve ever had to purple. Okay, I just can’t figure it out, and I know TT has inside info about stuff that she has no choice but to keep to herself: But, what’s the deal here? Is Ramona just fucking crazy? We all know she likes the sauce, but there are plenty of drunks/addicts who still manage to be okay people. She’s unhinged!

  5. More Tea Please!

    “Is Ramona just fucking crazy?”
    No, she’s dumber than dirt!

    • Kathleen

      Ramona is the most annoying ever! Wish she was off the show not to mention what does she do with her dumb mouth when she talks! Can’t even listen or look at her

  6. Happygal

    TT you were on fire with ur purple pen with this blog. I was actually reading and nodding and saying softly out loud yes as I read what you wrote and imagined that Luann did the same !

  7. Twilly

    Ramona is just a bad person. I’ve disliked her since season 1.

  8. In previous seasons, Ramona was entertaining, especially with her antics with Sonja. Now she just comes across as grasping and desperate. Maybe she needed more time to get over the split with Mario.

  9. cammierari

    Eh…I think Ramona was genuinely happy she wasn’t involved for a change and was trying to stay neutral cuz she couldn’t care less about either woman. And her blog is written the way she talks, and makes as much sense, so at least you know she writes it herself lol.

    • tamaratattles

      This is staying neutral or crawling in bed with Bethenny and Carole? I’m not sure what you mean.

      • she’s playing both sides of the fence cuz she couldn’t care less who’s right and who’s wrong, and neither woman is her friend. And that whole “mean girls lolling in bed” scene was right out of the bullying handbook and gave me the creeps!

    • tamaratattles

      Oh and WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN, Cammierari? Long time no see!

  10. Cat

    Wow, is it required now that we report to our friends who we are dating? I’m glad my friends aren’t like that.

    • tamaratattles

      So who are you dating? LOL

      I just realized the other day the last time I had a real date was like 1987. lol.

  11. JoJoFLL

    I was conversing with a man? You can’t just say you were talking with him?

    It is like Ramona is forcing the issue.

    Newsflash, Ramona, we all think you are nuts and not in a good way. In a malicious, nasty way. Please try and be nice.

  12. Amy V

    The Bethenny of eight something ago would not have been able to weild this ugly sword. Unless she had Jill pulling her strings. Money has turned her into a hideous monster. And Ramona has now taken the place of our once beloved Bethenny of Jill years…the demonstrous controlled side.

  13. Amy V

    The Bethenny of eight something ago would not have been able to weild this ugly sword. Unless she had Jill pulling her strings. Money has turned her into a hideous monster. And Ramona has now taken the place of our once beloved Bethenny of Jill years…the demonstrous controlled side.

  14. Calipatti

    Come on people, Ramona has never sincerely cared about anyone. She teams up, she partners up and easily trades them in for someone else.

    TT once wrote what she thought was wrong with Ramona. It was good but I think it is even worse.
    Ramona has siblings, that is new, they have never been around or mentioned in present time.

    I’ve never liked her, she is the type Ild never let in my circle because she can’t be trusted not to hurt me it start problems. She tosses out nasty remarks or secrets then smiles as she slinks away.

    You asked – I would had stepped in, told Luanne to go into another room then went to Bethenny. Never would I or anyone I know allowed that assault continue. I find it difficult to relate to any of these freaks.

  15. Spaghetti Kitten

    I’ve posted before that I’m not sure what drama I would have LIKED to have seen @ the Berkshires…or Christmas in NYC scenes too…but just not this crap. It is kinda humorous that Bethenney has apparently been given some kind of show “power” that has them all groveling….the audience tho’? Not so much, lol. (Or I may just be psyched by the return of Unreal!! Imagining Bethenney and Carole’s “handlers” telling them how cool they are, feeding them more Adderall n wine.) Luann lost some cool points with her grovel tho’.
    .is that a word? (I took a drink every time Ramona used the word “conversing”, sorry :) ) frantically whispering to Sonja, who actually made the most sense to me this episode. I liked how she didnt chase Bethenney down and stood her ground…wrong as she is on the brand issue, Sonja is spot on handling Bethenney and Carole. Ramona and Dorinda are tied in the suck-uppery in my book. Did you see Dorinda’s facial expressions when Santa Claus arrived? I played that pathetic mess back I’m sorry to admit. If she could have got on her hands and knees to beg Bethenney to like her Santa/party she would have!………..Hard to say what the story line should/could be, I just know this one isn’t working for me.

  16. microop

    Ramona is being stupid. Bethenny doesn’t care about her and she has successfully cut ties with Sonja, LuAnne and Dorinda. She’s exposed and vulnerable. As soon as Bethenny decides to (allegedly) snort more adderal and go on another cruelty fest, no one will be there to have Ramonas back. Next season, I guarantee this will happen.

  17. microop

    Look, Ramona is an attractive woman, but completely batshit. Same with Sonja. If all three of them continue dipping in the same dating pool, unfortunately most of the men will favor LuAnne. Instead of pointing fingers they should maybe work on themselves and they might then not have to feel so threatened.

  18. jen

    Ramona is legit crazy.

    Bethany is such a huge cunt this season she basically is a whale’s vagina. I am so so so so so sick of people kissing Bethany ‘s ass!

  19. Henni P

    TT, your blog was right on the money, purple pen perfection!!! Ramona is a true evil, delusional narcissist. And referring to herself as a care giving person…..WHAT A JOKE!!!

  20. Matzah60

    I love when you purple pen the blogs of some of these nasty housewives. One thing we know for sure is Ramona doesn’t have a ghostwriter or if she does, she is as dumb as Ramona.

    Ramona’s friendships are symbiotic, but not in a manner that benefits anyone other than Ramona. She is the parasite going after what she wants, needs, or thinks she deserves from her friends. She is a backstabber, mean-spirited, talk behind your back kind of gal. She will not hold your private discussions in confidence and jump at the chance to use that story in the presence of others, minus the ‘friend’ to get in the good graces of others who are hungry for gossip that can be used to turned on that ‘friend’ of Ramona’s.

    No matter how the marriage ends, I am always amazed how women like Ramona immediately start dating and flirting, unable to function in life without a man by her side. Even when the divorce is acrimonious, for heaven’s sake, you’ve lived with someone for decades, so tell me just how or why you feel the need to go on the ‘hunt’ looking for a replacement.

    Never liked Ramona and I don’t find her ‘attractive’ but I am not here criticizing her looks. She has a grating voice, always thinks she’s right, and no matter how many times she hurts your feelings, Ramona feels it’s enough to apologize to rectify the damaged relationship. She doesn’t sound like an intelligent woman. She makes stupid comments and it totally unaware of her own faults, but sure knows everyone else. I really dislike this woman

    Someone wrote above that Bethanny isn’t her friend and that is the real truth. They are ‘acquaintances’ on a show about HW in NY as TT stated. Bethany will turn on her in some vitriolic rage filled rant when Ramona unknowingly crosses her. The only thing similar about Bethany and Ramona is that neither of them have any real, valued relationships or friendships with other women.

    • Love your analysis! The last line is especially telling. I believe Ramona and Bethenny are addicted to reality tv as a form of self-validation because they have no one else, and it makes me wonder what other personalities we see pursue that as well.

      • Matzah60

        @suzettedoes, That is a very insightful statement you made about Ramona and Bethenny. It makes total sense that they get their validation from being on reality TV. I think that both housewives, and probably many other personalities as you noted who recognize that there’s something missing in their lives, but don’t have the internal resources to do anything about it or change it. Their relationships are few and shallow and so they don’t get external validation from others. They are both very needy people, so appearing on these shows elevates them and gives them recognition and self-worth.

    • microop

      Spot on. I completely agree. I did say Ramona was attractive, but I only want physically. She’s got two things going for her 1) she looks good (actually great for her age) 2) her daughter seems lovely.

      • Matzah60

        @microop, I am several years older than Ramona and I do agree that she looks great for her age. I envy her long, lean figure which is harder to maintain as one gets older. I must agree that her daughter seems lovely and well-mannered. It is a credit to Ramona that she wanted and pushed Avery to reconcile with her father upon his departure from their home. Ramona is a good parent and obviously realizes the advantages a child has by having two parents in their lives and respecting Mario’s role in Avery’s life, even though he was a crappy husband.

  21. Ramona is delusional, as usual.

  22. Elizabeth

    Did anyone see Dorinda’s last recapblog on Bravo site? It made me not like her at all…..she is wacko

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