Kathryn Dennis Fails Court Ordered Drug Test; Custody In Jeopardy

Southern Charm Kathryn and Kenzie

Last Thursday, FITNEWS was the first to report that Kathryn Dennis had failed a court appointed drug test. While I find their reporting credible, particularly in all things Southern Charm,  I frankly did not want to believe the report. I was under the impression that the court hearing on Wednesday was simply a matter of both parties asking the judge to seal the records for the upcoming custody battle. It seems that Thomas’ lawyers had other plans.

I have unfortunately received confirmation of the Fits News report from an independent Tamara Tattles source. My understanding of the situation is that both Thomas and Kathryn were ordered by the court to submit to a drug test on the spot. It appears to me that Thomas knew about the tests, because he passed. Kathryn did not.

Southern Charm Thomas Ravenl

On Thursday, Kathryn changed her Facebook profile image to the photo above. She has been unusually silent since then.

Of course that despicable old yankee hag is gleefully tweeting about the situation. On Monday’s Watch What Happens Live, Whitney, Landon and Cameran will be on. Patti is screeching for all who care to listen that they will be verifying the drug test results on the show.  Like they have some sort of personal knowledge of the situation beyond the Fits News Story.

Thomas posted the above photo of Kenzie getting a haircut as some sort of barber shop today. It certainly doesn’t look like a place Kathryn would take her. This is causing people to assume the kids are with him for now. It makes me wonder why he is getting her hair cut at all. I don’t think it has ever been cut and seems to be incredibly slow to grow. It looks like she is giving her a boy’s hair cut!

As for the drug tests, Kathryn has allegedly smoked pot for her anxiety issues. Pot can stay in your body for longer than two weeks.  Molly and cocaine on the other hand can be undetectable a day or so after using. So if Thomas was the instigator of the testing happening on Wednesday he would have been smart enough not to show up looking as he does on many of the episodes of Southern Charm.  While an anxious Kathryn might have smoked some pot the night before court


All in all this is a very sad situation. But that doesn’t stop Patti from feeling gleeful about it. Personally, I didn’t even want to run the story. But here it is.


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  1. I don’t mean to sound stupid, but who is Patti and who is Travis? Clearly, I haven’t been following something.

  2. And who is the despicable old yankee? Andy?

    • Laura

      Whitney’s mother, Patricia, is the yankee.

      • tamaratattles

        It’s like she’s new here.

      • Thanks – no TT, I’m not new – I had been imbibing last night and was a little slow on the uptake! I’ve contributed to your fund several times because your blog is the only one I even read and I feel it is the best one! I am totally convinced Kathryn was set up. Thomas is a POS – i guess I had been enjoying how kind they have been to each other in recent episodes I didn’t realize it had all blown to hell in a hand basket. Children should NEVER be used as pawns. They are precious and innocent. I’m worried about Kathryn. Like others have posted, I hope she knows people are on her side.

  3. D

    Grande Dame and purloiner Pat Altshul and TRav (former US Senate hopeful ….. And stud-muffin in a Tony Soprano way… Thomas Ravenel. The scenes of Charleston make it worth it

    • S Hollingsworth

      You’ve hit a home run with your comments: this show is so good, because it’s so bad, some real interesting characters – all set against a glittering backdrop of Mansions, Money and the promise of hook ups.

  4. Puddy

    This is terrible. Thomas is evil and hangs out with male ex?porn stars and has numerous amorous assignations with who knows what, and was? a heavy coke user. And he will have even partial custody? I know tons of millenials who smoke MJ for the terrible stress they are under in our “money is God” soulless culture – run by people like Poseur Patti Asshule.. They smoke MJ to manage their terrible anxiety, and poor Kathryn has been under so much pressure due to the horrible treatment she has received from Thomas and his group of evil gnomes. Also – you can’t overdose on MJ like you can on Xanax which on the street is now laced with the killer Fentanyl. and yes, Coke and most other drugs will be out of your system in a day, and you can even take things to beat the test .. but MJ stays in for two weeks or longer. NO WAY Kathryn should be crucified for MJ use. yeah – Thomas probably knew about the test. “The fix was in.” . And Andy Cohen talks about MJ use all the time, Bill Maher lit up on the set. Me personally – I have never inhaled bc I know that I am held together with paper clips, so too afraid. A young woman I know just got fired from her job and took shrink prescibed Seroquel and aspirated in her sleep. Devastating. I WISH SHE SMOKED MJ INSTEAD bc she would be alive!!!.. but she was trying for total sobriety. The court better give Kathryn her babies and keep them away from that jaded man/boy and his creepy entourage. I would fear for their safety with Thomas.

    • Puddy

      Also, how can they discuss the test on WWHL? Weren’t the court proceedings supposed to be sealed? If they got this news from Thomas, is he in violation?

    • Cripes, doesn’t this judge know that Kathryn’s behavior is everyone else’s fault but Kathryn’s? Stupid judge. I mean, she is a distant descendant of a notable white supremacist and advocate of slavery! That makes her practically ROYALTY, dammit! That judge, and everyone else, should genuflect in her presence , not expect her to behave like a responsible adult!

      Thomas has done so many things that are way worse, therefore Kathryn’s actions should be ignored! In fact, Kathryn should get a pass for everything she ever does because Thomas will always be worse in every way! I mean, hanging out with a former porn performer? How DARE he? Everyone knows that porn actors are sub-human and have no right to live or mix in society. They might breathe and get their porn cooties on those kids and the kids would die! WON’T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN?

  5. Patti really must be a nasty hag to be gleeful about another mother losing custody of her kids. More likely than not baby boy Whitney is sitting in her lap while she approves tweets for him to engage in for her.

    • Greenwood

      Old Patti’s retweeting that porn creep is incredibly disgusting. Sounds more like something Whitney would do, cause it’s so hard to believe an old woman would do that. So maybe Whitney does have control of Old Patti’s twitter account. Somebody should show some maturity and shut down her account, because if she is doing this herself, she has lost her marbles.

      • tamaratattles

        She has definitely lost her marbles. Whether or not Whitney mashes the keys or Patti does it herself, they are both clearly obessed with a 24 year old girl.

    • Tulsateacher

      And while sucking her witch’s teat UF

    • tamaratattles


      I don’t think she has lost custody. I do think the kids are with Thomas. At least Kenzie.

  6. Ugh. This makes me sad. I feel so bad for the kids.

    • Puddy

      Yes, I agree. And these children need their mother. Kathryn has been under terrible stress and needs and deserves sympathy and support. She certainly loves her children and looks to be a very devoted mother. As for the drug test – we all can only take so much. Kathryn may need psychological support, with all of the attacks she has had hurled against her and the ostracism she has suffered, and she certainly has a right to financial support – and the Court should see that Thomas pays for all of it. He is a powerful man of wealth and influence and connections and 54 years of age and she is just 24, with none of that. This is in no way a fair fight. I had wanted for Kathryn and Thomas to get together and build a nuclear family, because you could see that Kathryn loved Thomas, but after his taking Kathryn to Court – and endangering the custody of her children (God forbid) that is just such a dick move – that – if I were Kathryn, I do not think I could ever forgive him. Despicable! Maybe this is a signal to Kathryn to close all doors on the past and to make a very successful life on her own for her and her two beautiful children. Kathryn could so be a top model and she has great style of her own. Cooper Ray was gently telling Kathryn to let go of Thomas. He was so right. Saying prayers for Kathryn and her babies.

      • tamaratattles

        I can’t fault Thomas for going to court for visitation and joint custody. He’s the father, shitty one though he may be.

      • tamaratattles

        I don’t understand why we don’t get a lot more K. Cooper Ray. He’s awesome.

      • jen

        The scenes between Katheryn and Cooper are so fun! He really gives her good advice also.

  7. RealChicagoHousewife

    Hopefully the nanny had the children while she was using whatever she was using and she wasn’t using while pregnant. If she was using while pregnant or while alone with the kids I have no patience or pity for that. The good news is that Kathryn is young and can still pull it together.

    • JKR

      They drug test your children the day they are born. They prick their feet and take blood samples to test for any disorders, but also don’t tell you they are drug testing as well. (Not that it mattered for me) I’ll never forget the way I cried when my brand new baby voiced pain for the first time. Traumatizing. But very necessary. In my area there are record highs of babies born addicted to opiates. It can save a life.
      Basically, my point is if she used while pregnant they would have known right away.

      • tamaratattles

        I could not believe that this was a thing, but I Googled and it is. Also in SC mothers have been criminally prosecuted for having babies test positive for marijuana. In addition SC in general has 34% of babies born testing positive for something! WOW.

      • RealChicagoHousewife

        As of a few years ago in IL they only tested premature babies because cocaine use can cause premature labor. I don’t know if IL law has changed to include all babies born or what the laws in other States would be but when I was working for DCFS mothers were routinely prosecuted for having babies born substance positive. About 50% of pregnancies are not planned so sometimes women use not knowing they are pregnant. But if it shows up in the meconium that’s it. Automatic DCFS case in IL. It’s a shocking indictment of this country that so many babies are being born substance positive.

      • JKR

        It is a thing. It’s extremely sad how common it is around here (up north. Heroin capital of the U.S.) A friend of mine working for her first day on the maternity ward saw two cases of Neonatal Abstinence Sydrome. If you have a weak heart, like me, don’t google it. It will bring you to tears.
        I know in most cases, DCF will attempt to offer treatment and guidelines before any punishment here. They’re mostly interested in keeping the mothers clean and rehabilitated as opposed to jailing them.
        Anyway- before I get too off topic. I feel for Kathryn. Without nannies, Thomas would be hard up actually caring for two children day to day. I don’t think people who don’t do it understand what they are actually asking for. Is pot still illegal in SC? We can get licenses here. Maybe she can try that. Medical reasons.

      • Lina

        9 times out of 10 when a man files for full custody it’s not about the kids. It’s either for revenge on the mom for leaving him, or because he doesn’t want to pay child support…. sometimes they want to be the one receiving it! Even worse, some want custody because they’re pedophiles. Rarely is it because they really want the kids.

      • tamaratattles

        I know that the word custody has been used a lot. I think what Thomas wanted was joint custody with reasonable time scheduled where he could take the kids. I agree that he probably really doesn’t want, nor will he get full custody.

      • JKR

        Oops! Just reread your comment TT and realized you said they are prosecuted for marijuana in SC. So I guess that would answer my question.

    • jen

      Why is it ok for mothers to joke and post allll over about drinking wine or whatever but if Katheryn takes a few puffs to calm her anxiety rather than pop xanax that’s a bad thing? Failing this drug test does not make her a drug addict.

      • Sabrina

        Does anyone know, is marijuana passed in breast milk to the child? That would be my concern.
        Does Thomas have nannies available 24/7 for the times like this when he has custody, presumably without notice? Ha! Or is the woman with Kathryn usually also their nanny when the children are with him?/ On his payroll, I assume?

        Patty, the manipulative , maneuvering climber who pretends to have class and money from her past that she doesn’t, needs to go away. She and Whitney are truly despicable, it is obvious to viewers and anyone who has the facts, as she continues to pretend to have had a life she has not- and to make one up for Whitney, pitifully sad as he is. How can they not understand that we see right through them?

        Another case of production influence WAY beyond what is acceptable. I truly hope that Andy sees that after the past few months of experience with farce and falsehood on RH shows, he better push a lech like Thomas pretty hard- and prevent Whitney of all people, from allowing a case to be made on WWHL on any of these issues. Enough with the BS production controls, Andy- too many mistakes have led your audience to distrust this process. Don’t add to it when children are involved- or it will go to another level.

    • momoffourkids

      If she breastfeeds would that get to the baby? That would be my biggest concern if it can stay in you that long. I breastfed so long ago, pot back then was not around much at all in my area.

  8. Cat

    I hate stories like this. I always wonder how the kids are affected.

  9. JoJoFLL

    It takes a lot in South Carolina for a mother to lose custody of her kids, certainly more than one drug test that isn’t 100% foolproof.

    Interesting to see how this plays out.

    Patricia should just stop. Karma is a horrible thing.

    • tamaratattles

      I think Thomas just got visitation with the kids. Or they are with him temporarily. The custody issue remains unresolved.

      • JoJoFLL

        I also think he should get partial custody. He is a father and seems to be a good one regardless how he acts in public.

        I just hate that this is playing out so publicly.

        I think court ordered custody/visitation AND support are warranted in this situation. They are obviously unable to come up with an agreement between themselves.

        BTW, Thomas said the maximum amount for child support in the state is only $2500? My husband and I paid much more than that. It can’t be right. Does anyone know?

      • Unknown

        Do you really think that Thomas is a good father? He is an alcoholic! I’m sure they didn’t test for alcohol… Because it’s legal. And while he might have showed up straight enough for court to put on a show, I have yet ro see him sober, EVER. Not to mention his very scary and bizarre anger problem!
        Past behavior is a good indication for future Behavior.

      • jen

        They could have put a temporary emergency order in place having them share. I just am confused on weather failing that one drug test makes her lose temp custody? Seems extreme if so. Especially for the baby who is only 7 months. Possibly still breast feeding. I can’t see anyone taking a baby that young away from hos mother that quickly. Very interested in how this all plays out.

  10. Greenwood

    Oh no. Thank you, Tamara, for looking into this, but this is very sad news. As a South Carolina native and a Charleston lover, I’m obsessed with Southern Charm, and I’ve been watching this unroll on Twitter and Facebook, with much sadness. I hoped it was not true, but as time passed and Kathryn remained silent, it became more worrisome. Kathryn is definitely not an angel, but there are two innocent babies here. I had hoped that, as a convicted felon with a hard drug history, Thomas wouldn’t even be allowed unsupervised visits. The most maddening thing, to me, was to watch Old Patti retweet the nasty tweets of the slimey porn creep, condemning Kathryn. Damn, that made me mad. That old hag! You know what that is? I’d call it pedestrian and banal.

  11. Puddy

    Ok, if he went to Court for visitation, and joint custody (although I do not think it should be joint bc of the way he behaves) but why do I have the impression that his real agenda was to get full custody and discredit Kathryn, knowing that she smokes mj bc of the terrible stress he has put her under?

  12. Shellbelle

    Stupid question, I know, BUT could Kathryn test positive for MJ if she had been in the presence of someone who smoked and not actually smoked herself? I’m curious if that is a possibility.
    Not that anyone asked me, but I think it should be legal anyway.

    • RealChicagoHousewife

      That would be called a contact high.

      • tamaratattles

        That would be called reaching. I’m quite sure she smokes pot. I’m also quite sure we’ve seen Thomas on TV Jax Taylor kinds of fucked up on shit .

      • Shellbelle

        I agree… I just started Southern Charm this year because of your blog, but Thomas has had more than a few scenes where he is out of his gourd and it’s not alcohol.

      • Toddy

        Yes, the dinner at Thomas’ house to celebrate his son’s birth — Thomas totally acted like he was on something.

  13. Fizz

    This sucks. Just when I thought I couldn’t loathe Thomas more. It seems very clear to me that he’s only mainly interested in his male heir who will carry on the family name etc etc insert misogynistic bs etc etc. The rest of the cast needs to shut up, this is not their business. There’s a lovely place, it’s called the high road, I hope a few of them find it and leave K alone.

    • tamaratattles

      Men love a male heir, but they also become wrapped around the finger of their baby girls. He loves his kids. Just like Kathryn does.

    • tamaratattles

      Men love a male heir, but they also become wrapped around the finger of their baby girls. He loves his kids. Just like Kathryn does.

  14. marywanna

    I pray that those kids stay with Kathryn

  15. Juneau

    This is just so very, very sad.

    • tamaratattles


      Especially the haircut part.


      Kind of not really.

      • Dee

        He is a jerk, Kinsey doesn’t have enough hair to cut. I think he put this picture up to upset Kathryn. Patti has no class at all! Is she the creator of the mugshot account? Just trying to keep up. I hope Kathryn knows she has supporters. I think she was set up.

      • Tulsateacher

        And Kenzie’s curls were just starting to fill in TT!

  16. Is that a framed picture I see or is that Thomas’ reflection in the mirror. Look between the blue bottle with the pink sprayer and the black lamp.

  17. Dracla Dunning

    Obviously it was a pee test and not a hair test. He would have failed. Maybe she should request they test his hair. She has learned a lesson. If she uses before a court date, do what it takes to clean her system. She is lean so it wouldn’t take much.

    • tamaratattles

      I’m pretty sure the lesson here is not “use a masking agent before a court ordered drug test.”

      I’ve never liked pot. Don’t date men who smoke it because it makes people legitimately stupid in my experience and not just when they are high. That said, it is now legal in many states, there are no studies showing any harm to children in pregnant mothers who smoke it (not that she did) and it is an organic treatment for anxiety that is in my opinion only illegal where it is because Big Pharm doesn’t make any money off of it.

      I don’t think she will lose custody over this, but I do think the elderly old cunt may stroke out from her schadenfreude. And I am okay with that. You can add Patti to the list of people I have said their death would not upset me in the slightest. Or as it will be told in the future “I wished her dead.” I’m simply not a fan of evil old ladies and their creepy spawn.

      • Puddy

        TT, I so agree with you about Big Pharm.

      • Djj

        I am a medical marijuana caregiver in michigan. I am allowed 5 patients and do everything in my power to grow the strains that address their health problems. I do not use pesticides and only use organic fertilizers. Unfortunately state legislators only see dollar signs and are pushing to only have big pharma control it …even though it has been proven that they grow poor quality spider mite infested cannabis. They use so many peaticides and chemicals that they have to irradiate it to remove dome of the toxins. Think about the hundreds of chemicals that have been put in cigarettes. Even some that are made to keep you addicted. This is what they will do with cannabis. I dont agree with a mother using it while the child is in the womb, but used properly it can help with fewer side effects than alcohol or xanax

      • Suzannd D

        There are plenty of studies out there. Recently, it was found that the brain develops until age 25. Pot use before 25 does cause brain damage. I work at a state psych hospital, and was an ER nurse before that. Pot is NOT harmless. It can cause psychosis and aggression. There are on-going studies about pot use and first psychotic breaks in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Those are genetic/organic diseases that can be passed on to your children. Not all who have parents with these disease will wind up with them. It’s kind of a chicken or the egg theory. Does smoking pot activate or bring on the first psychotic break sooner? Or…do these patients start using pot because they start experiencing symptoms like hearing voices, anxiety, rapid/racing thoughts, etc.?

        Pot does get in breast milk and also decreases prolactin production. Prolactin is a hormone that is essential for milk production. Infants have shown reduced coordination when exposed to pot smoking…either as second hand smoke or through breast milk. With states now legalizing pot use for medical and recreational use, there will be more studies to come. When ti comes to your children, I would always advise on the side of caution.

      • I’m not into the use of MJ but it has really helped my hubby in the medical way. He is a respected very well educated man in a high pressure job. The stress was slowly killing him and prescribed medications have so many negative side affects. I honestly can’t believe I’m saying this but it has been a really good thing for him. It is legal for medical use in our state. I’m sure it will be in all states in the next couple of years?

  18. Allison

    I worked in the nursery as well as L&D and newborns were only tox screened if there was an indication or suspicion. And itbwas their urine that was screened. If Kathryn failed andrug test she needs help and compassion, not condemnation. If it was THC, that stay in your urine for 30 days. Anything else (cocaine, opiates, benzos) 48-72 hours. Thomas is a skeevy, sleazy, gross scumbag. There’s no help for that.

  19. I hope Thomas doesn’t go for full physical custody. Those kids need their mother. The nanny Dawn, hope she sticks around and is well paid. She seems decent, level headed, loves the kids, and a good mediator between Thomas and Kathryn.

    • tamaratattles

      Dawn could be the glue that holds everything together. I’m worried about Kathryn. She’s awfully quiet. Making all of your youthful mistakes in the public eye must be terribly hard.

      Thomas on the other hand was 45 when he was convicted of cocaine use and dealing in 2007. New details also came to light about Ravenel’s own cocaine use, which reportedly started when he was 18 and led to a sporadic habit which, at its height, saw him use 1 to 2 grams every couple of weeks. He also sampled other drugs, including marijuana and Ecstasy, according to portions of a report provided to the judge.
      according to portions of a report provided to the judge.

      Source: http://www.postandcourier.com/article/20080315/PC1602/303159935

      But Patti can’t seem to stop gumming his asshole.

      • Calipatti

        Hmm, so he says.
        Using one or two grams in a week is not much at all, Judge knows that.

        He said he used that much over two weeks, I call bullshit.
        That much is gone in a few hours at a Saturday night party if he is sharing.

        If that report is true then he wasn’t addicted and it’s not enough for others to notice. Coke is addicting as fuck, his usage had to be double or triple that amount especially if he started at 18.

        Toss in a few other drugs, he reads like a misguided choir boy who is now clean and taking responsibility for his “mistake.”
        Gawd Thomas is a disgusting piece of shit.
        Kathryn’s failed drug test just made this report not matter. Made them equal.

      • Puddy

        I am worried about Kathryn too. I hope she has people around her to love her and listen to her with love and support her and help her. Then when she is ready I hope they help her to fight back and mop up the floor with alł of these rotten evil People. I hope that Bravo is very careful how they handle this bc they have enough tragedy on their hands. Thomas treated Kathryn like a brood mare and gave her squuezer money and and allowed these people to humiliate the mother of his children over and over. This is psychologically damaging to the children and destructive of their mother – WHO THEY NEED. And Thomas has Kensie? With his hook ups, criminal record, ex-porn friends and sleazy Whitney ganging around? Are you kidding me? I would give Thimas only supervised visits. Kathryn bore these children cared for them on her own and Clearly loves them with all of her heart – Thomas did nothing and he has no right to take anything – no more than a sperm donor – much less imo bc Thomas allowing his friends to emotionally and psychologically hurt and humiliate Kathryn has been totally and terribly ABUSIVE. I hope Kathryn knows how many people care about her and see how unjustly she has been treated.

      • Shannon Richards

        I completely agree! The one scene that comes to mind is in season 2 when she is bathing Kensie and putting her in her pajamas, Thomas is screaming at her that the food is getting cold and to let the nanny do it. I am surprised Kathryn is as sane as she is.

      • Lindsay

        1-2 grams every couple of weeks?! That can’t be true. That’s like a tiny line a day.

  20. Auntie Velvet

    Unless Kathryn has fallen into the pool, holding her baby, while high on something, I’ll go ahead and vote she be in charge of those children.

    • tamaratattles

      It’s ASTOUNDING that the entire cast is aware of this, and it was in all the papers and they still continue to live up Thomas’s asshole just because Patti has decided to live out her final days there, no?

      • Puddy

        There is a special place in Hell for people like Patti and Whitney.

      • Sabrina

        TT, it is truly ASTOUNDING to me that even these young women, Cameron and Landon, even though they have not had children yet, are unable to be supportive of her in this situation.
        I understand that Landon appears to have a personal dislike for Kathryn that runs quite deep and appears to be jealousy based, of Thomas, Shep, and other mens’ friendship with Kathryn, and of her role on the show, which prevents, ( I bet in her mind) Landon’s probably- expected re-launch of her career.

        Instead, Landon is getting the very \bad edit , as both a climber and uninformed, immature, superficial and lazy. I truly don’t get Cameron- who had terrific role, was valued on the show, and has a wise Mom who should be putting her thinking straight-but it isn’t happening; meanwhile , her treatment of Kathryn has been despicable. .

        I acknowledge that Kathryn has made more than her fair share of mistakes,. and has the unfortunate habit of foaming at the mouth and demanding things go her way- but I see her growing and changing, while attempting to make things right, after the women in particular iced her out of the show. She probably had some lousy loud fights with them,but if they want a future in this business they need to grow up as well. Frankly, Patti’s point of view is warped, informed by lies , and irrelevant. This production is only successful if the audience keeps watching, and supports products it sells. That is going to fall off if this continues.

        All they need do is read viewer comments and realize the world has turned on them, and respond rationally. We understand Thomas has money, he also has both a history of addiction and criminal past. Whitney may act like he is running the show, but the edits have made the men’s weaknesses clear- a little strength of character and integrity would go a long way here, ladies. Cameron and Langdon, if you are reading this, I sincerely hope you will NOT support Thomas’ position on this; they each have their weaknesses, but these children have only one set of parent;s, who need to be encouraged to work together- not the opposite.

        Kathryn is not the person she was as the show began- she has two babies she loves and has cared for daily- and must have custody, rather than a confirmed bachelor with many personal challenges, and enough money to manipulate situations to work to his advantage.

        Think of the children- Thomas is focused on himself. Help them work this out- but please stop this heinous support of a bachelor father who can;t manage himself- let alone see the right example for children, without strong direction and wisdom./

  21. Calipatti

    This is awful. Certainly Thomas
    told his attorney who then went to the judge to request testing.

    Thomas set Kathryn up, hope she learns quickly what Ravenal is capable of and what he will try to do to her.

    He might want to see his children but he doesn’t want to raise them on a daily basis. He wants to crush Kathryn by taking them from her.

    I went through a extremely nasty child custody fight. I know how evil a mind can be. I won if that is winning.

    Hope her attorney can use Patti and Whitneys Southern Charm film for something.
    I so hope her attorney is a good one, she will need it and she becomes very mindful of everything around her.
    I’m worried for her.

    I just became emotionally involved in a Bravo show, crap.

    • Puddy

      Agree with everything you said, Calipatti. I hope Kathryn has an ace attorney too and who is really on Kathryn’s side. The Bravo footage says so much about Thomas’ behavior toward Kathryn, and who his questionable assiciates are, and his behavior in general.

  22. CoBe

    These children have two awful parents.

    But the courts will not look kindly on the attempted alienation of the father. Period.

    That is probably a greater issue than the drug use.

    Using children as pawns to increase support is flat out evil.

    • Puddy

      The father alienated himself by allowing the mother of his children to be constantly demeaned, humiliated and disrespected for the past two years and in public which was totally ABUSIVE. The father alienated himself by giving false promises (which Kathryn had a right to rely on) to care for Kathryn and her children beautifully and have anything they want – if she bore his children – it is all ON CAMERA. The father alienated himself by clearly USING Kathryn for his own purposes – treating her as good enough to bear his children but not good enough to marry. Thomas has served time in jail for coke use. allegedly engaged in numerous hookups after Kensie was born, has an exporn star hanging around? THOMAS, BY EVERY REASONABLE MEASURE. HAS ALIENATED HIMSELF.

    • CoBe

      Seriously? Kathryn is an adult and can take care of herself. She is also a drug abuser and an alcoholic with a very bad temper.

      Men make a lot of promises and I think he actually meant what he said. But after dealing with a raging alcoholic in public, I’m guessing he rethought that plan (wisely).

      I think Thomas is also an unfit parent from what I’ve seen, but he seems to be cleaning up his act.

      Regardless, I think the court is going to put more weight on the threats from the mother to keep the children away from the father than any drug tests. Parental alienation is a form a child abuse and is looked upon very harshly by the courts. She clearly made threats that if she wasn’t given a certain lifestyle, she would not let Thomas see his own children. She doesn’t have the right to do that.

      Regardless of what Thomas’ problems are, he has always tried to see his children and has a right to do so. When Kathryn deprived him of that right, she put her own custodial rights in jeopardy.

      I think she is very very lucky that she even got joint custody. I think it could go even worse for her if she does not follow court orders to the T. Unless she cleans up her act (and it is not just about the drugs), she will find herself a noncustodial parent.

      • Puddy

        Wow. You are so against Kathryn and so pro Thomas while you claim to be even handed. There is NO moral equivalency bt Thomas and Kathryn. You called Kathryn a raging alcoholic? Really? I have seen no evidence of that. As far as being “messed up” it is usually Thomas who looks shit faced on camera and Patti who is calling for her cocktails with religious regularity. . TRav went to jail, is reported as getting in fights, reported as having numerous hook-ups, shown hanging out with ex-porn stars. FOR THE LATTER FACT ALONE – I would NEVER let my child anywhere near him without total supervision. YES, he promised to take care of Kathryn and renigged. YES, she had a right to rely on those promises. YES – he should give Kathryn more money and personal support for the sake of the children. BUT he wants custody so he canTAKE those children and pay Nothing on a pretext. AND I KNOWYOU ARE A PATTI THOMAS TROLL bc you do not address at all the ABUSIVE WAY that Patti and her creepy Whitney have disgracefully demeaned and humiliated a pregnant, almost a child herself, single mother. and YES.. That is emotional and mental and psychological abuse towaed Katherine and by extension to her children.. for how it affects their mother and what they will read and be told in the future. I hope you are enjoying your stay up Thomas’ ass.

      • CoBe

        I don’t want you to burst a vein or anything, so I’ll be gentle . . .

        I am pro-children.

        Neither of these two bozos are fit to raise these two children. They have both shown reprehensible behavior and have clear issues with substance abuse.

        I am stating what I believe the courts will put the most weight in and that is that parental alienation is child abuse.

        I guess we’ll see how things progress.

        Hopefully the nanny cares enough about these children to maintain a watchful eye around both of the “parents”. And hopefully both parents can learn to value their children more than they value booze, drugs, and their hatred for each other.

        In the meanwhile, hope your day gets better. You seem to be having a rough one.

      • Calipatti

        CoBe that was condescending as f***

        Saying that crap about her day.

        We all judge and have our opinions from what we see on television. Unless you know them personally then my opinion stands.

        Thomas is a old goat that drinks too much and does nothing,
        who should kiss Katheryn’s *** for letting him in her bed.

        BTW, a few defending Thomas read like a close friend of Thomas’s.

        Just a point of view.

  23. Dee

    This is such sad news. I feel really bad for Kathryn, so sad. I hope she knows that people are rooting for her. Patti is an awful person!! Sigh….

  24. I feel so sorry for Katherine. She always gets the short end of the stick.

  25. Katherine 2.0

    These drug tests are a joke. THC stays in your system for months, and the more dangerous drugs are undetectable within a day or two. T-Rav is fortunate that pot is not one of his many vices.

    • Lindsay

      Not necessarily. The amount of time MJ stays in your system correlates to your metabolism. Also, if you drink while on marching powder, a metabolite is created which definitely hangs around longer. Very few people do powder without drinking.

  26. Puddy

    I hope that Kathryn finds an attorney who will take all of the Bravo footage of how Patti and Whitney have spoken about Kathryn on national television – demeaning, disrespecting and humiliating.. and interfered with the lives of her children and her life by demeaning her to the father of those children – arguably maliciously and Tortiously interfering in her relationship with Thomas to the detriment of her children– and what could have been a happy family – and hurting children who will be crushed by seeing the horrible things Whitney and Patti said about their mother WHEN THEY ARE GROWING UP AND STILL AT A TENDER AGE For the next 18 years.. – with God’s knows what negative repercussions on their psyches – and sue Patti’s and Whitney’s asses!!!

    • Puddy

      Whitney and Patti imo have shown wanton disregard and depraved hearts in the horrible and demeaning way they have repeatedly spoken
      on national television (and have they done more off camera as well?) about the pregnant mother of a young child and with complete disregard as to how all of this footage of their horrible talk about Kathryn will negatively impact the psyches of two growing young children in the years to come. And They have showed a cruel and wanton disregard for 1)how what They have said, and done – in trying to turn Thomas against Kathryn- has negatively impacted these children, 2) for stressing out a pregnant woman and 3) for interfering with the loving relationship of the father and mother of those children..to the detriment of those children..and apparently with motive.. ..because.. in Whitney’s own words.. “Kathryn got in the way of his relationship with Thomas?” What relationship? Was Whitney going to bear Thomas children? Their cruel and mean behavior would drive most people way off the edge, and if MJ use was the safest way for Kathryn to cope under their relentless attacks – it is very understandable.

  27. raven

    I don’t feel sorry for Katherine. How many times has she gone on social media condemning Thomas for drugs, when all the time she was using. While I hope she doesn’t lose custody, she needs to be brought down a peg. She needs to stop using the kids to manipulate Thomas. She needs to stop lying that he is providing no support. Although he is no prize, he has a right to see the kids.

  28. LA_in_KY

    This makes me sad. I hope it is not true. I really can’t stand that old Yankee woman. Why does she even care? Is there nothing else going on in her life?

  29. Meri

    This is sad. I never pictured Katherine being involved with drugs and I think it would be awful if she lost custody of her kids because she smoked Pot. Thomas does far worse from what I’ve seen. The kids are the ones who will pay the price for all this animosity and discord between T-Rav and Katherine and it is heartbreaking.
    I hope that this is sorted out soon in the best interests of the children.
    As for Patricia…what an old hag. She must be a very bored, miserable human being to get so involved in something that is none of her business. Attacking and constantly going after a kid (Katherine) is ugly and just shows her own flaws.
    I am also sorry to see this show (once my favorite Bravo show), turning into yet another ugly soap opera.
    I call it the curse of Bravo and wonder how they all feel when they see themselves on television behaving like kids in middle school. It can’t be good for anyone’s reputation.
    I hope that Katherine is okay and the kids too. As for T-Rav…I used to really like him but not so much anymore. How is a drunken fool a good choice for child custody?
    Money can’t buy you class but it sure can buy you power.
    Thanks for the information TT .

    • Kika

      WHERE are Kathryn’s parents on all of this? I never hear anything about them. Are they helping Kathryn legally, emotionally, financially? Aren’t they concerned for their grandchildren?

  30. microop

    Ugh this is why I always preferred Savannah over Charleston. Savannah has more vagrants and characters and people are more accepting as long as you are interesting, fabulous, and write thank you notes. Why does Patricia think she has the right to judge? Not classy. Also if it is pot, who cares? That shit needs to be federally legalized. Its ridiculous.

  31. Lindsay

    Well, I feel like I have read that she has smoked weed for years, so I’m not sure that you can blame her use on the anxiety that Thomas has caused. I think she’s just a bit of a pothead. And I, for one, don’t think there is anything wrong with that unless she’s doing it with the kids in the house…children can absolutely get a contact high and being around weed smoke can fuck up a child’s development. (Unless they are consuming MJ for a medical condition, cancer, etc. in which that is a worthwhile tradeoff).
    She had children with him because she thought it would provide her with an easy life. I wish that she had more carefully considered the reality. Of course her family and friends probably encouraged her to get that Ravenel ca$h and we all saw Thomas promise her the world (ON CAMERA) but jeez.

  32. JoJoFLL

    I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but my senior year at USC (Go Cocks! Ha TT!) I did an internship for the SC Department of Corrections for ten months and was in charge of inmate weekend furloughs. If they tested positive when then came back, and we randomly tested, they would lose their furlough the following weekend.

    The drug tests we used could detect pot, coke, and alcohol as well as a couple of other substances for up to 72 hours after use.

    At the time, certain suppliments would also trigger the pee tests (they are all pee tests, only the hospitals are equipped to take blood) so they are not 100% foolproof. If it came down to it and she stays clean (Who wouldn’t smoke weed having TRav as your baby daddy?), she has a very good chance of having that one dirty test thrown out.

  33. Stefie

    I’ve read this about five times and keep coming back to the same question: how can a mom lose custody for using marijuana? Maybe it’s because I live in a state where it is legal. If she does lose custody over THC use then something is crooked. Isn’t her family just as wealthy as Thomas’? Why aren’t they helping her? Which brings me to another question, why did she need Thomas to consign on a rental agreement? Where’s her mom and dad? She has money. This all seems like a lot of nonsense.

    • microop

      I may be wrong about this BC I came into the southern charm game late, but I thought it was the case that Kathryn’s family has the old name, the respect, a nice property, but not necessarily very much money anymore.

    • Kristen

      They may order her to supervised visitation, drug counseling and a retest, but I find it very very doubtful that she would lose custody in the long term over this.

    • JoJoFLL

      She hasn’t lost custody. It takes a lot more than that for a mother to lose custody in SC. Courts are heavily in favor of the mother.

      Thomas is trying to set up a pattern of irresponsible behavior in case he needs to use this down the line.

      It’s basically just a cheese dick move.

  34. Kristen

    Is anyone else wondering how long Thomas will last as primary custodian before he realizes it’s not all fun games and cooing sounds? Raising two children that young is HARD work. It’s not for the faint of heart, much less an *alleged* drug user and party animal.

    • Cecelia

      I heard Kathryn say one time on the show that the kids stay in the guesthouse with the nanny.

    • Amy Lou

      Perhaps he should marry Landon and let her take on the step momster role? She seems desperate enough to do it, it would take the kids off his hands without going to Kathryn, and it would keep her busy/distracted enough for TRav to continue his extracurricular dalliances. I mean nobody believes he has it in him to be a faithful husband, right?

  35. Greenwood

    Taking care of the kids may seem alot easier to Thomas because he has their bedrooms set up in his guest house (that probably means that the nanny’s room is back in the guest house, too). He has shown this in tours of his newly remodeled house on Beaufain Street, both on the show and in Bravo videos that I’ve looked at. It’s a deep, narrow lot, typical of downtown Charleston, and the main house is in the front of the lot, and the guest house is separate, in the back of the lot. He said the kids bedrooms are in the guest house because there is a treacherous staircase in the main house. However, there is a scary looking spiral staircase right there in the little boy’s room, as well. But that’s logical to Thomas, who contradicts himself all the time. So he can make a quick getaway from the kids any time he needs to and retreat to a quiet, perfectly organized main house. Unlike Kathryn, who lives right smack in the middle of the kids’ chaos. Lordy, lordy, I’m way too invested in this.

  36. jen

    This is sad. The haircut is such a dick move at a $2 barber shop. I also can’t blame Thomas for going to court for custody. Thank goodness the nanny goes with the kids. Im sad for Katheryn. Im pissed that Pattie would comment at all. How pathetic she is obsessed with a young mother.

  37. ZenJen55

    This is about Child Support, Thomas hasn’t paid a dime and this is a Bitch move to not have to!
    I listened to Kathryn do an interview on Sirius radio, what she said about Whitney was very interesting. Basically she confirmed everything TT has already disclosed. About Kathryn IE Whitney’s beard Ect. Whitney thinks she hijacked the show and it’s taken a different storyline turn than what he wanted. Bravo approved of Kathryn and vetoed Whitney’s pitch.

    • JoJoFLL

      My God did you see Ultrasuede? Whitney really doesn’t have any business in the producers chair for anything. He took a fascinating story and destroyed it by making the documentary all about him. What’s even worse are the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. They are so horrendous they are hysterical. It comes as no surprise to me that Bravo has an override on Whitney as a producer.

    • tbk

      Sure, and the 2 bit ho is paying for the house, the car and the nanny with what? The money she makes from her part time job at the local Dairy Queen? No, she’s being fully supported by the baby daddy. And now that they brought this to court she is in for a rude awakening. She’ll be moving home with mommy and daddy cause the money train is going to come to a screeching halt. Loser overplayed her hand.

      • Dee

        Maybe she’s using her paycheck from Southern Charm?

      • KatherineNola

        I find this very sad for her but interesting. ,y sister had the,portray custody granted to their father for 3 weeks, not permanent which I Hope is the same case here. With another child the father knew he was going to be drug tested, lawyer tipped him. It was hysterical-he showed up in court with literally all body hair shaved. Eyebrows and all. Idiot. They took blood with a court order during a custodial case. She won and he saw him supervised for almost 3 years. Entire thing with Kathryn is sad. Hopefully it is only temporary.

      • KatherineNola

        Too early, please excuse my typos below ….sorry all!

      • Thomas said Kathryn makes 6 figures from her part time job :)

  38. Chloe

    This is such sad news. I’ve always rooted for Kathryn and had hoped she and Thomas would make a good of it. While I like Kathryn and want her to succeed, there are things that bother me. She lived with Whitney for 5 days, went to a party with him and left with Thomas. Was she purposely set on finding a rich, powerful guy no matter what? It seems she was,not letting Thomas see the kids even though he was paying non-court ordered support, seemingly to demand more money. Not to excuse Thomas but it does make you wonder if one or more of the unplanned pregnancies were planned. Did Thomas and Kathryn do drugs together?

    I think both parents love their children, but are immature…even Thomas at 54. It seems at least from the show that Thomas wants to step up and be a parent. Kathryn knows she holds the golden ticket. She may be young, but I think she knew what she was doing. Like Cameron said about Landon in the last episode, that Southern women are groomed to be taken care of. While I think this is a very broad statement, I do think this is true for a certain elite segment. Kathryn’s pedigree is enviable to people who care about that sort of thing and see the power attached.

    I’m not downing Kathryn and hope things get better for her. But I do think she is not a victim in every aspect of this mess. She had her motives and so did Thomas.

  39. Puddy

    CoBe: So glad to hear that you are “pro-children”, but I expected nothing less than such a feckless declaration from someone who still pointedly did not address the abuse that Kathryn and her children have suffered as a result of the constant demeaning, and insuting and public attacks upon her by Whitney and Patti and permitted by Thomas. I am not having a bad day (as you falsely asserted) but after reading your defense of Thomas (by trying to falsely equate Kathryn and Thomas), and after all the suffering that this crowd has caused Kathryn, I was not going to leave your attempt at dissembling -unaddressed. So you go have yourself a nice day. And maybe you can next announce to us all that you are “pro-puppy dogs”, while advocating they be taken to the pound, bc you only want what’s best?

    • CoBe

      Huh. It appears you are the Ramona Singer of the comment section:

      Your intent is clearly vicious, but your delivery is so addled and confused that it makes folks cock their heads, laugh nervously, and back away slowly.

      It is entertaining though.

      Glad you’re having a good day. Please let me know if you ever choose to appear in a runway show. I’d pay money to see that!

      • Puddy

        You still have not answered my question about the abuse that Kathryn (as a very young pregnant woman, caring for her 2 year old daughter) has been subject to due to the vile things said about her – by Baby Whitney (is that the respect in which you are “pro-child”?) and his gin-soaked Mummy. Regarding your last refuge comments on “vicious intent”? and “being like Ramona” .. yaddayaddayadda— I suggest that you stop projecting. That seems to be going around a lot – a la Bethenny.

    • Puddy

      Wow.. Your charity runneth over. So– you don’t think Kathryn is fit to raise her own children who she fought for and gave birth to, and the last birth put her health at risk? and when in every one of the plenitude of photos we gave seen and on camera for the past two years Kensie is clearly always happy and given so much attention by her mommy who Clearly loves her? Kathryn is so much better than most mothers – and there are a lot of mothers who would not pass an MJ drug test, in particular when under terrible anxiety.
      Regarding the drug test – it seems Quite possible that Thomas’ attorneys knew about it in advance. if it coke is a problem you can make sure coke is not in your system, with timing or by other means to beat the test. So the fact that he came up clean and she did not – means very little. but if she is a coke user – yes – she needs help.
      3. yes it does matter that he pals around with an ex porn star.. those children should not be around such a person… imo
      4. This is in no way a fair fight – he has money… connections and years of experience and she does not.
      5. Yes – the way she has been humiliated and degraded while Thomas is patted on the back – for what? allowing the mother of his children to be humiliated and degraded? matters. It is mentally abusive..

  40. Chloe

    Oh, and wth is wrong with Patti? That judgemental, devious hag needs to be quiet. I thought WASP didn’t express their feelings? Well shut up then! People in glass houses should not cast stones, and Patti has a lot of history that could be trashed.

  41. Meredith

    I would not be surprised if thomas set her up at all. Im not a fan of pot myself, however, for people to gloat about something which is not in the same league as heroin or coke is rather stupid. I know people who use it for anxiety or to help them sleep. Ughh this is going to be an awful battle. I feel badly for the kids and Katherine.

    • spunky2015


      • tamaratattles

        I don’t have the ability to deal with people make statements with not factual basis here.

        Not today. I have been gut punched by the news of the mass shooting.

        Please stick to facts presented on this post and not unverified speculation.

  42. Margarett

    Surely to goodness no judge will be making decisions based on what can be seen on a Bravo “reality” show.

  43. Gapeachinsc

    For me, the bottom line is this: we are watching a “reality show” that derailed from what Whitney and his Mama wanted. They are fit to be tied and are angry and feel betrayed. They will stop at nothing to smear Kathryn’s character. We are left to read between the lines in order to figure out exactly what is really going on and we only see an hour long, edited slice of actual reality. While we think we know this and that about these folks, we only know so much. I’m finding myself watching less of these shows. After all, it’s manufactured drama and the sad thing is, the $’s these folks receive is lucrative for most of them, otherwise they wouldn’t be doing it. It’s just sad when someone so young gets caught up in all of it and with two little ones with everything playing out publicly.

    Saying all that, I also realize that tuning in makes me part of the problem. We can all agree that Andy is a misogynistic asshole but we continue watching his shows and lining his pockets.

  44. Zoemonster2

    Require both parents to take an immunoassay drug test.

    Thomas molly Ravenel would doubtfully come out smelling like a rose.

  45. S

    Thank goodness for the wonderful nanny Dawn, who seems to be the only stability those children consistently have. Watching the show, it looks like she is employed full time to take care of the children. Now, whatever it was that Kathryn was on, even marijuana, Ill just say this. As a mother of 1 child under the age of 2, there is not much free time, if she takes care of them full time. If she wanted to smoke pot I dont know how or where she would do it without the children not smelling it. With two children, if she was taking care of them on her own, she would not have time to smoke any marijuana. Therefore, it is probably the nanny who is more or less with the kids most of the time. I dont know any mother who isnt stressed but if she is smoking MJ obviosuly shes got time on her hands.
    Thomas and Kathryn are not married. I think he has provided her plenty because I believe he pays for the nanny and she has PLENTY of expensive baby equipment and doesnt look like she is in need for anything at all. Really I just feel disgusted. If she didnt want to be publicly humilated by his friends, DONT PUT YOUR LIFE ON A REALITY SHOW. She could have dropped out of the show, quietly take care of her daughter and her pregnancy in priivate, but no. I feel a little sickened watching the cameras zoom in on those babies while the parents are fighting over BS. I believe children have a right to privacy. Th parents should have never put their sweet kids faces on tv with soooo much negativity surrounding them. This shows that those poor kids have everything money canbuy except a stable home, privacy, consistency, parents who put them first above their own stupid egos and pride.

    • Puddy

      The public himiliation by his friends was terribly wrong and harmful and the horrible way that Whitney and Patti spoke about the pregant young mother of a 1 1/2 year old child was not caused by the camera – it was CAUGHT by the camera and they KNEW they were on camera when they spoke privately to Thomas that way about the mother of his children. And Thomas did not defend Kathryn. And even if it was not captured on camera – and only done off camera – it is still very destructive of Kathryn and her children and the relationship of the children with their father and mother – as a family unit. Those children deserved a family unit blessed by marriage and love – and one can see that Kathryn did love Thomas. Whitney and Patti urging Thomas to reject Kathryn as “beneath him” arguably was a contributing factor in leading to all of the angst these children and Kathryn are suffering. These children could have and should have (imo) had a nuclear family unit – with a married mother and father.

      • sarah

        I agree, however, I do not think it I because of the other cast members that kathryn and Thomas at not married. They conceived a child from most likely a one night stand, they are 30 years apart, he cheats, there was NO CHANCE of them getting married, the second child was conceived through a brief lustful weekend as they made it sound. Yes the other cast members said rude things about Kathryn but you can’t she some one for being rude. If she did not out her life out on reality tv, she would not have been publicly humiliated, along with her kids. She has it FAR FAR better than most single mothers who have never been married. Full time help, two story private home, doesn’t have to work, free to go to parties, hang out with friends, date, etc. all of the fanciest baby supplies that regular mithers can only dream of. Yet she still complained about not getting eniugh $$. The fact is, this young lady failed a drug test, a don’t know for what, unless it is medical marijuana prescribed for extreme physical pain like from a disease there is NO EXCUSE. Regular people get their children removed when they fail drug tests, I have been told this by a friend of mine who works for CPS. Why should a reality starlet be cut slack? But anyways ut doesnt matter where the children will go because as we know the nanny will just be taking care of them anyways, whether they are at moms OR dad’s house.

  46. Puddy

    To Sarah:
    The fact that Kathryn was on reality TV did not cause her to be publicly humiliated — the people who humiliated Kathryn on camera caused her to be publicly humiliated – in fact Kathryn was singled out and bullied and ostracized – alone among the cast members. You are clearly prejudiced bc you refer to her as a “starlet” and are very jealous of what you perceive to be her so-called advantages. what about The advantages of Thomas Patti and Whitney? Who have done almost nothing to deserve them? (Patti only marrying rich). There was a chance that Thomas and Kathryn might have gotten married. They had a relationship – one could see love there – something you never mention in your harsh, judgmental tirade. And, yes, Kathryn often spoke of how Whitney was undermining their relationship and everyone could see it. Green must be your color.

    • S

      Take note that what you see is edited and not a pure documentary. I am simply stating facts that are revealed, the child has a full time nanny and that it was reported the mother of the child failed a drug test. Otherwise I do not give a shit. I am also not jealous at all of a random chick on a tv show who got knocked up twice by a guy nearing geriatric age for her. I am around her age and I have a husband who loves me, a child who has a stable home, a career in healthcare that I love, and a comfortable lifestyle. I have to get back to work right now actually. Enjoy.

    • Puddy

      Furthermore, Kathryn was very hands on with Kensie, mostly at Monks Corners, and the nanny seemed to really appear when Kathryn was in her high risk second pregnancy.

    • Lindsay

      I can’t imagine that there is a person commenting here who is “jealous” of Kathryn. Her life doesn’t seem terribly enviable right now, especially considering that her every move and mistake is devoured by the public.
      I will ask again why no one can disagree with anyone/their choices anymore without being “jealous” or a “hater”. She’s a young woman who bit off more than she could chew and took the word of a tired old playboy and is attempting to find her way in the world.

      • Puddy

        One can disagree without being “jealous” or a “hater” — but sometimes the shoe fits.

  47. Puddy

    It would be so wonderful if we could all be as perfect as you.

  48. I feel for Kathryn. I truly hope she gets to keep the kids. Kathryn has been the primary parent, and I am sure the children need their mom and have come to rely upon her and the nanny. They seem like well-adjusted, loved kids. If Thomas instigated this action, he is despicable.

  49. ZenJen55

    Kathryn stated that Thomas has NOT seen the children since FEBRUARY. Also she hasn’t received a DIME of child support, allegedly.

    If you vape marijuana it has no smell plus their is edibles now.

    • Jan

      He doesnt owe her any child support legally. Has it really become “$$$$ = visits with the kids” ? But who is paying for all the stuff ????? House, nanny, etc. ? And why has he not seen his kids in 4 months ? Is she not letting them see their daddy ? I think they should come up with an agreement where he sees them weekends or something like that, regardless of the way he treats her, or she treats him, because those children will resent their parents later on if one was forced to be absent. Heck, you all are lessening and lessening her failed drug test, maybe now she ate a poppyseed bagel. I feel bad for her that she doesnt have a nuclear family home but there are a lot of women I feel much much sorrier for.

  50. MARC

    Patricia is a grifter & a rube. Stay strong Katherine ! Thomas is heinous! p.s. Patricia your parenting skills are severely lacking (considering your ADULY son s abundant denial + self loathing & misogynist rants against Katherine) & it’s crystal clear you are jealous of Katherine’s lineage !

  51. Linda

    Thomas and his southern justice set her up. Why does a convicted felon get custody.
    He looked hyped on drugs last night.
    I watched the three on Andy C last night. They are arrogant spoiled brats.
    I feel sad for Katheyn whom TT used as a brood mare.

  52. Purple Lover

    I personally think the custody of the kids needs to go to the Nanny!

    • Margarett

      Good one, Purple Lover! It’s too true to be funny though.

      • Purple Lover

        To be honest TT, it was not meant to be funny. I taught kindergarten for 30 years and know what damage two parent’s relationship can have on their kids. Using your children to punish the other parent only ends up hurting the kids and these kids are being used by BOTH parents to batter the other. The only stability I see in these kids lives is the nanny. I see poor kids who are destined for resentment, insecurity, and grief unless someone steps into this situation, or some parents grow up!

      • Margarett

        It wasn’t Tamara who said that, Purple Lover. (Don’t want you to think she was upset or anything.). I didn’t think you meant it to be funny. That’s just an old saying. The nanny really does seem to me to be a source of stability and nurturing.

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