James Leonard Continues To Peddle Non-Stories To People Magazine

It's me again!

It’s me again!

I continue to be fascinated with Teresa Giudice’s “attorney” and his love of media attention. James Leonard  particularly seems to like selling stories to People to answer questions that no one is asking.  Today’s breaking story on People is entitled ” The Surprising Reason Teresa Giudice Can’t Visit Her Husband Joe In Prison More Frequently.”  Which is a poor title not just because of the unnecessary length but because in fact, Teresa is allowed to visit Joe as frequently as she would like  Despite tis fact, Leonard goes into great detail about why Teresa is not visiting more often while claiming that she goes every other weekend.

Here is a partial list of “reasons” why Teresa isn’t visiting more according to Leonard, “Where he is, you get a certain number of points every month and each visit counts as a point. Weekend visits are considered more points,” Leonard explains. “So because he also has his mother and sister coming to visit, and Teresa can’t go during the week because the girls are in school, they’re having to do it every other weekend.”

Except none of this is accurate.

I wonder who else Joe calls in prison?

I wonder who else Joe calls in prison?

Inmates at Fort Dix do in fact get four points a month for visitation. This is a behavior modification technique whereby the threat of loss of points is used to deter bad behavior in the prison. However, every visit does not count as a point. The only visits that count as a point are weekend and holiday visits. So every weekend each inmate can have a visit with up to three adults and three kids. So Teresa could pick up Joe’s mother on the way to the prison and they could all go every weekend. I am certain that Joes elderly mother is not up there every weekend hanging out with her felon son.

Weekday visitations are on Monday, Thursday and Friday and are free of restrictions. If she wanted to she could go four days a week.  Visitation ends at 3 pm so the girls being in school don’t affect anything at all.

The entire story about Teresa going up every  other week is ridiculous. We see her working events nearly every weekend in various cities, we see her attending all of the girls weekend sporting activities.

Look, Joe is in prison, Teresa and the girls have to continue living their lives. There is no reason at all for Teresa to visit Joe in a prison visitation room very often. He has a phone card and unlimited emails. They are in constant contact. She is busy trying to provide for their four children. I am sure Teresa will visit here and there so that Joe can see the girls.

For me, this post is not about Teresa’s visitation or lack thereof. It’s about this Leonard guy who seems to be attached to Teresa’s hip lately. If I were Teresa’s friend or family member I would be concerned about him constantly being around and speaking to the press. He doesn’t seem to be acting in any sort of legal capacity. He seems to simply be an unlikely family spokesperson. I am sure we will see him in front of the camera once again for the upcoming season.

We should keep an eye on this guy.


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18 responses to “James Leonard Continues To Peddle Non-Stories To People Magazine

  1. Jacio

    Anything to stay relevant I s’pose.

  2. JoJoFLL

    I love a good famewhore and he’s an olympic caliber famewhore!

    Isn’t he the one heading up Tre’s lawsuit against her real attorneys?

    • WestCoastFeed

      Her bankruptcy malpractice attorney is Carlos Cuevas.
      Leonard did succeed is getting in front of the cameras when he was helping Melissa promote her singing career with his Broadway Journal article. And I have a soft spot for him ever since he threatened to sue anyone who tried to call Melissa a stripper.
      Joe has had an immigration attorney for a long time now, probably on his criminal defense attorney’s, Miles Feinstein’s. recommendation.

  3. Pat Johnson

    I am also sure that whatever he says has the approval of Teresa herself. Her main concern is,to remain in the public eye whatever the reason.

  4. Katie

    There was a blind somewhere else about him being in love with Theresa.
    But yeah, joe is a man and should be able to deal with his wife and kids not being able to see him every weekend. It’s not a huge deal.

  5. beth

    I wonder if the Giudice’s have ever paid him – for anything. I think he’d be fine with it if they haven’t because he probably latched on to them solely for a cheap shot at “fame”. That guy gives me the creeps.

  6. Calipatti

    It appeared Joe did well with the family finances, at least the mortgage.
    Think TT did a post on the mortgage.
    Curious if Teresa will do as well with bills as Joe did?
    Would we even know?

    Is the attorney making a move on Teresa? That would be a hoot if she played house with him.

  7. LT

    He’s got to help his clients pay those bills. Including the ones owed him.

  8. marc

    Reminds me of the manager of Selena Q ; scary !

  9. Minky

    Wow. Joe was adorable as a young’un. What happened? Oh, right. Teresa. And steroids.

  10. 25

    Oh man. He looks just like every jersey boy I know. A lot like Lauren Manzo’s husband Vito!

  11. There is so much crap out there about Joe these days, he’s been moved a special wing for people awaiting deportation, he hooked up with the mob in there, he’s mean and angry all the time, he’s doing fine, etc. etc. etc. After not hearing much about him for a while it certainly seems that the internet is blowing up around him. Could it have anything to do with RHONJ coming soon?

  12. Blah, blah, blah. Why do folks still refer to Joe as an illegal alien? He stated on the show that he has a green card, although as a non-citizen he may be deported.Unfortunately (from a justice standpoint), Teresa is doing fine, whether or not she visits him weekly. Bravo continues to pay her a lot of money, she has books and products and appearances and “fans”. She will never have to pay back the 11 million she owes. She will never have to give up the mansion. Life will go on for Teresa and her “dawters” with or without Joe. Never underestimate the power of the “Trehuggers”, Bravo, and Andy.

    • JoJoFLL

      Because Joe actually does not have a green card. He never had one. He never had reason to get one, they aren’t given automatically.

    • tamaratattles

      Because he IS an illegal alien. He never claimed to have a green card. He claimed not to know he was not a citizen because he came here as a baby and assumed he was. However, he was clearly traveling on an Italian passport when they went to Italy or borrowed his brothers.

      He will certainly be deported. We have covered all of this extensively here.

      • Guess I was watching a different interview with Teresa, Joe, and Andy when Joe said he had a green card. I will claim “the chronic” for my misunderstanding. :-)

  13. jennbug

    My cousins’ father (NOT a blood relation of mine) is in Fort Dix as well. Supposedly he has met Joe. Now he (my cousins’ father-don’t consider him an uncle at all) is a liar & a thief & a con man, but apparently he didn’t even know who Joe was. He told my cousin a guy from the HoWives was in there with him… He calls him a funny little short guy. I don’t ask my cousins much about their dad being in jail. But if I get any juicy info I’ll let you guys know, if Tamara doesn’t mind!

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