Who Is Ready for More Nene Leakes On Your TV? PLUS #RHOA Tea Roundup!

RHOA Nene on Family Feud

If a half dozen episodes of To Tell The Truth is not going to be enough to give you your Nene Leakes fix,  I have great news for you!  Nene Leakes just posted the about photo with this caption, “All you Game show fans get ready to cheer on The Leakes Family! We’re taking over Celebrity Family Feud June 26th…Meet my hubby Gregg, my sons Brice & Brentt and my brother Anthony. Playing for one of my fav charities! Broadway cares equity fights Aids @bcefa”

I can hardly wait for this.  Why? Because people make total fools of themselves on this show. Steve will say something like, “Something you might do with a cucumber..” And one member of this family brain trust will say, “Shove it up your butt, Steve!”  And then Steve will fall down in convulsions and roll around on the floor laughing.  We should make up a game out of this.

Name something you would go to Wal*Mart for!  “To steal some razor blades, Steve!”
Things that you pull! “A bitch’s weave, Steve!”
Something you might drink out of! “The toilet!”
Name something you might find in a purse! ” My son’s hands!”
Name a place women go to meet men! “Down to da Skrip Club!”
Name something you have to replace often! “My nose!”

My days of holding your umbrella like you are Michael Jackson are over, bitch.

My days of holding your umbrella like you are Michael Jackson are over, bitch.

In other Nene news, she is STILL In LA “Going to meetings all day.”  Did I mention that filming for RHOA began on Tuesday? Cynthia Bailey got back from Jamaica today it looks like. Phaedra’s mother showed up alive and well at her house today. Kandi’s storyline was filming this week as her entire family did a tasting for their new restaurant. Porsha is in NYC (BOLO, Kenya! Carry a stungun!) doing press for Dish Nation.

Oh and wannabe housewife Peter posted this on social media last night, ““NEVER TRUST a Person who constantly WAVERS like hot and cold temperature on a broken thermometer. They will CHANGE on you INSTANTLY just like the Weather. NEVER TRUST them in any matter, because you can Never Predict their Behavior from one second to another. They are like a River with Sweet and Bitter water, SWEET at first then BITTER right after. In the blink of an eye they could turn your Joy into Sorrow; because they will ‘Love’ you today…. Then INSTNATLY Hate you tomorrow!…”

That concludes your RHOA daily tea roundup.

Okay, I’m going to let the pros do the rest.  What questions and answers do you want to see asked to the Leakes family on Family Feud?


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36 responses to “Who Is Ready for More Nene Leakes On Your TV? PLUS #RHOA Tea Roundup!

  1. Keya

    I have no questions to add as of yet, but yours are absolutely HILARIOUS!

  2. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    Hahaha, Peter is talking about Cynthia, yes? He’s so bitter.

    • Minky

      Yeah, he sounds like an idiot. I just got home a little while ago, and as I was parking my car on the street I saw a little shih-tzu dog doing a number on the neighbors lawn. It’s adorable little doo-doo spewing bootie was turned in such a way so that I could see the entire ordeal. It was awful. Peter’s little IG soliloquy reminded me of that. Just, pure doo-doo dribbling from that dog’s ass onto the lawn. Ick!

    • That’s what I was wondering.. is Peter talking about Cyn? I thought this was an amicable split.

  3. kriss

    My rhoa days are over !!! I’m team twirl luv Kenya but I can’t watch another season with Phadrea and Porsha still apart of the cast. Why are they afraid to make casting changes on this show .We been stuck with this group since season 5/6 . I can’t do it no more….

  4. Calipatti

    Ha ha poor Peter is a little bit ticked off, his words are a wee bit bitter sounding.
    Is he talking about Cynthia or is he describing hisself? He was the one that couldn’t be trusted.

    • Minky

      Cynthia was his little check book bird. And she just flew away. Who’s gonna finance his failing “businesses” now? He’s not even smart enough to shut his ass up. It’s pathetic.

  5. JoJoFLL

    This is AWESOME!! You can tell how smart someone is by how they play Family Feud also.

    The SNL FFs are hilarious!

    Bring it NeNe!

  6. Natalie

    Nene yeah! Who are they up against? Hadids, vanderpumps, guidices?

    • Minky

      Guidices v. Leakes would be television GOLD! Just picture Teresa and her fambly answering the questions TT wrote.

      Name something you would go to Walmart for!: Fabellini!
      Things that you pull!: Tax fraud!
      Something you might drink out of!: The jacuzzi!
      Name something you might find in a purse!: Steroids!
      Name a place women go to meet men!: Prison!
      Name something you have to replace often!: My lawyer!

  7. Kcdabomb23

    We asked a hundred people, name something you would buy for your new house? Furniture!

  8. Dee

    Where is your favorite place to have sex? In the butt, in the butt says the male contestant. I thought Steve would fall out. Hysterical! Can’t wait!

  9. Sammie

    Why does Phadrea always look like she is smelling a really bad fart? That face!

  10. ninjapanda1

    Name a place where you might hide assets from the Feds? Kandis House Steve!

  11. LisaPat

    Lmao !! Knowing how Nene is, she may get offended by a question and walk off the stage!! Maybe a question like.. top 5 answers on the board, name something that a woman tells the public when her hubby is caught cheating.

  12. I’m not a Nene hater aporia big fan, but I will totally support her in this. I love it when people/celebrities play for charity. So cool.

    • Minky

      Aporia? Ya know, you got a point there, Cmitchellcita. I would so totally bet that Jacques Derrida could have written a whole, self-contained, self-refferential treatise on Nene. Or the RH as a hyper-reductive, intrinsic phenomenon, connecting it to Heiddeger’s discussion of the “Dasein”. Aporia indeed!

  13. Tamdon

    Tamara, I laughed so hard at this Family Feud post!! I so needed it today. This easily falls on the top 10 list of your most clever/witty posts! Kudos to you!

    As for Peter, I didn’t think he was addressing Cynthia for some reason. Cynthia has dealt with so much crap from this guy that I can’t imagine he would have the audacity to attack her on any front. She stayed with him far longer than anyone I know would have. I actually thought this was more of a warning to Cynthia about Nene. He was very open about how he felt Nene negatively impacted his relationship with Cynthia. Maybe he’s bitter that Nene’s back in and he’s out……

  14. bria

    Oh no….don’t stop. The short section about Peter’s post was getting juicy. About Nene, I don’t care so much. I wonder when she really sleeps at her recent acquired mansion.

  15. Matzah60

    LOL!!! Tamara, you are hysterical and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this recap of Nene’s new gig. I am always amazed at how many opportunities she has been afforded because of RHOA. I don’t get it. She’s not affable, smart, kind, easy to work with or for, yet people from Broadway to TV find her so employable. I’m baffled.

    Steve Harvey is really a fool on that show. He always ‘falls’ down laughing like someone said the funniest thing he ever heard ever. The Leakes and Mr. Harvey will do well together making total assholes of themselves.

    Anyway, thanks for the laughs!! After checking my checking account, I needed a laugh that was funnier than the balance in my account!!


  16. beauxblue

    is there anything you won’t do on tv for money? uh duh, have you not been watching.

  17. joanne

    If you, like me, wish never to see that woman on tv again, don’t watch Live with Kelly! on Monday. I did a spit take with my morning tea when I heard the voice over announcing her upcoming appearance. I’m hoping that she is only on to promote her game shows and not as a guest co-host! That would really show the “I’m Rich, Bitch”‘s true colors – crude and nasty.

  18. Iprefermyteaunsweetend

    OMG!!! This post has me like:😂

  19. LT

    And both are laughing all the way to the bank.

  20. I too, think Peter was implying that Cynthia better watch NeNe closely this time around and I
    totally agree.

    Questions for Leakes Family Feud:

    Name something old, fine as wine,but does not taste as good!… “Gregg Leakes.”
    Name something that walks, quacks and looks like a duck!……”Phaedra Parks.”
    Name something that you should never hold near a flame for fear of it exploding!……”Porsha.”
    Name something in the park that is beautiful and changes easily with the seasons!………”Cynthia.”
    Name something that is worth millions yet can be found in the hood!……….”Kandi.”
    Name something that starts a lot of shit constantly then looks shocked when it goes down!…..
    KENYA……. NeNe shouts….but Stene intervenes……NO!….. that would be ANDY COHEN’s ass!

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