What Is Kenya Moore Cooking Up In NYC?

Kenya Moore Cooking Show


Kenya Moore has been giving us clues on what she is up to in NYC for several days now. First we saw her getting ready for the cameras in one of her many lacey, yellow dresses. And then we see her in an apron holding what looks like a couple of enchiladas.

Now, if you follow Kenya on Instagram, you know she is a foodie.  Especially when it comes to breakfast on her vacations. You will almost always see some pancakes or waffles with fruit and whipped cream and whenever available, Nutella. She is not one of those RHOBH types that doesn’t eat.

What we don’t see a lot of is her cooking.

When I put together the pieces,  a couple weeks of filming in NYC, plus cooking, I figure she has to be on one of those celebrity cooking competitions. So what is filming now in NYC? Worst Cooks In America is filming now.  I don’t watch this show, but I do watch Kendra On Top. And part of her storyline on the last season was her filming Worst Cooks In America on her thirtieth birthday, June 12, 2015.  Also, I know they have reality people on the show. This seems like the most likely situation. #OccamsRazor

So putting all the pieces together. I am going to guess that is what Kenya is doing in NYC, she’s on Worst Cooks In America. Now I just need to find out what other six reality folks are missing… #NancyDrew

The only thing that doesn’t add up is that short brown apron. The aprons on the show are always red or blue for the two teams. Also they are long. I hate to admit how many images of cooking show aprons I’ve looked at lately. Did Kenya photoshop the apron?  Am I overthinking this?

I actually think Kenya will be good at this. She may not be a great chef, but she is good at winning competitions! Last season Kendra had to face off against The Bachelor’s Chris Soules and it was an egg cooking challenge. Kendra won that.  As much as Kenya loves breakfast, surely she has made eggs before!

Do you think Kenya can bring home a win?


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21 responses to “What Is Kenya Moore Cooking Up In NYC?

  1. I will watch it. Kenya is fun and so is cooking.

  2. Keya

    Looks like it’ll be fun. Kenya always brings a great sense of humor so whatever she’s doing, I’ll support it.

  3. Minky

    That actually sounds fun. I can see it now. Kenya plating up some scrambled eggs, dressed beautifully with that gorgeous hair, saying “Yasss! That’s for you, Shady Phae-Phae! Eat ’em, bitch!”

  4. Shannah

    I think Kenya can do anything she puts her mind to do.
    I have never regularly watched RHOA, but I sometimes read the recaps. Kenya gets a lot of flack, but I’ve always rather liked her. And she certainly is stunningly beautiful.

    I hope every good thing in life comes to her.

  5. Michelle

    This should be interesting and fun to watch

  6. Jen

    That sounds like Fun. A good idea. She can be the next Bethenney and then create her own Liquor line too. #Chaching Kenya! Didn’t Vicky G have Bacon Flavored Vodka? I forget. What would that go with….Who doesn’t love some Bacon….haha. Things that make you go hmmmmm? She’s too stunning not to sell the CRAP out of some products. Make it work girl! Make it count!

    • SayWhat

      IDK, Kenya is still trying to get her hair products out there, and she started it 4 years ago. Also, she is still trying to complete Moore’s Manor. Still, one never knows.

      • tamaratattles

        At least you start with “IDK” because clearly you have no idea what you are talking about. Kenya’s hair products are selling now, and should be in retail soon. Her house is finished after and entire rebuild and she lives there.

        So while YOU clearly don’t know, “one does know.”

        That said, she is not sell crap products like vodka bacon.she is very selective about the products she puts her time and effort into.

        Now you know.

  7. J Stone

    Chopped Reality Star edition.. RHONJ Kathy Wakile friend of the show was on an episode

    • tamaratattles

      Nah, this is a two week shoot. They don’t wear street clothes on Chopped either they wear Chef jackets and waist aprons.

      • You sure know your aprons!

      • tamaratattles

        Over the past couple days I have poured over photos of the aprons on cooking shows. None of them look like what Kenya is wearing. But the film dates, location and use of reality people ruled out pretty much everything except Worst Cooks. Also the Chopped show has people on who are known for their cooking, and Worst Cooks has people on who are not self proclaimed cooks.

  8. ereSaraSally

    There is a cooking show that BGlanville was to be a part of along with others. Naomi Judd was signed on but wanted to back after learning who the other cast members were.

  9. bria

    Awesome, whatever show Kenya is twirling on, it worth my time.

  10. Lise

    I wish that the mighty God gives her a great husband and children on her own: a family that she would love to have. I don’t care about how bad people judge her. I like her a lot. I’m a big fan!

  11. The background is photo shopped but the apron seems to be real although the color could have been changed. The flour on the front of the apron is odd since that dish doesn’t use flour (unless they make tortillas and that is a bit advanced.)

    Contestants don’t have red and blue aprons until they are assigned a team on Worst Cooks. Best guess is it is TT is correct.

  12. LT

    Who does Kenya have in her pocket @ tamaratattles? Now this should be good!!

  13. Jen

    Skinny Girl Margaritas is a Crap product. I’ve tasted it. But it still sells in Volumes. It’s gimmicky.
    Of Course, Kenya we all hope Kenya sells something awesome. She should go into Wines/Liquors. I would buy her products. I love that she’s Moving/Shaking and doing well! Keep going girl! We can’t wait to see what you do next. <3!

    • tamaratattles

      Why to you guys not understand that Kenya has products. She has a hair care line. She has a work out video. She selects products that reflect her She is not a drinker. She very rarely drinks at all. Why on earth would she want to sell alcohol?

  14. Jen

    She loves a nice life and fancy cars. She could sell a low Alcohol content or Calorie something and still make lots of Money. She does imbibe once in awhile,Tamara. She’s not a Mormon ffs. Lol. Kenya loves nice things. It would be the smart thing to do and elevate her financial status a lot quicker. I just want to see her do really well, after all those Ladies put her through.

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