Bethenny Frankel Says, “Me Next!” To High School Pal’s Husband!



I also love that she (Lu) felt the need to point out that Tom wanted her, not Ramona. Bottom line is he went out with Ramona multiple times. They may or may not have slept together, but I saw them on a date, and they were digging each other. He was making the rounds. Luann saw him out, said “me next” and the rest is history.”

Oh the divine hypocrisy of Bethenny considering this story that hit the New York Post today. It turns out that Bethenny, staunch condemner of hypocrisy everywhere, is actually the poster child for hypocritical behavior. Bethenny it seems has a high school friend name  Jill Schwartzberg who is married to Dennis Sheilds and has been since 1990. They are now separated and Bethenny it appears has been in a relationship with him for quite some time. In fact, SHE WAS WITH HIM WHEN THE BERKSHIRES SCENES WERE FILMED! Bethenny, who by the way is still married herself, is dating a man who is married to her longtime friend. Me next, indeed! The rumors are that Dennis has had a thing for her for quite some time.

11 North Moore Penthouse

11 North Moore Penthouse One of the bedrooms next to the large outdoor space with pool.

The Post is reporting that Bethenny and Dennis are shopping for homes including the $30 million dollar penthouse listing on 11 North Moore Street in Tribeca.  The penthouse comes with approximately 7,061 square foot grand penthouse with ceilings up to 18 feet, glorious views, and an approximately 3,168 square foot roof terrace with private pool. That’s a combined indoor/outdoor square footage of over 10,000 square feet for those of you playing along at home. In Manhattan.

Dennis is the CEO of a company called LawCash. LawCash is a company that provides money to plaintiff’s with anticipated personal injury (among other things) large settlements. They provide income to the plaintiff to pay for their expenses while the trial goes on for a large percentage of the final settlement. He apparently is very wealthy from this set up.

The post has pictures of them holding hands walking through the city to visit the $30 million dollar listing that belongs to Fredrik Elkund. (Of course it does).  It seems a bit early for the to be moving in together and well they are both married to other people, but is sure seems like Bethenny will be spending a lot of time there.

I don’t really care about dating married men, or even stealing your friend’s husband. But the fact that Bethenny was already hooking up with her friends husband WHILE SHE WAS SLUT SHAMING LUANN in the Berks, makes her behavior even worse.

And I didn’t think that was possible.


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  1. Tara

    I have never understood why females get upset with the “other” woman.Men don’t go to the store to get milk if they have it at home. Maybe they go to the store to get beer, hell I don’t know. Too much wine, sorry.
    I use to think Bethanny was awesome. Now, not so much.She and her judgmental BFF are mean girls! Ramona tries too hard. Whether it be with men or whatever, she is too much.It is a shame because she looks better than ever.

    • That’s a ridiculous comment. Men go to the store to get new milk regardless if they get it at home or not. Haven’t you ever heard the phrase “I need some strange?” You don’t blame the wife for the fact that her husband is cheating and assume it’s something that SHE isn’t doing or doing correctly. I ca’t believe there are women out there who think this way.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Thank you LisaPat. Don’t blame the other woman, but don’t blame the WIFE, ffs! Where is the husband’s responsibility?

      • Minky

        Apparently marriage is a competitive sport among women. It’s ridiculous the way this is treated on RH. These women talk about men the way they talk about their designer handbags. The husband is just a fashion accessory. Sometimes I think the kids are too, like in Phaedra’s case. It’s insane!

      • Lindsay

        Thank you for being a voice of reason. Cripes.

      • Thank you LisaPat, you beat me to the punch!

      • Loren Foglia

        Exactly. Another woman also cannot steal your husband. If a man cheats he’s cheats. It doesn’t matter how hot the wife is, how good she is etc. Some men just need the chase, need something new & think what they can get is better than what they have at home. I do feel Bethenny is a hypocrite.

      • Teresa

        I agree. Can’t believe Tara is blaming women for men cheating!!!

    • Don’t blame the victim, Tara. . And it is patently untrue that men, or women for that matter, only cheat when they are not getting it at home. Some people cheat because they have pisspoor boundaries around the opposite sex; others cheat because they feel entitled and are out trolling for cock.

      And of course the other woman should be blamed. A woman who takes her panties off with a married is certainly not blameless. What a ridiculous notion.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        The other woman is not innocent, I personally find it reprehensible to sleep with anyone who’s in a relationship, whether they be married or not. But I think the onus is on the married person, the person who has made a commitment to another, to be faithful, and you can’t blame some “temptress” for “stealing” your man – you can’t steal a man unless he wants to be stolen.

    • Tara

      Note to self- do not comment when drinking. I left out my entire point:(
      Which was – my co worker ( who is male ) said “men are so simple, feed them, love them and “f” them they are happy. They don’t go to store…” and “if ladies cared more about that than scratching each others eyes out, it would be great “His point sorda makes sense in a weird way. I wish we could lift each other up instead of blaming each other. That would make for boring T.V. though.
      Yikes, I apologize!

      • Sometimes it just doesn’t matter what the wife does. I’ve been searching for answers around here for weeks now and even my husband can’t tell me why he wants to leave our 30 year marriage. Sometimes there is no one to blame.

      • Tara

        My best friends husband had an affair. He and I have spoke about it. He said, like many others, the affair had nothing to do with his love for his wife. It actually had nothing to do with her at all, it was all about him.
        I truly apologize for my mess up last night.

      • Matzah60

        This is directed to @justanothermary. I’m so sorry for the pain you must be going through now. I was in your shoes back in 1998. In my quest to figure out where things went wrong and why my husband was leaving, I obsessed to the extreme trying to find an answer. I came upon an MD out of Atlanta, Georgia named Frank Pittman. He wrote a book (many actually) called Private Lies. He was a brilliant psychiatrist. He passed away several years ago.

        While I don’t know your plight and what lead to your divorce, in my case it was about infidelity. One of many quotes from Pittman were two that stood out in my mind today reading about Bethanny.

        “Bad marriages don’t cause infidelity; Infidelity cases bad marriages.”
        “Marriage isn’t suppose to make you happy. It’s supposed to make you married.”

      • It’s ok! But to say that men don’t stray when they are gettting “it” at home is ridiculous. How many men have cheated on their pregnant wives? How many men just cheat because it is an ego thing. But so do women. It’s a sad world. We don’t need to blame one more than the other they all suck. LOL

      • DJFL

        @Matzah60 – I
        f it doesn’t make you happy, what’s the point of being married?
        Ain’t nobody got time for that shit!

      • DJFL

        @Matzah60 – If it doesn’t make you happy, what’s the point of being married? Ain’t nobody got time for that shit!

  2. Kiyoshigirl

    I’m not sure what to make of this one. Is it possible the very public outing of this relationship is all a hoax to bring more attention to the show and raise ratings? The timing seems awfully coincidental, doesn’t it? Of course if it’s not a ratings scheme then Frankel is the devil’s spawn, projecting her own shit on to LuAnn in such a vile way. Regardless, I’m not a fan of Frankel and hate that the dynamic of my favorite housewife’s show has changed so much because she appears to be pulling the strings. It’s as if all the others have faded to the background and we’re left with the dysfunctional life of Bethenny Frankel and her incessant marketing of SG.

    • Dee

      I just wondered the same thing. Could the fight the last two episodes been fake? Bethany keeps saying hate the game, not the player.

    • Dracla Dunning

      I agree Kiyoshigirl. Timing is everything. Is Bethenney trying to prove she has game or did she take a page out of the Countess’ dating book? Either way she looks desperate to have a man on her arm. The last man on earth I would want a relationship with is one that has been with a friend. Ugg. These women are desperate and the men know that. If they had “it” men would be in pursuit of them.
      Hard to believe men in NYC are such a commodity.

      • If being a miserable, hypocritical asshole is a game, then Bethenny plays it well. In fact, she’s a master. Should we give her an award or throw the whole game out? I say throw the bitch out. She’s had more than her allotted 15 minutes of fake-fame and I’m sick of her. I don’t think I’m the only one, either. I’m sure she can get her SG sold on QVC so her fans (if she has any) can watch her catty wittiness as she hangs up on potential buyers.

    • Toni

      Hmm…I’m wondering if LuAnn knew about this and that’s why she was questioning Bethenny about who she was dating?

    • I’m not sure Bethenny dating a 27 yr old friend’s married man would boost ratings. On the contrary, it just makes us dislike her more. As for not knowing the wife well, Bethenny is lying. She had dinner with the couple when they were still a couple plus Bethenny threw Dennis a birthday party. Did she not invite the wife? The affair has supposedly been going on for over a year. But I think the guy has been separated for only a few months. The timeline is sketchy but so is Bethenny. She’s as fake as that cheese in a can stuff that they used to sell. I hope she has the same fate.

  3. JoJoFLL

    It is really tough to live in a glass house.

  4. Suziezee

    Yep.^^^^^^^ Bethenny is the Kim K of RHONY. And enough with calling her jerky, word vomit “acerbic, witty, smart and quick”. It’s an impulse control problem of a very hungry, very bitter woman. Not a girl, a woman. None of them have been girls for decades. No girls girls, no girls night in, just no. I mean isn’t carole almost 60? No shade, just a fact.

    • Pip

      Easy there, girl. Carole is 53.

      • Minky

        53?!!! Why, she’s just a slip of a girl! I’m not old, but I’m not young. Mid 30s. Age is just a number until you start acting like a high schooler who’s never dealt with real emotions, heartache, disappointment, work, responsibilities, family, etc. A lot of the women on these shows revert to middle school behavior way too easily. It’s one of the many reasons I stopped watching.

    • I think Ramona is the oldest and I believe she is 59.

    • Lindsay

      Agree agree agree. She’s unbelievably nasty. Needs to eat something and get her blood sugar right so she can act like a human being instead of a bitchy, petulant child.
      I am so glad to see the tide turning against her. I hope she’ll soon be back to selling shahtooshes out of the trunk of her Probe.

  5. MaryCampbell

    Bethenny has gotten on my last good nerve. I bought Skinny Girl Margarita and after tasting it I poured it literally down the drain. I don’t do that. I like my evening cocktails. The Housewives franchise used to be fun. It’s turned into a cockfight without the cock. It’s just a fight. Playground, middle school girls fighting. Damn Andy, you had us and now you’re pissing us off. We DO NOT WANT TO SEE THIS. We want to see women having a good time and being friends. I hate what “entertainment” has come to. This is NOT entertainment. It’s so damn sad.

    • Calipatti

      Wait, are you certain Bethenny
      doesn’t have a cock or two?

    • I’ve heard friends say that her Skinny Girl Margaritas taste like battery acid. How my friends know what battery acid tastes like is best left unknown. I, too, used to enjoy The New York Housewives. It was my favorite. Bethenny via Andy have left me Housewife-less. I can’t stand any of the other ones besides Beverly Hills. I’m still on the fence on that one. Vanderpump’s hidden agendas and vendettas aren’t any fun unless we’re in on what she’s doing. And we aren’t, unfortunately. Anyway, enjoyed your comment immensely and agree with everything you wrote.

  6. And somewhere echoing in the night sky is a full throated husky chuckle. Bwahahahahaaaa…

  7. Billie_bee

    Bethenny had a snapchat video of her holding hands with some guy, and then I saw the pics of them holding hands. I’m not sure what she was trying to accomplish with her snapchat video by not showing his face, but he seems to be the guy in her videos recently.

  8. Puddy

    So Bethenny, who is the hypocrite now? It almost seems (giving her bragging in bed that she would never have permitted anyone to speak to HER (Bethenny) the way that Bethenny spoke to Luann) that Bethenny is just ducking with everyone – seeing how far her power extends, how much shit she can do to people and get away with it- just because. What is next, world domination? Probably why Andy loves B so much… he seems to crave power.

  9. Michelle

    Pot meet kettle

  10. Weren’t they just talking about “the lady doth protest too much” (or was that Shahs)?

  11. Happygal

    I cannot imagine how jealous Carole will be now that she will be replaced in Bethany’s life by a man. I always got the vibe that Carole would have loved to hook up with Bethany as an add on to Adam or even a replacement. No chance of that now.

  12. Puddy

    The CEO will end up like Theon Greyjoy from Game of Thrones.

    • Hahaha…love it! There had to be a dickless wonder out there somewhere for the power hungry Bethenny. If he has a strong personality, those two will end up killing each other. I’ve never met a wimpy CEO that also runs a bank. So these two are doomed. The sex might be great right now, but we all know that won’t last. At least for me it never has. So when reality sets in, Bethenny will need to tone it down (that’s a laugh) or cut her losses. Again.

  13. KaraW

    I think they are showing the $30 million place on Million Dollar Listing right now.

  14. iloveearlgrey


  15. GlobalServices

    Oh my god this is more agenda driven drivel. Bethenny said on her “Be Real with Bethenny” Sirius XM podcast WEEKS AGO that she needed to own up to having sex with married men, one that is separated from his ex. BIG DIFFERENCE. But gee who am I to get in your way of a good rant? PuhLeeZe.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Yeah I don’t think this is the type of situation Bethenny was complaining about with Luann. I would assume not because who gives a fuck, if he’s already separated from his wife?

      • I think the fact that he is the ex of a friend of Bethenny’s it is even more heinous. My husband just left me and if I found out he was with one of my very good friends, I would have a real issue with that. Now that I think about it . . . . .

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        But what’s the situation? I’m assuming they separated before Bethenny became involved (ie, she wasn’t the CAUSE of the separation). Maybe she is no longer friends with this woman? Maybe they are still friends and her friend is alright with her dating her ex? I personally would not be ok with this, but after my parents separated my mother gave her blessing for a friend of hers to date my dad. She didn’t care; she was SO over him :)

    • Ktina

      Don’t you think the real issue is not that he’s separated but that he’s the husband of a long time friend?

  16. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    I could care less, if he’s separated from his wife. To me that’s only a *technically* married man. It’s not the same as, say, what happened to Ramona’s marriage. Not by a long shot.

    • Minky

      Boom. I don’t care who anybody fools around with, as long as it’s not somebody who’s actively, currently my love. That’s it and that’s all.

      A lot of marriages are due to convenience, with people who don’t really love each other. It’s so common that it’s long since become a cliche. Real love and mutual respect between two people is so precious and rare. So commenting on someone else’s situation is silly. It can so easily happen to anyone.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Yep. That’s what matters to me. Are two people in a loving, commited relationship where each are expecting the other to be faithful? Doesn’t matter if you’re married, separated, common law, dating…

    • Jessica

      “COULDN’T care less”

      • tamaratattles

        #eyeroll Worse than people who correct grammar are people that correct idioms. Do you say you fell heels over head as well?

        I could care less is an Americanized version of a British idiom. It’s used way more often in the US than the more logical alternative.

        Someone you may have heard of recently told George Snufflufugus, err Stephanopoulos (sp?) ” “He is undermining the values that we stand for in New York and across America. And he’s hurting us around the world. He can say whatever he want to say about me. I really could care less.”

        Take a chill pill.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        “Couldn’t” care less makes more sense logically, but as TT pointed out, both are correct.

        Thanks for your meaningful contribution though 😉

  17. “I’ve never stoled anybody’s man.” The grammatical foibles of the Countess when Speaking Under the Influence make this episode worth the price of admission.

  18. JustJenn

    Bethenny please pack your up you Skinny Girl and go home, this side of you is very unbecoming. Oh and I used to get daily recipes from a site called Hungry Girl who had her own low-cal margarita recipe back in the day, but I’m sure you never heard about that.

    • Puddy

      “Hungry Girl”? “Skinnycow”? And Dating a married man who was married to a good friend of yours but accusing other people of stealing ideas and men? Intimidating people to not invite other people to parties and intimidating them in general? Wow. I admire Sonia for being the only person who refused to do the walk of shame in front of the high judge Bethenny who demands that everyone atone before her on camera – or what? This is becoming nauseating.

      • Puddy

        And how notable that, like “Believe Me” Yolanda, Bethenny is the one who claims total honesty always – even in her tag line. Of course she does, then how dare we question anything she says or does? The best defense is a powerful offense. What a mind-f&*k.

      • JustJenn

        It looks pretty ridiculous of Bethenny casting stones at everyone when she’s guilty of the very same things.

    • Lindsay

      Me too. I’ve been wondering if anyone else remembered that.

      • JustJenn

        Yes! I was just recently going through an old email account and saw a few of the Hungry Girl emails. The whole concept of Skinny Girl is almost the same as Hungry Girl, low cal and healthy alternatives. I’m sure B has heard of Hungry Girl since she founder her website in 2004 and wrote a best selling book.

  19. Thoughts

    Bethenny’s hypocrisy is boundless. Beth and Jill Shields (another Jill? WTF?) have known each other a very long time. I doubt they were best friends since Bethenny doesn’t seem to bond easily with women but maybe Jill thought they were. The guy is wealthy, of course. According to her mother–whom I don’t believe is exactly the woman that Bethenny concocted for fake victimhood (I may be wrong but at this point, I’d believe Charles Manson over any of Bethenny’s fictitious stories) has said that Bethenny has always been a liar. During her teen years she was supposedly extremely promiscuous, boinking men that could further her dreams of fame. It took her a while but I guess she found one. Let’s hope he’s not as clueless as Jason seemed to be at first. Jill S. is supposedly devastated, feeling betrayed by both. Can we blame her? (If true, of course, but why wouldn’t it be?). The two were sleeping together and then they’d all go out to dinner together. The wife aka friend was clueless.

    But Bethenny has the nerve to point her bony finger at Luann or anyone else? Oh, Lord Andy, what have you done? I used to enjoy RHONY. Frankel has now stomped this show into the mud with her obnoxious Diva behavior.

    Andy needs to stop hiring so-called friends. It’s impossible for him to remain impartial. And he has really fucked-up this choice. If I wanted to watch yelling, screaming and hyper lunatics, I’d search for old Jerry Springer shows. No thank you. Reality or not, I detest this woman. Bethenny has turned RHONY into a venom-spewing 60 minute infomercial. No wonder she needs a wealthy personal injury lawyer. They’re perfect for each other.

    • GlobalServices

      Are you deluded ? RHONY is experiencing some of its highest ratings. Frankel’s salary is MONEY WELL SPENT.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      What mother goes to the media and says her daughter “has always been a liar”, no matter the situation? That should be your first red flag that there is something “off” about this woman. Don’t let your dislike of Bethenny blind you completely.

      • Ktina

        I’ve seen it before. Bethenny doesn’t want her mother in the picture because she’d blow the lid off of her “raised by wolves” childhood.

  20. madame

    i think this season has lost many viewers …
    myself included …
    B ‘ is a vulgar despicable skank ..
    along with ramona & that other horseface plastic bitch…..
    & andy slimeball & B should get married already ..
    perfect match … ….
    for a native new yorker to see these pathetic azzclowns
    pretending to be new yorkers is high-larious …

    hoping ‘contess lu’ & sonja get their own show …

  21. tamaratattles

    So I think we are all being played. This story just happens to come out on the night that Fredrik’s listing airs on MDLNY?

    Or maybe Bethenny gets the screeners early when the actual cast does or she was snuggled up with Andy watching a screener this week? Or Andy sent it to her to show her new rich married boyfriend?

    I’m watching right now and it is totally the penthouse on the show

    • Sabrina

      I think we are being played about this- from Fredrik to Bethenny seeking a penthouse.
      I do not remember EVER seeing an article about “celebrities” seeking a home in NY that listed specific locations visited and their price, accompanied by FIVE pictures of the property. The fact that it also listed other celebrities who live in one of the the buildings was the icing on the cake for me- this is a Real estate marketing campaign- nothing else. If I were Fredrik I would have put on a suit, though. Only missing feature. Good marketing.

    • You’re right! It’s all about the timing. It’s usually done that way to get the biggest audience.
      Bethenny lacks empathy. It will bite her in the ass sooner or later.

  22. The Shadiest Grove

    Bethenny is a hypocritical whore. She should have stayed being the Skinnygirl away from RHONY and prying eyes. She once was a fan favourite. How the times have changed and the mighty have fallen. I like Luann, she doesn’t take herself that seriously anymore, she’s all about liberating herself and doing what feels good and right whether it be real or “real”. This should be Bethenny’s last season. I don’t think her cuntiness will be beneficial to her in the long run.

  23. tamaratattles

    LOL at the staging. Fredrick claims to love it because it is Calvin Klien. It AWFUL. This ridiculous round table especially once you se the real staging that is there now, this looks like country come to city crap.

  24. cammierari

    First of all…geeze I don’t even know what’s first! Is it that I doubt that Bethenny is interested in getting yet ANOTHER apartment in NYC, or that I find it a little hinky that it’s listed by another Bravolebrity? Maybe what’s first is that Bethenny is disfunctional when it comes to relationships, male or female? Hasn’t she spent the vast majority of her time telling us that? Maybe she has a blind spot in relationships that she doesn’t have in business. She disected Sonja for a cheater brand but then feels no qualms about dating the ex husband of her girlfriend? I find it hard to square everything she said to Luanne if she was doing the same herself so I’m sipping this hot tea slowly.

  25. Yeah, well, we knew she was a hypocrite when she ruthlessly protects her business [fair play] but then bashes others’ interest i.e. Countess’ book [that thing in print?] and Luann’s fashion line…

    • Puddy

      Yes and, as noted by JustJenn above, there was reportedly a “Hungry Girl” line of lo-cal recipes that included a lo-cal Margarita mix — and combine that with — what was it? Nestles? “Skinnycow” — and you get “Skinnygirl”??? but with one word on the girl? WTF? And Bethenny has been reviewing products since her days trying to win the top spot on Martha Stewart. And, like Yolanda with “Believe me”, Bethenny claims to be the totally honest one? while dating the husband of her good friend? because the best defense is a good offense?

    • We have a word where I’m from that fits Bethenny’s behavior, whether it be dating married men or other people’s business products or ideas. Frankel is a POACHER! Lowest of the low.

      • Calipatti

        I don’t see Bethenny like that, she was thinking about the business in 2009 and was working on it in 2010.
        SkinnyGirl from it’s inception to being on the shelf was quick. Bethenny did that with little money or support. She did not steal or poach anything.

        I don’t understand the Bethenny of the last two or three shows.
        Bethenny never cared about anyone else’s sex life or berated a woman about it. Very out of character.
        I hope she is ok.

  26. Madashell

    I can’t stand Bethenny. Her incredible rants directed at Luane were shocking and never-ending. To hear she is now with her friends husband and that she may very well be the cause of their divorce..leaves me speechless! With friends like that…who needs enemys?

  27. Meri

    I don’t think that Bethenny’s fight with LuAnn had anything to do with being a slut, stealing men or anything of a sexual nature. She is still holding a grudge for LuAnn’s behavior during the Jill days and for her BFF Carole. Bethenny never struck me as the type who wouldn’t take any man she pleased if she could and I doubt that she cares if other women do the same.
    Bethenny is a difficult, neurotic woman and she spews whenever she feels the need. It’s almost like Tourettes Syndrome. I would be hard pressed to be friends with someone like Bethenny because she is way too much work and exhausting to be around and listen too.
    The endless hyping of her brand is getting old and annoying and I would not enjoy being around a walking commercial who goes off like a bomb if she feels threatened.
    By Andy and Bravo giving Bethenny so much power she has become a tiresome, screeching,mess and I am sick of her.
    I also think that Carole is a coward who talks behind her hand, and lets others do her dirty work. Princess indeed…….

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I agree with your assessment. I think Luann’s hypocrisy with Carole was just a trigger for Bethenny’s other feelings about Luann and she let loose. She doesn’t give a shit who Luann sleeps with.

      • Calipatti

        Yes I agree. I recall how mean Luanne was to Bethenny during the Joll crap. Luanne did it quite well with a smile on her face, remember the surfing lesson? Luanne left Bethenny with the bill?
        That was before SkinnyGirl success.

  28. AshK

    Bethenny tweeted that she is dating a married man who is legally seperated, just like her… She skipped out on the man being her best friends ex. Own it B!!!

    • Calipatti

      Own what, she’s owes no one a explanation’s.
      I don’t like the Bethenny of the last few shows, thinking there is more going on.
      Give her a chance to apologize or explain.
      Remember Bethenny crying on the street after her attempt to talk to Jill with Luanne being Jills buddy. Ramona tried to get them back together, Luanne did not.

  29. The lesson here is that when Bethenny rages, she lies by omission.

  30. Shae

    I would like to hear her side of this. I assume these two were separated before Bethenny and he started dating. She went to hs with this person, have they been close since? Did they have a conversation about it like Bethenny suggested Luann should’ve with Ramona (re: tom?)

    You def should not start dating your friend’s ex and not speak to them about it prior, if you’re going to do it at all, and I would be interested to know if they were close still, not just that they went to school together.

    Withholding judgment until I know more lol

    • Puddy

      Shae, do you work for Bravo, lol??? You are always either defending Patricia or Bethenny? Maybe you should fan-girl them on their sites? Their horrible behavior speaks for itself.

      • Shae

        Lol, no. Actually, I’ve said both have behaved terribly recently and said Patricia is especially smug and a pretender. But alas, just because you type words doesn’t mean people read them . I do like Bethenny very much, I am indifferent toward Patricia and can’t recall being anything but pragmatic about her, but liking someone doesn’t mean approving of all their behavior. As I already explained :)

        I’ll pass thanks lol

      • sandra

        Hey Puddy, Shae is cool.

    • Calipatti

      Yes ⏫ to this!

      • Shae

        :) thanks, ladies

        I admit I am partial toward Bethenny, but that doesn’t mean I can’t recognize shitty behavior when I see it, and she’s definitely gone there lol

    • Ktina

      Hmmmm, lets see. Is it more believable that they both went to boarding school in Florida, then moved back to New York, didn’t talk for 20 something years and Oh My Gosh! I didn’t know that was YOUR husband? How ironic! Nope, she’s known them both for a very long time. She sucks

  31. T D

    Bethenny’ radiator is overfilled with skinny girl anti- freeze. Contents under pressure explode. Verbal shrapnel with collateral damage are on the list of things not to bring into a home to which you have most kindly welcomed. Bethenny should write a book, How to Annihilate People and Isolate Friends. Constant spewing of raw sewage should be addressed by the EPA or the DEP. Someone needs a napkin ’cause they got something on their chin, in their teeth. It’s her favorite flavor profile that’s why her tasre buds crave it so.

  32. Jessica

    On one of the reunions betthany gave kelli bensimone some good advice…something along the lines of “you should quit the show because it is not doing anything good for you”and she meant it sincerely no shade..pretty much saying you are damaging yourself by doing this. Betthany should now take her own advice

  33. T D

    The directorial board on naughty bits has ruled. Frankel out stinks Krupa by some country miles.

  34. T D

    How nice, 11 North Main painted Overlook Hotel Red.Redrum is brand’s color after all.

  35. Matzah60

    Bethanny is a bitter, angry person. As a 40 something woman, she is still blaming her mother and father for her life choices. Her anger and aggressive nature has served her well in her business ventures, though her financial coup and fame has still left her an angry, dysfunctional woman, incapable of forming close bonds with women and men.

    I think she despises men and is probably in this relationship because she feels she has more power than him, not financially, but because it was he who left his wife to be with her.

    As someone wrote above, RHNY has turned into the Bethanny show. Whether true or not, there seems to be some perceived thinking on the part of the other women that Bethanny yields the power to hire and fire who ever she likes. I think that is due in part because at some time or another, she has eviscerated every housewife on the show. She sets the tone and calls the shots. It is no longer an ensemble of women that entertain us.

    • I know, huh. I felt sorry for Bethanny when she was being attacked by Jill Z, and other times by whacky Kelly Bensimon, but now Beth has become a harridan who behaves worse than anyone. And, she’s a poacher.

      • Thanks for teaching my new word of the day “harridan”. I’ll probably never use it though. I tend to use “hag” alot.

      • Toni

        I sincerely do not remember Jill attacking Bethenny. They had the get a hobby fight and the you didn’t call Bobby fight. Jill tried to plan a storyline and it blew up in her face. To Bethenny, I feel the friendship with Jill was a stepping stone that later became an albatross and she was glad to be done with it.

  36. CoBe

    Is it only me that believes that Bethenny Frankel has not made a whole lot of money from these products? She (or Jim Beam) was sued multiple times if I remember correctly. Didn’t a former management company make a claim but also there was a claim that the packaging was fraudulent because it claimed all natural ingredients but had preservatives.

    I’m honestly asking the question because I’m just going from vague memory.

    Further, Bethenny would have had to have made quite a lot of money from TV shows, most notably the talk show. I would bet this is where most of her funds have come from and she’s just keeping her fingers crossed that Skinnygirl FOOD products pan out.

    I truly believe that she would never appear on these shows if she didn’t have to.

    I think it’s sad that she’s given up cooking, which seemed to be an interesting business. Maybe that’s why she is bonded with Adam and Carole–because her and Adam are working on something? That would seem to be a natural progression.

    As I’ve written before, it’s difficult for me to watch her in the state she is in. I feel it is drug related and stimulants deprive a person of their humanity. I’ve watched close friends spiral down that drain and it’s devastating to see what it does to families and relationships.

    And all because they wanted to be Skinny Girls.

    • tamaratattles

      Yes it is only you who doesn’t get that Bethenny is rich as shit from her business.

      The talk show was a vanity project. She did not make much at all from that compared to her businesses. She makes WAY MORE on Bravo. Bethenny is a mediawhore just like the RH of everywhere. She can’t turn down high six figure contracts with all sorts of special concessions for her to be on TV where her product placement generates millions in sales.

      Next time you are in the grocery store. ANY GROCERY STORE, notice how many aisles have a Skinnygirl product on them. Look at the sweeteners aisles, the nutrition bar aisles, the beverage aisles. She is everywhere. There is no way that anyone with a functioning brain could legitimately detract from her business acumen. She’s quite gifted.

      It is true that Whole Foods has strict guidelines about what ingredients can be in the items they sell. The Skinny Girl Margarita contains sodium benzoate which is a carcinogen when mixed with vitamin C which I guess is probably in the lime part. Or maybe the agave. WF was trying it in only a handful of stores and opted not to expand the product or to continue to carry it.

      I really want to like Bethenny. I was hoping she would have some sort of embarrassment over her bullying (and I do not use that term loosely or often) of the other cast members. We’ve all read many a blog where a housewife admits to remorse and embarrassment when watching their bad behavior on TV. Bethenny seems devoid of emotion and lacks remorse and exhibits no contrition. In an attempt to reconcile my desire to like her, I have told myself that Bethenny’s anger with Luann is not about the storyline as she delivers it, but about things that are not part of the storyline (like contract negotiations, jealousy on the part of Luann and others, etc). In essence, she can’t rail on people for what she is really pissed off about so she picks a storyline appropriate reason.

      Sadly, I am starting to believe that Bethenny doesn’t really experience love, shame, embarrassment, compassion or really any deep emotion. Sociopaths have difficulty forming attachments and appear to be devoid of feeling for society as a whole while bonding with a few individuals. The have no capacity for remorse or guilt. They are quick to lash out at other. I am not saying that is the case with Bethenny. Her upbringing certainly set her up to have some sort of antisocial personality disorder. Don’t ask me how I know this.

      So I try to root for Bethenny. I get her. I am just not interested in watching her very worst attributes displayed on TV. But that is what Bravo does. It capitalizes on the very worst parts of women. And a lot of people seem to like that.

      • CoBe

        Thanks for clarifying. I’ve never seen any of her products, but I don’t shop for “diet foods”.

        I tend to root for the underdog, especially people who’ve had a tough time in their childhood. However, I cannot in good faith support a person who will rip others to shreds and then laugh about it.

        I agree that she seems to have sociopathic tendencies, but I think it has more to do with the effects of drugs on the brain. It is very obvious and I’m stunned that nobody calls it out.

        I can only feel sorry for her. If she does, indeed, have more money than bills, it sure isn’t keeping her warm at night.

      • Calipatti

        I don’t see drugs but the actions matching speed. That why I think stress, anxiety and possibly more.

        She has control afterwards, she can sit still, her eyes do not dart around and her speech does not slur plus her physical actions are controlled.
        Ramon’s displayed drug usage more often than Bethenny ever has.

        Optimism is my way and will give her time.
        Her intelligence and past self awareness might pull her out of this.
        Don’t shoot me.

      • Minky

        What you wrote here is interesting. But my question is: Why rail on people at all? If it’s the contract negotiations she’s pissed about, why lash out at Luanne. Why begrudge someone for wanting to get a better contract and/or more money? Isn’t that what Bethenny would do in the same situation?

        And besides, Bethenny’s place on the show is basically the most secure one on any of the franchises. Whatever Luanne and or Sonja were doing regarding their own contracts can’t have affected her position all that much.

        If Luanne is jealous, then Bethenny already won. So why gloat? If she want to browbeat and scold Luanne, then why specifically choose to zero in on Luanne’s love life? She could have chosen a bunch of other stuff, as Luanne is certainly no saint.

        That kind of vitriol has got to be coming from a personal issue, and I don’t believe it’s Bethenny doing Carole’s bidding. Bethenny doesn’t have the capacity to care for someone enough to put herself in that kind of a situation for them.

      • Dee

        A few years back I saw she was selling Skinny Girl body products, lotions creams.

      • CoBe

        Calipatti, what you are describing with unstable emotions is exactly what drugs do to the brain.

        As time goes on, the user experiences less and less of a benefit and must use more to get the same benefit (energy and euphoria). Unfortunately, that means the side effects increase (mood instability, irritability, shaking).

        There are other signs that Bethenny exhibits that are clear markers. The dark circles under her eyes, the teeth grinding at night, the extreme weight loss on a body that would naturally be rounder. I guess if you haven’t been affected by it, it’s hard to tell, but if you have, it’s pretty easy to recognize.

        Carole is even thinner, but I don’t believe she is on any drugs (besides pot). She is calmer and has a clearer head about her.

        It’s only my observation, of course, but I’m pretty confident in it.

        Minky, I love what you wrote. I don’t understand envy, but for some reason, there are some women who thrive on it. It is not enough to have a successful personal life, it has to be a BETTER than anyone else’s personal life. The only way to achieve that is to tear down the people around that person.

        Interestingly, the person who I think about when I think of Bethenny has that exact same trait. There is a vicious quality to her and it is exactly the same.

        I really believe that it is a specific area of the brain that involves empathy and agreeableness that is affected by stimulants.

        I find it endlessly fascinating.

      • Loribelle

        I’ve often wondered if Bethanny is taking prescription diet pills in an effort to stay super thin and for the energy boost (since it’s like speed). I assumed the pills were making her irritable, and were the reason for the dark circles under her eyes. She’s always been confrontational but now she’s also aggressive. I liked Bethanny in seasons past, the last couple of seasons not so much.

      • I think Bethenny is set for life financially, both through her agreement with Beam and her licensing deals with SkinnyGirl. She owns several properties and businesses, which she purchased with cash. That said, I do think she sold out. When she first started out, she promoted consumption of natural foods and foods as grown. That wasn’t really lucrative, so she went the processed food/additive path with her cocktails and diet foods. Can’t really blame her, but it is a shame.

        As to her behavior on the show, she is either acting out to bring ratings, or she has some deep anger issues, either from things that occur off camera, or things that occurred in her past. Either way, she doesn’t really act like someone who is content with life.

        As to her ongoing divorce, why not just settle and get it over with? If you have the financial resources, are happy with your current situation, just do what you need to do to get rid of the past, even if it costs more than you want.

        Although on some level I understand her wanting/needing the recognition, fame, and money, I do think it’s unfortunate for a woman with a small child to act the way she does on television on a show that is supposedly “unscripted” and a depiction of “reality”.

        Her attacks on LuAnn make no sense. Maybe it’s all for the show, since LuAnn is strong enough to endure? But that doesn’t explain her on camera attacks on Sonja, who doesn’t really appear strong enough to handle.

        On the current season, if you removed Bethenny and LuAnn (and I guess Dorinda), the show would be beyond boring, so maybe it’s all for ratings after all. Sonja and Ramona have become afterthoughts, Carole is a wannabe, and Jules is a never was.

      • Truthseekrt

        Bethany is a dispicable sociopath. I no longer watch NY HW because I find her reprehensible…..a shrew. I’m not surprised she stole her friend’s husband. She will chew him up and spit him out. She’s disgusting

  37. Calipatti

    TT, thank you for writing about Bethenny as you did. I’ve rooted for her quite awhile,. It was rough for her the first season of RHNY, I recall her struggling with cab fare.

    She was so stressed her first season back and now she is lashing out everywhere. She cared for Sonya, Ramona and wasn’t like she is now.

    I hope Bethenny gets a grip and finds the human side of herself. She is the only HW I cared about being ok.

    • I recall the first season of RHONY differently, and if we’re supposed to only talk about what was revealed on the show, Bethenny never “struggled with cab fare”. She was a private chef who was paid “thousands of dollars a day to cook” for people (as she stated during the infamous “girls night out episode” at Jill’s. She was making a living and paying for her apartment on the upper east side in Mahatten. She did state that she was “down to her last 8,000 dollars in savings” when she started the show. Bethenny was not raised in poverty, both her biological father and her step father were millionaires, she attended private schools in Florida, and during Season One, she was filmed talking about using family contacts to promote her brand.

      That said, she took advantage of her role on the show, and developed/promoted her brand into a multi-million dollar enterprise. More power to her, but I still don’t get why a successful business woman would degrade herself with her role on the show, unless it truly is all “fantasy” and “scripted”.

      Maybe she will become Trump’s running mate. :-)

    • Ktina

      I don’t think she’s ever struggled.

  38. Jen

    I shared this on FB. Women of all ages tend to at some time or another fight over Men or act Bitchy. I thought that WAS all behind US in our Teens 20’s and 30s? Apparently, it goes on and on. It’s unfortunate. I’m sick of it personally, I shut that shit down. Less now that I’m older, but it’s unfortunate that it still happens. I like Male friends better then females. They’re too much work and are constantly nipping at each other. It’s tiresome. I told everyone how much I love your blog on FB. You’re witty and your snarkiness and intelligence makes me smile! Squeeee! <3

    • Dee

      Jen, I’m with you. These women seem to have been stunted in their maturity. I’m also leaning towards this all being an act to raise ratings.

  39. Puddy

    I often times enjoy your posts. May I say that, imo, the fact that Skinnygirl took off fast does not mean that no poaching may have been involved. Skinnygirl took off when it was promoted on HWNYC – that is like launching with a rocket booster and it is far easier to take off where there has already been a prototype – and if you have sharp business acumen and unparalleled drive. The fact that Bethenny constantly accuses others of stealing men and ideas makes me very suspicious- we have all heard of “Projection” – a mechanism where some people project their bad feelings/misdeeds on to others. As JustJenn noticed, apparently the whole concept of Skinny Girl is almost the same as Hungry Girl — low cal and healthy alternatives – including a lo-cal margarita mix? If this is true (and I have no reason to doubt it) then Skinny Girl is way more close to Hungry Girl than Tipsy Girl alcoholic Prosecco ever was to Skinny Girl. Yet Bethenny savaged Sonia.

    • Puddy

      I also used to root for Bethenny, but, imo, there is no excuse for that kind of hypocrisy and savage bullying of others while product-branding yourself in the “I am the totally honest person” moniker. I think it is a kind of mind-F.

      • Minky

        I never understood why in the world anybody would name a diet product of any kind something like “Skinny Girl”. It’s a dumb name. Can you imagine being an overweight woman at a bar, and ordering a “Skinny Girl” margarita, or any other mixed drink? Or buying it at the store? That would be so embarrassing. You’re already self-conscious about the way you look. The last thing you want anyone to say is: “Oh look, the fat lady wants a ‘Skinny Girl’ drink. Like that’s gonna help!” Am I just being overly sensitive?

      • You’re right. It is a mind-F. Bethenny must think we’re all ignorant yokels unable to see through her. News Flash: we’re not dumb. Bethenny is. She has some street smarts but that’s it. In Kurks, when she was telling Ramona (another dumb F) that book titles expire because no one remembers them, her ignorance was glowing. Uh, War and Peace, To Kill a Mocking Bird, Anna Karenina, Heart of Darkness—try using these titles, Bethenny. Of course, I doubt she’s ever heard of them. Heart of Darkness is a good title for what is going on at Bravo. Unfortunately, it’s too famous to use. Bethenny is ultra uneducated, which is fine unless she pretends otherwise. And Carole (writer girl) who was sitting right there didn’t open her mouth (well, she can’t actually close it all the way because of those teeth) to contradict Bethenny. God forbid. No wonder Heather bailed on the next season. Carole probably hasn’t heard about these books either. I’m sure her ghostwriter has, though.

  40. See my prob isn’t that bitchenny is seeing a married man even tho i cant stomach women who do that. My prob is how she was attacking Luann and calling her hoes and saying tell me what man ive ever rolled up on. Tell me one married man ive slept w. Tell me one man that i have tried to steal from a friend. All the while shes having an affair w not only a married man but the man that her best friend of 20/30 yrs is married to. Thats what i have an issue w. I wld become a lesbian if my best friends husband/boyfriend was the only man i had to choose from. Shes nasty and vile and im assuming w the way her behavior has been will mo doubt lose customers. Ppl like her need to end up bk where they came from.

  41. peachteachr

    I am late to this meeting and I’m sure my remarks will stand out like the proverbial sore thumb. I like Bethenny and always have. i see no way for anyone to denigrate her fantastical success as TT said above.
    I have no idea how these shows have been edited and I wouldn’t take a Bravo show at face value if they swore on a stack of Bibles. This year is difficult to watch if you are a Bethenny fan, and I am. I certainly have no reason to take up for Luann so I won’t. The only time Bethenny’s mother speaks her name it is to tear her down.
    Growing up in the horse world has to be nasty business for everyone but the very wealthy horse owners. Even here in rural Georgia, where horses usually mean rodeos, anybody in the barn can get you any drug you want. I am not at all surprised that she is a wounded human being. I’m surprised that she survived and prospered. And, I feel so sorry for little Bryn. Bethenny is becoming the thing she detested most, her mother.

  42. Tamara, when I saw your site with Bethenny saying, “Me next,” I burst out laughing. Genius. Why didn’t I think of that? Hysterical!

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