Real Housewives of New York Recap: Unhappy Holidays

RHONY season 8

Gentle readers, is has been an excruciatingly long day for me. I awoke to an unsolicited email from some sort of Kenya Moore imposter/”very, very good friend” who has a shitload of incredibly false information they wanted me to post. Plus, my new handy, dandy little copyright infringement app was going off as some kid that calls himself “Justin Diego” was stealing my work despite the unwieldly and unfortunate right click block I had to put on this site.   That was TWO legal issues in one day. Before I even got to watch my Wendy Williams. Which was a hole nuther talk show to be sure when Marc Anthony fell ill and mangled not one but two talk shows.

And then there was Yolanda, whose brain trauma has suddenly been lifted to the point where she can now not only read and write but has written a book for  “the little people” (not midgets, the poors) so they might also be able to show up in Tahiti twice in 2016 with full muscle tone and a lust exhuberance for life after being bedridden and unable to read or write for the past four years due to her Munchausen by Proxy. Triply insulting is that the claim is that St. Martin’s Press, imprint of some of my favorite authors has agreed to publish her. Something I refuse to believe. I mean the feet, the puppy, the title, this has to be a prank, right? It’s just too far into her delusions and she is out of the country and unable to deny it.

Anyway. My job requires that I speak on this episode of RHONY though my head is pounding like it only did when I stayed up all night studying for finals because  I have been in constant contact with IG and FB and my business lawyer and my potential IP lawyer and my friend with IP lawyers in Miami and… some chick I thought might do the little male born Disney princess a favor and warn him that if I have to come for him it will be a scorched earth thing with all of his Instagrams, and Facebooks, and websites, and ad farms coming to a crashing end. Alas, my Iranian friend was of little help. So prepare for some really good court stories. Not sure if we will be in California or Florida courts by my trial watchers know those are two of the best possible choices for good times.

RHONY Bethenny hush Sonja

Moving on.

Bethenny is arguing with Luann in the kitchen in a gray onesie and a knife in her hand  Carole is there muttering under her breath. Bethenny basically says that it’s a buildup of issues and mentions Carole. Which is the real answer. Bethenny is fighting Carole’s battle for her.  Luann tries to point out that she said all the stuff about Carole dating younger guys over a year ago when she was pissed at Carole for getting involved with a kid who once fucked her niece.  Bethenny, doesn’t care. It’s a Carole/Bethenny attack on Luann.

Drunk Dorinda and Jules play Twister in the other room. while all of this is going on.

I am actually relieved to see Sonja. She is trying to figure out how to send a  package from home to her kid who moved off to boarding school. Because she could not get out of Grey Gardens fast enough. Of course this is a sexual experience for Sonja.

Bethenny is still rambling on. She says she doesn’t want to be the screaming cunt she is, but Luann just brings it out in her. It’s Luann’s fault that Bethenny is a cunt.  Carole and Bethenny start the usual bully, mean girls tactic saying this is how EVERYONE feels about you. It’s so middle school and pathetic.

RHONY Sonja and Luann
The Luann says that Bethenny is making Sonja worse and is trying to take her down over the TipsyGirl  thing. Look. I am so totally #TeamLuann on the issues between Luann and Bethenny. But as someone who as spent THE ENTIRE FUCKING DAY with legal issues over some little boy who thinks it’s cute to steal my intellectual property, I GET how much effort Bethenny had to put in to trademarking her brand and defending it against Sonja’s delusional bullshit. Stupid people are tiring and there is not logic with them when it comes to brand infringement. I am all for her taking Sonja all the way to the mat, as I will people who come for what I have worked the past five years for. But slut shaming Luann is a petty little middle school thing.

You are correct, Luann. The B is back, with Andy Cohen immunity.

Santa arrives with a vagina and gifts.

Carole is a fucking whorebag cunt I don’t want to hear from anymore. Sadly, she will be here until she doesn’t want to be.

Bethenny tries to call LUANN cunning and crafty. PUHLEASE. Then Bethenny tries to drag Ramona in asking why she would not want Luann around her man. Luann is “reality show engaged” to someone Ramona “reality show dated” who the fuck cares, my head hurts. Literally. Can’t we go back to NYC I cannot take this?

God. I would rather beat myself in the head with a hammer than recap these harpies bitching. How am I suddenly the fucking defender of  THE COUNTESS?  How did we get this far down the fucking rabbit hole? I blame YOU  Bethenny. And I actually like you at times.

Ramona basically says that Luann steals all her men.  Luann tries to give an example regarding Ramona and Bethenny tries to jump in and turn it around on Luann.

RHONY Carole


I still love those two jade statues.

Luann was bullied, to the point of tears, repeatedly. And I do not use the word bully loosely. It is indeed what Bethenny and Carole did. The “next morning” wakeup scene was clearly filmed later and they didn’t even bother to put them in the correct clothes. They leave in their PJs the next morning and Carole comes back in the clothes she wore the night before, but not the ones in the bed scene to say goodbye. They left that night, refilmed in the morning. I hate this fucked up show. They stayed in a hotel and returned to film their morning scene.

Jules of the ” MY FATHER IS DYING AS WE SPEAK” also wakes up in a fake scene talking about how relaxed she is and how she forgot she had kids. Or a half dead father, apparently.

Ramona is a cunt.

I am so PISSED that I can’t enjoy this show because I am a sucker for anything Christmas. I love the Christmas music they are playing I want to get lulled in to Ramona’s party, but I know it is just a big cuntfest waiting to happen.

Okay, look bitches. I do not hate the red lacy jumpsuit from Luann’s collection. Would I wear it? Hell no. It would take ten of them sewn together. I think it is fine on her and I think it will sell. So shut yer pieholes. Or not. Y’all have been bitching about it since the previews.  WHY CAN’T YOU LET LUANN BE HAPPY WITH HER MEDIA WHORE BOYFRIEND! She’s old! Let her take what she can get! He owns a grocery store chain.  Can’t we just be happy that two media whores are happy????

The whole TipsyGirl thing is explained in excruciating detail here.

Luann REALLY tries to apologize to Bethenny and Carole. AGAIN.

Bethenny leaves as Sonja comes in. I don’t blame her a bit for that.  Except the editing is ridiculously bad. Bethenny is leaving. Bethenny is back. It’s just about her leaving and  coming back.I can’t.

Then the delusional Sonja Morgan stuff. Bethenny clearly won’t be in the same room with Sonja. If you fuck with someone’s business, they are going to exclude you, Sonja.  Paint on some Disney princess eyebrows and get fired over and over and over and then sued.  It’s a pain in the ass of your own accord. BECAUSE YOU ARE AN IDIOT!

Sonja is a stupid cunt.

Sonja leaves saying the party sucked and everyone gangs up on her all the time. This is what idiots do. I was told today, by young Justin “you just woke up and decided to be petty today not even knowing your fact. Putting all this negativity into a situation”  after he done stole from me! LOL This shit will not stand. I will DRAG HIM. I have better lawyers and way longer dollars this child.  His ad farming ass is NOT going to work on me.

Sonja and other idiots that try to move in on someone’s business seem to be so confused.

Next Week: We continue to disparage Luann’s man. Hey. I don’t know  if this is a thing or a storyline, but I don’t  begrudge anyone.



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102 responses to “Real Housewives of New York Recap: Unhappy Holidays

  1. Jessica

    Bethany please Shut. The. Fuck. Up.(never thought I would say that)

  2. Jessica

    TT I love it when you post right away and my rage is still strong

  3. GirlMe

    A few months ago I ran into LuAnn at a South Florida. Target. She was there with Tom buying household items. She wanted to get a vacuum and he said something like “we can bring it down from NY”. That was actually tge second time I saw LuAnn in person. The first time was in the 1st class line at the airport. Tall, skinny lady.

    Hate how this has become the Bethenny show and how the women are kissing her ass due to the Andy connection. This connection is ruining the show. Its like working with the jacka$$ boss’s daughter. You have to take her crap or risk getting fired. Not fun to watch watching 50 yr women grovel for their jobs.

    When Ramona was telling Sonja to apologize to Bethenny she was really saying try to save your job.

    I dont like when women call women sluts. LuAnn is Single. Shes allowed to have sex with whom she chooses. Single men do.

  4. Pixie Stick

    I would’ve called it Tipsy Bitch, but that’s just me :)

  5. More Tea Please!

    Well if it’s jusindiegodotcom the site says

    “We’ll Be Right Back

    We are updating the site. We will be back up momentarily. Thanks!” So I think you scared them into closing up shop for now.

  6. beth

    Are Carole and Bethenny ganging-up on Luann worse than Jill and Luann ganged up on Bethenny many seasons back?

    • KaraW

      I feel like a lot of this comes from way back. Luann has always tried to hold power over Bethenny and keep her in her place. Bethenny is on top now, but she still reacts to Luann. I get it because Luann’s attitude sets me off too. I’ve watched the initial fight several times now and Luann was sniping at Bethenny a lot. I think it just triggered something in Bethenny. That being said, I couldn’t get over Bethenny talking about Luann from a few feet away. It was like watching Kevin Neelon as Mr. No Depth Perception on SNL. ha ha.

      • Calipatti

        Yes I do see some of it now.
        Recalling the surfing outing where Luanne invited Bethenny and Bethenny ended up paying for both of them.
        You could see the snark in Luanne, it was as if she planned on being mean to Bethenny.
        Bethenny was still trying back then to be friends.
        So maybe it is payback.

      • GillianFirst


      • Meri

        OMG Kara..I thought that it was just me being old and wandering in my mind when I too thought of SNL and Kevin doing that skit. Perfect. As for Bethenny…I would love to be her friend but scared of of the fact that she could turn on a dime and destroy my character. She is right and she is wrong.
        Carole is becoming a horrible bore and her nasty character is there for all to see. She is the second richest of all the housewives (LVP is number one) and she got her money from her late husband Anthony and not from her esteemed work in television or her books. I find her to be a terrible snob and even worse…a fake who lets Bethenny do her dirty work for her.
        LuAnn is not my favorite and never has been. I think that she is stupid just like Sonja except in a different way. Both are annoying since I have a problem tolerating stupid people. I think that Bethenny was right about her but out of line at the same time.
        Dorinda is so bi-polar and pathetic at the same time that I feel sorry for her. One minute screaming and crying and the next…playing silly games.
        Then there is Jules….she who forgets about having kids and her dying dad. Another stupid idiot.
        Is there a requirement on these shows that you must be stupid to be cast or does Andy pick stupid people so that his favorite can destroy them without lifting a finger or taxing a brain cell?
        I’m sorry for your legal troubles TT and hope that everything is settled in your favor sooner rather than later. I can’t stand people who steal what is rightfully mine and I don’t blame you for going to war.
        This show is so confusing and there are so many stupid people on it that my head hurts.
        Thanks for the great blog.

    • jen

      Bethany has basically become Jill at this point. Seriously.

      • sandra

        Meri, How do you know Carole is the second richest of all the housewives and LVP is number one? Who knew?

      • tamaratattles

        She doesn’t and they aren’t But I LOLed at the thought that anyone believes that LVP is the richest. She’s not even the richest on her franchise. She is drowning in debt. She’s even had to do those Women’s Expo things lately. That’s a sign of poor. Bethenny has the most money of any of them. You never see Bethenny, or Kyle or any of the women with real money on the EXPO circuit.

      • sandra

        Giggles…I knew it wasn’t true. I’ve read all of your posts on the court case and the restaurant they can’t dump. That was about the time weeds began to pop-up in my garden path. Sorry Meri!

  7. I couldn’t get past the opening scene. Dear sweet babyskinnyJesus, stfu Bethenney!

    I’ll try again tomorrow.

  8. jen

    Sorry TT. We ♡ you and will take down that child asshole with you!!

    I couldn’t help but laugh at this recap. It was quite funny. I am team Luanne also because she is less of a cunt then the rest of the awful cunts. I still say Ramona looks so pretty this season..something is different and also Carol turned into an ugly rude cling on cunt. Dorinda makes me sad and I wouldn’t mind just drop kicking Jules off of the show because she is way too annoying for words. I hope you get some rest after a shitty day TT. Hugs.

  9. Kim

    I’m still in the middle of watching the episode but had to comment on this…did anyone else find it funny that RAMONA gave SONJA dating advice?!? Really?! Yes, take dating advice from Ramona. She’s been single like a year after being married about 20, naturally she should be giving dating advice. Bahahaha! I needed that!

  10. Susan

    This recap was a riot ! Bethenny couldn’t be more of a cunt if she tried and Carol is her mean girl lackey now. They both are beyond rude and petty and act like they escaped High School last week. . And if ANYONE knows WTH those ugly green statues lined up on Dorinda mantel are or can find a close up pic of them . please let us all know what they are !

    • tamaratattles

      They are JADE and the are fantastic and very expensive.

      • Susan

        not answering the question . “WHAT are they”. They may be made of jade . but WHAT are they statues of ?? They look like some type of weird reindeer holding drums or something ?

      • tamaratattles

        Jesus Christ! Do you not have eyes? They are jade statues probably Chinese warriors. Why are you screaming at me to explain the world around you? Can you not think for yourself?

      • Susan

        seriously ? screaming at you ? no , I asked if anyone knew “what” the statues are. Obviously you have no fucking clue and are getting way too angry over nothing. Related to Bethenny ? Lots of people have posted about them , wondering what they were in a half dozen FB groups. Someone needs a Xanax !

      • tamaratattles

        Screeching. You seem to be screeching. I answer your question the first time and your response was WHAT?? WHAT ARE THEY!? You don’t seem very observant or the type of person who is able to use the vast universe of Google to explore the answers to your questions. The reaction to screeching harpies unable to answer their own questions is never anger, dear. It’s pity. Are you a millenial?

      • Susan

        LMAO . you are just so darn witty.. Channeling your inner nasty Rinna my dear ? Attacking your “fans” and name calling for no reason whatsoever. Over a question about Dorindas decor.??? Lordy . the shit that gets people riled up is cray cray !! And you still have no fuckin clue what the fugly ass statues are . You think they are made out of Jade . but jade what ? Nope , you don’t know . no one seems to. Stay off the Bethenny juice TT. we all see what it did to her . not pretty :) Bye Bye

    • d

      They look like warriors to me. I always think of the Terracotta Army figures that were found buried with the first emperor of China when they show Dorinda’s sculptures/statues (even though they are completely different. Just makes me think of them). I saw the exhibit many years ago, and it was pretty amazing.

      • d

        Oops, I didn’t see TT’s reply about the warriors when I was trying to post my comment. Sorry for the repeat.

      • Susan

        Thank you , I will google that :)

      • sandra

        Or, Ninja Turtles…..JK

      • Dracla Dunning

        I only briefly glanced at them and my first thought was they were green glazed Chinese immortal figures.

      • Shannah

        SUSAN, and everyone else that is interested:

        The green jade figures are representative of the Chinese Zodiac. Yes, Jade – and a specific type of Jade but I won’t even bother to get into that. And, very, very expensive – when you can even find very old ones like those Dorinda has.

        Last season when Dorinda first showed us her home in the Berkshires everyone was asking about those unique figures. I posted about them at that time but you may not have read my post back then.

      • tamaratattles

        Actually, the Chinese zodiac would be animals of various shapes and sizes. While the figurines are not identical, they all appear to be based on humans.

      • tamaratattles

        Actually, the Chinese zodiac would be animals of various shapes and sizes. While the figurines are not identical, they all appear to be based on humans.

      • tamaratattles

        I love that you are confusing Susan though. I can just see her head explosion.

      • Susan

        Thanks Shannah . I appreciate your info but those statues look nothing like the Chinese zodiac figures :) It really isn’t important although a lot of people have been talking about them in a few different groups on FB and were curious. A few people have posted up close pis of them. They
        may be jade and they may have been expensive but they sure are creepy .. No accounting for some peoples taste :)

  11. Lisafromoz

    Bethenny and Carole are cunts. All I could think throughout this mysoginistic piece of crapolla was you go Luanne. Classy lady. I would have had to be physically restrained if I was ever spoken to like that but hey I probably need some of Luanne’s Teflon protection- maybe that could be her next ‘business’ venture??? Love her now, never thought I’d type that last sentence.

    • Minky

      Whatever Luanne has done in the past, it kind of doesn’t matter at this point. If she has been mean or uncouth to Bethenny before, then yes I get it if Bethenny has some resentment. The goal in life, as far as I’m concerned, is to become better at controlling your emotions as you get older, not worse. Sometimes, no matter how poorly you’ve been treated, the wisest and most logical thing to do is NOT give it back as good (or as bad) as you got it. That’s not easy to do, but it should be the motivation to try to be unbothered by the opinion or the actions of others, as long as your life or livelihood are not at stake.

      That being said: ITA Lisafromoz! If Luanne was able to maintain her composure and not go ape shit in that situation, then hats off to her. It’s real, real hard to get a bunch of trash thrown at you and not give in to the urge to throw any back. I suppose she does have at least some class.

      • Lisafromoz

        Hey Minky thanks for the kudos! I really had to take my hat off to Luanne for showing such incredible restraint in the face of Bethenny’s tirade. It was so uncomfortable to watch. As a mother of two teenage girls, the thought of them ever being subjected to such sexist abuse is maddening! I couldn’t give a flying f… who Luanne sleeps with and how was it relevant to Bethenny- projecting much?

    • Toni

      The scene of Bethenny and Carole defending Bethenny’s actions and saying she wasn’t slut shaming LuAnn but in fact calling her out as hypocritical…really? To me, that totally seemed like a filmed later scene because production knew how badly Bethenny behaved and that it would turn the audience off.

      Nice catch TT about the waking up scene. So Bethenny and Carole got to leave to a nice hotel, perhaps have drinks, massages, etc after verbally destroying LuAnn and completely disrespecting Dorinda’s event at her own home. Classy. And the aftermath is LuAnn apologizing, again.

      • Meri

        “Slut shaming” is yet another politically correct term that I can’t stand. If you are a slut then own it and move on. LuAnn does slutty things and they have been plain to see during past seasons so what’s the big deal?
        I think that LuAnn took the verbal abuse from Bethenny because, one, she has to in order to keep her job and two, she is stupid and unable to come back with anything intelligent to put Bethenny in her place. She acted like a weak idiot taking texting advice from Ramona…Now THAT is dumb. “Sorry for calling you a Pediphile Pedafile…….Pedophile……how do you spell that word?” Really? Was Adam under age because that’s the only way that Carole could have qualified as a Pedo-anything. Wasn’t the Johnny Depp look-alike kind of young too? Didn’t Lu hook up with him? Pot…kettle.
        I will never forget how Lu acted toward Bethenny when she went on a campaign to steal Jill’s friendship from Bethenny and treated Bethenny horribly because Lu felt superior. How times change.
        LuAnn is far worse than a slut…she is a fake who thinks her shit don’t stink because she married a Count and became the self described master of all things proper.
        Bethenny is a screeching bag of wind but LuAnn is worse. At least Bethenny has a brain.

      • Toni

        Luann encouraging Jill to leave Ramona’s after Ramona “surprised” Jill by having Bethenny there is not comparable to someone screaming at you that you are a whore and a slut, that you sleep with everyone.

        I think the divorce humbled Luann and she hasn’t pulled her countess antics since then. Sure she was ridiculous the first season, Bethenny was ridiculous chasing around season 1 after that boyfriend who clearly wasn’t all that into her–people change. What the hell does Bethenny care about who Luann sleeps with or what people think of or say about Luann behind her back?

        My take – luann got pissed her attempt to reunite her niece and her ex-boyfriend by dangling a screen time incentive to Adam was thwarted by Carole. Luann got mad, said some things, got mean on Twitter with Carole retweeting every mean thing she could about Luann in retaliation. Now her and Bethenny have teamed up to bully her off the show and ostracize her from filming any time they can

        The pedophile anger is ridiculous, no one believes it’s true. Carole wasn’t as angry and vicious about the ghostwriting thing, and there was a greater chance of people actually believing that one

        This season makes me miss Heather

      • microop

        I know you don’t like the term, but I think the idea around slut shaming is there is no such thing as a slut. Its an arbitrary label put on women to shame them for being sexual. I don’t know LuAnnes sex life. If she wants to keep it private, that’s cool. Of she wants to lie about it, that’s cool too, I get it BC people are mean to women, I understand the urge to self protect.

    • lori

      I foresee a song titled teflon in the countess’s future.

  12. Kim

    I understand that Sonja is on the outs from the cast (well specifically Bethenny) but she had to hang out with someone outside of the cast before the show, right? Trying to figure out why she brought her “trainer” to the Christmas party & not a friend (or maybe that’s Bravo giving this woman the trainer title?). I get she wanted support but her trainer was her best option as her plus-one?? Maybe she had fair-weather friends & they dried up the same time as her bank account?

  13. C.Austin

    Bethenny’s success wasn’t inherited or won in a divorce settlement, she worked her fucking ass off for it right in front of our eyes. We have listened to Luanne say Bethenny owed her a car for coming up with the name. I’m surprised it took Bethenny this long to lose her shit and maybe that’s why she went overboard – because she’s been listening to it for two plus years. Skinnygirl is her baby and she’s defending it like a mother lion and it may seem irrational but you don’t fuck someone’s livelihood or their family and expect to get away with it, especially someone like Bethenny and Luanne and Sonja know better. Better than any one of us.

    • Pitypat

      Luann continued to say, even when she was apologizing, that she was there at the beginning of Beth’ business. Hated that she kept saying Bethenny copied her hair. Two triggers for Bethenny. Luann was baiting Bethhenny.

  14. Kim

    Ramona is what I call a “bad news Betty”. She thrives on delivering other people’s bad news. I know someone like that. Loves to add gasoline to a fire then puts her arms behind her back like she didn’t know better. One day (hopefully soon) someone will put Ramona on blast in public like she does with everybody else’s dirty laundry so she gets a taste of her own medicine! We’ll see how lippy she is after it’s done to her.

    • Calipatti

      Kim, yes ⬆️⬆️ to this.
      Ramona’s mean comments to others has irked me for quite awhile.

    • Pip

      Kim- cosign.
      Ramona revels in Luann being on the hot seat. She can barely conceal her glee. She is a hideous person who is a terrible friend and I can not wait to see the shit come down on her.

      • iloveearlgrey

        100 times YES! She is the definition of a shitty friend and loves when other people are having problems.

  15. I’ve learned so many things from this blog; one of them is that it’s ridiculous and pathetic for me to feel “hate” for any of these housewives because I do not know them at all. Even though we see snipits of their lives, we don’t know them or interact with them. It’s also silly to feel “hate” because they couldn’t care less how a peon like me feels about them. After all, I’m watching them spend their money and keeping them employed by watching. Having said all of this, I have to keep reminding myself not to HATE Bethanny with the intensity of a thousand burning suns. I really feel like I know this horror of humanity, not personally, but the kind of wretched human being that can’t keep a friendship, sisterhood, marriage or any other relationship going in her life. She doesn’t even speak her Mother, the woman who birthed her. I have to remind myself all the time of the lesson that I learned here about hating reality TV stars (as it applies to Bethany) because in my opinion, she is very hate-able.

    • Thank you so much! You’ve expressed just how I feel. Watching someone be so vicious and cruel is really hard. I found myself feeling anxious and upset after watching these last two episodes. What makes Andy Cohen think we want to see grown women behave like spoiled, entitled “mean girls”? Bethenny is a borderline personality and they are never able to maintain healthy relationships of any kind. That disorder is one of the least treatable and her therapist probably hates her as much as we do.

      • Ktina

        I couldn’t agree more! I would have had to be physically restrained if Bethenny called me a slut and a whore. What grown woman does that? Then to talk about Luann, who is sitting 2 feet away from her, is mean girl 101. 15 year olds do that and I absolutely find that disgusting. Luann could snap her like a twig if she wanted to and I’d love to see it.

        Watching these women then suck up to Bethenny the next day was pathetic. I get that they need the job, but that’s just wrong.

      • Shae

        Bethenney is not even remotely close to borderline. Her business and relationship with her child would not even exist if she were.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Yeah no on the Borderline diagnosis for Bethenny. There are many borderline-seeming personalities on housewives shows (ahem Brandi Glanville) but Bethenny is certainly not one of them.

      • Jane grey

        I think there could be a bit of borderline personality disorder on Bethenny.

    • Meri

      Not totally true about Bethenny not keeping any relationships….She and Cookie have been together for a long time.

      • Shae

        and her and Kyle, and her and her best friend (whose name escapes me, but she was her maid of honor and was at the bra party…her college roommate)…

  16. RealE

    Sorry you are going through all that TT. Stealing intellectual property is so low and so commonplace online that I can’t imagine what a pain it is to deal with. Hope it gets resolved quickly for you.

    I really dont understand Bethenny’s anger. I feel like there’s more going on because she seems to get angry for almost no reason. Like many here I feel like it’s due to Carole in this instance. It was a very ugly look for Bethenny. She says Luann isn’t a girl’s girl but I think she is projecting and, in fact, projecting a lot of what she says about Luann. I Have seen Bethenny often in the press dating different men. I think Bethenny is angry that Luann dates, does things with confidence & does not care what others think. I think Bethenny tries to play it off like no ones opinion matters but she cares TOO much what others think. Calling Luann all those names, her anger and slut shaming is all a cover for Bethenny’s insecurities. Least that’s my take.

    And why did Luann keep apologizing? Is she that fearful of andy cohen’s teachers pet? I Felt bad for Luann when she cried and even worse when she went on apology tour #2 to someone that just demeaned her repeatedly.

    • Ktina

      Watching that was like being in an abusive relationship where the wife apologizes for “making” the husband hit her.

  17. Laura

    Hey TT just so you know on a mobile device you can copy your stuff no problem. Maybe that’s how he is stealing your stuff? I just wanted you to know there was a loophole. :(

    So sorry someone is stealing your work!

  18. JentheAUBURNfan

    Please don’t put me in the wls for my question but I can’t for the life of me catch the Carole in the wrong clothes scene. Beth had her pjs on but Carole left in clothes and came back in wearing them and I always miss these bad edits. Show me the way lol but not to the wls

  19. MM

    Just got woken up at 5:49am by a noisy cherry-picker being delivered to the construction site across the street. G@#$**&&&!!! Thought I was hearing Bethenny beep-beep-beeping the f* away at Luann like an frenzied electronic pitbull. It went on and on and on…..and when you think the bloody noise is over with, uh no, its starts up again…..just like B…”you gotta own up’ beep-beep-beep “Tell the truth” beep-beep-beep, beep the F* beep! like a demented Dick Tracy.
    But its Carole Difalco Radziwill who annoys me the most. Just like you said , she hides-slinks behind Bethenny and gets her riled up to fight her battles because of course Carole doesn’t want to demean herself to the point of screaming on camera.It would not be the thing to do to the Radziwill name…and she hides behind that name the same way she hides behind Bethenny.

    (Don’t journalists usually keep their maiden name when they get married?)
    I’m sure her inner Difalco will show up eventually
    Wise up Bethenny, she’s using you and you look the”froth-at-the mouth” fool

    • Michelle

      Carole’s passive – aggressive style bugs the crap out of me. I want her true colors to come out. We will never see it because she is already embarrassing “The Family” being on the show.

      • Shannah

        Yes, all that about Carole. But what really makes me scream inside my head about her is her perpetually filthy, stringy, probably stinky hair!! If she were in my Family, that hair of hers would embarrass the hell out of me.

  20. Michelle

    I wasn’t going to watch but I read your blog and had to. There is a thing and I am not sure these women got the memo. Leave your crap at the door, suck it up and smile. But the drama continued. Read Julie ‘s blog and had to spit out my coffee because I was laughing so hard.
    TT hope there is no legal battle just someone running scared.

  21. Meg

    It was good episode. Lu is petrified that Beth & Co. could exclude her so she will do anything to stay relevant. If public humiliation is the price for that she is ready to pay. Desperate. Sonja thought that Tipsy Girl would be a great storyline – conflict with Beth, bingo! – but she underestimated Beth. So intead of juicy storyline Sonja got kick in the ass. Sweet. Damn, I love this season.

  22. MM

    Anyway, why not just use “Tipsy!” written on a slant.Says it all…leave the girl behind

  23. Pantaloons

    Anyone else catch at beginning when Bethenney walks in kitchen, carring a skinny girl booze bottle,places it on counter, looks at camera for a moment, walks away, and then moves back to her fucking product placing to finish her incoherent blabbing to Luanne? She’s ridiculously pathetic.

    • Shae

      It wasn’t incoherent, it was just rude. I understood what she was saying completely, it was just outrageously rude lol

      Also, how are you going to fault a self-made businesswoman for hawking her product? Promoting her brand at every opportunity is exactly how she HAS a brand and millions of dollars. You don’t get that by being shy. I would never fault a person for doing that, unless it’s in an insanely inappropriate place like a funeral or something lol.

  24. I fast forwarded half of this show. I can’t take Carole and Bethenny. Carole needs to give it up already with her passive aggressive reactions to Lu. And Bethenny shut up.

  25. Bravocueen

    UGH! First, sorry about your IP thief. Nothing pisses me off more than someone who doesn’t think she has to work for something but, rather, will just steal it. Second, I don’t think I have EVER been more disgusted with behavior that I saw with the Mean Girl duo last night. I genuinely like Carol and Bethenny — at least until I watched the show. They really need to get over themselves stat.

  26. Happygal

    I was appalled when Bethany was laying in bed bragging to Carole how she would never speak to her again if she had called her just ONE of the things she had called Luanne.

    She totally knows she is a bully and it is blatentley obvious that she has been given the power by Andy to control who will be included in filming and who will have a job.

    Since at least some are paid per filming, bully Bethany relishes knowing that no matter how evil she is to Luanne if she wants a paycheck she will apologize.

    I try to realize I don’t really know them but if I have wanted someone to go from rags to riches back to rags again it would be Bethany. I am not saying she has not worked for her money I am saying that because she is now powerful because of it she is a super cunt bully bitch that I would like to see brought back down to earth and the only way I see that happening is for her to somehow lose her fortune. If only.

  27. Pip

    Carole’s inability to graciously accept an apology and move on is pathetic. She will never let this grudge go. She and Bethenny together are bad news. They feed off each other’s vitriol and resentment.

    • Shae

      I don’t think she’s “unable” to accept, I think she doesn’t believe Luann is genuine in the least. The apology is meaningless.

  28. Totally described what I feel for a complete stranger that I watch on tv. How can I feel so strongly about a woman I have had no interaction with? Crazy isn’t it? It dawned on me that you know what?! The Countess has way more class than most of these women because not a one of them has handled scrutiny better than her. With her head held high. She owned some of her stuff, stayed calm, didn’t react with anger, disgust, name calling, or ugliness. I would have. The true test of someone’s character isn’t how they act when things are going great, but when faced with a true test or with some serious adversity. Although Sonja took her beating from Bethenny pretty good as well, Bethenny has gone off on most of her costars, I think LuAnn has gotten the worst tongue lashing of all of them except Jason. Haha. She handled it well. Bethenny has successful business, wealth, a beautiful daughter, many things going for her, but seems extremely negative and unhappy. The cancer has spread to Carol, whom I disappointed with this year. Please dont let it spread to anyone else.

    • Sabrina

      I think most of you are missing the pertinent fact that TT shared last week or the one before- this event in the Berkshires was timed very shortly after Sonja and Luanne had finally signed contracts with Bravo- after holding out for more money- while arguing strenuously against Bethenny’s salary ( and value, implicitly) . Apparently it became both personal and very unpleasant – so they had just signed on. It was hardly the moment for Luann to strongly fight Bethenny- embers were still burning and feelings were raw.

      We don’t know what words were said- but apparently, when added to all the above already mentioned issues about Luanne’s history of treating Bethenny poorly, they played a role in prompting these actions.

      I don’t agree with it all but do clearly remember a very long history of one-upmanship and abuses Bethenny in particular swallowed at Luanne’s hand. I would have taken the high road , based on what we know, and not pushed it as she did. But I would have found a time to make my points. Privately. And that is why I’m not on a reality show. I agree with the comment above that wisdom is knowing and remaining silent about the moments when one could say what they choose- but think better of it. It is also maturity and perspective-.

      Did anyone else catch( among her many snotty ones) Ramona’s comment that Luann had known Tom three weeks before the Christmas party? Supposedly she had already moved in with him, and in another three weeks they were engaged!!
      It may well have been an exaggeration- but given
      1) his history with the other women, 2) how much she valued the Countess title and “role” , 3) how weird some of these moves have been-like moving into Sonja’s( or was that for the show?) and 4) how desperate she has been for men, given recent choices, like the guy she travelled with , who was at the dry cleaner’s party, I’m concerned that Luanne’s reality show love affair should be nothing more and hope it stays there- for her sake.

      I wish all in this group well- and one of the questions this raises is, how does a reality show mature properly, as the cast does, while growing through life? Aren’t there ways to deal with the issues friendships/relationships bring , without needing to go for the jugular? Or lies?

      The last couple of RH shows have dealt with false illnesses and needy/lost souls seeking attention, along with addiction issues, and we have the latter for sure here, as well as a combination of depression and loss here, too. Bravo might just try something new and celebrate successes grounded in support and encouragement/positives-past the desperation and sadnesses. I’d love to see them try well, but it is certainty less traditional in the reality world. But it could be positive and a response to the trauma- it need not be all negative, hostile, and hurtful, Andy. Let’s try it. You still have a cleverly chosen group of women with various needs in each city- they each have weaknesses, but strengths as well. let’s see more of that- it need not be a problem- and could just win you an audience, instead of losing one.

  29. Denise

    This and last week’s episodes were very grueling. Why Luanne didn’t put Bethenny in her place I will never understand because there are so many ways to attack Bethenny and shut her the fuck up. It’s appalling that a grown-ass woman like Luanne would grovel while her character and personality was under such relentless attack. It made me think of an ostracized member of a lion pack that is attacked by a couple of hyenas (Bethenny and Carole) while her fellow lions just stand around and do nothing, not even soothe or comfort her after the attack. Dorinda got mad at the victim and tried to make nice with the hyenas. Unreal. I can’t stand Dorinda, the lush, with her ugly-ass decorated house. I stopped watching RHONJ because of Teresa Guidice, I threatened to stop watching RHOA because of Nene Leakes but then she quit but then she came back and now I’m back to my threat if I see her mug next season and now I promise to stop watching RHONY if Bethenny returns next season. Every show I’ve seen her in I start off really digging her because of her wit but after a few episode I start loathing her because of her nastiness and bitterness and this one is no different.

  30. EastSideGurl001

    how come none of these women are housewives except for jules

  31. Puddy

    Bethenny and Carole (the first is starting to look like an x-ray, and the second like an old horse face) really do come across like a “gruesome twosome” with Bethenny exacting revenge against Luanne bc of Carole’s never- ending grudge. Meanwhile, drinks-a-lot Dorinda excluded Sonia from her overnight bc Dorinda is afraid of Bethenny – and what irks me – is the Orwellian-speak – that it was all for Sonia’s own good??? Can we call some bullshit here? Just like Bethenny used the abusive husband excuse for the savage and inexcusable verbal beating that Bethenny gave Luann. DISGUSTING. Luann should stop apologizing to B (itch) and C (unt) and tell them to go duck themselves, bc no one else really wants to duck them, bc no real man in his right mind is likely fool enough to get close to those two. That said, I have to give Luann props, which is something I never thought I would do. Lu had the guts to stand up to Bethenny (which really infuriated queen B) and Luann showed herself to be the one with a heart – wanting to include Sonia and crying for Sonia, with worry and empathy. Good karma, Lu. Ramona is ever the hypocrite saying that Lu was the one who steals men when Ramona practically elbow-ribbed all the other women to get away from her so she could sequester the guy they were talking to in the Turks and Caicos – and yes- it is right for Lu to bring it up bc Ramona is projecting her own behavior on to Lu. Yes, B has a right to be upset at the copy-cat of “Tipsy Girl” and Pixie is correct that “Tipsy Bitch” would
    be a great solution! It is awful to steal someone else’s ideas – but “Tipsy Girl” is not a lo-cal alcoholic bev and it is not going to be mass marketed. B should have reasoned with Sonia, kindly, bc Sonia is very fragile right now. Instead watching B’s verbal beat down of Sonia was, for me, the emotional equivalent of watching a champion fighter beat up a concussed person. Also – B is so mean, and so wanting to dominate everyone and every situation, and then excuse herself by blaming others for her misdeeds (if Ramona is “the apologizer” then Betenny is ” the blamer”) , it is hard to care. Makes me wish that Tipsy Girl turns into a great success.

    • Denise

      Oh God how I wish I could have inhabited Luanne’s body and mind during this takedown. Firstly, Bethenny would have then and forever more been addressed as “Bitch,” as in “Look, Bitch…” “Wait a minute, Bitch…” “Hold on, Bitch…” “What about this, Bitch…” I’m a slut and whore? You and your fellow scarecrow are “Bitch” and “Cunt” (an insult I have never used, I’m African-American). Then it would have been TIT FOR TAT for the gods!!!. While Bitch screeched I would have roared. I would have been nose-to-nose, in her face, space and life. My spit would have been all over those square-jaws and I would be yelling every vile thing about Bitch. Then when Cunt runs over I’d let her have it too. It would have been truly epic and no one would be accusing Bitch and Cunt of being bullies because by the time I got through with them they would be crying and snotting like the bitch and cunt that they really are.

      • Dracla Dunning

        Bethenny and Carol would never engage a woman who they thought could hold her own or possibly ring their bell. They only pick on those they know cannot fight back. One of these days their “picker” will be off and they are in for a rude awakening. Not all women roll with the punches.

      • Shae

        I’ve seen bethenny engage many people, not all of them timid lol

  32. izmeagain

    Bethany is a very unhappy in life bully. Watching her tear down on Luann was an embarrassment. I think Carol has some guilt regarding her younger man.
    I feel bad for Sonja and also the way Bethanybitch spoke to her re: skinnytipsycrap. That was a bad scene to watch. Skinnycow? what?
    Ramona is done. She smells. Next.

  33. Shae

    Allow me to say, I don’t dispute Bethenny going off on Luann in that way being dead wrong- she could’ve addressed Luann’s annoying hypocrisy in a much calmer/sane way. She went off the hinges, granted.

    I just don’t share in the hate for her at all, and I don’t understand why people keep thinking Bethenny cares about who Luann sleeps with, she is annoyed by her attacking the other ladies for the very same behaviors she exhibits. She throws stones and lives in a glass house, she acts superior, and I do believe she is flirtatious and careless around other ladies’ men.

    I also don’t blame Carole for not buying what Luann is selling. She’s not sorry.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I agree with you Shae! Bethenny in her talking head said she’s the biggest slut of them all, I think she was in her feelings in the moment and grasping at anything she could use to insult Luann. It’s clear to me that it’s the hypocrisy that Bethenny’s irked by, not Luann’s alleged “sluttiness”, which really NOBODY cares about.

      Carole, I can understand why she simply dislikes Luann – and something I read that Aviva said a while ago made me wonder if Luann had a large part in the storyline attempting to discredit Carole’s writing. That to me explains the bitterness, but if it’s really just about Adam then I don’t see why Carole is SO bitter after all this time. But this would also explain why Bethenny goes to bat so hard for Carole, as she understands how it feels to have someone discredit and minimize your hard work.

    • JoJo

      I have to co-sign, it seems some of us had a 180 take on what and why this went down (well at least 90 degrees from the majority here).
      1) This is a reality housewives show – quietly & privately discussing major issues is frowned upon & not rewarded. If these women played Monopoly for an hour would we watch?
      2) These are real issues that Bethenny has with Luann for years, organic – made of whole cloth not spun on gossamer wings and she’s dealing with some people that don’t have an authentic bone in their body.
      3) Luann more than likely told anyone on the small island of Manhattan when she was out partying looking for Mr. Right that she not only was there when Beth came up with the idea of Skinnygirl, but said the name first. It got back to Bethenny; Heather told her at one of their very first encounters that Beth owed Lu a car for naming the ‘Brand.’
      4) Beth went off like a bottle rocket because this all started about her business – 1st SonJa trying to be cute – then Lu claiming to spark it. When she gets started you can’t put that bullet back in the barrel – she realized it when she took a breath, she admitted it in her TH, she told Carole she went berserk.
      5) I find it very difficult to apply the Bully word in a situation where a group of women are paid to interact. These aren’t typical situations; no one has the power in the relationship where another one isn’t free to extricate themselves from a situation that is abusive. They are all there of their own free will.
      Lu stayed to be paid. She just happened to be witless when shown a mirror of her 8 Season of hypocrisy when usually she’s the one with the words when pulling the Class With the Countess on the other witless. She’s no match for Bethenny and IMO the others most likely didn’t intervene because it was satisfying seeing her get a tongue-lashing for the exact things she had so haughtily lashed others for in the past.

  34. JoJoFLL


    Please stop calling Bethany ‘Beth’. Please, please, please.

    TT, you are welcome to my guest room if you have to come to South Florida.

  35. flo

    It would be really satisfying to see the bullies get their comeuppance. Oh and to see the stick comeouteth Carole’s arse.

  36. Jane Grey

    If you watch Carol’s first season you will see her coming for Luanne from the very beginning, with no provocation. She called her pumpkin head for goodness sakes.

  37. Room with a Viewer

    Hey TT: Love reading this site and love the way your brain works and the (sometimes brilliant) humor it is able to come up with. I know you’re (very rightfully) pissed at whoever this kid is. Just don’t love the “Disney Princess born as a man thing” cause that’s some homophobic NeNe stuff right there, and I know it came from an angry place, but that’s who he is, not what he did, to use your words. Otherwise, please sue the bastard and teach him a lesson. Being “on” for an audience 24/7 is hard work and I appreciate what you do and think it’s crappy that someone else is trying to steal it as claim it as their own.

    • tamaratattles

      I have noted you offense on behalf of gay males over my comparison of a little piece of shit to a Disney princess right here on my list of people who get offended over stupid shit on behalf of others whose opinions I find irrelevant and mockably self-righteous.

  38. Jim

    SkinnyGirl, Skinny Cow, Tipsy Girl…
    Why doesn’t Sonja just name her brand Tipsy Cow? Problem solved!

  39. GildedLily

    Bethenny is the ultimate hypocrite. She has the nerve to criticize Luanne while she is schtupping the husband of her childhood friend. I hope Luanne confronts her at the reunion.

  40. Lisa

    A side note- did anyone notice last weekend when a binge showing of rhony aired- that Tom was part of an episode in season one? He was in a bar scene with Ramona and her two friends. Ramona basically called him a loser and asked him and his friend to leave them alone. She called them boring as they all swapped insults. Now she’s belly aching that Luann stole him from her? He’s clearly seeking 15 minutes, nabbed a reality star and the trainwreck shall ensue. Dodge those bullets Ramona- stick to schilling the Pinot.

  41. Sackem

    Wow, Bethenny is just. so. bitter. No spark, just tired and….. bitter…. yeah. I think I’ll take a leaf out of her book but actually do it and give zero fucks about her. Now I want to see Lu happy even if she’s been the big bad wolf…. she appears to be more human than what’s her face – wiped her already.

  42. Tamara – best recap EVER!! You had me peeing in my Depends! can’t believe hw you pick up on all the little details and nuances – fucking brilliant. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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